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Live. Nine days out and burns in

burns in the midnight oil in a desperate bid to avoid Games


Looks like we have a speaker

but has a deal been done on deputy role? Under review, deputy role? Under review, a

popular diabetes drug linked to

heart failure. And taking it to the streets, footy fever grips

Melbourne ahead of

AFL grand final. Live across

Australia this is ABC News Australia this is ABC News 24. I'm Nick I'm Nick Lucchinelli. There's

the Commonwealth Games no sign the criticism around

decreasing. Athletes worried the Commonwealth Games is

about security and health are continuing to withdraw from the

continuing to withdraw from the

competition but in a positive

sign for the Games' organisers

the Team England is on its way to

Zealand's announced that the Indian capital. New

will be taking part. The Zealand's announced that it too

Jane Cowan reports will be taking part. The ABC's

Delhi. After all the

assurances, an apology. I genuinely feel sorry for

whatever has happened and would

my like to apologise not only on

my part but on the part of the anybody else connected. It came

after the problems were taken

directly to the Indian Prime

meeting overnight. He was Minister in an emergency

informed that every effort is

being made to prepare the Games' facilities and the village to the expected

standards. The man at the

centre of the trouble ed preparations though is

preparations though is unrepentent. But images like

these are still coming out of

the athletes' village and the

city itself remains a work member of the English team are

on their way. The

recriminations are already

here. They shouldn't have been

awared the Games. The problem

is that the Commonwealth Games federation is under resourced,

it doesn't have

it doesn't have the clearly the ability it doesn't have the ability,

the progress of cities. The clearly the ability to monitor

President of the Commonwealth

Games Federation, Mike Fennell, is inspecting the accommodation himself and is inspecting the athletes'

meeting with officials here in

New Delhi. He say there's have

been some improvement and he's acknowledged a desperately tries to get itself the work force as the kptal

ready. The Games Federation

ideal admits things are far from

ideal but it's taking no lead a horse to water, you

can't make it drink I think is

the saying. Not the image India was hoping for.

confusion tonight over whether was hoping for. There's

a Liberal MP has done a deal

with the Federal Government that allows Labor to retain its 2-seat majority. The

Opposition MP is Government's confident an

ranks. After days Opposition MP is breaking

negotiations Labor says it will support Liberal Alex Somlyay

for the deputy speaker's job the Queenslander backs Labor in no confidence motions

supply bills. It was a case of

deal or no deal as the Government tries to get all its

ducks in a row ducks in a row before

Parliament sits next week. I'm happy about it. Queensland Liberal Alex Somlyay

Liberal Alex Somlyay was

courted by the Labor Party for

the deputy speaker's job but would come at a cost. He would the deputy speaker's job but it

Government have to pledge support to the

Government on no confidence

Government is desperate to

clinch a deal with a rogue

Coalition MP to retain its

2-seat buffer in the House of Representatives. People Representatives. People in the Labor Government think that I'm

sufficiently an honourable man

says to be a man of my word. Labor

says that's not a quality his

leader has. Tony Abbott reneged

on the agreement to pair the

speaker and Labor's accused him

of breaking his word. Over

last 9 days the Government has been sounding out Queensland Liberal. We are been sounding out the


with him. It was based with him. It was based upon the

view that a number of members

of the Coalition had,

of the Coalition had, that essentially don't essentially don't support Tony

Abbott's approach which is to Abbott's approach which is

the parliament. It is absurd try to wreck the functioning of

and it's just dead wrong and the constituents of that member of parliament should be

Leader. He hit the phones with outraged. As was the Opposition

a counteroffer for the MP

tempted to jump ship. Mr

the Government on no confidence tempted to jump ship. Mr

motions and supply but he motions and supply but he won't be paired with the speaker. I'm

looking forward to playing a

role, this is my last term in parliament, I'm looking role, this is my last term in

parliament, I'm looking forward

to having a role in making

these reforms for the benefit of future parliaments in Australia. One Labor MP Australia. One Labor MP who's remained loyal over

remained loyal over the bitter negotiations

negotiations of pairing the

speak ser the man in the job,

Harry Jenkins. It's getting

tire. Labor has announced it

will re nominate him for will re nominate him for the

speaker's chair and it won't be

an easy job as the speaker

tries to manage this new paradigm amidst bitter recriminations. Well political

reporter Andrew Greene joins me

now from Canberra. Andrew, extraordinary events tonight,

bring us up to date with what's

happened? Nick, you can really

call this one a freaky Friday.

It has been changing constantly

throughout the day. This that the Labor Government

thought that it had a Liberal

MP across the line for a deal

on the speakership to get them a

the speaker. Now, it emerged a deputy speaker to pair with

that that person was Alex

that that person was Alex

Somlyay but throughout the

afternoon we then got a statement from Alex Somlyay apparently from his office saying that he was happy to be saying

deputy speaker but didn't want to be paired with the to be paired with the speaker.

It now appears that that first statement was not issued by Alex Somlyay but in fact Coalition and a subsequent statement released this evening has confirmed that he

has confirmed that he is still

in interested in the deputy

speakership and will

essentially give Labor his

support on supply and also no

confidence motions. So in a

sense he now has another - it

is another member sitting as an

Independent in a sense who will be supporting Labor on those crucial crucial elements. So this effectively throws another

Independent MP into the mix. That's got

That's got huge implications, doesn't it? What implications for how this term

of parliament is going to pan

out now? At this stage we have

to also state that it is only the

the Government that is

confident that this is happening. Alex

going to ground tonight but if

it plays out the way the

Government expects it to play

out we do have another

Independent in a sense along

with the 3 who already sit in the chamber and lit

the chamber and lit change and be a blow for Tony be a blow for Tony Abbott as well. Tony Abbott will be very

annoyed at this development. It

appeared that he

Alex Somlyay out throughout the

day of joining Labor in this

speakership deal but now it

appears to have appears to have fallen through. In the fragile through. In the fragile sort of numerical situation

parliament's in, what's this likely

likely to do for Alex Somlyay's reputation within the Liberal

Party? You can expect

Party? You can expect recriminations certainly from the Opposition side of

politics. A lot of people have

already drawn the comparison

with the Labor senator, former

Labor senator Mal kol ston and

the heat he got for abandoning

his side of Somlyay is an MP in his last

term in politics so probably

doesn't have that much to lose

by jumping ship for this

speakership deal,

speakership deal, deputy speaker's position and he is

also saying that he is committed to parliament ary

reform and under the deal

struck with the Independent for parliamentary reform anyone who

is sitting as a deputy speaker

will be sitting outside the

party room. So Alex Somlyay it

now appears will be getting his now appears will be getting his

wish to be deputy speaker and

will support the Government on

supply and no confidence. going to have more than footy finals to keep

finals to keep us occupied over

the weekend. Andrew Greene in

Canberra there. There was some

good news on the economic front for for the Government today. The final report card on the Budget figures shows a smaller than

predicted deficit. At $54.8

billion it's an improvement of

$2.3 billion. One of the

reasons that things have come

in better than expected is we had a very

had a very effective

stimulus. The Government also spent less Medicare costs and saved money

by scrapping programs such as the

the home insulation scheme. But

net debt has increased to

billion, up nearly half a billion dollars on previous forecasts. Chblts it's forecasts. Chblts it's nothing to be proud of it illustrates the fact that they have uncontrollable spending. The

Treasurer says the Government's

on track to deliver a surplus

in 3 years. The US President Barack Obama has delayed a long-awaiting visit to Australia for the third time. previous plans to visit Indonesia and Australia, first

to concentrate on passing to concentrate on passing his health care reform bill and

then over the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. The President will

still visit Indonesia in

November, part of a trip that

will also take him to South Korea for

Korea for a G20 meeting and to

Tokyo for the apex summit. Tokyo for the apex summit. The

US ambassador in Australia has

given assurances that Mr Obama

will eventually visit

Australia.Iran's President has again inflamed tensions with

the West accusing the

September 11 atax. The US and

several of its allies walked

out in protest as Mahmoud

Ahmedinejad addressed the United Nations in New

United Nations in New York

thasmt was after the US

President made it clear the door remained open for talks

with Tehran. Barack Obama also

used his address to seek

backing for his backing for his new Middle East peace effort. Kim Landers

reports from New York. To

reports from New York. To an

audience of world leaders the

US President delivered a now or never choice never choice for Middle East peace. Warning of the consequences of blood will be shed. This holy land

land will remain a symbol of

our differences instead of our

common humanity. I refuse to

accept that future. He's nudged

the Palestinians and Israelis

to make compromises and urged

the sceptics to overcome their

pessimism. And on the challenge of Iran's nuclear program he's extended a diplomatic hand. The United States

United States and the

international community seek a resolution to our differences with open to diplomacy should Iran

choose to walk through it. Iran's it. Iran's President instead chose to wade into a chose to wade into a theory

casting doubt over the seven -

September 11 attacks. TRANSLATION: Some segments

within the US Government orchestrated the attack to reverse the declining reverse the declining American

economy and its grips on the Middle

Middle East in order to save

the Zhaiionist regime. The US

delegation walked out branding

the statement abhorrent and

delusional. On the sideline of the General Assembly has been leading a push against

nuclear testing. The Foreign Minister Kevin

Minister Kevin Rudd is trying

to coax several to coax several countries

including the United States to

ratify a UN treaty tests. We believe that the national security national security interests of

not only the US, its

not only the US, its allies and friends but of

friends but of the world at

large will be enhanced by this

treaty coming into force. But

it's a goal that could be

difficult to reach. History has

been made off the coast of China where the China where the Australian navy's just completed its first

joint exercises with It's a sign of closer military

ties between the two nations

and it comes despite tensions sparked last year when

sparked last year when Canberra named knlienChina as its biggest strategic threat. Tom

Iggulden was given exclusive access aboard a Chinese frigate involved in the exercises from where he filed this report. Guns aboard the Chinese navy

fry gnat low Yung 'Luoyang'.

fry gnat low Yung 'Luoyang'. The AB's the first media the Chinese navy's

allowed on board during live

target practice but we're not alone. 10 Australian navy

sailors are here to observe. Thai come across from HMAS

'Warramunga' which is also

taking part in the joint

exercise. The war games shows growing trust between the Australian and Chinese

navies. The first navy that

China has ever done a

China has ever done a live

gunnery serial with so that

shows you the extent of how far

we're moving forward. We had a very good cooperation

today. The exercises come just

a year after Beijing reacted

angrily to suggestions in an

Australian Defence white paper that China was Australia's biggest military threat. But

for now both crews are

focussing on the job at hand

and not on past tensions. All

and not on past tensions. All I'm seeing is a lovely, warm hospitality, hosts of the Warramunga here in China. The

United States has been pushing China to conduct joint exercises like this navy but Beijing's refused

protesting over Washington's

decision to allow arm sales to Taiwan. We're working very

closely with China. We certainly don't need do that. China's part

do that. China's part in do that. China's part in this exercise is a chance to

disspell criticism it's too

secretive about its military

build up and underlined it just wants to be a peaceful partner the Pacific. The first man

extradited from Indonesia to has been sentenced to 7.5 years jail. A Perth District Court

jail. A Perth District Court jury found 35-year-old Hadi Ahmadi guilty guilty of helping

two boats full of slooerk asylum seekers travelled to

Christmas Island. He helped by

organising travel and accommodation in Indonesia.

Judge Andrew Stavrianou

described Ahmadi as the middle

man of the operation. Ahmadi said he had

help. Mr Ahmadi's trial has

been a reminder of the

bitterness in the Australian community with respect to those

who have no choice in life to seek safety and freedom on

our shores. Ahmadi's our shores. Ahmadi's sentence

has been backdated. He will be eligible for parole in June


It's been banned in Europe and restricted in the United

States but the diabetes drug Australia for now. The decisions overseas come after a 3-year debate about the safety

of the drug which has been

linked to an increased risk linked to an increased risk of heart attacks. US cardologist

Dr Steven Nissen led the charge against Avandia 3 years ago. His research found the drug significantly increased significantly increased the risk of heart attack. People

have been asking me today don't

you feel vindicated and this is not about personal vindication, it's about doing the it's about doing the right thing for regulators in the US have acted

restricting the to patients who can't to patients who can't control their type 2 diabetes with other medications. The European

Med since Agency has gone step future removing the drug from

from sale. Experts here say

Australia should follow suit

We have to have stronger

recommendations around the use

of Avandia in Australia. A of Avandia in Australia. A spokesperson for the

Therapeutic Goods

Administration says it's already strengthened the warnings about the risks of

taking Avandia which has led to

a drop in the number of people

using it. The regulator is now

reviewing the US decisions to see if further

action is required. The action is required. The drugs manufacturer

manufacturer says it's still an manufacturer says it's still an

important treatment for type 2 diabetes. Avandia is an

appropriate medicine for type 2

dibet yicks when used in line

with a label the TGA has given

us for that medicine. I don't think restricted labels are

enough. What we need is enough. What we need is to

understand what the warnings are on the labels. Doctors say they're there are good alternatives to alternatives to Avandia and

this will be the end of the drug worldwide. 15,000 Australians currently take Avandia. They're being advised

to consult their doctor before stopping or changing medication. Well time now medication. Well time now for

all the sports news with Claire Aird and Claire, the Aird and Claire, the NRL's just about to kick off for the

weekend? It is, and thousands

of fans have already started to

arrive at Lang Park in Brisbane for

for tonight's first NRL

preliminary final between the

Titan and the Roosters. The

Titans joined the NRL in 2007 and are now from reaching their from reaching their first grand final. The Roosters, though, are

are chasing their own are chasing their own

fairytale. They're 2 win ace

way from being the first side in 76 years to go from wooden spooners to premiers in just 12 months. Tonight's groud is expected to

expected to reach 40,000. Well

St George Illawarra Dragons say

there won't be any radical

changes to their game plan for

Saturday night's preliminary

final against the West Tigers. The Dragons travelled to the

rabbit os home base to complete

their preparations for the

match. They're overwhelming

favourites with the book favourites with the book makers

to reach the grand final for

the first time since 1999. No,

the plan is just to go out and

play the best we can. We've

done that all year, we tried to start well and obviously play

as best as we can each week and

try and be consistent so that's

going the be the game plan this week. A crowd of about 70,000

is expected for that match.

Well it's not even the Well it's not even the main

event but it still brings a city to a stand still. The

throng at today's grand final parade in Melbourne was parade in Melbourne was in excess

excess of 100,000. From the passionate to the fanatical,

Collingwood supporters lived up

to their reputation. Go the Pies!

Pies! Not to be outdone, Saints

fans injected a touch of red into the sea of black and white. (Sings) # When the Saints go

march ing # The battle of the

fans was just as closely fought as the

Never in my wildest dream would

I ever anticipate a crowd of

this magnitude. It's

phenomenal. An estimated 100,000 people flooded the city

encouraged by the warm weather. It's great just to see

all the support and it's a real day for the fans day for the fans and hopefully

we can get the right result for we can get the right result for them them tomorrow. Celebrations took a slightly sour turn when

Pies fans drowned out Pies fans drowned out the

Saints' skipper. So nice sign

of respect there, that's great. The last time teams met in a grand final was

44 years ago when St Kilda defeated Collingwood by just a

point. But having only lost one game since May,

the red hot favourite. There

wouldn't be too many sides that

go into a grand final confident

but the word over confident would not apply to

would not apply to us. We're well prepared, well drilled and

we go in with a level of

confidence that if we confidence that if we can execute for two hours we're

going to be a big chance. Both

confident and unwilling to

release their grasp on the

AFL's most coveted prize. Well

Wellington are up 2-1 in their

clash with North Queensland

Fury. The home side were early on after

early on after a lovely early on after a lovely save. This kick from goalkeeper Justin pashfield went straight into Chris greenacre who tapped the ball into the net. Wellington then console dated

their 2-0 lead in the first 12

minutes of game. But the minutes of game. But the Fury have put themselves game translating a free kick

into a goal after Vince Leah

into a goal after Vince Leah

was sent off. To golf now and

Australia's Geoff Ogilvy Australia's Geoff Ogilvy hold asshare in the lead in the US PGA season ending tour championships alongside

Englishman Paul Casey and Luke dond at 4-under par. He birdied

two of his last 3 holes in his

round of 66. Com patriot round of 66. Com patriot Jason Day is just

Day is just 3 strokes from the

lead in an event featuring an exclusive field

hit nice shots when I had some

kind of - if you hit good shots

you get wedges into these

greens and when I had a wedge I

hit the ball close to the hole

and made pars on all the hard

holes. The Australian O'Pals

have become their championship have become their world championship defence with championship defence with a 25-point

25-point demolition of Kan

dasmt fresh from winning a

title with Seattle Lauren

Jackson got the Opals Jackson got the Opals off to a

fast star. She was able to rest

for most of Australia's bench players stretched the lead. The Opals

surged away in the fourth quarter and they play Belarus tonight. I'll be back to bring you the

you the latest from the clash

between the Titans and the Rooster. I reckon lit be a

close one. 70 years on

Londoners are getting a

reminder of life during the blitz. One of the first tube

stations used as an air raid

shelter during the Second World

War is being reopened for guided tours. Heading underground for thousands of Londoners this was the route to survival. By

survival. By day the tube kept

the capital moving. After every corner was packed with

those who feared that a night

above ground might be their

last. Sometimes we had to get

out of bed in the middle of

night and run like hell down Gordon Road into the tube shelter. shelter. When we actually took

to actually sleeping down there

my aunt slept one side of where

the escalators went up and

the escalators went up and we went into opposite corner and believe opposite corner and believe it

or not, if a bomb dropped on the actual station itself like

the booking hall, we would have

had it. When the gates closed here in the 1990s they sealed the station which had changed

little since the last all clear

sounded. A rare glimpse of the conditions shared by so many

hardly inviting but the rumble of

of the bombing above reminded

them of the alternative. We were going down

there had been a direct hit on

a block of flat and you could

hear the people screening, sort

of "Help me, help me, help me." As me." As sheltering families

slept, it held one great

secret. Behind locked doors the

tunnels were the el-Gan marbles

and other Treasurerer s from

the British museum. To other

stories making news around the world. Tens of thousands of

French protestors have taken to plans to increase the

retirement age to 62. Union

walk outs disrupted transport and

and schools across the country.

The strikes are being The strikes are being watched elsewhere in

elsewhere in Europe as

governments struggle to rein in

costs. And the Colombian army says it's killed the military

leader of the Farq military

group. Reports say Mono Jojoy

died with 20 other insurgent. He was said to control some of

the Columbia's biggest growing areas. The share market

has finished the week in the red after economic

red after economic worries red after economic worries hurt

Wall Street overnight. The All

Ords and ASX 200 lost 0.6% by end of the end of the day's trade.

Elsewhere Asian markets had a mixed day..

A cool change is set to move

through the south-east. It

looks impressive A lot of cloud in association

with it but we're really with it but we're really not

looking at much impact across the mainland. Lilt be Tasmania

that sees the full brunt of

this front with widespread rain about the north and about the north and west of the State, showers then spreading

throughout as the day progresses but then conditions will ease as that front moves

through. Through the south-east

we will see some isolated shower about the coastal areas

shower about the coastal areas

of South Australia and also of South Australia and also through Victoria through Victoria but none of the forecast models are suggesting anything in the way of worth while rain for those. They will be very isolate

They will be very isolate and expected to should clear relatively early.

The ridge of high The ridge of high pressure through NSW, north and south

Australia and WA is keeping

conditions clear there but a

troof still active through Queensland. That will trigger

further morning rain and then showers an showers an thunderstorms

developing as we head in

developing as we head in towards Saturday afternoon. In

even the chance of isolated

shower an storms about the Top

End. As we head into Sunday

that frontal system has moved

out into the Tasman Sea, that

ridge taking over control for most of Australia. We will see some clearing conditions through Tasmania next front starts to move

through. So possibility of

increasing shower about the north

north and west of the State once again and temperatures not improving. In fact we're going

improving. In fact we're going to see this next frontal system drop temperatures through

Tasmania back into the mid to

low teens. We could see snow

falls redeveloping through the

State next week. But for much

of the remainder a burst of

very pleasant conditions and

that should continue until around about Tuesday or Wednesday when the next significant front significant front will move

through the through the south-east. But

look at all that sunshine and relatively mild temperatures.

In fact most areas In fact most areas looking at maximums at or

maximums at or above maximums at or above the September average. Different

story for Queensland though. Widespread shower an

thunderstorms continuing with

that trough system. In fact that will be into next week as well and

we're even looking at the

possibility of some of those

storms developing as far south

as Brisbane. Well it's not your

conventional hole in the wall

but it does offer a unique way

to top u your wallet. In

a new kind of ATM has been unveiled bars to cash. It's the first

machine of its kind in Europe

although they're already common

in part of Abu Dhabi. A

computer inside updates

price of gold every 10 minutes. In sheer defiance of the global

economic crisis, even the

machine is made from

machine is made from gold. You're Closed Captions by CSI

This Program is Captioned Indian officials have been

holding emergency meetings to

Commonwealth Games. With just 9

days to go talks are happening

with the first athlete ace

rooif in Delhi. The organiser

of this year's games

clearly not ready. Iran's

President has inflamed tensions with the

with the West accusing the US

Government of staging the

September 11 terror attacks.

The US and several of its allies walked out in protest

allies walked out in protest as Mahmoud Mahmoud Ahmedinejad addressed the United Nations in New York.

It came after US President

Barack Obama said the door remained open after talks with Tehran. St Kilda and the

Magpies have been cheered by

thousands of fans in the thousands of fans in the grand

final parade ahead of tomorrow's grand final. Collingwood will match as favourites after

finishing the season as minor

premiers and having two big win

fls the finals so far. Those