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(generated from captions) take clear action. Andrew Robb

speaking this morning on

buf. - ABC News Breakfast. For more, Chris Uhlmann joins u Ngo

us now from the Australian

outside the convention and Labor Party launch in Brisbane

exhibition centre there. I have

to say both Labor figures to say both Labor figures and

Coalition figures look about as

nervous as each other now, when

you ask them how it's looking

from their point of certainly. Do and the word I've

heard out of the mouths of many

is that this will be tight. The

general poll across the nation

doesn't really tell you how it

will go in in the will go in in the seat by seat Brackdown and it's in the

marginals, around 20 or 30

marginal s where it will marginal s where it will be fought out, particularly here in

in Queensland where you nary

the north of the State that

things are not looking that

great for the Labor Party and

in the south-east corner they're hopeful that they will

hold on to some of the

seats. It could in the end look a bit like SA if the

against the Government but against the Government but it manages to sand bag enough of the marginals. Everyone, both

sides, now saying this election

will be tight and I think they

mean it. They do often say it. The Newspoll nonetheless I

guess pretty puts the major

parties as they ends up on

election night. On a 2-party

preferred base, they really

move within a very narrow stand

between that 52-48 division,

will remember last time. Again don't they? It was 53-47 you

it will break down to those marginals and how it all works

out there. How it plays out

will be where this election ends. One of those Ministers is watching this all very watching

is the Health Minister, Nicola

Roxon. She joins us now. Good

morning. Thank you for coming in nice and early. Pleasure. Back a few in nice and

months ago when Kevin Rudd and

you worked tout health deal

with the States he said you

were going to talking were going to talking about health, health, health and

health all the way to

election. It didn't turn out

that way. I have been

health. And I have been to each

and one of those marginal seats you've been mentioning. We have

really good story to tell. We

have been able to invest a huge

amount of extra money which is delivering more beds and more

doctors and more the country and of course doctors and more nurse across

specific jement investment

likes the GP superclinics an

upgrade of the local emergency

department, a new elective

surgery theatre many of thoem

those are coming online right

now because they flow from our

in the community about it. think early investments. I actually

There may be hasn't been as

media about the health debate much interest in the national much interest in the

because there's been so much other colour and movement

it will factor pretty high in

people's minds. You When I

look at the distribution of GP superclins in Queensland, there

are nine of them and eight are

in marginal seats: There's lot of marginal seats of marginal seats in Queensland. There are 36 in

Queensland an nine of the eight that you are in there. We've made commitments on the Gold

Coast and the Sunshine Coast.

What you saw in the first round of announcements at the election was a bit of a of announcements at the last

primarily on regional areas and the Labor Party held a lot of the Labor Party

those, or won a lot of those.

So that sort of stacks up the

numbers a bit differently. What

you see now is us focusing on growth areas that are

or where there's or underserved the - underserviced

or where there's enormous

pressure on hospitals, still a

shortage of doctors so you see the big regional the investments with being

made. The Gold Coast is a

perfect example where the local

Liberal has been arguing for a

superclinic and nationally they have said they won't fund

these. So we're starting to

see a break-out when that the

local members are saying and

what the Liberal Party is say ing nationally. I think the

local members understand it can

deliver extra services. You pushed very hard for health reform and the way that was

going to be pushed is it would be be funded locally. But the

States still run the health

systems don't they? I systems don't they? I dispute

it is not much change. I think

there is fundamental change but

it 's difficult to implement it 's

a waste it. That's why it will be such

a waste if this was all torn

up. Us taking on a 60% up. Us taking on a 60% share

of, a fixed share of all all training and capital training and capital cost, making strict performance

require 789s and accountability requirements so the States requirements so the States have

to lift their game, these

changes some of technikl but they technikl but they fundamentally

change the way we deliver

medical service an tul & ul the investments into elective

surgery, Mr Abbott will throw

all of them promise to do something all of them out the wind wer no

different. The big ticket item

to break the way things were

done before is to get a locally

run system and you didn't end up with that. What will reform in what you I've up with that. What will drive

range of things? A much bigger done? What drives reform is a

focus on what we can do outside

of hospitals, in primary care

he will cut and more in and health. These

prevention as well, an area like tobacco control where Mr

Abbott has been sitting on the

fence about how much he wants

to be in bed companies. We've seen to be in bed with big tobacco

during this company, changing companies. We've seen that even

the way we finance hospital,

making sure that the Commonwealth has a majority

share of funding so that we share of funding so that we can

actually understand exactly

what is going on in our

hospitals, we pay more if we

get more services

get more services but otherwise

we don't. That 50 is a Bing big change. Making local hospital networks so

doctors and nurse can have a say in the way their services

are run. And thing likes our My

Hospitals website, public accountability

again something that Mr Abbott

is trashing. It's really extraordinary because he used to be for more to be for more information an

now he is against it. They're

still outside the deal and it's refusing

refusing to sign up because refusing to sign up because it doesn't want to take on

doesn't want to take on the GST

but it's still getting some of

the00 money. Don't have the staich States still in the deal have the00 money. Don't have the staich

have the right to say we don't want the same deal as WA? We

have kept some money aside for WA that is there and

be spent there as soon as the Premier signs on to the

agreement. But the training of

disbps or aged care where we're

make ing extra investments that

money does still flow 20 WA and those benefits are starting to

have an impact in a State

that's been very short of GPs. But the extra money that is there that would help with

their waiting lists an their

emergency departments won't flow flow until they're part of this national arrangement. There seems to be seems to be two Australians in this election at the moment -

you you're in Victoria and

there yurld is playing well and

in SA but not so elwell in NSW

and quald Queensland. What is your sense of where we're at? I

think there's a range of different different factors. There

probably is a bit of a home

State issue going on and Julia

of course grew up in SA. She's lived in Victoria for a long time. There may be State Government issues that clay

Play into people's minds. I

think what the national won't show us and you mentioned

youure introduction is this is

going to be an election that comes down to a seat by seat

analysis of how people vote and

I just don't think we can predict that even predict that even five days out what the outcome is be. But there will be

between States. I think between States. I think we will see variables within States - local member, regional issue,

particular campaign concerns

and it is definitely going and it is definitely going to

go right down to the

wire. Roxon rom thank you. Thank you. Australia's

Health Minister Nicola Roxon agreeing with everyone else - this election is going to be,

in a word, tight. Chris, that means an election night we settle have to repeatededly

hear the phrase - too close to call! I call! I think that is very much the narrative being pushed by both leaders and the poll Dos show it's tight, even

though the Labor Party is ahead on a 2-party preferred on a 2-party preferred base. The marginal

The marginal seats could swing the election either way. And

you can have a bit of fun with

this. If you watch very closely, pay close attention,