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(generated from captions) God morning. You're

watching ABC News. Coming up in

this half-hour, we will be

going to Canberra very shortly

to hear a media conference by the Small Business Minister

Nick Sherry. He's expected to

lead the ministry as part of potentially lead the ministry as part of a potentially wide-ranging

reshuffle to be announced the Prime Minister Julia reshuffle to be announced by

Gillard some time this morning.

We'll get to that media conference as soon as it can bring you the other happens but in the interim we

developing story of the morning

and that is that police in

Brisbane have detained a

36-year-old man wanted over the embezzlement of $16 million

from Queensland Health. Joel

Barlow was found overnight at an address in the

Brisbane suburb of New Farm. He is currently being questioned by police. Police Minister told 'ABC News by police. The Queensland

expected to appear in court as Breakfast' that Barlow was

soon as possible. Police

obviously had surveillance of a

early hours of this morning a number of properties. In the

little after 3.30, understand, the alleged little after 3.30, I

offender presented himself to

try to get into the unit hand

they were able to apprehend him. This has been excellent police work by Police. Was there a struggle police work by the Queensland

involved? Did he try to flee

police? Don't have that level

of detail. The individual has

obviously will be undergoing been taken into custody and

questioning and police will

release further details as they

can throughout the day. How did

police go about tracking down the accused man? That's

the accused man? That's a

matter for police to outline.

But obviously they used a whole range of range of methods that are

available to them. They've been

very, very successful here. I

commend them on the work that

they've done. This is a very significant arrest. And I'm sure that the people of

Queensland and indeed right

of great interest and it's very across Australia will find this

satisfying to see it brought to

an early conclusion. The big

Queensland and certainly around question I suppose, people in

the country are asking this

morning is how could anybody go about stealing $16 a government department? That's about stealing $16 million from

the big question. I'm sure matter will be played out in the big question. I'm sure that

one of the most significant the court. This is probably

Queensland and indeed fraud cases certainly in

Australia's history. Queensland and indeed in

take you now to Parliament Australia's history. Let's

House in Canberra where we'll

hear from the Small Business Minister Nick Sherry. This is the Small Business

Minister preparing to speak to

reporters. He expected is to

the Gillard ministry. Good announce his resignation from

morning. This morning I'm

announcing my retirement from

the ministry. I will be

continuing as a senator for

Tasmania, but I will not be

contesting preselection for the

next election. There are three

interrelated reasons for my

decision. Firstly, I've been on

the frontbench for a very long

time. Some 14 years of my almost 22 years in almost 22 years in the

three years as a Parliamentary Parliament so far. I served

Secretary between 1993 and

1996. I've served in a range 1996. I've served in a range of

positions in on as a shadow minister for minister for seven years and

I've served the last four years

as a minister. I've been around

for a long time. I've served

with four Labor Prime

Ministers. Hawke, Keating, Rudd

and Julia Gillard. I and Julia Gillard. I served

with three opposition leaders,

Kim Beazley, Simon Crean and

Mark Latham. So I've been on the frontbench for a long time. Secondly I have just turned 56

and you do think about these

issues a little more when you

get a touch older. And thirdly

I have three young children. I do believe that obviously it's challenging

challenging with family challenging with family and particularly children in federal political life. It is challenging. And I've given

greater weight to the fact that

with three young children and

that's be a important with my length of service,

consideration. So they're the

interrelated factors, that I've

come to a conclusion that it is

an appropriate time to step

down as a minister. And to

allow another member of the Federal Parliamentary Labor Party

Party the opportunity to serve as a minister. I stress this

was my decision. I did not consult with anyone in the was my decision. I did not

Federal Party at all about my decision Federal Parliamentary Labor

over the last few months. I did consult with a friends outside of politics, consult with a few close

including a couple of former members of Parliament. But this

was my decision. When I reached

the conclusion that it the conclusion that it was time to retire as a minister I to retire as a minister I then informed the Prime Minister and

conference on I inched her at the national

afternoon and I also informed conference on Saturday

the Senate Leader Chris Evans. So there've been quite a few

rumours I notice over the last

week or two. But they are the facts. facts. That's what occurred.

I'm particularly fit and energetic. I actually enjoy

being a minister. I actually

enjoy being in the Parliament. I'm actually enjoying the policy and political challenges. But when considered the interrelated challenges. But when I

factors that I've mentioned, I

still came to the conclusion

that it was time to retire as a

minister. I've enjoyed a wide range of industries and resources, responsibilities. Primary responsibilities. range of ministerial

superannuation, corporate law,

business, tourism assistant Treasurer, small

business, tourism and

deregulation. So I've had a

very broad range of

responsibilities in my time as a minister and Parliamentary Secretary. The policy challenges have been significant and there are many ongoing policy challenges for

the government. The most challenging period in my view

was the period during the

global financial crisis. I'm

proud to have represented

Australia as a minister. I'm

very proud to have been a minister. There are not many who are provided with that opportunity.

opportunity. I'm proud to opportunity. I'm proud to have represented the Australian

Labor Party as a minister. I

thank Julia Gillard with whom I

have a good friendship and a

good working relationship. good working relationship. I

thank Julia for the trust and

confidence she placed in me in reappointing me last year to

the ministry. I also thank her

predecessor, Kevin Rudd for the

same trust and confidence that

he placed in me in appointing

me to the ministry in 2007 as Australia's first superannuation minister. There

are a number of thank yous. To the Prime Minister and all the leaders of the Parliamentary

Labor Party who I've served with on the frontbench and I have mentioned them all here

today. I particularly today. I particularly want to thank two of my thank two of my Senate colleagues, the current leader, Chris

Chris Evans and the former leader Senator John Faulkner. I

want to thank all of my parliamentary colleagues. I

want to thank my staff, a few

of whom are here today. of whom are here today. You

can't do your job as a minister

without good staff and I've had good staff. Had good loyalty

over a long period of time.

There is obviously a wide range

of public servants, a wide range of organisations and vid

quals in the community that

I've interacted with in my time on the frontbench. And I want

to thank all of those - again ,

too many to name. Finally I

want to thank you in the media

for your interaction over the

last 14 years as a member last 14 years as a member of

the executive. As I mentioned,

I will continue to be a Senator for Tasmania. I'm looking

forward to next year. Hopefully

some good committee work, in

the economics and the economics and finance areas in particular, taking up the challenge to the Liberal

National Party opposition. So I

look forward to those

challenges and beyond. Have a happy

happy Christmas and a safe new

year. Over to you. Without you

on the frontbench will won't be

a Tasmanian there. But do you know if you will be know if you will be replaced by a Tasmanian member? Firstly I

would make the point, it is

certainly appropriate that

there be a Tasmanian, at least

one Tasmanian on the frontbench. For obvious reasons. Tasmania is very fortunate in the sense that we

have strong representation. We

have six senators, we're the

only state with six senators.

Labor senators. We have Labor senators. We have four

Labor senators. Labor's vote at

the last election was

historically high. So yes, I

think it would be appropriate

for there to be at least one

Tasmanian on the frontbench.

That's the decision of the Prime Minister. We'll await Prime Minister. We'll await her

announcement on that. Do you

have any idea who will be

replacing you? I've had no

involvement, no discussions in

my replacement. I simply inform

the Prime Minister of my decision to retire as a minister just over a week ago

at national conference. We had

a and engaging conversation. I

informed her of my decision and

she's going to make the

appropriate announcements in

due course. Who would you like to see take over to see take over from you? That's not my call. In

terms of Tasmania we have terms of Tasmania we have some

very, very good quality members and senators but across the

Labor Party caucus there are some very, very good men and

women who will make very, very good minister or ministers,

that's a decision for PM and

we'll know that perhaps later

today. Will the today. Will the reshuffle have been good for the party or lead

to further inflamed tensions. For example, Julia Gillard's

back backers are seen to be

promoted in this, what will be the mood of the party? I don't

know the details or the extent

of the reshuffle. Can I make

this general point? This was part of my consideration in stepping aside as a minister

given my circumstances. I think

it's important from time to

time that the executive in any business or government is

refreshed. I do think it refreshed. I do think it is

appropriate that renewal take

place. That's been part of my considerations. I do think that it is appropriate that there is

a new person or persons brought

forward. In any organisation

you need that renew al. That's an important part of an important part of politics. I don't believe it I don't believe it should be seen as particularly unusual. It hasn't been in the past and

that's important. Good

morning. The senator making it

very clear that decision was his and his alone. That's

right. That's what we normally

hear. But we do know Nick Sherry has those personal

considerations he outlined at

the beginning of that press conference saying it's time to

him for focus on his family

rather than a further ministerial career having been on the frontbench for a long

time. Indeed in Parliament for

a long time, for more than 20

years. But his departure

certainly gives Julia Gillard

the room that she needs to make some changes. And she's

certainly not passing certainly not passing up the opportunity because we're expecting a fairly broad

reshuffle when she makes an

announcement later today. Nick

Sherry's departure means there will be room to will be room to move. We are

expecting that Nicola Roxon

will be moved into the Attorney-General's portfolio and Tania Plibersek to and Tania Plibersek to take over her health portfolio and take her Cabinet position. We're expecting Bill Shorten to

take up a Cabinet position as well in the portfolio of

industrial relations. We heard

Nick Sherry at the end there dismiss suggestions that this

reshuffle is about rewarding

those who helped Julia those who helped Julia Gillard get the Prime Ministership.

Like Bill Shorten. He was

putting it all down to the need

for renewal and refreshment in

a frontbench. And this at a frontbench. And this

almost the midway point of Julia Gillard's term is evidently the time evidently the time she has seen

fit to do that. Bill Shorten's

elevation to Cabinet, if confirmed by the Prime Minister

today, would certainly confirm his ascension within Labor

ranks? It would be a very rapid

rise and it would also be quite a fit in industrial having been a very prominent a fit in industrial relations

position before coming into

Parliament. But whenever someone rises it means someone

sells going back down the ladder. That's where the risks

come in for Julia Gillard. We

are expecting of course if Bill Shorten

relations portfolio, it means Shorten gets that industrial

it's taken from Chris Evans the leader of the government in the

Senate. We're also expecting

Kim Carr to be e demoted and

Robert McClelland who expecting will lose the Robert McClelland who we're

Attorney-General's portfolio.

Julia Gillard will have to

ensure that if her team is to

remain steady and not have any

discontent grow by shuffling

people around that people around that she's managed to accommodate them in some some other way. A new opinion

poll didn't quite provide the happy ending the Prime Minister

wanted? It didn't continue the

momentum the Labor Party momentum the Labor Party has

had the last few months of

being able to get a little bit

of traction. We have the

primary vote fairly steady A

bit down in the to party preferred vote. For Julia Gillard it seems she hasn't fare sod well in the fare sod well in the public's

eye after the ALP national

conference last weekend.

A bill of a slid down for

Julia Gillard at the end of the

year. I think you're in for a

busy morning. A man is in a

critical condition after a

plumber's van exploded at

Mulgrave in Melbourne's

south-east. It occurred in Stadium Circuit just before 7

this morning. A nearby wall and

windows of several houses were

damaged. An Australian has

pleaded guilty to working as a

organisation runs the Gaza spy for Hamas. The militant

Strip and is considered a

terrorist group by the Israeli government. This man was

March. arrested at Tel-Aviv airport in

Saudi Arabia. While working March. He'd been living in

there, he met some people and

he understood that one or two

were members of Hamas. They

asked him to look for technology to improve targeting. They also technology to improve missile

equipment that may determine if

a phone is being tapped. The

man did agree to buy a camera man did agree to buy a

to carry out Sur available lens

when traveling to Israel with

his wife. He told one of those guys that he intends to

great, tell us what you see Israel and they said alright

great, tell us what you see there.

there. Accusations he did

Syria were dropped. His lawyer weapons training with Hamas in

says the man was simply

naive. They pulled his

naive. They pulled his leg. He

has agreed to a plea bargain

With a judge accepts and that with a sentence of 30 months.

with good behaviour he will be

released by the end of next

year and is then expected year and is then expected to be deported to Australia.

Police in Brisbane have detained wanted over the embezzlement of

Health. Joel Barlow was $16 million from Queensland

overnight in the Brisbane Health. Joel Barlow was found

questioned suburb of New Farm. He has been

questioned by police. No

far. Julia Gillard is expected charges have been laid thus

to announce changes to her

frontbench today. The reshuffle

could see Bill Shorten get a

big prom mows and Nicola Roxon take up the torng's position.

shows the Prime Minister's Today's Fairfax Nielsen poll

approval rating has fallen by 4

points to 35%. A Palestinian-born Australian

working as a spy for Hamas. citizen has pleaded guilty to

Under a plea deal submitted to an Israeli court, the man

admitted to providing services

to an China is celebrating its 10

accession to the World Trade year anniversary of its

Organisation. Total imports will exceed 8 trillion US dollars over dollars over the next five

enormous opportunities to years, bringing what are

businesses around the world. The WTO Director-General The WTO Director-General says the global economy needs China

to become much more involved on

issues like trade regulation.

Experts from the Eurozone, the European Central Bank and European Central Bank and the

International Monetary Fund

Greek Government today. The Greek Government will resume talks with the

meeting follows three days of make or break talks on the Eurozone in Brussels. The Greek Finance Minister says

discussions will focus on

procedures to put in new

procedures to put in new loans decided on in Brussels.

Negotiations will also be held with creditors to wipe off 50% of Greek debt. To the markets.

An ancient 14th sen street quadrant used to tell the time is

is expected to raise more than $300,000 when auctioned $300,000 when auctioned in London next week. Part of its

appeal is a very direct royal connection as well as a sack of

old pipe fittings on a

Queensland farm. Queensland farm. Intrigueed? Philip Williams tells us more.

In the London auction room the

tick and talk of tick and talk of timepieces centuries old await the hammer. Sporting the mark of King

Richard II is stealing the

show. The second earliest show. The second earliest known

instrument ever made, 1396. There's one other early

instrument known in the whole

of the world. Only the rich

could afford an instrument like

this but its extraordinary

history may have remained

hidden if not for its Sydney

based owner. It's the digital

watch of its day. It has all those various functions. It

Thames the time, the date. It's

almost like an alarm function

in the sense that you can track the summer solstice, winter

solstice. For years it lay in

a bag of old pipe fittings on

the shed in the family farm in

Christopher used it as a shovel Queensland. As a child

and the family had no idea what

it was. It actually went to the

dump a number of times and was

saved by sheer luck. My saved by sheer luck. My father

literal ly picked it up and

thought do I throw this thought do I throw this away or

do I keep it? After

Internet, researching its origins on the

Internet, its incredible

history was finally confirmed

by the British Museum. But value is relative. It's not by the British Museum. But its

Richard II's quadrant to me.

It's the fabulous cool thing

that I found in a bag of pipe

fittings when I was 7 or 8.

Its relatively short time in a Its relatively short

sack in a Queensland farm is over. Its next destination

likely a museum or wealthy director. While this has attracted attention attracted attention worldwide

and will undoubtedly command a

very high price, it's not all

about money because this is a

unique piece with a mysterious Australian connection that may

never be solved. Let's check

the sport headlines. Paul

Kennedy is here. The ground is

set for a big Australian

victory today? You would victory today? You would any

so. We'll have to see whether

there is early wickets falling.

David Warner and Phil Hughes

will start the day at 0/70. Is

that the sliding doors moment for Phillip Hughes? Could've

gone for a duck and his Test

career would be over for now

but if he makes some runs today

he might press for selection in the Boxing Day Test. Usman

Khawaja's stats aren't great.

He needs to make a score and

Ricky Ponting needs to make some runs as some runs as well. Ric Charlesworth the Kookaburras

coach. They won the Champions

Trophy. Jay Jamie Dwyer was

voted world's best player for

the fifth year. Used to be the

Kookaburras would get very

nervous going into the Olympics. Now they can't wait

to get to London. Stoke beat Tottenham Hotspurs in the

Tottenham Hotspurs in the match overnight. The new manager

would've been pleased that his

team could snatch a couple of goals late and snatch the

victory there. We mentioned the

Heisman trophy. It's the very

heavy trophy given to the heavy trophy given to the best player in college football in

the United States. the United States. Robert

Griffin III has been a popular winner. He is a political

science major and he was born

in Japan to US serviceman and

woman and they were there

yesterday to watch him take out

that award. He's got a that award. He's got a great speed and good passing

ability. Everybody associated with Bailey University has a

reason to celebrate tonight. To

my team-mates I'd like to say

thank you. And as we say, the

hotter the heat, the hotter the steal. No pressure steal. No pressure no,

diamonds. We compete, we win.

We are who we are. May we have

many more moments like this in

the future. Pick it up, give is

a shot. He's a pretty cool

cat. Just worth noting there, something happening something happening in America

that Ashleigh Barty the young

tennis player we had on the show this morning, if people

want to learn more about the 15

year mould who won Wimbledon

this year, then she's just won a wildcard to go to the

Australian Open. Hopefully that

story will be on the web site

by now, on the

site. Hopefully she will do

pretty well at the Australian Open? Her prediction is she will be nervous and play horrendous tennis. It's all part of her modesty. Vanessa O'Hanlon joins wus the O'Hanlon joins wus the weather. Good morning. Thanks, Good morning. Thanks, Michael. Still very cloudy up in the

tropics, right through the

eastern parts of Queensland and

New South Wales. And also cloud building around

building around a trough over

in Western Australia. We do

have an east coast low that's

developing off the Mid North

Coast. That's causing very heavy rain this morning around

the Central Coast and the

ranges in New South Wales. We

can see the radar at the

moment. We've had 121 mm in 24

hours in Gosford. That's a huge

amount. And well over the

December average. Tomorrow December average. Tomorrow we can expect the rainfalls to

lessen through that rage but they will fire up in the tropics and

tropics and in the southern

parts of Western Australia. Around the States.

That's it for the time

being. Stay tuneed to ABC News

24 over the morning for further

e details on the expected Cabinet reshuffle to be announced by Prime Minister

Julia Gillard. Have a great

day. Closed Captions by CSI

Good morning. You're

watching ABC News 24. I'm Joe O'Brien. Police in Brisbane

have detained a 36-year-old man

wanted over the embezzlement of $16 million from Queensland Health. Joel Barlow was Health. Joel Barlow was found overnight at an address in the

inner Brisbane suburb of New Farm. He is being questioned by police right

says Barlow is expected to

appear in court as soon as possible. We've had surveillance of a number of properties. In the early hours

of this morning, a little

3.30, I understand, the alleged offender presented himself to

try to get into the union and

they were able to apprehend

him. So this has been excellent

police work by the Queensland

Police. The individual has been

taken into custody and

obviously will be undergoing