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(generated from captions) Captioned Live. Custom officers This Program is

threatening more strike

over a pay dispute. There will threatening more strike action

be some delays this morning but those delays will be fairly

manageable for most passengers. Another poor poll puts more pressure on Julia leadership. A falling Australian dollar pushing Australian dollar pushing up

petrol prices. And Magpie Dane Swan wins the Brownlow. Certainly didn't come

with any intentions of winning but somehow managed to

but somehow managed to pull it

off. Good morning,

watching ABC News, I'm Francis Bell. Customs officers aren't ruling out more industrial

action over their pay dispute.

Thousands of customs workers

worked - walked off the job for an hour this for an hour this morning. International travellers were

being advised to arrive at the airport early. airport early. Moers - most of

the delays affected passengers coming into the country. The

message we want to get across

to the employer is unless they

settle these negotiations and

settle them settle them quickly, the industrial action will continue

and the industrial action will

escalate. We know we can settle

it quickly, we've just got to get the employer back to the

table. Last week we made a

break through in the Department

of Immigration. They've settled

a sensible pay

a sensible pay officer. Customs

can do the same. The immigration settlement immigration settlement is a

good precedent that will work good precedent that will

for everybody and they've got

to understand that if they to understand that if

don't settle and settle

industrial action will sensibly and quickly then the

escalate. We have had customs officers from other officers from other work locations assisting us at

airports which has helped us to airports which has helped us

minimise the impact this

morning. There's been a mix of

both employees and people from management. We've alright contacted the union and we were

trying to set up a meeting with

them this week. We are hoping

and that we can have a meeting we will get a positive response

with the union before the end

of this week. Now for the

latest on this morning's strike

action we're joined by our

reporters Tony any Nicholls in

Melbourne and Erin Bell in Sydney. What's happening there

now as we speak? Well, we're really starting to see some of

the flow on effects from these

strikes this morning. For most

of the morning now those delays

have been on the arrivals side

of the airport, people coming

in. We're told that over that

gate we're seeing Australian

people, Australian passport

holders getting through more

quickly. It's the international passport holders that are really feeling really feeling those delays.

We're told the queues on that

side are quite long. But over

the past half hour or so we've

seen the departure side here

really - the queue here really really - the queue here

start to grow. We've got a few

hundred people lining up there

and that line goes back almost

250 metres from the departure

gate. So they're really seeing

some delays there. People checking in told that these

delays are going to be here for

a little while. We're hearing

announcements over the loud speakers here asking commuters to be patient and that we are

seeing industrial action here

and that there will be delays

that meeting this morning where from that. It does follow from

we saw nearly 150 workers walk off the job and that's lasted

until about 9:00. They're until about 9:00. They're now

going back to their jobs now.

We may see another

We may see another strike later

in the day depending on how management respond to their

demands. We're just seeing demands. We're just

vision of those workers vision of those workers walking

off the job. Before that we saw

the long queues starting to

develop. I guess it's one thing for Australian residents who

are travelling overseas who

might have had hopefully some notice about this action this

morning but a different story

for overseas visitors to

Australia who are facing the

delays on the other side. What

are you hearing in terms of

this level of this level of frustration among

those mass passengers who are

having to put up with delays? They're finding it having to put up with these

quite tough. I had a walk through both of the gate areas where they're leaving and

arriving and had a chat to some

commuters there who are saying

the lines are really long and

they're not getting a lot of

feedback and they're feeling

frustrated this morning that

it's taking so long. I suppose at this point there's not much that can be done other that can be done other than

there have been workers flown wait in those lines. I'm told

in from Canberra to help with

those custom gates while the

strikes are in place but I

guess at this point lit be a

few more hours of these delays

Airport. Particularly here at Sydney

frustrating for those people

who have been on long haul

flights and are probably flights and are

feeling jet lagged. We'll go feeling jet lagged. We'll go to Tony in Melbourne now, what's the latest? Good morning, Francis. International the latest? Good morning,

passengers arriving into

Melbourne are starting to

report that their processing

time through customs in some

cases is taking more than 2 hours. They're talking about

queues that go for hundreds of

metres and potentially more

than 1,000 passengers, all

bunched together in behind

those customs walls trying to

be processed as quickly as

possible. Now some passengers

are talking about a little bit

of conflict, a few arguments

starting to to erupt among

passengers. Even reporting that customs officers in some

instances are starting to get a

bit bickery with each other as

they deal with the pressure of

trying to process so many

frustrated people. On the

departure side of things and

certainly full to brimming. No the check in terminal, it's

frustration at all and things frustration at all

seem to be moving relatively

smoothly. Have you had much

feedback from the passengers

communication they're getting about the level of

from airport and customs staff about the reasons behind the delays? There's certainly

reports coming in from international international passengers arriving that arriving that the

communication's quite communication's quite limited.

The passengers arriving seem to be aware of the be aware of the industrial

action and that they're just so

desperate to make their way

through the lounge and get home

and get on to their next destination. So they're quite

tired, quite exhausted and very

relieved when they come relieved when they come through the customs gates. Tony

Nicholls in Melbourne and Erin

Bell in Sydney, thank you Bell in Sydney, thank you both

very much for your reports this

morning. Well another poor poll

is putting more pressure is putting more pressure on Julia Gillard's leadership. The

Coalition is leading Labor in

all mainland States for all mainland States for the first time. Since the last

election according to the

latest Newspoll. It shows Labor

would lose half its seat

and Kevin Rudd would be the

only Queensland MP to win a seat. The weakening Australian

dollar is putting dollar is putting new pressure on petrol prices. Prices could

go up by at least 10 cents a

litre later in the week. That

would put the national price

above $1.50 a litre. A house

has crashed - a car has

crashed into a house killing a

toddler and injuring a man. The man in his 60 and the 2-year-old boy were sitting on

the veranda when the car hit them. Police believe the them. Police believe the woman

driving the car was trying to park on the front lawn and hit

the accelerator rather than the

brake. Police in the Northern

Territory say dealing with

protest and riots at immigration detention centres

is reducing its aiblts to

police the rest of Darwin. It's told an inquiry into

Australia's detention facilities the Federal Government has been asked to

provide more police resources

but so far there's been no response. The Northern Territory Government has

repeatedly said policing

protests at detention centres

isn't compromising other police

work. Territory Police work. Territory Police give

another story. This diminishes

the capacity of the police to

respond to normal demands

police service delivery to Darwin Darwin metropolitan

area. Territory police say area. Territory police say the

Newark ham Point detention

centre will draw further on its

resource. It says the $600,000

the Commonwealth is playing for policing hours hasn't resulted

in more staff on the ground and

it needs more actual resources. We're having ongoing discussions with NT police and

in fact Mr Davis and I are

meeting with Deputy

Commissioner Maynes

tomorrow. The Australian Federal Police says with only

10 officers in Darwin it's

limited to what it can do.

After 60 incidents so far it's

secured only 7 convictions. When convictions. When we're looking

at people utilising weapons or so on or breaking so on or breaking implements

the CCTV footage isn't clear the CCTV footage isn't clear up

for us or the CCTV footage has

been broken. The inquiry also

heard asylum seekers presenting at hospital

at hospital aren't a drain on medical services. In 2010-2011

there were 559 emergency department attendances by

detainees. The Department sees

60,000 patients a year so 559

out of 60,000 is not a big number. But the Australian

Medical Association's Peter Morris says an unacceptable

number of asylum seekers are

coming into hospital after

suicide attempts including children as young as 9. The detention of asylum

detention of asylum seeker

children and their families is

a form of child abuse. The AMA

is calling on the Federal

Government to limit the mandatory detention of asylum

seeker children to 3 days adults seeker children to 3 days and

adults to 30 days. A court in

Bangkok has wrapped up an

extradition hearing for two

Thai men accused of murdering a

man in Melbourne. Luke Mitchell

was fatally stabbed during a

fight outside a night Club in

2009. The two accused were

studying in Melbourne and fled

back to Thailand. They say back to Thailand. They say a

third Thai man who is still at

large is responsible for the

killing. The judge will make

his decision at the end of November. Russia's finance

minister Alexei Kudrin has

resign afrd a spat with the president. President Dimitry

Medvedev ordered him to resign for criticising the

Government's economic policy.

Mr Kudrin had also refused to

serve in a new government serve in a new government if

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin

and Mr Medvedev switched roles.

He had hoped to become Prime Minister himself after the elections. In Libya there's

been fierce fighting in Colonel

Gaddafi's home town of Sirte,

one of his last remaining strongholds

strongholds in the country. Forces loyal to the new Government have entered the town supported by NATO planes.

Today the new Lybian flag came

a step closer to flying across the whole country. They

gathered as they have every day before to advance on Sirte.

Civilians fled the city.

They'd been told the rebels

would cut their throats but

instead they were welcomed.

Some had lucky escapes.

"Sirte will welcome you,

they're waiting for you. ," he

said. "It's open, take it." But the advance has been cautious.

The first sign today The first sign today was going to be different was a captured Gaddafi

Gaddafi tank. The second was

the smoke coming from Sirte

round about, the city centre, a

NATO bomb, they said, but we

didn't see it hit. The green flag of Gaddafi was still

flying but it became clear they

were entering the city.

This is the moment they enter Sirte itself. Celebratory

gunfire, the flag came gunfire, the flag came down,

from here it's into the city

itself, they've made it

through. But as the troops

move forward we pulled back and

took cover. As the battle for

the streets began. Despite the

civilians still living in this

city, both sides traded rockets

and heavy gunfire. Shells

landed around us as they fought

for control in the last hour of day

day light. Ur rlt Sirte day light. Ur rlt Sirte will

soon fall unless Gaddafi loyalists fight to the loyalists fight to the death

for his birth place. One of the

nation's biggest resources

projects is set to go ahead

with Chevron giving the final investment approval for the

Wheatstone LNG development in WA's Pilbara region. Martin

Ferguson says the Ferguson says the project will

enable Australia to become the

world's second largest exporter

of LNG. It was all smiles as

the American oil and gas giant

signed on to build one of Australia's largest investment projects. Chevron will build 2

LNG trains on the Onslow site

with an initial capacity of 8.9 with an initial capacity of 8.9

billion millions tonnes. Mart

gin Ferguson says the timing of

the project places Australia in

a good position to capitalise on increased global demand. It

also represents a very

substantial boost in substantial boost in export

income with the partners

already having agreements in

place for 80% of the LNG from

the foundation investment. Those include long-term supply deals with

Asian customers such as

Japanese power companies TEPCO Japanese power companies TEPCO

and Kyushu Electric. The Wheatstone approval is good

news for WA and provided the

Premier with an opportunity to

remind Mr Ferguson where the

nation's wealth was nation's wealth was coming

from. He hit out at the

proposed mining tax and GST

distribution. It will provide GSF for the Government, a

little change will come way of

the State but we will work the State but we will work together. 6,500 jobs are

expected to be created at the

peak of construction. Chevron

has promised local industry

will benefit. We really think

that about 50% of this that about 50% of this $29 billion will be spent in Australia in total. The State

Government will also invest more than $250 million on improving infrastructure in

Onslow with the prop population of the town expected population of the town expected

to treble to 2,000 in 5 years. Construction on Wheatstone is

now expected to start now expected to start in November with the first gas due

to be produced by the end of

2016. The top stories this

morning - customs officers are threatening more industrial

action over their pay dispute. They walked off the job for an

hour this morning causing

delays at airports across the country. Further stoppages country. Further stoppages are expected this

afternoon. There's more bad

news for Federal Labor in

today's Newspoll. The Coalition

is leading the Government in

all mainland States for the

first time since the first time since the last election. Labor would lose half

its NSW seats and all its NSW seats and all but Kevin Rudd's seat in Queensland. Economists and

motoring bodies are warning

petrol prices are likely to

jump at least 10 cents a litre

by the end of the week. They're

blaming the weaker Australian

dollar and volatile world oil

prices for the expected hike. A ship wreck containing 200

tonnes of silver worth more

than $230 million has been

found in the Atlantic. It's the

largest haul of precious metal

ever found at sea. It looks in

perfect condition but the SS

Gasoppa is a lnge way down,

nearly 5 kilometres deep in the

north Atlantic. Settleded on

the ocean floor still the ocean floor still upright.

The UK cargo ship was sunked by

a German U boat in 1941 as it

tried to make its way to

Ireland. Only one of the crew

of 85 survived the sinking.

of 85 survived the sinking. The US-based exploration Odyssey US-based exploration company

Odyssey Marine won the contract

for salvage rights for what's

expected to be the biggest haul

of precious metal ever found at

sea. The company gets to keep

80% of the 200 tonnes of

silver. Luckily the cargo bays

appear to be open, the

130-metre long ship was found a couple of months ago but the

company had to be sure they had

the right vessel before going the right vessel before going public. And while finding the

wreck may have been hard wreck may have been hard enough

the real challenge lies ahead.

While it is possible some of the crew went down with the crew went down with the ship, marine archeologists say

it's unlikely any human remains

still exist. What is clear is the outline of a doomed ship more than 400 kilometres from

the safety of Galway Harbour. It's treasure about to It's treasure about to see the light and air for the first

time in 70 years. To finance

now and European leaders are

reportedly working on a rescue package to

package to deal with the euro

zone debt crisis. The new plan

emerged from weekend talks

between world finance ministers

and central bank governors and central bank governors in

Washington. It's believed the

euro rescue fund will be

increased to $3 trillion increased to $3 trillion and

there will be a write down of

Greek debt. European markets

have reacted positively to the

news. As European leaders were

discussing that package US President Barack Obama was

telling them to get their act

together. President Obama says

the euro zone crisis is scaring

the rest of the world and it's

contributing to slow global growth. They have not growth. They have not fully

healed from the crisis back in

2007 and never fully dealt 2007 and never fully dealt with

all the challenges that all the challenges that the

banking system faced. It's not

being compounded what's

happening in Greece. So they're going going through a financial

crisis that is scaring the

world and they're trying to

take responsible actions but those actions those actions haven't been

quite as quick as they need to be. To the markets now and

there were some large gains on

Wall Street overnight:

And here's Paul Kennedy with sport. Let's talk about the Brownlow Brownlow Medal because Dane

Swan was the popular winner

last night getting 34 votes,

the most in the history of the medal since they went to 3-2-1

and there he is there on the announcement. He went up and

was presented his medal by

Chris Judd, the favourite Chris Judd, the favourite who didn't quite get close to the

top leaders. There was Swan,

Sam Mitchell who was

ineligible, Nick dal Santo was third. The two Pies players hat 58 between them. Really

being the favourite doesn't

help, but last year it took a

little bit out of me, it was a

bit draining with all the

external pressure but like I

said tonight I just come

hopefully enjoyed, I thought

pendles and Juddy were going to

go close but somehow I managed

to pinch a few votes. Mum loves

it, she loves the fashion more

than the football side. She

wouldn't know if I had a wouldn't know if I had a kick

all year. Dad's more into it. all year. Dad's more into it. I

get my genes from my mum, get my genes from my mum, she can't play sport to save

herself. But dad's the one.

They've been fantastic to

support me since I was a support me since I was a kid and mum and dad both travel to watch

watch me play and do everything

humanly possible for me. In the

back of our heads, you know, to

do it for Mick who won't be

coaching again, he said he will

never coach again and so never coach again and so to

send him out on a fantastic

note would be amazing. He's the

only AFL coach I've had. He's

moulded me into the player I am

today. Whether you like me as a player or

player or don't you've got him

to thank for it. It will be sad

to see him go but we've got to see him go but we've got a new chapter in Nathan who's

going to be just as good for us

and hopefully he can take us

just as far. Not before they go to the grand final for Malthouse's last game in

charge. He's one of those

players that just accumulated

the ball but had an the ball but had an awkward

style, didn't know whether he

was quick or not because at

some stage you come away going

he could move and other days

you come away and go no, he

doesn't work that hard or he's

not quick. But it became very

apparent that he had apparent that he had the capabilities. Big heart, very,

very quick, very, very quick

and had this massive power. I

think Dane's been blessed think Dane's been blessed with

that power right through his

football. Another thing that he

doesn't do, doesn't go to

ground and that again is very

much a characteristic of

midfield players that size who

stay on their feet under all

conditions and they've got this

wonderful balance. Stay on your feet you've got more chance feet you've got more chance of winning the football. We're

just so rapt for him. I know

the player group will be and the player group will be and I

know our coaches will be and I'm certainly rapt I'm certainly rapt because we

had a chat a few years ago and

maybe things need to be

straightened up a bit and Dane

took it on board. I think this

is just an indicator of his

capabilities and he certainly

belongs in the same league of

those players that he mentioned. Malthouse there

celebrating one player. Today they will get back to business

and the coach will want to know

if Darren Jolly is if Darren Jolly is fit and

available for this weekend. available for this weekend. The

ruckman appeared to be walking

OK yesterday and he appears to

be hopeful of playing but

be hopeful of playing but he was hobbling against Hawthorn so he's going to have to get

through some fitness through some fitness tests. Simon Prestigiacomo some

pictures from last year said he

wasn't ready to go. Steve

Johnson is trying to get Johnson is trying to get fit

but the call will have to be

made. James Podsiadly is OK,

he's playing. He's one of he's playing. He's one of the best stories in the AFL in the last couple of years. To the

NRL and not so much drama

around this one. Manly versus

the Warriors and the two the Warriors and the two teams

getting ready to face off and

vying for underdog status. I

think the Warrior s are think the Warrior s are holding

court there although Des Hasler

says his team has got the

underdog status and thanks to

players like this the Warriors

with Sean Johnson at with Sean Johnson at half-back at other creative players. But

Haslers' team will start

favourite and that match will

be on Sunday. The teams looking quite relaxed at the moment. To

basketball and there's a group

of NBA legends in Australia of NBA legends in Australia at the moment for the NBA's first

development camp in Australia

that have attracted the best youngsters from Australia, China, Korea and New Zealand

and they're teaching them about

life skills and of life skills and of course how

to play basketball. It's part

of the NBA spreading of the NBA spreading its

tentacles all over the world

and on newsbreakfast this

morning we were joined by a

couple of those legends, Horris

Grant and Ron Harper and here's what they had to say. Since

YouTube and the Internet have

burst on the scene the little

diaper dandies go and

experience the Chicago Bulls,

the Lakers, you know, from the

'80s through the '90s on the

Internet. They have a good idea

of what we did and how bedid it

and who we are. Like I and who we are. Like I always

tell kids, no matter where

you're from if you can play the

game of bat ket ball the game of bat ket ball the NBA

will find you. The best part

most of the kids that play in

these other countries come over to the US and they get a chance

to be seen. So we know when

they are young kids and we see

them develop and then they them develop and then they get

a chance to play and that's the

key. 9 NBA championships

between them and they're between them and they're going

to be in that coaching clinic

mode for the next few days mode for the next few days as

the NBA is on lock out at the NBA is on lock out at the moment so there aren't any current NBA players current NBA players there. It

was good to talk to those guys. Great to meet them. They

had a whole bunch of coaches

from the NBA but the lock out

continues so, yeah, the NBA players, the current day

players aren't really alloweded

to do too much with the NBA

brand behind them at the moment. It's incredible. Could

that have flow that have flow on effects from

the NBL. Are there players who

might want to come and keep their hand in the league here while that continues? We've

already seen Patty mils sign

for the Tiger. He's not a

starting player in the NBA

they've got a bit more to think about but Andrew Bogurt hasn't

decided what he will do. If

they cancel the season he would

like to play in the NBL. If

Bogurt plays I've seen tweets

from other plays saying if he

will go to Australia we might

go along too. Lit be an

interesting NBL season if a

couple of those guys bob up it will be unprecedent will be unprecedent ed. Vanessa

O'Hanlon joins us for the

weather. And first off in India where floods from heavy monsoonal rains are affecting

over 2 million people in over 2 million people in the eastern areas. The worst

affected air ras are Aris affected air ras are Aris a with more than 130,000 people

being evacuated. Heavy rain

is forecast for the next is forecast for the next 2 days. Now for us we've got a

very busy weather system that's crossing through

crossing through the country at

the moment. A cold front is

sending blustery westerly winds

into the south-west. Cloud over

the Northern Territory and throughout the south-east

causing a few light shower,

hot, dry northerly winds are increasing over the interior

prompting fire warnings and winds will also increase in the

east. A complex low pressure

system will intensify tomorrow. Now this will

Now this will push showers into

South Australia today but

tomorrow and Thursday we'll see

widespread rain falling from

southern Queensland all the way

down towards Tasmania. In the

two days rain totals could get

as high as 80 mm as high as 80 mm especially over the northern side of the

Victorian ranges and the

western slopes of NSW. For

Queensland today severe fire

danger for the far western

parts of the channel country

with freshening norther,ly winds. Cloud will also increase

in the south-west. A total fire

ban for the far western

district of NSW, possible

isolated showers developing in

the west and over the southern

inland region and freshening

northerly winds in the west and

along the south coast. A partly cloudy day in Victoria,

isolated showers and

thunderstorms contracting east

this morning. Showers and

storms redeveloping from the north-west late today. north-west late today. 25

degrees in Melbourne. Afternoon

showers in Tasmania developing

about the south and east and

north to north-easterly winds.

In South Australia isolated

storms in the north and far west,

west, strong northerly west, strong northerly winds across the pastoral districts.

A windy and cold day with

showers along WA's south-west but dry and hot conditions but dry and hot conditions in the north. Today has been

declared a total of fire declared a total of fire ban across the Northern Territory

and late storms will enter around Alice Springs today: Thanks, very much, Vanessa.

That's a round up of the

morning news. Thanks for your

company over the past couple of days. Virginia Trioli will days. Virginia Trioli will be

back with Michael Rowland

tomorrow. Up next is Business

Today and more news throughout

the day on ABC News 24,

goodbye. Closed Captions by CSI

This Program is Captioned Live.

Good morning, welcome to Business Today Network, I'm Whitney

Fitzsimmons. Coming up - euro

nations to the rescue. The $3

trillion debt life line. Retail funds not so super, claims your

money's better off in the bank. And a record find, treasure

hunters strike millions in

sunken silver. Those stories

coming up shortly but first

let's take a quick look at the

markets and we'll have more on

what will happen in trade what will happen in trade today in a moment but overnight it

was a bumper was a bumper session for US markets.