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Live. This morning Prime

major Minister Julia Gillard says

major election promises may be broken. Also broken. Also today, Kevin Rudd

and Hillary Clinton promise to strengthen trance Pacific

relations. Security forces in strengthen trance Pacific

before voting begins Afghanistan on high alert Afghanistan on high

election. 6 people arrested on before voting begins in today's

suspicion of plotting a terrorist attack against the Pope. And Collingwood exacts

finals revenge on Geelong

booking a place in AFL's grand booking a place in AFL's grand final. Good morning, you're ABC News 24, this Saturday, I'm Jane Hutcheon. Foreign Affairs Minister

Kevin Rudd and US Secretary of

agreed to hold high level talks State Hillary Clinton have

in November. It comes after a

regular meeting was scrapped earlier this earthquake in Haiti. In a joint

news conference with Mr Rudd Ms

Clinton said she and defence

travel to Australia for the Secretary Robert Gates would

meeting which is expected meeting

meeting which is expected to focus on the US-led efforts in

Afghanistan as well as regional issues. Mr Rudd said Australia looked forward to resuming high

level dialogue with the US

which he called one of our most

now we go to political important allies. And for more

correspondent Andrew Greene in Canberra. Andrew, and Mr Rudd seem to have a pretty good rapport there?

Yes, these two leaders Yes, these two leaders have

worked closely over the last worked closely over the last

couple of years would notice they've got a fair

bit in common. They've

rides experienced fair roller coaster

rides in recent times with

their political creers. Of

course Hillary Clinton US presidential race and was course Hillary Clinton lost the

taken in by President Obama into the Administration and of course Julia Gillard has course Julia

knocked off crud and - Kevin

Rudd and has now got him in her Rudd and has

cabinet. These two they have cabinet. These two they have a good relationship. There's been

a series of things that have prechbed firstly the US President coming down under and

of course the US Secretary of

State was delayed by the Haiti

earthquake as well. So by the

end of the year, Jane, we'll

have had the two post powerful

Australia, that's of course women in America coming to

Oprah Winfrey and Hillary Clinton. Indeed. And Andrew, Prime Minister Julia Gillard

made before the election may

not necessarily apply. What's

prompted those comments? These comments are contained in an interview that Julia Gillard

has done with the 'Sydney

Morning Herald' and Morning Herald' and she's

basically softening up voters

for a series of perhaps broken

promises in the course of the

next parliament. This will of

course be the first hung parliament we've seen in decades and Julia Gillard makes

the point that they're dealing

with a new environment and with a new environment and she says the fact that there have to be a lot of says the fact that there will

building and compromises made

on issues such as climate

change means that not necessarily all promises made necessarily

during the election campaign

can be kept during this next hung parliament. So Julia Gillard softening up voters Gillard softening up voters for perhaps a series of backflips or backdowns on some key

promises made dirg the recent

election. And Andrew, what does

the Opposition make of all of

this? Well the Opposition is They say that it's already leaping on this today.

Gillard less than two weeks

already to make these - a

backdown on some of these

promises. We did see Julia Gillard leave open the

possibility of a carbon price possibility of a carbon

which she was very - or carbon

tax which she was adamant

wouldn't happen during the

election campaign. Tony Abbott

will give a speech today in

Sydney and we can expect that

he will hammer this theme and

suggest that Julia already lost faith suggest that Julia Gillard has

already lost faith with the Australian people. Many thanks to our political

angrew Greene there in Canberra. The Government's plan to expand immigration detense centres has come under intense scrutiny. The new Minister for Immigration has announced plans

to double the capacity of Curtin detention centre in to double the capacity of the

Western Australia and will

house asylum seekers at an air

base if Far North Queensland.

The Opposition says it will

send the wrong message to

people smugglers. Refugee

advocate s and the Greens have

also criticised the move. The

Government will up the capacity of the Curtin desenction Sen

ner in WA to 1,200. It will also

also house also house up to 300 asylum

seekers at an air force base in

Far North Queensland. It says

the measures are needed to deal

with an influx of boat arrivals. We have an unusual

situation where we have a high

number of people who have number of people who have been

unsuccessful in their claims a

waiting for legal processes to

conclude. But the

says the move won't do anything conclude. But the Opposition

to deter speem smugglers. Those arrivals will will continue at the rate that we've become used to under this Government. Mr Morrison also

says the reason so many people

are caught up in detention at the moment is asylum processing freeze the moment is because of the

asylum processing freeze that was introduced in April. I

think it should be lifted. I

don't think it's right that

people from one particular

nationality should be denied an

assessment and that's what's been taken place. Immigration

Minister Chris Bowen won't say Minister Chris Bowen won't

if the Government will lift the from Afghan asylum seekers when freeze

it expires next month even

though he has conceded it's a major contributor to the

overcrowding. You're not going to actually start putting people on planes when you've

got court orders to not do so. Refugee advocates are also

weighed in on the plan saying both centres

both centres are too remote to house asylum seekers in humane conditions. Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young seconds that

saying the Government should be reducing its reliance on increasing it. We are seeing a

looming mental health crisis because we're not treating

people in the appropriate manner. The Immigration

Minister says he will Minister says he will be

announcing further announcing further plans to deal with the long-term need

for more accommodation options

but for now the first of the new beds will be ready new beds will be ready within weeks. Police say a 20-year-old

Burmese man has escaped from the Darwin detention the Darwin detention centre.

Police say the man used a Police say the man used a heavy blanket to protect

then climbed over 3 fences just

after midnight. Local police and security guards are

searching for the man. It's the second time detainees have

escaped from the escaped from the centre with 89

men holding a protest on the road outside two weeks ago.

Australian troops in Afghanistan have been forced to

help defend a patrol base from

several hundred Afghan locals

protesting over an alleged

Koran burning incident. The

incident happened in the region north of Tarin Kowt on

Thursday morning. The protest turned violent when the Afghans

began throwing rocks at coalition coalition forces and coalition forces and a protestor was shot after aiming

a machine gun at an officer.

The Defence Force has released

a statement confirming no Australian soldiers were

injured during the incident.

The statement also says there's no evidence Australian or coalition troops were involved

in burning the Koran. Security forces are on alert across

Afghanistan in preparation for voting in today's parliamentary elections. The Taliban have

abducted up to 20 people

including 2 candidates and

several election officials and campaign leaders are warning of

attacks and the Afghan

Government admits the poll may

be tainted by vote rigging but

President Hamid Karzai is

urging voters to turn out in large numbers. Afghan large numbers. Afghan security

forces have set up checkpoints

across the capital amid fears of attacks by to 20 people including 2 candidates have candidates have been abducted

in the lead up to the

parliamentary poll. The Taliban

say they will target anyone say they will target anyone who participates in the participates in the election. President Hamid Karzai is

urging voters to turn out urging voters to turn out in large numbers despite the possibility of violence and

vote rigging. We must expect

vote rigging. We must expect

that there will be

irregularities, that there will

be problems, that there will be

allegations as well but we

should try to do our best under the . President Karzai was returned to power in last year's

presidential election which was

tainted by widespread tainted by widespread electoral fraud. The vote rigging undermined confidence in international community's

ability to deliver democracy ability to deliver democracy in Afghanistan. Former Afghan

Prime Minister Ahmed Shah Ahmed

zai says the only way to get

rid of unstability is to pull

out. You are countries now you are coming

here in Afghanistan, no

advance. Why do you force more

than this, why do you

than this, why do you kill, why

do you ringing more destruction

to this poor country? More than

2,500 candidates will compete

for 249 seats in the lower house of the Afghan parliament.

68 seats have been reserved for

women. But more than women. But more than 1,000 polling stations have already been cancelled because of security concerns. This election is a really important test for the international community, for the Taliban and The Government is determined to

show that it has legitimacy and credibility but the Taliban are

urging people to stay away from

the polls and not to take the polls and not to take part in this election. Young journalist Nafisa Barekzia is

hoping the election will

deliver more freedom and

security. But she says security. But she says she's not optimistic about her future

and is unable to continue her

education because of poor

security. The new Afghan

parliament will have a long list

the MPs are sworn in. The final result of the election is

expected to take more than a

month. Michelle Manzo. I see two distinction perspectives on

the elections. One is kind of

the foreign perfective, us in

the West, which are talking about process, security, the importance of

having a democratic election in Afghanistan and what you're talking

talking about is the other side

of the doubt of that. What I'm

hearing from Afghans is a hearing from Afghans is a bit different, it's talking about bribes, threats, kidnapping,

uncertainty about this election

because of the uncertainty about the previous election.

Both these perspectives in my

view are valid and very real

and that's why I think we're starting to hear some people

saying why are we going ahead

with this. We're going ahead with it because you have to. Just the ideal version of what you'd like to happen doesn't mean you

shouldn't do it at all and this is something that I feel

strongly about in the

perspective of nation building

and this election, this parliamentary piece of nation building. Michelle Fanzo building. Michelle Fanzo from the World Policy Institute. And violence in Afghanistan has

spiralled this year with a

record number of casualties among foreign and Afghan

troops. Civilian deaths have

also soared and the main

concern on polling day today

will be security. The level of insurgent attacks in

Afghanistan is up 51% compared to this time last year. A report by the UN said the

number of roadside bombings

increased by 94% in the first

quarter of this year compared

to last year and the number of assassinations by insurgents

rose by 45%. The rate of su

side - suicide attacks side - suicide attacks also

doubled. The spike in violence

has closed around 15% of polling polling centres because

security can't be This could deter thousands of voters in the most volatile areas in the south-east of areas in the south-east of the country. In Chile the country. In Chile the 33

trapped miners are a step

closer to being rescued thanks to a successful drilling

operation. A drilling machine

has reached the men who are

stuck 630 metres below ground

but officials say the hole must

now be widened to bring the men

out safely and that could take

at least 6 weeks. The miners

have been trapped since early

August surviving longer than anyone on record.

Still to come on ABC News 24 Still to come on ABC News 24 -

Claire Aird with the Claire Aird with the sport.

Plus a royal prince gets his

wings as a chopper pilot in the Royal Air Force. A reminder of the top stories on ABC News on ABC News 24. Prime Minister

Julia Gillard has warned she could break key promises she made during election because of the new environment created by the hung

parliament. US Secretary of

State Hillary Clinton State Hillary Clinton will travel to Australia in travel to Australia in November

to hold high level talks with Foreign Affairs Minister Kevin Rudd. And Afghanistan President

Hamid Karzai is urging voters

to turn out in large numbers

for today's parliamentary elections despite threats of

violence from the Taliban. violence from the Taliban. Two candidates and 18 election workers have been kidnapped in

the lead up to the vote. And

around the country

6 men are being held by

British police over a potential

terror threat during Pope

Benedict's visit. 5 of the men

were cleaners working for a

central London council and were arrested by counterterrorist

officer. On his second day on

his visit to the UK the pontiff

has criticised the marginalisation of religion marginalisation of religion in

the world. First it was a visit

with Catholic school leaders in an apparent reference to the

child abuse scandal engulfing

the Church, Pope Benedict thanked them for Britain's youth. Appreciation

for those whose task it is to ensure that ensure that our schools provide

a safe environment for children and young people. Our responsibility responsibility to those entrusted to us entrusted to us for their Christian formation Christian formation demands

nothing less. At an assembly of

4,000 schoolchildren, he warned 4,000 schoolchildren, he warned against the pursuit of

celebrity and fame. People came

out in their thousands to greet

the leader of the world's 1

billion Catholics as he made

his way into the history books. The first time a pope has visited visited Lambeth Palace, residence of the Archbishop of Canterbury. We do not as

churches seek political power

or control or the dominance of

Christian faith in the public sphere. But the opportunity to

testify, to argue, sometimes to protest, sometimes to protest, sometimes to affirm,

to play our part in the public

debates of our societies and we

shall, of course, be effective,

not when we have mustered

enough political leverage to

get our way but when we get our way but when we have

per - persuade ed our

neighbours that a life of faith

is a life well live and

joyfully lived. Then for

another first, the Pope shook hands with

Security was tight after

Scotland Yard arrested 6 men in

connection with an alleged plan

to assassinate the Pope. Police

say the men, most of whom are

Algerian nationals, were working here at Westminster as

contractors for a street

sweeping company. Their job was

supposed to involve keeping this area clean in preparation

for the for the Pope's arrival. Pope Benedict askeynote speech in

London was delivered to an audience which included the

Deputy Prime Minister and 4 living former ministers. He blamed the financial crisis on the lack of

ethics in business. Religion

has become marginalised, he

said, even in societies that pretend to promote tolerance. The leader of the world's

Catholics and the spiritual

head of the Church of England led joint prayers led joint prayers at Westminster Abbey calling for the two faiths to form a closer

relationship - friendship. A

politician from Pakistan has been murdered in London. Imran

Faruk who was 50 living in exile in Britain for

over a decade. Scotland Yard is working on the assumption that the killing was politically motivated. Stabbed several

times, the politician from

Pakistan murdered outside his

North London home. A crime

scene on a normally quiet

street. No been made but the investigation is now being led by Scotland Yard's counter-terrorism

command and questions are being

asked about how this could asked about how this could have happened here. We are state of shock. We have demanded of the British

Government to arrest the

perpetrators and bring him perpetrators and bring him or

them to book and uncover any

conspiracy. In Karachi arson

attack s in protest. Imran fa

rook's party MQM is the dominant political force many the country's largest city.

Businesses closed as a mark of

respect and the security forces

on alert for trouble. Murder of

a politician from the same

party last month led to dozens of deaths in a city with of deaths in a city with a history of political violence and revenge attacks.

and revenge attacks. Imran

Faruk seen here in younger days

had feared for his life in Pakistan. He went Pakistan. He went into hiding

in 1992 when the authorities launched operation clean launched operation clean up against his included kidnapping, and murder. Mr Faruk said the charges were politically

motivated and in 1999 after

years on the run he reemerged

in London claiming

in London claiming political asylum. Security around other political figures from Pakistan

is now being re viewed. The question for the question for the investigation

- who murdered Imran Faruk and why. At least 25 people have

been killed after 3 trucks

carrying explosives blew up in carrying explosives blew up in the east Sri Lankan city. The

station and most of those who died were police

died were police officers.

First reports had put the death

toll as high as 60. The

explosives were due to be

delivered to a rock quarry. There's no suggestion that the

blast was anything other than

an accident. Back home the

mining giant Xstrata says legal action involving health-related

lead concerns in Mt Isa in north-west Queensland has

dragged on for too long. The

mining company, the Queensland Government and the Government and the local

council are being sued by 5 families families over alleged lead contamination. Lawyers representing

representing the families in a

class action say a new study

proves children have suffered

brain damage from lead poisoning but the member for Mt Isa says there's no new

information in the report. And now to sport with Claire Aird

and Claire, Collingwood through

to the finals. They are

to the finals. They are indeed,

Jane and probably some very

upset Cats fans today. Now

Geelong's hopes of a third

premiership in 4 years have

been dashed by the rampant

Collingwood. The Pies Collingwood. The Pies are the first team through

final. They thrashed Geelong by

41 points at the MCG. Now

95,000 fans packed the arena hoping for a blockbuster

was never really a contest. A

powerhouse first half set up

the win for Collingwood as they slotted 13 goals to 3. The Cats

kicked a few late goals though to make the scoreline a little

more respectable. In the NRL the Canberra the Canberra Raiders' remarkable run has enned after a 26-24 loss to the wefss Tigers in their semifinal at

Canberra Stadium. Some typical Benji

Benji Marshall magic put Chris

Heighington in for the first

try. Both sides traded tries

after the gap to maintain the

gap though Terry Campese's

night was ended by a knee

injury. It didn't stop the

Raiders and Alan Tongue got the

game back within 2 but Jarrod

Croker missed the chance to

send the game into send the game into golden

point. The Tigers St George for a spot in the

grand final. In tennis it's one

rubber all heading into today's

doubles in the Davis Cup world

group play off between Australia and Belgium Australia and Belgium in

Cairns. Lleyton Hewitt and Paul Hanley will play for Australia.

Hewitt gave Australia a 1-0 lead yesterday with a hard

fought win in the opening

singles match. He also

collected a slice of history with a record equalling 43rd

Davis Cup wins for but Olivier Rochus levelled the

tie for Belgium with victory in the second singles match. He

was just too good for Carsten

Ball. France leads Argentina 2-0 after its opening singles rubber. Michael Llodra

Juan Monaco. Monaco Juan Monaco. Monaco broke

Llodra's serve in only the

third game of the match but the

world number 30 levelled breaking back in the 8th game

to take the first set. The

Argentinian fought back serving

out the set 6-4. But his

resistance was short lived and Llodra took the next two sets

sealing the force with an ace.

Gale Monfils showed his

intention but Nalbandian wasn't

going down easily. He took going down easily. He took the second set 6-2. Momentum swung

back in favour of France though

as Monfils maintained the

advantage of an early

sealed the victory into the

fourth. South Australia is the

first team through to the

semifinals of the Twenty/20 cricket Champions League

an 8-wicket win over Bangalore this morning. Batting this morning. Batting first

Bangalore was all out for a

total of 154 in the 20th over

of its innings. Dan Christian

taking 4 wickets for South

Australia. Redbacks captain

Michael Klinger was unbeaten 69. South Australia passed the

victory target with 9 balls to

spare. Dan Harris also posted a half-century for half-century for the Redbacks his second straight opening

century stand with Klinger. A

lot of time together. We spent

a lot of time in the crease a lot of time in the crease but

the running between wickets the running between wickets we

know each other's game really

well. In the A-League and the

Newcastle Jets have upset Perth Glory 2-0. The financially

embattled Jets didn't have to wait long to go ahead thanks to captain Michael Bridges. The

home side had plenty more

chances to extend its lead chances to extend its lead in

the first half but it was Labinot Haliti

icing on a sweet victory in the

89th minute. And round 7 of the 89th minute. And round 7 of the

A-League continues today. North Queensland hosts Queensland hosts Melbourne Victory and it's Brisbane who

take on Adelaide. Many thanks

for that, Claire. And time for that, Claire. And time now to check the weather.

And on And on the satellite image

cloud streaming across the country's interior is causing

rain and scatter storms. Low

cloud over Tasmania combining with strong, cold

south-westerly winds bringing

snow to the Alps. Cloud over

the southern coast is causing

the odd shower. Lit be cool and

cloudy over southern Queensland

with some heavy rain likely around the south-west increasing showers over much of

the east and far north and some

light showers and storms across

the interior. Cloud increasing

over the

to bring some rain later in the day. Light winds across day. Light winds across most of the State and dangerous the State and dangerous swell

conditions on the coast will ease. Scattered showers will

persist across most of Victoria

falling as snow on the Alpine peaks.

peaks. Tasmania will see showers across the west and south. Also falling as snow across the high ranges.

Isolated showers across Isolated showers across South Australia will contract

throughout the day with rain

limited to the south and west

throughout the day. Over to the

isolated showers across the

south and east through the

morning, clearing from all but

the coastal Eucla region by the afternoon. And Northern Territory there will

be some rain in be some rain in the Alice Springs district and isolated

showers and storms across the

top end.

And for more detail on the story we're following today and

to send us your comment and

pictures you can log on to our

website. The address is You're watching ABC News 24. watching ABC News 24. The

rules about cooperating with

foreign police have been tightened but the

tightened but the AFP can still

help put Australians on death

row. His role was a very

minimal role. This is the Prime Minister's residence in

Jerusalem an it's the time that the Palestinian

leader has been inside this building, indeed inside Jerusalem in almost 20 months. The goal of months. The goal of two states for two people can be achieved only only through negotiations. The Incheon landing has Incheon landing has been described as one of the most audacious and successful military operations in modern history. Reporting history. Reporting from London. Canberra. From for ABC News 24.

The top stories from ABC The top stories from ABC News

- Prime Minister Julia Gillard

says she may have to says she may have to break key

election promises because the hung parliament has created a

new environment. Ms Gillard says what she promised before

the federal election on climate change no longer applies

because a committee of

politicians and experts will

now develop the policy. The

Foreign Affairs Minister Kevin

Rudd has met briefly in Washington with the US

President Barack Obama and his national security Earlier Mr Rudd met US

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

Clinton who described the

relationship between Australia

and the US as long and deep.

She also confirmed she would

visit Australia for further talks in November. Security

forces are on high alert across

Afghanistan in preparation for voting in today's parliamentary

elections. Taliban leaders are warning of attacks on polling

stations and the Afghan

Government admits the polls Government admits the polls may be tainted by be tainted by vote rigging. Pope Benedict has gone ahead with itinerary in London despite the

arrest of 6 people on suspicion

of plotting an attack. Scotland

Yard says the men most of whom are are Algerian nationals were

arrested a thaiz were about to start their shift as street

sweepers in Westminster. It's

understood the men are understood the men are Islamist extremists who had planned to kill the Pope. Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd has met US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton of State Hillary Clinton in Washington. At their meeting

the two leaders

flood relief effort in Pakistan

and Australia's involvement and Australia's involvement in

the war in Afghanistan. We had a long discussion about

a long discussion about the dire humanitarian dire humanitarian crisis

unfolding in Pakistan, the

Minister arrived here from

Pakistan where he surveyed the

damage from the damage from the devastating

floods and he and I will both be attending a meeting about

Pakistan at the beginning of the United Nations General Assembly week on Sunday night.

What Australia has done terms of its commitment to Pakistan is exemplary and now

we have to make sure that the

money gets to the people and

alleviates the suffering that

they are experiencing and helps with the reconstruction. Afghanistan, Australia remains strong Australia remains strong and

robust and support for the United States

United States in its mission and those of the other countries participating in ISAF

in Afghanistan. This is not an easy conflict, it's a hard conflict

conflict but we are resolved to stay the course with our friends and allies States. Kevin Rudd there. Can

Australia reduce its carbon emissions and remain

competitive in international

markets? Marius

so and acknowledges a price on

carbon is inevitable but the

business community is business community is alarmed

by his view as Hamish fit

Simmons reports. Not only does

BHP chief Marius Kloppers acknowledge a acknowledge a price on carbon

is inevitable but Australia

should get ahead of the rest of the world. We do believe

will have needed to act ahead

of it coming in order to

maintain its competitive ps. It

was welcome news for the Federal Government which

has a carbon tax on the

agenda. I just think the rule in, rule out games are a little

bit silly. These are complex

questions of public policy. Obviously I believe climate

change is real. I believe change is real. I believe we've

got to take steps to address

climate change. The Opposition

is firmly ruling it out. This idea that should put a big tax on our businesses and on our consumers

in the

in the absence of similar action from action from other countries

would just put our exports at a terrible competitive

disadvantage and I reject it. Marius Kloppers says consumers could accept energy prices will rise and that prices will rise and that a carbon pricing scheme should be

one of many approaches deployed

to combat climate change. The

BHP boss also says a carbon tax

should be fair and neutral. We need to anticipate

a global price for carbon when

we take decisions with long

data impact. The decisions we take now take now on power production

will still be with us long

after that a global price for

carbon is finally in place. But

the consumers of many of the consumers of many of BHP's products, products, Australian businesses, aren't convinced businesses, aren't convinced by Mr Kloppers arguments. Our members are the metal

manufacturers, the manufacturers, the food processing factories, supermarkets with refrigeration so

lift in energy prices and the impact

impact that might have on their competitiveness and their

profitability. Tony Abbott

isn't buying it either saying multinational companies multinational companies such as

BHP will take their business

elsewhere if costs in Australia get too high.. If we put extra taxes on taxes on production in

Australia they just move their

production offshore. The author of the Federal Government's climate change review, Ross Garnaut, says businesses should

look carefully at a possible carbon tax which ultimately be more attractive than other regulatory

measures. Whether that's an ETS

or a carbon price or a carbon price or regulation, sometimes the implicit carbon price in

regulation is much higher, the

costs are much higher than in carbon price so you carbon price so you can damage the competitiveness of business through regulation as well as

through cash b pricing. The Australian Chamber of Commerce

and Industry says a carbon

price would be a disaster for

Australian business be compensated. Our view would

be that if the Government be that if the Government does

pursue a carbon tax there could be commensurate reductions

either in company tax or in

income tax to compensate people

for the cost associated for the cost associated with these new arrangements. Professor Garnaut believes business should only be compensated if Australia's

carbon price far outstrips that

of other countries. If in some extraordinary circumstances we

move from being a long behind to a long way ahead

there would be a case for supporting trade exposed

industries to some

extent. While the debate about

a price on carbon has reemerged

on the national agenda, national resolution seems a

long way off. And let's have a

look at the stories making news

on the front pages of Australia's Saturday papers. As we've heard from Canberra,

Julia Gillard says Julia Gillard says preelection

promises may not stand given the new political environment created by the hung parliament. She's told might be revised. might be revised. Brisbane's

'Courier Mail' reports that an

Afghan man was shot by Australian troops on Australian troops on Thursday. The troops were burning rubbish outside

outside their compound and came

up against angry locals who

thought they were burning thought they were burning the Koran. Tasmanian Liberal leader

Will Hodgeman told the mercury

rewant s to bring his party

back to the middle of the road and high speed rail that will

take you from Melbourne to

Sydney in 3 hours is back on the political agenda. That

story in the story in the age - 'Age'. Prince William has been officially presented with officially presented with his

wings as a helicopter pilot

with the Royal Air Force. The 28-year-old prince will now become part of become part of a team working out of one of the out of one of the UK's out of one of the UK's busiest

search and rescue bases. He

praised the vital work of the

search and rescue force as he

joined the unit after

completing his training. He

spent the past 19 months

progressing through the RAF's

training program for search and

rescue pilots. There have been

kind of operations that he will

very soon be doing for real.

Flights over the Irish Sea Flights over the Irish Sea and

the Atlantic where ships the Atlantic where ships and yachts can run into trouble and

in the mountains of snow donia

where every year William

assquadrons is called out to

rescue scores of walkers an climbers in difficulty. Today

the training came to an end and

William was given William was given the badges

which signify he's now part of

an operational rescue squadron

and the RAF says he's done

on merit. He's completed the course successfulfully with course successfulfully with at least the minimum standards least the minimum standards if

not better than that and he's here in his own Initially William will be the

copilot of the helicopter copilot of the helicopter then

if all goes well he will be if all goes well he will be in

command. Those who know him say he's determined to make a

success of it, so for at least

the next 18 months the domestic

side of his life will have to side of his life will have to

fit in around it. While he's on duty William base ready to respond when the calls for help are received. Every year hundreds of people find of people find themselves in possibly mortal danger and very

soon now flight lieutenant William Wales will be one of

the people come ing to their rescue. Standby. But time

wasters be ware, the RAF says

anyone making bogus distress

calls in the hope of seeing the

future king coming to their

rescue could be charged for the

cost of the operation. A former

high profile Victorian homicide detective has given an uncensor

ed account of his controversial downfall. Charlie Bazina has

written a book of his career

and life as an elite murder

investigator. He resigned last

year after 20 years on the job.

He spoke to the ABC's Lisa Maksimovic about Maksimovic about his life beyond the force. How life can change. People saying to me

Charlie, look, people would be

crazy not the pick you up. They will be knocking will be knocking your door down. Today I down. Today I haven't replaced one front door. No-one's knocked me down chasing me. It's him doing the door

knocking finding business as a self-employed handyman. Charlie is enjoying some of the perks.

The father of 3 works his own

hours and sees more of hours and sees more of his

family now than he ever has. But it's a far cry from the

career that distinguished him. They were set upon from

the back, received a number of

stab wounds. I would have

been probably still in the police force had developed the way they did

because I loved it so much and

I had a massive passion for it

as the 5 of us did at homicide. It was meant to be a modern shake

modern shake up. The then chief

commissioner Christine nix & the assistant commissioner for crime Simon Overland brought about a system

bid to share leadership and experience

experience around areas of the force. We don't think the

current structure is the

optimal structure for dealing

with the environment that we're now in now in and that's why we're changing it. Charlie Bezzino have

have been outstanding investigators over 20 years so

they're a significant loss to

the homicide squad but my loss

is somebody else's gain. The

politician Association view of

this rotation policy is that

you lose experienced people from positions where they can use their individual members lose, the force having lost that

expertise loses itself and the

biggest losers of all are the general community. The only

people who win out of this are

the crooks. For the homicide

squad which lost 4 of its 5 senior sergeants it was a combined loss of nearly combined loss of nearly 100

years of investigating

experience. Now that is a gap

that will take a very long time to replace and worst to replace and worst still,

it's a self-inflicted wound. The force has, in The force has, in effect, shot itself in arrest rate, high conviction rate, high morale, no complaints and served the community well, I thought and

we had high solvability we had high solvability raid rate within the homicide rate within the homicide squad.

And I think waits a smoke

screen to say we need your skill s elsewhere. There's a

number of ways you can deal

with succession planning. You can bring people can bring people in, experienced detectives experienced detectives from

other areas and expose them to

the methodology and the MO, if you like, of the way homicide investigations

They can basically be put under

the wing of one of these senior and experienced people and

shown the ropes. It's Charlie Bezzina's belief that

management wanted to shift away

from the so-called old school

policing methods and he claimed Simon Overland felt threatened

by the high profile and powerful group of powerful group of homicide detecktedives. I think they saw us

saw us as a threat a bit of a

power base growing in the D it

would be us 5, the 5 senior

segts from homicide that would question things because right to it and what can they

do to us? Well we found out

what they could do to us. The Job also details the depression

Bezzina felt as he was forced

from the role he loved. He

tells of sneaking into the St Kilda

Kilda Road police station at

midnight to remove his

belongings so he wouldn't break down in front of colleagues. I

went through some really dark

times because when I came to that realisation of what the

Department had done to me and my colleagues, you know, was a lot of thought processes,

as I say, it was part of my

family. I have my family here

and the other family was the police department, years is a lifetime basically

of your working life. The

father of 3 says he hopes his memoir gives the public insight into the lives of into the lives of homicide

detectives and the criminals

and families they deal with.

During his career B ezzina investigated suspicious deaths. His book highlights some of the highlights some of the most fascinating case from the

crimes of Fran ston serial

killer. On the day of the killer. On the day of the raid police stepped up their own security, fearing they would be

targeted in a driveby shooting. Simon Overland did not wish to

respond to any of the claims

made in Bezzina's book. Since

being contacted by the ABC

Victoria Police has warned Charlie former officer he could face

charges on the police

regulation act if his biography

brings the force into

disrepute. Christine Nixon has

told 'Stateline' she does not

want to comment about

operational decisions made in

the past but she says Charlie

Bezzina is entitled to express

his views and she wishes his views and she wishes him well. At the end of the day I

just tick along nicely and I'm

home, I'm getting tea, I'm

organising things at home wise

and looking after the

grandkids. So it's now a bit payback. Charby Bezzina talking

to Lisa Maksimovic. A small

Sydney Harbour park is get

Agnew lease on life. Agnew lease on life. The reserve at McMahons pointd was

once a timber yard and once a timber yard and then

threatened by developers' bull

zoz dozer. Now it's dotted with

50 new artwork. A wreck 50 new artwork. A wreck barge at Sawmillers Reserve is a reminder of the industrial

heritage of the foreshore and the back drop for the modern

sculptures point to the timber yard that churned out yard that churned out materials

for buildings throughout Sydney

and a woven horse pays a tribute to the men who worked here. Others are much more whimsical. Sculptor s are not

as recognised a other art form. Young emerging artists

are showing here as well as

some of Australia's top sculptors including Michael

Snape. A lot of my work the cut out work lends itself to beautiful Sydney water backdrops. It's the nature of

the light that lends itself to

this kind of work and the water brings out. The sawmill

operated here more more than a

century. A hard-won fight by

residents saved the site from

development and it's a reserve

only for 20 or so years. only for 20 or so years. Elsa

at Atkins was among those who

saved the land and is hoping

there will be more sculptor

shows to come. We lobbied very hard and this is the development but a beautiful reserve for the public and for our community. The our community. The sculptor exhibition will be opened by

the gg Quentin Bryce tomorrow and will run over the and will run over the weekend.

And I'll be back with the

day's news headlines at the top of the hour. Closed Captions by CSI