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(generated from captions) Tonight a union boss targeted

over her role in the Craig Thomson credit card scandal

says she won't be intimidated. This Program is Captioned


the streets of Tripoli while Also ahead - battles rage on

Colonel Gaddafi's underground Colonel Gaddafi's

secrets are revealed to the

world. Fair well Paul Lockyer - friends and family remember a

great story teller, a loving husband and devoted father. I

love you mate and I miss you.

But don't worry, you've left

mum in good hands. And good to

go. Will Genia declared fit for tomorrow's Tri-Nations decider. Live across Australia, this is ABC News 24, good evening. I'm over the pursuit of Labor MP

Craig Thomson grows by the day

and it's not only and it's not only generating hostility between Tony Abbott

boss who gave police and Julia Gillard. The union

records of Mr Thomson's credit card expenses has had a prowler

visit her Melbourne home and

believes someone is out to intimidate her. Here is political correspondent Greg

Jennet. As stitchups go, Tony

Abbott thought he was on to Julia Gillard's chief of staff Ben Hubbard s calling authorities in 2009 to see if

they were investigating Thomson

thm's use of a union credit

card: Now that it's confirmed

that she was monitoring the situation well before the

public knew about it, I think she should come clean sbl. But

the Coalition knew better. Ice

had documents for more year confirming Mr Hubbard had

communicated with the regulator

in 2009 but April, the very day Fairfax newspapers broke the Thomson

story. For a chief of staff to

check a fact with a public servant is an unremarkable

event. This is a Abbott. Claims of hypocrisy event. This is a lie from Mr

have been a constantd and Tony

Abbott is not giving up lightly

on his. The Prime Minister is

guilty of doing something that

she herself condemned. Nor she herself condemned. Nor does

the Government relent on its

man who is supposed to be influenced by his call s is perplexed

perplexed by it all. I was in no way compromised. I felt no

anything or not anything. Commictser Scipione anything or not do is said his is said his fraud squad is

wading through documents to decide whether he warrants formal investigation. Those

steerl materials have been

provided to us. That is the assessment under way right

now. It was Health Services Union boss Cathy Jackson who

feeling targeted too. called in the police.

feeling targeted too. Her Melbourne home was door knocked

outside it. Police are at night and a shovel left

investigating that too. So get

a life. I am a big girl. If they're trying to intimidate

me, it hasn't worked. How do

you feel about Mr Thomson? Oh.

It's like that. The bodies

s are pile ing up in Tripoli

amid allegation of atrocity s by

loyalist. There's been foecious

fighting in the capital with

the rebels trying to cement

their position. While the

search for Muammar Gaddafi continues, he is continues, he is still rallying

his supporters through audio

This is Muammar Gaddafi's underground fortress. It's a labyrinth of tunnels stretching

for kilometres. While some

are left behind, there's no remnants of the Gaddafi regime

sign of the man himself. sign of the man himself. And

thiz tunnels to make his it's quite probable he used

escape. The ground, evidence of

the regime's brutality is starting toe merge in

Tripoli. These tr bodies of 25 political prisoners who

allegedly herded into the open and shot by Gaddafi's henchmen. Other prisoners have

telling their been able to escape and are now been able to escape and

telling their stories. I was in

Brega, and I believe we were

ambushed. I was hit in the head

and I woke up to the sounds of

a man being tortured in the

room above me. And they took me

to Tripoli and the entire time

I was in solitary

confinement. The fight to

secure the city is still going

on. This street battle is takes place in place in the Abu Salim district, one of the areas

where Gaddafi toilists are

still in control. Over in the

territory held by the rebel,

guards projecting Tripoli's

biggest hotel are scrambling.

firing They think a sniper has started

firing on them from a nearby

apartment block. They bring in

their own sniper to target their own sniper to target the building. The scene is Then after half an hour of shooting, it stops. Surprisingly the sniper hasn't hit anyone, he hasn't even broken a window. It soon becomes clear becomes clear why. They know

believe there wasn't a sniper

at all. So effectively the

rebels have been shooting at

each other and thinking each other and thinking the

incoming fire came from the Gaddafi forces when it came from downthe road. The rebel s

are frustrated, tired and are

very, very jumpy. It's probably just friendly fire, someone is

celebrating. He had the bullet somewhere near you you. They're still young

untrained militia, save for a

few wise heads. Today's few wise heads. Today's gun fight is any guide, these rebels are not in the good mood

to take good Muammar Gaddafi

arrive. Back here, the family

of the 111 women and children lost in Tuesday night's

Queensland fire tragedy have

spoken about their terrible

loss. One of the three men who

survived des - crease ib his

desperate attempts to save his

children. Jeremiah Lale is suffering unimaginable grief. With incredible strength, he

told of his utter despair during his family's darkest

hour. Try my best to save the

life of my kids and my

wife. There is nothing I can do

inside the house the fire and

the smoke. He woke to the smoke. He woke to the smell

of smoke and asked the women to searched for a way out: Running

around calling my wife, my kids. When there was no

response, he thought they had

already escaped and he jumped

from the second

had moved in to the Slacks floor. Jeremiah Lale's family

Creek home two months earlier

to care for sick relatives. In

a cruel twist, they had a cruel twist, they had been

celebrating the future on the

night of the and the family had made solid

plans to move out the very next

day. Now know tl will be day. Now know tl will be no 18

thd, 1616th, no weddings for to celebrate. Last night,

thousands of people united in

grief for a prayer service at the Logan sports centre. With

the faith in God we will get

through this. The people of

Queensland share your pain and your

the last two victims were removed from the home removed from the home this afternoon. Authorities afternoon. Authorities working

at the scene shared hugs with the family. They will continue trying to find answers as to what caused such a tragedy . A triple killer will

A triple killer will spend

the rest of his life in jail

for the gruesome murder of

Melbourne woman Rachel Betts be. The Melbourne woman Rachel Betts be. Th

discovery some of of her body parts baffled police when they

washed up on Philip Island in 2009. Today her murderer, 56-year-old John Coombes, was

sentenced to life with no parole. The judge described

John Coombes was a deprave killer who carried out the worst category worst category of murder: May he never be released and never

have a chance to have a chance to harm another

being. Two years ago, the

56-year-old 56-year-old strangled Rachel

Betts on Philip Island.

Dismebds her body in a bath tub

and then cast her remains offer

'The New Inventors' pee pier.

He also mutilate ed her He also mutilate ed her body,

telling police she didn't deserve to die a cruel monster. It's really hard

to see him because he winks at

you and smiles at you in

court. Coombes had been the childcare worker's

and in May after months of

denial he pleaded guilty to the

heinous murder. He argued he

had become enraged by a

suggestion Ms Betts had been

complicit in the sexual abuse

of two children. But the judge

de rejected ed that say ing

Coombes had a history of lying for his own advantage. Coombes

has already spent half Henry Kells and Michael

Speirani in Speirani in 1984. Justice

Geoffrey Nettle drew heavily on

Coombes's past, saying Coombes's past, saying it showed a frightening propensity

for murder. He says the

community must be protected

from him. He said That is the thing that I

absolutely needed to know -

that he won't get to anyone else. Coombes is now one

of eight Victorians serving

life with no parole. A male

air force cadet has been arrested for allegedly filming a female cad etd having a shower: Police were called

the Australian Defence Force

academy last night when a

mobile phone was found hidden

in a shower. 21-year-old international officer cadet

Obeid Fayyaz appeared before ACT magistrates charged ACT magistrates charged with committing an act of

indecency. Look I to make any comment at all.

There's no plea being entered. And the position is

far from clear. The Pakistani

national was granted bail on the condition the condition he surrenders his passport and stays away from

the female cadet. It's the

second sex scandal to erupt at

ADFA this year. Two other cadets cadets are facing court,

accused of using a webcam to

secretly film a fe #345e cadet

having consensual

sex. Australian troops in

Afghanistan have Afghanistan have paid tribute

to the latest soldier to die in

the war. Private Matthew roadside bomb earlier this week

while on patrol in Uruzgan province. The 26-year-old

sniper is the 29th Australian casualty in the casualty in the war and the 8th this year. At a ceremony at Australia's base in Tarin Kot, Private Lambert has

Private Lambert has been remembered by colleagues as a

tough soldier who was admired

and respected. Matthew died and respected. Matthew died a

sudden and unexpected death and

that is the nature of war. But he died a soldier's death, he died in

died in action, against the enemy: To a fallen enemy: To a fallen ANZAC, we move you like a in peace, Matty,

in peace, Matty, lest we forget. Private Lambert's body

will be re patriated to the Amberley air base in

Queensland. ABC journalist Paul Lockyer's life and his career spanning four decades celebrated at a memorial

service in Sydney today. The 61-year-old died in a

helicopter crash last week,

along with colleagues John Bean

and Gary Ticehurst. Today, Paul friends and family as a friends and family as a born

story teller, with a story teller, with a loveable

sense of humour. To his

friends, he was known as

Lockers. And Paul Lockyer

plenty of friends. There's a reason the chapel enough for his farewell. He

was one of those people that other people just loved. A

loving husband for 38 years,

the best father for 28 fares yaers an a tragic spoon player

for 61 years. Like his boy,

Paul Lockyer had a sense of humour there were plenty of

tears today but lots of laughter and he would have

loved it Dad fancied

a play boy in his early 20s. In

a bet he had with his old plait

Drew Morphett he was challenged to take a different girl out on

every night from Monday through

Friday. Mum was Miss Wednesday.

As a golfer, he was a As a golfer, he was a good hockey player. And as a journalist, he had

peers. He was relaxed, and easy

going on camera. He asked tough

questions. And always seemed to

be a velvet glove, always

polite. He was old fashioned with the accuracy and with his

integrity. And in a pretty profane profession, Lockers

hardly ever swore. He died next

to Lake Eyre, the patch of

Australia he loved so

much. Some of his own words about the lake were read once

more. You imagine you could be

on another planet in this on another planet in this vast

void constructed over millions of year years there's a deep sense of man's insignificance. But this man

was significant. And

to those closest to him. His

passion for the bush was matched by the impact he had on

those who lived there. A farming mate says

farming mate says his stories

built a bridge between country

and city. He gave rural

Australia a new angle. He gave

them hope. There was a spring

this their step because someone else

else was helping them fight else battle of

strong and fair dinkum. There

are plenty of words being are plenty of words being said

about Paul Lockyer, not one of them bad. It has been our

privilege and privilege and good fortune to

have crossed the paths of Paul

Lockyer in our livetimes. We

love you, Lockers. I you, love you, Lockers. I you, mate.

And I miss you. But don't

worry, you've left mum in good hands. In his 61 years, Lockers

made quite an impression.

Within 24 hours of posting the biggest financial loss in Tasmania's commercial history , the timber company Gunns

insists plans for for its plul

are finally falling into place.

Only four days out from having to

the mill, Gunns has signed a

construction contract to begin bulk earth work workers. 24

hours after posting the worst financial result in the company's history, Gunns had

some good news for sharehold ers with just day s to its

substantially commenced

ers with Gunns has signed a major construction contract to lay

the platform for the pulp

mill's processing plant. The

company says it's also in the final stages of negotiating

equity for the mill. But with

shares at an all-time shares at an all-time low, there's speculation a potential

joint investmenture partner may instead launch a takeover bid. Potentially somebody would

say maybe they'd rather they

take over the whole lot so they

can put it under their name and run with it run with it themselves. Gunns

shares have been in a trading

halt for three week, with the company awaiting a compensation offer from the State Government

for its native timber

contracts. Gunns had hoped to

update the stock market on a settlement offer still progressing the process of working through those

residual legal rights that

Gunns owed in that respect in

terms of reaching some form terms of reaching some form of

settlement. On a visit to a

Hobart college, Hobart college, the Prime

Minister wouldn't weigh into

the issue. Saying the Federal

Government has Government has already played its part in progressing the

pulp mill. All environment al a now this is question for Gunns. Julia

Gillard wasn't the only leader

in town. Tony Abbott was inspecting inspecting Australia's last remaining wet suit manufacturer in Hobart's northern

bushes. That is a class write

stub y holder. Concerned about the loss of manufacturing jobs

under the carbon tax, Mr Abbott

says the pulp mill is crucial. This is one of the very few significant

manufacturing projects ly on the cards for this country. I think we should be

doing our best to make it

happen rather than finding excuse s to stop it. An issue expected to Liberal state conference

tomorrow. I want to bring you tomorrow. I want to bring you

some breaking news now some breaking news now -

there's rots of a possible bomb

blast at the UN billing in

Nigeria. The Reuters news agency is reporting that thick black smoke was seen rising from the United from the United Nations building in the country's

capital Abuja. There was on the cause of the incident.

Abuja was the scene of a car bomb at police head quarters in

June. We will bring you more

details on that story as we details on that story as we get

them. To finance now and it

was a flat end to the week on the Australian share the Australian share market with investors anxious about a

potentially volatile night on

Wall Street. There were also

reading about a dismal earnings

result by a newspaper group Fairfax. Here Fairfax. Here is Michael Rowland. Well, it was a Rowland. Well, it was a bull before another potential market storm today. Investors sat on their hands as they nervously awaiting add key speech by the US Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke on how he

plans to revive the American economy. Speaking of revival s, Fairfax chief Highwood has a taxg on his

hands tfrmts media group today host posted a $391 million annual loss. That is the result

of the company having to write

down the value of its newspapers by $650 million. But

investors were buoyed by the Fairfax turnaround story, shares rose 7%. Elsewhere

shares in fund

Perpetual shot up 10% on the

promise of ad 70 million share buyback. Lend Lease shed 4% despite reporting ad 493

million profit and the banks were weaker were weaker and Telstra gave up some of its recent gains. The Australian dollar was also

treading water up slight

against all the major against all the major

currencies as the fighting

continues in Libya, here is

another reason the rest of the

world wants it to stop and stop

quickly. Libya holds Africa's

biggest oil reserves but

production has as you can see gone off a cliff. Analysts

believe it could be a year normal levels and take normal levels and take the pressure after global crude

prices. And finally the music

business has had its business has had its share

share of challenges in the age

of digital downloads, both

legal and not so legal. But one

bright spot is the new-found

love of all thingss vient. love of all thingss vient. In

the US LP sales are rocketing

up the chartses. They rose 40% last year. Back last year. Back to black could have an entirely new have an entirely new meaning. Don't forget Don't forget ib business on Sunday morning. Neil Woolrich speeches to Michael speeches to Michael Luscombe.

To sport now and it's top of the table clash in the NRL tonight? It's a big one. the

Manly sea Eagles are looking Manly sea Eagles are looking to keep their keep their unbeaten record

intact while Melbourne is hope

ing to wrap up the minor

premierships. There is no score near at Parramatta Stadium. Here will are honourable member f some of the early

highlights. Forrian puts a kick in and that's been

put it across the ground.

Brilliant jump in the Brilliant jump in the aerial

there for Robert Southern. Ryan

kicks ahead. The referee doesn't know where the ball is. So through the halfback So through the halfback it's

gone to lyian, he's one down and David Williams it's and David Williams it's off

come off and gone back. come off and gone back. It's gone forward. Collingwood be all

all but seal the AFL minor

premiership nits round 23 tonight at Subiaco Oval. Meanwhile Allistair Clarkson

has dined a new three-year deal

to remain at the Hawks. Clarkson says he still

has plenty left to achieve has plenty left to achieve at Hawthorn. 2011 could well be

remembered as the year year of

the coach with three club bosses having already departed.

Today the future or of two

more were in the headlines. But

for Hawthorn it was good news with Allistair Clarkson etch tending his tending his contract for another three seasons My observation

teams in world sport is stability as a football stability as a football club. I think that is what's clearly dem stratded here. Clarkson

said says he was approached by Melbourne and Adelaide but had no no interest in leaving thaut. I predict that over the next predict that over the next five

year s they're going to go

through a wonderful period both on and off the field. If media reports are to be believed, mat Mick Malthouse wishes Mick Malthouse wishes his contract could be reviewed be

with the Magpies coach with the Magpies coach looking unlikely to remain at

Collingwood when Nathan

tend to believe that Mick knows something others don't. If the

Premier is kerbed he is not letting on. He has a three-year contract with the Collingwood football football club and football club and he has

assured the world even if he was

was to glet out of the contract and there is no feel for that,

that he wouldn't be coaching

next year. The Magg Pies President also uniquely

defended the club's success

plan. Look at history, Julia

Gillard it was a good idea for

him to go into the him to go into the last election. Paul Keating and Bob

Hawke, Bob Hawke went from

being one of the most celebrated prime ministers oh all time to being there for

too long. The next chapter of

Collingwood history will be

when the Pies play Fremantle tonight. tonight. The Wallabies have put their rugby World Cup

ammunitions on hold to focus on

ending a decade long ending a decade long Tri-Nation s drought. The Australians

received a boost today with

Will Genia declaring himself

fit to take on the All Blacks

tomorrow night. It is ot rare

as a Victoria Cross but the Tri-Nations trophy has elusive for the Wallabies. We

haven't had our hands on that trophy for 10 years.

Australia's two most reernt VC recipients presented jumpers to

a team heading into its

important battle of the season. Will Genia's recovered from two

play. I felt a bit foggy at training yesterday and pulled

out towards the end because out towards the end because I did feel a bit off. I think too

much has been made of it. I feel like I'm good to go and looking forward to playing. The home crowd usually lifts the locals but

haven't beaten the All Blacks

in 19 years. It's not hard to

see why. In a place like think it's foreign soil but it's foreign soil but it's awesome to know we will have a fair amount of sport. A fultd

strength All Black side provides

provides a perfect measuring

stick for the Wallabies. By

tomorrow night the Australians

will know whether they've

closed the gap on the team that

humbled them in aukland. But

the looming contest forthe

prize is a taboo

subject. There's been no

mention of the World Cup within

the camp. We really this tournament. When we're hearing about it we want to get

the job right. You the job right. You realise

you're on the right track. Sphwlr for Sphwlr for the Wallabies that

is hardly a comfort ing

thought. And the Australian bar

bar bare ians are taking on

Canada on the Gold Coast Canada on the Gold Coast and

they lead 26-14 at half-time. The former Defence Force

chief Angus Houston has been named Father of the named Father of the Year. Air Chief Marshal Houston retired

from his role at the helm of the Defence this year. The father of three

says he's humbled and deeply honoured to receive the award. I feel that I am one of

many hundreds of thousands of

fathers in the Australian

community who all work very, very

very hard to do the very best

for chair thirn children. The former ADF head was selecteded

by the Australia Fathers Day council and a council and a children's charity.

Graham Creed with the outlook. We have some wet conditions across part of the

country as we head into the weekend. Through parts of the south-east, falls south-east, falls are expected

to be really light. That is

with the series of weak fronts move u ing through. This area will produce more will produce more significant

falls dollar pli lu the

south-east quarter of Queensland and the northern border district of NSW, it's

thank s to moist onshore winds

and a surface trough over and a surface trough over the

indland and an upper level

disturbance that will slide

over that trough and that will deepen

deepen as we head into Saturday. So Saturday. So we're seeing fair

ly widespread cloud through Queensland. We will see showers

developing and isolated thunderstorms and that thunderstorms and that will tend to a band tend to a band of rain as it

moves east. We're look at

intense falls, totals around 20

to 40mm, fairly widespread across those areas through the weekend period. Could see isolated falls approach ing 100mm about parts of the south-east coast

Most of the showers about if

south-east relatively south-east relatively light,

general ly south of dlid. In

the south-west corner of Victoria and

and the west of Tasmania at first and then they will spread

into the districts later. Isolated showers about the into the Isolated showers about the far south-west of WA and along southern coastal spring. But

nothing significant. There

again, it's with moist onshore winds and a wet cool change.

That change will again slide further east as we head in towards Sunday. A few morshowers about the southern parts of

parts of the WA. Stronger front

start s to in towards the south-east corner. So south-east corner. So showers actually increasing about the

west of Tasmania and tending to the east late in the day. But

it is expected to remain light. The rain band for Queensland

will move off the coast but we

have the upper disturbance in behind it:

Expect more showers and

isolated tlorms but not the y

falls we were expecting on Sunday. By Sunday that should

ease back carfully. By Sunday night it should be night it should be light

showers and by Monday a

clearing pattern developing across that region. Southern parts expecting showers developing. Adelaide should remain remain dry at this stage and in

the west some cool changes. We will bring you some more

details on the report of a possible bomb blast in possible bomb blast in the United Nations building United Nations building in

Nigeria. Apparently thick black smoke has been seen rising from the UN building in the

country's capital Abuja. It's not yet clear if there's any

casualties or what the cause of the blast was. A & the blast was. A & Abuja was

the scene of a car bomb at

police head waters in June. We will bring you the latest on that as we the evening. That is the news

for now. I will be for now. I will be back in a

moment with an update on the

main stories. Then stay with us for 'One Plus One'. for 'One Plus One'. This is ABC

News 24.

Closed Captions by CSI

This Program is Captioned

Live. The top stories - the national secretary of national secretary of the

health services union says she

hasn't been intimidated by a

prowler who left a Sho el outside her home. The

union says this week it union says this week it would refer allegation about the

national Federal national Federal secretary to

police. Ms Jack Southern says police. Ms Jack Southern says intimidation won't work. The

rebel lead ers moved their

headquarters to Tripply as the hundred dollar for Muammar Gaddafi continues. There's been

more fighting in the streets of

the capital as the rebels fry to get full control. There's

now droe growing evidence of

atrocity s committed by Gaddafi's forces in the day before the fall of Tripoli. Details

Details of the 11 people -

relatives of the 11 people

killed in a house fire in Brisbane have thanked the