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(generated from captions) also pushing warm and humid

northerly winds into Queensland

and NSW. A cold front has dropped the temperatures dropped the temperatures across Victoria and Tasmania. Tomorrow heavier rain in the south-east of NSW, eastern Victoria and

Tasmania's north-east from a

trough coming down from the

north. And a front will maintain showers over the

Wednesday the trough in south-west. As we get into

north will Wednesday the trough in the

north will combine with a cold

front and this is likely front and this is likely to produce very heavy rain over northern Victoria and southern


Thank you, Vanessa. Now usually around

usually around this time we go to Parliament House in Canberra for question time in the House

of Representatives. The House of Representatives isn't sitting this week but the

Senate is so just for

President is John Hogg. here is the Senate. The Senate

Question time is due to get under way at

Could I indicate that Minister Arbib will be absent

to from the Senate today through

And his responsibilities will be taken

over by - I will be over by - I will be getting

more responsibilities! I will be kept ing

be kept ing earn Arbib in portfolio, Senator Conroy will

be representing in sport and Senator Sherrie will be

representing the arts. All leaders were circulated earlier

today. My question is to the Minister representing the Minister for Climate Change and

Energy Efficiency, Senator

Wong. I refer the Minister

Wong. I refer the Minister to modelling undertaken by the Centre for International Economics, showing that under Economics, showing

the Gillard Government's carbon

tax by 2020 Australia's GDP

will fall by 180 billion dollars. Real wages will fall

by $1.- 1.9%, average household earnings will fall by 11,340

earnings will fall by 11,340 dollars., product yiflts will

fall by 1.9%, 1.9% per worker,

and electricity prices will rise by nearly 30%. Given those

facts, how then can facts, how then can the Gillard

Government stand by its claim

that the world's big tax will be good for Australia?

The Minister representing the minister for climate change and energy

energy efficiency sy, Senator Wong. Thank you, Mr

President. In relation to the

released by the Minerals SIE model ing which was

Council of Australia,

commissioned by the Minerals

Council of Asian which has a

very clear view about carbon price, and has a well-known position in Opposition, which it they're

entitled to do that but I think Opposition, which it they're

it's important to recall that

the context of this. Order! Order! The Government Order! The Government believes

that - Order! Hen there's silence on both sides, we will

proceed. Senator Wong. In the

Government's view, the report

released by the MCA on the

impact of carbon pricing on the Australian impact of carbon pricing on the cost of carbon significantly overstates the

cost of carbon pricing. The

modelling is driven by un realist quli restrictive assumptions on international

carbon trading, and this is the

reason for which the carbon price proyected by the

modelling is higher than

Treasury projections. For example, the analyses projects

significantly the carbon price is

significantly higher in and 2020 than the Treasury

model ing, 3610 in 2016 growing

to $43, in 2020 compared with

the Treasury modelling of $24

in 2016. There are also the

MCA assumed that international

action is restricted by lower demand

demand for carbon permits due

to lower international

also ambition. The a-Psalmion is

also made that hourses osh osh

- assumption of made that other

sources are available. This

condition tra distincts reality

internationally tradable as a relatively

abatement is already being

generated through the Klien development mechanism and that

there is set to expand. To

assume this abate ment is no longer available as assume this abate ment is no longer available as the

modelling done is certainly thereforerate createds more ambiguity and significantly

over Tate Timms pact of a Brandis. Isn't it the carbon price. Senator the Government's heroic assumptions

assumptions about its carbon

tax rest on there being a global carbon price and tax rest on there being a

international emissions trading

in place by 2016? Given the United States Congress really

voted against participating in Europe's taiding scheme, Canada's Foreign set his nation would never ever introduce an ETS and the Japanese Government Japanese Government has

dismissed calls for a new

global climate deal by 2015. Why is Why is the Government

without irresponsibly rushing ahead w

international support? Scr The without any meaningful

Minister. Thank you. There is a significant factral error a significant factral error in

- factual error in the Senator's question and if

Senator Cormann weren't so

up in embarrassed to stick his head

would know it. That reference is not consistent would know it. That date

with the medium action global

scenario on which the Government's low 5% target - Government's low 5%

which is the scenario relevant

to the package that is being

discussed before the chamber. The medium global action scenario in corporates the low end pledges until 2020 by nations. In this scenario, develop reej Ron enter the

multistaij stage approach from 2021.

2021. India, Indonesia and other south and east Asian

nations ent enter in 2026 and

the rest in 2031. So the 23016 date that is being utilised by

the Opposition in relation to

this is incorrect. Senator

Brandis. Given that the authors

of the report, the shenlter international economics are yet of the report, the shenlter for

another of the long list of elf

perts to reject the Gillard perts to reject the Gillard

Government's widely optimistic assumptions on climate change, how can the Minister justify imposing on

the people of Australia a

carbon tax whose impact

and scope are far more severe

than that of any other country

in the world ? The

Minister. I'm certainly happy

to stack up experts who on our side of side of the debate and the

experts on your side of the

debate. We have the best issue, the CSIRO, the people at

the Bureau of Meteorology, the best economists in Australia, in the Australian Treasury, the

best advice on this issue, the

same advice that was given to

Mr Howard which is if you delay

action it will cost you more.

The science is demonstrate ing clearly the imperative for action and in fact is gettings were. That is why no credible economist economist supports the Opposition's plan which imposes more costs, more costs on the

Australian economy, more costs

on Australian business, more costs on

costs on Australian households to achieve what they

same environmental target. The reality is there is reality is there is no credible

policy on that side of the

chamber on this. Mr Turnbull knows that. Mr Turnbull knows

that. Mr Hewson knows that - Time has expired. Order! Senator Bob Brown. My question

question is to Senator Evans, representing

representing the Minister for Defence and the Prime

Minister. I ask is Minister. I ask is the

aware of the Morgan poll on Friday showing that 72% of

Australians think that now is the time for Australia's troops

to be withdrawn from Afghanistan? With a very big majority of support regardless of the political per situation of Australians, can the Minister say exact ly

Minister say exact ly what are the - can the Minister the - can the Minister say

exactly what the exactly what the Government's

time table for return to Australia of our troops serving in Afghanistan is? Minister representing the Minister for Defence, and the Minister

representing the Prime Minister, Senator Evans. Thank you, Mr thank Senator Brown for the question. Senator Brown and the

rest of the Senate would be

aware that the Prime Minister's

made a visit to Afghanistan in

the last day or so, as a sign of our ongoing commitment to democracy in Afghanistan but

also in order to reinforce to the Australian the Australian troops deployed in Afghanistan the support of the Australian think the support of all Australian people for their

mission there, and our appreciation of their efforts. Mr President, I am not

aware of the particular polls

Senator Brown refers to Senator Brown refers to but

that certainly isn't going influence the Government's thinking on this matter. He'd thinking on this matter. He'd be aware that be aware that the Minister for

Defence provided an update on Afghanistan to the Parliament

on 13 October. And in particular the importance of

ensuring the Afghanistan-Pakistan Afghanistan-Pakistan border

area was not - did not become safe haven for terrorists. The Government

Government has made it clear we

won't be in Afghanistan forever.

forever. And that we are on track to track to transition to Afghan-led responsibility for security arrangements security arrangements in Uruzgan province in 2014. In

July this year, Afghanistan and the international community welcomed the formal that transition process in the

first tranche of provinces and districts across Afghanistan.

This market marked an important step towards meeting President step towards meeting President

Karzai's objective that Afghan

authorities lead the securities

across Afghanistan by the end

of 2014. President Karzai is

expected to announce the second tranche of districts and

provinces for transition later

this movement Mr President, we remain committed to doing our best best in Afghanistan. Time has expired. Senator Bob Brown. I

ask with view

ask with view of the President Obama's visit to Obama's visit to Canberra in

the coming week, - weeks, will

the Prime Minister be raising

the issue of Afghanistan? The current withdrawal of over

30,000 troops from Afghanistan by US and some withdrawal of troops troops from Afghanistan troops from Afghanistan by Australia? Minister. Mr President, Senator President, Senator Brown would

be aware that we have very

close defence links with close defence links with the United States of America and I

am sure without being privy to

the planned agenda for talks between Prime Minister between Prime Minister Gillard

and President Obama there will be a focus no doubt on those

defence link s and the conversations held, and clearly I would think that Afghanistan would be one of those

discussed. As you discussed. As you know, both the Defence Minister and the

Foreign Minister work closely

with their American

counterparts on issues of joint

interest and clearly our mission in mission in Afghanistan is one of those. And the USA remains

committed to the same objectives as we do in

Afghanistan, and that's

particularly as I say focussed on making sure Afghanistan

doesn't again become a base for terrorists to terrorists to recruit, train and launch attacks and launch attacks against our

- Time has expired. Senator Bob Brown. Ski the Brown. Ski the Minister following the Prime Minister's

commitment last year that there

would be an annual debate by

this Parliament on our troop commitment to will that debate be held in each

each house and will duration each house and will duration is

expected that the debate will have this year ? Order! The

have this year ? Order! The Minister. Look, thank Minister. Look, thank you, Mr

President, Senator Brown, I am

aware of the agreement to have that debate and I understand,

as I say, Minister Smith made a statement to Representatives which I think

was also tabled in this place,

u be I don't know the exact

answer to your question. So I

will take that on notice

get back to the Senate as get back to the Senate as to the shed yulg of that

debate. Senator Singh. My question is to the Minister

remit ing the Prime Minister.

Can the Minister ad advise the Senate how economic conditions are impooct the Government's

plan to return the Budget to surplus in 2012-13. ?

surplus in 2012-13. ? I will

give you the call when there's silence. When there is

silence - people wish - both sides wish to debate this, the

time is after question

time. The Minister representing the Prime Minister, Senator

Evans. Thank you, Mr Evans. Thank you, Mr President. I thank Senator Singh for her

question. Mr President, thanks to the leadership, Australia has a

very strong budget position and

this is of course a great

strength during a time of

global turbulence. But the

Government has made clear for some time that clear for some time that global

in-Staight will efficient v

inevitably have an impact on

our economy and Budget. On the

Friday, the Reserve Bank showed

the weaken in the - weakness in the global economy was

affecting our economy with downgrades to its downgrades to its growth

forecast . Today a report from

Access Economics shows how the Budget revenues have taken a hit voult of global hit voult of global pressures.

The global instate is also impacting on confidence in the

economy. It is making economy. It is making consumers more cautious more cautious and businesses more hesitant to hire and all

of that has an impact on our

budget. But despite the instability, the Government

remains determined to return to

surplus in 2011-13 as

surplus in 2011-13 as

planned. We understand there is work to be done

work to be done to ensure work to be done to ensure we

meet this target. And the revenue revenue downgrades caused by

the global

the job of returning this to surplus in 2012-13 surplus in 2012-13 more difficult but we're determined to get. There This will mean we will need to make further budget savings. The Government is working towards putting

together the mid-year budget update which will release before tends of the year. Now,

more than ever, a disciplined

pissical approach is absolutely

critical. We have seen how markets punished countries

which do not have the which do not have the same

level of fiscal discipline as

delivering the fastest fiscal consolidation on record, and

throw this we are providing more room for the RBA to cut rates if the global situation deteriorates further. The deteriorates further. The IMF,

the RBA and global rating agencies to continue to back the strength of our budget

position and/or strategy position and/or strategy to

return the Budget to surplus in

2012-13 well ahead of 2012-13 well ahead of our international competitors. Senator Singh. Is

can the Minister advise what

role the minerals resource rent tax will place Play in ensuring

the benefits of economic growth flow to all Australians? The

Minister. The Minister. In addition

to our continued committed to ensuring that committed to ensuring that the

minerals boom can deliver a proper dividend to

Australians. We understand that

there are many Australians who won't feel they won't feel they are sharing in the direct benefits of the mining boom, we also remember

how many people from the

resource rich States felt they

had been left with little long last ing benefits from the last boom. The Government's mineral

resource rent tax is an historic economic reform historic economic reform that

will spread the benefits of the

mining boom to all Australians, no matter where they live in and work. and work. The benefit also

include a $1 billion tax break

for Australia's 2.7 million small business operator, a boost Flo n the super guarantee

from 9% to 12% for around 8.4 million workers. I understand that's become bipartisan today, so that is a good thing. And a billion dollars of investment

in new roads, bridges and other critical critical infrastructure. Mr President, Australia's know President, Australia's know how

important the mining important the mining industry

is but they also know they're

our resource an we should share - Time has expired. Order! Order! Senator Singh. First

supplementary - is the Minister

aware of any risks to

maintaining a strong economy and a secure future for all

and a secure future for all Minister. The working men Minister. The working men and women of Australia women of Australia care about

their jobs., the job security and the know this Government is createding and supporting createding and supporting jobs and providing Australians with

the skills and training they

need to access the high skilled, high-paid jobs of skilled, high-paid jobs of the future. Labor understands how

to keep our economy strong. But time and time again time and time again those

opposite have shown they're

simply not up to the job. Not

able to understand the

importance of keeping the economy

economy strong. Mr there's nothing more revealing

of this than the Opposition's

right, the fact that they are

now planning to cut 70 billion dollars of services of

Australians, 70 Australians, 70 billion dollars of services of education and

health to be cut from the

budget. Australian also want to

know why that is the oh curing.

They will also know how they're

going to fund their reversal position on super. We now know it will cost them $80 billion

plus of cuts in services - Time has for answering. Senator Ryan. Thank

Ryan. Thank you. My question is to the Minister representing the Minister for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency Senator

Wong. I refer the Minister to a

report in today's hi ald 'Sun'

that Coogee Chemicals which

operates Australia's only

methanol factory in western Melbourne is planning to shelf

its $1 billion world class

expansion due the direct imim - expansion due the direct imim -

impostof the glax costing jobs

and exports. Hasn't the Prime

Minister now not only betrayed Australian voters but also her

own constituents by going back

on her word that there would be no carbon tax under a

government she leads? The Minister representing the Minister for Climate Change,

Senator Wong. I will take the

question any way but this is

about the bill that is before the chamber. If the saevern the chamber. If the saevern had

taken the time to rock up to the committee stage today I answered that question specificically

specificically on a number occasions. How pathetic from

the Opposition. All they can do on these important economic

reform, this important

environmental reform is rock up

with the awn and ask with the awn and ask questions off that. You should be able to

do that. I am happy to read 2

same answer, ice also in the

same that the

Minister Combet put out Minister Combet put out earlier today. The fact is today. The fact is that a highly efficient methanol

producer is likely to end up with

with no net carbon price liability under the Government's industry assistance assistance arrangements, sew

they would not be at any

disadvantage compared to their

international competitors. On

international competitors. On the basis of

provided by the company due to

the expected efficiency of the

proposed new facility, Coogee more than 100% of its carbon more than 100% of its carbon

price liability in the form of

free permits. So more of their carbon price liability

in the form of free permits. So

let's get the facts on the table table as opposed to the table as opposed to the scare campaign. But I would remind

those opposite because there is

this continued this continued misinformation

in their campaign, there are

many. Let everyone recall that, when they supported Prime Minister Howard taking an

Emissions Trading Scheme to the 2007 election it was explicitly their policy that they would

not wait for a global agreement. They agreement. They would not wait for carbon price to be introduced global le. It was specifically part of their

policy that Mr Howard and the Liberal Party would move ahead

of the rest of the world.

They've changed their They've changed their position now, haven't they.

sarns the appropriate time to

debate these issues is after

question time. Senator Ryan is

on his feet. Order! sides.Senator Ryan. Thank you.

I point out to the Minister

that question being asked now because of a lack answer

earlier. None of that answer

provided in the committee stage

ray dresses the point raised by the company about cost. Given kooj yes Chemicals have the lower carbon dioxide

emissions per tonne of any methanol factory in the world, isn't this just another example

of how the carbon tax is

driving up emissions but not reducing them? Order! The

Minister. The The answer is no

for the reasons I outlined in

to the first question. If the company is in fact

significantly more efficient

than the industry average on

which the permits which the permits are allocated, then the company is

likely on the basis of the information provided to information provided to the Government, the Government, the company is likely to be likely to be entitled to more than 100% of its carbon

liability in the form of free carbon permits. I

how much - how many times I can give the same answer to the question because that is an obvious proposition. But what

we know is that the

we know is that the Coalition

will not allow the facts to get

in the way of any aspect in the way of any aspect of the

scare campaign but I notice

it's petering out a bit. A

blood oath and now we see blood oath and now we see it moving around in terms of the Coalition's Coalition's - Time has expired. Senator Ryan. Given

the Government is so intent on

introducing its toxic carbon

tax that we now know will cost

Australia a $1 billion project,

threaten local jobs in the Prime Minister's own electorate as well as a potential 150 future jobs and lead to

increased carbon dioxide

emissions through the

importation of methanol from less clean country, why in

every way is Labor de-16ing every way is Labor de-16ing - deserts working Australians who

want a cleaner environment and if she knows so much about this

company, then why the are they

withdrawing their investment?

When there is silence,

we will proceed. The

Minister. Thank you. Senator

Ryan is asking us about working families an low income Australians.

Australians. Let's remember

we're the Government that got

rid of WorkChoices. We're the

Government that put in the provisions in Australia's history. We're the Government

that has delivered an increase

in the pension. in the pension. We're the

Government that is increased

the quhair rebite, increased

funding to schools, including funding funding to hospitals, none of which was done under you but under Tony Abbott ra $1 billion out of public hospitalings. This is the

Government that wants

- Yes? Senator Ryan. If the

Minister cares to range back to the topic I could also

the topic I could also point out she's in the Government

out she's in the Government that has raised and third. That is not a point of

order. Debating points, not order. Debating points, not a point of order. If the Senator cares about working jobs for

people, why does he people, why does he want mining

companies to pay less tax and

manufacturers and mining to pay

more tax? Go to workers employed in manufacturing that your policy

is you want miners to pay less

tax, manufacturers to pay more. Go to the small your electorate and explain to them you want them to pay more tax, you want BHP - Time has expired. My question is to tax, you want BHP - Time has

expired. My question is to the Minister representing dr Order! On both sides! Senator Waters is entitled to be heard Minister representing the silence. My question is to the

Minister for Sustainability,

and community, environment, water, population

and community, Senator Conroy. Tonight's 'Four Corners' Corners' looks at the threats to the Great Barrier Reef from coal and coal seam gas ports including those including those in Gladstone harbour. The Gladstone environmental disasters has

seen vast numbers of turtle, due gongs an fish due gongs an fish deaths, all

after two million cubic metres of dredge ing have o urds of the 46 million approved by the Minister. The Great Barrier

Reef marine park authority has said that it would said that it would have an unacceptable impact on marine unacceptable impact on marine

life and the world heritage

area. The Minister's responsibilities was to impose

water quality conditions but

dredging has had to be

suspected three times already

when turbidity has gone off the

charts and last Friday levels

of heavy metals are also breached Federal water Federal Government suspend its approve al for this largest

ever dredging in the world heritage area and act to ever dredging in the world

protect the Great Barrier Reef? The Minister representing the Minister for is environment, water population the Minister for is it,

and communities, Senator Conroy. As the Senator has

note and I thank her for her

question on this topic. A 3-week temporary fishing ban

harbour and lifted on 6 loct. was imposed in

The ban was imposed by fisheries Queensland while The ban was imposed by fisheries Queensland

tests were conducted to test

report of an infection outbreak in barramundi and other in barramundi and other fish

species. Water qualitiage sis

and fish test having confirmed that fish in the harbour are

not a food safety or human health issue. Health issues

reports roulted by fishermen

have been investigated. No

links were found to the fish

Water quality testing disease or to water quality.

Water quality testing has shown little change seasonal variation in water quality since dredging began. The detective of is it, water, population and communities population and communities is

on theing to ensure that the dredging is undertaken in

accordance with the stringent

conditions of approval and the

approved environment approved environment management plans. Contingency measures under the improving planned may

under the improving planned may

include suss pesks or suspension of other taken from Gladstone scr

confirmed a parasitic flat worm

as the cause of cloudy

Ayes in barramundi and Ayes in barramundi and found

no bang tearial or fungal patho

Jens on species test sod

far. Fisheries Queensland - Order! Order! Fisheries

Queensland - Senator Waters Queensland - Senator Waters is

bited to hear the earns on my left. - the ance on my left. Fisheries Queensland is

continuing to conduct further

fish samping in the Gladstone

continue to test samp s area and biosecurity qul

submitted. In addition toxicology testing on current

samples to examine fishes

reduce of rev heavy metals is reduce of rev heavy metals

in progress with results

expected by late November this year. The State Government has

established a psych panel to provide independent scientific oversee the investigation to

and health advice to the

Government. Time has expired. Senator Waters. Thank you for

that half answer, Minister. that half answer, Minister. In

committee also expressed June, UNESCO's world heritage

extreme concern about the

impact of the LNG export

facilities in Gladstone and

said they may be jeopardising

the world heritage status of

the reef. They called for a strategic assessment of all

coastal development and the Federal Government says that

this won't hatch for another two years and it about three years to complete. But nothing, complete. But nothing, no approval or application will be suspended in

suspended in that time. Ski -

what will be left to five years time when there's what will be left to assess in

already at least six major port developments planned or way? The independent developments planned or under scientific and health advise

it's a panel chaired by Dr

and includes experts in and includes experts in the

areas of water health, seafood safety, fish pathology and toxins. Red skin safety, fish pathology and eco

and abrasions are being found in other species including

discolourations are thought to shark in the harbour, but these

be due to par y

parasites. Point of order many

dy me related to what will the

left once the it ends in five years time. The discolouration

of the sharks are thought to

have been due to par y sites samples that have been taken have been due to par y sites an

fisheries requested and sent samples that have been taken by

for confirmation. When for confirmation. When dredge action has been exceeded tacks

action has been taken. A action has been taken. A closed

season applies to kbrar Mundy

from midday 1 to February. I will persist. from midday 1 to midday 1

committee rebuked the Federal UNESCO's world heritage

Government for failing to

notify it of the approvals for

the LNG projects in the LNG projects in Gladstone

not just Gladstone harbour. harbour in advance. But it is

There's a litany of new coal There's a litany of new

poorts up and down the that will entail millions of

cubic Peters of dredging. Has Government notified UNESCO of the

the dredgeling and dumping up

and down the coast and if not, and down the coast

why not? Order! The

Minister. Thank you. I thought

Corey was part of the Coalition

frontbench but apparent ly not. I have no details on those

particular issues. I will seek some information from Minister

Bourke and see if there is

anything he would like to

respond to Hart. My question is to the Minister represent ing the

assistance Treasurer. Can the Minister inform the house how the Gillard Government is

planning to funds its retirement income through its higher superannuation guarantee. Order! Senator Urquhart, just resume your seat! silence, we will

proceed. Senator silence, we will

Urquhart. Order! When there's

silence I will give the call. Senator Urquhart. Can

Minister give an ashurn the Government's plan is

transparent and fully costed? The Minister representing the Assistant

Treasurer, Senator Sherry. Thank you. Successive

Labor Governments over a

20-year period have long

recognised necessary, to strength own our

economy and to boost private

retirement savings. And we held

a view that 9% was not enough and we've announced an and we've announced an increase

in the superannuation guarantee

from 9 to 12%, phased in glad

gradually over six years. The

Government's always been very clear

clear about how this would be

funded. At least part of the funds from the mining resource

royalties tax, resource rent

tafrm would pay for this