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(generated from captions) cuts a matter of confidence one big thing here, it's called it? I think you've forgotten

obviously the Government this parliament other than

working with the Independents.

I mean before you give Tony Abbott a get out of jail free card on this let's just focus on

on what the Liberal Party has stood for and what Tony Abbott has said it stands for across the ages and politics. Tony Abbott has said company tax cuts are a good

thing. He's going to come into this parliament against them. He's going vote against the Liberal against them. He's going to

tradition business tax cuts. We will bring these tax cuts to the parliament, Tony Abbott can answer to the Australian people

for voting to deny for voting to deny those tax cuts. That means cuts. That means he can answer to the businesses around the country. He can answer to all the He

businesses around the country He can abs to all the working people around the country because business aren't just good for business, they're good for good for activity which means they're This program is not subtitled We understand that deliberate ly are companies and so we've

deliberate ly structured

benefits that flow to they're businesses, whether or not

they're companies including instant asset write-off,

help s them buy new capital

their business and get a their business and get a $6,500 tax break every year decide to item. On the revenue

projections I will turn to the Treasurer Yes, we certainly revised again in last year. So those

come from the Treasury, they have worked with the industry

in terms of the industry's

base, volumes and price. And they're the forecasts they make. And the always make. And the forecasts are what's going on with Tex change

rate, volumes and price. That is just commonsense. Prime Minister, you keep targeting

the Coalition on the tax cuts. They have said they're not going to pass them, or negotiate. The Greens next couple of say they will negotiate in the

ultimatemate ly accept a 2-tier tax that is the best deal you can get? First and fore most I am not going to share your an litical point. Everybody in this wants to be Prime Minister of this nation, he bears a

Parliament he is going to by walking into the Parliament

and voting and voting against company tax

cuts. And so that is the central point that should made and should central point that should be Abbott, from the Liberal voting into the Abbott, from the Liberal Party,

deny businesses around everything that has said over decades and decades by Liberal Abbott, on the benefit of

company tax reductions. Of course, the bring its Parliament and we will work together to get our legislation through. I've about why we structured the arrangements the way arrangements the way we did. We think that that cuts. But to say, cuts. But I think I am entitled

to say, before we get into

question ing about what may or

may not happen when when that only reason any of questions are being asked is because of Tony Abbott's

recklessness and negativity. He is now so negative about is now so negative about this nation's future so bitterly

negative about this nation's future that he is going into the Parliament and into the Parliament and vote against a proposition you would to Liberal I wrote today. Tomorrow is another day. I will read again. I believe you've been

though, tolerate the idea, even asked three times now, can you,

if question to our - the system we want is a system that want is a system that gives small business a head the company tax reductions. We do not think it is a good system in the long term to definitial company system in the long term to have

rates. The question is you can't control legislation is not passed in do. If ultimately your

such a way that gives the cuts to big business, will you -

what would you do then? Are going to have to cop that or

are you not prepared to

contemplate the idea can get to that point? First

and foremost, I come to these press conferences a lot and get told at every one of them,

ghee, you won't get X law of Australia resource rent tax and it went through scoffing Before we start on months of

we will get flu company tax to go scoreboard and at the cuts, I think I'm entitlemented

moment it's running more in my favour than yours. That is yurld

passing of the mining tax. Lots

half hour. Welcome back. of breaking new s to cover this

Shortly we will cover the Shortly we will cover the death

Lots of tributes flowing in of Jim Stynes at the age of 45.

the AFL community Lots of tributes flowing in in

Stynes and his family and the the AFL community towards

other big developing story is authorities are saying a tornado has hit the suburb of Vincent, damaging

homes and bringing down powerlines. The tornado powerlines. The tornado struck

before 6am today, damaging

suburb of Vincent. A fire buildings right across the

rescue department spokesman says homes have lost roofs and

there are reports houses have collapsed. Beth Simmonds lives in Townsville and she says the

A few people have lost fentions and their - fences and roofs and Ef lost windows Ef lost windows and my house is trashed, it's a mess. How severely damaged, looking at

your house first, is where you

are? I have a roof, which is wonderful. But wonderful. But my neighbours

don't. I've lost a whole heap

of windows. I've got a few now broken items inside the house for you, Beth. When wind start coming through dogs Townsville? I was awake - my dogs woke me up dogs woke me up at 4 o'clock with thunderstorms. And

about 5:10 I finally got up

because one just going off. And suddenly one of

I went to shut it. I went to shut it. The other one flung open and broke on my arm and we went to the bath

room at that point. And trying

to stay safe in the face of those winds. Did you get any warning was there

before you went to bed

night? No. No. We're all part

of the warning system up here,

I think it's just one of those minutes it was over. We're

looking at we spoke to you a

picture from Twitter of what is a severely damaged Whereabouts exactly are you in

Townsville? Niem the suburb of Vincent. Which seeps to Vincent. Which seeps to have taken the brunt of these who lives less away and she didn't get any problems kilometre in the kilometre in the other direction and they didn't even get any winds. You talked about

other house s near where you

are losing roofs. A what shaken: We're pretty

out and starting to clean up

the moment. We're trying to

secure as much as we can because because there's more rain coming. We are just all trying to clean up any further damage from happening. That was Beth Simmonds on the Simmonds on the phone from the Townsville suburb

earlier this morning . We will

bring you more updates from the scene over the day. Let's bring in Vanessa

O'Hanlon now and is this just event but it is not we get mini tornd yoes

particularly like the one

seeing at the moment. We have a deep deep tropical low. There was talk talk late last week it would turn never happened because it started to make its way inland quickly. But it is soerveted with a deep monsoonal trough as well. So we can expect these to

continue over the next

days. We have flood warnings from Cairns to seen some photos this caused by this tornado. Incredible. Pourerlines warnings out to stay away from any any flood waters particularly

in cars. If you

drive around at the good idea to stay away because the flood waters are the flood waters are moving quickly. There's a severe warning for damage rain winds. We have the radar up. We We can show the weather system behind this. There's a lot of rain

nearly 600mm in the last week.

We have siege amazing falls up there. I think South has had over average to see some of average to see some of our

yearly total as well at the

moment. Definite ly out-doing

our monthly. Does Townsville look like it will get hit look like it will get hit again

or has this moved through? Hopefully there will

be nothing like we have seen this morning. to 111km/h. The winds have died

down since that event okurtd.

heavy rainfalls and some areas

could in the next 24 hours get another 200mm of will bring you will bring you more details of

that tornado as they come

hand. I know we do know that the Vincent State School has

that's in the the suburb of Vincent in Townsville. We're

getting news that nine state schools remain the weather systems. To get

more the more information go to the Queensland Education department. Still pictures of 2 ominous skies department. Still pictures around the suburb of Vincent. Let's move on to other breaking news this

and we're getting word that former has died of cancer. A

wife has confirmed he died this

morning surrounded by his family. Jim Stynes family. Jim Stynes was diagnosed with cancer in 2009

and has since endured more than 20 Sam Stynes says her Sam Stynes says her husband's death death was dignified and pain free. It's arguably the greatest individual Australian Rules history.

Jim Stynes was the footballer recruited Jim Stynes was the Gaelic teenager from Ireland, who went on on to win the game's highest individual

on to win the game's highest individual

of the 1991 Brownlow medal. He

was a ruckman of un paralleled

endurance and durability, playing a endurance and durability, playing a record 244 consecutive matches. Or 11 years without missing a game. But his stature on the field was more than matched his regard off it. Foundation to support troubled established the Reach

Foundation to support troubled

youth. And in 2003, he was named Victorian through and yet still through and yet still succeed at, through and yet still succeed at, despite those adversities and obstacles, I think it's quite amazing. They are the real quite amazing. They are the

real heroes. We talk about the mythical heroks they're heroes games doesn't mean you're a hero. Stynes would hero. Stynes would later come to epitomise those heroic to epitomise qualities. In to epitomise those to epitomise those heroic qualities. In Melbourne Football Club was in the depths of despair, Stynes stood for President, vowing to lift the up the ladder. Just 12 months later he later he was diagnosed with cancer. Multiple

followed but still Stynes maintain add visible followed but maintain add visible public profile, determined to support and inspire And spruik the power of and inspire his Football Club.

positive positive thinking. Now they've had this experience, amazing. You learn so much. Really it is had this experience, it's

what I've got and then to deal be positive. Jim

survived by his wife Samantha and and two children. He was just 45. the doctors and 45. Remarkably not and took the family on and took the and took the family on a holiday to

was rested and relaxed with his family. But we are also getting

tributes in the Football Club has put out release to say that it's with deep sadness that deep sadness that they announce the passing champion and immediate

path Stynes after his This release from Don who took

over a lot of the words coming this morning, Jim was a lot of the words coming this morning, Jim was a normal bloke, sometimes grumpy, sometimes quirky what see him work with be teenagers. He trained many to teenagers. He trained

be inspiring leaders

themselves. Jim Stynes was battling tremendous pain as a Football Club function, he was truly.

People are tweeting about Jim Stynes's death. We will

have more news and tributes on the passing of a News 24 over the court of the football legend, Stynes on ABC day. We can bring

News 24 over the court of the day. We can bring you some emails that some is obviously emails that some viewers, this

ing fast and some view verse

want written in. John Huxley says I

sympathy to the Stynes want to express my deep est

sympathy to the Stynes family.

And Peter says Jim Stynes was a shortish ruck Mahon. He was

199cm, 6 foot 6, that is short for a ruckman. A short for a ruckman. A great footballer. International news now and French police are

searching for a gunman who shot dead

dead a teacher and three

children at a Jewish school in

the city of too lose. The the city of too lose. The stoot - tu lose. They say These are

the faces of fear the faces the faces of fear - terrorised

in their own school. A in their own Jonathan Sandler and two of his Jonathan Sandler and two young children were killed, a third child teenager was serious ly wounded third child also died, a

teenager was serious ly when

then chased more when the loan gunman fired from

the school. And when his TRANSLATION: The first he shot

one bullet into the air. TRANSLATION: The first he

the father in the father in front of him and then the two children. the father in then the two children. I didn't

even turn then the even turn around. I straight into the school but he followed up and then opened started shooting again. TRANSLATION: TRANSLATION: I had just arrived when we heard shooting. We were all very frighten shocked. TRANSLATION: I

pupils az at this school as my own children. Forgive me but I cannot find own children. Forgive me cannot find the right words to describe how I feel at this moment. The horror of describe how I feel moment. The horror attacks spread moment. The horror of the

President, Nicolas Sarkozy,

ordered extra security at all

Jewish scene to offer his Jewish schools. He raced to the

of Jewish community but the whole

does not concern just the of France. The whole nation

has been touched hurt, I can assure you of You must believe it. But Jewish You must believe it. But Jewish other leaders say the President and

other political leaders say the President other political leaders, are

responsible for using the current election vilify minorities. It is vilify minorities. It is a message of intolerance and this trickles right, to some extreme saying let's go a they're taking the queue and saying let's go a step further. The police say the gun

used in this attack was the same one used further. The police say the gun same one used in

three soldiers and the maiming same one used in the murder three soldiers and the maiming

three soldiers and of another in two

of another of another in two separate

attacks in the Toulouse region

cases the gunman escaped on scooter. Investigators don't

know if they're dealing with a

know if they're dealing loan killer

loan killer or - lone quill Killer or what

Killer or what the motive might loan killer or - lone

be. What they do know is Killer or what the motive might be. What they do know

be. pressure is on for a quick arrest before again. The top stories arrest before he kills

morning - a mini morning - a hit parts of Townsville in

North Queensland, damaging State Emergency received 38 calls for help. They say State Emergency Service has

They say there are reports

They say there are reports of roofs torn off houses and powerlines down. AFL footballer and former President of the Melbourne Football Club

Jim Stynes has died a after a

3-year battle with cancer. The

45 wrrld played a record 4 2 44

consecutive matches, was the Brownlow medallist and twice

named vairkian of the Year. He

is fived by his wife Samantha and his two children. Around French police say one of the guns used in a fatal shooting

at a Jewish school in Toulouse

was also used in the killings

of three French soldiers last

week. Three children and a

rabbi died in the attack which happened as students were

arrive ing at the school. One of the key battle grounds in

the Queensland State election is greater Brisbane where Labor holds most of its seats. Some

electorates that have been Labor electorates that have been in won power in 1989 are more, Kim Landers join us more, Kim Landers join from Rosalie in the Brisbane more, Kim Landers join us us

seat of moufrnt Coot-tha. Good morning. I am here morning. I am here in the Brisbane seat Coot-tha. Brisbane seat of Mount Coot-tha. This is one of Labor Party since Wayne Goss came to power but seats that's been held by the Labor Labor Party since Wayne Goss

came to power but if you Government here in Queensland is on its way out. Labor facing a

the interesting things this the interesting things about

coming is that Labor is possibly going to lose not only

Government but it might also

lose the next generation of lose the next generation of its

leader, the people who might

have been able to help the

Labor Party rebuild if it's

turfed into opposition. One of

those people is the local Labor

MP here, the Deputy Premier and

Treasurer Andrew Fraser. He is

under very severe challenge

from the LNP candidate saxon Rice. As I mentioned the Labor

Party are holding 32 of 40 seat

s in Greater Brisbane but after Saturday this one may no Saturday this one may no longer

be one of them. I am joined by the LNP sandate for the LNP sandate for Mount Coot-tha saxon Rice. Why do you think you're confident think you're confident of winning this seat? Kim, I'm taking absolutely nothing for granted in this seat. My

opponent is a high profile, ruthless Labor career

politician. But I have a politician. But I have a great

team behind me. I am motivated by residents that want change

and we have a great leader in Campbell Newman. You mentioned

question mark dr he is running Campbell Newman and there is a

for the seat of Ashgrove. If he does not win that would happen to the LNP? Who does not win that seat, what

would be the leader? Resident

of Ashgrove will have their

opportunity to decide who will represent them on represent them on Saturday.

Campbell Newman is not taking

anything for granted. And I am

backing the residents of

Ashgrove on Saturday and I'm backing Campbell seems like seats like this one backing Campbell Newman: It

fall to the LNP, what can you

tell Queenslanders about the shape of a future LNP

Government? We've got a really

positive plan for the future. That's what residents in this

electorate have been wanting to

hear from me. I have hear from me. I have door knocked over 12,000 households to far and I've been talking about our plan four-pillar economy, to revitalise front-line services

and reduce the cost of living and reduce the cost of in this electorate by cutting

in this about in this electorate it's also

about betting planning about betting planning infrastructure and importantly

infrastructure and importantly restoring accountability in Government. Queensland doesn't to turf one side out an put another one to turf another

elected will be a lot members who are elected will be a lot of new another one in. If the LNP

would be ready for How can you re

Government? We have put in

place a great plan, just the first 100 days. I think that sets out clearly what the LNP the first 100 days. I think that sets Queensland back on track. With ve a great team of sitting MPs,

a great team of a great team of candidates, with a leader like Campbell Newman experience there and experience there and a lot to work with. Good luck on

Now let's go to Paul Kennedy

with more details on the

announcement of the death this Stynes died Stynes. Yes. Thank you. Jim

Stynes died this morning at 8:25. It

8:25. It was announced last

who night by the AFL boss in fact

who happened to be being interviewed and a program that

Jim Stynes family was at his bedside. And I guess it comes

as a huge shock most people

knew that he was terminally ill

but he had survived for the

last couple of years and kept coming back and kept coming back and kept presenting himself at the Melbourne

Football Club time and time

again. But this time it was

just too toughtor Stynes and he

passed away this morning at his

bedside was his two children bedside was his two children

and his wife, and they made an announcement saying they were

so lucky to have him in their

lives. He was 45 years old. And

a former champion, a player and administrator as a President of

the Melbourne Club and also the

man who was leading the Reach

Foundation. And important to so

many people's lives who weren't necessarily involved in football. He had a

football. He had a great impact on a wide variety of people.

The President of the now - the

now President of the Football

Club released a statement and

said. 'I've been fortunate to

be Jim's friend for a few years

and have become really close we've tried to rebuild the Melbourne club. I call him the

Pied Piper. Saw me also get more Hely involved with Reach'

So perhaps more than most he

was able to see Jim close

up. Lots of people paying their

trintds this morning on Twitter

and various other forms. And

really remarkable career on the

field as well. He came to

Australia at 18. That was start of the experiment really. There was another Irish man at the Melbourne Football

Club called Shaun White Club called Shaun White who tragically died last tragically died last year of

lung cancer as well. He never smoked or anything. He was

very, very fit man and a tea

total ler and a remarkable

character as well. Both of

those two pioneers of the game

are now gone. But Stynes went

from being an 18-year-old young man

man who knew very little about

Australian football to running across the mark in that 1987 preliminary final which spurred

him on to win the Brownlow

medal four years later and he had probably one had probably one of the greatest records in the greatest records in the game

was his unbeat en streak. Not

many people talk about that as

much as the Brownlow but he went for more than 200 games

without missing a game, which

is - it's almost unheard of. is - it's almost unheard of. He must have had injuries along

the way but it was something

his dad taught him that he

could play through the pain and

he did many, many times. He was

also a pioneer as a ruckman

because he changed the way that

ruckmen played the game. He ran

and ran and kept going until 24

morning. Top player and top

bloke. Vanessa O'Hanlon joins

us now with more details on that wild weather up north. Certainly. Trees and

flood waters are blocking roads

in nrth North Queensland.

Melanie tweeted this photo

from Abbotts Street from Cairns

where over the past month

there's been 780mm of rain, nearly double the monthly nearly double the monthly

average. Also in Townsville, a mini tornado tore mini tornado tore through

suburb of Vincent and surrounding areas around 5am.

Wind gusts take peaked at 111

almost an hour. We want to keep

those photos. Behind this system is this low pressure

system that is moving in a

Southerly streks along Southerly streks along with this - south-south-easterly

direction. At times today we

could see rainfalls in excess

of 200mm and here is how the current radar is looking. If we

go back to the maps we will see

how we're looking for the rest of the country.

We can bring you some pictures now from Townsville

that we've just received here

at ABC News Breakfast. This is

obviously the aftermath after that tornado tore through the

town early this morning, with wind gusts packing 111km/h.

It's obviously left a lot of rain in its wake as well. Lots

of houses damaged, powerlines

down, residents as we've been reporting still urged to reporting still urged to stay inside away from inside away from fallen

powerlines. The SES up there

tell us they have received 38

calls for help. And neighbours

suburbs of Vincent, include ing Gulliver and Palmerston, a 1km

radius they're saying this tornado tore through and the

Queensland Government trying to

get an images hempt up there to assess the damage. That sit assess the damage. That sit for us at News Closed Captions by

This Program is Captioned


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