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(generated from captions) inquiry into the betting

scandal that has rocked world cricket. Three Pakistani players are under investigation for spot fixing during the fourth Test against Australian match are Test against England

implicated. Australian match are also

Disgraceful. Angry fans vent

their fury as the Pakistan team visits London. Also

ahead - a drug-smuggling syndicate exposed syndicate exposed involving

Chinese triads, bikies and corrupt officials. Indonesian villagers forced to

villagers forced to flee

their homes to escape an erupting volcano. North

Korea's leader embraces

Twitter but end up looking a

twit. First to the twit. First to the betting scandal that has engulfed beginning also investigation

into change that

bowlers fixed part of their into change that Pakistan

Test match against England. One of Australia's most

also under the corruption famous cricket victories

cloud. Last January's Test against Pakistan in Sydney

has been Lynned to the betting scandal betting scandal Pakistan's

Government has announced an

inquiry. For Pakistan and for cricket it was the darkest of

days, the action Lord's

overshadowed by the headlines in the that in this very match some

of Pakistan's players had cheated. cheated. The 'News of the

World' claims last week handed over ?150,000 to a

middleman and in return he promised this at three specific moments in the match

bowl no balls. bowl no Pakistan would deliberately

The Pakistan players

accused of rigging those The Pakistan players are

deliveries deliveries and left the

claims unanswered. No allegation are true allegation are true until

they proved either way see at

this points they are just allegations. You say the bowlers have given 10% for

every ball of this Test series? I would say every person in my team has given his 100% and his 100% and all his effort you go out and you he could

you go out and you achieve

what you want to. All you can do

Mohammed Amir is one of the do is try. 18-year-old

polers under scrutiny, polers under scrutiny, he was

named Pakistan 's player of

the series but today's presentation seemed presentation seemed less than whole hearted. Shortly the Pakistan team bus was whole hearted. Shortly after

jeered as it left Lord's,

fans on all sides are shocked

and bewildered. You see this team, a performance like that which is absolutely

the nation looks up to, that

is the only sport t only good

thing that was happening for

us. There is a lot of depression with the floods. This is a huge setback. If thesal

thesal fashion are true thesal fashion are true it

means each Tim the cricket

team willess the fans will

not know whether it was match-fixing or whether they

really lost the game. The

background to all this is

betting. Anyone who knows

when a no ball could happen

could make huge sum of

money. 99.9% of times there

is a perfectly logical

explanation. It is not

impossible on occasion it happened because of outside influence. Such outside influence

influence famously swayed the former South African captain Hanse Cronje in cricket's most notorious most notorious betting

been tempted by unscrupulous scandal. Players have long

middlemen. They will pretend to be autograph hunters, they to

will send pretty ladies,

trusted source, infiltrate you or get a

member of your family, somebody that you acquaint

with on a regular occasion.

They will go in through what ever means necessary

really. So cricket must now battle for its reputation. It

might seem an innocuous

detail but it could have very

serious consequences. A

major investigation by the

has exposed a drug-smuggling Australian Crime Commission

syndicate involving an outlawed

outlawed bikie gang, triads and outlawed bikie gang, Chinese

Even so police are far from winning the ar against the

drug barons according to some

of the nation's top crime fighters.

fighters. It is one of Australia's biggest investigations investigations into organised

crime. Operation Hoffman

netted over $100 million

worth of illegal drugs but

despite the impressive haul

despite the impressive haul a Crime Commission insider has

told 'Four Corners' the

Australian authorities are

not on top of the organised

syndicate has tent ticklings crime problem. That

everywhere and expanded probably twice, everywhere and we could have

through times what when were

doing but we do not have the

resources to do that. You would have to kid yourself if you thought you were getting

any more than 10%, businessman Hakan Ayik is the street. Sydney

allegeed to be the syndicate's local manager and

he is not shy about talking

him up on Facebook. He boasts

a quarter of a million dollar watch a modified supercar and

crucially link was the

Comancheros bikie gang. I

one of think the Comancheros pose

all bikie gangs and they pose

a national threat and an international threat. Here

is seen in Hong Kong with the Serjeant-at-Arms of the

gang's Sydney chapter and a

suspected member of the

triads. The network stretchs to corrupt insiders in the police, prisons and

especially Australia's

ports. They will all get

into bed with one another when there is a dollar

involved and it is to their

the nation's top police mutual benefit. According to

organised crime more transnational than ever. There is a higher

sophistication. Police have level of mobility and

issued a warrant for Hakan

Ayik's arrest. He is on the run, his Australian network

destroyed for now. They destroyed for now. They are

resilient. Take most of the players out an they will

reform. As agencies fight for resources to battle orange fietioned crime the King pins they target are just getting richer.

More than 20,000 people have left their homes in

Indonesia after 400 years of slumber the volcano awoke with fury shooting ash 2

kilometres into the air. 30

villages on the slopes of the volcano have been volcano have been evacuated.

In the panic two people are

from breathing problems, the other had a heart adark. 21,000 people are now

sheltering in emergency centres, mosques and churches. Authorities mit

they are struggling to cope. The building to #k50e7 them

inside is not enough for them

so we try to erect We We need toilet and drinks for the displaced people. Food and medicine is

been sent in. Indonesians been sent in. Indonesians are

used to living with these

natural threats. The country has more volcanos has more volcanos than anywhere else in the world, 75 are 75 are active. The disaster

management agency says the volcano shares a few similarities with Kracatoa which killed 40,000 people.

We hope this will not be

longer than 2 weeks, it may

calm down again. Because it

was dormant for 400 years Indonesia has little data. Authorities say they cannot predict how $1 billion has been pledged for flood-ravaged

Pakistan. There is no

stopping the floodwaters of

stopping the floodwaters of the the river. The Delta town of

Tata east of Karachi is the

latest city under threat. The

people are trying to save

everything as water breaks

the banks of the Indus River.

Some comfort can be taken from aid donations from

foreign countries. I'm glad the announce the total

pledges made today is near

incorporated 1 billion. The

fact that many Muslim countries have contributed

generously and intend to do so is encouraging. The

conference has been gathering

fund to counter criticism Tom

Muslim world has not been doing enough to help. The participating Dell participating Dell fashions are committed to providing

assistance in all the three phases of relief, recovery

and rehabilitation. The United Nations of children continue to remain vulnerable to waterborne disease. Doctors

say the lack of access to clean water is putting children at risk of illness

like diarrhoea and like diarrhoea and cholera..

the problem here is that the

drinking water or the sewage string or any other source of disease present in the

community, it is circulating

the disease again in the same

people. The floods began in late July but aid agencies

say they are still focused on the first stage of relief, rescuing and rescuing and evacuating

people. 17 million have been

affected. Hundreds of people had to be evacuated in India

after a river in the

country's north burst its

banks. Days of heavy rain

swelled the Ghanga River. Authorities were calling on

the army to rescue stranded

locals. Officials say there

is a significant threat is a significant threat the

water level could rise again.


Big Easy is still anything

but. Five years after Hurricane Katrina New Orleans

is making - marking the

anniversary with mock funerals and jazz President Obama was also

there promising not to

abandon the city as it struggles to rebuild. struggles to rebuild. The memories of the chaos of

Hurricane Katrina are vivid Hurricane Katrina are vivid t

corpses in New Orleans t

people on the rooftops t broken levies. It has been

five years since the people are trying to move people are trying to move on. In the French quarter In the French quarter there was a traditional jazz

was a traditional jazz funeral. We are to bury the to bury the past of Hurricane

Katrina. There was more music and another procession in the Lower 9th Ward one of

the worst-hit areas. In this

neighbourhood the recovery has been slope. Homes lie abandoned but people people here and the strong will survive and I do will survive and I do believe

there is a light at the end of the tunnel. of the tunnel. The President promises to stick

reBulls. On this fifth

anniversary I wanted to come

her and tell the people of

this city directly my

administration is going administration is going to

stand with you and fight alongside you until the job

is done. Until New Orleans

is all the way back! All the

way. He says the

way. He says the newly forward find levies will sure a disaster like Katrina

never happens again. We are

going to finish this string

by next year so this city is

protected against a 100-year storm. We should not be playing Russian roulette every hurricane every hurricane season The President is doing his best to reassure to reassure the people of New Orleans they will not be

forgotten as they struggle to

put their despair behind

them. In Chile them. In Chile the Government says rescuers will soon begin the operation to bring up the

33 trapped 33 trapped miners. Officials say could it take four months

to get them out but are now also also considering alternative

options. This may be the most carefully handled piece of

rope in Chile. It is part of the supply line sent down the

miners deep underneath the

desert hill. This is the miners lifeline with the rest

of the world. The small tube

there goes right down 700

metres to where the metres to where the miners are under workers here are sending as

many things as they can fit down that tube including phone lines and inflatable beds. A tube comes up, workers reload it workers reload it with

telephone cables and they send it back down. Further up

the hill you can see where

the main rescue shaft will be dug. Engineers are still

tying to work out the best

way of rescuing the men. So far 3 service shafts have been providing the men with supplies. At some points tomorrow the Government hopes

to begin drilling the main

rescue shaft the reach the

miners 700 Peters earth but engineers are earth but engineers are still

considering other options including widening one of the

shafts. The timing is in the range

range everto 4 months.

At whom there is nothing

much yet the show for it but painstaking

painstaking task of forming

the next Government the next Government is quietly underway in Canberra. The independents The independents have

shuttled between meeting was Julia Gillard and Tony

Abbott, a routine they will follow week but for all their hope of a new paradigm in politics

crossbenchers have been embroiled in some very old-fashioned scraps with Coalition MPs. Coalition MPs. They increased their numbers but not their influence. Tony

Abbott has largely sidelined the Nationals from the negotiations that matter.. it is a partnership like a

family. We will have disputes from time to time. It is certainly an extended Tony Crook will sit in the

partyroom but could also sit

on the crossbenches. Then there are the three estranged

country cousins, they country cousins, they have fallen out with their former

party.. one threw a punch at

me on election night. I'm one

of those blokes you throw one

at me I will give you 10

back. He got 10 back and we

have not heard if him since. He later clarified it

was only a verbal fight.

There is a lot of jealousy.

These people have had the balance of power for the balance of power for the last

- for 12 years 15 years, they had the balance of power and did

nothing with it. The parties

are exchanging phone are exchanging phone messages

as well as insults. One Liberal rang Rob Oakeshott thinking he was talking to a

child said "Tell Daddy the

devil called". Anyone in Australia whose wife tells them they have just received

a phone call from someone purporting to to be devil as

a husband sound wear. The devil wears riding boots. Liberal Senator Bill Heffernan said he made

make another one I'm assure from the conservation s from

Tony Abbott it is not a broad

campaign. We all have to are being and roll with Rambo elements and rogue elements and personalities who may

like or dislike hat we

do. There is an even more independent independent in town. It was a terrific

outcome, it was an


performance. Andrew Wilkie

met Tony Abbott and Julia Gillard presenting them with

a wish list they will

struggle to satisfy. The list includes pokie machines, a price on carbon, fee dental care, increasing pensions and a conscience vote on conscience vote on gay marriage. They both have some work to do some work to do to win my support. Julia Gillard will

make her case for governing

in her speech tomorrow. It is

a case she mation made

before. It new appears clear

that Labor has that Labor has won the two-party vote. It is not clear any more.

clear any more. The latest national count of the two-party preferred vote

slashed Labor's heed to just

4000 votes. There has been a new twits in the sexual harassment harassment case between David

Jones and its former Chief Executive. As many as Executive. As many as 15 other women have reportedly

come forward to join the

case. Publicist Kristy Fraser-Kirk is suing the retailer and Mark McInnes for

$37 million but the Federal

Court was told today the case

could be expanded to include complaint from other complaint from other women. Mark McInnes has vigorously

defended himself against the new allegations. NSW new allegations. NSW police have confirmed that human remains remains have been found remains have been found at the site of the Milat murders. murders. A group of trail

bike riders found the bones

yesterday afternoon. It is the same forest where

convicted serial killer Ivan Milat buried 7 of Milat buried 7 of his victims

in the 90s. A protests at the

in the 90s. A protests at the Darwin detention centre Darwin detention centre has

flared up again A group of

men being held for alledgedly people-smuggling have climbed onto the roof of onto the roof of the facility and negotiator are trying to

coax them down. The protest broke out yesterday morning. The Immigration Department

said it was related to

processing delays. The largest United Nation's event

ever held in Australia has

heard the world's major

powers are struggling to have

an impact on global health

reform. A keynote speaker reform. A keynote speaker has told the delegates in

Melbourne Australia has much

to do in its own backyard.

Delegates were serenaded. And treated to an Aussie welcome. Then I was down to business. Non-government organisations are here the

find ways to improve global health. They will health. They will focus on the millennium development

goals, 8 targets the goals, 8 targets the world

leaders agreed to 10 years

ago but there has been little

progress on the goals progress on the goals to

improve the health of women and children. We are talking about the most important issues facing issues facing the world. The millennium development goals,

the goals to half global poverty by 2015. Ban poverty by 2015. Ban Ki-Moon told delegates he wants to put

world leaders at a summits in

New York next month. We at

the United Nations not only

value your activism edepend

on it. He was supposed to be

here but last month he postponed his visit. He does

not particularly want to see his visit to

his visit to Australia being in any way the factor to disturb the political

situation thin country. A

keynote speaker challenged

whoever forms Government in

Australia to did a better Australia to did a better job funding Indigenous

When we give aid to overseas

countries that giving of the

aid is not subjected to the

same legislative and bureaucratic stringencies

that we have applied to

us. It is the third time the conference has been held outside New York. American combat mission in

Iraq formally end this week

after 7 years of conflict and occupation has divided

opinion among Iraqis who have had experiences of the American military. This is Laith and head banging helps him get

rid of his frustration. rid of his frustration. He was always fascinated by America. Weeks America. Weeks after the invasion he got a invasion he got a job as a translator for the US military. It military. It was opportunity to get to know the Americans

not as invaders but as

people. But the job also led

to his being shunned by many

in his community. In 2005 he

started to get death

threats. A phone call came to me the my mobile phones

and he said "Either you and he said "Either you stop

working or you will be buried

alive" or something

similar. Laith had to give up his job but his love for America is undimmed. America is undimmed. Not everyone welcomed the

Americans as Laith did. A few

streets away is this house where Saddam Hussein fled

immediately after the

invasion and was protected invasion and was protected by resume bring sympathetic

local resident. Today the

presence of US forces here in Iraq is still as

controversial as ever. This woman's husband was killed,

shot she says by the Americans in 2005 though Americans in 2005 though the US disputes her

him to this conflict and now she lives in this refuge she lives in this refuge for

widows and other victims of Iraq's on go instability.

TRANSLATION: When the Americans came we thought

thing was get better. When Saddam Hussein was over thrown we thought would thrown we thought everything would change but it didn't. After they killed my After they killed my husband I could not stand them.

Laith the heavy metal fan

plans to move the Texas, he

hopes a new life in America future but he is also

nostalgic for the past, a

past before US troops invaded his country. We were really

kind of more free to do whatever we whatever we want. Under Saddam Hussein you were more free? Exactly because before

you were not afraid if someone would attack or

kidnap you or someone kidnap you or someone would

take an AK47 and shoot you

randomly. As the sun sets

over the Tigris scenes carefree family life mask

deeper uncertainties. Most of

these children will be too

young to remember an Iraq without

without a sizeable US

presence but as the reality

of the American moves in many are concerned

about what kind of country

they are leaving in them.

Thousand have marched in Hong

Kong to remember the 8 locals

killed in a bus hijacking in

Manila. They denounced the

Philippine Government for

botching the rescue open risk and demanded justice for those killed in Monday's violence. Earlier local Filipinos gathered Inter faith service to mourn the victims. The the victims. The tragedy

began when a former policeman

armed with an assault rifle hijacked the bus in a bid to

win his old bus back. Thousands of Filipinos line of Hong Kong and fear retribution What the Hong

Kong people and families want Kong people and families want is justice. On Saturday

hundreds of mourners attended the funeral of the hijacker

who was killed by police

sniper fire ending the stand-off. China's

of easing. The latest of easing. The latest traffic

jam has motorists backed up for almost 30 kilometres on a

highway north of Beijing, it

comes just days after a

10-day traffic jam on the

Beijing to Tibet highway

which stretched for 100

kilometres. Truck drivers say

their income haves taken a hit because of the delays. The opening of a coalmine in

the country's north-west is

said to be the blame. The

world's most reclusive state is learning how to tweet. North North Korea is undergoing a

cyberspace revolution even

though its leader allows no communication with

communication with the

outside world and it has spooked the Government in Seoul. South Korea has warned that any communication

with the north through with the north through social media is unlawful. From tributes to its glorious

military to backfliping brilliance, North Korea's YouTube has

they are trying to get more friends, supporters from

South Korea and Japan and the Western countries. Already

Pyonyang has more than 10

,000 followers on Twitter and for the South Korea

government social media

presents almost as big a

threat as bombs and bullets with Seoul warning its

citizens they could be jailed for tweet wing the

enemy. TRANSLATION: We enemy. TRANSLATION: We are

examining how the apply the law to Syd science who have contact contact with North Korea's social networks. Pyonyang's

posted scores of YouTube

videos Nick McKim's regime is fast finding out that propaganda does not get propaganda does not get an

easy run on social media sites. Like Kim Jong-Il Facebook has sprung up again under a different name. Blamed different name. Blamed for sayinging a South Korea warship earlier this year

Pyonyang is now proving adept

at fighting battles at fighting battles in cyberspace but cyberspace but for the north's 23 million north's 23 million citizens

prevent from accessing the

internet it is a war they

know nothing about.

Cloudy with rain for both

island of New Zealand. Mostly

fine in the Solomon was fine in the Solomon was a top

of 29 in Honduras. Mostly sunny in

Further north showers across

Singapore in KL and Bangkok.

Mostly clear skies in

Vietnam. Showers the chance of a late storm in Hong Kong.

Patchy rain is expected in

Taipei and Shanghai but it

should be mostly sunny across

Japan and in Pyonyang and Beijing. More rain too for

much of India and Pakistan with cloud increasing with cloud increasing further

inland as well. Fine and mild

in London, Paris, Athens in London, Paris, Athens and Rome A rain in Moscow. Mostly rain in Moscow. Mostly fine

along Africa's east coast A

very hot day in Casablanca

with a top of 39. Fine and 35 in New York and in Toronto.

Showers for Vancouver and

Mexico City. Rio should see

some sunshine, a top 34 degrees there. There will degrees there. There will be

a little patchy rain in the

south. Resident of the Polish city of Crakau have tried city of Crakau have tried to

break the report of the long crest pizza. The charity will

assist coma victims. assist coma victims. It has not been not been announced had they

managed to beat the record or

not. Still ahead - the

winners and losers at the Emmy awards. The man Emmy awards. The man helping

to put a smile on the faces

of disadvantaged children in

Indonesia. Cricket Indonesia. Cricket has been

thrown into turmoil over

reports of a betting scam reports of a betting scam in a Test match between Bank

England and Pakistan amounts British newspaper legs

several members of Pakistan's

teams were paid the break the

game's rules at specific moments A major moments A major investigation by the by the Australian Crime

Commission has exposed a drug-smuggling syndicate

involving an outlaw bikie gang, Chinese triads and the nation's top crime fighters say police are far from winning the war against

the drug barons. Aid agencies warn that the disastrous

floods in Pakistan floods in Pakistan will lead the widespread food shortages. Up to 20 million

have been affected by the

disaster. Floodwaters are still spreading further south. The world's south. The world's second largest economy and has

recently dominated our

schemes because of a run of disasters from floods to oil spills but both inside outside China many question whether the

are due to putting economic growth above environmental protection. Jonathan Watts is

the UK 'Guardian'

correspondent. Welcome.

North-east China in recent

weeks has seen the worst

floods in a decade with 1000 people dead and 140 million

affected nation-wide. Excess rain is one thing but what

part does human activity play

in that disaster? It is a couple of main couple of main factors. One

is direct. That there is a problem of problem of de for station

that stretches back 20 years

and China has been trying to

deal with this problem but in

many places it is very severe

and can orsen the floods.

You have extreme weather event buff yetting the country particularly this year. Part of the problem is there is just so many people it is very difficult to evacuate those kind of

numbers to saver places.

That is right. The Chinese authorities are good at doing

this. They are used to it. There are frequent floods in China and military get involved but the scale of

what has happened this year has been beyond has been beyond the capacity of the authorities to deal

with it and actually we

seen more people die this

year in China from the floods

than in Pakistan so everything is under enormous

threat. The Three Gorges damn

has been fully operational for a year. It is one for a year. It is one of China's crowning ghories and

yet the critics say it been expensive. Has the damn

defied the critics, is it working as it should? The

answer is yes and no. Yes

because one of its main functions was flood control

and it does seem this year

even though this was and a I

are amazingly large amount are amazingly large amount of water in the Yangtse the

Three Gorges has done the job

it was built to do but that

is not the big impact on many other areas of human and ecosystems

and on that side things are not so positive. There are huge pollutions problems in the reservoir declined damn

and the weight of all and the weight of all that

displaced water has caused some very damaging some very damaging landslides and minor tremors so I and minor tremors so I think the jury is the jury is still out on had

the Three Gorges damn success. Earlier in the

bulletin we had a story about

a traffic jam and you a traffic jam and you were caught up in the longest traffic jam which I

think finished last week A120

kilometre tail back from the expressway from Beijing to Tibet. What did that Tibet. What did that traffic jam say about con guess, cars and China's reliance on coal? It was an coal? It was an amazing

sight. There were three trucks on a three-lane

motorway all motionless, the enfinances and lights

switched up and all divers

fast asleep. Some said they

will been there for three

days. The amazing thing was some of the drivers had done

this same traffic jam ties in

the space service 10 very

congested days and they were congested days and they were used to it said it was inevitable

because they had to take coal

the main centre of China

which is Inner Mongolia in

the north and had to

transport to it the east coast where the the factories are. So many driemps are

doing that because they have

to keep the Chinese economy

burning on all cylinders,

firing on all cylinders so

this huge congestion on this

road and almost all of those

trucks were coal trucks so I think it says as much about

traffic congestion and from

every year on the road but it yes there are a lot

also says a lot about massive and growing demand also says a lot about China's

for energy particularly coal. 70% of China's energy for energy particularly from

believe is from coal K the

Chinese leadership Tilly

afford to commit to afford to commit to reducing

carbon emissions given the country's need for growth? This is one of the biggest questions facing the questions facing the world

today. The short answer is no

they cannot suddenly give up

coal, they are just much too given a sort of a compromise dependent

promise the world which is

reliant on that we will become less

reliant on coal so the amount

of coal will grow but the

degree to which each of economic activity depends degree to which each dollar

on a ton of coal will decline

so that is what they so that is what they are

planning to do, gradually

become more efficient over

time but even with that

change probably from 2005 to

double so you cannot change burned in China will at least

that quickly, you cannot move

an economy of China's size overnight. How does China's growth particularly in a growth

environmental sense impact on

countries like Australia? It

impacts on everybody at the moments. I would say the most positive gain are positive gain are economicly

probably being enjoyed by a

country like Australia which

has immense natural

resources, lots of minerals

to sell, has become a major

exporter of coal to China but

of uranium, copper, iron ore,

you name it. So you name it. So one of the in a reasons Australia avoided a big economic

meltdown suffered elsewhere

in the world is because huge

and growing demand from China, that is good

economically and means that

more ever - of Australia is

being queued up by mince and

in Africa, South America it means more dams, more mines,

inevitably more resource extraction and

inevitably more pressure on the environment. A fascinating story. Jonathan

Watts is the author of When Watts is the author of When a Million Chinese Jump. We wait

the find out who will form Government here America suggest the general Government here polls in

public is growing increasingly angry an disaffect would mainstream disaffect would the but what passion there is mainstream political parties

seems seems reserved for

growing grassroots

Conservative moment known as

the Tea Party. Free at last!

Thank God almighty we are

free at last! The US is a

country that attaches

extraordinary reference and

passion to its great in history. August 28, 1963

was one of those moments.

More than 200,000 people came

from all over the nation to

hear what was to define in speech of the long

struggle for civil rights.

For I have a dream that my

four little children four little children will one day live in a nation they will not be Juned by the

colour of their skin but colour of their skin but by the content of their

character. I have a dream

today! The cry for freedom

has been ringing loud every

year on this day. 47 years on a MoD earn convoy of buses is travelling towards the capital through a late capital through a late summer dawn hoping

dawn hoping the make history

of their own at the same of their own at the same spot at the Lincoln moment moral but these are fighters of a different kind. but these are freedom

Younchs are all probably Pam

with the Tea Party caucus. People are a afraid of their

Government and that is

motivating people to try to alter the course of events. We are less than 24 hours

away from standing in front

of that great building t

Lincoln memorial. Glen Beck the pugnacious angry Fox News personality the pugnacious controversial

was the driving force behind

what he dubbed the restoring

honour rally. I they that

many in this country think

that I'm a fear monger. But I

don't think the man don't think the man who saw the iceberg as the Titanic

was about to hit it and said

"It is an iceberg," he was

warning the people on the not a fear monger he was

ship. This was not billed as

a tea party rally but the

sent meant were the same.

Taking back America is Taking back America is the

general theme and Glen Beck

has become the on air leader of all the Tea Party

followers believe is wrong

the country. In the past he

has labelled Barack Obama a raisies with the raisies with the a deep-seated deep-seated hatreds of white

people. Is anyone interested

in the truth any more? Will anyone actually more we learn of President

Obama the less we like Obama the less we like what

we see. What Beck tries to

do is to awaken the people.

He is not the driving force

behind - it is what we

seagoing on around us. But it

does not hurt to have

somebody say well maybe you are not crazy. The Tea is the broad leader for is the broad leader for the grassroots Conservative grassroots Conservative movement sweeping America. It

has many names. Organisers are

are among the foot soldiers of the uprising, it a political phenomenon which

has taken hold remarkably

fast.. they are people angry

at Washington, at Democrats

primarily but also Republicans, they are people

who are very suspicious of Governments, they are

programs. And they are people who seem to to be a little

upset at upset at the cultural changes that are occurring in

American society. They are

trying to hold onto a trying to hold onto a past

that they managed. The organisers of this rally say

this is not a political event

but there is no doubting the political leanings of this

crowd. In America today crowd. In America today this is certainly the most

political debate. What is not

clear is what sort of long-term impact this movement will have. A third of Americans say they support

the ideas of the Tea Party. About 12% say they identify

with the Tea Party but I

expect they will have expect they will have an

impact on a number of impact on a number of races around the country. Much of

the anger is directed at

President Obama but the Tea

Party may prove to be Party may prove to be a significant challenge for the Republicans The Americans

are centre right F the Party pulls the Republicans

too far the right it will be

a big problem in 2010 and 2012.. we have the teapot week, are the Tea Party. That pull is evidence with pull is evidence with Tea

Party-backed Republicans challenging some Primaries

leading up to Presidential elections. The challenge

often comes with the backing of

of the work who is without doubt the most high-profile

Republican in the US today.

Over these grounds where we

are so today we feel the spirit of DR Martin lugter King junior.

They want to They want to disgrace this date and we giving them this date of this

is our day and we ain't

giving it away! This ain't

about them. This is about Dr King! The 1963 King! The 1963 march changed America. The Conservative America. The Conservative

activist who gathered at the Lincoln memorial this year also hope this day will also hope this day will mark a turning points. Because I

have a dream today. But by

the afternoon the Lincoln

memorial had returned to memorial had returned to the regular routine that now

plays out twice a day every

day in the famous steps.

Whatever else might happen here on speech they will be playing

in 47 years time. Let's

look at what is making headlines on news web sites

across the across the world - the Japan

Times says a woman is facing

fraud charges for trying to

access her dead mother's

pension benefits. Police say

the mother probably died the mother probably died in

1996. The 'New York Times'

says border patrol officers

are stepping up their checks

on buses and trains on buses and trains in New

York state to question passengers about their Minister John Key and his

wife will spend a weekend with the Queen at Balmoral castle in Scotland. A young American man has proved

the unlikely provider of joy to disadvantaged villages to disadvantaged villages in Indonesia. He has helped set up

up local circus. The Red Nose

Sir sus is in its third year offering local children a colourful distraction from a very tough existence. Three days a week Dan comes to this

poor fishing village. Before

class can begin he has to track down some straglers..

these guys are helped the

least, these kids. They do

not have any programs to help

children here and so I

thought well why not start

with one. The Red Nose

aims to build sell confidence

and the children receive

English lessons. In here

problems are set aside and they can be carefree kids if only for few only for few hours a week.

This 15-year-old did not know I what a circus was until one arrived quite loudly in village. TRANSLATION: My favourite lesson is juggling rings, I love learning

English because it widens my

knowledge. It makes me more confident but I still get nervous. Most parents

it business far more it business far more than just tricks. TRANSLATION: I

hope that in the future my

children will experience

better life than their parents, at least they become

more advanced in skill and

education through the circus,

I hope they can develop it

more. Dan Robert has trained

some assistants. Young men

from Aceh, two are former

street kids. TRANSLATION:

They educate our children and teach them English as the

local leader I feel very

grateful for their presence

here. They have so different activities. The men in this village risk in this village risk their

lives dive in for mussels for

$5 a day. Women and children

can be seen everywhere

crouched together sort them. Children are encourageed to

dream big and work towards

something better. This girl

is thinking far beyond the

confines of her confines of her village.

TransI would like to be TransI would like to be a

stewardes on a plant. I love

to do circus,

like Dan, go abroad, like Dan, go abroad, teach people how to do people how to do circus. Dan

Robert has big plans. He

wants the set up wants the set up more Red

Nose Circuses in other poor

countries around the world. Demolition experts in Brazil

have brought down a condemned

stadium the make way for a

sparkling new venue for the 2014 Football World Cup. The

huge ground fell to pieces as a series of were set off in sequence.

fans died at the ground three years ago when a big hole

opened in one of the concrete

stands A new ground ready to

host World Cup matchless fries the rubble in time for

the 2014 tournament kick-off. Now to sport - Clare a last-minute victory for the Panthers? You could say last-second. It was an

absolute thriller. It was a

cruel ending for two can't

bring players in Sydney.

Brett Kimmorley and Luke Pattern Pattern ran onto the field

for the last time. Brett is

retiring and Pattern is heading to for Premier League. Turner helped the Bulldogs open up Bulldogs open up the scoring. Another two ties and the home

side as 16 points ahead in the first 15 minutes. Earl

crossed for Panthers first tie of the tie of the night, their comeback continue would Brad

Tie before the first send-off this this year. With with the scores level and less an minute remaining Penrith took

possession and Michael

Jennings ran 60 metres to score right on the siren. Former Essendon coach Matthew

Knights says he is disappointed to have disappointed to have been dumped by the Bombers but has

asked for more time the fully

assess his sacking. assess his sacking. The

former AFL Port Adelaide

coach Mark Williams says he

is keen on the vacant position as Essendon starts

looking for a replacement. not Mad Monday, this was hardly a hint of anger about

his sacking Obviously there

is a share of disappointment

in this whole scenario but I

will not be making any further comment until further comment until later

in the week. He gives the

impression he has a lot to

get off his chess btd the

manner of years before the end manner of his departure two

years before the end of his

contract At some stage I will speak to the media. will speak to the media. And do that in due course but I will not rush the situation and do not feel there is a

need to do circumstance. Your thoughts

go out to give Matty a call

during the week to see how he

is going. Essendon's hunt for a new leader a new leader has begun. Port Adelaide Adelaide premiership coach Mark Williams has put his hand up. He says his family is keen to return to

Melbourne. He is Melbourne. He is looking forward to putting his case the board. Alan Richardson

the man sitting next to Matthew Knights on Saturday

is also being supported but

David Evans says the be hurried. Essendon would

love this Bomber but does he

ever want the return to Windy

Hill? No, not Hill? No, not really, no. Matthew Knights senior coaching

coaching career is over much his future is in limbo. I

ask you the respect the

family new and if you could

let everything be as let everything be as normal as possible. But how as possible. But how normal

can it be when he just got a $1 million termination

payment? It is that time of

year again and 8 teams are

ready the fit it out for the

AFL premiership. The cup has been been presented to the League. The reigning The reigning champions Geelong are confident. The

former Premier ship winning captain Tom Harley

the club can make it 3 out of

4. A blank field. The top

three side look ahead of the rest but Hawthorn has been

strong. Swans have been in great form a lot of people in

Victoria have not picked up

on. But the Premierless come out of the top three. The form over the last month.

Sydney has secured a home final against Carlton on Saturday after Saturday after Downing Brisbane at the the Gabba.

Coach Paul Roos today the players they need to reflect on their success so far but the toughest is yet

to come. Australia has named its 12 players for the

netball team for netball team for the Commonwealth Games. It will

be led by Sharelle be led by Sharelle McMahon. Kate Beveridge, Maddison

Steel missed out. Australia has taken a 1-nil lead

against New Zealand beating the 2006 Commonwealth Games

gold-medallists by five

goals. Kim Clijsters, goals. Kim Clijsters, Venus Williams, Andy Roddick and

Roger Federer should provide

plenty of action in the opening round of the US Open

but you will have the stay up

late to watch it because it

starts at 1 in the morning. I

will be there. The hit

American TV show Glee has

failed to sweep the board at

the Emmys despite having

received 19 nominations. The big big winner was Hollywood veteran Al Pacino who bagged the outstanding lead actor

award. A glitzy opening award. A glitzy opening for than awards show that

modelled itself on Glee. The

huge reply popular musical

drama had 19 nominations but

won few awards in the major categories. Jane Lynch was

the exception. Themmy goes

to Modern Families. It to Modern Families. It stole the show. Thank you so

much, I'm not funny. The British actress who made British actress who made her

name in Bend It Like name in Bend It Like Beckham was named Best Supporting

Actress for her role in the

Good Wife. Of this is amazing

for my career, thank you so

nominees went home empty handed Who wants a least Ricky Gervais was there to get the party George Cluny was given a

special award for his

humanitarian work. The award

for best drama went to Mad

Men the series set in the 60s about the advertising

industry. Our top stories - the

the undie sided independent

MPs have Canberra for more talk was

Julia Gillard and Tony

Abbott. The Tasmanian independent Andrew Wilkie

says he play make says he play make his decision on who to support as early as early as tomorrow. Cricket

has been thrown into has been thrown into turmoil

over reports of a betting

scam in a Test match between

England and Pakistan. The a British newspaper alleges

that several members of

Pakistan's team were paid to break the game's rules at specific moments. specific moments. To keep up

to date on all the stories we are following you can log on

to our web site. That is the

World for this Monday. We will be back with more news in a moment.

The Independents call on

Tony Abbott to restrain his

Coalition colleagues over Rambo-style politics. I am Coalition colleagues over their

being asked to have confidence

in either him or Julia Gillard

and it is a confidence test of him whether he is going to be able to

able to manage his troops for the next three on, the former chief executive the next three years. Fighting

about against new sexual

harassment dlams. And was harassment dlams. And was one

of Australia's famous Test victories line-ball or fixed by

cricketers have been shocked Park? The Australian

hear this. They were convinced cricketers have been shocked to

they won the game fair and