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Thousands begin a clean up of Tahrir

Tahrir Square in the wake of

the overthrow of former president Hosni Mubarak. The

Egyptian army says it remains committed to all of Egypt's international treaties,

including the peace accord with Israel.

Also today - former Pakistan president Pervez Musharraf

arrest warrant over the refusing to comply with an

assassination assassination of Benazir Bhutto. Nothing can happen

legally against me. Back home,

the Prime Minister will try to

end the stand-off over health

Territories today. reform with the States and

Good morning, you are watching

ABC News 24. I'm Nick Grimm. -

It has been one day since

Hosni Mubarak's resignation. The Egyptian army has reassured

the nation's allies, saying

that it remains committed that it remains committed to all of ejit's international treaties, including the treaties, including the peace

accord with Israel. government will remain in place for

for a peaceful transition to for a peaceful transition to an elected

elected civil authority.

However, there has been no

official timetable set for that transition. In Tahrir hundreds of people have

launched a massive clean-up

effort and State television has

announced the curfew will be announced the curfew will

shortened by four hours. ABC north-east correspondent -

Middle East correspondent Ben

knight is in Cairo. It knight is in Cairo. It is

getting towards the end of the

first day without Hosni

Mubarak. You can tell this is a different city. From point of view, we have been

able for the first time in years to be able to walk freely

around the streets with a television camera and film, around the streets with a large

waubing straight past soldiers

and police who do nothing to

stop us. Even a month ago, this would have been

inconceivable. Today for the

first time I saw a bumper

sticker on a car that said 'January 25, I was there'. It

is that sense of pride we have

went to the Square this been seeing all day long. We

morning, we expect ed to see a

moment or sleeping off lot of people savour ing the

celebrations moment or sleeping off the hundreds of particularly young one, with gloves on, masks, one, with gloves on, surgical and brooms to clean up the Square. For There is rebuilding their country.

here. The military has There is enormous optimism

promised it is going to carry through elections and take Egypt to democratic

emergency law. It hasn't

of the day. Bit of a wait and see on that one. Most people do believe that the military is believe that the military

going to fulfil commitments. There are some who are sceptable because, remember, that the Egyptian

controlled this country military has effectively

They think it two presidents for 60 years.

very difficult They think it is going to be

institution, which is very difficult for this

involve in business, institution, which is heavily

involve in business, to let go

to and to perhaps subject itself

democratically elected Parliament or President where it has a lot to lose. A people think it is too much the army to risk people think it is too much for

going the army to risk and this is are seeing going to take place. What we

Square have tried to

martyrs of the revolution, monument to what they call the

hundreds of people who died

over the past 18 days during the worst of the violence. They are themselves, the They have signed a pact to defend

is defend the revolution. But it will see what tomorrow will bring. As we have been hearing, the which is hearing, the Egyptian military,

Mubarak's resignation, has country following Hosni

including its international agreements

including its peace treaty with

Israel. The army has dismantling the barriers around Israel. The army has started

Tahrir Square but saying they won't leave until saying they won't leave until

the army agrees to hand over

control to civilians. control to civilians. Egypt was dancing to

today. Sounds like Everyone today. Sounds like freedom. dressed in the bright colours Everyone in this Square is

of the new nation. Square. Each keen to savour

their broom. A volunteer their broom. A volunteer core of cleaners sweeping away the

old. We are cleaning Egypt and re-constructing Egypt for new phase. jipt. It is the first time.

This flag I love it now. I

love this flag now. The new

generation is paraded with pride. It was the aspirations of an community, some who paid with

their lives, that brought down a dictator. For only the children, I mean, the young

people of Egypt, my daughter

and my son as well, they are

shaping the future of Egypt.

If Egypt has a Constitution, have a country all around will apply to what's There is now a huge

opportunity for Egypt, but no happens next. There is huge expectation and happens next. There is also

failure to meet the demands of into position. Despite ageing Generals moving slowly

to populist

commanders of these soldiers were less enthused reform. The were less enthused by political

to a new Egypt, but in what Australia's Egyptian direction will they take it?

has spent a few tense weeks

watching the events Many are

Mubarak's decision to step down. As Danny Morgan some down. As Danny Morgan reports, Egypt's future. The Egypt's future. The end of Hosni Mubarak's reign has been met with Australia's Egyptian community. Protest rallies planned in capital cities today quickly became celebrations. Today am happy. If community has been glued to screens of all watching events unfold. They have praised restraint shown by was the only way to change the first time I feel proud

am Egyptian. Osama Hammad was

season holidays - who is on holidays in Cairo holidays in Cairo to share the moment. and singing and celebrate It is magnificent. In churches

and cafis, there are questions about

people like the military. But

again also you never know who

is going to come up and authority. Hopefully there democracy. They will be instigation of a democracy. They are hoping. You never know You happen. For the moment, Egypt will be better. Finally

I guess the tyranny that has

been going on has come to an

end. Hopefully there is a positive

positive change for the future.

It is a sentiment shared by many. Freedom!

Anti-government rallies in

Algeria, which have been

inspired by events in Egypt,

have been broken up. have been broken up. Riot

police in Algiers

thousands of demand who defied

a government demand the march

step down. Algeria has witnessed witnessed demonstrations for greater freedoms and better living standards. living standards. Former Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf has refused Musharraf has refused to comply

with an arrest warrant issued

by the court over the assassination of Benazir

Bhutto. His spokesman says

Musharraf is in self-imposed exile in London a-attend the hearing. He was

ordered to appear on 19

February regarding claims about

the assassination.

say he knew about plans to of

the Taliban to target Ms Bhutto but didn't alert the relevant authorities. There are authorities. There are people

who launch cases in the ju dishry. I am prepared to face that for

the sake of Pakistan. I know

since whatever I did has all

the legal backing

cover, I am very confident cover, I am very confident that nothing can happen legally

against me. Back home, the Prime Minister will meet State and Territory leaders in Canberra this afternoon to try

to reach agreement on her

health reform deal. For reporter Julie Doyle joins us

from Canberra. The from Canberra. The situation

has changed somewhat since

Kevin Rudd sorted out his

health reform a year ago.

What are Julia Gillard's chances of getting today? You would have to today? You would have to say

her chances are reasonable.

You never know how COAG will

play out. She has taken out one of the most controversial

elements of Kevin Rudd's deal

and that was the GST claw back,

getting the States to hand over

around 30% of their GST. WA,

for example, never signed up to

that in the first place, so they had that. Also, the new Liberal Premier in Victoria Ted Baillieu had some concerns as

well. She has taken that

element out of the deal. There

are other issues to work there

as well. What she is saying as

part o the deal is from part o the deal is from 2014 the Commonwealth will share

50/50 the cost of future growth. There is growth. There is some concerns that need to be

addressed with how that will

play out. We will see that happening this afternoon. indications are there things

will run smoothly today? will run smoothly today? What

have we heard from the have we heard from the leaders, for example? They have been making some noises. making some noises. You would

have to say they are not going to lay their cards on table and put the bargaining positions out before the meeting. Anna

Bligh has said that she is not Bligh has said that she is not

going to sign anything today

until she has a good look at

things, so she could be some

delays there with getting

Queensland on board. NSW have

also said that they want to

make sure any of

the gains and extra beds they

got through the last got through the last agreement,

they want to make sure they

keep that. Some of the other smaller jurisdictions are

saying they want to make under this new arrangement they

are not worse off, that are not worse off, that the things they secured with Kevin

Rudd are maintained in the

respect they are not worse off

under the new deal. Some positive

positive noises coming from the

leaders when it comes to the GST claw back being taken out.

As I mentioned, other issues to

work through and we could see hours afternoon. Where is the Federal Opposition standing in all of

this? As we have seen in the

last few days, last few days, since the Prime Minister announced the changes

to this deal, the Opposition

has painted it as a humiliating

back down, a broken promise.

We have seen the comments from

Tony Abbott this is the biggest surrender since Singapore.

They are continuing to push the line that Julia Gillard has

backed down and ripped up Kevin

Rudd's deal. The Prime

Minister is trying to paint it differently, saying it is

important to get a national agreement and deal was never going to be a national one because of the

concerns from WA and Victoria,

for example. She says that

patients don't care where the money comes is there and as long as the services are there. She is

taking that line. If she does get

get agreement today, I am sure the

push this line, that it is a

back down and a phrase that

Tony Abbott used last week was saying that it was a and utter wipe out of the original deal. original deal. We could expect some more There has been a minor in the flood-ravaged town of There has been a minor miracle

Grantham. Precious photographs of two people drowned when their photographs of two people who

swept away were returned to a desperate relative who desperate relative who had

given up all hope of ever

finding them. At the back is a place where they keep

whose houses were flooded. Stuff that's worth nothing. four days, they have been

taking care of a box of carefully washed and wrapped photographs found by a farmer,

like a gift in the like a gift in the hope their

she walked in. owner could be traced. Finally

Fraser's family photographs had been found when been found when a wardrobe washed into a local's yard.

They were recovered floating by with drawers hanging out. He saw the Bess's sister Brenda and new few Josh who drowned. who was moving her car to higher ground, spoke to them as their house imploded. I had to

keep them calm. I didn't want them to them to be square scared. Brenda's house was swept Brenda's house was swept away with Josh and her carer Chris

Barrett inside. I rang straight back. None of the phones answered. gone. Now she has back the

snapshots of the happy moment.

Josh had the biggest smile.

Like his whole face lights

You could see him smile from behind. The

in the Lockyer Valley scaled back with seven people still

missing. Grantham devastated. cyclones. This place has been

has what she needs to keep her

sister and nephew a live in her

memory. This is life.

she went to her sister's funeral.

Still to come - all the latest

sports now with Tulsen Tollett. And, ahead by a nose. We will

take a look at the nasal take a look at the nasal cells

that may be a secret weapon that may be a secret weapon in treating childhood

A reminder of the top stories on ABC News 24 - Egypt's military authorities have re-affirmed the re-affirmed the country's commitment to its international treaties, implicitly confirming the country's Israel. The military also vowed to The Palestinian chief negotiator, Saeb led several rounds negotiator, Saeb Erekat, who

talks where Israel has led several rounds of peace

resigned. It comes after

in Pakistan has issued an documents were leaked. A court

president Pervez Musharraf over the assassination

Bhutto. Ms Bhutto was killed in a gun and bomb attack in

December 2007 after returning

to Pakistan to campaign in new

From Thai skaters to skiers in from the Middle East. The

Asian winter games is not your average top-flights sports competition. The edition has wrapped up Kazakhstan. Some warm weather edition has wrapped up in

countries are making

strides on the ice. Norm Hermant reports. Ice hockey strides on the ice. Norm an

skiers from Jordan. When it players from the Gulf. Alpine

comes to the unexpected, the Asian winter

beat. Asian winter games are hard to Kazakhstan drew more beat. This year's games in

thois athletes, many from countries thois athletes, many from countries who had never snow. The countries who had never seen asking how these snow. The other people are

coming to

they have a hot climate. It is

faced from the beginning. a question these games faced from the

imagined China and South Korea Back then,

power houses. would become speed skating

power would become speed skating from Singapore has been

watching. Together with his

Chinese coach, his goal is

Olympic glory. We Asians maybe

have a good opportunity to win

medals so I decided to start at

short track. There are more

than unlikely compet tors here.

combinations as well. For Some of the sports provide odd

instance, what would you get if

you froze a football pitch, put

two teams of 11 players on

skates and had them chase a

ball? Welcome to the world ball? Welcome to the world of

bandy. This is no more

strange than alpine skiing was

only a few decades ago when it

was introduced to northern

Asian countries. The body

behind these games winter sports success will soon

extend to the mountains as well. I believe so because

Asian countries participated

but more and more country, I

believe within the next 10

years you will see one of the

top standards in skiing from

will Asia. Those future champions

will join a whole generation of got their start at Asia's Asian

winter games. Time now for sport with Tulsen Tollett. picked up where they left off

last season. They have. The Premiers have been playing well

last night in their opening two games in the AFL's pre-season Cup in Melbourne. The Cup in Melbourne. The night started with Carlton taking started with Carlton taking on

Richmond with the Tigers

setting the early pace but

couldn't nail the opportunity

for early struck back to take the win. Collingwood wasted no time when

they took to the pitch, racing

out to an early lead with Chris

Dawes gaming three goals on the

way to the win. They downed

Carlton by seven points with new recruit Andrew Cracker

looking every thing the player

he is meant to be. The he is meant to be. The NRL All

Stars have avenge ed last

year's loss to the Indigenous

All Stars with a 28-12 win on

scored five tries to two in

front of a crowd of more than

25,000. Racing out to a 25,000. Racing out to a 22-6

half time lead, thanks to tries from Brett Morris, Paul Gallen, Shaun Kenny

Shaun Kenny Dowell and Akuila

Uate. As they sought to put the match away early. Ben

Barba put the Indigenous

on the scoreboard from a rubber

kick. The best try of the

night was left to last with Josh Dugan running on to a neatly timed Jennifer neatly timed Jennifer Metcalfe

pass to secure the win for the NRL side.

In the A-League Melbourne

Heart hasn't been able to give

John Aloisi and Josip Skoko a fairytale farewell. They drew

with Sydney FC. With his side

reduced to 10 men, Aloisi broke

a 1-all deadlock in the second

half of the match. A-League goal of the season was

a reminder of why he became the

first Australian to play in the

world's top three leagues in

England Italy and Spain.

Aloisi and Skoko received a

standing ovation from the crowd

in Melbourne

professional football careers.

Look, it has been an emotional

week when I realised we weren't

going to play finals. I going to play finals. I come to terms it was going to be my

last game of football as last game of football as a

had a professional. Today I think I

that before. It was day. I have never felt like

night to finish it on and I was

happy I could score too. Brisbane too. Brisbane Roar has beaten

League grand Sydney FC 2-1 to win the W

Sydney FC 2-1 to League grand finals. The visitors surprised the reigning premiers when they took the lead. lead. Sydney replied with a premiers when they took the

goal from Kylie Ledbrook.

lead. Sydney replied with goal from Kylie Ledbrook. The goal from Kylie goal from Kylie Ledbrook. The match winner goal from Kylie Ledbrook. The match winner came from match winner came from van ran

van mid - Lisa De Vanna midway

through the second half. is the goal that takes Brisbane to the lead. De Vanna given a yellow card for given a yellow card for her excursion into the stands but that mattered little

Brisbane as it held on to win

the title for the second time.

In the English Premier League, Manchester United has

maintained its four point lead at the top after Wayne at the top after Wayne Rooney

wonder goal saw them to a

victory over Manchester

continue their dominance over It was Manchester United who

their City rivals after Nani scored the opener. The visitors responded awarded deflected effort that was

was all about Wayne Rooney his overhead goal described by him as his best effort and made it to 10 goals in with a double for the Gunners. seven Premier League matches

That keeps them within touching distance of won 2-0 at home to wolves. Raul Morelles scored for Raul Morelles scored for the Merseysiders but Wigan struck back

back to take a share of the points, although

In domestic cricket, Victoria lead by 45 runs heading into day three of its match against Tasmania in

visitors got their visitors got their second

innings off to a good start innings off to a good start but

two late wickets yesterday

evened the match up. Boosted evened the match up.

by Ed Cowan's century, the Tigers posted a WA is innings heading into the fourth

and final day of their shield Warrors lead that match against SA in pet. The

Chinese ta pay's Yani Tseng holds a three stroke lead heading into the final round

the Gold Coast. The defending champion and seven Australians. Tseng got off to

a solid start and never looked back as she continued to birdies and give herself opportunity to this. Un like this. Un like mine. Stacy Lewis is best place Lewis is best place to shock after Dubai desert Woods is stroke off the Woods is stroke off the leaders with a tough final with a tough final round expected. Racing at Newbury in

Racing at Newbury in England has been abandoned after two

horses died in mysterious circumstances circumstances just as they were about to race. It is parade ring before race. It is thought an

electric charge might have come from underneath say it is

the lad is saying, 'I am

getting an electric shock getting an electric shock off

this horse', then the farrier

said the same. As a lay man,

you say that's what it was. Three horses, I saw three

myself and a lady said she saw a fourth horse, they a fourth horse, they were kicking out at something. In

rugby union the second week of

the six Nations has the six Nations has seen two games played overnight with

England and Wales winning their

respective matches. England thrashed the Italians 59-13 thrashed the Italians 59-13

with Ashton scoring four goals. Tomorrow morning, the weekend

is rounded off with Ireland

hosting France. There were matches in matches in both the NBL and

WNBL last night. In the NBL -

the Wildcats couldn't make it

two wins on the road. In the WNBL, there were wins for

Bendigo, Bulleen and Adelaide.

Perth Heat has levelled Perth Heat has levelled the

Australian baseball league best

of three grand final series by

winning game two against

Adelaide in Perth. The 9-2

win was headlined by an eighth

run fifth inning. He repeated

it with the bases loaded with

this long wide drifting this long wide drifting shot helped by a tail helped by a tail wind that

cleared the fence keeping ball and sundry Reigning V8 super car

champion James Courtney has won the second race of the the second race of the season opener in . A cloud band across the south

in a trough is causing patchy

rain and thunder over rain and thunder over the

interior. Cloud forming interior. Cloud forming over north-eastern NSW

rain to develop. Thick rain to develop. Thick cloud developing in the far north. For more details on For more details on the stories we are following today

and to send us your and to send us your comments

and pictures you can log into our web site. You are watching ABC News 24. In Yemen a pro-democracy march of

of some 2,000 of some 2,000 people inspired by by the Egyptian uprising has been broken up by police and government supporters. Protesters had gathered in the

main square of the capital city Sana'a to call for immediate resignation Witnesses say police, including plain plain clothes agents, drove several

away from the main square clubs and improvised weapons.

Hundreds of protesters had tried to reach the Egyptian embassy but security forces