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(generated from captions) A young policeman Sydney overnight dies in A young policeman shot in

hospital. I think this once

dangerous police work is. But again demonstrates how

also the professionalism that's displayed by all police

officers even though one of This Program is Captioned


gathering in All together again - MPs

negotiating the new-look gathering in Canberra to begin

Parliament. If we can't get

that support we will have to

negotiate other position s. But

that is the Naitanui ure of

negotiations. D>> nature of negotiations. BP's report into

the Gulf of Mexico oil spill slammed as self-serving. And champion goal kicker Brendon

after his Leighton Fevola's career looks doomed

suspension - after his latest


Good morning. You're watching auz News 24 O'Connor. A auz News 24 I'm Beverley

during a drug raid in Sydney's

south-west overnight has died

in hospital. Witnesses say

officers enter add flat in

Bankstown but quickly retreated

after several shots were

Firebirds. They were part of a taskforce searching for drugs. Dozens of Dozens of riot on the area and resident were Dozens of riot police descended

ordered to stay indoors. Eight

people have been taken in for still cordoned off as police questioning. The street is

continue their investigations.

Earlier our reporter Liv Casben

spoke to residents tarn flat where the siege

down side Said the scene was just

station and the shooting was down the road from the police

station and the shooting was an

unusual event for the area. What happened last night unusual event for the

was unusual. Is it a lot

quieter normally? It is very quite down here. Because the

cop sphaition is just down

here. So if anything happens the cop s will be here straight

away. So that is all But this is the first time we But this is the first time

heard someone who has within

shot, especially a

policeman. It was a shock.

don't Everyone was shocked. But we

don't know whether they caught

the guy, whether he was still

whether they escaped. So that running away. Which don't know

is pretty upsetting to you that a police officer has been in your neighbourhood? It was, a police officer has been shot

it was. We were surprised. We

didn't know - everyone was shocked, a shot. It was a shock. It was a

shot. It was a shock. It was a shot. It shocked, a placeman has been

shock. What we heard was

helicopters and sirens helicopters and sirens flying

past and, yeah, we just past and, yeah, we just didn't

know what was going on. But

it's normally a pretty area around here. I've lived

here 2.5 years. A bit of here 2.5 years. A bit of a shock - Shock that a police

officer was Sho shot? Yeah,

very sad. In other news the finger pointing in Labor has

started as MPs gathered in

Canberra for the first time

demanding the party's national since the election. Some are

secretary Karl demanding the party's national blaming him for the blaming him for the disastrous

Abbott has waste nod time campaign. Coalition leader Tony

Government illegitimate labelling Labor's minority

Education Minister Simon Crean Government illegitimate but says the Government is ready to prove its worth. By delivering

good government, by delivering policy out comes, by bidoing

seeking what we went to the election

seeking a mandate to do but

recognising that what the Australian

Australian public decided was a different nevertheless we're the party

that is able to form that is able to form the

Government. We can initiate the

legislation because we have agreements with Independents

and Greens that frame the

we went to context in which much of what

we went to the election with

would be developed and we will set about implechting

that. Melissa Clarke join s us

now from Canberra. We saw Simon

Crean very determined

can make this fragile

work. He is determined work. He is determined there.

He says that the Government can

find a way to get legislation

through and to prosecute agenda that they took to the election campaign. He election campaign. He says they

can move forward. He says they

they might have to change the way

they do things in Parliament.

He said there might be more negotiations before legislation

hits the chamber. So when the

drafts have been released drafts have been released or

prior to the legislation actually being fronted first and second readings which actually being fronted for

is some of the

to be seeing in the Senate

rather than in the lower house.

But he says that Government can indeed indeed go ahead with its

legislative ajend yai. Just

needs to operate a little

the other hand is reaffirming differently. needs to operate a little bit

today that its main priority

question will be keeping the Government account. So though the cross-bench MPs, the Government account. So even

Greens are saying that they

could work with the Coalition

to pass Coalition legislation

or get initiative in t initiatives that the Coalition st after if they work st after if they work with the cross-benches they could have the numbers in the numbers in both houses. The its Coalition has made its clear

its focus will be on keeping

the government to account. A And the Government saying that an's an obstruction

ist approach to take it. So it will interesting to see just

how it pance out when we do have Parliament recalled for

the first time in a few weeks

time. But ahead of that we have

the two parties meeting today

and if we start with first. and if we start with Labor

first. Rod Cameron has been

highly critical of the way the

campaign was run and in doubt

that dy jeks -dy section will start later on he is not alone. During the election campaign there was

criticism of the way the

national security Karl Bitar

had run this campaign. I think the fact that Julia Gillard

talked about changing the

campaign strategy halfway

through was probably an admission from here as well that

that things hadn't been going

as well as they could as well as they could have. There's now going to be There's now going to be an internal Labor review of the

election campaign. There are certainly some calling for Karl Bitar to leave., given Bitar to leave., given they nearly lost to to pre-empt the outcome of the review and there is certainly doesn't appear to be the faction al backing to oust him, at least not at this at least not at this stage. So there's that going on in the

background and then there's background and then there's the Labor Caucus meeting

there will be the first time

for new MPs and for Julia

Gillard to talk to her lots of

colleagues as she tries to

decide what her new frontbench

will decide. She has to

consider what to do consider what to do with Kevin Rudd. Rob Oakeshott has to get

back to her about whether or

not he will take Australian frontbench position and

is the portfolios of defence and Finance and Finance and veterans

affairs that is now open as

well. So she has a lot to

figure out in the next couple o

of days >>n and Tony Abbott likely to be hailed likely to be hailed a hero in his party room his party room meeting? We can

expect to be him to be

re-elected un oppose since he

did ever so much better in this

election campaign than was

expected six months ago. Julie Bishop should be elected un

opposed since Andrew Robb

decided not to soundings about making a challenge any further. Liberal

MP don Randall has described

Andrew Robb's movers to think

about taking over the deputy position as a brain snap. This

morning. Which props praps go

goes to show there is not the

appetite for a leadership change in the party at change in the party at this time. They're looking to present as present as stable alternative

to the minority government to the minority government and

changing leadership team s

wouldn't help achieve that. So those top positions are safe but there is jockeying for some of the err but there is likely to be some position, certainly the junior backbenchers would like to see the oldest more experienced

frontbenchers make way for new blood. So Tony Abbott will have

to decide how extensive his to decide how extensive his own reshuffle willing be. A reshuffle willing be. A new poll shows Queensland voters

are turning their back odges State Labor and heading to the

Greens. Labor's primary vote

has plunged to a new low of 29%, Premier Anna Bligh's satisfaction rating has satisfaction rating has also

tumble ed to just 26%. In Victoria,

Shepparton are beginning to

decline but concern is growing about the Murray River town of

Echuca. Emergency workers are

also keeping a close eye also keeping a close eye on a badly badged levee holding back

waters at Wangaratta. River

level rexs pected to remain

high with more rain forecast

over the next two

days. Reporter Tony Nicholls is near Shepparton and he filed

this report a short time ago. Victoria's worst floods in

15 years has put billion of

litres of water into the Victoria. I'm in she shep

Victoria. I'm in she shep nep a

red gum eucalypt forest. If it

wasn't for this rain, after 10

year of drought surely this

forest would die. We're joined

by Keith warden here. He's been

dip netting this morning having

a look at the ecology, look at its revive al and only a its revive al and only a few days after the floods we

days after the floods we can

see things are on the mend already. Keith, what can you

see here? I've only see here? I've only taken three

dip nets an already we have a native fish

grown called a gujon and a range of small bugs that are

responding to this flooding. I

it is just remarkable. So as

far as the food chain far as the food chain goes I am

assume ing these fish are fodder for birds? Yeah, birds are start

are start to breed on this because the fish will start to

explode in numbers. Not only the small native fish the small native fish but the

large native fish line cello

belly and kod will be doing - cod will be doing particularly

well. Tell us about the vegetation interest depends on flooding.

So where some people say this is the worst flooding for a

number of years I say it's number of years I say it's the

best flood norg a number of years. And the red gum tree

also respond and get back a bit

of health that they've lost over

over the drought. And a around over the drought. And a around

of wetland vegetation will

certainly boom with this flows.

A lot of the weeds will start to basically melt under the

water and be replaced and it's

in boom and bust which makes a

wetland so

think that this weather think that this weather event

is simply harking back to years

gone by where these flood plains flooded as a

the return of the rains

certainly is certainly is more than welcome. The flood plains

always act as an absorption of

excess floes and that's why I

think we will always have quite

large floe events that occur

and while we're not building on

flood plains in the spots. The type of spots. The type of flooding that we're getting sort of that we're getting sort of has

been - the drought I should say has been man induced drought has been man induced drought in that we've had

component but but with dams and reservoirs to hold back the

water. So the environment is

getting a double Whitlamy in

terms of a drought so when we

do get a flood we try to make

the most of it. Enjoy the wet. Thank you. Concern now

looks toward mosquito looks toward mosquito borne

viruses which thrive when water the community is being warned to be vigilant and keep plenty

of mosquito repellant on and

arm their homes ensuring arm their homes ensuring fly

screens are intact. Overseas the past or of a Florida

evangelical church is planning to mark

to mark the anniversary of to mark the anniversary of the

September 11 terror attacks

with the bonfire of Islamic holy

holy books. Erlier we spoke to

Lisa Millar about past or

Jones's defiance in the face

pouring down upon him and his

small band of followers from

around the world. But he held a

press conference a little while ago and seemed to be determined

to go ahead to go ahead with this fire,

this boon fire which apparently the local fire department the local fire department in gainsville, Florida are gainsville, Florida are yet to

give approve al for. So he does

have a bit of bureaucracy to get through. He is quite

determined and staring down the

condemnation from the UN, from NATO, from America's commander in Afghanistan, commander in commander in Afghanistan, and interest ingly I think we're

getting a hint of what direction the State Department and and Hillary Clinton are and Hillary Clinton are trying

to come at with to come at with this argument. Hillary argument. Hillary Clinton last night said it was disappointing

that out of a couldn'try of 310

million - count d - country of

310 million that one person

with 50 followers in an obscure church was gaining worldwide attention. That was the theme

we heard from the State

Department today, painting this group as a fringe church,

painting this group

church, as not having any great following or impact here and

certainly of not representing

the general sentiment here in

the US. How is Terry Jones

justify bhag he plans to do? -

justifying what he plans to do? For many years he has do? For many years he has with

his chush church the Dove cap

Sea World outreach centre Sea World outreach centre

evangelical church, for many

years he has been suggesting

that radical Islam is evil and he seems to paint all Islam as

radical Islam. And therefore on

an Internet website on his own

church website holds up a copy

of the Koran and says that this

is the book that caused

September 11. And that there

are some people in the world that you have to force that kind of sentiment to get them that you have to force that kind

to stop. But he was actually

asked by one commentator, as many Christians in this country

use as one of their saying,

"What do you think Jesus question and he said, would do question and he said, "Jesus

investigation would do the same thing." BP's

Mexico oil spill says other count companies should spare responsibility for the

disaster. The BP report blames

a combination of a combination of human a combination of human error and mechanical fail and mechanical fail ure for the

explosion and spill at the Deep

water horizon rig in Louisiana. Robert Preston report. April

20 this year, the wos oil disaster in American history.

11 deaths. Oil leaking into the Gulf of Mexico for 87 days. At

last we have the first detailed

explanation from a company that most blame for

most blame for the disaster -

BP. This is an animated reconstruction of the tragic

accident aboard the Deep water

horizon. While BP catalogues

safety kit that didn't work, pressure tests that were pressure tests that were mis

interpreted, oil and gas that

went where it shouldn't have

gone and ultimately a fail-safe

shutdown system or bureauout

well prevent they're didn't shut the

well down. There are very few part of this enormous part of this absolutely

explicit ly admits they got it

wrong. I guess the wrong. I guess the company feels it has too much to lose from the other investigations

it faces and a whole series of court cases. The game, however, is given away in this is given away in this final section on investigation

recommendations. It calls recommendations. It calls for improvements to procedures and

engineers technical engineers technical practices. It wants the capability It wants the capability and

competency of staff to be

improve and perhaps most

important of all it calls on BP

to snow greatest and - to snow greatest and - greater hugs and better

and better oversight of hugs the Halliburton, the

Transoceans that work for BP,: It's very much a case of sharing the blame. responsibility but they've

they feel has a responsibility clearly identified who else

to bear. BP points to bear. BP points the finger

at inadequate cementing of the

well by Halliburton and bis employees of Transocean well by Halliburton and mistake

which opened and operated the rig for wp p BP. Both

Halliburton and Transocean

today hit back at BP but would

be BP be off the hook its contractsors were contractsors were at fault? Who

is the ultd meat client? BP is

the ultimate client and it should should be ensuring flu contract has the contract has the management

structures both within its own

company and its contractors are adequate. So what is the

verdict of BP's out going chief executive, Tony Heywood? It would appear unlike lil that

the well design contributed to

the incident, he said today.

Which matters because if the

would be liable for an decision well design was flawed, wp

would be liable for an decision

the ?21 billion oil spill costs al ?10 billion fines on top of

they expect to incure. Others

say Mr Heywood was wrong and it

means that just as the sit zebs

of the gulf coast don't yet

know how much damage has been

wreaked by the oil spill, so

too BP will be living with too BP will be living with sun

certainties for years about the final lucky escape for the passengers final bill. There's been a lucky escape for

and crew of a Russian plane

which crashed in the Siberian

forest. The plane was forced to

make an emergency landing at a disused air field after a system failure. It overshot the

runway, ploughing into a nearby forest. All 72 passengers and

nine crew survived without

serious injuries. If you would like to send us like to send us your feedback

on any of on any of the stories we've

cover ing today, you can email or send Tex messages.

Now to our top stories

this morning - A policeman during a drug raid in in Sydney's south-west has died during a drug raid in Bankstown

questioning in hospital. Police are now in hospital. Police are

questioning eight men. MPs are

back in Canberra for the first

time since the election. Some time since the election. Some

in Labor are calling for

national secretary Karl Bitar

to resign. They're blaming foim

hymn for disastrous cape - sh

him for the disastrous

campaign. And internal investigation by BP

Mexico oil spill but one

company named in the report

accuses BP of being self-serving.

self-serving. To finance news

out of Christchurch's and there is one silver lining

devastating earthquake. Economists are predicting a

boom for the construction

industry as the shattered city industry as the shattered city rebuilds. Around 100 thousand

house have been damaged along

with roads and other infrastructure. The multibillion-dollar damage Zealand's share market. Foster Zealand's share market. Foster has rejected a bid by a has rejected a bid by a private

equity firm to buy its wine

business. It says the billion offer for Treasury Wine business. It says the $2.7

E-Tats is not enough. Fosters shares jumped almost 4.5%, its

highest close in more than 2.5%

years. Let'slic at how the markets fed. The Dow closed Upson.

The Australian dollar is

buying 91 US cents. It's approaching It's approaching that

time of year when mango time of year when mango madness

takes over much of the Northern Territory. But un Territory. But un seasonal

weather is

force mango growers. And likely to result in fewer

mangos this year. The first tray of this season's mangoes

went under the haminer Sydney today. 14 of a today. 14 of the juiciest from

a farm in Darwin sold to the

highest bidiner the name

highest bidiner the name of charity. $20,000 - can I say,

charity. $20,000 - can I say, 20 I've got. 20,000 dollars in front. The tray sold for

$30,000. More than $2,000 her mango, mango, a share price growers could Destruction in the pert has could normally only dream Destruction in the pert has - -

territory has slumped dug to a late wet season storms. Storms late wet season and recent storms. Storms have hampered flowering and affect ed the flowering and affect ed the quality of fruit. Some ar chards are not too bad and

others are very low. I am

of thinking that it will be down somewhat on last year's

record. While prices remain

steady at around $40 per tray,

demand is low and biers are

shieg away from bulk order but farmers are keeping a watchful

eye on the eye scies. If pick up stays away, production should

pick up latest this

movement We're looking forward

to good demand, good prices and hopefully although the yield s

will be down a lift in will be down a lift in price will compensate. Mango will compensate. Mango lover s

will be hoping that price

doesn't come close to that of

the season's first the season's first fruit. None of us could None of us could afford them! With all the day's them! With all the day's sport here is Paul Kennedy. Good morning. Brendon Fevola will learn

about what the future holds for

him perhaps. He released a him perhaps. He released

statement late yesterday saying he

against him. That of he denies any allegations made

game came from a member against him. That of course

public, contacted the club and game came from a member of the

hid said he had entdine let in

decently exposed him. The

police and the AFL are into it police and the AFL are looking

into it and he le mains

suspended. Let's hear from the

AFL operations manager Andriyian Anderson. The

moment is to important thing for us at the

of this and to do that in a way that moment is to get to the bottom of that doesn't inteereer with the Queensland Police investigation. So we will have

a bit more to say about that in

due course but the important

thing at the moment is to get the facts straight. We have spoken with Queensland Police, we have spoken we have spoken with the Lions

and we have spoken with the woman concerned and

husband. The AFL doesn't tolerate and won'tollate inappropriate or indecent behaviour towards women. Adrian

the US Open. There's been US Open quarterfinals played in the US Open. There's been two

New York this morning. Vera

Zvonareva has won her match and gone through to the semifinal. Zvonareva has won her match and


Estonia and the Russian now

looks to be a very formidable opponent for anyone. She comes

up against. She's through to the semis. Now Gael Monfils from France who was in great form has been soundly beaten by Novak Djokovic in a quarterfinal. Djokovic struggled in the first set but

will now through and play the will now through and play the win eof today's match between win eof today's match Roger Federer and Robin Soderling. Samantha Stosur is

still coming to terms still coming to terms with

bowing out of the US Open. She

lost to Kim Clijsters in a terrific match yesterday. And her quarterfinal result was

good as she said, but she was hoping for more. Let's hear

from her now.

COMMENTATOR: And finishing it with an ace.

with an ace. The defending champion had to fight hard and

in the end too good for Australia's Sam Stosur. M am

happy to make to happy to make to it the

quarter, it's by far my best

result here: But I am going to

be disappointed about that one.

You can't break serve and have

chance after chance after chance after

chance and blow it in a quarterfinal. It's just too big

an opportunity to kind of let go go and unfortunately that's go and unfortunately that's what I did today. You've heard

of mango madness in the

Northern Territory, let's go to

basketball madness now in

Turkey and as the world

championships Serbia's knocked

out Spain, the reigning world championship and it did so with

a kuchle of big bombs. Comment

comment it's a 3-point comment it's a 3-point shooter. Can you believe it? Can you believe it? 8, 7 on Can you believe it? 8, 7 on the

shot clock, it's white knuckle time, baby. Fasten time, baby. Fasten your

seatbelts! Teodosic hits the 3!

Serbia have taken a 3-point

lead! He loses it, Serbia have

upset the world and European championship

championship s Spain. They have knocked knocked out one of the great teams at this world

teams at this world

championship. They deserve it

without question. No word will

Paul the octopus has been

tipping the champions tipping the champions but

Spain's great run this year in sport has come to an end in

basketball. Just a quick comment on the women's side of the US

the US Open - it was this time last year to remember the controversy with Serena Williams and making all sorts of threats against a lines woman. It's been tame this year. Serena Williams is year. Serena Williams is not

there. Her sister is still in

the competition. Gives others a

clear run

That's one time you have an opportunity to get through without having to get over

Serena Williams. Clijsters is

still there, Woznicaki is on

court this morning: She looks

like the one to beat at the

moment. Maybe if she plays Clijsters in the final Clijsters in the final that

would be a great match-up. I always barrack for the Willmott

sisters. I will see how far Venus Venus goes. Magnificent athletes. Vanessa O'Hanlon now joins us with all the day's

weather details. The SES are

now concentrating on the Murray

River town of Echuca and Corang with flood with flood waters expected to reach Echuca tomorrow night. Around the country and another

rain band is moving into the east as a trough crosses over the interior the interior into the south-east. Spreading howerses

and storms. Cloudy as a front

trofl traxs along SA and Victoria's South Coast Victoria's South Coast and

another second front is causing blustery showers in WA. Over if next couple of days, moderate

rainfalls are possible in Queensland, NSW Queensland, NSW and across

northern Victoria. This trough moves further east and by tomorrow night it will

to sea. A front will bring a late cold change to the south-east

south-east with plenty of snow.

Tomorrow we will see about 10

to 20cm. In Queensland show

owners to tropical north coast, thunder ry rain in thunder ry rain in the south-east. In NSW, showers in the patchy rain spreading the north patchy rain spreading across the State. Drizzle the State. Drizzle this morning in the north and also over the flood affected north-east.

We've seen around 2mm in some parts but nothing too

significant. Tasmania - patchy

light rain increasing this

afternoon and evening. SA

patches of heavy rain over the south-east. Ending the morning

with over 14mm at Mount Crawford, a

Crawford, a gusty south-westerly changed is plush pushing through the State.

Squally winds near the west and South Coast. In the north licelated showers through the

interior, Pilbara and x interior, Pilbara and x -- Pilbara, and Kimberley. A Pilbara, and Kimberley. A gusty

wet day across the southern parts of the

That's a round up of the

morning news yo. You can morning news yo. You can stay tuned to ABC News 24 and ABC Online throughout the day. For

a look at all the major international news stories is coming up on

See you tomorrow. Thanks for your company. Goodbye.

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