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Tonight - Sydney's deluge.

Swollen rivers and dramatic

rescues Just holding on, waiting, yelling, doing

anything. A rise in drug

seizures, but are they making a

difference? No, there is no way

whether weir of knowing whether

we're winning the fight. We

just remain vigilant. And Shaun

Tait in a Twenty20

thriller. Good evening. Jeremy

Fernandez with ABC News. They

started two days ago and

they're not going away soon.

Storms have been battering Sydney, the Blue Mountains and

the coast. They've brought

lightning strikes on buildings,

led to roads being cut and this

morning saw the dramatic rescue

of a couple who were swept away

in a swollen river. The storms

have been good news for

Sydney's dam catchments, but

also a challenging time for emergency services. A

firefighter dives in to clear a

blocked drain after flash

flooding trapped one car and

caused traffic chaos Got to be

a little bit careful bus the

suction, once you clear a

hole... There were extremely

heavy falls in a short period

in the Blue Mountains in

Sydney's west where 41mm fell

in just half an hour. As

thunderstorms swept across the

State, lightning struck

buildings, forcing the

evacuation of a block of units

in Sydney's Hillsdale Oh, God,

it's like someone bombed

here. It was a similar story in

the Illawarra where a lightning

bolt took out the ABC studios

in Wollongong I could feel the

whole building rattling and I

ran outside to see if I could

see what it was that had been

hit and it turned out it was

us. The SES has taken more than

450 calls since yesterday. Most

of the jobs have been related

to flood inundation where

waters have come into the

houses. Police say while there

have been no serious car

accidents, there have been

dozens of minor crashes. They're really not

raising their level of

awareness considering the

conditions out here. Today saw

a dramatic rescue in the houks

bring after a man and a woman

were thrown into the

water. Just holding on,

yelling, waiting, doing

anything. It's all good news

for the catchment areas, in the

24 hours to this morning:

The weather bureau says the

rain will continue for another

week and severe thunderstorm

warnings remain in place for

the north coast and the Hunter

Valley But further inland out

to the west of the divide,

thunderstorms are more likely that's where the showers and

to be. And while a lot of

outdoor activities have been

washed out, there are those

making hay when the sun doesn't

shine. Suicide bombers have

struck a bus load of Shi'ite

pilgrims in Pakistan and staged

a second attack at the hospital

where the victims were being

treated. The first blast was aimed at pilgrims travelling to

a religious gathering in

Karachi. 12 people were killed.

Most of the victims were women

and children. Two hours later,

a second explosion outside a

hospital emergency ward killed

another 13 people.

EXPLOSION The victims

included the relatives of those

who were hurt in the first

attack. In Iraq, Shi'ite

pilgrims celebrating the same

religious festival were

targeted by terrorists. At

least 42 people decide when a

car bomb exploded alongside

people walking to the holy city

of Karbala. The State is

claiming a big win against

drugs. A rise in illicit

substances seizes over the past

year, but experts say that

doesn't mean the war against

drug use is being won. On

paper, the anti-drug effort is

a success with the New South

Wales police hauling in almost

$267 million worth of illicit

substances in 2009. That is

having an enormous effect on

the drug trade. I want to congratulate the police for

this terrific work. The haul

included more than $191 million

worth of cannabis which remains

the drug of choice. The number

of plants seized rose in 2009.

There was a big leap in heroin

and cocaine. Morphett fets such

as speed and ice were seized

and although the amount of MDMA

or ecstasy was lower, police

say the number of arrests in

that category actually rose,

but the drug Squad concedes

there is no way of knowing if

the bigger total affects a

greater amount of drugs on the

market. There is no way of

knowing whether we're winning

the fight. We remain vigilant.

If we didn't do this, I'm sure

the drug problem would be

greater than what it is. The

Minister seems more

confident. It is very important

how we define winning the war

against drugs. That is, for

example, 24 million hits of

heroin that will not find their

way onto the street. 24 million

hits of heroin that will keep

people out of hospital. But

hospital-based experts

challenge that claim. If there

has been a huge drug seizure,

people expect, the drug

traffickers expect that prices

will go up, so they flood more

drugs into that area. Dr Wodak

says the Government's strategy

has to change. We get good

returns on harm reduction, we

get good returns on drug

treatment. We get very poor

returns, counter-productive

impact investing so heavily in

drug law enforcement. But the

Minister says the police won't

be giving up their war on drugs. The Queensland Government says it has signed

Australia's biggest coal deal

with China. The $70 billion

project will see tens of

millions of tonnes of coal

exported from Central

Queensland within four years.

Supporters say it will provide

a jobs bonanza, but conservationists warn it is

another nail in the coffin in

the fight against climate

change. Mining magnate Clive

Palmer and the Queensland

Premier say it is a coal

project of mammoth

proportions. Australia's

largest export contract,

certainly the biggest in

Queensland's history. 40 million tonnes would be

exported annually to one of

China's largest electricity

makers. What we now have is a

signed 20-year agreement. The

billionaire's company,

Resourcehouse will get the coal

from a proposed mine near Alpha in Central Queensland's

galleyia basin. It will be

exported via a coal terminal at

Abbot Point near Bowen. China

have given us initial approval

of a $5.6 billion loan. The

Queensland Government say it is

will get half a billion dollars

in royalties a year, creating

massive employment

opportunities. What this

project means is direct jobs

for some 7,500 people. Green groups, though r seeing

red. The only way they know to

provide jobs is to kill the planet. The Conservation

Council says the world needs to

reduce carbon emissions. This

is announcement is a prime

example that the State of

Queensland Government is in denial about climate change.

Snoot The challenge for all of

us around the world is to make

coal a cleaner-burning

fuel. Anna Bligh says the

Government is putting money

into that research and the new

mine will be subject to strict

environmental guidelines. The

announcement brought together

two unlikely allies. The Mr

Palmer's long-running

defamation suit against the

Premier didn't spoil the

party. REPORTER: Why don't you

kiss and make up. She is a

married woman and I'm from a

conservative party. It's

amazing what money can do.

Police in Melbourne have

arrested a man they believe is

responsible for three separate

knife attacks over a 24-hour

period. The man was arrested

after a 40-minute police chase

this afternoon. Police hope it

brings an end to a two-day crime spree against women in

the area. The man was arrested

near Tullamarine Airport late

this afternoon. Police say a

member of the public noticed

him driving a stolen car. Police pursued and eventually

he pulled over. This afternoon

we've managed to arrest a

38-year-old male, long-term

resident of Melton, in relation

to a number of car-jackings and

armed robberies. His arrest

ends a two-day long crime spree

which began on Thursday when he allegedly threatened a mother

and her 3-year-old daughter in

Melton West. He took all my

control away. You're meant to

be able to protect your kids

and I couldn't. Police say the

man struck again yesterday,

jumping into a car at the

Burnside shopping centre and threatening the female driver

with a knife. He forced her to

drive to a nearby service

station before letting her go.

Police say just two hours

earlier the same man also

robbed a woman at knife point

at an ATM When you consider

you've got someone out there

with a knife who is prepared to

attack three women who are out

and about just minding their

own business offer a 24-hour

period, then, yes, that is a

great concern to us. Earlier

today police found the man's

first stolen car dumped in a

suburban street, sparking a

warning for female residents

not to walk around alone I was

thinking he was down a street

here. You don't know. My wife

could be walking the kids, with

the pram and you just don't

know. It is a bit scary, you

know. Police say the man is

probably a drug addict who was

desperate for money. On the eve

of the first anniversary of the

Black Saturday bushfires, many

of those affected have been

trying hard to forget the

tragedy that shattered their

lives. Putting aside the

painful memories was made

easier for some with two of the

worst affected bushfire

communities lifting spirits

with a cricket match. Kinglake and Marysville went

head-to-head on Marysville

Gallipoli Oval, the same location for tomorrow's

service. The sun was shining

and the crowd was a little thin

on the ground, but for the

players, this match was a

welcomed distraction Once you

cross that line, you forget about everything else that has

happened. We might be hacks,

but we still get a bit of

white-line fever. Whether the

game was purposely schedule or

pure coincidence, players were

comforted by the timing. I've

already informed them we're not

coming off there unless we're

winners, so that's how it's got

to be. And win they did. As

Marysville strode to victory,

the backdrop of their battered

community continues to take

shape. Construction work is

happening in every corner of

the town. Playing on this oval

now has a very real

significance. One year ago it

was a safe haven for many of

those who survive ed the deadly

bushfire. Tomorrow it will host

mare Rhys ville's first

memorial service. Some of the

Black Saturday fires were

deliberately lit and Victorian

police are using the

anniversary to announce a

crackdown on arsonists of Don't

light fires on high-fire days,

we're watching, the community

is watching. There is a very

strong likelihood you will get

caught. As commemorative

services take place around

Victoria tomorrow, these three

men will be pounding the

pavement. They will each run a

gruelling 220km around Port

Phillip Bay to raise money for

bushfire survivors It is a long

way, but we are well-tuned

athletes. We all did

essentially five marathons last

year, but the interesting thing

is this is five marathons in

two days. After a minor hiccup

this morning... You've gone the

wrong way! ..they were on their

way. We will have full coverage

of the Black Saturday

commemorations and services in

ABC News tomorrow night. Don't miss 'Inside the Firestorm',

the story of Australia's most devastating bushfires seen

through the eyes of those who

were there. That's at 8:30

tomorrow night on

ABC1. Northern Ireland's most -

two main parties, Sinn Fein and

the Democratic Unionist Party

have agreed that policing and

justice powers should be handed

to Belfast by April. The deal

to transfer the key remaining

powers from London is being

hailed as a landmark decision

for the peace process and a

major step towards everlasting

peace. Philip Williams reports. Just before midnight

the deal was finally struck. 10

days and 10 long nights after

negotiations began . With news

of a breakthrough, the British

and Irish Prime Ministers rshed

to Belfast, the political ducks

now all in a row. Let it be

said of times to come, that

after decades of violence,

years of talks, weeks of stalemate, this is the day we

have secured the future. It is

a grand hope for a political

process where crisis often

seems the northerly, but with

both sides of the power-sharing

government now agreed on the

transfer of police and justice

powers to Northern Ireland,

tensions have defused, even to

the point where weary negotiators could joke about a

new sport for the 2012

Olympics If we can agree that

negotiating could be included

as one of the sports, we will

enter a team


We will lift the gold medal LAUGHTER

And then we'll enter into negotiations about what flag

and national anthem should be

LAUGHTER played.

. There is also to be a new

body to monitor and approve the

marches that so antagonise both

sides and while some sections

of the unionist cause are

sceptical of this agreement,

Sinn Fein's Gerry Adams is

elated. This is a wonderful

opportunity. We should seize it

and move forward. There are other things to be done. This

isn't the end of a road. We're

on a journ my, this is another

staging post, another bus stop,

another, I suppose,

signpost. But despite the

handshakes and smiles,

signposts in Northern Ireland

have sometimes led to dead

ends. But for the moment, the

peace process is a work in

progress, not par ral sis.

shall rahhal sis. In Work in

progress, not paralysis. In

Britain, four politicians have

been accused of rorting their

expenses. Three Labour MPs and

a Conservative member of the

House of Lords have been

charged. Their charges include

a claim for mortgage that had

already been paid off. All four

say they are insent and will

fight to clear their names. But

the party leaders say it's up

to the courts to decide. These

are very serious criminal

allegations. All criminal

allegations have got to be

investigated. It is a matter

now for the courts. We've got

to get rid of that old

politics. Defence lawyers say

they will argue the politicians

are protected by parliamentary

privilege. The accused men face

up to 7 years in prison if

they're convicted. The

President of Toyota has

apologised for safety problems affecting his company's

products, and he has assured

customers that Toyotas are safe

to drive. Akio Toyoda is the

grandson of the company's

founder. He has acknowledged

that faulty accelerator pedals

have caused problems for Toyota

drivers. Believe me, Toyota is

for safety, but we are trying

to increase our product better,

so, this kind of procedure is

good for the customers. The

company's managers have been

criticised for not tackling the

prem problems earlier. More

than 8 million Toyotas have

been recalled worldwide because

of the faulty accelerator

pedals. The company is also investigating reports there

have been brake problems in its

Prius model. It's touted as a

glamorous job that many

Japanese girls aspire to, but

for the many hostesses who entertain patrons in swanky

Toke clubs, it is a job of

harassment. Now they're forming

together to create a union.

Mark Willacy reports from

Tokyo. From pouring ex-or by

tantly priced drinks, making

easy conversation and laughing

at every joke, there is no such

thing as easy money when you

work as a Tokyo hostess. For a

start, these nightclub

employees often have their

wages with held by Creek

crooked managers for failing to

exceed sales target.

TRANSLATION: They can take a

lot of money from the girls,

saying it's for hair or make up

or being late. In some cases,

they can withhold hundreds of

dollars a day. For Yu Negoro,

she knows about the it rife in

industry. So together with some

colleagues, she has formed

Kyabakura, called the hostess

union Some girls are angry,

others are psychologically

damaged. This is Kabukicho,

Tokyo's underbelly. This red

light district is home to many

of the city's hostess bars. It

is an industry which has

largely escaped official

scrutiny which means few, if

any, protections. As this

footage shows, the union has

already confronted some club

managers about the rough

treatment of their hostesses,

but with the Japanese economy

still stuck in a rut, more and

more women aring abused and discarded. TRANSLATION: They keep the

beautiful girls who are popular

with the customers and fire the

girls whose sales figures are

down. While surveys in Japan

show many young women aspire to

work as hostesses, the new

union wants to show in this

industry there is no such thing

as an easy meal ticket.

It's a long way to the top

if you want to rock 'n' roll -

that's how the song goes,

anyway, but for AC/DC it has

become more of the case of

being on top for a long, long

time. The rock group has

arrived for an Australian tour

that will be seen by 600,000

people. It was the dreariest of

entrances for rock 'n' roll

superstars Brian Johnston and

Angus Young. How are you? As you can see, we brought the

good weather. But when you sell

half a million tickets in 3

hours, you don't need to try

hard to impress.

SONG: # It's a long way to the top

# If you want to rock 'n' roll... #

AC/DC first shot to

superstardom with the release

of their second album recorded

in Melbourne in 1976. A few

years back, just a short

distance away, a lane was named

in the band's honour. These

days, AC/DC performs in cricket

grounds and football stadiums.

In New Zealand, one in every 40

people turned out to see the

band. In Australia, the ratio

will be one in 35. No wonder

the promoters are smiling. I

think they've crossed a whole

new audience now of having

three generations of people -

father and the it's the 15-year-old, the

grandfather. Lead singer Brian

Johnston is now just a few

years off being eligible for a

seniors card. Have you been

talked out of

retirement? Retirement? I'm not

going to retire. I would get

beaten up by the boys!. The old

rockers are taking precautions.

These days they take oxygen

masks on stage Some of the gigs

we've been doing, it's 100

degrees on the stage and no air

in the place. It seems, though,

you're never too old to dance

across the stage in a school

uniform. The speedster Shaun

Tait last night bowled the

fastest delivery ever seen in

Australia in his team's two-run

win in the Twenty20 game

against Pakistan. Tait was

clocked at 160.7km/h and took

three wickets in a Man of the

Match display as Pakistan ended

its miserable tour without a

victory. When Shaun Tait

started with a 156km/h

delivery, wicket keeper Brad

Haddin knew something special

was happening Hold onto your

seats. I reckon we will seat

the quickest ball ever. Tate's

third ball was 160.7

thunderbolt, the quickest in Australia since the

introduction of the speed gun. The South Australian fell

just short of the world record

of 161.3 held by Pakistani

Shoaib Akhtar and is third on

the all-time list behind Akhtar

and Brett Lee of I'm not sure

how those other two boys bowled

quicker than that because I

almost killed myself out

there. The superb figures of

3/13 off 4 overs. Earlier

Pakistan had saved its best

fielding effort for the final

game of the tour. Australia's

deep batting line-up was all at

sea against the world Twenty20

champions. The home team

managed only 127. Pakistan was cruising towards its only win

of the summer as Kamran Akmal

went on at tack Downtown!. But

when cam ran fell for 64, the tourists started to stumble

with the finish line in sight.

Captain Michael Clarke's faith

in young leg spinner Steve

Smith produced two wickets. Great captaincy, great

bowling and Australia back in

it. When Umar Akhmal departed

early in the final over, so did

his team's hopes. #25i-run loss

ends a trying tour A fantastic

result for us. Our energy in

the field and the way the

bowlers performed is outstanding. The West Indies

will be trying to prevent an

Australian sleen sweep of the

summer when its five-game

one-game series starts to. It

should be even Stevens going

into this game. But the West

Indies are depleted with key

players, Dwayne Bravo and

Shivnarine Chanderpaul and

Ramnaresh Sarwan out of the

tour due to injury. Melbourne

Victory is back on top of the

A-League ladder after hernd

hernd hernd struck twice

against North Queensland last

night. The win puts Melbourne 3

points clear of the Gold Coast

which takes on Wellington

tomorrow night. Tonight's game

between the Central Coast and

Newcastle has been postponed

because of the wet weather.

Last night Melbourne's victory

was soured after Matthew Kemp

suffered a season-ending

injury. Melbourne have been

rocked by injuries for most of

the season and that trend

continued last night after

Matthew Kemp's knee collapsed

in the opening minute against

the Fury Oh, dear, that looks painful. Kemp Kemp bravely

returned to the field after a

brief stint on the sideline,

but the damage had been done

and the news after the match

was just as bad. We strongly

suspect he has done his ACL which will put him out for the

year. It has been a year of

injuries for us, but our squad

keeps backing up. Melbourne

opened the scoring after Carlos Hernandez was able to thread

the needle. COMMENTATOR: That

is brilliant! How on earth did

he score from there? Hernandez

struck again midway through the

second half to put the result

beyond doubt. He scored another

screamer, hernd hernd hernd! He

is on fire. Carlos Hernandez.

He is on fire tonight. Robbie

cruise has picked up other

shoulder injury after being crunched in the second half.

England's soccer captain John

Terry has been sacked because

of an affair he had with a

team-mate's former girl trend.

He has been England's captain

since 2008 but the revelations

of his extra marital affair

with Vanessa Perroncel created

a media storm. Perroncel is the

former partner of Wayne Bridge.

The decision to strip Terry of

the captaincy was made by Fabio

Capello. He said he had had to

consider the best interests of

the England team. The

Manchester United defend er

Kurt Fearnley will take over as

captain. PNG's notoriously aggressive

bus drivers are being offered

the chance to win tickets to

the NRL Grand Final if they improve their behaviour on the

road and the scheme is proving

to be in a big hit in the rugby

league-mad nation. Liam Fox

reports. Most people in Papua

New Guinea get around on buses

called public motor vehicles or

MMVs, but it is a d - or PMVs,

but it is a journey that can be

fraught with danger. PMV

drivers are notorious for

speeding, drunk driving and

overloading their buses. Now an

insurance company has devised a

competition to encourage them

to be more safety conscious We

looked at other options as to

how best we could push this

message and rugby league became

the most obvious choice, so we

picked rugby league, yep. Those

who manage to drive safely have

a chance to win a prize, a trip

to Sydney to watch the NRL

Grand Final. That's a big

carrot in rugby-mad PNG and

some of league's stars are

promoting the

competition. We'll be taking 15

lucky ones to watch the Grand

Final and maybe hit the 'Footy

Show' as well, I think, so it

will be good for them. Nice

to have a chance to go to

Australia. Marshals armed with

radar guns and breathalysers

will be patrolling the roads to

monitor drivers. Not even

police here in PNG have

breathalysers or radar guns, so

as well as targeting bus drivers, this competition might

also pressure the Government to

provide the police with the

tools they need to crack down

on other bad motorists. Time

for a look at the weather now.

Not much range in Sydney's

temperature today. It fell to

21 overnight and reached a top

of just 22 in the city. The

Widespread heavy falls in the

eastern half of the State and

in the six hours to 3 this

afternoon, the rain continued

but contracted towards the

north-east. Sydney was the

westest of the capital cities

today by far. Overcast in the

remainder of the south-east and

mainly fine elsewhere. The

satellite picture shows us just

where the rain and storms in eastern New South Wales and

Queensland are coming from.

That is circulating around a

low in New South Wales. North

easterlies is feeding a trough

that is generating the wet

weather. Tomorrow's rainfall

chart shows showers in the east

moving inland as the trough

drifts to South Australia. So


Tonight's top story again -

New South Wales causing flash heavy storms have been lashing

flooding across the State. One

couple who was swept away in a

swollen river were rescued

after clinging to a tree for

several hours. And before we

go, the ABC's newses and

current affairs line-up returns

tomorrow morning on ABC1. At 9

o'clock, 'Insiders' with Barrie

Cassidy, his guest is the

Federal Opposition Leader Tony

Abbott. At 10 o'clock, on

'Inside Business' Alan Kohler

will talk to Richard

MacIndo And Barrie Cassidy

returns at 10.30 with

'Offsiders' and a look at the

week in sport. And at 11

o'clock, Jim Middleton hosts

Asia-Pacific focus. That's the

news for now. I will be back

with an update in about an

hour. And for the latest news

24 hours a day, don't forget

ABC Radio and ABC News online. Till then, goodnight.

Closed Captions by CSI.