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Live. Tonight - Australia rolls

up the migrant welcome mat to

save local jobs. This is not a

xenophobic response, it's not

an antimigration response. AIG

uses taxpayer dollars to reward

workers. Back by popular demand

Pakistan reinstates its Chief

Justice, and the party is over

as Australia's golden girl

dives number of I don't want to

be a person that people be a person that people think

is a party person. Good

evening, Felicity Davey with evening, Felicity Davey

ABC News. Skilled migration is

being cut to protect local jobs

as the economy slows. as the economy slows. The

Federal Government hopes the

move will boost the employment

prospects of workers in both

the constructions and

manufacturing sectors. And it's

signalled the intake will fall

again if circumstances demand

it. More from Political it. More from Political Editor

Chris Uhlmann. From the old

job... the day job. I appreciate

the applause I get from the

other side of the house, I

didn't realise we had so many

music fans. As the slows one word music fans. As the economy

dominates. Jobs. Jobs. Jobs. Fears

for local jobs led to a cut in

skilled migration. This is not

an anti migration response,

it's about finetuning the

program to meet the economic

needs of the country. 168,630

immigrants arrived last

financial year, another 190,300

places were allocated this

year. Skilled migration is the

largest part of the program,

it's risen from 45,000 at the

start of the decade and 133,500

migrants were slated to arrive

by June, it's been slashed by

14% to 115,000. We have also

removed building and metal

manufacturing trades from the

critical skills list. There are

few quibles with the cut. It's

good that they finally

recognised the gravity of the

threats to jobs in

Australia. The Coalition says

emissions trading is a job

killer, and points to a report

by mining company Xstrata

saying the plan will close four

of its mines, and cost 1,000 jobs. Kevin Rudd slipped jobs. Kevin Rudd slipped over

where the mining company

slipped in his own slipped in his own plan. The

Honourable Member asked me a

question about a company in the emissions intensive trade

exposed sector. If the Prime

Minister doesn't understand his own Emissions Trading Scheme

scheme, who does understand the scheme. Snow the Opposition

Leader kale under attack were

one of his own, for - came

under attack from one of his

own suggesting the Government

had a mandate. Comments not

approved by the party Malcolm Turnbull's problems approved by the party room. All

seem to be behind him. The very

businessman who helped trigger

America's economic crisis have

been rewarded with fat bonuses

sparking fury across the

country, AIG, the financial

giant relying on taxpayer

dollars is paying senior

executives $250 million in

performance pay. It's gone

down badly in the US heartland

where the dream of owning your

own home is fading North America own home is fading fast. North

North America correspondent

Michael Rowland. The Obama

Administration has one word Administration has one word to

describe the AIG bonuses. Outrageous. Outrageous. Ou

The insurer has become a symbol

of all that went wrong in the

US financial system, risky

trading practices almost

sinking them last year. It's

received $300 billion in

Government bailout money, it's

still paying hefty executive

bonuses, including to those who

nearly brought down the nearly brought down the company

and the US economy. The message

here, I'm afraid is let's enter

into a bunch of contracts real

quick and we'll have the

taxpayer's pay bonuses to

employees, this is an outrage. US secretary outrage. US secretary treasury

Tim Geithner tried to stop the

bonus, but AIG executive Edward

Liddy told him the payments

from promised before the

financial crisis hit and his financial crisis hit and

hands were tied. The insurer

saying rewards were aimed at

retaining top people. Where are

they going to go, think about

it, where are they going to

go. In stark contrast to the

AIG executives an increasing

number of Americans are

struggling to keep their own

homes, Johnny and Tammy Garza

and four children have been

sharing a tiny motel room since

being evicted from their

house. It's hard, you know,

with this many people in a

small room like this. As the

recession deepens low-cost

motels provide more than

temporary accommodation, with 6

million Americans late in

paying their mortgages, motels

could be in for more business. The Pakistan

Government has surrendered to

people power, to try to diffuse

a political crisis turning

ugly. Authorities agreed to

reinstate the country's Chief

Justice sacked by the Justice sacked by the former

Pervez Musharraf. This was a

key demand of protesters

demanding to march on the

capital Islamabad after violent

protests in Lahore. South Asia

correspondent Sally Sara

reports from there. This is the

moment that the long march

started in Lahore, one police

truck stood between Nawaz

Sharif supporters and the

streets outside his compound.

turning Once it was moved, there was no

turning back.

TRANSLATION: These are the

decisive moments. I tell every

Pakistani youth that this is

not the time to stay home.

Pakistan is calling on you to

come and save come and save me. Opposition

Opposition Leader Nawaz Sharif

and his supporters defied a ban

on political gatherings,

setting off for the Lahore High

Court. The procession grew from

hundreds to tens of thousands

of people. The Government

denied it tried to place Nawaz

Sharif under house arrest. Sharif under house

There was no stopping the

block an intersection with procession, police tried to

buses. The crowd smashed

through, people lining the

streets as Nawaz Sharif

supporters demanded a return to

democracy and independent

judiciary He's a beloved leader

and we must do what he asks us

to do. The demonstrators

clashed with hundreds of police

near the High Court, they

charged the police lines

hurling rocks and bricks. Both

sides fought for control of

several strategically important

intersections. What began as a

long and peaceful march turched

short and violent. Police have

been firing -- turned short and

violent, police have been

firing tear gas as Nawaz Sharif

supporters try to take

obvious. Late in the afternoon

something unexpected happened.

The police called a ceasefire,

many officers, who many officers, who support

Nawaz Sharif wanted to join the

demonstrators instead of

fighting them. Only hours later

the Government gave in to the protesters demands protesters demands and announced the res tore announced the res tore station

of the judiciary by 21

March. The announcement

triggered celebrations, Nawaz

Sharif declared victory for his

supporters and called off the

long march. The success

emboldened the Opposition, and

places further pressure on the

fragile leadership of the

President Asif Ali Zardari. An

11-year-old girl has been taken bay crocodile in the Northern

Territory. The attack happening

near Lambells Lagoon, around

45km south-east of Darwin, late

today police found human

remains not far from where the

girl disappeared. The

11-year-old girl disappeared

while swim engine this creek

near a swamp called Black

Jungle late - swimming in this

creek near a swamp called Black

Jungle, with her 7-year-old and

two friends. There was a two friends. There was a splash

in the water, she

vanished. They may have seen a

tail of a crocodile, they may

have seen the head of a

crocodile as well. Police

suspended an overnight search

but resumed at first light this morning. Helicopters searched

from the air, tens of armed

officers combed the dense

bushland. Police found the

girl's boardshorts 70 metres

down stream. We hold grave

concerns for the child. It's a

tragic incident hitting the

community hard. The family are

upset. The girl is believed to

live nearby and locals say

they've seen crocodiles in the

area. From Aboriginal friends

at the back, they are saying

it's common, they come in it's common, they come in when

they are hungry or have a

nest. The family were too upset

to talk to the media,ed friends

and neighbours comforting

them. It's reedy, lots of

obstacles in there, there's the

risk of estuarine crocodiles. Crock catchers

joined the hunt next to crocodile infested flood

plain Leaving a child swimming

in the bush whether by

themselves or others, you

should have a dog, even then

you shouldn't let them go into

the bush. The area is a strict

conservation zone where permits

are needed to enter. The navy's

been called in to help track

down the containers of ammonium

nitrate lost during the oil

spill off Brisbane, spill off Brisbane, clean-up

efforts are in full swing, so

much so workers ran out much so workers ran out of

plastic bags to dispose of the

toxic IBM. The local seafood

industry is - tickic oil. The

local seafood industry is

worried about the fall out worried about the fall out and

are lining up for compensation

from the ship. Shane McLeod is

on Moreton Island. An early

start to beat the heat.

Clean-up workers were back on

the beach at Moreton Island

from dawn. After seven days

we'll have broken the back of

the beach clean-up. Too quick

for the logistics to clean up.

Workers downing tools an hour

early after they ran out of the

bags they've been using to

collect the oily sludge collect the oily sludge I

don't know how they run out of

bags, I asked that question

frankly, myself. They tell me

they'll, in fact, make sure

they have 20,000 here tomorrow

morning on the barge. The

workers finished early to allow

in heavy earthmoving equipment

to clear the roads. In coming

days the workers will be based

at the island a silver lining

for local resorts suffering

Cannes laces. The Queensland

-- cancellation. The Queensland

say the ships owners will have

to pay for the clean-up. The

local tourism industry wants

compensation too. Talk of a

campaign to win back visitors

has support. Why is this

happening, whose fault is it?

Does their insurance policy

cover it. The seafood industry

is worried about the spill and

the 31 shipping containers

filled with fertiliser lost

overboard. The EPA says a

teaspoon of this can't go off

in farm run-off. They can leave

600 ton out there, and it can

have effect. 600 local

suppliers have stopped

buying If there's doubt we

won't buy, until there is no

doubt out of that area. Queensland's

area. Queensland's Government

announced the navy announced the navy minesweeper

HMAS 'Yarra' is drafted to

pinpoint the location of the

containers so they can be

recovered. Hundreds of mourners

have paid their last have paid their last respects

to the alleged crime boss Abdul

Darwiche, the Lebanese father

of four murdered in front of

his family in western Sydney,

Muslim leaders appealed for

calm, a former senior calm, a former senior NSW

police officer warns that

retribution for the murder may

come swiftly. 37-year-old Abdul

Darwiche was given a

traditional Muslim funeral

service in Sydney's largest

mosque in Lakemba this

afternoon, members of the

Lebanese community said he made

an effort to steer clear of

involvement in crime before he

died. Not serious enough for

former assistant police

commissioner Clive Small. If

you look at Abdul himself, he

was named in court proceedings

by police by being head of the

Darwiche crime family after his

brother was sentenced to jail

for two murders. Abdul Darwiche

was murdered in front of his

family at a west Sydney service station. There were fears of

violence this afternoon. The

media were warned to keep media were warned to keep away

from the funeral service in the mosque. Police couldn't

guarantee our safety if we got

closer. The hot heads kept

their cool and gave the father

of four a dignified farewell.

Clive small says given there's

been 30 murders linked to a

western Sydney drug turf war he

fears the peace won't last

long Violence and retribution

and saving and saving face. Police

investigating the killing

played down concerns it will

reignite a cycle of murders

between Darwiche family and

rival crime clans. An independent investigation has

found that slack record keeping

at the Gosford City Council had

led to the collapse of a

section of the Old Pacific

Highway claiming five lives, a

family plunged to their deaths

in June 2007 when a section of

the highway is the the highway is the Somersby

gave way during heavy rains,

the independent investigation

ordered by the State Government

said over a period of three

years leading to the tragedy

council staff failed to pass on

quotes for repairs to the

central database. The goats

were lost in the system and the

high - quotes were lost and the

highway left in need of serious

repairs, the report backs the

findings of a coronial inquiry

in December. Sydney's drivers

refuse to change peak hour

habits despite the congestion

toll rolled out six weeks ago

on the Harbour Bridge, the NRMA

says drivers are not deterred

by the cost and the money is

about raising revenue than

thinning the traffic. The State Government insists that the

tolls are doing the

trick. Adding $1 to the bridge

toll in the morning and

afternoon peaks was never going

to be popular. The Government

says it's the only way to

improve traffic flow on improve traffic flow on the Harbour Bridge during the

busiest times of day. The NRMA

begging to diver. The motoring

group says a survey of 1800

drivers from Sydney's North and

north-west reveals the policy

is a failure, 90% of

respondent's saying they are

copying the $4 toll. The NRMA

says viable public transport

alternatives don't exist in

some parts of Sydney If there is public transport is public transport it's

overcrowd and late. Other roads

are crowded. Every city in the

world introducing congestion

taxing did so hand in hand with

improvements to public

transport. But the Roads

Minister Michael Daley says

since the new tolls came in

effect traffic increased by 10%

before 6:30 and there are 4%

fewer cars in the morning

peak. What we wanted to do was

get people to change behaviour

and move into the offpeak

period to take the pressure off

the peak. I usually hit the

city after 10:00, there's more

people hitting it then. Critics

of congestion tolling say of congestion tolling say other

factors are at play. The

overall volume of cars is down

due to other factors, the price

of petrol and the economy. The

Government says there's no

evidence to suggest people are

avoiding the bridge and using

Victoria Road is thoroughfare

that is busy enough, most

agree. Tonight's top story -

the Federal Government will cut

the intake of skilled migrant

workers by nearly 20,000 this

financial year in response to

rising unemployment. Still to

come in the news tonight -

Olympic golden girl Stephanie

Rice back in the pool.

It was all cloak and dagger

at Cessnock jail in the Hunter

Valley last night. Around 100 prisoners moved from the prisoners moved from the jail

under the cover of darkness,

the Corrective Services

Department says the inmates were transferred for security

reasons because of a drop in

the number of prison officers,

but prison guards say it's an

exercise in union busting. It

was a quiet departure under the

cover of darkness, in the

middle of the night vans

carried about 100 prisoners

from Cessnock to other gaols in

and around Sydney It was well

organised with a group organised with a group of

senior officers that worked at

Cessnock that know Cessnock that know the

operations of Cessnock. The union representing prison

officers say behind the officers say behind the barbed

wire extreme measures were

taken, prison was on lock down,

prison guards locked out

replaced by senior officers

from Sydney and correct

paperwork for transfers paperwork for transfers wasn't

done This was done in the dead

of night and reminds me of the waterfront dispute in the late

'90s, people came in

unannounced in the middle of

the night taking people's work

away from them. I don't accept

that, there's no balaclavas or

dogs, it's an absurd

proposition to make. The State

Opposition says privatisation

is an embarrassing backflip for the Corrective Services

Minister. This Government is Minister. This Government is a

Labor Government supposed to

stick up for the stick up for the workers, they are not doing

are not doing into. The Corrective Services Department

says the inmates were removed

for their own security for their own security because

staffing levels are reduced at

the soon to be privatised

prison. This is a union busting

exercise due to the failure of

management to manage their

gaols. 100 prisoners are due to

be relocated from Cessnock in

the next few months, halving

the number of inmates before

its privatisation. The struggling car component

industry is taking heart from a

court victory on cheap overseas

copies, the Fall court banned a

Chinese made tail-light copied

from an original Australian design. In 2004 design. In 2004 businessman

Tony Ottobre designed new rear

lights for trucks and trailers,

his business grew. Two years

later a cheaper copy of his later a cheaper copy of his LED

made in China appeared on the

local market. A letter of,

"Please stop copying our

products" normally suffice,

this group decided to dig in

their heels and fight. Concerned about his

company's reputation, Tony

Ottobre took the company to Ottobre took the company to the

Federal Court, it took two

years, but Tony Ottobre won the

case stopping the imported

copies sold in Australia and

was awarded $200,000 in damages

and legal costs. I was over the

moon, as you nope. It's

certainly one of the highlights

of my life. Tony Ottobre's

personal win could have broader

implications There have not

been design cases, in fact

hardly any, that have gone fully through the court

system. Industry groups say the

copying of Australian products

overseas is a common problem

and hope the court ruling will

give other companies greater

ammunition to stop copycat

practices. The auto industry is

going through a difficult type,

we know that's the case, we

want them to recognise that

ideas will be supported by the

courts. Industry groups say

they expect more imported

copies of local products to be

scrutinised as a result of the

court's decision. Finance news

and the local share market hung

on to last week's gains, and

closed steady, here is Alan

Kohler. Today's story was banks

going up, resources down. In

the end they cancelled each

other out. ANZ jumped more than

4%, NAB 3.2. Rio Tinto fell

2.5, and Woodside 4.5%. The oil price falling back oil price falling back because

of the OPEC meeting which it

was decided not to announce

production cuts or to do

anything at all. The other

meeting, the G-20 in West

Sussex was a non-event.

European and US stock markets

perhaps will go into reverse

like oil. Having rallied like oil. Having rallied ahead

of the meeting last week

include ing a rise of 1% include ing a rise of 1% on

Wall Street Friday. One of the

comments at the G-20 that had

some coverage is when some coverage is when Premier

Wen Jiabao was worried about

money invested in the United

States. Here is a graph of T

it's standing at $1.6 trillion.

To update the old saying, when

you owe someone $1.6 trillion,

they have the problem. Here is

a graph of rolling 10 year

returns from the S&P 500 going

back to 1880 when it began,

it's clear, there's a bull

market every 30 years followed

by a bust. The 18 the 0s,

1920s, 1950s and 1980s - why

would that be, that's the

working life of a stock market

trader every 30 years there's a

new bunch that hasn't

experienced a bust and they

think they don't happen. Snow

the other point to note is it's

never gone below zero. Today's

economic data is new lending up

for the second month in a row,

down on a year ago,

After a month of delays, After a month of delays, the

Space Shuttle 'Discovery'

blasts off and is in orbit.

It's carrying a pair of solar

wing panels which the crew will install on install on the International

Space Station. They are the

fourth and final pair, and fourth and final pair, and will

make the station fully

operational. (Count down). Lift

off Space Shuttle

'Discovery' The shuttle is

carrying a Japanese astronaut

on its 13 day mission, he'll be

exchanged for a US astronaut

and will be the first Japanese

crew member on the space

station. The holiday is over for triple Olympic gold

medallist Stephanie Rice,

setting herself a gruelling

program of seven events in program of seven events in six

days at this week's National

titles in Sydney, her first

competitive meet since Beijing,

she's been bat lining a

shoulder problem but the head

coach says she could cause a

surprise for two. Stephanie

Rice won't be holding back in

the race for spots on the team

for July's world titles in

Rome. Her main Individual

Medley events are on

National Championships first Medley events are on the

and last day, the 20-year-old

will compete every day testing

herself in all strokes hoping

to qualify in multiple

event. When you look at Michael

Phelps, he swam two or three

races every day, it will

prepare me, making me

stronger. The head coach likes

what he sees. Competitive

international times in a lot of

her event, we may be surprised

at how many event she qualifies

in. Rice says she struggled to

deal with the scrutiny of her

personal lie I don't want to be

a person people think is a

party person. Ricey is a very

professional athlete. I think

that's the part that's missing

from the persona that's out in

the public eye at the

moment. There's relief the

sports governing body phona put

strict swimsuit rules in place

after last year's rash of world

records. Every sports boved

through the same - moved

through the period of

turbulence. Basketball is on

the streets, two weeks after

expressions of interest closed for the revamp for the revamp league

revealed details about Basketball Australia hasn't

interested parties for a new

competition, the coach of the

last team to win the old NBL

thicks his side will be

involved. There's a - thinks

his side will be

involved. There's a lot of

people working to get it right.

It's going to be better than

it's been. Stronger than it's

been. The South Dragons added a

notch to the title with Brian

Goorjian named Coach of the

Year. The Australian women's

cricket team kept alive slim

hopes of making the World Cup

final with a 107 run victory

over Pakistan at Bankstown, the

southern stars rested big

southern stars rested big guns Karen Rolton, Lisa Sthalekar,

and Emma Sampson in the hope

they'll be needed later in the

tournament. Australia must be

England, leading side Thursday

and is relying on other results

going its way to qualify going its way to qualify for

the final Sunday. We are a

team more than capable of beating England beating England and are

confident we can do

that. England meets the West

Indies and India plays New

Zealand tomorrow. Victoria

over Queensland in maintained its stranglehold

over Queensland in the

Sheffield Shield final with one

day remaining, the Bushrangers

rain-enterpted first innings

came to an end, with a little

over five sessions the Bulls

batsmen failed to make an

impact. It took 11 hours in the

Field for Queensland to dismiss

the Victorians for 510. Cameron

White was the second-last man

out for 135. Martin Love found

the middle of the bat early in

the bull's reply, but the

wickets tumbled. Paceman Shane

Harwood picking up the openers

and clin's middle pacers cut

through Syme - client cut

through the middle order including Andrew Symonds, including Andrew Symonds, and

James Hopes. Time for the

weather. What can you tell us

about the storms in the State's

north-east. They have moved out north-east. They have moved

of the north-east corner but

are affecting parts of Queensland, producing strong

winds, heavy rain and hail

about the north-east of the

state, with 74mm falling at

Glen Elgin to the north-east of

Glen Innes, it was clear, dry

and sunny in Sydney after a

cool start. Air quality was

good. It will be fair tomorrow,

and could deteriorate through

the week. The north-east of the

state had its warmers

temperatures today. It was

ahead of a trough, triggering

thunderstorms, hail, squally

winds and hail up to 12cm. Bega

recorded its lowest in 15

years, Cobar recording the

earliest in five. Towns in the

north-east received half their

monthly rainfall in the 24

hours till 9am. With today's

falls we need 25-100mm to push

the districts close to the

monthly average. Brisbane, too

experiencing severe womb be a and the Government

thunderstorms. Low cloud over

the southern inland of the NSW

associated with a low moving

east of Tasmania, a high

reaching into the State, reaching into the State, moving

to the Tasman Sea Wednesday. It

will maintain a stable

atmosphere, and dry air

underneath the high keeping NSW

cloud free. The north-east will

be the only exception with

falls of up to 10mm north and

east of Port Macquarie to

tenter field. A front producing

showers in Perth, the trough

sparking storms around

Brisbane. Tomorrow NSW

isolated showers for the

eastern half of the northern

table lands, parts of North Coast and northern table lands, parts of the Mid

rivers, it will be a cool

start, frost about the alpine

areas, but a dry and generally

sunny day to follow. Looking at

south-west to south-easterly

winds throughout. It will be a

sunny day in Sydney, tom

temperatures of 25-26.

Generally light south-westerly winds switching winds switching south-easterly

in the afternoon. Conditions on

the water perfect - smooth in the morning grading to the morning grading to slight

in the afternoon. We are not

looking at much change in the week.

Light winds and clear skies -

that could trigger some high

levels of pollution through the

week. A look at the headlines

before we go - the Government

slashing the number of slashing the number of migrants

it will allow into the country

in a move to protect local

workers, AIG is paying senior

executives $250 million in

performance bonuses after

getting bailouts totalling $300

billion. And despite relying on

US taxpayer funding for its own

financial survival. The navy

has been called in to find

missing oil containers floating

off the Queensland coast

following last week's major

spim. That's ABC News for

Monday might, we'll have

updates later, keep in touch

with ABC Online, and for the

latest news in the morning

don't forget ABC News Breakfast

at ABC2 at 6:00am. For now, goodnight.

Tonight on the 7.30 Report,

shareholder pain as bosses

gain. People have seen their

value of super balances go down

by 30% whilst executive pay

continues to rise. The growing

bush to reign in executive

excess. There's been too much

time talking about these

issues, and not enough time on

action. And after the spill,

the lessons to be learnt from

one of the country's worst

marine disasters. There'll be

damage there for years to

come. There's a message in this

particular incident that we

should be taking more


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