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The Duchess of York secretly

filmed selling access to Prince

Andrew. Sex bribe and bank

note, claims that a Reserve

Bank subsidiary was willing to

into to extraordinary lengths

to win contracts. A new report findingst teachers think there

are no incentives to improve

their performance and St Kilda

beats the Eagles to to remain a

strong contender in the

AFL. Good morning. It's Monday 24 May. I'm Michael Rowland. top stories on ABC News And I'm Virginia Trioli. The

Breakfast - the Duchess of York

has been caught on hidden

camera allegedly offering to

sell access to her ex-husband.

Sarah Ferguson told an

undercover reporter posing as

an international business

tycoon that half a million

pounds would guarantee him a

meeting with the Prince. The scandal could be bad news for

the Prince, who is the UK's

trade representative. Again

she's put her foot in it. In

Sarah Ferguson's latest money

making venture she tells a 'News of the World' journalist

who she thinks is a businessman

she can security him an ad wence

wence the Prince for a

price. 500,000 pounds when you

can to to me, open doors.

The 40,000 on the the table

in front of her is a

downpayment for the half a

million pounds she thinks will


Oneself one small mercy for

the Royal fam thrirk Dutchess

says her ex-husband knows

nothing about the meeting.

The two have remained close

since their divorce in 1996 but

this could damage the

relationship. And Prince

Andrew's credibility as the

UK's trade enjoy envoy. People

will be doubt tin tegity of

ridiculous and wrong because of what he's doing which is

the behaviour of his ex-wife

who for a few hundred thousand

pounds is selling not only her

exhusz but the country, the

monarchy and herself down the

riverer. Her relationship with

the pal ys was already cool.

It's not the first time she's

traded her credentials for

money. Especially when I serve

it with ice. The infamous toe

sucking episode prompted a

palace insider to label her

vulgar, vulgar, vulgar. She's

said to be devastated and

regretful. A profitable modus

on rand eye for the news

outlet. In other news this

morning, a witness at the

centre of a corruption vetion

has alleged that a Reserve Bank

subsidiary was willing to

supply prostitutes and pay

bribes to win bank not supply contracts. The allegation

investigated in a special

investigation by 'Four Corners'

and talk newspaper. It found a

middle man hired by Securency

International would be hired. A

reporter on Australia's

education system says teachers

want an overhaul of the

performance evaluation process.

The Grattan Institute say most teachers surveyed believe the

exist process does not improve

teaching in Australian schools.

It says more than 90% surveyed believe the most effective

teachers do not receive the

greatest recognition. Lawyers

for the Bushfires Royal

Commission will this week

attack the Victorian Government

over its hand ofrlg the Black

Saturday fires. A leaked

lawyers submission accuses the

Government of substantial

policy failure that led to death. The Government says lit

wait until the commission

releases its final report

before commenting. At least 19

people have been killed a more

than 70 injured whaep train

derailed in eastern children

China. State need wra say it's

landslide damaged the tracks.

Rescuers are cutting into the

sides of the carriages as they

try to rescue more passengers.

And the Australian embassy in

Bangkok will reopen today a

week after it was closed

because of violent street

protests that resulted in

dozens of deaths. Calm has

returned to the city since the

Red Shirts surrendered but a

curfew remains in place. A

lawyer for Thaksin Shinawatra

stays Government is detaining

member and supporters of the

Red Shirts in secret locations

without charge. The Federal

agricultural Minister says he

expects to make soon on Mr Founding for expects to make an announcement

research into the Hendra Virus.

11 people have been tested for

the deadly virus after coming

into contact with an infected

horse in Queensland. Six people have already been careered and

the results of the remaining

five are expected within the

next two days. Hundreds of vets

from all over Australia have

gathered in Brisbane for their

national conference. The deadly

Hendra Virus is one of their

greatest concerns. Yes, it's

become a real hot topic of

conversation particularly here

in Queensland over the last few years because of the direct

afntion A vaccine for horse

developed at the man mall

health laboratory in Victoria

is awaiting $600,000 in funding for clinical trials. Given

theesques on people and the

economic outfalling of Hendra

Virus infections we don't think

it's a very large amount of

money at all In the last 16

years seven people have

contracted the disease and four

have died. Two of them were

vets. I do feel that

politicians and Governments on

all levels need to escalate

this fight against Hendra

Virus. Queensland health as

confirmed two more speem are

being tested for the disease in

the current outback on the

Sunshine Coast, bringing the

total to 11 including a

12-year-old girl.. My daughter

rang me in tears on Friday, she

was just so upset to think that

some other families are going

through what we went

through. At Alistair Rodgers's

practice in Rockhampton anti-Hendra protocols are

strictly observed. Until the

vaccine is available it's only

the lean of

defence. Frustration and fear

because it will happen

again. The State Opposition has called for urgent action

against a disease that's fatal

to more than half those who

contract it. A disease that

keeps bobbing up, there needs

to be a focus put on making

sure we protect animals and

humans most importantly The

State Government is says talk

Government about joint funding runs der way with the Federal

for clinical trials. Federal

parliament is back and the

debate about the proposed Super

Profits Tax will be one of the

I'm es on the agtda. Budget

estimate also also dominate

Federal parliament this week.

There's a number of Senate

inquiries or meetings of the

committees, but Budget

estimates the key one? That's

right. All the different Senate

kes will be looking at their

portfolio areas and what that

means is they'll be calling for

his of Government agencies and

Government funded bodies to

quiz them about measures in the

Budget papers, so there'll be a

range of people up facing

questions today including the

ABC and SBS and Australia Post,

that's the communications Senate committee that will be looking at that there. There's

also be the department of

parliamentary services and the

department of the Senate, so

there'll be Senators looking to

see whether Government spending

is going and how their books

look out. This is always an

opportunity for the Opposition

to try and catch out the

Government so to speak, looking

for where the money is going and scrutinising what's come

out in the Budget. That will

dominate the Senate today. The

Senate doesn't sit while wile

all those Senators are in these

kes quizzing the heads but the House of Representatives will be sitting and they'll be looking at a lot of

Government's legislation it's

trying to get through, things

like the paid parental leave

scheme and changes to renewable energy technology but I think

we can fairly safely bet that

Question Time in the House of Representatives will be all

about the mining tax It will

indeed but the Government will

have a few insults I can haurl

at the Opposition of course

with Tony Abbott's more recent observations about

himself? There has been a lot in the last week of politics

where before that we had a very

busy budget week but last week

was meant to be a little bit

quieter when all the pollies

left town and got together

their papers and thoughts until

parliament resumed this week

but it ended up being a very

significant week in parliament,

sorry, in Federal politics last

week with both Kevin Rudd and

Tony Abbott making various statements on the '7:30 Report'

in different views that that

have caused them both some

grief but developments

particularly with a mining tax

will be what will be kicking on

today that we can expect to see

some entertainment in Question

Time about that today We

mentioned earlier the Grattan

Institute report and we'll be

speaking to one of the authors

of that report later but this

is teachers taking aim at their

own evaluation process? And it's something that Federal

Government is going to have to

look closely at because when

you have results popping up

with 90% of teachers - this the teachers across both Government

and the independent sector -

saying that if teachers are

performing poorly, the

evaluation process means

nothing actually happens, that

even if teachers are identified

as being consistently

underperforming and not being

up to scratch, that in most

cases they won't - there won't

be any impact on their pay and

they won't be moved on from

schools. This report doesn't rate Australia very well

compared to other OECD nations

and recommends big reforms. The

Government is putting in place

or is starting to draft a

national standards for teachers

that would be consistent across

the States because obviously

with the States running

education at these levels, that

it falls in their jurisdictions, but this report makes it clear that that's not

enough. It's not enough to

change the evaluation because

what they've found in this is

that the evaluation doesn't do

anything, there's no ongoing consequences so it wants this report is saying the Government

needs to find better ways of

making sure top teachers are

rewarded and recognised and

that poor teachers are move odd

in We hear the insulators will

be back in Canberra The reverse

trip up here was quit

effective. They had the PM trod

on down with his note book in

hand. Not much came of it and

they came back were angry and

another month on and they're

still not happy. We saw

yesterday in major broad sheets

papers one insulation companies

taking out full page ads saying

that they've still got quality

products to offter public and

encouraging the public still to

look at improving insulation in

their homes even though the

Government scheme has gone

awrite. So clearly many of

those companies are still in

desperate states and feel that

they're not getting enough help

from the Federal Government so

it will be interesting to see whether Kevin Rudd trots don

from his office this time with

a note pad in hand or whether

he lets this one slide by He

might get hit about the het

with a big pink batt.

Interestingly on politics today

if we can have a quick look at the front page of the

'Australian' we'll show that

later when we look through the

papers, the stories continue

Michael, little bits here and

there about the those people

getting in the ear of the Government about the Super

Profits Tax. But this time this

story is about the advice

that's being given to the

Government but the Government's

own hand picked advisory panel

and it's about the compensation

as part of the sop if you like

to the resources industry to

get them athrosz line. It's

raising the issue of some

refuns to encourage the likes

of Fortescue Metals Group, BHP

Billiton and Rio Tinto to come

on board. But what it does

underzor is the fact that the

Government can't afford to

change the rate it's imposing

the tax of 40% but some changes

around the edge and also when

the Super Profits Tax kicks in

above the 6% benchmark that the

Government is talking about. I

think there will have to be

some movement. It won't be the

rate but there's certainly

stuff around the edges the

Government can look at Families

in southern India have begun to

bury their dead after a

passenger jet crash killed near

1 60 people. The flight

overshot the runway hitting a

forest and busts into flames.

An investigation is now under

way as the BBC

reports. Distraught relatives

gather at Mangalore. For some

the trauma of losing a loved

one is almost too much to take.

There are others still waiting

desperately for news of their

loved ones. With many of the

bodies badly burnt, identifying

them is posing a problem. With

little to go on, some families are fighting over the

bodies. Identified the victim's watch, their height and everything but someone else has

now removed the victim's shoe and claiming the victim is

their relative. I

identification is proving very

difficult. It's a problem. Two

claimants for one body. A team

of forensic experts have now

arrived to carry out DNA tests.

It's a process that could take

several days At the site of the

crash in a thkly wooded gorge

the investigation has begun.

Officials are map every inch of

the wreckage looking for clues

and also for the flight data

recorder which could provide

vital information on the final

minutes of the flight. minutes of the flight. They'll

soon be assisted by

investigators from the United

States as well as representatives from

Boeing. Elsewhere in India,

memorial services are being

held for the crash victims.

Buddhist monks held special

prayers. This is India's worst

air disaster in nearly a decade

and it has shaken everyone here. And now the front pages

of if major newspapers around

the country. And a Reserve Bank

currency firm was willing to

supply prostitutes and pay

bribes to win contracts. That's

special report is in the 'Age'

and can with seen tonight on

the 'Four Corners'. The 'Sydney Morning Herald' stays explosive

reflation is one of many made

by key witness in the

Australian Federal Police

inquiry into the

bank. Canberra's Catholic

Archbishop told parishiners it

took a infrastructurically long

time for people like him to

hear the voice of sexual abuse,

that's in the 'Canberra Times'.

The 'Herald Sun' says inmates

at the Melbourne youth Justice

centre play violent video games

and are allowed to watch a

crime channel for hours on

end. Employers and employees will face disruptions to their

pay arrangements once the

Federal Government's modernised award system comes into

operation. That's in the flu.

The 'Daily Telegraph' says the

parents of an unborn child

killed when her pregnant mother

was hit by a motorist want the driver charged with manslaughter. The 'Advertiser'

says Australian Aus's foreign

aid prom program is under siege

following revelations that

millions of dollars are being

wasted. The 'Courier-Mail' has

the same story and says many

millions are being paid to

handful of organisations

delivering little. The West

Australian says investor panic

about the Super Profits Tax is disproportionately hammering

the value of WA companies. An

off duty police officer was

bashed in front of his family

reports the 'Mercury' and the

'Northern Territory News' says

two people took a Dr Win rental

car on a h,000 kilometre crime

spree and then tried to sell

the vehicle in Melbourne. I

wonder if they succeeded. If

you'd like to send us your

feedback on any of the stories

we're covering today - The top stories on ABC News

Breakfast - the Duchess of York

has been caught in an undercover sting agreeing to

sell access to her ex-husband

prince Andrew. The 'News of the

World' says Sarah Ferguson was

filmed by one of its reporters

posing as a businessman arm spokeswoman says the Dutch

success devastated and

regretful. A witness in a

corruption investigation has

alleged that a Reserve Bank

subsidiary was willing to pay

bribes and supply prostitute

fos secure contracts. The

allegation surface in a special investigation by 'Four Corners'

and the age newspaper. The

company makes polymer bank

notes and a Grattan Institute

report says teachers won't an

overhaul of the performance

evaluation process. The report

says more than 90% surveyed

believe the most effective teachers do not receive the

greatest recognition. Well Thailand's anti-Government protests may have ended but

there are now fresh allegations

about the treent of Red Shirt

protesters. The lawyer for

Thailand's former PM Thaksin

Shinawatra stays Government is

detaining member and supporters

of the Red Shirts in secret

locations without charge.

Robert Amsterdam is the lawyer

for the former PM and he joins

us on the line. What evidence

have you got that this is

taking place? At this point all

we have is the statements of

the lawyers that I'm working

with in Thailand. We have no

press who are able to get in

there. We've got essentially

martial law in many of these provinces so unfortunately all

we have is the word of these

lawyers, though we do know and

in fact it's been publicised in

Bangkok that the leaders of the

Red Shirts have been put into a

military compound 100 miles

from Bangkok where they're going to

going to be tried on

terrorism-type charges. What

knowledge do you have of the

numbers of Red Shirts both

leaders and supporters who may

have been caught up in the drag

met? Again, nothing perfect in

terms of numbers but we're

hearing that these are significant, you know, beyond

100, in the dozens but again

the information we're getting

is fragmented because the media

is completely controlled by the

State when it comes to these

types of issues. What sort of

access would you like to be

seen put in place for these

people who are now

detained? Well, clearly, we

have to have basic rights to

counsel and what's happening is

that the Thai authorities and

some of the secret police organisations operating under

them are acting under emergency

legislation and they are

essentially bringing these

people in and then trying to

hold them for days on end and

then extending these fairly

arbitrary detentions. We're

going to have some hearing over

the next few days and we'll

know a lot more at that

time. The Thai Government would

argue that in this group of

people as well is what it

believes to be heart core

agitators, people not

necessarily protesting because

of political beliefs but to

simply cause as much harm and

damage as possible. Do you see

their point of view on that

front? Listen, the Thai

Government has murdered 80 of

its own citizens, largely in

cold blood. The Thai Government

failed to negotiate with the

Red Shirts leaders when they

were unconditionally willing to

negotiate to avoid bloodshed.

And the Thai Government is calling peaceful protesters

terrorists, because they want

to avoid an election so, no, I

don't accept the Thai

Government's position. Is there

any scope for those

negotiations to happen between

the Government and the Red

Shirt leaders given as you say

the leaders, many of the leader

are behind bars? No, the

intention of the Government is

not to negotiate. The intention

is to suppress, indimtate and

engage in extra legal

activities as you saw in the

targeted assassination of the

general before the final days

started. Because they fear an

election, they have not been

elected to power, and in fact

many of the Thai Government

leaders led the demonstration

that closed down the airport in

Bangkok two years

ago. Politically, how do you

see situation in Thailand now

playing out in the months

ahead? Quite frachgly, this

present Government has only one

option which is to call an

election. And if they don't do

that and make sure that

election is under international

supervision I don't see any

hope for im-Professorment in

the situation. As you know the

PM Abhisit Vejjajiva has given

an indication he'll do. That

what option do opponents of his

Government have to push for

those polls? Well, look, he's

in an unmanageable situation.

Most people would have resigned

given the absolute abomination

of what this man's done over

the last number of weeks. Let alone with the credibility you

might have of offering an

election and then withdrawing

it. I mean, there has not been

a substance a hint of

leadership of governance in the

country so I think the problem

is the Red Shirts didn't

believe him even at his best

offer, nobody's going to

believe him now after what he's

perpetrated on the citizens of Thailand. Mr Amsterdam, thank

you for your time. Thank you

sir. Travellers across Europe

face flight chaos this week

with thousand of British

Airways cabin crew set to

return to strike. The unite

union has made a last minute

offer to call off the walk out

if the airline reinstates

travel perks that have been

stripped already from staff but

BA chief says there's no chance of resuming negotiations before

the strike deadline by is now

just hours away. Talks broke

down on Saturday when

protesters stormed the

negotiations and Michael

there's a block of strikes on

and then off and several days

on and self-days off and the

union apparently intends to

financially Conservative Party thal airline and get the

airline back in the negotiating

room. And at the same time lots

of very angry passengers being

kept in terminals around the

world. To the

Now with news of a bounce

back bethe Saints in the AFL,

here's Paul Kennedy. Good

morning. Yes St Kilda looks to

be back in form after that win

against West Coast yesterday.

In fact the Saints were

19points down in the third quarter and looking at their

fourth loss of the season but

they kicked nine of the next

ten goals and were trifk in the

end. Listeny Hayes has to be

one of best midfielder in the

competition if he continues his

form. He had 35 touches and

that's Michael Gardiner, the

ex-Eagles kicking probably the

nail in the coffin there right

at tend. So St Kilda looking to

be back in form and certainly

keeping in touch with those top

four or five teams in the

league. Another team that

signaled a powerful return to

form yesterday was Hawthorn.

And they redrovered - some of

their best, the Hawkses from 18

months ago when they won the

Premiership, Lance Franklin

looked very powerful indeed kicking goals from long range

and the that tackling was

probably the most important

thing for the Hawks. They

forced turnovers even from the

great Chris Judd there but the

hawks looks great and Carlton

supporters will be scratching

their heads I've I guess.

They've beaten Geelong and St

Kilda and Virginia is

scratching her head also, but

the Carlton team seems to beat

those teams that they shouldn't

beat and they lost against the

Hawks yet. Let's take a look at

the Crows and they're back in

form as well. They've had a

very, very poor start to the

season but they were terrific

yesterday in very, very tough

conditions, a bit wet, a bit

blustery but they came home

with the wind and scored a

great victory. Brendan Fevola

kicked five goals cliek that

one right there at the end. He

was in in enig mattic in his

best. That's not easy to say

and I won't say it for the rest

of the morning. Let's have a

look at the rugby league, it's

that time of season when the

State of Origin duties route some teams and St George-Illawarra was without

some of its best players, the

Canberra Raiders took Canberra Raiders took advantage

as we report. Canberra was

without its two stourj

forwardses while the Dragons

had almost half a team of

representive players missing but there was still enough

class acts in the Stuart

MacGill Tynup to suggest it

would be hard to beat. He's teed off on that one The opening try came midway through

the first half. Terry Campese

set up hooker Glen Buttriss for

his first in the NRL. Tries

either side of half-time took

the Dragons into the lead. But

three tries in quick succession

to Thompson and dugian turned

the game back in Canberra's

direction. The 8-point defeat

leaves St George-Illawarra with

only one victory against the

Raiders in their last 12 meetings. The New Zealand

Warriors overcame a heavy

injury toll to outlast Souths. Seemingly running hot after

their thrashing of the Tigers,

the Rabbitohs scored three

tries in the first half to be

narrowly in front but a bust of

Warriors scoring turned the

game in their favour and he

gets over. They held on grimly

to win by two. Again, it hates

the dick. Deck. We'll take a

look at what happened in the

French Open ever is a this was

day one of course of this grand

slam tournament and Svetlana

Kuznetsova was one of the big

players to win through, quite

easily and no problems there.

It seems like the top seeds at

the French Open in particular

went through quite easily in

these opens rounds. Robin

soddering is one of those

players who can push the lieb

of Roger Federer and Rafael

Nadal and he made it through

first round with no problems.

Venus Williams won her match,

6-3, 6-3, she had no dramas

there at all, you can see the

weather looks terrific on day

one and the crowd was delighted

to see one of its favourite

players, Willie Tonga win flu

also and I think we've got a

couple of picture of match

point here of Joe will Fred

Tonga and he celebrated as if

he'd won the tournament there.

He's a very emotional player

and good on hip. To finish off

the sports report, we'll have a

look at what is happening with

the Socceroos, they're playing New Zealand in a friendly

tonight at the MCG, the two

biggest news players won't be

out there,ers that Kewell u,

but as you can see from shots

last night he appears to be OK

physically and his fwroin which

was strained not long ago seems

to be doing well. Some

stretches there and the oh most

important part of the Socceroos

anatomy is Mark Schwarzer's

thumb so that is heavy

strapped. He won't play tonight

but he should be OK for the

World Cup, so between Mark

Schwarzer's thumb and Harry

Kewell's groin we should all be

okay And the images that

throughs up. What is between a

thumb and a fwroin Let you

answer that? A chest I guess.

We often talk about a lot of

people in sport are people in sport are stumbling and put together the strangest

of phrases. Have a listen to

this beautiful pristine quote I

was very pleased with the

victim and the way the game was

played. It was a trifk

spectacle. That's our very own

Paul Kennedy, the coach of the

league and you thrashed your

opposing side. We had a good

win over the hamden league, the players representing the western district of Victoria on

the weekend. It was a great day

on Saturday. Well done and

you're are still smiling. Maybe Carlton should seen you

up. Wiept go that far I'd take

you, I'd take anyone. It was a

good day. Basically all the

best country footballers played

each other in representative

games top weekend for the one

weekend of the year it was good

to play nice attacking football

as we all like to watch. Also

nice to have a quote that makes

particularly since. It was a

very disheartening game

yesterday between Carlton and

Hawthorn for a Carlton

supporter like myself. And

screpy and messy Neurotic was the way I described the play

yesterday. Those guys just

couldn't settle down and they

were their own worst enemy in

the end. It's frustrating

supports a team that's becoming a very, very goods team, so

you've got to have those highs

and louse during the season No comfort when you're sitting

there watching it The operative

word there of course word there of course is

becoming. I look forward to the

being. ABC News Breakfast can

be watched live on the web from anywhere. Just visit the maybe ABC News website. Vanessa O'Hanlon joins us with the

weather now. Good morning. And

a cloudy day if we take a look

at the satellite image a trough

is causing a few storms over

the eastern interior. We sls a

front generating showers over South Australia, Victoria and

also the western parts of NSW.

An on shore winds are pushing

blustery show showers along the

south coast of WA. In

Queensland -

That's the latest weather. You're watching ABC News Breakfast. Still the come -

we'll be speaking to the

Grattan Institute Ben Jenson,

he's written a report that I

that says teachers want an

overhaul of the performance

evaluation process and also

we'll have a review of some of the newspapers around the

country and we'll be joined by

Monash University lecturer

Waleed Ali. In news this morning, the Duchess of York

has been caught on camera

offering to sell access to her

husband prince Andrew. The 'News of the World' says Sarah

Ferguson was filmed by one of

its reporters posing as a

businessman and it appears that

she accepts 40,000 US dollars

in cash. The paper says Prince

Andrew knew nothing about the

deal worth more than half a

million pounds. A witness at

the centre of a corruption

investigation has alleged that

a Reserve Bank subsidiary was

willing to supply prostitutes

and pay bribes to win bank note

supply contracts. The allegation surfaced in a

special investigation by 'Four

Corners' and the age newspaper.

It's found that a middle man hired by Securency International said he intended

to bribe a central bank

Governor from an Asian country.

A report on Australia's

education system says teachers

won't an overhaul of the performance evaluation process. The Grattan Institute report

says most teachers surveyed

believe that the existing ve allation process doesn't

improve teaching in Australian

schools. And lawyers for the bushfires royal commission

there attack the Victorian Government over its handling of

the Black Saturday fires. A leaked lawyers submission

accuses the Government of

substantial policy failure that

placed at least some of those

who died at great risk. And

finally at least 19 people

killed a mothan 70 injured when

a train derailed in China.

State media says a landslide

damaged the tracks causing

several carriages to derail and

overturn in Jiangxi

province. Necessity is the

mother of invention, just ask

the Japanese w stock of wild

tuna dangerously low,

scientists have come up with a

bold plan to keep sushi lovers

happy. It's the habit Japan

refuses to kick. Despite

warnings that tuna stocks are

on the verge of collapse, the

Japanese still revere this fish

as the king of sushi. But one Japanese scientist is

determined to safe this

threatened species from extinction.

TRANSLATION: In the last decade

Japanese fishermen and all over

the world have been camping too

much tuna. My goal is to save

the species and recover its stocks. He and his team are

take surrogacy to new levels.

They're transplanting sperm and

ovary stem cells from blue fin

tuna into mackerel fry which

they hope will then sporn a

rich batch of tuna sperm and eggs.

The cells go into the fish and

these clels produce tuna eggs

inside. So when mackerel like

these mate, the tuna eggs are

fertilised allowing one fish

species to create another.

Japan consumes 80% of the

world's tuna catch and there's strong Opposition here to

cutting quotas or reducing

catches. So the Japanese hope this assisted reproduction

technique using mackerel will

help bolster the dwindling

stocks of this endangered a

much prized fish. This year at

tobaccoa 'fish markets, a

single blue fin tuna sold for

$200,000. But the cost to the

tuna could be even greater than

science align may not be able

to save the speers.

TRANSLATION: The first choice

is to manage tuna fishing properly so we can increase

their numbers naturally. In two

year, the Professor hopes to

have produced his first booch

tuna. Giving new mean ing to

the phrase holy mackerel. Very

cute joke there. Doesn't it

logically follow that unless

fishing practices are changed

we'll then g on and overfish

the mackerel that have been set

up in this way. As with whaling

trying to get the Jap to wiped

back what they're doing is much

easier said than done It might

sound like ancient history but

scientists hope that

140-year-old weather forecasts

can help predict our climate

future. The Australian for

castes are being used in the UK

for a new climate change

modelling project. Simon Royal has this report. MUSIC

In South Australia isolated

showers and possible thunder. Since the dawn of

time, humans have pondered what

the new day will bring, weather wise.

SONG: # Maid world. Mad

world. One of the people trying

to answer the question is Dr

Rab Allen, the Adelaide born

climate scientist works for the

Hadley climate centre in the

UK. While Rob Allen is

preoccupied with tomorrow's

weather and specifically

climate change, he's in

Adelaide looking at some Adelaide looking at some very

old weather maps, the earliest

of which was drawn more than

140 years ago by Charles Todd

the man who built the Overland

telegraph. He was at the

forefront in Adelaide of all

the information coming in from

around the world which was

disseminated out to other part

of Australia so he was keeping

records of various observations

from place s in ja, sing po, Ma

nilla, even cock os Island Here

we have Todd's vrs first adjourn. He's credited with

producing Australia's first

weather forecast. His daily

journals also include newspaper

clippings of contemporary

weather news and events floods

storms, droughts. What makes

them truly unique though is

their range, Todd kept them

meticulously from the 18 70s

until the early 1900s. 11,000

days of weather in great

detail, virtually anything you would want to know about

weather events in that 31 year

period are captured in these

journals and that is for

virtually the whole of eastern

Australia. Scientists can now

access the journals because as

Stateline reported last year, a

team of volunteers have been

digitalising them and putting

them online. That's been a

treasure trove for the project

Rob Allen heads, it's called

AKA which stands for at poser

inny circulation

reconstructions over the earth.

Put simply they hope to use old

records to recredit what the earth's weatherwise like,

particularly the extreme

events. Extremes are sprorpt

and we need to get back over

those 100 or #00 years because

they have the most impact on

society, on civilisation, etc,

we really need to know how

these things impact across the board. Rob Allen argues a

better historical record means

more accurate models for

seasonalal forecasts can be

built, a particular benefit for

farmers but it's the question

of climate change and the

future that he argues might be

better answered by the

past. For the climate change,

it's real value is in terms of

providing a data base that

climb at models can be tested

against. Can they capture the

last couple of 100 years of the

weather and if they do we feel

more confident about using them

to make projections into the

future with regards to global

warming. Have we been able to

subject climate change models

to that sort of scrutiny before

hand? Not without that data,

not that length of data. It was

data that landed the Hadley

centre into the climate gate

controversial last year when it

was accused of manipulating

research to prove that global

warming was caused by man. Rob

Allen opens his work can be

used to retest some of the

disputed models. And Professor

Ian for one will be watching

with interest. We'd had... He's

critical of how the science and

politics of climate change have

unfolded but she a great

supporter of new knowledge. The

only way we can understand

modern climate is to look into

the past and I think that's

magnificent, as long as the

data has not been corrected as

a lot of modern data has been

and there's integrated with

older data which we get from

geology. But it's not just old

maps that might help provide

new insites into our climate.

This is the state herbarium and

some of the species mums here

have their own stories to to

theally tbt weather. Fran is a

person who studies the timing

after seasonal change. Plants,

other living embodiments of the

seasons and so to Fran these

aren't dried arrangements,

they're sources of data from

seasons past. From each

specimen I can get a range of

data which then I can analyse

to see how flours times have

changed over the period Fran

focussed on native orchids

because they have short

definite flowering timing

making changes easy to pickment

since 19 # 5 she says there

have been dramatic alterations

correlating with higher temperatures and lower rainfall. Three weeks advance

in three decades is a huge change, I think

change, I think we can

definitely say that the climate

is changing and at the present

time it's changing at quite an

alarming rate, but... Who did

it is another question? Yes,

and I hope there's another

researcher out there working on

that for Fran, the next step in

her project will be to examine

other plants to see if they too

show similar patterns. None of

this of course will drain the

climate change debate and

specifically the contribution

of human activity of

controversy. But perhaps some

old maps and some old plant

also help with a better understanding of the

weather. You're watch ing narkz

this Duchess of York has been

caught in a an undercover sting

agreeing to sell access to her

ex-husband. The 'News of the

World' says Sarah Ferguson was filmed by one of its reporters

posing as a businessman, a

spokeswoman says the Duchess of

York is devastated and

regretful. A witness in a

corruption investigation has

alleged that a Reserve Bank

subsidiary was willing to pay

bribes and supply prostitutes

to secure contracts. The allegations surfaced in a

special investigation by 'Four

Corners' and the age newspaper.

The companies makes polymer

bank notes. The Grattan Institute

Institute report says

teachersest want an overhaul of

the performance evaluation

process. Says more than 90%

surveyed believe the most

effective teach dors not

receive the greatest

recognition. We'll take a look

at the Monday papers and we're

joined now by Monash University

lecturer Waleed Ali. Good morning. Good morning. It may

not surprise you to learn that

President Obama is on the verge

of giving an important speech

and over the weekend he gave an

important speech that was a

preview to the important

speech. I think is how it goes.

This is from the age. It's

covered in several of the

papers. This was a speech at

the US military academy at

Westpoint and it underlines or

outlines President Obama's

position on a new national

security strategy. There's not

a lot in this that's terribly

new I guess, even if you've

been following things that the

President has been saying for President has been saying for a long time about the importance

of multilateral cooperation,

the fact that America can't go

it alone and so on and building

new partnerships. This will not

come as a surprise but it is

significant I think and the reason it's significant is that

this comes after two failed

terrorist attacks in the United

States, a lack of what I think

you would call spectacular

success with Iran in getting it

to had its nuclear program. It

does show that the President at

leems seems serious about the

path that he set out before

when he was candidate saying

that he recognises the limits

on American power and that

America can't handle those

problems alone. He's received a barrage of criticism from Conservative opponents in the

United States about the evident

efkts of his foreign policy,

about the fact that he's meant

to be soft on tebor and that's

why all these terrorist

attempts but he seems undeterred by it At the same

time he's further criticising

the whole doctrine of

pre-emptive strikes? Very much advanced by the Bush

Administration and he argues

look where that's got America

with two wars still going oin,

seven and eight years

snraert Exactly. He's said

immediately that - America's

great successes have never been

when it was acting uni

laterally, that is a statement

that really does look to the

previous Administration. It's

also report the 'Australian',

the the 'Australian' report,

the 'Age''s report is taken

from the 'New York Times', the

the 'Australian' report is don

by its own reporter, has a

quote that doesn't appear in

the age's one which is

interesting to bear out because

it does show the approach, the

mental map that's being taken

into the terrorism discussion.

E-I SAS this - the threat will

not go away soon but let's be

clear, al-Qa'ida and its

affiliates are small men on the

wrong side of history. They

lead no nation, no religion, we

need not give into fear every time a terrorist trying to

scare us. We should not discard

our freedoms because extremists

try tox ploit them them That

sounds to me about as far as

away from the rhetoric of

George Bush as you can get and

notice the emphasis on "these

are small men".. It's very

difficult from saying these are the most dangerous people in the world Making that point

which is an obviously one but

one that is rarely made, yes

they do lead no country, they

don't lead the religion that

they claim to be the most effective@truthful speem for so

marginalising them in that way

at least rhetorically is an

interesting device. And it

plays neatly with his entire

strategy. His speech in Cairo

which was a water shed which was a water shed American

for American relations with the

Muslim word, the whole aim

there was to try to say, "Let's

talk as mainstream people, as

though the other people are not

in the room or not significant

as they're often made out to

be" And back home a story in

the 'Sydney Morning Herald'..

It's also reported in the age,

a fascinating study to cocome

out of the university of

Melbourne which looks at

bankruptcy rates. What's

significant about this is that

off bankruptcy is assumed to be

the doe mane of struggling or

the hyperwealthy who are

figuring out ways to hide assets. This study concludes

that actually it's becoming a

hugely middle class phenomenon,

that we're seeing higher status

occupations or people in higher

status occupations declaring

bankruptcy. As a strategy, as a

tactic or because they have

to? It seems to be because they

have far too much debt. The

main culprit being home threens

are just unsustainable. This is

I think really fascinating

because if you have the middle

class having unsustainable home loans, then you really do have

a house system that is way out

of control. It's not it seems

to me simply a matter of supply

and demand although I lack the economic credentials to say

that definitively but it's the

fact that there is a dynamic at

work that causes people to get

into debt that they simply

can't afford, that people are

overspending, on things. It's a

chicken and egg things, house

prices are going up, people

therefore feel the need to get

bigger mortgages to buy more expensive houses and at the

same time that adds more

momentum to this housing bubble

and in many cases it is a

bubble particularly if cities

like mebling. If the bubble

bursts then we'll know that

it's not a simple supply demand

equation. The thing in the

United States or partly was

that more people were in the

market than could afford to be

getting into debt they couldn't

afford when ultimately they had

to leave the market because

their air unable to pay off

their houses, the housing kries

disglis the one thing in

Australia's favour compared to

America where the housing

market is in the toilet and has been in the toilet for years is

that our unemployment rate is

still relatively low so

professionals, hike income

earners, low, aren't at Rick of

losing their job or struggling to find work as many to find work as many Americans

do and therefore not being able

to pay monthly mortgage

cost The Federal Court the fact that they're struggling is significant. The point made in

the article is that there are

real consequences to declaring

bankruptcy, social and

psychological to do with

stigma, ziflty in getting

credit in the future and so operation difficulty in the

workforce, cost of personal

relationships and so on, so the

study is saying this is an

emerging social problem that

really needs to be looked at. And there's an interesting

story that's been going around

about a female representative

of a particular religion that

you don't normally see in

beauty pageants. I don't know.

Xa exactly is she represents.

I'm talking about Miss USSa.

Doesn't normally do beauty

package ent stories You should

do more of them. We've noted

that you don't do them very

often. There's been emails! But

in this case of course, we're

talking about a woman who was -

is an Arab American, also a

Shi'ite Muslim with a Lebanese

background, and what's

fascinating about this is not

just isn't that novel sort of

aspect of the story but the

fact that that's become a real political issue. The the

'Australian' is reporting that a lot of right wing comment thattators arying to Czech her

to Hezbollah, they're calling

mer hiss Hezbollah and one commentator in particular has

suggested that there might p

some kind of odd form of

affirmative action going on because apparently there's been

a string of Muslim beauty

Queens winning around the world. The adjudicators of the

Miss America or the Miss World

or Miss Universe pageants have

never struck me as affirmative

action specialists. Possibly

not but maybe. Maybe you're

underestimating them I guess

they're working in a narrow

band. They're all woman. So

they've got to try and pick the

difference, bick the degree of difference that they can

support.. Does the report say

how Miss Hezbollah is dealing

with all of this heading her

way? Her main response is a

typical beauty Queen response,

that is "I've before

overwhelmed by the support of

all these people." She comes

from Michigan where there was

there is a huge Arab

population. Fw she really is

Miss Hezbollah, if she gives an

answer of just wanting world peace that will really mean

something. It #345i well.

Unless it's just seen to be

cover. Nice to see you, thank

you. Peer here's Paul Kennedy

with the sport headlines Thank

you. We'll look at the AFL winners from yesterday and St

Kilda is back on the winners

list with a strong 35-point

victory over the West Coast.

They did it at Subiaco and they

had come from 19 points down

halfway through the third

quarter to do it. Lenny haze

was best afeld, that's Michael

Gardiner kicking a goal against

his old team. Lance Franklin

kicked five goals for Hawthorn

to reagain some form against

Carlton yesterday, they were

big winners the Hawks and the

Crows are celebrating today

after a great victory against

the Brisbane Lions. Brendan

Fevola kicked five goals but

the young Crows came through in the

the finish and kicked the last

few goals with a strong breeze.

In the rugby league, the State

of Origin players were out of

action yesterday which meant

that St George-Illawarra was vulnerable to the Canberra

Raiders. The Raiders have a

good report however against St

George and took the points

there. They had a good win and

it was the Warriors beating the

South Sydney Rabbitohs in the

other match on Sunday in the

NRL. To the etch Open and take

a look at some of the winners from the first day. Svetlana

Kuznetsova won through quite

easily, Robin Soderling was a

strong winner and may even be a

contenter in the second week.

Venus Williams won through

without any problems at all,

6-3, 6-3 and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga

played the big match of the he

beat fwrn's Daniel Brands 7-5

in the fifth set and good

reason for the crowd to become pretty pleased with that

result. Now we saw the Waratahs

lost their semifinal on the

weekend, the two South African

teams will host, will be the

finalists for the superrugby

this year but let's have a look

t am at some pictures from

Twickenham, that's Australia

beating South Africa in the

rugby p #7's in UKKers have. A terrific result from the young

Wallabies, they won 19-14 in

the friem and traditionally the

last ten years oso, South

Africa have had a really strong

rugby 7's line-up so the

Aussies to win that one is a

bit of an upset and a good

result. And a bad result for

Australia in the sense dwheent

get to see the Super 14 grand

final? No, that's right. The

Waratahs were beat yep by the

Stormers on the weekend and the

Bulls will be the outright

favourite because they're two

South African teams but the intruls virtually been

unstoppable in the last year or

so, they won last year as well

but doesn't mean that Australia

is looking worse for wear come

the Wallabies games because the Australian teams have done

exceptionally well and with the

Queensland team looking so strong, the Wallabies are going

to have a great teem this year

hoip. What's the state of the

ladder in the AFL then, where

are we at enof the weekend? Collingwood and

Geelong are sitting up the top.

They played on Friday night and

Collingwood had a reality check

there with Geelong being far

too strong on the night. I

guess Collingwood fans will say

it could have went either way

in this third quarter when the

pies were pressing but Geelong

is too strong, they look to be

strong, if they can get their

ruckman back Braddot yeps.

Fremantle is third by

significant yed with St Kilda

and Hawthorn coming back, they

might still beat a very strong

contenders come the end of the

year. Thank you, Paul. Vanessa

O'Hanlon joins us with the

weather now and it's been a wet

weekend in Perth? Great to see

some rain over will in the west but unfortunately Perth is

still well below the May

average. There is some news

though for the water

catchments. A dam recorded

76.6mm in 48 hours. The levels

are at 49% and with 30.2mm,

Canning dam had their best May

rain since 2005 and the water

levels are at 30%. The rain has

moved fourth south. 40.2mm has

fallen at the Esperance airport

and 19.# at Hopetown north.

Around the country for today -


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the lawyer who is based on

London for the ousted President of Thailand, Thaksin

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say.. The question I didn't

hear is what responsibility does he take, Thaksin Shinawatra's behaviour would sur lie be considered insurgent

in some countries and he MotoGP

vaed what happeningeningment

why doesn't he step back on to

they've soil and as for his lawyer ambulance chasing is

still ambulance chasing. That's

the lawyer for the former PM of Thailand, Thaksin Shinawatra. And also this morning we should

be able to bring you some

pictures shortly of the results

at Cannes at the Cannes film

festival with a Thai film has

taken out the top honour. In an

odd coincidence, we'll speak to

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