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(generated from captions) One of the last men standing

in Melbourne's gangland war is

shot at sitting in his car in

Melbourne's north overnight.

Russia's President announces a

massive rearmament plan

including boosting nuclear

forces saying his country is

threatened bit US-led expansion

of NATO. Foreign of NATO. Foreign Minister

Stephen Smith says Australia

will consider sending more

troops to Afghanistan and

reports from the US say Kevin

Rudd will make the offer when

he meets Barack Obama next

week. Stephanie Rice and Nick

D'arcy qualify for the World

Championship in Rome.

Live. This Program is Captioned

Good morning, it's

Wednesday, 18 March, I'm Joe

O'Brien. I'm Virginia Trioli,

the top story on ABC News

Breakfast, a member of one of

Melbourne's notorious gangland

families escapes a street shooting. Desmond 'Tuppence'

Morgan was sitting in a car in

the driveway of his Ascot Vale

home when a balaclava clad man home when a balaclava clad

fired a shot through the

window. The bullet lodged in

the steering wheel of

the steering wheel of his

Mercedes Coupe, Desmond Moran

is one of the last is one of the last men standing

in a war claiming his brother

Lou sis and nephews. Erin

Cassar joins us, what do we

know about what happened. You

wouldn't know it here this

morning, but last night Desmond

Moran had a lucky escape in the

driveway of his Ascot Vale

home. It was around 9:00, he

was sitting in the drivers seat

of his Mercedesway friend in

the passenger seat. A man came

at him with a gun, firing a

single shot in through the

driver's side window, both men

are aged in their 60s and

amazingly both escaped injury,

the bullet lodged in the

steering while. Desmond is the

brother of Lewis Moran and the

uncle of Mark and Jason Moran

all three killed during the

gangland war. It left him a

little stunned and he spoke at

length to the media after the

event and described the gunman

as a coward, here is more what

he had to say We walked at he had to say We walked at the

front door, my mate Michael, I

said, "You drive, I've been

drinking, I don't believe in

drink and driving. He drove the

car, I hopped in the passenger

side, a shadow come flying

around here, and what in the -

what's that, I mean it it,

what's that. With that he got - bang. Straight through the

windscreen, I thought Mick's

shot. I said, "Are you alright,

Mick?", He said, "I don't". What stage is the

police investigation at. The

gunman got away on foot last

night. The search continues for

him. The Dog Squad did an

extensive search of the area,

Purana taskforce detectives are

involved. Police know the man

was dress indeed black, wearing

a balaclava, there's the

possibility the incident may possibility the incident

have been captured on security

cameras at the showgrounds

across the road from here. No

doubt that'll be something

police will look into today. In

other news - the Russian

President Dmitry Medvedev says

Moscow will begin a large Moscow will begin a large scale

rearmament of military forces

in 2011 and the President says

the plans are necessary because

of the threat by US led NATO

expansion and instability. It

will include an upgrade of

nuclear forces and President

Medvedev will meet US President Medvedev will meet

Barack Obama next Foreign Affairs Barack Obama next month.

Stephen Smith says a request Foreign Affairs Minister

from the US to send more troops from the US to send more

to Afghanistan is likely

following the death of another

Australian soldier. Mr Smith

says the government will

consider that if and when comes

and told Lateline it's in

Australia's national interest

to be involved in the

Afghanistan effort. US Pam ra

has been welcoming Irish Prime

Minister Brian Cowan and the

leader of Northern Ireland as

the White House fountains ran

green for St Patrick's green for St Patrick's Day,

President Barack Obama praised

their response to sectarian

attacks leaving attacks leaving British

soldiers and a policeman

dead. A list of bills that Federal Government wants passed dead. A list of bills that the

is piling up after the senate

vote on alcopops was delayed.

That vote should take place

today. The Government's begun

negotiating with the crossbench

Senator on industrial relations

legislation and a vote on legislation and a vote

commercial property financing

is on the agenda with two

sitting days to go. Questions

are now being asked about the

distribution of funds raised by

last weekend's Sound Relief

concerts after it was revealed

millions won't make it to the

charity. Advertising promised

100% of the ticket price would

go to the bushfire charities,

but promotors admit four of the

$8.8 million will pay for

production costs. Returning to

Russia, where President

Medvedev has announced that major rearmament of the

country's military, making the

decision in the face of NATO's

expansion near Russia's

borders. Rush a is flexing

muscle on the world stage, the

Russian President announcing a

string of reforms at a meeting

of Defence Chiefs in the

capital. Dmitry Medvedev says

Russia is facing security

threats meaning it must improve defence defence capability.

TRANSLATION: The threat of local conflicts and international terrorism are

present. Attempts to expand the

military infrastructure of NATO

near the borders of our country

is continuing, this requires a

modernisation of our armed

forces. Russia has been angered

by NATO's expansion since the

end of the combed war. Recently

the United States plans to

build being Cold War, recently

the United States plans to

build missile defence shield

caused resentment. The revamp

ised scheduled to begin in two

years. What is meant is not

usual but qualitative through

nuclear forces, they should

guarantee the implementation of

the tasks of securing military

security of the state. Dmitry

Medvedev praised Russia's push

into Georgia in defence of into Georgia in defence

South Ossetia, saying the

campaign had military failings, his Defence Minister

his Defence Minister agrees.


Security and military interests Security and military

of the Russian Federation were

directly threatened by the

Georgian attack on South Ossetia. The Russian Government

budgeted $43 billion for

weapons purchases this year, a

quarter will be spent on upgrading nuclear

arms. Returning to Canberra,

the Senate vote on alcopops was

delayed increasing the work

load on members of parliament

in Canberra. Ben Worsley joins

us from Parliament House. Two

days to go, lots of work Lots

of work, three major bits of

legislation the Government

wants to get through the Senate

within the next two days, the

one that we've all been talking

about - we've been talking

about a few, but the pressing

was the alcopops, to get the -

to validate the tax that's been

applied to alcopops over the

last year, otherwise there'll

be a bit of refunding to do to

those distillers. Now, the

Government has a agreement of

the Greens and Nick Xenophon,

by committing $50 million to

antibinge drinking antibinge drinking programs, Steve Fielding remains the

final obstacle. He wants a

separation between sporting

events and alcohol advertising

on television, so the vote has

been delayed and Steve Fielding again finds himself torn

between two places and a hard

rock, as he once famously or

infamously put it. We should

use that phrase, that's a

terribly good phrase rtion it's

underrated. We we must to what

we can to get it in the

political rhetoric. It was

interesting to here Bob Brown

be exasperated with him,

indicating that Steve Fielding

is not communicating in Bob

Brown's view well enough, Brown's view well enough, not

getting out there talking to

the other crossbench Senators,

which was an interesting

boil-over. What did that tell

you? It's a reflection of what many Senators expressed many Senators expressed about

Steve Fielding, I don't want to

be too rude because I asked him

to come on the show and I'm

waiting to hear. It's been

expressed in the past that exasperation in Steve Fielding's defence he's Fielding's defence he's said,

and it is true, is lacking

because of the party status

that he enjoys or suffers, if

you like, a small

representation, he does lack

the staff that many other

political figures or parties do

so often he doesn't have the

resources to do things in the

same way others do. In saying

that, yes, he does present as a

major figure in the Senate

negotiations and the Greens and

Labor especially are often

exasperated at the way he

negotiates and the way he

presents alternatives or

amendments to legislation

without much detail is the

allegation. Anyway, he wants

that separation between

sporting events and alcohol

advertising on TV. The vote

should be some time today,

there's the IR legislation

which doesn't get bigger than

that for the Government. It offered, through Gillard offered, through Gillard a

number of amendments to appease

that same significant seven, to

some extent it did. The Greens

especially, and Nick Xenophon,

again there is this stoush over

the definition of a small

business, the threshold at

which a small business comes

under unfair dismissal laws,

the Government wants the Government wants 15,

crossbenches 20, the Opposition

25. That's the stumbling block

there. There's the Ruddbank,

the bank of Kevin known as the

Australian business investment

partnership, it's important to

get that right. The stumbling

block is the Opposition, it

says that the Government

putting $2 billion into the putting $2 billion into

commercial property mark - the

idea is the Government puts

that in in adjourned foreign

banks withdraw from the market

because of the global credit

squeeze. The Opposition says squeeze. The Opposition

the Government shouldn't be in

the business of banking, it's

exposing taxpayers money to

risk. The Government has to

again talk to the seven Cross

benches, it will be a busy

couple of days. Certainly

is. Quickly and financially,

Afghanistan is interesting for

Australia given the death yesterday, reports in the The yesterday, reports in

Financial Review, that it's a

done deal, Australia will offer

more troops Kevin Rudd meets more troops Kevin Rudd

Barack Obama in the coming

weeks scpcks the Fin reports

that there were gcks - and the

Fin is reporting that there'll

be an offer or the nod to a

request for extra troops,

there's been a significant

change in language from the

Government from Stephen Smith,

Joel Fitzgibbon and Kevin Rudd

since Obama came to power, the

language before was NATO should

lift its game changed to we

will consider any request from

the US for more troops, Steinn

Smith the Foreign Minister was

on Lateline, let's have a look

at what he had to say about

that, Stephen Smith. We haven't

received a request from received a request from the

United States administration,

we won't be surprised if we

receive one, we will judge that

request, make our the judgment

on its merits if and when we

receive it. We will make our

judgment about a further contribution dependent on

whether we think it's in our

national interest to do

so. Stephen Smith mentioning on Lateline, The Financial Review

goes further, we'll refer to

this in a moment. Ben Worsley,

good to shat. Let's look at the

front pages of the papers -

home owners losing their jobs

will have interest on their

mortgages deferred by the mortgages deferred by

Commonwealth Bank rors The Australian, the Sydney Morning

Herald says home owners are

expected to benefit, interest

rates predicted to rates predicted to drop. The

Financial Review says the Prime

Minister warned Ministers to

sale back spending plans in the

lead-up to the May Budget. Melbourne Anglican Archbishop

Philip Freier is under fire

from the Jewish community for

hosting a function for former Iranan President Mohammad Khatami The Age reports. Prisoners working

outside jail, says The Sun,

will get payments from the

economic stimulus package. The

slouch hat could be foreign

maid says The Daily Telegraph

after defence uniform

management was handed to the private sector. Adelaide

Advertiser says the AFL refused

to bail out Port Adelaide to bail out Port Football Football Club. The Northern

Territory News reports the soldier killed in Afghanistan

had recently become a father,

and the paper has a photo of

the Darwin girl who died in a

crocodile attack, picture with

her mother. Australia's

diplomatic service is

overstretched and dysfunction

al according to a report from the Lowy Institute the Lowy Institute reports 'The

Canberra Times', and we'll

discuss that later in the

program. Queensland Premier program. Queensland

Anna Bligh has been undermined

according to the 'The Canberra by one of her own Ministers

Times'. Thousands of police Times'. Thousands

officers and supporters rallied

to back laws for those

police at Parliament convicted of assault against

House. That's a big

crowd. Finally the The Mercury

says a school bus driver has

been hailed a hero after 53

students avoid ed injury in a

collision with an unregistered

car. If you'd like to send

feedback on any stories: Now

conference that Secretary of we take you live to a press

State in the US Hillary Clinton

is holding with Irish leaders,

we'll go to that now. ... work we'll go to that now. ...

of the policitians in the assembly and the executive

would begin to fray and the

institutions would crumble and

fall. They have not succeeded

and they will not

and they will not succeed.

There is a massive

determination not just on the

part of the Deputy first

Minister and myself, but I was

delighted to see it from every

single political party. There

was no party political

bickering on the issue, every

politician stepped up to the

line and made it clear their

denunciation of the incidents

and also their determination

that they were not going

that they were not going back.

It is that determination not

simply not to go back or stand

still, but to drive us forward

to complete the task that we to complete the task that

have set our hand to, and to

bring Northern Island to that

place where it has a stable

political and economic future

where prosperity is a daily

diet of our people. It is that

hope that drives us forward and hope that drives us forward

it is that hope that I it is that hope that I believe

we have the full support of the

people of Northern Ireland in

realising. Thank you so. If I

can say it's an incredible good

fortune for all of us on the

Island of Ireland in the North,

that Hillary Clinton has been

appointed the new Secretary of

State. She has, for many State. She has, for many years,

alongside her husband, been a

true friend of all of us. A

true friend of the peace

process, contributing

tremendously to the

transformation that has taken

place over the course of the

last number of years, and what

has been really encouraging

about the visit and the meeting

we have come from is it's clear

that she's surrounded by people

with a tremendous insight into

our situation going back many,

many years. I find that

tremendously encouraging, and tremendously encouraging,

we are excited about our

meeting with President Obama

this morning, and the things we

heard from his, and his rit

ration of his commitment to

help us within the process,

continued, I must say, a long continued, I must say, a

line of important contributions

from the United States of

America, and what we have heard

just now in the course of our

meeting was Hillary Clinton

further encourage us that we

will see the appointment of an

envoy who will make their own particular contribution,

following in a long line of

envoys who have been tremendously supportive for all

of us, we talk about the

economy because we believe that

economic development is of

critical importance and our

program for Government identified the do. Of the

economy as a key priority for

all of us, there has been a

long tradition of American companies investing on the

island of Ireland, and the o t

north of Ireland, and our visit

here in the Best coast, here in the Best coast, and

we've been to Los Angeles,

Peter has been to Chicago, Peter has been to Chicago, I

have been to New York and

Washington - everywhere we Washington - everywhere we went

it was quite clear the people

were tuned into what had

happened in our country, and,

indeed, at the time of indeed, at the time of those

incidents were very shocked

that it did happen. But that

shock quickly gave way to a

bigger story. And the bigger

story was the unity which Peter

has just spoken about, not just

between himself and myself, but

between all of the parties

recognising that this

represents a real challenge to

our process by people who

dedicated to destroy the peace

process, dedicated to the

demolition of political

institutions and dedicated to

plunging our community - and we

don't speak about two

communities, although we

represent different parties, we

represent one community, the

north of Ireland, and we are

not going to allow our

community to be plunged into

mayhem and destruction mayhem and destruction by

people who have no support, no

mandate and no right whatsoever

to attack the peace that the

people of Ireland as a whole

and in the north voted for, and

the referendum in the the referendum in the aftermath

of the Good Friday Agreement. I'm moving forward with

tremendous confidence about the future, confidence that we are

united, supported by the Irish

and British Governments, and by

a strong administration here in

the United States of America

led by President Obama led by President Obama and

Hillary Clinton. So we will

leave Washington incredibly

buoyed up by the encouragement

and support we have received

and I want to express my

deepest thanks and appreciation

to Hillary and President Obama,

and all those in all of the

political parties in Capital

Hill that stood by us through

thick and thin. On St Patrick's

Day in the US, that was Martin

McGuinness the Deputy first

Minister of Northern Ireland

and Peter Robinson the first Minister of Northern Ireland

with the US Secretary of with the US Secretary of State

Hillary Clinton. They were

speaking there at a speaking there at a press

conference about how America is

going to re-engage in the peace

process in Northern Ireland and

will send a new envoy to the peace process to Northern

Ireland. This, of course, comes

after the most successful

American envoy to the Northern

Ireland peace process, Drew

Mitchell was reappointed by Mitchell was reappointed by the

Barack Obama Administration as

the envoy for the Middle East.

So he's otherwise engaged

they'll need to find somebody

else. It comes in the wake of

recent shootings which reignited concerns that things

could be getting worse. The top

stories on ABC News Breakfast -

the brother of Melbourne gangland figure Lewis Moran

dodges a bullet when a shot is

fired into his car in Melbourne overnight. Desmond Moran overnight. Desmond Moran says

he doesn't know who would want

to hurt him, brother Lewis,

nephews Mark and Jason were

victims of Melbourne's

underworld killings. President

Medvedev commits to a

rearmament program including an

upgrade of its nuclear forces,

saying plans were in response

to region at in stability and

US led NATO expansion. Barack

Obama welcomes Irish Prime

Minister Brian Cowan and the

leaders of the Northern Ireland

to Washington, fountains at to Washington, fountains at the

White House ran green White House ran green for St

Patrick's Day, as the President

praised their response to the

recent sectarian violence.

Now there's growing political

debate in Australia over

whether to allow Chinese Government owned companies to

control local mining control local mining interests,

the Australian Government is

considering whether to approve

Chinalco's bid to buy an 18%

stake in Rio Tinto. One Australian businessman is so

concerned about the deal he

bankrolled a series of

television advertisements

against it. Dana Robertson

reports. No longer riding on

the sheep's back, these days

most of Australia's wealth is

dug out of the ground, but some

fear it won't last long. We

can't j another Government

owning Australia, we all have a

responsibility to stop the responsibility to stop the Rudd

Labor Government from selling

Australia. Australian

businessman Ian Melrose funded

an advertising campaign

opposing Chinalco's bid to opposing Chinalco's bid to buy

a $30 billion stake in

Australian mining giant Rio

Tinto. He says China is using

its massive foreign currency

reserves to gain control of

Australia's most precious

assets The Chinese Government

is buying strategic Australian

companies or resource

companies. That's never

happened before. He's enlisted

one of the Australia's best

known policitians to sell his

message If we hand over the

sovereignty of that ownership

to another nation's Government,

not to another corporation from

another nation, another nation

adds Government, then we are

doing something that is very

foolish. But the Opposition to

allowing a Chinese Government

owned company to control

Australian mines crosses the

political divide. While Barnaby

Joyce is a Conservative, the

left wing Greens are equally

outraged We where you have

foreign governments, through

their investment arrangements

getting control of Australian

resources, you have to be very

careful about that. The Greens want the Australian

parliament's Economics

Committee to investigate the

Chinalco bid and other

potential foreign buyouts. But

the ultimate decision the ultimate decision rests

with the country's

Treasurer. What I will do will

be to study these matters

seriously, closely, andly take

a decision in the national

interest of this country A

decision won't come soon, the

foreign investment review board

has been granted 90 days extra

to scrutinise the deal. And to scrutinise the deal. And in

other finance news - 11

executives from America's struggling insurance struggling insurance giant

Australian Industry Group quit

despite being paid bonuses of

$1 million to $1 million to stay. Australian Industry Group had been under

fire for its decision to pay

the bonuses after the US

Government paid the company $30

billion in bailout. Rio Tinto

executives will not receive

cash bonuses after share prices

plummeted, senior executives

had bonuses deferred into

shares following a crop in commodity prices after BHP

Biliton withdrew its

multibillion takeover

bid. Phone manufacturer Nokia

will slash 1,700 across the

globe as it struggles with

falling sales, saving it $1.3

billion, it reported a 69%

slump in Jan in fourth quarter

earnings, let's look at the finance figures.

It will be interesting to

clarify with Neal Woolrich

later, what that later, what that means in

relation to the Rio executives

not getting their bonuses, not getting their bonuses, but

they are deferred or... Into

shares, which are rock shares, which are rock bottom.

I think it means they are going

to heaven, and the other

to heaven, and the other ones

are not. Vanessa O'Hanlon with

a look at the weather soon, and

ahead a review of the

newspapers, this morning we'll

be joined by broadcaster

goal, With sport, here is Paul

Kennedy. Stephanie Kennedy. Stephanie Rice

qualifies for the World

Championships in the 200m

medley and 200 metre medley and 200 metre freestyle.

Nick D'arcy qualified, by

breaking his Australian record

in the 200m butterfly, he's not

sure if he can go to Rome, he's

not been sentenced on a serious

assault charge. Here is action

from the pool last night.

They are off in the women's

200m IM final. She may have

been to a party or two since

Beijing, she knows how to win

and does it in style. Punches

the air, Emily Seebohm takes

second. Fullarton third. Great

for the future. It's a shame I

had to do two of my main races

on one day, to win an

individual spot on both swims I

couldn't have asked for a

better time. Men's 200m

butterfly, all eyes on Nick

D'arcy, who made headlines for

the wrong reasons, 1:56:67 is

the time as far as qualifying

for Rome is concerned. Nick

D'arcy lets his swimming do the

talking, he's qualified for

Rome. We don't know if Rome. We don't know if he'll be

able to go. He's done the job.

He'll be delighted with

that. I'm trying to think that. I'm trying to think about

the pool when I'm here, and the

other stuff, the legal issues,

I'll think about that then.

Trying to compartmentalise it,

and do everything the best and do everything the best of my my ability.

He'll be sentenced Friday.

The Newcastle Jets won their

first Asian game by beating

Corrian team Ulsan 2-0, Sacho

Petrovski scored the two

goals. Victoria made history winning the Sheffield Shield

without conceding a point for

the season. The Bushrangers

drew the time with the

Queensland Bulls yesterday, it

was enough to take the title

and erase the disappointment of

a pair of limited over trophy losses, Cameron White losses, Cameron White was Man

of the Match to answer

criticism of his performances

in previous finals. A great servant of Australian servant of Australian cricket

Martin Love retired with a

century in the final. It was an appropriate way for the Bulls

batsman to finish. This is how

he bowed out. Wide. Through the

covers there it is. Martin Love

- 100 in a Sheffield Shield

final, outstanding performance

from the Queensland veteran in

his last innings. His last

innings and it's a beauty. One

to remember. A standing ovation

from the crowd here, and his team-mates, they'll appreciate

that and I'm sure Martin Love

will look back and think, "It's

a great way to finish my

career". I career". I congratulate

Martin Love on a marvellous

career for the Bulls and

Australia. APPLAUSE

Yeah, obviously

disappointing to come away with

a draw in the final, which

meant we didn't win the Shield.

It's been a long career ,

started in Shield final and

ended in a shield final, no

regrets. That shield final

where it started he made 145 in

'95/'96, Queensland Brock a 68

year drought for their first -

broke a 68 year drought for the

first Sheffield Shield

trophy The fact that he's there

it testament to the depth of

talent in Australian talent in Australian cricket.

How many games or Tests did he

play for. Five. There's been

criticism too that guys in

their mid 30s are playing

shield and getting in the way

of younger guys, blokes of younger guys, blokes like

Martin Love and players of his

ilk, you don't want to push

them occupant, he's so good.

Having him around - out - he's

so good, having him around

pushes the bowlers if they have

to remove people of his

calibre. If he grew up in a

different era or area he may

have played 100 Tests for

Australia, his career coincided

with the Waugh brothers and a

long list of batsmen, Jamie Sid oned, Dean Jones should have

played more. I put Brad Hodge

in that category. Every time

there's a Sheffield Shield I'm

intrigued and delighted by his

work, it's a debate why isn't

he selected more often for the

test side. Unlucky he's in the

same era. The Vics deserve the

victory No doubt about that.

Emphatic. Thank you Paul. He's

biased of course. ABC News

Breakfast can be watched live

on the web from anywhere in on the web from anywhere in the

world. Now here is Vanessa

O'Hanlon with the weather,

cooler in the south-west. Good

morning, that's correct. A

front moving through giving

with it a light cool change,

cloud and light showers, a few

showers and the odd storm with cloud crossing over Queensland

and the tropics, a little light

cloud sitting over Tasmania and

south of Victoria. There's a

few light showers left in that.

Most of the south-east is

dominated by a high, hence the

chilly mornings, a trough

lingering over Queensland and a

couple of lows sitting our the

peninsula, there's not too many

concerns, there's a low around

the north causing concerns,

expected to develop into a

tropical cyclone within the

next day, as we head around the

states Queensland - showery and

storms over the central and

eastern interiors, over Cape

York peninsula, fine over the

west and southern parts. NSW - isolated showers over the isolated showers over the far

North Coast, early morning

drizzle over the central drizzle over the central parts

of the coast and ranges,

Victoria - patchy early morning

fog, otherwise fine and sunny

mild to light north-westerly

winds. Tasmania fine for the

north and central parts, cloudy

for the rest of the state,

isolated showers starting to

clear. South Australia the

agricultural areas starting

with isolated fog, isolated

showers developing over the

western and Kangaroo Island. WA isolated light showers isolated light showers moving

over the lower and south-west

and South Coast extending to

Esperence and up to the north

of WA a high seas warning

current around the tropical

low, isolated showers and low, isolated showers and storm

over the Kimberley and Pilbara,

ahead to tomorrow, 17 degrees

for Sydney and Canberra, for Sydney and Canberra, fine,

27 in Melbourne, possible

showers, tops of 21 in Hobart.

See you in half an hour. The

top story on ABC News Breakfast, police from

Victoria's Purana taskforce

investigate the overnight

shooting into the car shooting into the car of

Desmond Moran, a member of one

of Melbourne's notorious

gangland families, he and a

friend were sitting in a car in

the drive waf his Ascot Vale

home when a man wearing a

balaclava fired a shot through

the window. The bullet lodged

in the steering wheel of in the steering wheel of his Mercedes Coupe, Mercedes Coupe, and Desmond

'Tuppence' Morgan is a survivor

of a gangland war claiming his

brother Lewis and nephews Jason

and Mark. We walked out

and Mark. We walked out the

front door. I said to may mate

Mark, "You drive I've been

drinking", I don't believe in

drink and driving. He drove I

hopped in the passenger side, a

shadow flew around here.,

"What's that?", I mean it,

"What's that?", with that he

got - bang. Straight through

the windscreen, I thought,

"Mick's shot", you know, I

said, "You alright Mick?", he

said, "Yeah, I'm said, "Yeah, I'm alright".

Desmond 'Tuppence' Morgan on

his lucky escape. Amazing to

see that back in the news, you

can always make a comment about

the news stories we are

covering through the morning:

In other news the Russian

President Dmitry Medvedev says

Moscow will begin a large scale

rearmament of its Defence

Forces from 2011. The plans are

necessary because of the threat

posed.the US-led NATO expansion

and regional instability, says

the President. Russia's nuclear

forces to be forces to be upgraded.

President Medvedev will President Medvedev will meet

President Obama next month. The

reports from the US say Kevin

Rudd will offer to send more

troops to Afghanistan when he meets Barack Obama meets Barack Obama in

Washington next week, Washington next week, the Foreign Affairs Foreign Affairs Minister

Stephen Smith says Australia is committed to committed to Afghanistan

because it's in the national

interest. His comments come

after a ninth Australian soldier was killed in

Afghanistan this week. The US

President Barack Obama has been welcoming Irish Prime welcoming Irish Prime Minister

Brian Cowan and the leaders Brian Cowan and the leaders of

Northern Ireland as the White

House fountains ran green

House fountains ran green for St Patrick's Day. President

Obama braced their response to

the recent sectarian attacks

saying the US would establish saying the US would establish a

Special Envoy to help with the

peace process. The list of

bills the Federal Government

wants passed this week is

piling up after the senate vote

on alcopops was delayed last

night. That vote should take

place today, meanwhile place today, meanwhile the

Government has begun

negotiating with the crossbench

Senators on industrial

relations legislation, and a

vote on commercial property

financing is on the agenda with

just two sitting days to

go. Pope Benedict asks in

Cameroon on his first visit to

Africa as head of the Africa as head of the Roman

Catholic Church. He told media

onroute that handing out

condoms was not the solution

for combatting aids and says

contraception aggravates the

problem and the solution lies

in spiritual and human awakening. The Indian Election

Commission calls for a criminal

charge to be lodged against the

grandson of former Prime

Minister Indira Gandhi, Varun

Gandhi has been filmed making

defamentry comment about the

Muslim population during a

political rally. Budding politician Varun Gandhi is seen

as a rising star by the

Opposition party VGP footage of

him addressing an election

rally has embarrassed the party

and could lead to a criminal



should remain on one side, send

the rest to Pakistan. The

footage filmed at the start of

the month shows the election

candidate saying the VJP candidate saying the VJP would

cut the heads of Muslims and

comparing them to Osama bin


TRANSLATION: They have names

such as Kanmullah, and

Mazurullah, if you see them in

the night you'd be scared. VJP

leaders distanced themselves

from the from the speech.

TRANSLATION: Whatever is

being shown on television

channels our party disagrees

with it. We believe that

whoever tries to dismantle the

social fabric to gain political

mileage is not agreeable at

all. The Election Commission

will take action on it. Representatives from Representatives from India's

Election Commission who have

seen the footage recommend a

criminal charge carrying a jail

sentence be laid against Indira

Gandhi, Varun Gandhi denies

making the comments saying the

footage has been tampered footage has been tampered with.

Michael Coggin ABC Michael Coggin ABC News. The

Western Australian Parliament

is expected to pass tough new

laws food imposing mandatory

prison sentences on anyone -

pass new loss imposing

mandatory prison sentenceness

onanyone assaulting police

officers, many crowded the

steps of Parliament House

demanding the laws be enacted

as soon as as soon as possible. Andrew

O'Connor is in the newsroom. Police wouldn't let policitians water down the laws, they

water down the laws, they are set to get what they set to get what they wanted. It

would have been a brave

politician that offered these

officers a middle path. officers a middle path. The

police officers themselves had

been - their anger was building

over several days since the

vert icts in the adjourned

involving Matthew Butcher, as

we discussed, he is the young

officer severely injured left

permanently paralysed after he

and others intervened in a

brawl in the northern suburbs

ushes hit by a flying

head-butt. The man accused of

assaulting him was found not

guilty as were two others, the

man's father and brother, both

facing assault charges, police

were disgusted and gutted by

the verdicts. Yesterday they

said they had a gutful and

wanted laws put in place, that looks like happening today. Constable Matthews was

at this rally at this rally yesterday. Yeah,

Matthew Butcher - his arrival

was an emotional acharged, the site of this officer walking

with the aid of a walking

stick, limping to the stems stick, limping to the stems of Parliament House made a

powerful impression on the

crowd. His wife Katrina spoke

emotionally about the impact it

had on their lives, the fact

when he returns from work when he returns from work he

can't hug her with two arms,

they hope to have children

despite his injuries, he'll

never play with them the way

they hoped. That, I think,

deepened the resolve of the

police and supporters, that was

reflected in the comments by

the Police Union President

saying he'd make life a

nightmare for a politician nightmare for a politician who

refused to support the legislation. There are some

concerns about the laws. There

are, indeed. The new laws in

their draft form applied to

police, to paramedics, prison

officers and trained security

guards but don't include nurses

and firefighters, they are

angry about that. As we said before, we are one critical

incident away from a stunning

reversal of Government reversal of Government policy,

in this case the Government

took a matter of days to

reverse its decision on

paramedics, if there was an

assault on nurses and firefighters the same situation

would be repeated. The main

Opposition comes from defence

lawyers saying the laws are

flawed, they are a blunt instrument, removing the

discretion of judges to apply

particular penalties in

particular adjourneds we may

see the wrong people put in -

adjourneds, we may see the

wrong people cut in jail. Those

voices of dissent are drowned

repeated. The main Opposition comes from defence lawyers saying the laws are flawed, they are a blunt instrument, removing the discretion of

judges to apply particular penalties in particular adjourneds we may see the wrong people put in - adjourneds, we may see the wrong people cut in jail. Those voices of dissent are drowned are drowned out. Andrew

O'Connor in Perth, thanks. To

Austria, Libs, the woman locked

in a -- Lisbeth Fritzl, locked

in a basement and raped by him

for a quarter of a century

finally confronts her father

about her life below ground.

During an interview played to

the court Josef Fritzl listened

as his daughter, 42 revealed

details about her life at his

hands. The BBC's Richard Bilton

is at the court. Second day,

same bizarre arrival. Josef

Fritzl is a man who wanted

control, he still wants it now.

Refusing to show his face,

refusing to answer the

journalists qufference. Why do

you have no answers, he's

asked. Tell us your side, why

don't you say sorry? From Josef

Fritzl nothing, just this pose,

blocking out the courtroom. In

fact, he was unmasked this

picture taken within the court

building. Here Josef Fritzl

will have to pace what he's

done. Today we know he watched this screen and this screen and the

pre-recorded evidence of his

daughter. This is a picture of

Elisabeth taken before she was

taken by her father and held prisoner. Today the court heard

her words. Through a translator

the head of the court explained

how hard it was for Elizabeth

to give her evidence. I can

tell you it took some days, it

was a stressful situation for

the victim. The video was not

recorded here in court. She

talked about the horrors that

happened down here, the dungeon

beneath the family home. Here

she was repeatedly ramed,

giving birth to seven children,

one decide, it's this baby's

death Josef Fritzl is accused

of beak responsible for. He

denies murder and enslavement

but admitted rape, incess, coercion and false

imprisonment. Officials say

after yesterday's hearing Josef

Fritzl spent time with the prison prison psychologist.

TRANSLATION: He was offered a

talk with the prison scientist.

He spoke to him. We are taking

measures on suicide prevention,

I can't tell you what they

are. This evening counselling

is available for the jurors

after a long and harrowing day

in the court. You are watching in the court. You are

ABC News Breakfast, let's look

at the top stories - brother of

Melbourne gangland figure Lewis

Moran dodges a bullet when a

shot is fired into his shot is fired into his car.

Desmond Moran Dunn know whoway

want to hurt him, brother Lewis

and nephews Mark and Justin

were victims much underworld killings. President Medvedev

commits to rearment program

including anupgrade in nuclear

pores force, the President says

plans were in response to

regional instability and US-led

NATO expansion. Forn affairs

Minister Steinn Smith says

Australia will consider sending

more troops to Afghanistan

foing the death of a shoulder, foing the death of a

Kevin Rudd will make the offer

when he meets Barack Obama in Washington next week.

For a look at the national

papers, we are joinded by broadcaster Gael Jennings, good

morning. Good morning. What's

caught your eye. Well, a bit of

relief on the papers today. I

think it's great. The front

page of the Australian says

that if you lose your job, then

your mortgage rates, interest

on your mortgage rates might be

deferred for up to a year if deferred for up to a year

you are with the Commonwealth

Bank of Australia, this was

good, announced yesterday by

the Chief Executive. Big

step Yes, there's been pressure

from the Government. This is

the first bank to step up to

the mark, apparently the

interest is capitalised

whatever that means for those

of us who are better at money

than me. That's than me. That's good. Then

moving on to the Sydney Morning

Herald, on its front

page. Before you move on, on

that story, so do you think

that'll put pressure on other

banks to do the same I'm sure

it will. They'll have to fall

into line Not all of them, I'm

sure the big ones, it's not -

it's only 6-12 months, it's not everybody, it will be some

people, I'm sure it will but

pressure on them. Banks in

Australia will be desperate to

avoid what brought us unstuck,

this in the US, mortgage

failures.Er Exactly. All the

securised commodities struck

from those dodgy loans tumbling from those dodgy loans all

tumbling down Absolutely. While

they are taking those

initiatives there's concern the

first home owners grant continuing with that may lead

to a bubble in the market for

cheaper homes as well Yes,

anything they can do, small

amount of money will have huge

ramifications of saved disaster

later. Similarly the Governor later. Similarly the

of the Reserve Bank with

believans said on the believans said on the front

page of the - Glen seasons said

on the front page of the Sydney on the front page of the

Morning Herald there's been

five interest rate cuts since

September. The minute of the last Reserve Bank Board last Reserve Bank Board meeting

have been released and he's discussed these and indicated

that there's going to be, by

using the word there has been a

pause and we are waiting and

seeing, he's indicating there

are going to be further

interest rate cuts which is

good news for home owners, he said yesterday that the last

cuts seemed to work along with

the stimulus package, he thinks

the economy in Australia is

doing well under those

circumstances, with the two -

the interest rate cuts and the

stimulus package but offers a

wait and see look, but he is

signalling that there'll be a

further cut. He revealed that

the $8 billion package used to

revive the compensation to

mortgage markets - this is the

second tier, like the Bendigo

Bank and AMP involved

Government funding as well.

Which I don't think was

previously revealed, it will be

very important in keeping awe the different parts of the

wheel going. I was surprised in

new coverage of that statement yesterday that one of the first

things coming out was that the

Reserve was ticking off on Federal Government Reserve was ticking off on the

Federal Government initiatives

in relation to the stimulus

program. The Opposition, when

they hear the Reserve Bank

Governor speaking with remarks

like that can't be happy they are approving Government initiatives They couldn't

indeed. It's interesting it was

so specific. Moving on to

something not so good but we

need to know, there was an

interesting story on the front page. Sydney Morning Herald,

about superannuation, it turns

out if you lose your job or

change jobs, you maybe are hit

with big fees, the disornal of

this is buried in page 19 of -

disclosure of this is buried in

page 19. Your employer

negotiates superannuation

interest, fees for being in it,

not interest rates, fees for

being in it, it's 0.78%.

Depending on the fund. It's

variable. If you are in a big

fund neghtd, it's 0.78%. When

you move jobs it goes to a

retail superannuation fund

which charges about 2%, so this

is quite a lot more money

you'll suffer a loss and will

not be aware of. The

superannuation Minister Nick

Sherry asked APRA, the body

that looks after these things

to get hard data on it one in

five move jobs every year and

many more will be losing job,

it's a big hit. I suspect

there's going to be a series of alarming stories about

superannuation in the next 6-12

months as we take stock of how

the super fund have taken a

hit Everyone should be grimly

holding on to their jobs And

working until they were 75

That was always the

plan. Peter Costello put that

in place. Thank you. A good

news story, which is hilarious,

remember the dear little koala

gin a drink of water after the

Bush fears. He never left the

pages. She. She Are not we

sexist. She's a big superstar,

apparently there's a bidding

war for her services, they want

her on a talk show.

Ellen's. She's represented by a

law firm. They haven't been

paid. I bet they have. All

money she's raising is going to

a fund for the animal shelter

in which she's being looked

after. Hold the image up for

us. I look forward to the Ellen

interview. A live cross to a

koala She does all the

talking. That's the digitally

mocked up image of Sam the

koala as discovered in the

burning bush. That's what she

looked like. When you first

read it you think, "This is

appalling", and you realised

are realise the money is are realise the money is going

to the animal shelter. Carting

a koala from country to country

can't be a good thing I'm

waiting for Hugh worth to pop

up and complain. There's no

suggestion it will be flown. An

interview via satellite. That

would work better, it will sit

and growl. Possibly do worse

things as they want to

do. Foxtel looking at doing

something on it for Animal

Planet. I know they have

cameras here. That's a

gorgeous story. Age-old protectionist story to finish

off with. The slouch hat, the

diggers slouch hat is

apparently going to be made

offshore, that's a bit sad. offshore, that's a bit sad. The

Defence Department has given

the contract to private

enterprise, and Pacific Brands

ironically has won some of this

contract, and the other two, I

think they are Mt Castle and

Akubra making these hats are

looking to outsource the

diggers hat, the slogan of our

iconic status as a digger since

1885. Vegemite hasn't been owned by an Australian company.

Look at the good it did us all,

we'll rue it the gay. Good to

see you. A reminder you see you. A reminder you can

watch all of ABC News Breakfast

streamed live every morning.

With sport here is Paul Kennedy. Stephanie Rice

qualify for the World

Championship s after Day 1 of

the trials, beating Emily

Seebohm in the 200m medley a

few minutes after finishing

second after Meagen Nay in the

200m freestyle. Nick D'arcy

qualified by breaking his

Australian record in the 200m

butterfly but is not sure if he

can go to Rome or not. He's yet

to be sentenced on a serious

assault charge. Newcastle Jets

won their first Asian Champions

League beating Corrian team

you'll son 2-0. Striker Sacho

Petrovski scored both goals in

the first half, his first home

game for the Jets after signing

a 2-year contract last month.

Cronulla Shark Ben Ross will play rugby league despite his

neck injury, scans cleared him

of major damage before doctors

realised he needed surgery, his

captain Paul Gallen urged him

to rethink his future and

perhaps retire from the

game. Can I make an observation

and ask a question about and ask a question about the

Nick D'arcy matter and terrific

he well. It's interesting that

he's awaiting sentence on the

assault charge yet has been

allowed to compete in these

games, how did that come

about. I just think they didn't

ban him, they are waiting for

him to be sentenced. I thought

the same. They can drop him if

he's not available. Giving you

are awaiting sentence, the

matter is being decided. He

pleaded guilty So you are

guilty of that, it's a serious

assault. It does surprise me

that he was nonetheless able to

compete. It is surprising, it

must be tense for him with the

other swimmers, because he's

pleaded guilty to assaulting another swimmer, Simon

Cowley. It's obviously given

him motivation to perform well

though He took half a second

off his PB last night. He's

determined young man at this

stage. So his performance is

good at least. The AFL has an

interesting situation at the

moment. Port Adelaide saying

that they need more than $1

million each year for the next

three years to survive. Major

sponsors indicated that it

won't be with them beyond this

season. I wonder what other

major company or sporting

organisation is expanding in

these times like the AFL plans

to do, it wants to go ahead

with the Gold Coast and a team

in Western Sydney. Now just

consider this: if the Labor

Government, the Anna Bligh Government has already pledged

$60 million to upgrade a stadium in the Gold stadium in the Gold Coast

Lawrence Springborg says if Lawrence Springborg says if his

team gets in on Saturday, he's

more interested in hospital

beds than stadium seats, what

happens then to that Gold Coast

team. How many other sporting

teams in Australia this year

could face the same problems

with sponsors pulling

out. That's going to be the problem, sponsorship deals have

been done from this year,

sponsors will re-evaluate next

year, all this money might

suddenly dry up away from suddenly dry up away from what

have been buoyant sporting

competitions up until now. I

just wonder whether the AFL

will have to at some stage bow

to all this pressure and put

plans on hold. If Steve

Fielding gets his way on the

alcopops tax in relation to

sport and alcohol doit

doilt There'll be no alcohol

dollars either. Here is Vanessa

O'Hanlon with a look at the

weather and the severe storms

hitting the south-east of Queensland Queensland and northern New

South Wales over the last

couple of days. They are pretty

much over, the trough moving in

to Queensland, as we see on the

satellite it weakened, a few

showers and the odd storm

nothing as severe as it has

been, the front bringing

showers over the south-west of

WA and showers over Tassie,

south-east dominated by a high,

the chilly morning disappearing

by tomorrow, a low off the

north of WA is expected to

become a tropical cyclone,

there's a couple of lows in the

coral see off Queensland,

coral see off Queensland, one

in the trough causing storms

over Cape York, no major

concern, as we go around the

States, Queensland showery with

storms over the central and

eastern interiors, and the Cape

York peninsula, fine over the

western and southern parts of

the States, NSW isolated

showers expected over the far

north, drizzle over the central

parts of the coast and ranges,

Victoria patchy early morning

fog, fine and sunny, mild to

light north-westerly winds and

coastal sea breezes, Tasmania

in for a fine day, cloudy for

the rest of the state with a

few more isolated showers

clearing. South Australia the

agricultural areas starting

with isolated fog, isolated

showers developing ov