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(generated from captions) Island intensify their recovery

efforts after the asylum boat

tragedy. Sadly the search has

mofds from the search for survivors to a search bodies. And that search of survivors to a search for course has been a very difficult one. This Program is Captioned

Live. Also tonight - a group

of around 80 asylum seekers are

rife at their new home in the

Adelaide Hills. A Adelaide Hills. A major crackdown on crackdown on pre Christmas

across Australia and New people have been arrested party antics - more than

Zealand. And Australia sets

England 391 for victory in the

third Ashes Test in Perth after being dismissed for 309. Three

days on from the Christmas

Island ship wreck and the scale

of the tragedy is now just

becoming clear. The ABC has

confirmed that three children

were orphaned in the accident,

Closed memorial services will one is just four

be held in the coming day baus community service is being Adelaide until after Christmas

to allow time for the effort to be completed. to allow time for the recovery

reports from Christmas Island. correspondent Zoe Daniel

Against the dramatic duty of Flying Fish Cove, Australian maritime officers maritime officers continue

their grim task. Where the asylum seekers boat was smashed

by wavesks locals scan the

water for the water for the dead. Divers take

under the jagged cliffs that their queue on where to

claimed so many lives. Ire hard

to believe that it's at this

very spot that so many people

drowned just a few days ago.

The water here is now

relatively calm in comparison . But it's not yielded answers. Realistically, this

has now gone from a recover y operation to an investigation

and that is going to take

time. Sadly, the search has

flofd a search for survivors to

a search for bodies. Late

over facilities yesterday, there was protest

seekers where the rescued asylum

seekers are being held among

others. Some called to the

media, 'Why are all the women

and children dead?' The The ABC

has confirmed that three

children were orphaned in the

tragedy. Two girls around 6 and

8 years have extended family 8 years have extended family

with them. A 4-year-old boy is

now alone. The rescued now alone. The rescued asylum

seekers are understood to be un happy that they're being happy that they're being asked

to identify the dead as required by Western Australian authorities. I am sure they're

that's been experienced by the

rescued who may be called upon to identify bodies. Closed to

memorial services will be held in Christmas in Christmas Island's detention

facilities over the next few

days. For the community, however, it's too search goes on. And while that

is happening it is not a time

for a memorial service for the community. He says search screw Cruise spotted life jackets Cruise spotted life jackets in

the sea. But no more bodies were recovered today.From And

our correspondent Zoe Daniel

has also filed this report

has also filed this report from

Christmas Island. This is Christmas Island. This is the

are leaving Christmas Island. time of year when many people time of year when many

Ironically, to spend Christmas

with their family and friends

on the mainlands. This year

many will be taking with them a

set of awful memories and a

sense of helplessness about the

drownings that happened here on Wednesday. That's partly the

reason that the community has

asked that any memorial service be delayed until be delayed until after the Christmas break. services will be held inside

the detention facilities. The

other concern is that it's only

when Christmas Island residents

return from their holidays return from their holidays that

the full impact of what they've the full impact of

seen will hit them. Right now

there's a sense of futility as marine

marine authorities continue their search for bodies.

Attention is now turning to

identifying people who have

come here from so

come here from so far away. And

the controversial detention

centre at irver bracky in centre at irver bracky in the

open. Adelaide Hills is official ly

flown from Darwin to Adelaide

today, the Immigration

Department says they are a families who have been detained at a Darwin hotel at a Darwin hotel for several

months. The ers are

of up to 400 people to be housed at Inverbrackie. We expect them to be expect them to be treated in accordance with the accordance with the normal ways

arrivals in the that communities treat new

arrivals in the community, which is to treat them well. The prospect of asylum seekers arriving has caused

deep division at Inverbrackie. plans The Immigration Department

next week. Police across Australia and New Zealand have united in a crackdown on unruly united

celebrations. Operation United

has already resulted in more

than 1,000 arrests,

it's fewer than last year law

enforces are bracing for the

worst as people prepare for

Christmas parties and. It's on crackdown on again. The annual cross-Tasman

crackdown on pre Christmas

party antics has already netted

hundreds of arrests. In the southern most boys in blue. How are you going? In going? In Victoria, Premier did the same. Across

the country, more than 1,000 people were nabbed for being up

to no good. Most of those were

for being drunk. Have Have you

had a few tonight? Several. The Northern Territoried that while in the were nor while in the West and NSW there were nor than 10 times that

amount. But police say the numbers are nothing special. Yeah, that is a special. Yeah, that is a slight special. Yeah, that reduced drug possession. A small blitz in September small blitz in September did reduced drug possession. A

Morecombe police arrest but there have still number of serious assault s Brisbane including a life attack in including a life attack in Brisbane and a man's ear being torn off in Bondi. With thousands of extra cops rostered on, oncall bouncer pork work is

thanks to punters who won't

stop drink and refuse to leave.

We saw a trend of that occur We saw a trend of that occur a and we will police out on the beat the greater 2 capacity the unruly the unruly behaviour which can give rise to the sort of vile

naence tease goez with too many people people being alcohol fuel. The operation continue s operation continue s until

tomorrow and Saturday night parties an Concert Road expecting to bring more mis demeans and -

the police will be watching and arrest ing them. More than 140 escaped from a prison in north eastern eastern Mexico close to the eastern Mexico close to the US border. It's believered a security guard helped officials in the city say

one of the country's one of the country's biggest jail breaks in recent years. It's payback time for victims of the biggest Ponzi

scheme in history. Two years

ago investors in the scheme ago investors in the scheme run

by former US stock broker Bernie Madoff faced everything but now more than 7 billion dollars is being returned to those left out of pocket. He's serving 150-year jail term but Bernie 150-year jail term but Bernie Madoff's victims want more than

just a man behind bars f after some of his clienltds look to

be getting some of their money back. We have recovered ground breaking amount for Madoff customers Madoff customers and avoided the litigation. The money's coming from this man's estate.

the delay and uncertainty of litigation. The from this man's estate. year, Jeffry Picower year, Jeffry Picower made $7.2 year, Jeffry Picower

y scheme. His widow, Barbara

Picower, has atbroeed to

surrender that amount to investors. The settlement is the most substantial step to

date in the ongoing effort to make the make the Madoff victims

whole. I think everyone is pleasantly surprised at the

amount of this settlement. But

not everyone stands to benefit

from the settlement. There is a fallacy that he

fallacy that he is making the

public believe that it's going

to - and he implies - all the

victims. It is not. It is going to a very small subset of victims. This is going to mean virtually complete recover y for

for those who have an allowed

claim. That is only a portion of the total victims. Those left waiting are being told to

be patient. Today I would

be patient. Today I would like to make my solemn pledge to make my solemn pledge to all the Vic iments that we are not

finished. This is a puzzle that

obviously has many

parts, but parts, but today marks the

moment where we can truly moment where we can truly say

we have a turning point in this Crace case. Money from Picower's estate will Bessin to flow to victims next year.

Julian Assange says the leaks

from his controversial website have only just

have only just begun. Only

2,000 secret cables out of some 2,000 secret cables out of some 250,000 documents have

published so far. Now out published so far. Now out on bail the Australian founder of

WikiLeaks has once again said

his greatest concern is his greatest concern is the case the United States may case the United States may be building against him. Phillip Williams has

more. From a cell in London's Victoria era wantsworth prison

to the winter Norfolk, where he is reporting

daily to the local daily to the local police

station. I have been in the

black hole for 10 days. Julian

Assange has consistently denied the sex the sex charges against him. He says Swedish prosecutors have offered no proof whatsoever. A

Swedish prosecutor in its representations to the British

Government here and the British

courts say he didn't need to

provide a single shred of evidence, said this three times and in and in fact has and in fact has provided nothing. Both Julian Assange and his legal team say this is

all about stopping the em

BASSing leak, something he says

hasn't and won't happen. With new cables published

today. India accuse s systemic use of torture, nearly 1,200

cases of torture in Kashmir. With all that at

stake, he's fearful the US will step

step up possible extradition

proceed ftion criminal proceed ftion criminal offences

can be established. That would

likely connect him to the main suspect for the massive leaks -

Bradley Manning. If that is the

case, that makes

Assange is also deeply worried about threats made well beyond the

the legal. Is There has been

many calls by senior political

figures in the United figures in the United States

including e) lected ones in the Senate for my execution, Senate for my execution, the

kidnapping of my staff. While Julian Assange is very

concerned about the current

charges, he is much more

concern about concern about possible extradition to extradition to the United

States. Either way he says the

work of WikiLeaks will continue

with plenty more embark barsment to come. The latest US

diplomatic cables reveal the

Australian Government quite ly

black listed black listed a former Indonesian general who was

implicated in the deathings of

the Balibo Five. Although no

formal charges were ever laid.

Yunus Yosfiah was declared

persona non grata and par

barred from entering the

country. An inquest found country. An inquest found he

ordered the mur of the

Australian news men during the 1975 invasion of East Timor.

The secret cables allege the

Australian and Indonesian

governments worked minimise the fallout from the

scandal. The growing trend to shoppon shrine hasn't just hit

shop bus it's troment

promptedage inquiry into the retail sector. The Federal

Government says it won't scrap

the tax from iteiums purchased

from overseas websites but it

will crack down on businesses ing the system. The signs are there for all to see. Bargain

hunting has come early for

shoppers as retailers across

the country grapple with dire Christmas sales. From the beginning of move it dropped

off. That increased. Think people were going online then. Online

shopping is a growing trend

traditional retailers

fear. With the dollar being so fear. With the dollar being so

strong, yes it's really good to bring things in from the States at at the moment. A lot more

at the moment. A lot more convenient, especially with the shopping centring being shopping centring being so busy. Now Productivity Commission will investigate its impact on the busy. Now Productivity Commission will investigate its impact on the retail sector. How can Government and

the community at large

participate to ensure that our very vibrant, 242 billion

dollar retail secretarior

remain strong and competitive in the industry says the review is

strong long over due. It means

we will have an informed debate

about the issues in terms about the issues in terms of

overseas online trading and

also shine a light on one of the most important industry

sect Norse the country. An Access Economics report estimates Australians estimates Australians spent

between 19 and 24 billion dollars online last dollars online last year.

That's about 3% of retail spending. It's ex posed a complacency in the retail sector in Australia that for too long rested on its laurels, as it should have done in

online. The Federal Government also wants to investigate

claims online shoppers are rorting the $1,000 GST threshold for goods bought on overseas websites It's already a problem for Myer a problem for Myer and Harvey Norman that are considering move their online sales offshore. There is over offshore. There is over $20 billion per billion per year coming into the country that escapes GST.

That is $2 billion a year That is $2 billion a year in potential income that is unfair the low value tler hold. The commission will report back to the Government by this the Government by this time next year. Zimbabwe's

President, Robert Mugabe, says he wants an election early next

year to disvofl the the country's unity country's unity Government. He has also threatened over foreign companies over foreign companies in the country unless country unless Western sanctions sanctions are removed. Ginny Stein reports from the Zanu-PF's annual party conference. The faithful their praises for Robert Mugabe as the song go, he is their hero. After 30 years in office, he is

once more rallying his troops

for battle. He came out swinging against nations swinging against nations who support sanctions against Zimbabwe. We must read the riot

act to the British and the others others and say to them this is only 51% we have taken. Unless

you remove sanctions we will go sharing power with his agreed to work together in the global political agreement. As

a compromise. But we also said

this would not be the

agreement of running the

country. And that is a message

the party faithful wholly endorse. We are ready. endorse. We are ready. There is nothing to stop nothing to stop us. Regional immediateiators unity government deal two years ago after violence swept the

country following remains adamant it won't be pushed into an early but Robert Mugabe's plans have

now been taibld. He wants now been taibld. He wants an election soon er than later and

at 87 next year he will be standing once standing once more as the party's candidate. The question remains whether promised Shoppers in the US who are looking for something sparkly to put can skip the

straight to the source. An straight to the source. An ATM that dispenses 24 carat bars an cloince be installed in Florida. Gold to gold -

Florida. Gold to gold - that is

the new ATM, the company who

owns it expects the majority of

buyers expect it to

novelty. This is a way to bring

retail ownership of retail ownership of physical gold bullion, not certificates, not promises over the

telephone, not shares and some story story from some half-baked

company around the world. company around the world. This is a way of holding part of

your assets in physical gold bullion. Ex Oriente Lux lux installed its first gold dispense ing ATM in Abu Dhabi. Its CEO says it wants to roll out a few hundred machines

worldwide. They look just like cash ATMs, shoppers cash ATMs, shoppers inserts their card and use a computer touch screen to use the weight

and style they want. The

machine then spits out the machine then spits out the gold

in a black box. Because

fears stoked by financial collapse, Geissler says his

kufrs mer s refused to buy stock an bonds and that's when

he decided his company would

focus on precious metal an focus on precious metal an bank

the protection and purchasing

power found in gold would lure market wary customers. Europe may look like a winter

wonderlands right now but heavy

snowfalls are causing major (PROBLEM WITH

S. Freezing temperatures and blinding show blinding show have shut airportses across the continent

and wreaked havoc on roads and there's even more snow on the

way. As far as the eye can see, heavy snowfalls blanket Northern Northern Ireland. 20cm fell

over night add ing to the most

widespread snowfalls in a quart

ore after century. I ore after century. I haven't seen it this bad enjoy it. 700 schools shut, and

getting to work is a struggle with icy roads cause k headaches. Belfast airport headaches. Belfast airport is at a standstill. In Scotland,

forecasters say temperatures could drop below minus 20

degrees. Conditions are not much better in Wales where

dumps of more than 30cm have

been recorded. I've been down

here for 1.5 hours. I probably

had about four or five inches of snow in an hour of snow in an hour and a half. There are fears that more will lead to heating oil will lead to heating oil shortages and assistance shortages and roadside

assistance group s across the

UK say they're receiving

thousands of calls for help every hour. In Germany every hour. In Germany there

have been widespread traffic

disruption an hundreds of accidentses. One traffic jam in

the country's west stretched 185km. Authorities warn there

will be a major backlog of

deliveries with heavy vehicles caught up in the chaos. The

freezing conditions are set to

continue across Europe, but

it's too soon to say whether it will will be a white Christmas.

Now to sport with Amanda

Shalala.Ite bans great Shalala.Ite bans great day for Australia in Perth. Yeah and

wha & what a day. Australia

racing towards victory after

superb performance with bat and

ball on day 3 of the third ABS

Test at the WACA. Mike Hussey

scored a superb century to help

set England 391 runs for

victory. The tourists have

already lost five wicket s in

reply. After a cautious reply. After a cautious start

to the third day, Hussey Watson put on a is00-run partnership for the wicket. Watson's innings was Watson's innings was faultless

as hi approach his third Test century. That

driven. But on 95, Watson was

given out leg before, despite the Australian opener asking for the for the referral. Steven

Smith's move to refer this

caught behind decision was more Fruitful. The - fruitful. The

onall rounder given a reprieve

on one. Hussey went past the on one. Hussey went past the 50 mark, as the Australian approached 300 approached 300 at lunch. Smith looked more ashurds after looked more ashurds after the

break, but was lucky to survive

another close referral. That is

worth a shout, that really is worth a shout. The New South

Welshman made his way to 36

before England's approach to

the short ball paid off. He is walking. Brad Haddin played off Chris Tremlett and Mitchell Johnson followed shortly

after. But Hussey continued to

push the towards 400, bringing up his

century and his 500th run of

the series. There it is, a home town hundred and what an

important run for Australia. Ryan Harris didn't last long as Tremlett claimed his

his fourth wicket. Peter Siddle and Hussey

and Hussey fell shortly after

the tea Break break as England

was 391 for victory. Alastair

Cook was removed for 13. Andrew Strauss followed soon soon after Australia the third Test. Perth's

terrible A-League soccer season

has continued after a 2-0 loss to the Melbourne Victory. A masterful masterful exchange between Robbie Crews and Archie

Thompson saw the them get their

first. The pain went away in

the second when the second when Vargas ensured

Melbourne would into fifth on the ladder. Earlier Wellington tlsh thrashed Newcastle

tlsh thrashed Newcastle

4-0. The Phoenix lost Paul in injury but still won the

game. Greg Inglis - Greg I

think less's move to South Sydney has Sydney has been blocked. The

NRL is refuses to register him

until all e& all detail of his arrangements

arrangements are declared.

arrangements are declared.

The team has a $4.1 million

cap and the auditor has found a

draft and nieshiated most of Inglises third Souths say they're disappointed

with the NRL's findingsnd will

do everything they kaep can to

keep him in keep him in the league. Jelena Dokic is one match away from securing a

securing a place in the

Australian Open. After beating fellow former top 10 player

Alicia Molik, Dokic will Alicia Molik, Dokic will you play Olivia Rogowska in the

final while Peter Luczak will

take on another in the take on another in the men's final. It wasn't centre final. It wasn't centre court

but it was a vital match for Dokic

would be one step closer to a

place in next month's open. The weather kept them weight an built the tension. When an built the tension. When play finally got under way, woman was willing to yield an inch, they shared the first six

games. Dokic got the first

break thanks to some solid work

on the baseline. With a spirits lifted she took out the next

two games and first set. In the

second and at 2-1 in Dokic's favour, the elements favour, the elements intervened

again. That upset Molik the

game. At match point, she final ly found some fighting spirit but it was all to no avail. There it is. Dokic

triumphing 6-3, 6-1. Once you

give Jelena that first shot she

is too good of a player. I

should have broken early in that first set and never got back into the match. I played

the big points very the big points very well. Every

game point I save add couple of

break points early on and the

set points I had I took all my chances straight will now face 19-year-old

Olivia Rogowska for the wild

card spot in the Open.

And in the national basketball League, the top of

the table New Zealand Break verse dound Melbourne by so

points. Paleface Adioses say

they've got a monster mystery toself. Researchers thought a

ferocious meet eating ferocious meet eating dinosaur

was responsible for causing a

stampede 100 million years ago. 30 years

found what looked like

footprints from a footprints from a dinosaur

stampede at Lark Quarry, south

of Winton. Paleface Adioses thought it was evidence of a ferocious dinosaur like ferocious dinosaur like a Tyrannosaurus Rex chasing down a herd of smaller a herd of smaller reptiles. The

large tracks there have actual

been mis identified, so it wasn't actually a large

meat-eating dinosaur at the

site but it turns out to be a large plant-eating dinosaur. A Herbie investor like the investor like the Muttaburrasauras. It's a shame

we've had to scrub the big

therapod off the list but therapod off the list but the tracks are what they are. University of Queensland

research researchers painstakingly compared the length and the width of the

foot prints to carnivorous and herb if rouse herb if rouse dinosaur fossils

in North America. It is not

easy to distinguish the two, so it's probably been overlooked

for a while spl. The research

prompts one big question - if

the stampede was caused by a

plant-eating dinosaur rather

than a meat-eater, why were the smaller dinosaurs running away? Did it actually spook

these smaller dinosaurs into a

stampede? Now they've got a new

mystery to solve. Did they run

as a single herd or was it an

event that happened

course of time - over hours or even day, rather than just

several second s? Researchers say the findings also mean

there is now no evidence

meat-eating dinosaurs the size

of T-Rex roamed the - roamed the outback. It seems only

small ones called Australia home. Looking at home. Looking at the sat

I'm image, cloud over the

south-east of the country is trig triggers should haver

potentially severe storms. A cloud band stretching from WA

to ails Swales is in a westerly air stream, bringing patchy rain. Cloud over Queensland,

northern WA and the Northern Territory is causing showers an

storms. Taking a closer storms. Taking a closer look

around the States for tomorrow: Thanks for joining us. I

will be back with all of the

day's news at the top of the hour. Closed Captions by CSI

. This Program is Captioned Live. The top stories following on ABC News acknowledged there is no acknowledged there is any hope Island boat disasters. The Australian Federal Police will continue to

continue to use divers in their

search for victims of the

disaster around Rocky Point where the boat was ship

wrecked. The death toll stands

at 30 and a number of people

are still unaccounted for. Are group of around 80 asylum

seekers have awry rived seekers have awry rived in Adelaide on their way to bracky detention facility near Woodside. They comprise of Sri Lankan, Iranian, Iraqis an

Kurds. Monther than 1,000 people have been arrested in a

cross-Tasman blitz aim at

reducing drunken violence. Most