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Death and destruction as an

earthquake triggers a tsunami. A

A deadly typhoon hits Vietnam

after devastating the

Philippines. Chilling footage

released of the Jakarta hotel

bombers. NATO backs Barack

Obama's strategy for


Hello, I'm Bev O'Connor. We

are joined by Pacific viewers

for this special edition for this special edition of ABC

News. Up to 40 people have

been U:? in American Samoa and

Samoa as a tsunami swept

through the Pacific Ocean,

which was generated by a 8.30

magnitude earthquake which

struck 200km south-west of

American Samoa. It has wiped

out villages and left a trail

of destruction. Join us is the

senior forecaster Tony Leggette

from the joint tsunami warning

centre. What is the latest?

The conditions are improving.

The worst conditions are over.

The waves are still moving

towards the Pacific islands but

they are at much lower

intensity than the one that hit

Samoa. Has it hit New Zealand

yet? It has hit the north

island. The civil defence in

New Zealand has downgraded the

tsunami warning to an alert.

There will be unusual waves for

a few more hours. In the

Australian mainland, the waves

will be well below our threat

levels. We are advising people

that there will be some unusual

waves around for the next few

hours, once it reaches us, but

nothing of any

nothing of any real threat.

There had been succeeds it

would hit New Zealand with

waves of 2m. Clearly that

hasn't happened? That's

correct. I'm not sure where the

2m prediction came from. We

would have expected far lower

waves to come from a tsunami in

that direction. The particular

oriented roughly fault line we are looking at is

oriented roughly north-south,

so an earthquake along that

line would propagate a wave in

an east-west direction

primarily, which is towards the

Vanuatu area and in the

immediate vicinity of Samoa, so

it is unlikely you would have

large waves in the south. It

seems to have hit the hardest in Samoa

in Samoa and American Samoa.

What other islands do you think

will have been affected badly?

Raratonga had a larger wave

reported of about 1m, in the

cook islands. We have had no

reports from there. The waves

heading towards Nauru will be

less than 1m, but will pose problems for people in beach problems for people in beach

front areas. We are not

directly responsible for

issuing warns for those areas,

but the Pacific tsunami warning

centre has maintain the warning

for those areas. Tony Leggette, thank you for your

time. A short time ago, New

Zealand correspondent Kerri

Ritchie told us there was a lot

of confusion surrounding the

number of people affected?.

The death toll keeps going up.

The latest I have heard is 40

people dead. We had an early

report of three children who

had been caught in the tsunami.

That looks like being 40 dead

and a village wiped out. Hotels

have come down. This is right

across Samoa, we are getting in

reports of people caught up in

this, and seven Australians in

hospital. We are trying to get

that contirm firmed. It is

difficult to get hold of

people, everyone has run to

higher ground, phones are

ringing outment we are looking

at at least 40, in the main

areasment we need to find out

about the smaller islands, and

that could take some time. I

have heard that cars have gone

under and people have been

washed away in the waves. Most

people are still talking about the earthquake, because they

are the easy people to get hold

of in the capital. We don't

know what the wave looked like,

the reports are it could have

been as high as 3m. In New

Zealand we were told a 1m wave,

which was scaled up to 2m, but

we have been told now 40cm.

There is still a tsunami

warning for New Zealand but it

has been reissued People are

being told to be alert but it

will not hit us as hard as

first thought. I'm in the

process of getting to Samma, I

have the last seat out of New

Zealand. I was in Samoa a few

weeks ago when they switched

over the roads - and it was a

completely different story. Who

knows what we can expect when

we get there, some areas will

be devastated, and access to

those areas is hard. It is hard

to give people a picture. There

are no pictures out yet, we

expect to get some soon on

theener, but we are waiting to

see what it looks like. Still

no pictures out of the region.

She is on her way to Samoa.

Journalist Russell Hunter works

for the Samoa observer, he said

it remains relatively calm in

Apia, despite the tsunami

sweeping through parts of the

island. There does not seem to

be any major damage. The police

have been out early this

morning stopping people getting

on the becauses to go to work

and school, telling them to get

to higher ground, because there

is still serious concern about

a tsunami. As I came to work

this morning, the roads were

full of people on foot, in

trucks, whatever they could

use, to go to evacuation

centres and open areas where

there is less risk of damage

from falling masonry and so

on. Journalist Russell Hunter

is in Apia. For Australians

seeking information on friends

or regulartives living in the

Pacific, you can call the Department of Foreign Affairs

and frayed in Canberra.

Now to the day's other news.

More than 30 people have been

killed in Vietnam as Typhoon

Ketsana continues its rampage

across Asia. The storm that

killed at least 246 people in

the Philippines has moved

north-west, leaving widespread

destruction. The worst may not

be over, about forecasters

predicting another storm in

coming days. The same destruction, different

location. Typhoon Ketsana has

hit central Vietnam with force,

jup rooting houses and flooding

streets. Those who have decide

either drowned, were buried by

mud slides or struck by falling

trees and power lines.

TRANSLATOR: The water has

been rising very fast. We need

help. My house has collapsed

and we have lost everything.

It is the worst flooding to hit

the country in three decades,

forcing most flights to be

cancelled and schools to close.

The typhoon struck the southern

Chinese island of Hainan,

bringing heavy rains. A new

form is forming in the Pacific

Ocean and is likely to hit the

Philippines later this week.

We are living here because our

house was destroyed and we

don't have anywhere to go. Of

course we are affray but what

else can we do? The

Philippines Government has

admitted it is overwhelmed by

the disaster and is struggling

to provide aid to remote areas. .

TRANSLATOR: There are some

goods but it takes a long time

to a-arrive so we do not rely

on them, we sell this junk to

buy food. The death toll is

likely to rise, with many still

missing in Vietnam and the

Philippines. Video retrieved

from the laptop of Indonesia's

dead terror mastermind Noordin

Mohammed Top showed the two

suicide bombers who attacked

Jakarta hotels in July

laughing, picnicking and

dressing to kill. Top was

killed in a raid this month,

but a laptop was recovered from

his backback. It reveals that

Top's cell is al-Qa'ida linked

and very focused on Australia.

Geoff Thompson reports. The

casual business of planning an al-Qa'ida inspired attack

against Australians, among

others. Revealed in this video

footage recovered from the

laptop of Noordin Mohammed Top.

The bombers and their

recruiters survey their targets

whilst giving the impression

they are out for a jog. Here, in the month before the

attacks, the bombers are seen

picnicking on a lawn in front

of the Marriott and Ritz

Carlton hotels. One of them,

Permana, gigles at the camera

and says, this is not suicide,

suicide is for December prats,

I am not desperate, I am doing

God's orders. Behind the video

camera was the Yemen educated

Zuri, who recruit he the

bombers and remains the run. He

says the attacks will target

Indonesia, America and

Australia. The laptop

information was revealed at a

press conference in Jakarta. A

letter on the laptop supports

the theory that a foreign

linked network has been rebuilt

with a change of strategy,

hence the explosives found in

July. Zuri called his

uniformity udi and he has

connection toss al-Qa'ida.

Despite the hotel attacks,

there is a new focus on legal

targets, such as done as

president. Most chilling is

the casual composure of the men

about to die, along with seven

others, including three

Australians. Here they are

seen buying clothes suited to

their five-star plan -

literally dressing to kill.

You are watching ABC next for

Australia network. Emotional

reunions for Korean families

separated by law,

separated by law, and England

eliminated from the Champions

Trophy. .

The head of NATO says he

backs US President Barack

Obama's decision to review the

strategy in Afghanistan before

deciding whether to send more

troops. The two held talks as

the UN special envoy called for

more international troops to

train and mentor the Afghan

army in the field.

Afghanistan has dominated the

White House discussions between

the US President Barack Obama

and NATO's new

Secretary-General Anders Fogh

Rasmussen. We both agree that

it is absolutely critical that

we are successful in

dismantling, disrupting,

destroying the al-Qa'ida

network and that we are

effectively working with the

Afghan government to provide

the security necessary for that

country. This is not an

American battle, this is a NATO

mission. Mr Rasmussen says the

president is right to decide on strategy before tackling the

question of whether more

resources are needed. I'm

convinced that success in

Afghanistan is achievable and

will be achieved. Don't make

any mistake: The normal

discussion on the right

approach should not be

misinterpreted as lack of

resolve. This alliance will

stand union eyed and we will

stay in Afghanistan as long as

it takes to finish our job. US

allies, including Australia,

have been asked for input into

the Obama administration's

Afghanistan strategy review.

At least 30 civilians have been

killed in Afghanistan's

Kandahar province in a roadside

blast. The bus in which they

were travelling hit an

improvised explosive device.

Many injured were taken to a

NATO blast for treatment. The

Taliban insurgents' roadside

bombs have killed hundreds of

people in Afghanistan. The investigation into investigation into the

assassination of former

Pakistani Prime Minister Ben

sir buy toe have resumed. UN

officials have arrived in

Pakistan in an effort to bring

them to justice. They have met

with the Foreign Minister and

with the police officers in charge of security at the time

of the killing. The she was shot

shot in late 2007. Emotional

reunions are continuing among

north and South Korean families

torn apart by the war. They are

sponsored by the Red Cross.

100-year-old Kim Yoo Joong has

spent 60 of her 100 years

separated from her three separated from her three

daughter. She fled North Korea

when the Korean war began in

1950, leaving her daughters

behind. You said you would be

back shortly, but 40 years have

passed since then. It is

estimated 1,000 South Koreans

who applied to be reunited with

their family died before they

got their chance.

TRANSLATOR: 1,000 emotions

are in my mind. Thanks a lot, because I have lived for nearly

60 years believing he was dead.

Meeting him again pleases me.

These reunions, organised by a

goodwill gesture by both

countries, have been held since

2000 but came to a halt two

years ago after a rise in years ago after a rise in

border tensions. The South

Koreans have only until Friday

to get back over the border.

With many members of the

families aged above 70, it is

better late than never. The

Australian Government confirm

the deficit for the last

financial year was not as high

as first thought. It was $5

billion less than forecast. As Mark simp kin

Mark simp kin reports, the

Treasurer argues the windall is

no reason to wind back stimulus

spending. Businesses like this

are digging Australia out of a

budgetary hole. Mining

companies paid more tax in the

financial crisis and the money

flowed to the coffers. We have

had some welcome additions to

the Budget bottom line, upward revisions revisions in terms of company

tax, but they are largely

because of one-off factors.

One of those was a substantial

one-off tax payment by a

mystery company. Even with

that bonus, Australia is $27

billion in deficit, which is $5

billion better than the

government forecast in May.

The stronger than expected

Budget outcomes I am re-Lee

sing today do not reduce or

diminish the fiscal challenge

imposed upon Australia. It hasn't diminished the

Opposition's withdrawal call

for a withdrawal of the

stimulus The The government

is drunk with spending. It is a

direct cause of the massive direct cause of the massive Budget deficit. There is

pressure on interest rates.

House prices are rising than

the Reserve Bank is worried.

The risk is we might move towards undesirably strong

growth in house prices, raising

a number of concerns. It is

the latest signal the Reserve

Bank might raise interest rates

sooner and higher than expected. expected. Queensland's richest

man accused the government of

making racist decisions about

who can invest in Australia. I

must say to the Treasurer,

Wayne Gooch, Wayne Swan,

whoever he is - a water foul of

some description. They don't

like the idea of racism or being discriminated against

because of the colour of their

skin. A spokesman for the trez

ser says the Government will

look after the national

interest while Mr Palmer looks

after his own interest. As

the Chinese Communist Party

plans an extravagant

celebration to commemorate the

60th year since the nation was

founded, the party is centring

cot country's future. One

village in northern China is

happy to stick with the lessons

of the past. This is the

village unlike anything else in

China, one of the last

remaining communes. In this

village, Mao's legacy is alive

and well. Workers start the

day singing revolutionary

songs. Throughout the day, loud

speakers regularly broadcast

his thoughts. .

TRANSLATOR: I believe in

collectivism. I think that

unites people. Less than 10

years after he took power, Mao

set up communes where everyone

worked, farmed and ate collectively. It was a system

of cradle to grave support,

known commonly as the iron rice

bowl. Many communes proved to

be an economic disaster and

most were abandoned in the

1980s. TRANSLATION: When our

leader said that several,000 of

us should think together and

work together as one, I didn't

believe my ears. It's my

longing for red ideology

onnostalgia for great leader

that that is brought me to this

red place. As China struggles

to deal with the rising gap

between the rich and the power,

this village offers security

and certainty of a bygone era.

Every family has identical

housing, education is fully

funded and medical treatment is

free. The 3,500 residents are

entitled to free food stamps.

We don't need to buy anything,

maybe clothes for when we go to

visit relatives and friend

outside the village. Outside

the village, China is rapidly

turning into a fast paced

consumer's paradise. Here in

this village, China's former

chairman can look down to see

his revolution realised, just

as he would have pictured it.

You are watching ABC News for

Australia network. Our top

story: Up to 40 people have

been killed in Samoa and

American Samoa as a tsunami

swept through the pass figures

ocean, generated by a 8.3

magnitude earthquake. It is

feared the death toll could

rise. A look at financial

markets. In the United States

overnight the Dow and Nasdaq

drifted lower after fresh data showed American consumer

confidence fell last month. The

FTSE was down on news that the

economy had rank less than

first thought in the second

quarter. New Zealand has just

opened and it is weaker this

morning. Yesterday, the Nikkei

closed up. The Kospi was led

higher by banking and tech

stocks. The Australian market

gained ground. The Chinese

market fell. Indian shares Rose

as fund buying as fund buying resumed on the

back of global recovery hopes.

Now the currency:

To sport, in cricket, New

Zealand has qualified for the Champions Trophy semifinals in South Africa. The Black South Africa. The Black Caps

got through with a four-wicket

over England. The result means

the tournament favourites South

Africa and Sri Lanka have been

el eliminate d. With New

Zealand assured of a final

berth, England was hoping to

follow suit. Collingwood tried

to steady the innings but could

only score 40. The wofl batting

continued as England were all

ought for 147. The New Zealand

openers took full advantage of

the situation with an 83-run

partnership. The middle order

made hard work of the chase,

with the loss of Guptill,.


Taylor in four overs The black

cap got through. Arsenal left

it late in its home victory

against Olympiakos. They made

the breakthrough in the 77th

minute Finally, the resistance

of the Chinese is broken. A

goal bizarre shaven ensured

victory for the begun erz.

Liverpool were defeed by

Fiorintina 2-30. Business as

usual for Barcelona. Messy

opened the scoring, and

Fabregas double the lead in the

second half. Tough going for

Inter Milan, who could only

muster a 1-1 all away to

Russia. In soccer, A-League

has awarded the new licence to

Western Sydney. The original

plan was for 12 teams to play

next season but it has been put

back naeks year. A second team

from Melbourne is announced to

be next year. Dement have went

down in three sets to cab down in three sets to cab cab.

The Ukranian subjected her op

don't to powerful strokes.

There were no surprises with

7th seed ian could Viv. Maria

Sharapova continued her

comeback from injury, thrashing

Sam Stosur. The weather for

the rest of today.