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(generated from captions) The rock-and-roll industry is a hungry and demanding machine, new acts and new hits. always looking for a lifetime feeding that machine Bazz Palmer spent half as guitarist with legendary bands and Harem Scarem. like Hunters and Collectors the scenes producing new artists. These days, he works behind (Screams) For 18 months, we follow Bazz of the acts he works with and a handful of the toughest businesses there is. as they try to make it in one SONG: # You think that we're junkies # But you don't wash your undies. # LAUGHTER year of my entire life This year's been the busiest now if I've got anywhere. and I'm wondering to the most basic thing of all. It does just come down less stuff than I used to be? Am I being excited by

excited by 4 of the artists... In the last 12 months, I've been artists I've worked with. ..of the possible 20 and energy into the acts he signs. Bazz Palmer invests a lot of time Some of his hunches have paid off. Some have not. the search for the next artist But Bazz is compelled to keep up who makes it all seem worthwhile. Why are here in a car park suburb of Melbourne? in the back of an industrial that I want to check out. There's a band I wanna see, to find his next project. It's proving hard for Bazz of time more than anything else. For me, it becomes an investment something really half-assed. I'm just not interested in doing You start going - that totally holds my heart. "Well, I only want to do something involved in the other stuff." "And I don't wanna be for something fresh and new, But just when he despairs right on his doorstep, three sisters from Fitzroy, walk into frame. so I can shit all the chicks SONG: # I want some fake tits # I want a new nose # Smaller than my little toe

Can I you take off my ears? # No ribs tattooed snakeskin # I'll be a lizard king,

# I got a wish list. # said the word 'Wolfgramm' to me. It was Megan, my daughter, who first FEEDBACK

(Sings a note) go and see these girls sing." And she said, "Dad, you've gotta at a place down the road. I went and saw them I mean, I loved them straight away. (Sings) # Baby, don't stop. # Thank you. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE So if you like what you hear of bucks, we would love that. and you wanna give us a couple Kelly, Talei and Eliza Wolfgramm

have sung together for years. the safety of cover songs. Never venturing beyond developed other ambitions. But lately, they've kind of a natural progression. Where we're at now is just do all that for a while. You'll be in bands and you wanna write your own music And you decide that you and perform your own stuff. with the Wolfgramm sisters. Bazz is keen to work But he needs to share the workload if he's to take on another project. my first manager in Harem Scarem. BAZZ: Michael Lynch is an old friend, So we go back a long way. to go and meet the girls. Our first step was I mean, the intention was to find out they were, first and foremost. what kind of people they were a bit hard to work with. Because people had told me We talked about things like music. in their musical career. And what they wanna do wanna do is write their own songs. And their first thing they And go out and perform them. it begins and ends, I suppose. For me, that's where Yep. Look, really straightforward. as a production entity. We're just signing them work it up to the point And then we'll and we think they're ready. where we're happy with it Yeah. company to make the record with. Then we'll go find the right things take money. BAZZ: Look, all these I've bloody done yet There's not a single one that hasn't cost me money. too so I'm not scared about... I'm pretty confident about this No, neither am I. my pocket, but, you know? ..putting my hand in Yeah. Within reason. a really simple one. And we had this little plan, in my studio here for a week. Let's do one session Write some songs. If we didn't have any songs to work with each other. we weren't going everyone's in the groove. A few days into the week, to it and picking up. BAZZ: I've been listening that the fast bass line I've been thinking doesn't help the chorus so much

at the start of the song, at LEAST. OK, check out this. OK. I've also put a crazy guitar line. Alright. Remixed Eliza's rap. OK. Check out this. SONG: # Ow! So you start it you're the mother in the quick # Now you hook it, # Just like it was an accident... # of the crazy guitar? What do you think I like it, I reckon... Good guitar line. It is, isn't it? It's really working day and night. Yeah. Great, yeah.

them bodies pumping SONG: # Gonna get # You're on it, you've got it # Ow! # So you spot it, now you hook it # You're the mother in the quick # Just like it was an accident... # Fun? We'll have a hit... the one who's really tough. BAZZ: Talei's like, she's You got to prove it to her. they're hard to impress. And I think the Wolfgramms, It's good. I like that. I gotta work pretty hard. I haven't impressed them once yet... Do you think the first bumpy tune through it or something? needs to keep the keyboard going like it's not part of the song. I don't know, it just feels Yeah, OK. ELIZA: Yeah, it's a bit too early. Yeah, maybe. That's the old bass line. Can I put it across to the other one

of coming out of the slow...? 'cause I reckon the effect the... (Makes a low bass sound) Yeah, like keep TRYING to be funky. It sounds like we're Oh, from Mum! Coffee... MAN: How are you? This is Mum. She's also the coffee girl... And she drove us down here in her truck. How are you, darlin'? Do we need something else? (Hums a melody along with song) Let's give that a go. SONG PLAYS The great thing about the girls is they're not shy of coming forward. So a groove gets put down, the girls jump on it straight away.

They'd rather fail trying than just not try.

(Sings) # Picking up is easy # It's easy, tease me # No rocket science to it # Just do it, just work it

# Get them bodies pumping # Go on it, you got it... # BAZZ: This is the end of the first week. And I've gotta say it's been so much easier than I thought it would be. They're fantastic songwriters. They're a great bunch of girls to hang out with. AMAZING singers. I mean, it was one of those wonderful weeks where you couldn't ask for anything better. Not many people would let you say, "I want some fake tits so I can shit all the chicks." It's like, that's tongue in cheek. And he went, "Yep, that's fun." So it's like, "Good, you get our sense of humour as well." Just all these silly ideas

that we thought were too stupid to fit into anything. They were just dumb little chants that we had. And all of a sudden, Barry's like, "What's that? That's great. "Do it la la." Me and Talei would be going... It's been good that we've been able to record and write some of our sillier stuff just so people know, you know? We can take the piss. We grew up in Upper Ferntree Gully... a house that was condemned. But we made it work. So it was just Mum and Dad and the three girls. And no running water or electricity for a start. And we weren't allowed to have Barbies and wear make-up and do stuff. "Go outside and make a cubby. Go play." MUM: Go make a bark hut or something. Bark hut? Yeah. Like, we weren't quite as country as Mum. But then when Mum and Dad separated we moved to North Carlton. Just me and the girls and Mum. And Mum worked her guts out. Yeah, my upbringing was as a Seventh Day Adventist. And I met the girl's dad at theological college. And... He was black and we used to sing together.

He's a beautiful singer and I was an OK singer. And so we had this duo and we used to go all over the place. But the church had this thing

that black people were very prone to doing the wrong thing musically. Not the blues scale? Evil blues scale. I actually had a list of chords and keys

that they didn't approve of at the college. So whenever he and I had to sing somewhere... ..we had to run it past a music committee. And then they tried to stop us from actually seeing each other 'cause we were making ourselves conspicuous. So all those sorts of restrictions made a fledgling teenage relationship incredibly heavy and hot. And... And before I knew it, I was 18 and pregnant. And everybody was completely freaked out then, of course. It was know? 'Cause we were real young and we didn't have anything. We had a JJ Cale record...and a baby coming on. And I just wanted the kids to have lots of music. And that's how it was. You know, like when I was eight, I had my first piano lesson. And it was just sort of like, "This is what you're gonna do." And I actually really liked it and I couldn't WAIT for the next week, you know? It was just sort of there and it was always around. And because THEY played and sang. Dad played guitar, Mum played piano. And we were always singing together. It just wasn't even a hassle. It was just what we did, you know? I just always want to be moving and doing something new. And moving on to the next best thing. Making it bigger and better.

NARRATOR: Bazz believes the songs

are now ready to be professionally mixed. It's time to go in to the studio.

I'm gonna get Rick Will - fantastic. Did Hunters with me all those years ago. Perhaps we can do some more guitars.

More vocals, things like that. Flesh them out more. I can imagine it's going to be a far wilder ride than it's been in here. And that's been pretty good, already. SONG: # Slam your foot on the gas, now we're making a blast # Turn the stereo on Are you playing my song? # Get your foot to the floor... # I operate off the top of my heart and my head. Then the computer records my mix. And I mix quickly and furiously. And I'll turn on my effects here and there. And usually they either are killer or they suck. And you take the ones that suck out and then that's mixing. The challenge for Rick like me, is this is a demo. And we want it to sound like it's a proper recording. Because usually you record drums and bass and all the things live. But this is out of my little room and it's just crusty stuff.

And Rick wants it to sound awesome. SONG: # Pulling in the golden hold and no time to stop # Don't stop # Violins are thumping # And we're ready to rock # Systems are go # Let's put on a show, yeah. # NARRATOR: Bazz and Michael have also hired a rock photographer. Photos will complete the package that will go to the record companies. I don't know where to put my foot. Up your arse? (All laugh) Does anyone smile this time? No. If you want, we can do some smiles, OK? Nah. (All laugh) They have really strong production ideas, the girls. I mean, they've been listening to this stuff their entire life. In the climate of Australia, they're not doing what is the current thing. Everybody's wearing flares and sideburns, you know? And it's like the old rock-and-roll thing is going on. They're not doing that. They're doing urban pop. APPLAUSE Bazz and Rick push on into the night with the mix. Kelly, Talei and Eliza use the time to work on Talei's new song in the other studio. SONG: # Baby hello Welcome home # I'll take your coat Come inside it's warm # You seem so tired Working day and night # So baby be mine Stay in my arms tonight # Take your stress away My records play # We're gonna stay at home tonight # Guide the needle to the groove # Sit back relax # I'm gonna treat you right Oh baby

# Super slow don't go # Come right through the door. # BAZZ: And the Wolfgramms, their dad lectures in music and their mum's a country singer. They have that classic music background of siblings that find themself singing in church. They have their family gatherings every time. They'll tell you they got wheeled out in front of the aunties and uncles, "Start singing, girls." SONG: # Baby you're king

# Baby you're king. # New shit in Australia, coming out. Yeah, exactly. There it is, that CD, that blank one. That's what the kids will all be buying, let's face it. (Laughs) They'll be downloading that faster than porn. 'Bye, Bazza. Gramm Kelly Wolf off. I'm beyond dead. SONG: # My my my Delilah. # This is what it's like when it's over. We've only done a bit but I imagine by the time we finish getting this project up and running I'll probably be up for 20-30 odd grand. The money comes from out of our pockets. You put in your time and money and you hope you get it back. See ya. 'Bye. The demo is ready to be sent to record companies. But Bazz is rethinking the plan. When we were last in the studio

you filmed the girls playing around the piano when I was mixing a couple of the new songs.

And then you showed me. I thought, "Wow, that's that Sunday gig I should have seen 1,000 times." So, we've gotta do this. We've gotta find a way to let people hear this and see it because it's just fantastic. So Bazz and Michael decide to invest more money and produce a DVD of the sisters playing acoustically to go out with the demo recording. It's a very easy thing for someone to get for the first time because first of all, it gets rid of all the studio trickery. You see an artist sing a song with a piano, you go, "Well, there's no way to disguise that. "They either can sing it and can play or they can't." I'll keep you in time. No, but can you sing "I'll wait for the call but still I want more"? Can you do that? # Still I want more. # It's a big ask to record three-part harmony live around a piano with cameras rolling. And to add to the challenge, Eliza has asked to sing a song they wrote only that morning. She has to learn the lyrics and arrangement on the spot. SONG: # Thought it was right No no never again # Every night I'm still in the fight # Trying to work All the noise in my head # I'll go looking for the answer 'Cos I know I'm gonna find the truth # You told me not to # But I always got to go And be the one who saved you. # Well done, Eliza, you did it. Best performance ever in front of a camera crew, fantastic. Yeah, great. SONG: # Thought it was right But it's over again # Every night, still in the fight But don't know where it's led # I feel my heart What I'm meant to be # Someone tell me Through the noise in my head # I'm trying to hear # I'll go looking for an answer I'm gonna find the truth. # # 'Cos I know listen to the tracks. The next morning, Bazz and Kelly They both think Eliza sounds great. SONG PLAYS IN BACKGROUND incidences around me There's been enough "This is fantastic." where I've sat down and thought, and I've watched Kelly get upset And I've watched Eliza get upset and I'm sitting there going, and Talei too, that's so obvious to me?" "What are they not hearing Obviously you guys care. you can walk away from things If you didn't care, you've done a great job. if you don't think really worries about what she does, But Eliza really cares and she her older sisters, especially in light of in the family, the professional girls this much earlier than Eliza. because they started I just want to get it right. I'm just a perfectionist. and doing all that new stuff, I know how I want it to sound I rebelled for so long, especially because I'd grown up around these guys. I refused to do music just because gonna start singing? Everyone's like, "When are you "When are you gonna start la la la?" everyone was expecting And I was like you know and because out of me or something, this massive voice to do anything musical. I was so reluctant to actually realise It's taken me a long time contribution to Wolfgramm. that I do make a very important (Laughs) But, yeah, no buts. That's it. are sent out. The demo recording and live DVD But Bazz is soon having doubts

two different musical styles. about showcasing the girls' from one of the record companies Er, I got some feedback they were confused about Wolfgramm. and the comment was that the hip hop stuff on the CD They'd heard around the piano on the DVD and then they'd seen the girls

"What are the girls really about?" and their question was - it's caused this kind of confusion. And for some reason we did the acoustic piano stuff I mean, singing their songs around a piano because we wanted to show the girls with no studio trickery. playing around a piano. Just three girls is thinking, "What's Wolfgramm?" So, I dunno, maybe everyone might be slow to get the picture The record companies their new live set with a full band. but word of mouth is building about Hi, fellas. Wolfgramm, they were a cover band wasn't to ever be a cover band. and their intention those new songs, get their own songs Now it's time for them to get into the set. and start sneaking those songs going to be slotting their songs I mean, you're the greats of urban pop, straight into already, they're doing the greats. because that's what they're doing to watch how the audience responds. I think it would be great See if the climate drops. And I was your girl SONG: # If you were my boy # I'd light you like a candle Set the room on fire # Keep you burnin' # You'll be calling me every night Makes you feel so right # Nobody ever # If you were my boy # And I was your girl. # APPLAUSE Thank you. a little break, we'll be back. OK. Wolfgramm are gonna take come straight back. Go to the bar, get some shots,

for Kate Ceberano I just did a backing vocal gig and I sort of know that guy, Nui. for 'The Herald Sun'. Yeah, he's the music writer and said, He just rang me up last week my top ten people to watch 2005." "Yeah, OK, I'm gonna put you in "Beauty. Go on then." And then he asked what we were up to what we were doing. and I told him about people say, "What are you doing?" I hear them talking, and they'll all go, "Not much." And they're actually doing heaps.

to talk themselves up. They just have a reluctance just be famous for any old reason We don't wanna that we're not really proud of and make some album

being poppy and radio friendly just for the sake of it and everyone will love it. an album that we're really proud of Like the first goal is to make that's great and that's good. and if people get into it, comes with that is fine. And whatever else The thing about being successful scaring me at the moment. is I guess it's kind of do photo shoots and stuff like that Like, so far when we've had to

and figure out what to wear, the most frustrating part of all. I actually find that "Oh, God, can I just wear anything? There's like, (Laughs) "I don't wanna wash my hair." a private showcase Michael has organised Sebastian Chase. for independent music executive for Wolfgramm. It's the first real test what's important is the girls Primarily for me today, who's not part of the gang. get to perform to someone else They've done it a million times. a million people before They've played to that's got pretty high stakes. but this is about something They want a record deal. perform those songs to that person They've got to be able to go and that they're worth signing. and convince them an Australian independent company. Sebastian is amount of success in this country. Sebastian's had an incredible the main criteria But performance is really for a lot of people to sign. about today. So that's what's important of the girls turning it on Just watching that process as the case may be. or turning it off I mean, nerves come into play here. SONG: # 'Cos baby you're king... # # 'Cos baby you're king. # What do you reckon? That was just one there, wasn't it? I reckon, just one. Pre-emptive strike. before we're celebrating. We're celebrating (Laughs) he should hear you sing. He's gonna come and meet you, 'Cause it's impressive, on for the last half an hour. despite the way you've been carrying It's actually impressive when you sing. You're not gonna have any problem talking to this guy. He's very easy to talk to. OK. I mean, I didn't know what he's gonna want here. Wanna talk to you first before you sing or play and maybe you want to sing and play and then talk. Maybe we want to sing our answers. (All laugh) Hello. Hello. Hi, how are you? Nice to meet you. This is Aggie, the mother. Hi, Aggie, how are you?

We're sitting around telling silly stories. As you do. What a fantastic spot. The Hunters spent two years here. If you sign, go down the major road, then you have to be successful very quickly. In the end you've gotta be able to cut the mustard as an artist.

And it's the bottom line. And if you cut the mustard... It's a bloody nice segue. I won't stop there but there's an interesting thing because the word 'cover' came up and it seemed to me that all the bands that ended up being able to have ability to connect with a mass audience, all had a thing in common which is they'd worked in cover band markets. And where it really hit me was when we, when I signed Def FX. I'm not sure why we had the meeting. It was not like it was a conversation or anything, he was just telling us more about where he was coming from. So it was more like we were interviewing him, really. I reckon you should sing and then relax and have something to eat. Let's make it absolutely great. SONG: # After work every night... # I mean, the girls performed brilliantly. # Don't stop Loving me, babe. # I think I actually maybe I was more nervous than they were in the end. shouldn't be that way, but I was. 'Cause I like the girls so much. I gotta say I was,

it's like watching my kids at a birthday party. # Baby, don't stop. # It could be weeks before they find out what Sebastian thinks. To keep things moving, Bazz and Michael push on with plans for a showcase with a full band. They're hoping to get some competition for the girls' signatures.

Now it's time for EMI, Universal, Warner Bros, Parisi, at Festival-Mushroom, Mike Gudinski and gang. And let everybody see how great these girls are. Yeah, we wanna have as many record companies and people come and see us

and we wanna meet them and so we can make an informed decision about who would work best for us. SONG: # I've been hidin', Runnin', cryin' # Now I'm comin' to get you # You been talkin', Runnin', stoppin' # Now I'm comin' to get you. # It's almost a year since Wolfgramm started working out their own songs with Bazz. a room filled with record executives. Now they're ready to perform to this is always worthwhile. Despite all the ups and downs, you have these incredible songs Because in the end you just see people in the room and you have these moments where and their hearts are captured. They're captured by a great song. And that's the joy. It really is. that makes my heart sing. That's the part SONG: # You better watch your step # 'Cause we can never rest # Let's put it to the test # Who's best # Just try to funk it down # I was lost but now I'm found 'Cos the jump came to town # Bring it on

# Hey-oh-hey-oh-hey-ey # Hey-oh-hey-oh-hey # Just try to funk it down # I was lost but now I'm found 'Cos the jump came to town. # # Bring it on APPLAUSE Thank you. We're called Wolfgramm.