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(generated from captions) Ordered to stand trial -

Italy's Prime Minister to face

charges of paying for an

under-age prostitute. It implies that

overwhelming evidence but not

necessarily that he is guilty. This Program is Captioned


Flights cancel and record

rain in Darwin as the Top rain in Darwin as the Top End

prepares for a cyclone. A pole

shows the NSW Government could

win just 16 seats at the next

election. And the Spanish

Federation clears cyclist

Alberto Contador of a doping

charge. Good morning, it's

Wednesday, 16 February, I'm

Michael Rowland And - Italian Prime Minister Silvio Virginia Trioli. The top story

Berlusconi will stand trial on

charges of paying for sex share

an under-age prostitute. an under-age prostitute. Under

Italian law, sex workers must

be 18. Mr Berlusconi is accused

of abusing the power of his office by intervening hen the

woman was arrested on a theft

charge. Mr Berlusconi denies

the charges. He will face court

on April 6 and three female

judges will hear the trial.

TRANSLATION: I think that responsibilities are without

substance. The abuse of power

or other charges - it's a

media. Jew - media. Jew - judicial ly in my opinion it's not a problem to

Berlusconi. If there had been

less media attention, this case

would have been quickly ar chieched. A very strong defence there by a lawyer for Mr

Berlusconi. Europe

correspondent Emma Alberici

joins us now from London. Emma,

these are on face call at least very serious charges, though, aren't they? Indeed. In fact probably the most serious charges that the Italian Prime

Minister has ever faced. And of

that this is not the first time course it's important to note

that Mr Berlusconi will have

gone to trial. He's been in

court on three other charges,

actually quite recently, only

in the last five years or so - corruption and bribery-related

charges. But by far and away

this is the most serious

without doubt. And he obviously

intends to fully contest charges when they're heard in court? Indeed. He calls them a

disgrace and disgusting and

politically motivated. In he says the judiciary is

politic ly motivated and this

is all just one big vendetta

against limb. Now, his main defence

defence is in the first

instance that he denies having

sex share the 17-year-old

nightclub dancer. He says on

the second charge reason he called a police

station to have her released

from custody on an un-related

left charge was because he

thought she was the

granddaughter of

President Hosni Mubarak. And he

says he told investigated that

he wanted to stave Egyptian

President a diplomatic

embarrassment socks he quietly

wanted to make the matter go

away. But as we know it's done

little - much less than that.

Now, the

this case, as opposed to some

of the others he's stood for in

the past, is that prosecutors

have what they say is around

600 pages 600 pages of evidence against

him, mostly accumulated from

phone taps. Phone taps of women

who attended these so-called

bonga bonga sex parties at the

Prime Minister's mansion. And

they apparent ly claim they apparent ly claim they

were witness to some of the

sexual dalliances between the

Prime Minister and

this night club dancer who goes

by the name of Rubi but others also. So quite potentially this

whole case is going to erupt whole case is

into an almighty scandal for

the Prime Minister, who of

course has already been dogged

by many, many allegations of

not only under-age sex but prostitution and of course these parties. An almighty

scandal and an amazing speth

kl. To your knowledge have we

ever seen an amazing Prime dock to face these sorts of charge? Anyone who has charge? Anyone who has studied

Italian politics will remember a friend of Mr Berlusconi's who was facing allegations of

corruption and bribery and of having relationships with the

Mafia and so on but he never

actually went to trial. Mr Berlusconi over the years has avoided trial by I guess passing legislation that gives

from him constitutional immunity

from prosecution. That of course has been challenged in

particular charges have been recent times which is why these

able to make it to court. And

now we do know that Mr

Berlusconi might not attend

trial on April 6 trial on April 6 because he

could say that he has a special

impediment is the legal

so if he can persuade the judges, the three female

judges, that he has a

government prime ministerial

duty that is so important duty that is so important that

he can't attend court, then he

can of course have this trial

delayed again. One of the

tactics Mr Berlusconi's critics

say he employs over the years

to get around facing trial is

to delay and delay and delay to

the point at which it passes

the statute of limitations and

he is acquitted before the trial runs its observers of this current trial runs its course. So many

action say it's quite possible

that Mr Berlusconi, again, will

avoid trial. Now finally you've spent a fair

ground in Italy. How does the

average Italian view their vaert colourful Prime

Minister? - rather colourful Prime Minister. Curiously Italy

is quite a different place to

Australia on many levels but on

one that is most curious to me

is that you would imagine

Western worlds if anywhere necessarily the

sex share an under-age

prostitute there is no way prostitute there is no way he

could stay in office just from

the em barsment of it all. But instead in Italy instead in Italy somehow this

is carried around as almost a

badge of honour for the Prime

Minister, particularly among

his meat constituents who kind

of - male constituent s who

kind of think this is something

to adplier - a 74-year-old who might be have the luck of

bedding a 17-year-old. So it's

quite a different mentality in Italy

in the polls. You might think Mr Berlusconi might have suffered in the popularity stakes but, no, his approval

rating has barely judged below

35%. So he's way a head of his

opponents and if an election

was held today he would win. OK, Alberici reef, thank

you for that. - Emma Alberici

thank you for. That In other

news the Northern Territory is

on cyclone watch this morning

with wild weather already

lashing the Top End.

Authorities are monitoring a

around 50km south-west of Darwin. Now the system is

tipped to turn into a cyclone this afternoon. It's causing

torential rain and winds of up

to 1,200km/h. School -

100km/h. In NSW, a new pole

shows the Keneally Government

is heading for an historic

defeat at next month's

election. The Nielsen pole

shows that Labor could hold as

few as 13 seats in the next Parliament. The Coalition has 66%

vote, that's a swing of 18%

towards it from the 2007

election results. This is the

biggest lead ever recorded biggest lead ever recorded by the polling company. The

Federal Government's flood levy

will come under micro cope at a

public hearing in Canberra today. The House Economics

Committee will Committee will examine legislation to raise $1.8

billion through that one-year

levy. Meanwhile, Julia Gillard will continue her first visit to New Zealand as Prime

Minister. She will make history today as the first foreign politician to address New

Zealand's Zealand's parliament. Egypt's ruling military Council says

the country constitution will

be reformed within 10 days. The current constitution has been

suspended because of changes made by ousted President Hosni

Mubarak's regime. Mr Mubarak

stepped down last week after

more than two weeks of


demonstrations. Meanwhile,

protest group the Muslim

Brotherhood says it will form a

political party once democracy is established, but won't contest the presidential elections. And more than two 200 Parliament have called for Opposition leaders to be tried

on charges of inciting unrest.

On Monday, police used force

against thousands of anti-government anti-government protesters in

Tehran. In a statement, 223 MPs

said the demonstrations were

seditious and - and blamed Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi

Karroubi. As the statement was

read, several MPs shouted for

death to those leaders. There's

disappointment in North Queensland's cyclone personnel pulled out of clean-up operations. State emergency crews are emergency crews are still on

the job but there's a new health threat facing local

residents with a residents with a serious out

break of Dengue fever in the

region. Military presence in

North Queensland communities like

like Tully has disappeared. It

will mean in my view a drop in

morale. The people like to see

those soldiers around. There is

no question about that. Many

locals think the Army depar fur is too is too soon. The remain der of

the clean-up has been left for weary residents. My mother

always said the Lord helps those that help

sure need help now. She's now

at the battling an infection in

her leg after spending the last

10 days clearing fall en trees

from her home. Due to the fact

they've been paddling around in

water, trying to clear the

trees, I cleared the drive myself, and

into my leg., the

infection. SES crews are still

trying to fix the worst affected properties and re locate dozens of homeless. There's some very

complex issues to work our way

through. But we're here, we're

working with council, we're working across Government and

we're doing our best to work

share individual and community

groups. It be about a month before power is fully restored to another 12,000 to another 12,000 homes. Aside

in the clean-up task, residents have been told to themselves from mosquitos after 17 confirmed case of Dengue

fever in the Tully region in

the last fortnight. We need to

make sure there's no

receptacles - palm fronds upturned breeding these mosquitoes. And resident s are

urged to lockup whatever assetings they have left after

several cases of looting. Now the Prime Minister, Julia

Gillard, will later this

morning be the first foreign

leader given the honour of air dressing New dressing New Zealand's MPs in

their debating chamber seconds day of her visit, Julia

Gillard will also told formal

bilateral talks share Prime Minister John Minister John Key. Combands Kim

Landers joins us now. This is

going to be day two of the

visit. How did day one go? Reasonably well. A fairly low Keet visit, the Prime

Minister visiting a local

school and having the school children sing to her, presenting them share some

Australian books. I think I saw

Snugglespot and there and she's been talking

about this single economic

forum between Australia and New

Zealand. Today it's on to

Wellington, the capital, where

as you've mentioned she will address the New Zealand Parliament, the Parliament will

not be in a formal session as such

such but the member s will be

all in the debating chamber. She's the first foreign leader to get that

honour and she will be holding some bilateral talks with the

New Zealand Jon quay, issues

like defence cooperation and

carbon pricing expected to be on the agenda. Defence

dooperation is an Australia at the moment, particularly given the state of

our naval forces and we have

been hearing from the Defence

Minister about that in the last

day or. So New Zealand has offered us some naval support

should we need it in extreme

circumstance? It's very difficult for the Australians

that they need the - to admit

they need the help of the

Kiwis. The situation share the

Navy as the Defence Minister was outlining yesterday, amphibious ships are not

available to put to sea. The HMAS 'Tobruk'

problems share safety equipment

and can't put back to see. The 'Manoora' has been decommissioned. The 'Kanimbla'

is in the dock up until is in the dock up until next

year. So as a result Australia

may need to use a New Zealand

ship called the Canterbury. The

Kiwis have generously offer

that to us. They have made the point they could use some of

Australia's equipment - like

long range aircraft cious the

C-17 s the Kiwis don't that. It might be a case of Australia and New Australia and New Zealand having to share their defence

toys for a while. How kind of

them! Tell us about this

parliamentary inquiry into the flood levy. That beginning

today and of course this is the

y that the Prime Minister wants to introduce to raise $1.8

billion towards the $5.5

billion cost of re building and reconstructing after those

devastating Queensland floods

and the floods in Victoria as

well. It's run into a little

bit of a problem because the Government still does

cross-bench support to get the legislation true Parliament. In the meantime, the House Economics Committee will hold

an inquiry today. It will hear

from a range of people including Reserve Bank board governor Professor Warwick

McKibbon. He has said he doesn't think the a flood levy

is needed at all. He says the Government would have been

better off borrowing. So it will be interesting to hear

what the committee is told

today. The committee is

promisesing to report back to

part as early as next week. pretty quick turnaround for a parliamentary committee. In other matters political and you

really can file this one under politics particularly when Paul Howse who as Howse who as you know is the national secretary of the

Australian workers Union and

also the king maker when it

comes to the new Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, when she opens his mouth it is a

political mouth when e - matter

when he is considered to be prime ministerial material at

some point. He will make a step

into Federal Parliament at some

point. He is point. He is the ultimate faceless man responsible for

Julia Gillard's rise. He has weighed into Rio Tinto in a

speech which he has given or is about to give. He gave. Long-standing antipathy between unions and Rio Tinto. The unions claim Rio Tinto The unions claim Rio Tinto is

anti- union and Paul Howse has

certainly let Rio Tinto vit. He

has gone the hack in the

speech. He's basically declared

war on Rio Tinto and their

leaders. Have a listen to some of the observations he said monkeys could do

of managing Rio. Just look at the front page of the

'Australian'. He said, 'You

don't own this Government or

this country anymore, your work force has the right to force has the right to be

remitted. You can't hide behind the

the law or your slimly grubby

mates in the Coalition and

there's a reference to the

shiny arses that are sitting in

the board room in London. There

is' In is the front page of the 'Australian'. I wonder what he

really thinks! It really is

going to be absolute war that

he has declared. It's old Labor politics. It is Appealing

to the base - The war on the

bosses. The blue collar votes.

The ball is now in the shiny

arses' court. We will look now

at all the other newspapers

around the country. That was the 'Australian' you were

looking at before with that front page story about Paul

Howse. The 'Financial Review'

is saying the Government's

revised mining tax will collect

$60 billion less over 10 years

than the resource superprofits

tax Surj surging commodity

prices are expected to push BHP an Australian record of more

than $10 billion, reports the 'Advertiser'. The Federal Resources Minister Martin Ferguson says the Labor Party

needs to modernise its policies and allow uranium to

exported to India. That's a key story in the 'Age' this morning

and also another political yarn that we will kick on. The

'Courier Mail' says convicted killer Luke Andrew Hunter wads

on the run for 15 years before

his capture at the weekend, and

has had spent most of that time

'Herald Sun' says former drug

quad democrat Paul Dale has

denied involvement in the death

of gangland killer Carl Williams. 'The Daily Telegraph' says a

judge has suggested an over

haul of laws to make it easier

to prosecute violent

crimes. The NSW is Government

is heading for defeat of

historic proportions according

to a knoll the to a knoll the smefrmtds After

three decades of talk and countless plan, the development

of Perth's waterfront will

finally start this year. That story in

have dropped their threat of

industrial action despite the

potential loss of 2,3400 public

service job - 2,300 public service service jobs reports the mer ki. Nltz >>z and the 'Northern Territory News' says school s

will be closed in the Darwin

region as the city and the Tiwi Islands prepare for a

cyclone. You may have seen

that wonderful story on the '7:30 Report' celebrating the

anniversary of the NT nues and - Northern Territory News and

we will bring you that story

later on. Their sub editor says

the news never has to be

boring. My favourite story boring. My favourite story was front page flyer that had the

most unusual give give away -

win your own croc. What do

you think of Paul Howse'

outbreak of class war fare of

Rio Tinto has he got a leg to

stand on accusing Rio Tinto of

being anti-worker? have a view on Martin Ferguson's fairly provocative

fall for the Labor Party to

start selling uranium to India,

despite the fact the counterry hasn't signed up to the

non-proliferation treaty and

you might have a few concerns

about the state of the

Australian Navy at the

moment. You might. I do and I'm

feeling very happy that we

appear to have - hostile advantage of the fact that we

don't have a functioning Navy.

If you would like to join the

conversation this morning,

please contact us. Oi

ooh Let's take a quick look at the weather around if country.

The top stories now on ABC News Breakfast - the controversial private life of

Italy's Prime Minister, Silvio

Berlusconi, will play out in

the courtroom next month. Mr

Berlusconi will stand trial on

charges of paying for sex share

an under-aged Prostual. -

prostitute. Lawyers for Mr Berlusconi say the allegations are a political stunt. The

Northern Territory is Battening down the hatches with a cyclone

warning issued to tr Top

End. Wild weather is lashing the area as a tropical low hovers near Darwin. The

system is tipped to turn into a cyclone this afternoon. The cyclone this afternoon. The NSW Labor Government is facing a political wipeout political wipeout share a new poll shows the worst ever pre-election results for any

Government. The Keneally

Government has just 34% of the 2-party preferred vote and

might win as few as 13 seats at

the coming election. The

Victorian State Government has criticise Melbourne Water for warning about sewage released

into the city's rivers during

that freak rain storm earlier

this month. The downpour

overloaded the system, forcing

the water the water authority to open

emergency outlets. But as Danny

Morgan reports resident s in

affected areas new little about it. Melbourne's beaches have

never been famous for their

water quality. It is not a good

feeling if you know it's birth

oi dit you. But after a storm it seems it's worse than normal. Some itchiness and can feel like your skin become

a bit red. I don't know what it was but I felt uncomfortable being there. When Melbourne copped a massive downpour earlier this month, the city's

sewerage system didn't cope. Melbourne Water said it had no

choice but to releet sewage

into out into the rivers and

drains and into the Bay bay: If

you get sewage backing up into

people's properties it's better to spill that into the environment in a controlled way. Environment - vrlists way. Environment - vrlists say sewage must be released in times times of exceptional rain frl

but they're angry the move was

buried in a press release. I shouldn't have to trawl through press release on the Melbourne

Water website to find out what

is going on. Melbourne Water

says by the time the sewage

reaches rivers like the

Maribyrnong and the Yarra it

would have been heavily would have been heavily diluted

but the the Government says

people should still be warned: The water authority

admits its communication needs

work: We weren't say ing perhaps which watersways that

was going into, what local areas

areas were being affected.

There is no There is no doubt we can

improve that. The State

Government says Melbourne Water

failed to adequate ly inform

the community and needs to

improve its communication procedures. To the markets

now and US stocks have stumbled

overnight as investors took in weak retail sales figure force January. January. The Dow is trading down.

And some great new force

Alberto Contador? It is quite

surprising. This is not what

cycling fans would have

expected. What has happened is the Spanish cycling Federation

has cleared the reigning Tour

de France champion, Alberto

Contador, of knowingly using

performance enhancing drugs.

The Federation has reverse ed Contador's one-year ban. It

mean hes can compete again

immediately and he is expected

to ride in a tour this week in Portugal.

small amount of Clenbuterol

during last year's tftd. He

insisted the positive test was caused by eating contaminated

meat. The case now moves back into the hands of the UCI

cycling's worlds governing

body. Back home and it's

women's basketball now and

Townsville has had an emphatic 91-64 win over Sydney

University in their match last night. Rachael Flanagan top

scored share 21 points. A quick

win its finals match this

Saturday again the Capital s to make the play-offs. Brisbane

Roar hasn't given up hope of

forward Mitch Nichols of playing in the semifinal against the Central Coast. The

Roar has lost once in 27 games

and has been unbeaten in 25.

Mitch Nichols injured his ankle

last weekend. Coach the coach says it will be a close call. A

lot better than what we thought. He had a scan and the

scan was clear, which is good

news. Now we have to wait for the injury to settle down. a fairly hefty tackle. So

probably 50/50 which is better than what I thought post than what I thought post game.

I thought he would definite ly

miss one, so we're giving him

every chance to be right. The scan is

scan is clear so it's a matter

of hopefully it settling down. Melbourne's sports

landscape will become crowd on

Friday night when the rebels

Rugby Union team plays its

first match. The club hopes its inaugural Super inaugural Super 15 fixture

against Waratah s will be a sell-out. Some would say it's long overdue, many wouldn't

even be awairt's arrived but

elet level Rugby Union has

finally come to Melbourne. And

while the Rebels might be new,

they're far from inirns depoo

experience wtds the side under

guidance of coach Rod MacQueen,

who masterminded Australia's victory in the 1999 rugby World Cup and captained by 74-test veteran Stirling Mortlock. We

have a lot of experience h the side so the side so the younger players are

being mentored very well by the older players share the

experience we have in there.

Generally it's pretty good. You

can't tell them not to be

excited because it is a great

occasion. We are are really looking fooshd to it. The

Rebels are hoping to draw on

Melbourne's healthy sporting

appetite and a relatively new Melbourne Stadium to build their fan itself is probably one of the best grounds I've been involved

in in rugby around the world.

Melbourne can be very proud of

it and from our perspective

it's great to have that as home ground. So far the Rebel s have

been making all the right moves

off the field share canny recruiting and clever

marketing. They know once the

official fan fare dies down

it's only strong on-field

results that will keep to attracting the crowds. We want

to put on a good show that is

competitive and hopefully wins

games as well. The

Super 15 Corptician will

conclude in a six-team final series in July. And to AFL news, Adam Goodes McVeigh have been announced as

the joint captain of the Sydney

Swans. Goodes has been co

captain since 2009. The

positions were announced after

the retirement of Brett Kirk and a long-term injury to Craig

Bolton. Goodes will be the target of high profile Gold

Coast recruit car Michael Coast recruit car Michael Hunt

this weekend. He is likely to play

that is or at centre halfback

being given the assignment to match up on Adam Goodes. Briefly, Australia Briefly, Australia has lost a

warm-up match against South Africa at the World Cup. So

that is two losses in a row.

Not great. But at least we had

a successful summer here. We

might be taking time to

acompetent da dapt to the

pitches and spin over there. We

know South Africa is going in very confident. They're only warm-ups. We will talk later schedule that was released

yesterday afternoon. We will

chat more about that throughout

the morning. Just briefly the

Alberto Contador situation now

is that the world cycling has a month to respond to the

Spanish Federation's

Spanish Federation's decision,

so it's a little bit confusing

but it looks as though the

Spanish Federation have made this

this decision after receiving

what they say was direct

evidence from Contador himself

saying this is what happened,

this is how it got into my bloodstream, substance Clem beautral. -

Clenbuterol. Now it will be up

to the UCI to see if they want

to appeal this. So to appeal this. So they've

taken his word for it? It looks

like that. The situation now is

that the world cycling

authority can then look at how

the matter was investigate and

them deem whether it's happy

share that and can appeal the

decision if it chooses to. Nltd & And then it 's 2015. By

which time he's won a few more

tours. The swimmers will be

happy share the time table for

the Olympics because it puts

the all-important times into a

time of the day they're very

happy with it. It was a big

deal in Beijing. They put the

swimming finals in the morning.

It was quite odd. That was to

shoot the - suit the TV

scheduling and particularly the

huge US audiences. I guess the

time difference this time difference this time works

in the favour and looks as

though the final s will be in

that swimmers train and compete

in other competitions. So that

is interesting. Another man who

is very happy is Steve

our pole vaulter, who says this

time between qualifying and the

final he has 10 hours rest

which equate s to an extra day

of rest where you can take in nutrition, get rest and be

worked on by the physios an he

expecting the result s to be

much better as a ABC News Breakfast can be watched live on the web from anywhere. Just visit the main

ABC News website, there's a link there to News 24. Pall

Higgins joins us now for a look

at the weather. I will do that

in just a moment. We have such

a great website! If I can click

my fingers I can make myself go

on and off. Thank you and good morning of tropical low, one over the

Top End and another off the

north-west. They could reach

cyclone status today. We will

look at those later on. There we

we go. There's the Top End one and the one off the north-west. In Queensland scatders showers

and thunderstorms over the

tropic, Wide Bay Burnett and

sunshine coast, a shower or two

in the rest of the south-east,

including Brisbane. Showers in

most of NSW, less treent about

the northern slopes an Plains and also in the far south-west.

Thunderstorms inland as well,

cloudy in Sydney and Canberra share a share a few showers for each

city. Humid in Victoria, a

shower or two thunderstorms

over eastern parts this afternoon. Tasmania will be

under cloud as well. Possible

thundery showers in north and the north-east and south-west

mostly this afternoon but a dry

day in Hobart. Showers and

storms across SA, most likely, though, in the far north-east

corner. Fine in Adelaide. In

the west, drizzle along the

south-east coast otherwise in the west corner. Showers and

thunderstorms north of a line

from Perth to Esperance, sunny

in Perth itself. Thunderstorms

in the north especially over

the northern and western Kimberley Kimberley and the Pilbara, a

few showers and storms south of

the Top End. But across the

north heavy showers an storms.

Squally and heavy downpours in

Darwin. Tomorrow:

Still to come on the

program - we will speak to Wal

Wal Wal - James Walston from

the American University of roam

for reaction to the Italian Prime Minister Prime Minister being ordered to

stand trial on under-age

prostitution charges. Also

ahead we will have a review sof some

some of the newspapers today.

This morning we're joined by John Faine - Jon Faine Silvio

Berlusconi will have to stand

trial on charges of paying is

sex for an under-age Prostual. Under Italian law, sex workers

must be aged 18. The Prime Minister is also accused of

abusing the power of his office

by ver veening when he was alest - she was

theft charge. Mr Berlusconi is

denying the charges. The Northern Territory's on cyclone watch share wild weather

already lashing the Top End. Authorities are monitoring a tropical low that is sitting

around 50km south-west of

Darwin. The system's tipped to

turn into a cyclone this

afternoon. Schools from Darwin

to the Tiwi island s will be closed today. In NSW, a new poll shows the Keneally

Government is heading for an

historic defeat at next month's

elections. The Neilson poll

shows Labor could hold as

as 13 seats in the new

Parliament. The Coalition has

66% of the 2-party preferred vote. The Federal Government's

flood levy will come under the

micro scope at a public hearing

in Canberra today. The House Economics Committee will

examine legislation set to

raise $1.8 billion through that Prime Minister, Julia Gillard,

will make history today as the

first foreign politician to address New

address New Zealand's Parliament. And Egypt's ruling

military council

country's constitutions will be

reformed within 10 days. The current constitution has been

suspended because of changes

made by the ousted President

Hosni Mubarak's regime. Mr

Mubarak stepped down last week

after more than two weeks of anti-government demonstrations. Member of the Iranian Parliament

protesters an called for the death of two death of two Opposition

leaders, as Tehran prepare

force a second day of demonstrations. Security force

have fired tear gas to break up those protests and two people

are reported to have been

killed. Spurred on by what

they've seen in Egypt,

thousands of anti-government

protesters in Iran took to the streets. They're chanting,

'Mubarak, Ben 'Mubarak, Ben ally now it's

your turn said said,' The first

names of the sprm leader Ayatollah Khamenei. This is a

share show of the country's entrenched the country's entrenched ruler.

It's been met share a firm hand

by the security forces who responded

responded share tear gas and paint ball pullets - pellet

es. The difference between Iran

and Egypt is the Iranian forces

have been told to crack down

very hard on the opposition. I

am sure they will do that. Hundred of people have been arrest and at least one person has person has been killed. Iran's two main Opposition Leaders - Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi - are reportedly under

house arrest and access to many Internet Internet site first ran has

been blocked. The protesters

were condemned in the Iranian Parliament on Tuesday morning. MPs

MPs chanted, 'Death to Mousavi,

death to Karroubi.' These

protests are the first major

show of public dissent in Iran

since 2009, when hundreds of

thousands of people

demonstrated in the wake of country's disputed presidential

election. Those protests were crushed mercilessly. The

demonstrators have vowed to

return to the streets return to the streets again today. The US Secretary of

State, Hillary Clinton, has criticised the Iranian

Government's response, accusing

it of double standards. What we

see happening in Iran today is

a test toment the courage of the Iranian people and an

indictment of the hypocrisy of

the Iranian regime - a regime

which over the last three weeks has

on in Egypt and now, when given

the opportunity to afford their

people the same rights as they

called for on behalf Egyptian people, once again ill

strait their true nature. Mass

protest s are expected today in

Bahrain where police clashed

with demonstrators yesterday.

Security forces fired tear gas and rubber bullets on thousands

of people calling for political

reform. Two people have been

killed, and at least 25 were treated for injuries. And in Cairo, which has provided the

inspiration for the protests, a the mood for change continues

as well, despite the ede par tur of

Hosni Mubarak. Thousands of public servants, police and

bank workers took advantage of

the lifting of the State of emergency. And staged emergency. And staged new demonstrations demanding better

pay and conditions. The initial

target of their anger might

have left the country, but

after decades of his

dictatorship, it's going to

all of Egypt's problems: Now

the Brisbane City Council will

delay or scrap sunce hundreds of millions of dollars worth of millions of dollars worth of project to fund project to fund the city's recovery project, including 19 road upgrades. Natural disaster funding from the funding from the state and

Federal Government also soften the

the blow but the mayor doesn't

know when the money will rive.

Campbell Newman says he Campbell Newman says he is delivering the Budget cuts with

a heavy heart. This really is ripping the ripping the gutsd out of our program to take Brisbane

forward. But right now the

priority is to put Brisbane back together. Last month's floods smashed CityCat

terminal, wrecked roads and washed

washed infrastructure out to

sea. The overall damage bill is

$40 million, but that has been

- $440 million but that's been

reduce ed to $365 billion by

shelving the reconstruction of

river walk. We will focus on

the high priority issues that need to be dealt share suburbs. Council will delay projects rather than reach into

rate pairs poectds with a flood

levy or rate hikes These levy or rate hikes These are tough economic times. People

are doing everything they can to save money. More than $380

million will be redirected over

three years. The road rode and

transport Budget will be

slashed share 19 projects,

including the Kingsfordsmith

drive upgrade Adelaide. Park upgrades will be postponed and grants from the lord be cancelled. It's unclear how

much natural disaster fund willing come from the State and

Federal Governments. The moment money starts to money starts to come back we

then bring projects back into

the Budget. Reducing traffic congestion has been one of the

lord mayor's main prioritiness since he was elected seven

years ago. He says delaying

major road upgrades and other

projects could put Brisbane

back by two to three years. The

council Opposition says there is an

northern link tunnel, take the

$470 million, pay off the

reduction of Brisbane. The

contract had gone unconditional

by the time of the flood. It's

commeer the economic pain of

flood will be felt for years to

come. They say never work share animals or children. But

Sydney's Belvoir street theatre

believes it's a risk well worth

taking as it launches into a

new era under new leadership. Belvoir Theatre has been transformed

into a giant glass zoo cage of

sort, compete share an -

complete share a duck, Bob, for

this re working of the classic

Henry Gibson play, the Wild

Duck. He has been really

wonderful and very well behave

and quietly stealing the show

when we're not looking. While

the glass keeps Bob from

waddling away, it has a more important function, helping important function, helping to

create the fourth wall and a

sense of voyeurism. Gives the audience a to watch moments through essentially they're not

supposed to be watching. I

reminds the audience the drama

is a viewing of moments we would never share share

of ours even or our

relatives. The glass also

thousand up reflections of the

performers, adding a sense of

surrealism. You can see your

own reflection at certain

points which you must

love. That is interesting

whether to engage share that or

to go through that. The characters, this new version

has been crunched down to six,

exploring what happens to a

family when skeletons in the

closet are finally revealed.

This is the first production

for Belvoir under the new

leadership of Ralph Myers. He

will be hoping that this

radical re work re working of

Wild Duck will help to put his

stamp on a company. You would

go and see something like that. Poor whether the RSPCA is in the

front row. The poor duck in a plastic container. Voi urism: I

don't approve. For years the 'Northern Territory News' dominated Darwin's newspaper

market, despite all the nasty

things Virginia has had to say

about it. Not a one. The paper

has become famous well beyond

the Territory's border

relevance foits larger than

life front pages It is one of

the great Joyce of presenting

News Breakfast because every

morning we get to see the

colourful headlines and the front pages that

suggest the paper is not as

serious as it should be for the

Territory. It's bizarre and offbeat and a little bit wild

and I think that's great. Our

job is definitely to present

the news but there's - I don't think it's written anywhere

that we have to be boring when

we do it. It's

newspaper is the subject of an

art exhibition. But tonight the

NT News is being celebrated as

a Northern Territory cultural icon. It's a deliberately

entertaining kind of newspaper,

especially the front page.

From pages - our front From pages - our front pages

are classic s that go around

the world because they are

presented in not just way but an artistic way. The

twilight zone zone, UFOs, space craft. craft. Space rockets. Seven

UFOs invaded. For years Darwin

resident Tony Rutter has been

collecting front page posters

as souvenirs of life in the

toppend. The NT News hones in

on a number of aspects of the Territory of Darwin and End in particular that you don't find so much elsewhere.

The NT News first went

print in 1952, at the height of

the Cold War when Darwin's only newspaper was the union-run Northern Standard. The

Commonwealth was concerned at

the time about the very strong

pro Communist line which the Northern Standard was taking. But within

going to print, the Standard

folded and for decades the Northern Territory News has

been the sole daily paper in Darwin. It Darwin. It start out as small-time paper but was soon

snapped up by an up and coming media priertdor called Rupert Murdoch, who has retained

control ever since. In the

early year, the 'Northern Territory News' was synonymous

share the activist editor Jim

Boyd yich, who seems toed to make headline as

wrote the.s He was a great

crusade ing editor. He took up

particular causes. He was very

interested in pushing for Northern Territory to Northern Territory to have greater powers greater powers of self-Government. Jim Boyd

yich took off causes both on

and off the page. When three

Malay pearl divers faced deportation Malay pearl divers faced deportatio he helped hide the men from he helped hide the men fromorities: authorities: Darwin was in the

hands of the unions. And I

think it reflected think it reflected that. The

unions were very much left leaning, leaning, he reflected that as

well. On the whole he was reflection of the Northern

Territory at the time. But

after Darwin was struck by

Cyclone Tracy, one of Australia's worst natural

disasters, a new era at the

paper began. The paper took as

one of its cause causes to involved in the re building of Darwin. And in the re building

of a new society as we saw it.

Today, the front page is more

likely to feature crocodiles

than politics. 20 or 25 years

ago, the newspaper took itself

more seriously. We still take

ourselves serious ly to a

certain extent many of the so-called heavy

stories. They're just not on the front page. The long-time 'Northern Territory News'

newspaper is now more in touch

with its reader than ever. If

you just give us some ree detail. But some argue the newspaper

newspaper is clinging to an

outdated image of Darwin. As a

sophicated city, it's still raw

in many ways but a sophicated city share a population who like to do some serious reading. It's lifted

its game what swhau somewhat but there's a bit to go. I

wouldn't be so pompous and

pretentious to say the Northern Territory News is a newspaper

of record. I doesn't try to be.

But it's still a very Northern

Territory product and we are

quite proud of that. Like it or not, the 'Northern Territory News' is now part of News' is now part of the cultural fabric of the Northern Territory. I hope the newspaper itself continues to provide that kind of local

thought, local theme for some

time. It's great, isn't it? I

want to win my own croc! I want

to go on a UFO for an aerial

view of Darwin. I have loftier aspirations than

aspirations than you do. These

our top story - the

controversial private life of it Talan Prime Minister Silvio

Berlusconi will play out in the

courtroom next month. He is to

stand trial on charms of paying

for sex share an prostitute: Flurs Mr Berlusconi

say the allegations are just a political stunts. The Northern

Territory is Battening down

share a cyclone share a cyclone warning issued

to tr Top End. While weather is

already lashing the area as already lashing the area as a

tropical low hovers wet wst of

Darwin. The system is tip

tipped to turn into a cyclone

this afternoon. The NSW Labor

Government is facing a

political wipeout share a new poll shows the worst pre-election results for a

government. The Keneally Government has, according Government has, according to

the new poll, just 34% of the

2-party preferred vote. And

might win as few as 13 seats

the next election.

We will look at today's

papers and we Ian joined by Jon

Faine from 774 ABC

Melbourne. What is top of your

list? I thought the political

kerfuffle that followed the human catastrophe of Christmas

yesterday in Sydney was of of some great note and the

newspapers are picking up - not

all of them and not uniformally, and I thought we could start share the

'Australian' who have an

interesting coverage of it, not

just the pictorial which the

tabloids do as well. They dig

deeper into the Liberal Party

tension over the issue. A lot

of senior Liberals are say of senior Liberals are say ing - the 'Australian's say this is

a response to a campaign of

emails and letters from One

Nation which has put some heat into the Liberal into the Liberal Party debate,

and those on the conservative

side of the Liberal Party are

feeling some support from feeling some support from the

One Nation constituents on that hardline. Equally we have the

likes of Joe Hockey coming out

and essentially slapping down what Scott Morrison and co said

yesterday. That is the rift,

Liberal Party and they represent

represent Scott Morrison and Joe Hockey in very different

aspects of Liberal politics. It

was curious I thought by his own words lock Hockey called

out exactly what Scott Morrison

was essentially saying and the rest of the party could be saying too. Scott Morrison had

made that reference to religion

or race but Joe Hockey said no

matter the colour of your skin

you're entitle ed to some

Rudd said yesterday. But it's curious they actually went

there. That wasn't the point

that Scott Morrison was supposedly making. This gets

us to the issue of dog

whistling. Scott Morrison was saying something else - is it

really fair, is that where

where taxpayers' money should go. I thought it go. I thought it was

interesting that Joe Hockey called it for what it is it

that has a long way to go

within Liberal ranches. It is probably just probably just throw a representation of other issues

that are also public - Lets move

move to the tairj. The 'Age' graphically show the same issue

and are prepared to deal share

the same political fallout, the

same arguments but they miss the One Nation angle which the 'Australian' had to theptions.

And which comes I suppose it's

just from deep intelligence

contacts are in Canberra that you get the One Nation campaign

to Liberals that grove drove the 'Australian's coverage of it. The 'Age', like many other

papers has some halfoing

pictures from funerals. You

will see photographs - they are

call coffins but these white

boxes are just too tiny to be called coffins and they're

containing bodsies of tiny containing bodsies of tiny infants an children. And the

grief on the front page of the around the country, most of the

papers have picked up on the

same photo and as you go to Adelaide, and as you go across - 'The Daily - 'The Daily Telegraph'. To 'The Daily Telegraph', you see

there's this really I think very colourful photo. It tells

the whole of the story. That

same photo is used in Adelaide as well. But curiously, once

you get past there, some of the

other papers - Brisbane and

Melbourne have both got local

stories. But then you get to Perth and

'The Mercury'. Hobart has got a waterfront development story on

the front page, and so does

Perth when you go over to the west there's

development story, not quite

sure what is going on

here. They're just local

papers. Waterfront development,

waterfront development. Is

there some sort of a theme

emerging here? As you go to

Darwin, there's more water on the front page in Darwin but

for a very different reason as

you were explaining in the news. Which threatens sadly to be one of the big stories of

the day, the potential cyclone

bearing down on Darwin. I must

say share Perth and Hobart I

don't understand when you have this

this - You questioning their

judgment not to put asylum

seeker funeral stories on the front page. Stories of

international or nation

significance not making the

front page, instead of front page, instead of a real

estate development. I don't get

it. The local papers always

look after their local markets.

A story like that is not always

going to get attention over the West. Although I reckon fit

Scott Morrison had suggested

the bodies were flown back to

Christmas Island to be buried

there, maybe it would be on the

front page of the WA. How many

paper Dos they sell in

Christmas Island? It's not about Christmas Island, that's

the point. It's about their

local market. It's a curious

time for both sides of major parts of politics at the moment

because they both have their

fractures. And neither the nor Shadow Cabinet seems tock functioning as well as they could right now. The could right now. The I think it's fascinate ing how a particular issue and something

that in the normal course of events would be insignificant which

which is some people which is some people burying

their loved ones suddenly

flares up into national

political debate. Wherever the

leaders are going whether it's Kevin Rudd or Tony Abbott doing their round their round of interviews

they're being asked to pass judgment on something like that. Good to see that. Good to see you: Thank you. Now Amy Bainbridge is back

share the sport headlines. Some

big news in the world of psych

llg thrning. We are talk about Alberto Contador,

three-time Tour de France win -

winner. The Spanish cycling

Federation has cleared the

reigning French Tour de France

champion Contador of knowingly using performance enhancing

drugs. The federation has

reversed Contador's one-year

ban, meaning he is compete

again immediately. He is

expected to ride in Olga vai in Portugal this week.

He tested positive for a small

amount of the steroids

Clenbuterol during last year's

Tour de France. He insist s it

was cause by eating

contaminated meat. The case now

moves back into the hands of

the UCI and the World

Anti-Doping Agency. Spanish

news reports say the Federation

decided toe clear him based on arguments put forward by

Contador himself. The Brisbane Roar Roar is preparing for

Saturday's A-League semifinal

against the central coast and

the team hasn't given up hope

of in order Mitch. The roar

Roar has been unbeaten in their

last 25 years. Nichols injured

his ankle against the Gold

Coast last weekend. The coach

says it will be a close call. To women's basketball

and Townsville had an emphatic 91-64 win 91-64 win over Sydney ITV in match last night. Rachael

Flanagan top scored share 21


We are getting to the

business end of the season for

the WNBL and big matches this

weekend. I did briefly mention

earlier that it hasn't been a great warm-up

great warm-up for Australia on

the sub continent. They just

lost their second match this time against South Africa in

preparation. The World Cup just

days away now and they will

probably have to make a few

changes to their squad and just

see what they're going to do it. Do you know how much Ricky

Ponting got? I don't know how

much he got. I have it right

here in front of me. A 5 5. That is two half centuries

in a row. Certainly finding

some fom form. They lost by 34

runs. The A win by seven wickets. Just

preparing for the main game,

safe their energy. We do know that Ricky

that Ricky Ponting likes lay

Playing in the region. Perhaps

it's what he needed to perform

over there and lead ing the

team there. He might be playing

through a fair bit of pain. We

know it still wasn't right

heading into the warm-up

matches. He is tough. He has to

be. Paul hiins is back share a look at the weather. And good morning once again. A couple of

tropical lows one over the Top

End and another one over here

off the north-west coast kaub named cyclones today. Elsewhere around Queensland, scatters

showers and thunderstorms in the tropic, the south-west,

Wide Bay and Burnett and South

Coast and Brisbane. Showers for

most of NSW, less frequent

about the northern sloepts an

plains a tnds far south-west.

Thunderstorms inlead. Cloudy in

Sydney and Canberra: A humid

day for Victoria share a shower

will start to ramp up this afternoon. Thunderstorms over

central and western parts. In

Melbourne cloudy share a shower or two share possible afternoon

thunder. Tasmania will thunder. Tasmania will be under

a cloud today, this afternoon

about the south-west a dry day

for Hobart. Final in Adelaide, the apart from afternoon showers about the hills. In the

west we have drizzle along the south-east coast otherwise a

fine day. In the south-west but showers and of a line from Perth to Esperance. Sunny in

Perth. Thunderstorms in the

north especially over the

northern and western kbll combl and

and the Pilbara. A few showers

and storms across the Top End.

Heavy showers an storms and

squally heavy downpours in

Darwin. Tomorrow:

Emails are starting to fly in this morning responding Paul Howse from the Australian

workers Union, he's letting fly

at Rio Tinto and saying, guys,

we have you in our sights. You

can't behave as if you're above the the law and you can't treat

your work force as badly as you

do. He's really declared an old

style of class war er war

fare On what he describe as the

shiny arses of the director s

sitting in the board rooms. We

have had a healthy scoop of

response from you on email this morning. None of Rio Tinto, so remember you can always provide the other

point of view if you email us

at Breakfast. But this, though,

I've worked in I've worked in the mining

industry for 40 years and I've

yet to hear a decent yet to hear a decent word used to describe Roy Rio. And Paul

Howse rails against Rio has

being an industrial thug. I

have experienced first hand

their tactics. The Coalition is

too gutless to reveal their

real policy because it might

mirror that of what he

described as their shiny arse brethren. Lots more ahead on

ABC News Breakfast. More on the

controversial trial of Italian

Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. Stay with us.

The party is over - Italy's Prime Minister to face charges

of paying for an under-age

prostitute. It implies that the reason over - overwhelming evidence but not

necessarily that he is guilty. This Program is Captioned

Live. Flights cancel and record rain in Darwin as the

Top End prepares for a cyclone. A new poll shows the

NSW government could win just 13 seats at the coming

election. And the Spanish

Federation clears cyclist

Alberto Contador of a doping


Good morning, it's 16 February, I'm Michael Rowland And I'm Virginia

Trioli. The top story - it 25ian Prime Minister Silvio

Berlusconi will stand trial. He

is on charges of paying for sex

share an under-age prostitute.

Under Italian law, sex workers

must be 18. Mr Berlusconi is

accused of abusing the power of

his office by intervening when

the woman was arrested on a

theft charge. Mr Berlusconi is

denying the charge s. He will face court on April 6 female judges will they're priel.

TRANSLATION: I think that Berlusconi's legal

responsibilities are without substance. Be it abuse or power or other charges it's media

show. Jew dish ly I think it is

no problem. If there had been

less media attention, which

certainly there should have been, this case would have been

quickly ar chiefd. For more on

the trial, James Walston is a profession of international

relations at the American

University of Rome and he joins

nous u from the Italian

capital. Thank you for your time. Good morning to you and

thank you. How serious do you

see these charges against Mr Berlusconi? The evidence has been put forward which we

all know about now seems - it's

's certainly been enough to

convince an ves ing mct that

there are grounds to fast track it into a trial without going

through very lengthy investigations. There is

evidence that he never denied

meeting and be