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Tonight - another attack -

Glasgow Airport the latest

terror ah get. He was

shouting, "Allah! Al la!"

Fears of more to come. Britain

now on critical alert. It's

linked to the events in London

yesterday. An oil spill scare

ahead of tonight's salvage

attempt. And a Stirling effort

- the Wallabies jump the All

Blacks. Here it is, a

beautiful try to Australia!

Good evening. Felicity Davey

with ABC News. Britain is on

the highest level of security

alert after another terrorist

attack, this time in Scotland.

Using their car as a firebomb,

two men rammed the doors of the

main terminal at Glasgow

Airport. Both were captured

alive. One was suffering

serious burns. Two other men

were arrested later. Police

have linked the attack to yesterday's thwarted bomb plot

in London and have lifted their

terror warning to critical, the

code for another imminent

attack. Here is the ABC's

Stephanie Kennedy. A burning

four-wheel drive rammed into

the front entrance of the

terminal at Scotland's largest

airport. It exploded and was

engulfed in flames. Got a

5-litre drum, white container,

obviously petrol, poured over

himself and then the car went

up in flames. The explosion

sparked panic inside the

building. Running away from

the car up towards the side of

the airport. Two men fled the

car. One was tackled to the

ground by an airport worker and

a police officer. There was a

guy standing, - sorry, lying on

the ground, covered from head

to toe in flame and people try

to go up and assess him and he

has tried to attack the

policeman. Unbelievable thing.

REPORTER: Was he say ing

anything? He was shouting

Allah! Throwing punches "Allah,

Allah!" Police say there is a

connection between the Glasgow

attack and the two unexploded

car bombs packed with petrol,

gas and nails in London the day

before. I can confirm that we

believe the incident at Glasgow

Airport is linked to the events

in London yesterday. There

are clearly similarity s and we

can confirm that this is being

treated as a terrorist

incident. The terrorist

threat levels that now been

raised to critical, the highest

level, warning that possible terrorist attacks are imminent.

The first duty of a

government is the security and

safety of all the British

people, so it is right to raise

the levels of security at

airports and in crowded places,

in the light of the heightened

threat. And he urged the

public to remain vigilant.

Australians are also being

urged to stay alert, though the

security level here remains

unchanged. The Department of

Foreign Affairs though has

upgraded its travel warning to

Kingdom. Australians heading people heading to the United

to the UK are now being advised

to exercise a high degree of

caution because of the risk of

ir a terrorist attack. A

littleer in vus, but you can't

not go I think we would be

safer now than travelling at

another time. Despite the

increased level of threat in

the UK, the Prime Minister says

there is no need for a higher

alert here. But he has urged

Australians to remain vigilant.

We have to be continuously

aware that there are people who

seek to bring about death and

destruction for no good

purpose. Authorities say at

this stage there is no need to increase security at Australia's airports, but it is

a different story in the UK and

the US where checkpoints have

been set up and cars are being

inspected. They stopped me

and pulled me over and asked me

where I was going and what

airline. Though the terrorism

threat level in the US is

unchanged, big changes are

expected for the 4th July

holiday. There are reports

authorities knew two weeks ago

there could be an attack at

Glasgow Airport. The same

reports also name Prague as a

target. It's the first and

biggest test for the new

British Prime Minister Gordon

Brown, in office for just four

days, and a baptism of fire for

the new Home Secretary, Jacqui

Smith, Britain's top security

committee has now met three

times in just two days. I'm

satisfied that across

government and with the police and agencies we are doing all

we can to protect the public.

I know that the British people

will stand together, united,

resolute and strong. 48 hours

after the London car bomb plot

was foiled, police are on an

emergency footing with hundreds

of extra officers on patrol.

It has put us off. We were in

Edinburgh and we were worried

about whether we should come

down or not, but we've got no

choice because we're leaving

from London. Police are now

trawling through hundreds of

hours of security tapes as the

hunt continues for the would-be

bombers. Despite an oil spill

scare, salvagers are pressing

ahead with tonight's second

attempt to refloat the stranded

carrier 'Pasha Bulker'. Roger

Rasheed is at Newcastle's

Nobby's Beach. Any last-minute

surprises so far tonight?

Well, Felicity, I can tell you

the 'Pasha Bulker' is on the

move as we speak - very slowly.

It has been pulled away a few

extra degrees from Nobby's

Beach tonight as the second

attempt to refloat that ship

earlier today. They triple

checked the lines today.

They've been deballasting the

ship and pump ing air into the

fuel tanks to make it lighter

as we head towards high tide

tonight of about 1.9m at 9

o'clock. Earlier today, there

was some worry ri news. Oil

was spotted coming from the

stern of the ship. They

believed it was diesel fuel

leaking from the back. That

triggered the response team

into action, heading out to

monitor the situation. The

leak spread about 75m or so in

a north-easterly direction

before it stopped. The Ports

Minister Joe Tripodi said it

measured about a micron in

thickness. That's 0.0 # 0 01mm

in thickness and it had started

to dissipate this afternoon.

Here is more of what Joe

Tripodi had to say today.

Calculations by the incident

controller would say that it

almost has no weight. It's it

sits on the surface. As I

said, it's 0.0001 millm thick.

It's probably diesel, and even

though it has been described in

the way it has, we've taken it

very seriously. We had always

said that oil, and the risk of

oil leaking is real. So,

Adrian, fingers crossed that the 'Pasha Bulker' is on the move tonight. But I understand

that in the meantime, the ship

has become a tourist attraction

and some people are coming in.

The Nobby's surf club has

become quite entrepreneur ial.

They have rushed into

production these 'Pasha Bulker'

souvenir bottle holders. They

have been selling them to the

tourists who have come to look

at the ship. They're trying to

replace money to replace their

surfboat that got Des stroid in

operations around Newcastle.

And they have been selling like

hot cakes. We've been

selling them rapidly, going out

very quickly. We've sold

probably 500 in the last three

days, yes. So people want a

little souvenir? Yes, I think

that's what it is, yes, an the

fact that it's not too

expensive is a good bonus for

them. A real bonus. $10 for

one of these. Cheap at twice

the price, but tonight the ship

is on the move, very slowly.

I'm told that it has moved a

few degrees and continues to

move very slowly out towards

sea. We will be keeping an eye

on it for you tonight and

reporting any developments.

The weather, while it is cold,

they say extremely favourable

conditions for this exercise

tonight. For now, it's back to

you in a warm studio Felicity.

Thank you. Peter Beattie has

stunned Labor Party colleagues

by announcing that he is

pondering retirement. Mr

Beattie has presided over

Queensland for nine years, but

says his wife's retirement has

led him to reconsider his own

future. Some time in the next

year, before we meet again as a

conference, I will have to make

a decision as to whether I lead

this party into the next

election. Mr Beattie has

endorsed the Deputy Premier

Anna Bligh as his successor in

Queensland. The plans are in place now the Federal

Government has to find the

people to carry through its

intervention in the Northern

Territory's Indigenous

communities. Senior ministers

have admitted more health

workers and police may be

needed. Kevin Rudd says a Labor government would provide

funding for an extra 200

teachers. Teams of police

and health workers will begin

their mission in some of the

most disadvantaged communities

this week. The Government is

not underestimating the job

ahead. There is no point

whatsoever in being undermanned

in these taskings. The

minister is already hinting the

47 police officers, commited

from the AFP and interstate,

might not be enough. Well, we

may have to get additional

police from somewhere. And

despite 200 medical professionals volunteering

their services, there is

concern about the future. We

do need more doctors and nurses

to go to these places for the

long term. The Government wants all 22,000 Indigenous

children in the Territory to

undergo health checks, but the

minister is reluctant to say

whether they will be

compulsory. Well, I'm hoping

that no level of come pudges

will be necessary because I

think that the well-meaning

parents of the Territory will

be happy to see their kids

tested. Labor says the

position must be made clear.

I think our medical

practitioners need absolute

legal certainty as to what

what's to be expected of them.

Kevin Rudd is also

challenging the Government to

back the tough new school a

tend dance rules with funding.

2,000 Aboriginal children,

according o our dat at that

time, are not even enrolled at

all. The Federal Government

already provides this money to

the Territory. While

Indigenous issues continues to

dominate federal politics,

attention shifted briefly to

Iraq and reportings of a secret

government plan to start

withdrawing troops early next

year. John Howard says it's

absurd. The plan is so

secret, I don't know anything

about it. But Labor says on

Iraq, the Government can't be

trusted. Voting has barely

begun in Papua New Guinea, but

already the national election

appears headed for the courts.

It appears efforts to stamp out

vote-rigging have gone too far

and thousands of legitimate

electors have been left off the

electoral rolls. ABC

correspondent Steve Marshall

has been monitoring events

around the polling stations

from the Southern Islands and

reports from Mendi. For some,

it was the most important piece

of paper they had handled in a

long time, but these were the

lucky ones. Many eligible

voters did not even get near

the ballot box. Their names

have vanished from the new

common roll. My wife's name

is not on, my brother is not

on, my name is not on. The

2002 electoral roll had more

names than PNG's population,

leading to allegations of

vote-rigging. 18 months ago,

the Electoral Commission

decided to rid the common roll

of ghost names and create a new

list. Nearly 1.5 million names

have been slashed from the old

roll. However, there is

concern the Electoral

Commission has gone too far. I

met several people today who

turned up to vote, only to find

their names were not on the

list. Even this policeman

could not cast his vote in his

own village . We travelled to

a dozen polling stations across

the Southern Highlands and

found the same complaint. One

village claimed 1500 people

were left off the roll.

Another village has virtually

been wiped off the map, down

from 760 names to zero. We

only frustrated and we cannot

do anything. But the

candidates can do something.

The plan would be to take it to the Court of Disputed Returns.

There was plenty of security

on hand to ensure anger was

kept in check. More than 2,000

police have been sent to the

Highlands with some clear

instructions on how to deal

with the public. The

Electoral Commission stands by

the new roll. But with another

nine days of voting left, PNG's

2007 elections have a long road

ahead. In just a few hours,ed

US President will sit down with

his Russian counterpart to took

up missile defence. The US

decision to base part of its

shield in Europe has incensed

Russia and triggered the most

sear vus spt in years between

the two countries. Emma

Griffiths reports. The plans

have ignited sparks not seen

between Russia and the United

States since the end of the

Cold War. Despite American

reassurances that its missile

shield is intended as

protection against Iran,

Russia's response has grown

increasingly hostile. It

doesn't want a show of Western

military might in eastern

Europe on its very doorstep.

We also can't say, "Dear Mr

Bush, we are planning to put

our missiles in dune ba in

three years," and that's it.

For now, Vladimir Putin has

threatened to aim his country's

warheads back towards Europe

and pull out of a key treaty,

governing the use of

conventional weapons. The

aggression has pushed relations

between the two countries to a

post-Cold War low. It's also

revealed a renewed confidence

from a resurgent Russia. Some

experts believe that for

Russia, this is less about

military threats and more about

political pride. It may no

longer be a super power, but

Vladimir Putin's hard line has

certainly boosted Russia's

standing as an international

force. He again wants to

speak as a representative of

great power, which has some

kind of military contradictions

with other world. Given that

ambition, Russia's strident

opposition to the missile

shield is un likely to fade.

It's 10 years ago today since

Hong Kong was handed back to

China and the island's

residents have marked the

anniversary with both

celebrations and protests.

Demonstrators say Beijing

hasn't honoured its promise to

deliver a one-person, one-vote

democracy by today's deadline.

But the Chinese President says

merely that, along with the

rest of China, Hong Kong has a

splendid future. 10 years

after Hong Kong returned to

China, many people say life in

the former British colony

hasn't changed that much.

TRANSLATION: Job opportunities

are better than before.

TRANSLATION: Now it's even

better whether economically or

other ways . The overall

situation is better. But

protesters called for the

government in Beijing to honour

its commitment to universal

sufficient faj by today's

suffer sufficient fraj.

Celebrate on the one hand.

Give us democracy as promised.

We are not asking for anything

new. We just want promises

kept. Official celebrations

started with the flags of Hong

Kong and China raised together.

Then Hong Kong's chief

executive Donald Sung was sworn

in for a new office.

President Hu Jintao declared

Hong Kong's future will be a

splendid one.

TRANSLATION: Hand in hand,

let's grasp the opportunities

and face the challenges, heart

to heart, working with vigour

for our prosperity. There is

widespread un happiness in Hong

Kong. The promised democratic

reforms have simply not

happened. There is also

widespread optimism today that

economically Hong Kong has a

very strong few fewer. As an

inter national centre, Hong

Kong has all the makings of

being the London or New York in

an Asian time zone. After a

decade under Chinese control,

this city has lost none of its

resilience. It's the

equivalent of the Olympic tore

purchase, a 4m-long cross

symbol liesing World Youth Day.

Political and Kath lick Church

leaders gathered for its

arrival in Australia today

ahead of a 12-month pilgrimage

around the country. More than

4,500 people are expected to

welcome it back to Sydney.

Making it the biggest gathering

of youth, the biggest religious

gathering and perhaps the

biggest gathering of people in

one place in our nation's

history. Organisers are still

trying to finalise the venue

for Pope Benedict's first visit

to Australia. You're watching

ABC News. A reminder of

tonight's top story: Four

people have been arrested after

a terror attack on Glasgow

Airport. Still to come - the

West Tigers break their losing

streak, and Viduka and cruel

fire for the Socceroos And

Kewell fire for the Socceroos.

The Wallabies have broken a

long losing streak against New

Zealand to breathe life into

their World Cup campaign. In

front-of-a crowd of 79,000 at

the MCG, the Australians came

from behind to score a more

rarl-boosting 20-15 victory.

This was a rare and special

moment for the Wallabies, celebrating their first win

over the All Blacks since 2004.

In a World Cup year, it is a

significant step forward for a

team that has been struggling

to find consistency. Good for

the game and great for the

confidence of the players.

There were signs of nerves at

the kick yofr.

COMMENTATOR:. And it took

only three minutes for the All

Blacks to capitalise. Did

they get it down? Captain

Stirling Mortlock kept the home

team in touch with his boot,

but the All Blacks looked

intent on stretching their

five-game winning streak over

the Wallabies.


Trailing by 9 points at the

break, there were early signs

of a second-half revival. The

Wallabies soon found more

cracks in the All Blacks'

defence. He did it . Adam

Ashley-Cooper! With the game

on the line, it was Mortlock

who provided the spark for the

Wallabies. His power and pace

decided the match. Here it

is! A beautiful try to ace and

it's Scott Staniforth! Yeah,

there was a great effort. A

fair time coming for us. We've

been close a number of years.

A Wallaby team, they never lie

down and they showed that

tonight and claim and played

their rugby in the second

half. The victory has kept the

Tri-Nations hopes alive and

gives the Wallabies the chance to win the Bledisloe Cup for

the first time since 2002.

The Tigers and Dragons have

posted upset wins in today's

NRL matches. Last night, the

Broncos climbed into the top 8

with a gutsy victory over the

Panthers. This afternoon, the

Tigers bounced back to form.

Anchored to the bottom of the

ladder after three straight

losses, the Dragons

surprisingly held the Sea

Eagles to 6-6 at the break.

Manly's Adam Cuthbertson scored

the first of seven second-half

tries, but the Dragons edge add

head when half back Jamie

Soward brought up a double

against the run of play.

Soward's kicking game also

caused hed ages and when Beau Scott crossed for a double of

his own, the Dragons had a

match-pinning 14-point lead.

6 weeks after leading police on

a high-speed chase through the

nation's capital, Todd Carney

showed the Tigers a clean pair

of heels to set up the opening

points of the match. The

Tigers replied with two tries

of their own to take a 6-point

advantage to the break.

Michael Weyman looked set to

finish another season ahead of

schedule after the Raiders prop

was helped from the field with

a suspected broken leg. The

Tigers kept their noses in

front when Paul Whatuira found

the line, while the Raiders'

hopes of snamping victory were

cruelly denied by referee Steve

Clark. Missing seven Origin

stars, Brisbane was expected to

struggle against the Panthers,

but no-one told the players as

they raced to an 18-0 lead.

With only four win ths season,

the Panthers have been tagged

the competition's biggest under the competition's biggest under

achievers, and again last

night, Penrith teased their

fans with sublime handling and

ball movement. Penrith

closed the gap to two points

before the visitors sted dead did with a try to Darius Boyd.

The West Coast Eagles have

returned to form with a strong

win over the Adelaide Crows.

The premiers won by 21 points.

The Kangaroos beat the Western

Bulldogs and Hawthorn Leeds

Collingwood early in the final

quarter. Last night, Port

Adelaide and St Kilda were

winners. Socceroos have

scored a 3-0 victory over

Singapore in their Asian Cup

warm-up match, but it was a

less than impressive effort.

Mark Viduka scored a double,

but a lowly ranked home team

also had several chances.

Exhausted and a few kilograms

lighter, the Socceroos are

finding out what playing in

Asia is all about. A gruelling

week of training in humid conditions took its toll as

Australia produced a sluggish

first half against Singapore.

The home team with a world

ranking of 131 was unlucky not

to score in the opening half.

We're looking at the bigger

picture, and the bigger picture

is we need to be fit later in the tournament. There were

better signs for the Socceroos

in the second half. Mark

Viduka collected his first goal

for Australia in almost two

years. Harry cruel came on

after Kewell came on after 60

minutes and scored one of the

most forgettable goals of his

career. Kewell's sublime

lead-up work was expert ly fin

initialed off by Viduka.

Five-time's Moto GP champion

Valentino Rossi has unleashed

one of his best rides at the

Dutch Grand Prix. The Italian

started from 11th on the grid

and quickly made up ground.

Pole sitter Chris Vermeulen was

involved in a crash with Randy

de Puniet on lap 12. The

Frenchman's race was over, but

the Australian eventually got

back on the track and finished

16th. Rossi passed Australia's

Casey Stoner three laps from

the finish and went to on to

record a comfortable. Stoner's

second placing gives him a

21-point lead over the Italian

rival in the championship.

'Alinghi' is one win away from

retaining the auld mug. The

Swiss boat came from behind to

take a 4-2 lead in. And

Michelle Wie has a one shot.

-- Michelle Wie withdrew with

a wrist injury, while

Australia's Karrie Webb missed

the cut after rounds of 73 and

81. There has been a --

there has been more heavy rain

at Wimbledon so Lleyton Hewitt

and Wayne Arthurs will have to

wait until Monday to play their

third hnd round matches.

Amelie Mauresmo and Maria

Sharapova progressed in the

only singles matches completed.

It has been a wet week at

Wimbledon, and Maria Sharapova

dress add cordingly.

COMMENTATOR: Swan Lake inspired

and she says it is the look of

a Swain. In light rain,

Sharapova was allowed to finish

her match against Ai Sugiyama

from Japan. While Sugiyama

remonstrated, the Russian made

a rapid exit to avoid eager

ground staff. Mauresmo took

less than an hour to defeat

Mara Santangelo. There is no

play scheduled for tonight.

Thousands have turned out for

the 75th birthday of a favourite aunty. The ABC

opened its doors in Sydney

today to celebrate a history of

public broadcasting that began

in Australia's Depression

years. As crowds filled the

ABC's Ultimo studios, there was

plenty to see for fans big and

small. It has been a great

day so far. We all love the

ABC. My dad wanted to see a

lot of the bands, and also I

wanted to see some of the sets.

While it's usually something

only to hear, today people were

treated to radio they could

see. From the classics

indoors, to something more

up-tempo outside. There was

also a bind-the-scenes look

into the TV world with ABC

presenters from past and

present. And I would likely

like you all to thank Mark

Colvin and most especially the

wonderful James Dibble. Radio

was a lot more formal in those

days and announcers were

supposed to be a little more -

have a little more decorum than

they need to these days. It

was this day back in 1932 the

ABC first went to air after a

taxpayer-funded amalgamation of

several existing stations.

The Government took a view that

there should be a government-funded radio

service. When ABC Radio first

started, there were 12 stations

covering the major towns and

cities across the country.

Today there are more than 60

and that's something the ABC

say it is worth celebrating.

What the ABC is able to bring,

I think, is an extra layer of integrity because we are

independent. The broadcaster

is now evolving online. It's

latest venture is in the

virtual world, Second Life, but

today it's -- but today its

more traditional characters

were in demand by both the

young and the young at heart.

And it's time now for a look at

the waecter this first Sunday

in July . In Sydney it reached

16 degrees today, which is one

below the average. The

satellite picture shows thick

cloud crossing the south-west

of WA ahead of a vigorous cold

front and there is patchy cloud

over the south-east. Onto the

synoptic chart, cold fronts

will bring further showers and

alpine snow to the south eve.

A broad high will keep the

north try and mild.

Tomorrow's rainfall prediction:

Falls for the south-west, the

south coast of the continent

and for most of Tasmania. To

the capitals.

Now just updating the

'Pasha Bulker' refloating

attempt, and the stranded coal

carrier is on the move. It's

shifting slowly but sur hily as

the king tide comes into

Newcastle's Nobby's Beach. We

will have an update on the

salvage attempt in about an

hour. For now, goodnight. Closed Captions by CSI