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Tonight a Lear yos well

come for the pie lot who

averted a disaster I am

proud to say that every

member of my team played

their part expertly yesterday

. A Queensland town bracing

for a flood peak. Confidence

the economy can weather

have global storm These events

have been absorbed thus far with very little disz ruption

in the broader

economy. Cheers for an

Australian upset at the Open. Good evening - Felicity

Davey with ABC News. Pilots

are standing by the Boeing

777 passenger jet despite

yesterday's crash landing at

Heathrow Airport. Initial

investigations show the

engines on the Boeing British

Airways plane lost all power

on final approach today. The

captain and crew who managed

the hazardous landing without

loss of life were greeted as heroes. Peter Burkill was

given a heroes reception from

his colleagues but the

captain of BA flight 38

deflected the

congratulations I am proud

the say every member of their

team played their part

expertly yesterday displaying

the highest standards of

skill and professionalism. It

was the flight's first

officer John Coward at the

controls when the plane came

down. Quick action by the attendants prevented any

injuries I want to pay

tribute to the cabin crew who

carried out the evacuation of

the passengers with speed,

efficiency and care. It will months before the cause of the crash is known but

initial investigations

suggest the aircraft engines

failed to respond. At 600

feet the auto throttle

demanded extra power from the two engines there, was no

response. The pilot switched

to manual and again there was

no response. As the speed

fell the aircraft crashed 300

metres short of the runway.

There is already speculation

about the possible causes

One fuel, two electronics,

that is the signals to both

of those engines if the

cockpit then three the human

interface, that is the

pilot's interaction with

automation. The public's

parading of the crew is an

indication that BA does not

believe human error was

responsible. 2 weeks ago a

Qantas Boeing 747 narrowly averted disaster after an

electrical failure. The jumbo

landed in bank Kong with half

an hour of battery power but

pilots say the incidents

should not be link $ Magnificent aeroplanes, handled the issues the

problems that came the

plane's way fantastically and I think if anything people

should be very confident

about the redundancy that is

built in the the Boeing air craft. Heathrow crash is the first serious incident

involving a Boeing 777 since

its introduction in 1995.

The flood barriers are up now

Charleville faces a nervous

wait. Emergency workers in

the central Queensland

community laboured through

the night to plug a gap in

the levees that protect the

town. Many out lying

properties are already

isolated but the real danger

will come Len the swollen

Warrego River reach is its

peak. For the people of

Charleville it was always

going to be an uneasy night

but the arrival of two

Hercules provided some

reassurance. They brought

materials to close two gaps

in the levee protecting the

town from the swollen Warrego

River Stick to that white

line. A small Army of

volunteers and council

workers completed the task

before dawn The critical

left for flood levels here in

Charleville is a 6 metre

mark. The predictions at this

stage are it could reach 5 to

6 metres depending ton level

of rain. About 70 people are

bunking at the show grounds

It's just horrible to see

what a flood can

do. Charleville locals have

not seen this much water in a

decade. Streets around

Bradley's Gully are still cut

after the creek rose suddenly

yesterday swam pink a number

of homes and businesses in

its path T clean-up is

continuing even as more water

makes its way towards the

town. The flood experts say

the temporary walls have

proved successful interstate and overseas. They will be

put to the test here over the

next few days when heavy rain

is expected to inundate the

area again The Queensland

authorities and through them

ourselves are watching

developments very closely and

we will be attentive to any

further requests for assistance from the

Queensland Government. With

the nursing homes still at

risk of flooding the last of

its residents have now been

flown to Brisbane. George

Bush is offering the ailing

US economy a multibillion

dollar dose of medicine but

Australia's Reserve Bank

chief says our economy will

barely catch cold. Speaking

in London overnight Glen

Stevens says it is inflation

not recession that threatens

Australia. His assessment has

boosed the dollar and kept

alive expectations of another

interest rate rise in

February. Phillip Lasker

reports. Investors may be

freting about a credit

crunch, a possible US

recession and its impact than

Australia but not this man

These events have been

absorbed thus far with very

little disruption I would say

the same time this business in the broader economy. At

gathering in London was

hearing a revised world view

from the Reserve Bank

from the Reserve Bank Governor. The Governor is more pessimistic now about

the outlook for global growth

than he was a few months

ago. But Glen Stevens has

faith in Australia's

resilience and the prospect

that Asia's troubles may be

restricted to softer

international trade and not

recession. On the other hand

Glen Stevens described

inflation as uncomfortably

high and eeriely like the

1970s when it was harder to

control and higher interest

rates were needed due to a

synchronised and prolonged

rise in commodity and food

prices. So it is conceivable

therefore it seems to me that

a somewhat less favourable short-term relationship

between economic growth and

inflation than we have

enjoyed in the past decade

may be experienced in the

year or two ahead. Analysts

are divides as to whether the

Reserve Bank's obvious

concerns about inflation will

mean higher interest rates

next month. The worries

about the outlook for the

global economy have

intensified in the past month

or two I think the Reserve Bank will take it into

account It has been

suggested the Reserve Bank

would be deterred from

raising rates by its concern

about a global downturn and I

think the Governor is saying

that that is not going to be

a reason not to raise

rates. A rate rise next month

could be seen as a vote of

confidence in the economies

strength signalling the

economy is more concerned

about inflation than the

fallout from a US recession

or credit crunch. Wednesday's

inflation numbers may end the

debate about one of the most

difficult decisions in years.

The economic stimulus package

for the US is worth $165

billion in tax cuts. George

Bush says it will a shot in

the arm for his country's

struggling economy but as

Mark Simkin reports investors

are not so sure. He could

have been speak bing the

economy. George Bush toured

a lawn mower factory and

urged Congress to back his

rescue plan While there is

uncertainty now if we act

quickly and in a smart way

that helps growth we will be

just fine. The stimulus

package will be worth $165

billion. Most of that will be

spent on tax rebates. The

details are still being

thrashed out but it is likely

individuals will get cheques

for $900 Bypassing an

effective growth package

quickly we can provide a shot

in the arm to keep a

fundamentally strong economy

healthy. The collapse of the

sub-prime mortgage sent shock

waves through the world's

largest economy. 3 out of 4

Americans believe a recession

is inevitable I am

optimistic about our future

because Americans have shown

time and again they are the

most enterpriseing people in

the world. Investors are not so confident.

so confident. As George Bush

started to speak disappointed traders started selling

sending stocks lower. They

will try to buy a little love

with these checks and rebates

and the extended benefits

whatever they put in the mail

but the odds that lit have a

serious impact on the economy

is small. The White House is

confident the injections will

make a difference if they are administered quickly enough.

We will run like a bunge here

to get the relief out. Home

foreclosures, debt and

unemployment going back,

consumer spending and the

stock market down T Republican in the White House

and the Democrats in Congress

agree something has to be

done and they hope the pass

legislation within a month. Economic management is the

catchcry on the US campaign

trail too. Presidential

hopefuls face their next

electoral test tonight T

Republican candidates are

competing in South Carolina

while the Democrats are

gambling on a big win in Las

Vegas. From there the ABC's

North American correspondent

reports. Economic worries

have boiled over into the US

presidential campaign. At

this lass Vegas restaurant

workers fear a recession is

about to be added to

about to be added to

America's economic menu I am

very worried because

everybody talk about the

economy going down, yes I am

very worried. The restaurant

owner is hoping he does not

have to sack staff. We

probably will have to lay off

a few employees. The stakes

are high for Democrats White

House hopefuls. The Las Vegas

strip and the desert state of

Nevada are the stage for the

latest voting showdown

between Hillary Clinton and

Barack Ombama and because

Nevada has the highest rate

of home for closures in the

country they have shufld

their economic plans to the

top of the campaign pitch.

Small businesses really need

help if they are going to be

able to keep delivering on

the American dream for

generations of American

workers. I will not be

raising the minimum wage

every 10 years, we are going

to raise it every year to

keep pace with inflation

because if you work in this

country you should not be

poor. Apart if faltering economy there is another wild card in this race. For the

first time Democrats caucuses

are being held in Las Vegas

casinos giving cooks, waiters

and house maids a chance to

take part. Their powerful

union is backing Barack

Ombama giving these casino workers a

workers a chance to deliver

him a winning hand. The

Republican are focusing on

their same-day primary in

South Carolina. That contest

is a test of appeal among socially conservative

Christian voters. I am not

convinced that we are

necessarily going into a

recession. Nothing is inevitable in this

world. Picking a winner in

both the Democrats and

Republican races has been

impossible in this remarkably

unpredictable campaign.

No-one has grabbed the

front-runner's mantle, a

title that may still be up

for grabs even after voters

in Nevada and South Carolina

play their hands. Kenya's

opposition party has called

off further protests after

three days of clashes with

police that have left more

than 20 dead T worst violence

broke out in the slum of

Nairobi where police gunfire

killed at least 7 people and

injured dozens more.

Opposition supporters there

vandalised a railway line

crippling a major transport

route. In the port of Mombasa

one person was killed as

police chased away the

rioters. The opposition

blames the Government for the

violence claiming it is a

response to the rigged reooe legislation of the president last month. The Government

has maintained that it is

trying to restore order. More

than 600 Kenyans have died

since the disputed

election. The United Nations

head for humanitarian affairs

has called on Israel to reverse its decision to close

all borders with Gaza.

Speaking at the United Nations headquarters in New

York John Holmes said the

blockade would make an

already alarming humanitarian

situation even worse. I

believe it is a crisis already because I

already because I think the

reduction of goods coming in

cumulatively is creating an extremely difficult situation

for the Palestinians. We are

getting to a situation in

Gaza where virtually all the

population is dependent on

international aid supplies. Israel says the

closure is part of the

response to continuing rocket

attacks by militants from

inside the Gaza Strip. It is

also proceeding with air

strikes on Gaza. The latest

predawn attack has killed 2 militants and injured 4

others. Bobby Fischer the

reclusive chess genius who

became a Cold War hero has

died at 64. He was renowned

for his 1972 defeat of the Soviet champion Boris Spassky

but later went into exile

becoming a try dent critic of

his homeland. This was the

moment in 1972 dubbed the

match of the century. Bobby

Fischer who had become

American chess champion at

the age of 14 achieved

worldwide fame when he beat

the Soviet Union's best and

the current world champion

Boris Spassky. His

dedication to the game of

chess, his ability to

sacrifice all his energy to

win the game of chess and

make a difference in the

world of chess. His victory

was a high watermark in the

cultural Cold War but he

refused to defend his tightal

few years later. Withdrawing

from the international game

in his 30s his attacking

genius was later

overshadowed. In the 90s he

angered the US by taking part

in a rematch in Boris Spassky

played in Yugoslavia in

violation ever international

trade sanctions. He was later

arrested and spent 9 months

in jail in Japan There is no

case, this is nonsense, a

kidnapping, totally illegal

from day one. Bush does not

respect law. He renounced his

US citizenship and moved to

Iceland. He praised the

September 11 attacks and raised doubts about his

mental stability with his

anti-Semitic rants though his

mother was Jewish Very, very

strong my eyes this light,

this one too. He was the man

who made chess a household

game as the lone American eccentric defeating the

massive resources of the

Soviet state. A reminder now

of our top story - there has

been high praise for the airline

airline captain who managed

to land his stricken Boeing

in London. And still to come

- Australia on the brink of

defeat in Adelaide. They are

back - rabbits are again

proving this blight of

Australia's bushland. But it

is not just the outback that

is suffering with the calici

virus losing its potency

virus losing its potency the

bunnies are even plaguing the

national capital. Once a

major pest for farmers

rabbits are makeing their way

in to suburban streets and

gardens. Five minutes from a major Canberra suburb they have made this scrub home

There were 20 or 30 holes

here and probably a dozen or

so rabbits living here and so

they were doing quite a lot

of damage to the surrounding vegetation. Rabbits have

developed a resistance to

calici virus. A biological

control agent released 12

years ago when the population

was at playing proportions

and wreaking havoc on crops

but they are no longer an

agricultural problem You can

find rabbits within a 100m of

Parliament House. They are

now a conservation problem

killing off young sap links

and spoiling the regeneration

of native generation Some of these

these stems have been graced

off. The average female

rabbit can produce 30 young

in a year and they thrive in

drought conditions. Doctor

Cook says it is time to act

Ultimately we have to look at

perhaps some more biological

control met yodz but of

course these things just

cannot be brought in

overnight. It could take up

to 10 years to develop a new

virus. In the interim there is concern about the

is concern about the

short-term use of poise Johns

that can cause painful death

We do not think enough

research has gone into the

biological methods but poise

Johns like 10 80 are not

humane. For people wanting to

protect the new trees or

vegie patches in the

short-term good fencing and

vegetation can help. Animal

welfare groups are demanding

Melbourne zoo an investigation into

Melbourne zoo after an

official complaint of cruelty

the an elephant. Zoo

officials admit that one of

their elephants was jabbed up

the a dozen times with a

metal spike but they say

staff were just protecting

themselves. The zoo says this

elephant was jabbed with a Marilyn spike but only after

the elephant backed into two zoo keepers threatening their

safety The trainer respond

in a way that was appropriate

to the risk to himself and to

the other staff member he was

with. They are not only

serious but utterly shocking

and there are animal welfare

issues at the base of it,

even cruelty. The zoo has

also rejected allegations

sales have been blinded by

too much chlorine in swimming

pools and a tapir being

blinded by too much exposure

to the sun I think all staff

from zoo's Victoria are

saddened by these allegations

and again the health and the

welfare of our animals comes

first. The RSPCA wants the

State Government to

investigation the allegations

and the operations of the

zoo. I know it is difficult

in zoos to balance commercial

interests and animal interests but animals always

commercial come first in a zoo not

commercial interests. Let

our record speak for itself,

145 years of care, we are internationally recognised

for the health and wellbeing

ever our animals and they are

well looked after. The State

Government will meet with

zoo's Victoria before

deciding whether to take any

action. India is closing in

on victory against Austin third Test in Perth.

Australia has to reach an

improbablible 413 in its

second innings for a record

17th consecutive win but a

short time ago the home side

was on the ropes. Australia

lost both its openers

yesterday and started day

four with its two best

batsmen at the crease. Ricky

Ponting and Michael Hussey

survived anxious moments as

they granted a

they granted a 74-run

partnership. The captain was

deservedly removed for 45.

Got him! What a wicket! What

a performance by a

19-year-old. Michael Hussey

too fell just short of a half

century when he was trapped

by RP Singh for 46. Hostile

fast bowling kept Clarke subdued. Andrew Symonds

brought up 1000 runs with

Test cricket with a

Test cricket with a 6 off

Kumble. A flat spinner then

got the result. Replay showed

Symonds got an inside edge

but that did not seem to

bother the Indian captain.

Clarke drove his way to

another Test milestone.

Pretty special 50. Gilchrist

called for the squash ball

and placed it in his glove to

aid his grip and batting. It

did not have much

impact. Clarke was the last

recognised batsman dismissed

stumped for a defiant 81.

NSW has won the women's

national League cricket

competition for the 10th time

in 12 seasons after today's

final against South Australia

at the SCG was washed out.

The Breakers won 7 of their 8

games this season.

Australia's Casey Dellacqua

is a very surprised and

delighted survivor after the

third round of the Australian

Open. She played the match of

her life to defeat the former

world No. 1 Amelie Mauresmo.

It has been a tough day for

the seeds, Roger Federer is a

set all in his match while

last year's

last year's finalist Fernando

Gonzalez and world number 2

Svetlana Kuznetsova followed

out of the tournament. Casey

Dellacqua is struggling to

believe what she achieved I had to pinch myself a little

bit and just make sure it was

not a dream but yeah, I

looked at all the papers and

it is quite a buzz seeing my

photo on the front page. The

West Australian came from a

set down to beat the 2006

champion and will now meet

number 3 Jelena Jankovic The

tournament for me has not

finished yet and I have

another match tomorrow and I

know it is all exciting but I

still want to put on a good

show tomorrow as well. The

Australian was not the only

one responsible for a

boil-over last night. Andy

Roddick served a career high

42 aces against German but

lost 8-6 in a fifth set that

finished just after 2 this morning. James Blake came from 2 sets down for the

first time. Frenchman Sebastian Grosjean was

reduced to the role of

spectator as the number 12

seed cruised through the

final set to make the fourth

round for the fourth time.

Blake will play Marin Cilic

who made last of Fernando

Gonzalez. Svetlana Kuznetsova

lost her third round battle

with Polish teenager. Roger

Federer went through the

tournament without losing a

set. So it was quite a shock

when Serbian Janko Tipsarevic

won the first of their

third-round match on Centre

deeper in Court T world No. 1 dug

deeper in the seconded to

give the game a more familiar

look but went all the way to

a tie break again before the

champion levelled the match.

Newcastle has a chance of

winning the A-League's minor

premiership after winning 2-.

They are on the top of the

table but must wait for

results over the weekend to

see if they stay there. Perth

was playing for pride while

Newcastle was one of four

teams on 34 1 points heading

into the last round before

the finals. The Jets missed a

golden opportunity in the

opening minutes. It is

volleyed wide. Under the

eagle eye of Socceroos coach

Pim Verbeek Newcastle's

answer to David Beckham had

only to nod his head in the

27th minute after clever

lead-up work from Joel

Thompson. Griffiths 12th goal

of the season sets an

A-League record. Perth was

reduced to 10 men in the 36th

minute after Nick Rizzo was

sent off for his challenge or Tarek Elrich but they managed

to equalise before the break.

Newcastle could not exploit

its one-man advantage until

breaking free for the

match-winner in the 64th minute. What a

minute. What a wad! What a

finish. The 2-1 victory puts

Newcastle on top of the table

on 34 points but to claim the

minor premiership the Jets

will need Queensland, Sydney

FC and central coast to lose or draw their games this

weekend. There is going to

be plenty of pressure on the

other teams now, they are to

win the game and play

attacking football. Perth

will finish with the

will finish with the wooden

spoon if Wellington does not lose to Gosford tonight. Australia's longest

serving frigate is heading

for a watery grave. HMAS

Adelaide was decommissioned today in Perth but will go

tots rest as a drive wreck

off the NSW coast. It is one

of the naive yes most

celebrated ships famous for

if dramatic rescue of the

solo yachtsman Tony Bullimore.

Bullimore. After 27 years of

service the HMAS Adelaide was

retired at the Sterling naval

base. The emotion of the

occasion too much for the

ship's commanding officer To

my wider family of Adelaide,

I offer a very heartfelt

thank you on behalf of my

officers an sailors. You

just felt the tug at your

heart strings she sis going

heart strings she sis going

to be general and you know,

so much of your life was on board and your friends. Earlier the mood was

up beat as the Navy's

marching band entertained

dignitaries and the 50-strong crowd.

# Australia for me... The

HMAS Adelaide's most famous

moment came 11 years ago in

the Southern Ocean when the

crew rescued British sailor Tony Bullimore who spent

Tony Bullimore who spent five

days in his capsized yacht.

The frigate carried out tense

of overseas missions

including three trips to the

Middle East to support

coalition forces in the Iraq

war. I has completed three

peacekeeping tours of the

Gulf and two of East Timor. The Navy says when the ship

was introduced in 1980 it was

a major leap forward It was

a groundbreaking ship, it introduced

introduced new technology, it

was the first ship to have guided missiles and

helicopters on the same

platform. Next week the ship

begins the journey to NSW

where it will be sunk off the

coast of Terigal and used as

a dive wreck. Dangerous surf

and pollution closed most of

Sydney's north and eastern

beaches today. The unseasonal

beaches today. The unseasonal

wet and cool weather kept

most beach goer away, some

though ignored the advice and

swam at Tamarama with mixed swam at Tamarama with mixed results. Dangerous surf and

plenty of good rain but it

should start to recede. In

Sydney it reached 23, 3 down

on than average. Around the

state good news

state good news weatherwise.

More showers in Melbourne

and Canberra. Mostly fine in

the other capitals T

satellite shows extensive

cloud over eastern states due

to an inland low and there is

another low off the

north-east Queensland coast.

A trough in the east will weaken causing

weaken causing showers and

storms to become more

isolated through Queensland,

NSW and Victoria. A front

should also clip as the too. Tomorrow's rainfall

prediction then - expect

falls down much of the east

coast and for northern and

inland Western Australia. In

the capital cities tomorrow

mostly fine in Brisbane and

Perth. Showers and or storms

forecast in all other capitals.

capitals. Around NSW tomorrow

more of the same really. For

the north ease at humid day

with more showers on the cards. In the south-east

showers and isolated

thunderstorms more likely to

hit in the afternoon. For the

inland, mostly cloudy, scattered showers easing

during the day. A dry one

though in Broken Hill. For

Sydney tomorrow - a shower or

two, the chance of a

Tonight's top stories -

pilots are standing by the Boeing

Boeing 777 passenger jet

despite the crash landing at

Heathrow Airport where

initial investigations point

to engine problems. Australia

is on the brink of defeat in

Perth chasing an

improbablible 413 for a

record 17th consecutive win.

That is the latest news.

Another update in an hour.

For the latest headlines tune into radio

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goodnight. Closed Captions by CSI