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(generated from captions) export - Korea expert Dr Jim Career

Walsh says Korea won't start a

war it knows it will lose. The North is known for its tough rhetoric. If you read any official statement, it is tough

stuff. It is a war they know

they would lose and if they

lose, they would lose power. It

would be horrific for South

Korea, China and Japan. They are engaging in brinksmanship, it is unlikely they

they would intentionally start

a war. Does it have the nuclear

capabilities to back up a threat?

some distance between having a nuclear device but there is

device that goes off and a

working weapon you can drop from a plane. It is unclear

how they would deliver the nuclear weapon. I think that is

exaggeration. I said there

would be no risk of intentional

war but it worries me we crisis might spiral beyond the have an accidental war, a

control of the parties involved

and I would like to see South

Korea for one to step back show a Korea for one to step back and

their part and begin to calm

seem like it will happen. How the situation. That doesn't

a response to the fairly much of this do you believe is

aggressive show of force we

have seen from the South in

recent days care the military

exercises so close to the

border? I think it is provocative. The most Korea's undergoing a leadership

change. Kim Jong-il is not

going to be around and he is

passing on the mantle of leadership to his youngest son

who is ill prepared for who is ill prepared for this.

Who knows what role the military has now, pras a strengthened roll, in deliberations about policies.

This is a black box. When the

exports don't know what's going

on, that's when you want to

show restraint and humility and

not push someone into a corner

and end up in a place you want to be. How much of the

is a result of the South President buck buck buck is a result of the South Korean

wanting to increase his

credentials. He has been criticised for being something

of a softie when it comes to North

North Korea. How ironic is

this, Lee came into this, Lee came into office

criticised for taking too hard

a line against North Korea, and now he is being criticised for being too soft. I thought he handled the shelling leadership. But remember, South Korea is a democracy and whether it is Australia or the United States or South Korea, opposition parties or opponents within your own within your own party are going

to take any shot to take any shot they can to criticise you if they want the

position you hold. I am position you hold. I am afraid

domestic politics is playing a

role. We have a leadership

change in North Korea, a domestic policy within South change in North Korea, a dicey

likely but there is a risk and Korea. I don't think war is

that's why we have to take a

cautious route right. Jim Walsh there. Italian authorities say they are following overseas

leads if their search for those

responsible on a tacks on embassies in Rome. Parcel bombs

have exploded in the Swiss and Chilean embassies killing two

have died in the violence people. More than 170 people

that's gripped the Ivory since last month's presidential that's gripped the Ivory Coast

election. and his challenger are

victory. America's UN ambassador says the international community won't tolerate the continuing violence. To the Middle East

now and for centuries Bethlehem

has been the No.1 place of pig

grimmage for - pilgrimage for enjoying a record year for kris mass. Bethlehem

tourism. Nearly 1.5 million

tourists have poured tourists have poured in over

the past 12 months and new

with the rising demand. Bark hotels are being built to cope

brk bark reports - Anne Barker

reports. The little town of

Bethlehem is far from still or

sleepy this year. More than any

time in history, it is bursting

with tourists visiting the spot

where Jesus was said to be born.

poured in from around the

world. Some with specially-tailored clothes specially-tailored clothes for

the occasion. The lull in violence has given violence has given rise to a

tourist boom and just as it that starry night 2,000 years

ago, there is not a room vacant at any inn in town. We have about 5,000 sleeping about 5,000 sleeping beds in

the hotels but we need at least 10 to 15,000 sleeping beds. Bethlehem shopkeepers are

reporting a bonanza in

Christmas trade. The big seller

is a nativety scene with a difference. It comes difference. It comes with a

replica of the 8m high that isolates Bethlehem from the

West Bank. The wall itself is preventing them The real wall surrounds Bethlehem on three

sides and locals say not only

does it cut off their farmland,

but it stops more tourists from visiting the town. It dampened the Christmas spirit. Today Bethlehem is a mostly

Muslim town, although you

wouldn't know it at this time

the population is Christian, of year. Barely a third of

and yet Christmas is so big

here that even the Muslim

here that even the Muslim

community gets in on the act.

This store is doing a This store is doing a roaring

trade in Christmas trees and

all things Santa. Many of its customers

tree perhaps and put TRANSLATION: They buy a small

decorations on it. It is a

good icon and shows the brotherhood of brotherhood of kris chans and Muslims in Bethlehem. Tonight thousands are expected thousands are expected at

Manger scair and the church of

the nativety for corals and the mass. Many orthodox Christians celebrate Christmas next month. From Bethlehem to Afghanistan. Australia's

also getting ready for troops on

Christmas. They may be a long

way from home but that's not

stopping them from celebrating

the season. # Dashing through the snow, in a the snow, in a one-horse open sleigh, through the fields we

go, laughing all the way go, laughing all the way #. Everyone has been away for

however long, just a little

part like part like Christmas, cooking

for them, cheers them up. # Oh

what fun it is to ride in a one-horse open sleigh are going to have a traditional

fare. We have ordered seafood

in. I have bought a special

leg of ham from open for the ship company to enjoy. There

will be baked vegetables, Christmas Lunn. # With your nose so bright, won't you my sleigh tonight #. We are

going to be trying going to be trying to cheer them up a little built. events to give them a course, the Christmas lunch with all

trimmings and the best we trimmings and the best we can provide wherever they whether it is in whether it is in the main base

in Oruzgan or torn quot or small patrol boat. People

look out for each other they are away from family. That's what

special. # Through the dads, brothers and sisters and uncle s uncle s and aunts, particularly

wives and husbands and children particular person many their

life at this time, they would

want to say the same thing - we

are proud of what they are proud of what they do. I am looking forward to reinforcing that message that message with every one of

them. Our best wishing to all

Australian troops. WikiLeaks is inspiring a copycat web site in one of is inspiring a copycat web to make startling revelation.

But its supporters have to make startling revelation. But its supporters have high hopes. Trading on a name and

hoping to emulate its Indonesia's answer to WikiLeaks beginning. It is nothing like

WikiLeaks but I think the idea

that's already in the public sphere, such as government reports into alleged sphere, such sidelines are Jakarta's political blogger who is are

hoping the site will encourage

people to come forward with people to come forward with the nation's truths. TRANSLATION: It is important to trigger to talk about that's been buried all this time. The Government doesn't intend

down. We down. We don't have any right

to make any decisions that. We don't that. We don't have any intention to plan that. Indonesia has a Freedom to have one to protect State

secrets. Some think IndoLeaks will be a TRANSLATION: So if IndoLeaks becomes becomes the trigger it might see how the bill of state

secrets can cope have some existing laws. existing laws. The government is keeping an eye on what's

going on the site. It is monitor whether if there is any fairly fairly confidential issue or for the Government. While the

site is yet to reveal anything new, its supporters say that it

gives would be whistleblowers some confidence about their documents into the

sphere. I think verification

is part of the process. That's going to be the going to be the job of journalisting. It is IndoLeaks using a overseas hosting site. An hosting site. An Australian

soldier injured in in Afghanistan has been air lirfted to soldier was on Oruzgan province on Sunday a device was detonated. He is suffering from suffering from blast and fragmentation wounds.

separate soldier escaped with superofficial wounds with a separate incident on the same

day. It may be known as the Sunshine State but be much of it. Queensland is in for yet another in for yet another drenching. It is the needs. It is already dealing

with flooded rivers and roads and bridges remains cut off. The waters steadily past the river banks and into

the streets of Brisbane. the streets of Brisbane. While the ducks were enjoying the ducks were enjoying the

flooding, business owners in

Windsor were getting

anxious. If it is too much

higher, it gets into our stock. Abbotsford Road Abbotsford Road at Bowen Hills whole lanes were covered and the traffic struggled to avoid the water. At Tenneriffe the river from the land. has never been like has never been like this before. They have built it up. Look at turned streets turned streets into streams and claimed more cars. The weather bureau says the high tides and flooding will continue gradually decrease. They're expecting the expecting the season's king tide on 21 January to be even higher, especially with much more rain forecast. A low pressure system sitting off the far far north Queensland coast

could drench the region with

to 600mm of rain.

rivers are expected to burst

their banks. This is their banks. This is the

first Australian jet and we are -

flood incidences the flood incidences the public is being dangers. Anyone who is travelling should prepare they are caught in situations. There is no end sight for the situations. There is sight for the grey skies and sight for the rain just yet. All rain just yet. All that's certain is it will well beyond Christmas

Emergency services are on stand by in Queensland with

widespread heavy rain forecast

until Wednesday. This morning, Bruce Grady morning, Bruce Grady from emergency management emergency management Queensland

spoke to us and he said areas

already flooded will be worst hit by the hit by the fresh warnings for widespread and

heavy rain along the east coast

from the gulf down to the

south-east corner over the next

four or five days. It is going

to be a significant event. Part of the problem is that the

catchments and so on are already saturated. had lots of localised flooding

already. With an event like

this on top tof it, the ground

is not going to soak up much water. It water. It is going to run straight into the creeks and

rivers. There has been local evacuations over the past few

days due to flash days due to flash flooding. Most of those has been small

numbers, half a dozen here and

there. They have gone to stay

with family and friends. It has

not been a major issue in terms

of evacuation to date. we are keeping our fingers

crossed that that will stay the

same over the next few days. I

guess the good thing about guess the good thing about this

is we do get some time. We stay in close contact with the Bureau of Meteorology, their

hydrologists are able to model the river rises and so on.

the river rises and so on. We

do get some time but we would

ask people to continue to the media, listen to their radio

radio for updates. Very aware of what's going on. Bruce Grady there. The AFL's nude

photo saga is back in court

today. The girl today. The girl who sparked the drama has been ordered to

attend the hearing. The St

Kilda Football Club is suing

her and has asked the Federal

Court to ban all the photos has

Court to ban all the photos she

has downlded from a player's computer. The girl computer. The girl flew back into Melbourne and says she is not sure whether she will attend the court. The top stories this morning - North Korea is threatening to use nuclear weapons against the

South. It is threatening a sacred war against South

It has been triggered by the military exercises. Italian police are checking all foreign

embassies in Rome after two bomb blasts. Parcel bombs

exploded at the Swiss and Chilean embassies injuring two people. No-one has claimed responsibility.

responsibility. Queenslanders are bat yong down the hatches for more wild weather over Christmas. The forecasting more heavy rain and thunderstorms. Parts of the

State is flooded with some

roads and bridges still closed. Christmas chaos Christmas chaos has reached

fever pitch at Australia's

markets as the throngs descend

for the final shop. for the final shop. Our reporter Tony Nicholls was at

the Queen Victoria market in Melbourne. He spoke to the shoppers. You have got shoppers. You have got a

turkey. What else? Well,

being an ex-pat British, I being an ex-pat British, I will try and do can, so it is going to be

prawns for starters, if we can

get in, the queues are pretty

deep, and Christmas deep, and Christmas English pud

for dessert, followed by plenty

of booze tomorrow. How are the

relatives coping with the

weather? The relatives are freezing back home, my relatives are here in

Australia. Everyone is looking

forward to the Boxing day. The markets markets are

incredible Fantastic. Don't get

anything like this back anything like this back home.

Proper food. Definitely pork

and beef and we need to get

some seafood as well. It will

be the prawns, the fish, have be the prawns, the fish, have a

look at some crays and so

forth. I am told crays are in short supply this short supply this year. What

else is a favourite on the

seafood list? For me, it is

the prawns, although I do the prawns, although I do hate

shelling them, I would prefer somebody to shell them for and eat them naturally. Prawns

for me. How much pressure is

on mums at this time of this

year? Huge amounts. Huge

amounts to get it right and get the

the food right. Too much

actually. Fresh food. actually. Fresh food. Not trying to make people sick.

You are catering tomorrow, how

many are coming over? About

17, or 18 people in total with

kids and adults. The Vic

market is a one-stop shop.

Everything is here? It used to

be. It is

the moment. It is 10 deep and you

you can't move. It has been better in years past. Today, it

is crazy. But there is a lot

of people with

of people with smiles on their

faces which is a good thing. Good nature. Have a Good nature. Have a great Christmas. Nick income - Tony

Nicholls braving the mayhem

this morning. There are more signs the US economy signs the US economy is improing with fewer people benefits. The number of people

dropped by 3,000 last month. The number of people claiming benefits dropped to a

low. Market analysts say it is

a sign the economy is improving

but enough jobs are not being

created. Back home, goold

news for anyone looking for news for anyone looking for a

job in the new year. One job in the new year. One human

resources company is predicting a surge in Talent Two says it had a 43% jump in job advertisements. To

the markets now and US stocks

have been steady overnight on have been steady overnight on news of improved home sales.

December is known as the silly

season but for crocodiles across the country's north, it

is also the breeding season.

Hot, humid conditions in North

Queensland have ushered in the arrival of fresh water crocodiles. When you are croc,

breeding is hot work. The

northern Australian summer has

triggered new life for the

region's fresh water crocodiles but their but their salt water cousins

are traking a bit longer. These

eggs are still three months off

hatching. They are being closely monitored in an incubation unit to try to produce more male crocs. You

are looking at around 31 to 33

degrees will produce a higher

rate of temperatures. of the temperatures you should get more females than males. Rangers say females

started bidding their nests earlier this year which

indicates a long, wet summer

ahead. It doesn't matter if

the crocs are in sanctuaries

like this one or in the

wild. Definitely now is nesting

time for females. They can be defensive of the nests.

Definitely something to watch

out for if you are wandering around a waterway for whatever

reason. While so much of their

early life is based on hot

temperatures they will be

spending the rest of their dies

in Victoria where they will be

sold for $300 as pets. I know

snakes and crocodiles aren't something people like, something people like, but for

those weird of us to get into it, it is pretty cool. A

Christmas present with a

difference. To tell us about

somebody with a hide as tough

as any crocodile, Ricky

Ponting, here is Amy Bainbridge. He is going Bainbridge. He is going to

test himself with the bat today decision on his fitness ahead

of the fourth Ashes of the fourth Ashes test. Ricky Ponting trained in Melbourne yesterday concentrating on fielding and It is unclear whether Australia

will use four pace bowlers

against England or include a spinner. There has been much

discussion about the MCG pitch.

The curator says players

shouldn't expect a lightning fast track. Traditionally fast track. Traditionally not

a fast and bouncy Quite slow on the first day and

that probably causes the most

difficulty for batsmen who want

to get on with it. Patience is

a key ingredient here. If you don't have that, you can be

four or five down early on and

the game over. As I said after the

the pet Perth game, a good

chance of playing. Hopefully pain-free. They have got

momentum going into it. momentum going into it. They played fantastic cricket at the WACA. Out of matches, I would say matches, I would say we have been playing the better

cricket. We are going to have

come out and play well and

start well. We don't

Australia winning the the

first hour or session. It

will be great to win that whether batting or

bowling. Iain bell there. Sydney FC suffered a 1-0 to Melbourne Heart last night.

Sydney held out the hearth for the entire contest but Adrian Zahra found the back of the net

in the 86th minute. in the 86th minute. To the

NBL, the Tigerses have extended

Sydney's record losing streak.

The Tigers beat the kirngs

82-73 in Sydney last night.

It is Melbourne's third one of the year. Sydney has slumped to

its 11th straight defeat with a

1-11 record this season. In the

Gold Coast and Townsville had a

win over Adelaide in overtime.

It is not just the sailors and

the cricketers who can't

indulge too much tomorrow. We

have A-League matches on Sunday

as well. There is also matches

scheduled for Monday as well.

There is plenty of sport over the Christmas period. Lots of

sensible and sober sportsmen. I wonder whether hair down after they

retire. After the five day test

or the Sydney to Hobart race but a lot of attention on the

batting practice for Ricky Ponting and how right to play. If you are going up. It looks like he will be

to have an injury, a pinky is have injections. have injections. He might be

relegated to third man something like that to out of the something like that to keep him out

so. I did read was unlikely to field in physiotherapist was saying he

and put in what he described as a low-traffic area of the pitch, which deep third man or somewhere. of the pitch, which is probably

Some place as far away from the

pitch as you can get. Ponting

himself would hope they bat first in the extra rest. He does bat No.3. Christmas. You too. Now here is

Vanessa O'Hanlon. Thanks. over 500mm In Queensland, we are expecting

eastern tropical coast. The over 500mm of rain along the

south is shaping up to be We have We have monsoonal troughs up over the north. We

to develop expecting a low pressure system

coral sea. It is expected to

move towards the north-east tropical pressure on already swollen rivers. A

been issued for a broad area been issued for a broad area of Queensland.

A lot flood warnings. the town of Theodore. Temperatures are cooling Queensland Temperatures are cooling in Queensland for this time of year - 27 degrees. In seven more areas have been year - 27 degrees. In NSW,

zones as the lower reaches of

many rivers continues to rise. There are 49 natural disaster areas in the State. This morning we have had more rain up

In WA - just a few light showers along the very hot conditions for

Kalgoorlie a top of 40. Hot

for the northern parts of WA.

It will be a soggy Christmas

on the roads. on in Queensland. Take it easy

have a top For the ashes in Melbourne, we

have a top of 21 degrees. Thanks very much.

That's it from all of us. We

wish you a great Christmas. I

will be back on Monday will be back on Monday morning. Stay This Program is Captioned Live. Good You are watching ABC News 24.

I'm Joe O'Brien. Our top

stories - North Korea has

threatened a sacred war of

justice against the South nuclear weapons. It comes after

the South Korean army the South Korean army carried out its largest live-fire drill

close to the border close to the border with the North yesterday. The South has to promised immediate retaliation

to any further attack from the

group has claped responsibility north. An Italian anarchist

for bombs in Rome which injured

stuck to the clothing of a man

who was hurt at the Chilean

embassy claiming responsibility

for the attack on behalf of for the attack on behalf of the informal an arcist federation.

Parcel bombs exploded within hours of each other.