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(generated from captions) We speak the only language We speak the only

these poachers speak. That's

the language of profit and

logs. Every day we prevent

these guys from whaling, they're literally losing

millions a day in profit. So

will Japan abandon the whale

hunt altogether? We'll bring hunt altogether? We'll bring

you the latest reaction. Also ahead, Silvio Berlusconi's ahead, Silvio

Roman Empire under threat. I to

Italy for the latest. More sweeps across the Middle East.

Thousands demand regime Thousands demand regime change in Bahrain. Building bridges

across the Tasman. Julia

Gillard seeks closer ties with

New Zealand. And meet Britain's newest weapon of mouse

destruction. Larry the cat keeps watch over Downing Street. First tonight, conservation group Sea Shepherd is claiming

announced it's suspend ed its a major victory offer Japan

annual whale hunt in the Southern Ocean. The Japanese Fisheries Agency is citing

harassment by activists as one

of the reasons for the decision. Now it's considering abandoning this year's hunt

hope this is the first step to altogether. Conservationists

ending Japan's whaling program forever. It's long been a source of tension. conservationists and whalers

and also between governments. What we're now saying is if we significant additional action

that we've brought taken in relation to the issues

that we've brought forward, then legal action is the Sea Shepherd, often leading to US-based environmental group

highly charged confrontations like this one last like this one last year, where the anti-whaling Gil' was the anti-whaling vessel 'Ady Maru' ship suspended operations last week, following by Sea Shepherd last week, following harassment

There are whalers are considering ending There are also reports the

their annual mission early. Sea

says it's a big blow against whaling in the region, says it's a big blow against

isn't yet declaring victory. Every day we these guys victory. Every day we prevent

losing millions a day these guys from whaling they're

profit. And this year profit. And this year has really been our most successful

campaign to date. We probably save at least 8 or

the oceans are free of whaling

vessels before it gives up chase. We'll have the that issue very shortly. April 6 is the date circled Berlusconi's diary. Italy's Prime Minister will Italy's Prime Minister

stand trial on charges fg having sex with an underage prostitute

it up. We'll cross to home shortly for reaction analysis, but first this from our Europe As the Italian Prime from our Europe correspondent.

As the Italian Prime Minister

emergency meet being the flood arrived in Sicily for an arrived in Sicily for


was erupting in Milan. The 74-year-old sent to trial extortion and sex with extortion and sex with a minor. Meanwhile, the girl question, also known by her

stage name Ruby

heart-stealer is cashing in on this marketing

she was 17 when she met Mr

Berlusconi at one of his parties. Both she and the Prime Minister deny he does admit giving her a car,

a diamond necklace, and a diamond necklace, and $9,500 in cash. Once the which is April start hearing the positions of - the - the testimony of the various

witnesses and the girls

were in the wiretapping and the

the conversation on the phone to hear something which wiretapping then if you start

really embarrassing and difficult to handle, I that that could hurt the image of Berlusconi and his Three female judges will also positioning as Prime Minister.

hear evidence about Berlusconi's decision hear evidence about Mr

telephone a police station to Berlusconi's decision to

have Ruby released from custody on an unrelated theft charge.

The PM denies position. He says it was all a misunderstanding. That believed she was the misunderstanding. That he

granddaughter of the Egyptian

President, who he wanted to

save from any save from any diplomatic

embarrassment. Berlusconi is a

fighter. He has not given up in

elections. the past, even when he lost

elections. He is unlikely to resign because that would be

some sort of admission of his

guilt. He is going to fight in

the courts and he is going to

fight in the squares, he is

going to try to going to try to demonstrate. He

is going to use all his media.

just days after up to 1 million Notice of the trial was

people took to the streets,

calling for Mr Berlusconi's

resignation. If he is found guilty, he faces 15 years guilty, he faces 15 years in jail. Shortly we will be

crossing to Rome to speak to expert about this latest crossing to Rome to speak to an

installment in the Berlusconi

saga. Yet another Arab country is feeling the political heat as anti-government sentiment

sweeps across the Middle East.

Bahrain, demanding regime streets of the Gulf kingdom of Thousands have been

change and democratic reform.

Two people have died in clashes

with security forces. It's

prompted the king to make a rare national address he has apologised for the

deaths and promised a full

investigation. Bahrain is a

mainly Shia Muslim country but

has been ruled by the Sunni

royal family since the 18th

century. Middle East and lift

and former ambassador to Israel

Peter Rogers says the key to the

levels of youth levels of youth unemployment. I

think the king is concerned

Bahrain will catch the con

stage onthat seems to be going

across the Middle East. He's also particularly concerned by

the fact he is a Sunni Muslim

with close links to the Saudi

royal family, but 70 or 80% of

Bahrain's population is Shia.

It may be a wave. Whether we've

reached high tide or not I don't know but the word I would add

said, we may have a vibrant

population. We have a vibrant unemployed population. The

levels of youth unemployment across the Middle East really astronomical. Given the circumstances of dictatorial regimes, that seem to be looking after their own interests, the failure to

create jobs for increasing

numbers of unemployed coming on

to or school leavers and university leavers coming on to

the work force, there is -

there's a potentially explosion quiff situation. Similar scenes of unrest are playing

out elsewhere across the region. There's still a lot of anger on the streets and tonight there are reports

of fresh unrest in Libya. In Yemen, anti-government protesters and protesters and pro-government

supporters clashed in the streets as protests encouraged

by events in Cairo entered their fifth consecutive their fifth consecutive day. Riot police blocked Riot police blocked the capital's main road capital's main road where protesters responded gathered in cities across the

country to protest against

joblessness and corruption in

the war ravaged country. In hee jipt, the ruling Military

Council says the country's

constitution will be constitution will be reformed within 10 days. The current constitution has been suspended

because of changes made by ousted President Hosni Mubarak's regime. Mr

stepped down last week after

more than two weeks of meant government demonstrations. The Muslim Brotherhood says it will

form a political party once democracy is established, but won't contest the won't contest the presidential elections. Meanwhile, one of America's best-known foreign correspondents is recovering in

hospital after being raped beaten in Egypt. Lara Logan of

CBS was separated from her team in Tahrir Square last Friday.

The TV network says she was then surrounded and attacked

before being saved by a of women and Egyptian soldiers.

Ms Logan was flown home the

next day. The Australian Prime ovation today when she became the first foreign leader to address New

her New Zealand counterpart John Key signing a protocol aimed at boosting trans-Tasman investment. It was investment. It was a warrior's welcome for the Prime welcome for the Prime Minister . He came to New promote and deepen a promote and deepen a fierce friendship. Australia has many

alliances around the world, economic and defence partnerships of every kind, New Zealand alone is family. leaders can sometimes tell their Gillard melt the Governor-General, and New Zealanders who helped Queensland flood welcome the ... But it was her address to Parliament

address to Parliament which made

It's truly a It's truly a great privilege to be to be the first Australian Prime Minister, Prime Minister, indeed the first foreign head of government, to address of the Parliament of New Zealand. Both leaders Zealand. Both leaders joked about rivalry. Treat it as a mark of respect when our friends across the Tasman such traditional New Zealand

icons as pavlova, Crowded House and Phar

always abides by the umpire's decision. Australia accepts the verdict of verdict of the global umpire. And will implement the World

Trade Organisation rulings

the importation of New Zealand apples into Australia. Honouring the ANZAC spirit, Ms

National War Memorial, after

news that another New Zealand soldier had died in Afghanistan. Julia Gillard doesn't want doesn't want her first to restore annual prime ministerial visit us because

she says familiarity shouldn't lead to forgetfulness.

visit at least will certainly be remember be remember and recorded in the

history books. Let's our top story now, the news that Japan is suspending its

Donald Rothwell is an expert on

the law of the sea. He's advised groups who want to halt Japan's whaling program and Professor Donald Rothwell is in backward step in in ongoing tussle announce minute by the fishing agency. There is

that was in 2007, following that was in 2007, following a fire on board the Japanese whaling ship

But on this occasion, it does seem on the evidence that we're presented with presented with that the Japanese have Japanese have taken the

decision to suspend the whaling

program predominantly in

response to the disruption to

this year's program caused this year's program caused by the Sea Shepherd conservation society. So in that regard, it

is unprecedented. As you cite there, the agency has mentioned

that it is the harassment by the activists that's the activists that's brought this safety. Sea Shepherd on safety. Sea Shepherd on the other hand says the only

language the whalers understand

is profit and loss. What do think is the reason or are the reasons behind this for a number of years now, the institute for institute for cetation research, the operations on behalf of the Japanese government, has

under increasing scrutiny in Japan for a number One is its failure to take the

appropriate catch quota that is

set which in any one year set which in any one year might

vary between 950 to just over

1,000 whales. Secondly the way

in which they haven't responded

appropriately to the are

harassment by the Sea Shepherd

conservation society and then thirdly of course the growing international attention that's international attention that's

been directed towards the

legitimacy of the Japanese whaling program in a number of

forums. So to that end, forums. So to that end, there has been this increasing

pressure on the Japanese. decision on this occasion as a

result of the harassment by Sea

Shepherd or not remains to be

seen. Of course the difficulty

for all of us is that we don't have any third-party verification what's been going on in what's been going on in the Southern Ocean over the last

few weeks. But needless to few weeks. But needless to say

if we do rely upon what Sea Shepherd has been saying

Shepherd has been saying they clearly have had a fairly

successful season in terms of disrupting the whaling programmed and stopping the

Japanese from taking their

catch quotas. How great would the economic and the symbolic

impact be if the Japanese decide to halt this season altogether? Well, that does

depend upon how many whales

have been taken. But once have been taken. But once again if we rely upon Sea Shepherd

reports we're hearing estimates reports we're hearing estimates of less than 100 whales having

been taken which is only about 10% of their projected quota.

Which clearly can't represent any real return on their investment which is investment which is quite significant to send four

factory ships to the Southern

Ocean for a three or four-month whaling regard, the program definitely seems to be

We also know quite clearly from a

a whole range of sources the Japanese whale meat stocks are continuing to accumulate in Japan and the Japanese general

lir losing their appetite for

whale meat. That would seem to suggest that economically there

will be significant pressures

on the ability of this program

to continue unless they to continue unless they can

turn a profit. How likely do

you think that this may be the

beginning of the end for Japan's whaling

that I've been working with overall? Well, certainly, NGOs that

that I've been working with

over a number of years have

to the range of strategies Japanese,

could be just as successful Japanese, could be just as successful in terms of occurred as a result of this announcement does remain announcement does remain to be

seen. Of course the Japanese

will no doubt rethink their whaling program and ultimately

I think the test will come I think the test will come in

October/November this year, when Japan would normally be announcing their ongoing whaling program for the whether this is really the end

of the Japanese whaling program

to date. Thanks so much for your time tonight. You're

welcome. Let's go to roam welcome. Let's go to roam now for reaction to Silvio Berlusconi's Berlusconi's upcoming court

appearance on charges of underage sex and abuse

power. For more let's talk with Professor James Wal ston, Professor of international reelthss at the

university of Rome. He university of Rome. He also writes extensively Italian politics and culture.

He joins us now live from He joins us now live from Rome.

Thanks for your time. The possibility of Mr Berlusconi

facing a trial in regard to sex allegations has been around for a short while. The possibility. Now that the trial is indeed is indeed going ahead, what's been the reaction in Italy? His closed ranks very solidly. They were were already doing it last week when there was the even tougher. They are saying

and he has said, he has let it

be known that he has intention of stepping down. He

will fight everything all the way and be

How historic will this trial be? In other words, how often before has an Italian into question before the

courts? This is There has been no other court

appearance of Italian leaders.

There've been plenty allegations from the

onwards and roam emperors but nobody in modern times,

is worth remembering that a lot

of his criminal cases are

personal in the sense that it's

his own business. It's not his

prosecuted before 6 April, when the sex case comes to court. He is being prosecuted for

corruption, for creating slush funds and he is under investigation for

political accusations. It's his personal behaviour which is

being prosecuted there. the Italian people, the Italian people, how divisive divisive has Mr Berlusconi become as become as a leadership figure? The whole country, in some ways it started in

he came onto the field, but

over the last couple of years it's become absolutely divided. There there are some the declining GDP, increasing debt, the problems of debt, the problems Fiat is going to go. These are major and money, and they're

and money, and they're not

being debated. Neither the

centre left nor the centre

right have a serious

Berlusconi and his sex life. One of Mr One of Mr Berlusconi's supporters has reportedly supporters has reportedly said the trial may bring out some embarrassing things. But that

doesn't mean the

anything wrong. Even if he is

found not guilty, how likely is

it that the Italian people will continue to to tolerate a

leader who is potentially an

embarrassment to them and their country? If he is able to

reduce the increase in

unemployment, if he is able to

get the they would forgive him. If he

is also - and there is a major issue at the moment, if he is able to help his allies the

northern league to give them federalism for federalism for the north, give

them devolved powers for the

north then he can survive.

These are the most important

issues. The sex scandals, the

Ruby business, is a marginal

issue. Which the church is

involved in and they are

important. But it's not crucial. What is crucial are

the underlying problems that Italy has to face. They've tolerated Berlusconi since he

became Prime Minister. Briefly

in 94, but then in between 2001

and 2006, he has been an embarrassment for most European leaders. Remember in

2003 when he called the leader

European Parliament, he said

that he should play a Nazi in a

concentration camp. He said it

was a joke, of course. But he goes on goes on like that. He makes funny gestures at funny gestures at summits. He

disturbed the G20, the disturbed the G20, the G8 dinner at Buckingham Palace. He keeps Angela Merkel wide

waiting while chatting on the phone. These things go on and on. He is a serious embarrassment for Italy. He

continues to think that he is the bee's knees for the bee's knees for everyone.

This is the big problem

Italy at the moment. The trial is due to begin in April. Which is considered speedy in a

system where the wheels are notorious for turning extremely slowly. How significant is it

that this is seen as a speedy trial? This does make the

difference between his other

criminal prosecutions, criminal prosecutions, because

the events which are alleged to

have taken place were in May

last year. The prosecution moved very quickly. They have

got on - they have succeeded got on - they have succeeded in getting a fast getting a fast track

prosecution. So we're going to April. There's a fair

possibility that they will come

to verdict the first level of

verdict by the end of the year.

So this is extremely quick, and

justice must not only be justice must not only be done

it must be seen to be done, and

done rapidly and it never is Italy. If it is done Italy. If it is done rapidly in

Italy this will be extremely different and have a big

effect. Whilst those wheels of

justice turn, quickly, comparatively quickly you don't think there is any likelihood

of him resigning unless there is a major issue within the government between him and his coalition partners. Which at the moment seems

unlikely. They have to make it to about April, because Italy doesn't have summer. So if they can hold

things together, then the government will hold and government will hold and there won't be elections. There is a slight possibility that there

might be a different might be a different government

with another centre right

leader or a national leader.

But that depends on how other problems pan out as well as his

criminal prosecutions. And we've got three hearings for other prosecutions between now and your time tonight. Thank you.

Back home now - wet and wild

weather has left its mark in

Darwin, and things could be

about to get a lot worse.

Residents are hunkering down

tonight as cyclone Carlos bears

down on the city. Darwin has

been lashed ripping trees from the ground,

some ending up on homes. Roads

have been cut by flash flooding

and thousands of homes have

been left without power. We're

having a nice little sleep

about 2.30 when both the trees

came down, landed on the came down, landed on the roof.

That sort of woke us up a fair

bit. In the past 24 hours, more

than 430 mm of rain has than 430 mm of rain has fallen on the city. Leaving many cars stranded. And things are expected to get worse. The

summer of hardship for Australia is

my thoughts are with the people

of Darwin and the Top End as they prepare for this. Tropical cyclone Carlos is tonight menacing

tonight menacing the Top End

coast and predictions are it's likely to intensify. Many in

Darwin have begun stockpiling food and fuel. We're just going food and fuel. We're just going

to buckle down. Cyclone Carlos is forecast to is forecast to either go west

out to sea, or whip around and

give Darwin another

lashing. There is a heightened

level of anxiety around as a result of tropical cyclone Yasi. We are in no way in any

comparison to what Queensland was facing. As conditions intensify, intensify, coastal suburbs are

at most danger of flash

flooding and damaging winds and police have already begun door

knocking warning residents of the potential danger. The

government has also opened up

extra shelters in the area for

anyone feels they need extra protection during the storm.

The with Graham Creed. with Graham Creed. Tropical cyclones are a big cyclones are a big feature along the Australian coastline.

There is Carlos affecting the Northern Territory, with possibly damaging possibly damaging winds and very heavy rainfall. Another

system is expected to form into a cyclone off the Western

Australian coast. Elsewhere through the east, it's also very unstable. A series of

troughs moving through south-east. Onshore winds south-east. Onshore winds are come bining to come bining to produce widespread showers

thunderstorms across many of the The remarkable The remarkable voice of Dame Joan Sutherland filled The woman dubbed 'La Stupenda'

died last year at her home

service in London was a service in London was a moving tribute for woman who tribute for woman who found a place in the hearts of music lovers all around the world. The echoes of Dame Joan floated up into the Abbey's grand domes. The voice of the century, as her friend Luciano Pavarotti her 2,000 fans, dignitaries and

royalty, including Prince Charles. Joan was singer, possessed of a ravishingly beautiful voice, pure, large, even throughout his his wide range, flexible, warm and vibrant. Her husband, credited as the outpouring of grief since her death last October. In and hymns and spiritual songs, sings with grace in hearts. Her grandson presented generation of Australian sopranos celebrated her

legacy. Most of us thought we'd

never had v a chance to

thank you or to remember her in

anything that we do apart from

just our normal just our normal work and to

actually have a chance to sing

at something like this is -

it's huge. Those of us old

enough to remember that

extraordinary first performance

at the Royal Opera at the Royal Opera in the late 50s will forever treasure her in our hearts. It's a

tremendous and rare honour to

be farewelled at Westminster

Abbey. The last ceremony here

was for a Minister. Memories of a unique voice still resonate.

Motors banks on China for a

brighter driving future. While tens of thousands tens of thousands of protesters, protesters, including supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood, remain in Tahrir

Square, just to my right, all around the square, there are

thousands of soldiers, hundreds

of tanks and armoured of tanks and armoured personnel carriers.

The effects of cyclone Yasi

will be felt for months to come in regional towns like in regional towns like Ingham.

Cane farmers say the damage

from the extreme wet season will end up costing

The Federal Government is again chipping in more again chipping in more relief funding to cover the human cost

of the deluge. Dealing with the economic currents will come

later. Reporting from inner

Mongolia. From London. From Hobart. From Canberra for ABC

News 24. You're watching 'The World'

on ABC News 24. Our top stories - a the Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi to stand

trial on charges of paying for

sex with an underage prostitute

and abuse of power. He is due

to be tried by three female

judges at the hearing in April. Mr Berlusconi denies the

charges. Thousands of people have been on the streets of the

Gulf kingdom of Bahrain,

demanding regime change and

democratic reform. Two people have died in clashes have died in clashes with

security forces. It's prompted

the king to make a rare

national address in which he has has apologised for the deaths

and promised a full investigation. And environmental groups are

hailing what they say it a huge

victory in the fight victory in the fight against whaling. The Japanese Fisheries

Agency has temporarily suspended its Antarctic suspended its Antarctic whale hunt. It says harassment by

environmental activists is environmental activists is one of the reasons for the

suspension. With more on the whaling developments, here's

environment reporter Sarah

Clarke. The conservation group

the Sea Shepherd has

whaling fleet since last year.

It's now labelling this

campaign as its most successful

yet. After Japan announced it

was suspending its hunt. The

Japanese Fisheries Agency its decision to suspend the

hunt was made because of ongoing harassment from

activists. And it was made in

the best interests of its

crews' safety. Either way it's a groups. Who've longed this so-called scientific

research program is illegal and this so-called scientific research program is illegal barbaric. The strategy is place its ship in the slip way of the processing vessel the

'Nishin Maru'. It says so far this year only Japan's annual quota. But this is just is just a temporary suspension. Japan is year's program. The hunt starts up in March. Sea Shepherd has

its sights set on the whale fleet and until that fleet comes back completed its task. More than

200 people have been killed in south Sudan just a month south Sudan just a month after

the region voted for

independence from independence from the north. The south Sudanese Government

minister says 211 people died and many more were wounded in

the attack which occurred in the oil-rich state of Jonlve. Those killed included people who'd just returned to take part in the referendum. The attacks have been blamed on been blamed on a renegade

militia. New peace talks between the Philippine

government and maoist rebels have begun in for way. It's been six years been six years since negotiations broke down. whether the latest round of talks can bring real change. Two armies fighting

cause. One is the government's army. The other is a small but dedicated which has waged a long and deadly war that's claimed

thousands of lives. The rebels

have been trying to bring down the government

Over the years, the two parties

have signed stop the fighting. But so stop the fighting. But so far, they've been unsuccessful. Six years after peace talks failed,

the parties are sitting the parties are sitting down

again to find a way to live together. Despite the arrest of a top guerilla hours after talks got under hours after talks got under way way this time there appears

rebels' spokesman is calling on his soldiers to support the peace talks. We are not looking forward for the power sharing.

If this should be a peace talks it should causes of social it should address the root causes of social

The rebels want the this be held on false charges this be held on false by the government but some by the analysts remain sceptical by the government but some analysts remain sceptical talks can whether the latest round of

breakthrough. It's not clear whether the resumption can whether the resumption can be done with the Manila government. The government has not committed to releasing jailed

Maoist rebels. It says the

focus of the talks should be on political and political and social reforms to

end the conflict. People in

North Korea are expected to

join mass celebrations to mark the birthday of their leader

Kim Jong Il. Throughout the day, Pyongyang citizensed

climbed the city's central hill

to the foot of a giant statue

of the country's founding leader. There they

before bowing or saluting. As

Kim Jong Il celebrates his 69th birthday there is continued

speculation about the state of his health. However, North

Korean TV released what it says

is recent footage of the leader

and heir apparent Kim Jong-Un

meeting soldiers and observing

soldiers and observing soldiers and observing military exercises. Nurses in Britain

say there needs to be a

complete overhaul of the way

that elderly people are cared

for in public hospitals. for in public hospitals. The

call was made in the light of a

devastating report that accuses

displaying a casual some medical staff

indifference to older patients,

and denying them compassion and dignity. There are similar issues in Australia, with cases of abuse and neglect at some

nursing homes. The frailest of

patients at their most

vulnerable moment. Yet some are dirty, in pain and without

enough water. One 88-year-old

was transferred from hospital

to a care home. She was soakd

with urine, dressed in clothing

that didn't belong to her, that didn't belong to her, held up with paper clips. Another family found their father in

hospital. He was shut away

behind a curtain. He couldn't

speak. He couldn't mouth was all dry and sore. His

tongue was like a piece of

leather. An 82-year-old woman with Alzheimer's died alone, her husband was left in the

waiting room. It was a shabby

sad end to my poor sad end to my poor wife's

life. The shocking stories of these these families are not isolated

cases. We could've chosen a lot more stories, and these are stories that are very similar to cases to complaints that we

see very frequently in my

office. Elsie was in her 90s,

deaf and blind, when she deaf and blind, when she went into hospital. Her niece Susan

says her concerns were says her concerns were brushed

aside and her aunt's basic care was neglected. They'd was neglected. They'd have

moved the bedside table to get

to her. And the other side of the room so

she couldn't reach a drink, she

couldn't reach the buzzer, she

can't move. So she was then

left incapable of summoning any help. Many people get

excellent care, but report

after report has after report has raised

concerns about older patients. Today, the Nurses Union

accepted its members have to

take some responsibility, and a

fundamental culture change might be needed. Caring for our elderly citizens is a privilege. People need to see

it that way. I'm not sure

that's always the case. We need to make sure areas. These are the nurses of

the future. On their first the future. On their first day at Thames Valley Their tutor uses Their tutor uses a dummy

simulator in place of a patient. How do you usually clean your

clean your mouth? Mouthwash,

please. We are trying to treat

patient as an individual. On this course, respect for their patients is the first lesson.

If you want to change the

culture of how elderly people are treated in the NHS, many believe this is where you have

to start. With the basic skills that nurses and doctors learn from the first day of from the first day of their

training. No. 1, the respect and dignity. For example if

you're changing a patient, you

need to close the curtains, because there can be because there can be other people around. You think of how

you would want to be treated if you were in that situation. When these students qualify, some things will be different. In England, spot checks by senior organisation for patients .

Will it make a difference? Only

if it stops the most vulnerable being neglected. Inflation in the UK has

jumped to jumped to 4%, pushing up the

cost of living, and leaving millions struggling to pay

their bills. Oit the highest figure since November 2008.

Inflation is up yet again, that

has big implications for

household budgets, and for

borrowers and savers, with the odds shortening on interest

rate rises this year. One big

factor is the surge in food prices. This chocolate factory in Norfolk knows all about

that. The annual inflation rate

was at 3.7% at the end of last year but in January is t had

accelerated to 4%. The company

says it's doing all it can to

hold prices but admits

increases are coming down the

track. At the moment we have managed

managed to hold the line but

with the cost pressures with the cost pressures we're now under, I think now under, I think there will be some increases in price. Food manufacturers Food manufacturers are confronted material costs around the

world. This company has seen a

20% increase in what it pays for butter over the last year,

and cardboard for packaging has

jumped by 40%. Price rises on a whole range of goods and

services are now putting real pressure on household pressure on household budgets. For many people, incomes are

lagging well behind the rate of inflation. Stacey and Ben live

in this Norfolk town. They can cope with food prices in the shops like gas bills were beginning

to bite. It's quite scary

really. One of our major bills.

Wret we don't have the heating

on that much to have on that much to have to try and put it down as low as

possible. It doesn't go as far

as it used to. Noticeably when

looking at the bills at the end

of the month. It's difficult to

think where's all the money

going? Inflation is now double

the Bank of England's 2% target and

and speculation is growing it

will have to raise interest

rates soon. The governor King has had to write to the

Chancellor explaining why

inflation is so high. And he

hinted financial markets might be right to expect rate rises

this year. Bank of England will be very worried about inflation

at the moment and will be under

pressure to increase interest rates. The markets are actually expecting a 0.75% increase by

the end of the year. Labour says the UK has the worst of all worlds with prices rising so fast the Chancellor says he

is doing his bit to curb inflation by Motors is set to launch 20 new models and upgrades in China. The company

models and upgrades The company is looking to The company capitalise on massive growth in the Chinese car market. In China the becoming king. Less becoming king. Less than two years ago, it became the

world's largest car market. it's still world's largest car market. And

it's still the must-have item for members of China's

exploding middle class. This car is what my wife and I want in terms of its appearance, price and specifications. The technology is technology is the very latest cheaper than its competitors' cars. Last year GM sold more

trucks and cars in China than it did in the US for the first time in the company's 10 # year history. An expansion of sales into provincial cities helped the company sell 2.35 vehicles in China to satisfying the consumer. We want to understand the preferences that the China market wants. And while GM is looking to cement its position in China, it's beyond its borders. China is a unique market, sitting in

I think is 20, 30 years, that being 20, 30 years, that being Asia,

and China being the epicentre of that growth. Just 18 months ago, bankruptcy. Now it hopes China

will help it will help it reclaim its title as the as the world's biggest auto maker. But China's booming car

market may soon face new hurdles as Beijing and hurdles as Beijing and other big cities try to Japan and India have signed Japan and India have signed a free trade pact under which

India will scrap tariffs on 94% of goods within a decade. India's commerce minister Japan's Foreign Minister signed the deal in Tokyo. It's

designed to boost help Japanese auto makers such

as suz eke key. And it will also ease access for Indian generic lucrative market in Japan.

16-month-old Burmese girl took set to enter the record books for having the biggest number of fingers and toes. This girl seems unfazed by all the fuss. Born with 12 fingers toes, she may be the most digitally enhanced digitally enhanced girl in the world. Her mother, too, seems to think it's just my daughter has more toes is not lacking

OK about it. Being born with

an extra finger or toe is fairly unusual. But it's more rare for someone to more rare for someone to have

spares on both hands and feets. The next door neighbour wants

to gets her in the book of records. Its web records. Its web site two people in finger who have 12

and 13 toes each currently hold

the record. Her mum says whether she does or doesn't hold the record hold the record the additions help in other ways. She ont

seems to have a stronger on things. A US specialist in

reconstructive surgery says

it's caused by in the developmental process but it's possible to function normally with the extra digits. with the extra digits. However,

most parents like to have them

removed for social reasons. Parents don't want their their children

parents are bringing the children in to have

valuated then chosen to have

the extra digit or little girl is just enjoying

the advantage to. Sport the Champions League? They're doing very well. Tottenham's

colleague debut just getting better with the Spurs downing AC Milan downing AC Milan 1-0. Peter Crouch scored the match

late in the game. But the match

was punctuated by plenty was punctuated by plenty of ill-feeling between ill-feeling between Milan captain Gattuso and Spurs assistant manager Joe Jordan. Gattuso has apologised for head-butting Jordan saying there was no excuse for what he did and he simply lost

control. He obviously done his

homework. I don't know what it

was all about. Joe, I think he

- you know, he put his head

into Joe's face as well - I

don't know. It was crazy. don't know. It was crazy. He lost his head, didn't he, during the game.

The Champions League action

with Roma hosting Ukranian side

Shakhtar Donestk. It's the

second straight near Barcelona and the Gunners will face offer

in the knock-out stages. Nasri

is fit to play for the Gunners

but they have never beaten the

Spaniards in their five previous Champions previous Champions League

outings. We have the belief, we

have the confidence, we have

the players available at 90% in

February. That was not the case

last year. And so we cannot

complain. We are in an ideal

position to Melbourne Victory captain

Kevin Muscat says he has Kevin Muscat says he has few

regrets from his colourful 21

year career after year career after announcing his retirement his retirement from football today. The 37-year-old today. The 37-year-old former Socceroo will walk away Socceroo will walk away from

the game after the first stage

of the Asian Champions League

in May. It was a career that

began in the humble surrounds of the old national soccer

league in the late 80s league in the late 80s and reached the giddy reached the giddy heights of the English Premier the English Premier League,

World Cup play-offs and an FA Cup final. A career with moments of jubilation, and condemnation. Kevin Muscat says he has few regrets from two

decades sock of soccer in an uncompromising fashion. I

always lived on the edge. That

brought me a career of 21-odd

years. So I regret the few

times I have erred. He made 51 Socceroo appearances year notice green and gold,

scoring a penalty at the scoring a penalty at the MCG against Uruguay in a 2001 World Cup

Cup qualifier. To beat them

1-0, to have scored

penalty, it was - I don't think I could've scripted that

evening any better. Muscat will

also be remembered for less

glorious moments. He was forced

to pay $600,000 compensation to Charlton's Matty Holmes for

this tackle in 1998 which left

Holmes with a broken leg. And he won't be a part of the

victory's finals campaign due to received for this tackle last month. Muscat will now set month. Muscat will now set his sights on a coaching career

starting with two years on starting with two years on the

coaching panel of the club at

which he twice had the honour of lifting the premier's plate

. The Spanish side Spanish Cycling Federation has cleared

Alberto Contador of knowingly

using performance enhancing

drugs. It has reversed his one year ban, meaning he had

compete again immediately. Contador tested positive for a small amount of

steroid Clemuterol last year

and he has always maintained

his positive test was due to eating contaminated eating contaminated meat. We are speaking about not are speaking about not only the

best Spanish cyclist but the

best cyclist in the world. It's

obvious for the Spanish

federation and for Spanish

cycling this is good news.

Australia's cricketers say they aren't concerned by losing

their two World Cup warm-up

matches. They were matches. They were easily beaten by South beaten by South Africa

overnight, adding to Monday's

defeat to India. But Australian vice-captain Michael Clarke says his team will be firing in time for its first match

against Zimbabwe on Monday.

Luckily for Australia, these

are only warm-up games and are only warm-up games and like their uniforms, Michael Clarke is looking on the bright

side. There is areas of our game we need to game we need to ill prove but

we've had a good hit-out now

using niece two days as practice games to see the

conditions that we'll come up

against. The South Africans

weren't getting carried away by

the ease of their win. This is

a warm-up game. We're not looking too much into it. The

Indian fans are taking

very seriously, though. India

opens its World Cup campaign against Bangladesh on against Bangladesh on Saturday.

It was a knock-out blow that

stunned Australian boxing when Garth Wood the winner of a reality TV program floored world champion Anthony

Mundine. Last night was a

wake-up call. The pair will square off again in April. I

love testing myself. I know he will be hungry, revenge. I'm up for it. I have

a massive hunger, I haven't had that in a long time. The fight will be in news, James Brayshaw, Mark

Brayshaw and Trevor O'Hoy have

been re-elected to North

Melbourne's board. How do you think Australia will go in the Cricket World Cup? Four in a row. They'll go all the way! You are the eternal

optimist! Thank you. What has nine lives and lives at No. 10?

Well, Larry the cat has taken

up residence at the British

Prime Minister's home in

Downing Street. And it's quite

a change for the moggy. He has been brought in from the pound to tackle Larry. The latest addition to

the Downing Street team. With a strong predatory drive, this former stray is said to be used

to fending for himself. Handy

when you want to claw your way

to the top in politics. He is a

lovely, lovely boy. And he is

very interested in toys.

Particularly mousey-type toys.

So I think Larry might just be

up to the job! And Larry's

been thrust straight into the

limelight. At least two tit

twit accounts have opened twit accounts have opened in his name. He is described as n independent character location, even behind location, even behind this famous door. The Downing Street team said they

team said they didn't mind what sex, colour or age the cat new people. But Larry has other

qualities too, for some time he

has shown the

useful character trait when it comes to the world of

politics. High on Larry's job After a rodent was spotted scuttling past live TV scuttling past live TV cameras in Downing prints of Humphrey the No. prints of Humphrey the No. 10

cat who arrived as a stray when Margaret Thatcher Minister. Then there brought down from Edinburgh by Darling but she didn't setle and left the former Chancellor Alistair

Darling but she didn't setle

and left six months later. We're told the Prime Minister

has met the cat, held the cat

and they seem to get on. Staff

here hope Larry will be

stalking these corridors of

power for many years to come. Our top stories. Environmental groups are

hailing what they say is a huge

victory in the fight against

whaling. The whaling. The Japanese Fisheries Agency has temporarily

suspended its Antarctic whale

hunt, citing harassment by

activists as one reasons. Thousands of people

have been on the streets of the Gulf kingdom of Bahrain, demanding regime change and democratic reform. Two people

have died in clashes with the king to make a rare and promised a full

investigation. A court in Milan

has ordered that the Italian charges of paying for sex with an underage prostitute

abuse of power. Mr Berlusconi denies the charges. And Julia Gillard Gillard has pledged a closer relationship with New Zealand during a trip across nation's Parliament, she said New Zealand was part of Australia's family. Australia's family. She said the invitation parliamentary chamber was a

huge honour. date on all the stories we're

following you can log on to our And that is 'The World' for this Wednesday evening. be back in the latest news. I'm Scott Bevan. Thanks for your

This Program is Captioned Live.

An update on our top stories now. Good evening I'm Scott

Bevan. People in Darwin are

being told the safest place to

be tonight is at home as Tropical Cyclone Carlos

continues to cause heavy rain

and strong wind across the Top

End. The category one system is currently about 10 kilometres south-east of Darwin.

by wild weather, ripping trees

from the ground, some ending up

on homes. Roads have been cut

by flash flooding and thousands of homes left without power. We

were having a nice sleep until

2:30 when both the trees came

down landed on the roof. That woke us up a fair bit. In the past 24 hours, more than 430