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Live. Raids across eastern

Australia - Federal Police bust

a child pornography ring. The

searches have uncovered and searches have uncovered and the AFP has seized hundreds of

thousands of images and depicting child sexual thousands of images and videos

abuse. Queensland countdown -

Anna Bligh works into the early

hours of the morning, not frenetic for Campbell hours of the morning, not so

Newman. Massive French

firepower ends the siege. Now questions about security risk. And it was once a brave new transport solution.

Now it's bound for the

wreckers. Hello and welcome to

ABC News across Australia. I'm

Ros Childs. Mining stocks are a

big drag on the local share

market this afternoon: More finance later in the bulletin. Federal and police believe they've bulletin. Federal and State

police believe they've broken the Australian branch of a

major choild exploitation

network. In the past week, 14 arrests have been made in Victoria, New South Wales,

Queensland and the ACT with

more arrests likely as the

investigation continues. Police

say the operation came as the

result of a tip-off from

Interpol that a group of

Australians was involved in a file-sharing network. Reporter

Simon Lauder is at the

Court. That's Melbourne Magistrates

Court. That's right, Ros, the

press conference was with the

AFP's head of cyber crime

operations, Glen McKewan and he announced that the Australian Federal Police had undertaken

and were still involved in a major operation in which he had

busted and disrupted a group busted and disrupted a group of

online child predators, as he

announced. As you mentioned the

raids have been taking place

over the last week. 27 charges

have been laid against a of 13 men at this have been laid against a total

of 13 men at this stage.

They're aged from 21 to 64, and

the charges include accessing,

sharing and possessing

sharing and possessing child pornography, and pornography, and commander

McKewan described these crimes

as heinous and the material as

disgusting and abhorrent. The

searches have uncovered and searches have uncovered and the

AFP has seized hundreds of thousands of images and videos

depicting child sexual abuse

with some victims being still within their infant stage of

life, and if they believe they

can undertake this sort of

activity, undetected, then they

need to think again. So, Simon,

14 arrests so far, and more

expected? That's right. The

Australian Federal Police say this is an ongoing

investigation and clearly they're hoping to get information. Two more search they're hoping to get more

warrants were executed just

this morning, and that resulted

in that 14th arrest. A 15th man

is also helping police with is also helping police

their inquiries. Some of the

men have already appeared in court and mostly that has

resulted in bail with those

Menadue to appear at a later

date, which is why we're here

at the Melbourne Magistrates

Court this morning. Two men

appeared here this morning, a

21 -year-old and a 62-year-old,

and they have been bailed and

there is more court appearances

likely. This police operation

was the result of an Interpol

tip-off. Tell us about

that? That's right. The AFP has

been working on this since

December last year when they

received a tip-off from international crime-fighting received a tip-off from the

agency. Interpol told the Australian Federal Police that a group of Australian men a group of Australian men had been detected accessing and

sharing child pornography on a

file-sharing network, the same network which was obviously suspicious that they were cooperating together,

allegedly, and the head of cyber crime operations Glenn

McKewan con firnl, Ros, that

this tip-off originated in Germany. Simon, thank you. Germany. Simon, thank you. The US soldier accused of shootings in Afghanistan US soldier accused of mass

earlier this month will be

charged with 17 counts of

murder. Most victims were women

and children, some of the

bodies were burned. The US

official has revealed the charges laid charges laid against the

alleged culprit Staff Sergeant

Robert Beales who has been Robert Beales who has been held

in a military detention centre

relations between Washington in Kansas. The incident plunged

and Kabul into a crisis. There

has been a violent tond a

long-running siege in France.

The gunman wanted for a series

of killings, including two

children, was shot dead when

commandos stormed his the shocking crimes of Mohamed commandos stormed his flat, but

about religion, Mehra have inflamed the debate

multiculturalism and law

enforcement. Europe

correspondent Philip Williams

reports. It was a violent end

for a man accused of mass

murder. After 32 hours, police had

had lost contact with Mohamed

Mehra. They began to think he had shot himself. But had shot himself. But when Special Forces police stormed

his flat, he burst out of the

bathroom guns blazing, wearing a bulletproof vest.

TRANSLATION: The killer came out of the bathroom. He was

shooting violently. His shots

were frequent and severe. The

police officers tried to

protect themselves and he tried

to protect himself, but in the end Mohamed Mehra jumped

through the window with one weapon in his hand while he was

still shooting. He was found

dead on the ground. It appears

somehow this smiling young tear-away, a petty criminal,

turned into a cold, turned into a cold, calculating

killer. His extreme views

behind the trigger that ended

the lives of three soldiers, a

teacher, his two boys and a

little girl. And it finished

here. Mehra's body in a hearse

and a nation relieved that the

threat he posed is over.

TRANSLATION: The killer has

been identified and is out of action. He cannot harm

children, soldiers and the

military. Everything had been

done to ensure the killer was

brought to justice, but it was

not conceivable to expose lives

to attain that objective. We

have had enough dead

already. The President said

people viewing terrorist or hate websites would be punished

under new laws, but he under new laws, but he warned

against blaming Moslems for the

abhorrent actions of one

extremist. But far right presidential presidential candidate Marine

Le Pen is blaming the

government for surrendering whole suburbs to Islamic fundamentalists. The killing may be over. The may be over. The politics and

questions have just begun. A

tribute in print to Lake Eyre has been launched in today. 'Lake Eyre: A Journey Through the Heart of the

Continent', was completed by

ABC journalist Paul Lockyer

just days before he was just days before he was killed

flying over the region. He and

cameraman John Bean and pilot

Gary Ticehurst lost their lives collecting stories about this

great lake and their work over

two years inspired John Olsen

and Paul Lockyer launched the

exhibition last year. So today

it was John Olsen who launched the book. In a

the book. In a suspended

second, a mechanical Icarus

falls from the sky, falls from the sky, spin,

spinning, spun, in silence. We

remember them. And God bless

them. Thank you. (APPLAUSE)

. The book tells the story of

Lake Eyre and its

transformation from drought to flood. It features photos by John Bean and Gary Ticehurst. Residents on Queensland's Sunshine Coast are

assessing the damage after

torrential rain and flash

flooding caused chaos across

the region. Storms dumped about

400mm of rain in six hours on

the worst affected areas. More

than 200 homes were inundated

and hundreds of drivers were

forced to abandon their cars on

flooded roads. The deluge trapped some office workers in

their buildinger fos hours. More than

More than 600 calls for help

was received by the SES, but

no-one was injured. In less

than 24 hours Queenslanders

will cast their vote to elect a

new State Government. Opinion

polls predict Labor will lose

in a landslide, but the Liberal National Party isn't get ing

ahead of itself, saying it's still not taking anything for

granted. It has been a long

race to the finish line. This

morning brick batts for the LNP leader. Environmentalists gave

him a vandalism award, but

there were also bouquets. The

sun will come out in this State

and this man will represent the sun.? Good luck to you, Mr Premier. You're home

hosed, mate. The leaders are

delivering their final pitch to voters. There are education

issues, infrastructure issues,

a path of destruction and a path of destruction and chaos that we have to cut through if

we become the Government. Anna

Bligh went bowling. She was on

the campaign trail until 2

o'clock this morning. I know

that there are lots that there are lots of Queenslanders who are still

thinking very seriously about

their vote and I'm very, very

keen to be talking to every one of them before they get to of them before they get to the

ballot box. Labor has held

power in Queensland since 1989

except for a brief interlude

when the Borbidge Coalition

Government ruled between 1996

and 1998. Anna Bligh took over the reins from Peter Beattie

4.5 years ago and it was Australia's first female Premier to be elected in her

own right in 2009. She has all but conceded she won't but conceded she won't win

another term with the opinion

polls predicting an lfnlt NP landslide. It's important that come election day we have people like Andrew Fraser,

Cameron Dick, Di Farmer, strong

local members elected to the

Parliament to make a strong

Opposition against the LNP

Government, otherwise they Government, otherwise they will simply get out of control. But

just who might be the new

Premier has dominated the

campaign. Last year the LNP

looked outside of Parliament to recruit Brisbane's Lord Mayor.

Campbell Newman has to get a

swing of 7.1% to win Ashgrove

from Labor. There was doubt and uncertainty when two weeks ago

that polls indicated he would

have difficulty winning have difficulty winning that

seat, but now Campbell Newman

will almost certainly be

Premier. Whatever the outcome tomorrow, Queensland will

witness history in the

making. So, all the evidence is now pointing to a landslide LNP victory tomorrow and Campbell

Newman being the next Queensland Premier. Here is more

more from Antony Green, the

ABC's election analyst. All ABC's election analyst. All the

polls are indicating an

enormous swing against the

Labor Party. In those

circumstances it's hard to see how Labor can possibly survive.

The LNP needs a 4.5% swing

roughly to get into Government.

The swing is twice that at this

stage and given the size of the

State, even doubts about Campbell Newman winning his own

seat of Ashgrove. Of course he

is not in Parliament at the

moment. There was doubt and

uncertainty two weeks ago when polls indicated

polls indicated he would have

difficulty winning that seat,

but now it's clear that

Campbell Newman will almost

certainly be Premier. If and

when there is an LNP when there is an LNP victory,

what now for Labor what now for Labor and Anna

Bligh? There will be a much depleted party once the votes

are counted? Based on the polls

they will be hugely depleted. On the most recent polls, they

will be lucky to make 20 seats.

In that case it is a matter of

who is left in the Parliament. There are some very high-profile ministers high-profile ministers and potential leaders. Cameron Dick, Education Minister and

Andrew Fraser, Deputy Premier

and Treasurer are both and Treasurer are both highly

likely to lose their seats, as will the Health Minister Jeff

Wilson, so a lack of talent in the Labor Caucus after the Labor Caucus after this

election if the election if the result is as

bad as it looks. Is there much of

of a Federal implication from

that? The next Federal election

will be largely decided in New

South Wales where Labor South Wales where Labor can be absolutely decimated but the fact that Queensland continues

to be bad for Labor, makes it

rather hard for them to have

any sort of rebound at the next election, and election, and the circumstances in which the Bligh in which the Bligh Government

has been marked down since

2009, a perception that it won

the election and lied to get

back into office is certainly the message that people the message that people are

trying - the Coalition are

trying to get out about the

Federal Labor Government as

well, about how it got back

into office last time, so I

think there are warnings for Federal Labor there as to the

terms of the content of the

campaign of the next election

and that has certainly dogged the Labor Party up

here. Antony, thank you Thank

you. Laws that crack down on

shonky financial advisers shonky financial advisers have passed the Lower House of

Parliament. They're designed to

end secret commissions and make sure advisers put their

clients' interests first, one

group that has long group that has long campaigned

for change in the financial

industry is consumer group

'Choice'. Zis tofr Zinn is

Director. What's changed Director. What's changed is consumers are in the consumers are in the drivering

seat of financial advice. They will get the financial advice

they need and not just the they need and not just the more

costly advice that the industry

was giving them. Really it is

an historic reform, at 'Choice' we have been pushing this for

20 years. It means that more

people will be getting

financial advice, advice that

they really need and at a price that they can afford. You

didn't get everything you wanted in this bill. Where does

it fall short? There was an

issue over disclosure. We believe that financial planners, like any other professional, any other

tradesman, should actually tell

you what the costs were in advance so you could decide

whether you wanted to pay it. This has been mired This has been mired in

politics,. We've had two intense years of consultation.

There has been an incredibly high degree of high degree of complexity

around it. Fundamentally it

boiled down to very simple

issues, about people knowing

what they were being charged

and whether they want to know

that. We have opt-in which is the ability every two years to

say whether you want to continue with the arrangement

and or ASIC looking very closely at the industry.

Politics has played its part,

but we've got something that will mean that financial planning consumers can have much

much more confidence in it and

hopefully many more will use

it. So you're confident with

these changes, people can go it

a financial adviser knowing

that that person has their

interests has their No. 1

priority, rather than the commission? Look, at the heart

of this is the interests of this is the interests have

to be what is in the consumers'

interest, not the financial

advisers. These only apply to

new customers, not existing

customers of financial customers of financial planners

and it's been our advice at

'Choice' to say, look, if your

adviser doesn't get with the

message, doesn't move message, doesn't move their business with the times in

terms of these reforms, then by all means all means consider switching your adviser. That will put a

lot of competitive pressure on

some of the slower to move

parts of the industry to do so

if they see a migration of

client as way from them. Christopher Zinn, thank

you Thank you. Another shot has

been fired in the war of been fired in the war of words between the Australian Government Government and mining

billionaires. Andrew Forrest has teased the Treasurer,

accusing him of being unable to

add up. Wayne Swan has publicly attacked Mr Forrest and attacked Mr Forrest and other

mining bosses for using their

influence to criticise the

Government. That is the theme, of course, which our venerable

Treasurer has continued Treasurer has continued where

we seem to be at war with each other,

other, that if you happen to disagree with the Treasurer, you're

you're un-Australian, un democratic, probably

Communist. He has accused the

Government of using Government of using emergency

war-time funding to run its 2010 mining tax advertising

campaign. Let's take a check of

the markets with Chris Weston

from IG Markets. Stocks were

down in the Europe and US

overnight and our market seems to be follow ago long? We're

doing a little bit better than

the rest of the region. The

Shanghai comp sit in China is

down about a quarter of a%, down about a quarter of a%, but we're off about 30 points off the lows and currently down

about 6 points so there is about 6 points so there is a very good chance that we could

finish in positive territory. A

lot that have is down to the

buying we see in BHP. The

market seems very happy to buy

the stock at $34. Through the

banks, we are seeing a bit of buying and look at the

companies that has a lot of

exposure offshore - QBE, CSL, they are doing very well

because the Australian dollar

came off a little bit last

night as well. They are the

stocks in focus. You can have a

look at Resolute Mining, pap

beyond as well, all and all,

the market is the market is gravitating

higher which is great to see. A

tough time for retailers,

Chris. How are they doing today? A bit mixed. Premiere

Investments is the standout

there and David Jones has been

smacked the past couple of days, but scvp premiere Sin

vestments has solid earnings

today. The chairman has

suggested we need to see 75

basis points coming basis points coming off the

cash rate and the RBA is well behind the curve, which is

quite interesting, but the rest

of the stock; David Jones,

Harvey Norman, they are seeing

weakness today. The Australian

dollar is sliding, what are are

you seeing? Yes, come well off

the lows last night. Down to

103.7, so people are looking to

sell the rallies and buy the

dips, by the looks of things. Chris Weston, thank

you Thank you. Onto Wall Street

and factory output figures from

Europe and China put the brakes

on FedEx which predicted lower

growth in coming quarters:

Police have located one body

in their search for in their search for two children missing after fire

destroyed a house in western

Victoria early this morning.

Emergency crews believe a

3-year-old boy and 8-year-old

girl were inside the house at

the time. Fire crews were

called to the blaze at

called to the blaze at about 3

o'clock and arrived to find the

Dunkeld property engulfed in

flames. A woman and man aged in

their 30s were treated for smoke

smoke inhalation and shock. Fire crews say the pair tried to rescue the children. One

section costs $5 for 150m,

making Sydney's monorail one of

the world's most expensive forms of public transport, but

now it - but now its days are numbered. It will make way for

a major upgrade of the Darling

Harbour Convention Centre. The

monorail has been around for 20

years and many argue that its

use-by date has arrived use-by date has arrived and that's certainly the

Government's position. Built in

1988 and derided by many as

ugly and intrusive, the

monorail will be shut down next

year. The company also runs

Sydney's only tramline. The Government

Government says it's committed

to expanding light rail

services in Sydney. It has services in Sydney. It has been

a rough ride for Tasmanian

tourism. Visitor numbers are

down and industry officials say

more money is needed to boost awareness of the island's

charms. The boss of Virgin Australia has joined the call

for a PR offensive. The Virgin

Australia boss has fond

memories of holidaying in z

Tasmania, so much so he is

about to name a plane after a

Hobart suburb. The Hobart suburb. The aircraft

that we take delivery of in

about a month we will call Sandy Bay in memory of Sandy Bay in memory of my youth. But Bjorn Borg has told

tourism industry, but John bore

get ty says You are competing

against other icons of the country. Tourism chiefs country. Tourism chiefs say

budget cuts have contributed to

a 7% drop in visitor numbers. Having an industry leader from the mainland, so to

speak, reinforce that we need

more into the market, in

marketing dollars, helps us. The Government's $26

million tourism budget is half

what most other states are spending. We have got a very

tiny budget. Compared to other

states it's minuscule and it's very hard to compete.

We've been very open about

the budget challenges that we

do face and tourism budget is not immune from that. The

Virgin boss did announce an extra daily flight between

Melbourne and Hobart and say

there will be more to come there will be more to come if

the Government can boost

visitor numbers If we can

generate more volume, yes, we will put on more will put on more flights. Given

the budget woes, that might the budget woes, that might be

a flight of fancy. A new a flight of fancy. A new group of spider specieses has been discovered in discovered in Tasmania. Scientists combing through an

area of the Central area of the Central Highlands

stumble add cross the

wing-footed goblin which

measures in at about 2mm. It

has bulges on its legs that

aren't seen on other species of

spiders. The work is part of

the bush blitz program which the bush blitz program which is travelling Australia. The

wing-footed goblin is just one

of a dozen newly discovered

spider species. The team also

found five new species of rich

Chen from the same area. A

coroner has found cocaine use contributed to the death of the

American singing great Whitney Houston. The body of the 48-year-old singing star was

found in the bathtub of a Los Angeles hotel room in early

February. She had a history of

drug and alcohol abuse. The

coroner ruled accidental drowning as the cause of

drowning as the cause of death but cocaine was a factor Cocaine use indicated

acute use and it appeared that

the cocaine had been used in the time period just probably

immediately prior to her

collapse in the bathtub at the

hotel. Several other drugs were

found in her system, including antidepressants and sedatives.

A final coronial report is expected to be released within

a fortnight. To other stories

making news around the world -

drunken soldiers have reportedly looted Mali's

presidential palace hours presidential palace hours after

declaring a coup in the the

West African nation. The soldiers went on state TV, imposing an immediate curfew

and closing borders, in a

revolt that started as protest against the government's handling of a

nomad insurgency. About 78% of

eligible voters took part in

the first round of presidential elections in

elections in East Timor. elections in East Timor. Next

month's run-off poll is a

two-race way race between

former military chief Taur

Matan Ruak and former parliamentary Speaker Franciso

Guterres. And searchers say it

could take several days could take several days to recover five more bodies recover five more bodies found

in the wrecked Italian cruise

ship, 'Costa Concordia'. Elsewhere, on the ship, the pumping of fuel ship, the pumping of fuel oil from the hull, should be

completed today, removing the risk of an oil spill in risk of an oil spill in the surrounding marine reserve. A

season of outdoor performances

of 'La Traviata'. The company

has built a huge stage has built a huge stage on Sydney's harbour and is Sydney's harbour and is gamble

ing $6.5 million on starry ing $6.5 million on starry sky as head. The weather didn't

deter 500 cast and crew deter 500 cast and crew staging Verdi's Italian masterpiece. After months of

planning, this was the first major

major test of the outdoor

opera. This was no walk in the

park. A massive stage park. A massive stage erected

on pylons in the water, a on pylons in the water, a giant glistening chandelier, glistening chandelier, a

stellar cast and one of the world's best backdrops. The

great wet that has enveloped

Sydney rained on this Sydney rained on this parade,

too, leaving the audience and

organisers looking like a team

of extras from 'Avatar'. It was

on again, off again, with the

stars of the opera having to risk all and sing in the

rain It's not too heavy, about

you it puts news a

position. The site at Mrs McCorey's point has been McCorey's point has been like an artistic war zone all week, organisers striving to make it

safe We've had to the entire infrastructure of a theatre and

auditorium had to be auditorium had to be inserted

down here and this is a very,

very brave thing to do. Taking

the opera outdoors is an

audacious bid to expand

audiences. With 3,000 seats,

this area holds as many people

as the Sydney Opera House and the Melbourne State the Melbourne State Theatres combined, but it comes with

high risk. Riding high, as if

her own life depended on T The performance performance is beautiful, the

weather was weather was ugly.

It is worth the effort. It's

disappointing with the weather, though, but the chandelier though, but the chandelier in itself. I'm amazed at the sound

in this open air. Though the

story of 'La Traviata' ends

tragically, the opera is hoping

for a happy ending. A fine

night is forecast for the

Saturday opening.

The Australian Olympic

Committee has announced a

national swimming squad of 44

to take on the world at to take on the world at this year's London Games. It is the

same sized team as the one that

travelled to Beijing 4 years ago. The squad was announced at

the conclusion of the selection trials. There was trials. There was one final-night surprise when

sisters Cate and Bronte

Campbell to become the Campbell to become the first siblings in 40 years to make

the Australian swimming team.

The pair finished one-two in

the 50m freestyle. COMMENTATOR:

The sisters have made it. The

sisters have made it. It will

be a sister act in London for

Australia. Who will be in

charge when you guys get charge when you guys get to

London? Cate will do the

cooking but I will be in charge

of all the important stuff like shopping and whatnot. I think

realisticly we could

realisticly we could be somewhere around the total we

had in Athens, around 15 or

something like that. If we look

at our world rankings that

we've got here right now, it

might suggest there is more

than that. Australia won six

gold, six silver and eight

bronze medals in bronze medals in swimming at

the 2008 Olympics. To the

weather and the satellite weather and the satellite shows

cloud being driven over Victoria and Tasmania by cold

and gusty south-west and gusty south-west winds, cloud clearing from South-East Queensland as the trough Queensland as the trough moves

further offshore, and patchy

cloud in the tropics with a

weakening monsoon. Cool south

westerlies in the wake of a

front should bring showers front should bring showers to southern South Australia,

Victoria and Tasmania. Moist onshore winds should trigger

isolated showers isolated showers over north-east New South Wales and eastern Queensland. A eastern Queensland. A low pressure trough should pressure trough should produce storms and showers about

north-west WA and the northern

tropics. Around the capitals:

Let's go back to the Stock Exchange for a final check of

the markets:

And that's the news for And that's the news for now

on a day when Federal Police

detail raids across eastern

Australia to bft a child porn

racket, questions were being

asked about the gun man who

died in a Toulouse siege, and Anna Bligh and Campbell Newman

can see the finish line with the Queensland election now

less than a day away. There is continuous news on ABC News 24

and ABC News Online. Our and ABC News Online. Our next

full bulletin is at 7 o'clock

this evening. I'm Ros Childs.

Thanks for joining us. Have a good afternoon, a lovely

weekend and see you on Monday. Bye for now.

Closed Captions by CSI.

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