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(generated from captions) Today a prodemocracy leader

is freed but how will Burma

deal with the fallout? It is

great to see what has been done

with the release of Aung San

Suu Kyi but there is so much

more to do.

Also today the Prime Minister attends talks at the APEC summit in Japan. And Mark Webber's Formula And Mark Webber's Formula One

world title dreams up in smoke

after qualifying 5th for tonight's final race in Abu Dhabi. This Program is Captioned Live. Good afternoon, watching ABC News 24, I'm live Live. Good afternoon, you're

- Liv Casben. watching ABC News 24, I'm live

World leaders are watching Burma today to see what happens

next now that the leader Aung San Suu Kyi has next now that the prodemocracy

been released from house

arrest. Ms Suu Kyi Ms Been in

periodic detention for 15 years since leading her party to victory in the 1990 election. After victory in the 1990 general

authorities read her election. After Burmese

authorities read her the

of her compound to greet release papers, she walked out

cheering supporters. These are

that the first pictures to emerge of

65-year-old Nobel Peace Prize that jubilant moment. The

winner told the crowd "We must work together in unison." She's

her release due a to make a speech about

freedom comes less than her release shortly. Her freedom comes less than a week after Burma held its elections in 20 after Burma held its first

elections in 20 years. The

Prime Minister Julia Gillard

says she's delighted that Aung

San Suu Kyi has been released.

She told reporters at the APEC She told reporters at the APEC summit in Japan that

Australia's ambassador in Burma

will meet Ms Suu Kyi. On behalf

of the Australian people can I the release of Aung San Suu express our absolute delight on

Kyi. This is something Kyi. This is something the

Australian Government has long

pressed for. We have this consistent representations that

this heroic woman should be released. We're very, very pleased that she has now been

released into the community. I take this opportunity to reiterate the Australian

Government's call for the release of the 2,000 other political prisoners in Burma and the Australian Government's political prisoners in Burma

elections in Burma call for

elections in Burma and a proper

reconciliation process. It is

great to see what has been done

with the release

Suu Kyi but there is so much

more to do. I have asked our

ambassador in Burma who hopes to make contact with Aung San

Suu Kyi today to give her a message from me which I have Suu Kyi today to give her a

written on behalf of the Australian people. So Aung San

Suu Kyi herself can have in her

hands words that express the

emotions of the Australian

people to her for people to her for her

courageous struggle for

democracy over such a long

period of time. World leaders have cautiously welcomed the

release of Burmese democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi release of Burmese democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi but

many are insisting that the

Burmese regime must now release

all political prisoners and

move to genuine democracy. Is

this Burma's Mandela moment?

Aung San Suu Kyi is

her country certainly is not.

Nelson Mandela was able to negotiate democracy for South Africa but will she be allowed to to follow a similar course? Are

Burma's Generals even

contemplate ing the end of

their rule? Aung San Suu Kyi

has devoted herself to the

cause of democracy since 1988.

Burma was in political turmoil.

She had just returned from

Britain to her homeland and

told this vast not remain indifferent to what was going on. But was going on. But within a was going on. But within

month the army seized power

after brutally suppressing the elections but when Aung San Suu demonstrations. They did call

Kyi's party won overwhelmingly

the military refused to step

aside and she was under her first long period of

first long period of house

arrest. She spent the years of solitude meditating, listening to the radio and studying. Isolation which strengthened her

her resolve. Once I was under

house arrest I became totally a

political animal. This was my

whole existence. Now the

outside world is celebrating her freedom, this is Thailand while keeping up international

pressure for decisive political change. To have spent change. To have spent 15 of

the last 20 years under arrest and to have not budged the last 20 years under house

one inch from her belief in one inch from her belief in

human rights and democracy and

freedom for people in Burma, an

inspiring figure for everyone

around the world, a great day for democracy rights. President Obama released a statement saying

she's a hero of mine and an

ition operation for all. The

United States looks the day when all of Burma's United States looks forward to

people are free from fear and persecution. Ban-Ki Moon the Burmese authorities persecution. Ban-Ki Moon urged

build on today's action by the Burmese authorities to

releasing all prisoner, thought to over 2,000. So what prisoner, thought to number

over 2,000. So what will Burma's ruling General dos next? They deliberately staged last month's elections

release was tightly controlled. today news in Burma of her

This is what Burmese television was showing as she supporters. And was showing as she greeted her

Burma's 50 million people now supporters. And what can

expect? Many clearly expect? Many clearly hunger for

an end to military rule and the

brutality and needless poverty

it has imposed. But they must still

still be fearful that today's

euphoria could be short lived. The Prime Minister has attended a bilat really meeting

Obama at the APEC summit in Japan. Japan. The meeting went longer than scheduled and as political correspondent Mark Simkin

reports from Tokyo, leaders came out singing each

other's praises. Talks about climate change climate change and obviously they're in exactly the same

position with an ETS on hold

and a cap and trade plan on

hold. They talked about

Afghanistan and the possibility

of - well not an exit strategy,

we don't use that expression

anymore, we use the anymore, we use the term

transition to Afghan control

and they talked about trade and here's say after the meeting later in the day. In that meeting I reaffirmed Australia's long-term friendship long-term friendship with America. We are America. We are good mates and

we will continue to be good

mates and what that means is

that we've got an agenda of

work that the two countries will participate in. The United States

States is here to stay. We are

invested in your success

because it's connected to our

own. In this region the United

States sees a huge opportunity to increase our ex ports some of the fastest markets in the world. For

America this is a job

strategy. Out of that meeting

with Barack Obama Julia Gillard

scored an invitation to

White House, that will happen

some time early next year in the first quarter of the the first quarter of the year.

But more immediately But more immediately the two

leaders will meet again in

Lisbon next weekend which is a

NATO meeting and the focus very much there will be on Afghanistan Afghanistan and the way forward. Obviously, even more immediately, later immediately, later today there

will be further meetings here

in APEC and I can report sadly journalists sometimes get

what they wish for and aren't so happy about it. After mocking the so-called mocking the so-called silly

shirts here at APEC for years,

last night at the official

silly shirt event everyone turned up in business suits. turned up in business suits. A

lot less colourful. Mr Obama

has indicated the US is looking

to send more exports to the

Asia Pacific region at the APEC

meeting. That would mean

competition for Australia but Trade Minister Craig Trade Minister Craig Emerson says lit be a contest. Wee seek only an

opportunity to compete. What

Barack Obama is saying is that

he understands the Asia Pacific

region is a very dynamic

region. Much, if the world's growth is occurring in this region and it's great

that the United States is

committing and recommitting to

engagement in the region, to

liberalising trade in the

region. That's more prosperity

and more jobs. You see, one of the real attractions the real attractions of opening

up countries to trade is that

you're not arguing about a

fixed number of jobs. The total

number of jobs through the gains from trade through specialisation. The through specialisation. The NSW Premier Kristina Keneally says

the exodus of Labor MPs from the next election is just what she

wanted. The Bankstown MP Tony Stewart is the 17th Labor MP to announce they're quitting

politics and won't contest the

March State election. It comes

after his factional ally Joe Tripodi also announced earlier

this week that he was departing

said she made it clear to ALP

head office several months ago

that she wanted new faces in

her team. As I said n the

coming weeks we will see a new team of candidates, a new team come forward ready to take come forward ready to take up

the challenge of renewal and

regeneration and fresh thinking

in our parliamentary ranks. The Victorian Coalition has

launched its election in launched its election campaign

in Melbourne but the State

Opposition has been forced to play down the play down the behaviour of one

young candidate. The 'Herald

Sun' has published images of 21-year-old Melton candidate Brady Kean promoting 24-hour alcohol alcohol consunks on Facebook. Officials are meeting Officials are meeting to

discuss the situation. Both the federal Opposition Leader Tony Abbott and State Opposition Leader Ted Baillieu addressed

around 500 party faithfuls in Melbourne. Mr Baillieu Melbourne. Mr Baillieu announce

ed plans to set up a new body to manage Victoria's public

transport if re-elected. He

said the thorted would make prm

Plck transport safer and more

Plck transport safer and more

reliable. Over the past 4 years

I've listened to I've listened to many, many Victorians. I've listened to families whose loved ones families whose loved ones have

been stabbed, bashed and even

murdered, who tell me our streets are no longer safe. I've talked with families I've talked with families whose

power and water bills are

rising and who every day struggle with a struggle with a failing transport system. And I've met with bushfire-affected families

who feel they've been forgotten by this many other Victorians have told

me that more of the same me that more of the same is simply not good enough.

These are today's top

stories. World leaders have

cautiously praised the release cautiously praised the release of the prodemocracy leader Aung

San Suu Kyi from house ahes. San Suu Kyi from house ahes. Ms

Suu Kyi has told thousands of

supporters they have to work in unison. The Prime

high level talks at the APEC

summit in Japan. Ms Gillard met with the US President Barack

Obama where they discussed the Obama where they discussed the war in Afghanistan.

Victorian Coalition has

launched its election campaign

in Melbourne promising better

transport and safer streets transport and safer streets if

re-elected. Taking a look at the weather: company's plan to blast a

shipping channel through Darwin

Harbour poses a significant risk to snubfin dolphins. Environmentalists are calling on the Japanese firm

use another route and keep the blasting well away from blasting well away from the threatened species. Inpex wants

to plast a shipping channel

through Darwin Harbour to its proposed $12 billion gas plant. The company's draft environmental impact statement

says there's a medium risk the blasting could kill dolphins

within a kilometre and a

dolphins within 2 kilometres could be killed or injured. could be killed or injured.

The plunge spaces and dolphins

will collapse under the initial pressure and then if you get a negative pressure immediately following then they literally explode. Darwin Harbour explode. Darwin Harbour has 3 threatened species of threatened species of dolphin including the recently discovered Australian snubfin.

Inpex said it will look out Inpex said it will look out for dolphins before setting off dolphins before setting off any

blasts. Scientists say they

will be too hard to see and

commercial fish finders should be

actually scan the entire area for large fauna and that would

include things like crocodiles, sea turtles, sea turtles, dolphins. But

green groups say the green groups say the blasting

risk is unacceptable. They risk is unacceptable. They say instead of blasting away the

rock crop from its preferred

shipping route, Inpex should

dredge a channel north or south

of it. We want an outcome from Inpex and the Government that

assures us that dolphins remain in the harbour and we have a

living harbour, not a dying Government says Inpex Government says Inpex must respond to community concerns. There are some issues

there that Inpex need to now there that Inpex need to now go away and address through their supplementary process. Green

groups say they don't want to

stop the project going ahead

but if the company and but if the company and the Territory and Federal

Governments don't ensure damage

to wildlife is will to wildlife is minimised they

will consider court action.

will consider court action. Wet weather across Victoria weather across Victoria has

slowed a surge in flying locust population in the State. The Department of Primary

Industries locust hotline has received more than 1,000 received more than 1,000 calms about insect swarms. They

started on Friday and a small number reached Melbourne. The

State locust controller Russell

McMurray says the rain has prechbed the farmers from spraying the pest. Unfortunately they

developed a bit quicker than

the weather will mer dr permit

us to treat them but we have a

number of strategies ready for

when the weather does clear so we can

we can go and treat them and

we'd encourage

the same. The stone fruit harvest is under way in harvest is under way in some

parts of Australia and there

are high hopes of a bumper cherry crop after drought

breaking rains but it could be

a bitter harvest for growers and pickers. growers and pickers. An uncertainty about uncertainty about new industrial relations

legislation. It's painstaking

and delicate work. With just 6

weeks to pick a year's weeks to pick a year's income there's little time to waste.

When you use two hands you take

twice as much money. 5,000

tonnes of to be picked from NSW orchards

this season, that's half the national crop. The

national crop. The season looks

extremely promising. We're very

hopeful it will - the weather

will hold off and will hold off and we will harvest a harvest a bountiful harvest. After a decade of

drought the bumper crop can't

come soon enough for come soon enough for regional

economies but there's also

uncertainty and confusion surrounding new employment

conditions. There's a little

bit of, I suppose, concern bit of, I suppose, concern over growers whether they are now growers whether they are now still part of the State-based system or whether they've moved into the into the federal-based

system The Federal Government changed employment conditions

in January. That was meant to

simplify pay and conditions but

there are concerns the new

horticulture award prevent exploitation of workers. Unfortunately all it

does is it makes it does is it makes it a little

bit tougher for those who are

doing the right thing. The Fair

Work ombudsman says the new award award kuz not include overtime

for casual workers Micking over

35 hours a week but the unions disagree and they're vowing

court action. There needs to be a test case so there are many workers who are underpaid in this

industry. Fair Work inspectors

have randomly audited close to

300 farms. More compliance checks are expected

harvest. The doors to the largest

largest indoor skaited park in the Southern Hemisphere have opened in Melbourne's south-eastern suburbs. Helmet,

knee pads and fearless spirits were the order of the day as the venue got its the venue got its first

workout. It was a batle with

gravity as hundreds of skaters,

riders and children flocked to the shed. It's been

designed by a professional

skate boarder but those who do

it just for fun love it

it just for fun love it

already. The ramp's smooth and it's it's so good. We've been

waiting for years for something like

like this. All this doesn't

come cheap. The local council

has put over $1 million into

the facility. All along the way

we've tried to aim for world class in all of the facilities,

in all the design and all the

concept and it's been delivered

so we're just wrapped. The has a compulsory

but management isn't shying

away from the sport's extreme image. We can't image. We can't control what they're going to try but that's

the nature of the sport so

that's why we love it. From the viewing viewing platform parents looked

on in awe at their children's aerial feats. Scary, it's

dangerous. It's his life at the

moment. I asked him what he was

going to do when he was older and

and he wants to be a professional scooter

professional scooter rider. You

can't wrap them in cotton

wool. At least under the roof

of the shed they're sheltered from Webber says he's still in with world championship

world championship contention

with the rest of the day's spord here is Claire spord here is Claire Aird. That's right, despite a That's right, despite a very, very

Now he'll start 5th on the grid

for this evening's Abu Dhabi

grand prix, the final round of

the Formula One championship will decide who wins the title.

Four drivers are in with a chance. Sebastien Vettel will

start on pole along Sood Lewis

Hamilton. Fernando Alonso will start from third. I knew that I

knew in the second set of tyre there's is some potential to

come so I push the limit come so I push the limit and then third place is

then third place is great, I

think. For us yesterday we did

a good job in if set up, today

I think it was a good qualifying for us so we just

need only one more day in perfection. Walpy's coach Robbie Deans says England's

victory over Australia doesn't

Wallabies were beaten 35-18 by

Wallabies were beaten 35-18 by England at Twickenham. Both

sides scored two try sides scored two try aspiece but none was like the

effort from England's Chris

Ashton. The winger stepped and

then outpaced Australia's Drew

Mitchell. Toby Flood netted 25

points from the boot for a

record against the Wallabies and

made sure there wouldn't be a third successive win for the visitors

visitors at Twickenham. Two try aspiece but clearly England

deserved their win. A couple of critical moments where we were building pressure like a return for that was

imminent. We turned over ball

and England scored at the and England scored at the other

end on two occasions. That was

essentially the difference in the

the game. Australia's Ashes

hopefuls will find out tomorrow if they've

if they've made it into the

squad for the first Test

against England. Their opponents have arrived opponents have arrived in

Hobart to prepare for their A side with this match and A side with this match and two Sheffield Shield games to be played selectors are expected

to name an extended squad. It's

not our concern what size or who they pick at this precise home in

precise home in time. Focussing

on what we want to do and how we can improve. Obviously learning from yesterday and

learning from Perth. We're

ultimately just focus onge what

we want to do and how we can improve and not too much worrying about worrying about Australia. That was England's batsman Alastair Cook there. Manchester United has drawn with

Villa. Villa liked like it had

secured a 2-0 win but

hit back to rescue the match.

Ashley Young opened up the

scoring for the home side. Villa added a second shortly after through Marc after through Marc Albrighton but the win wasn't to be as fird Federico Macheda and fird Federico Macheda and then Nemanja Vidic took the

Nemanja Vidic took the game level leaving both sides with level leaving both sides with a point each.

were brought back to Earth with

a 2-0 loss at Stoke. Manchester

City and Birmingham were scoreless, the same for

Newcastle and Newcastle and Fulham. And bothen Back home in the A-League ladder leaders the Brisbane roer say they're

roer say they're expecting a

tough battle against the Heart

in Melbourne despite beating

them 4-0 in September. them 4-0 in September. Perth

Glory hosts Melbourne Victory in today's other game France's

Gael Monfils is through to the

final. Monfils had a final. Monfils had a tough

semifinal wind over Andy semifinal wind over Andy Murray

while Federer was the hot favourite after cruising through against

through against Melzer. Federer

as usual proved how strong as usual proved how strong he

was at the net although the

home favourite #4e8dHeld on for

a grit qui 3-set win. Monfils

will face Robin Soderling in

the final after he overcame Michael

and more than that, like I beat

him in Paris and so for me it's

a very special moment and I

play good tennis so I'm really

happy. And at the final round of the Australian Masters in Melbourne Tiger Woods has put

on an impressive display to

move into outright fourth on

the leader board. A short the leader board. A short time

ago Australian Daniel Gaunt

took the lead by a shot. Stuart

Appleby and Adam Bland are hot

on his heels. Time to check the

weather now.

Let's take a look at the forecast for tomorrow. Firs to the the satellite image and a cloud

band is causing rain for most

of the east coast States. of the east coast States. Cloud over the Queensland tropical

coast and onshore winds is

triggering showers. In

Queensland an upper trough will move east extending from the Central Coast into Central Coast into the south-eastern interior. Showers

and thunderstorms will continue across

across much of northern and western Queensland. Scattered

showers and possible central parts of NSW. In Victoria, there will be

isolated showers in southern and mountainous partly cloudy in the partly cloudy in the far north-west. Cool with light to moderate south-westerly winds. Isolated showers in the west and south of Tasmania. Scattered showers developing

over eastern districts. Fine

elsewhere. In South Australia isolated showers over the agricultural areas

contracting to southern coasts

by the afternoon. And late in

the day. Isolated showers an thunderstorms in To Western Australia now and isolated showers an

thunderstorms for the Kimberley, isolated morning showers on the south coast.

North of the Alice Springs district there will be

showers and storms, mainly during the afternoon and evening.

evening. Moderate north to north-easterly winds and look aig head to Tuesday:

Working with your spouse Working with your spouse can

have its challenges and when

one has to direct the other for the

the Australian Sydney premier the pressure is

on. This is a break through

moment for promising new choreographer Tim Harbour.

'Halcyon' is his first main

stage production for the Australian Ballet. It's a dream

icht was that little concernel of wanting to start kor yog RAAFing 5 years RAAFing 5 years ago. The production stars production stars his wife

Madeleine East o. When I was

dancing we did dance together a

bit and there would often be

tension, shall we say, but the

roles, I guess they're just

more clearly defined. I'm the boss.

boss. I think he sort of

mentioned that our dancing

relationship wasn't always so

sweet but, yeah, no, you know, I really wanted you know, I really wanted this

to be a grooet great

opportunity for him and something

something that was very

positive so I put my head down and nodded. The Australian Ballet says

Ballet says it's always looking

for new tallent and hopes Tim

Harbour's pursuit will inspire other

other former dancers to follow his lead. But in a blow nor his lead. But in a blow nor the company star dancer Danielle

Rowe has decided to move Rowe has decided to move on. It

is a huge decision and I've had such an amazing such an amazing wonderful

career with the ballet, 10 years here, so I

feel like its time for a start and a bit of a start and a bit of a change,

shake it up a little bit. The

28-year-old was re cent 28-year-old was re cent ly

crowned the nation's best crowned the nation's best female dancer. Danielle Rowe will take up a role principal artist in the Houston Ballet in the US. Brisbane band

Powderfinger has played its

last ever concert finishing 21

years of rock and roll. years of rock and roll. The

5-piece group performed in front of 10,000 fans in their home announced their retirement in

April. The band has given a

number of reasons for the split

from family commitments to personal conflicts to a desire

to go out on top. And for more details

details on the stories we're

following today and to send us

your comments and pictures, you

can log in to our website, the

address is

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