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The Chaser's War On Everything 2007 -

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(generated from captions) Anthrax. BUZZ! Yes, well done. to finish the show. Finish these band names Dockers. Painters and... Yes. Doctor and the... Medics. Pepper. Ignore Andy. What's the rule of the show? Medics was the correct answer. Pilots. Stone Temple... Yep. And finally, John Lee... Mellencamp. Oh, that's it! That is absolutely just it. You know what? Too good for them. Is the message I've got, yeah. guys walk off, Doesn't matter how many times you a supermodel. he's still going home to LAUGHTER scores were - At the end of the show, the final Myf, Max, Julia on 15 points, easily in front, 24 points. Alan, Casey and Andy CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Please thank our guests for tonight. and Julia Morris. Casey Bennetto, Andy Lee, Max Merritt CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Alan Brough and Myf Warhurst. And of course, our captains, performance by Casey Bennetto. We leave you tonight with a special to play tonight? Casey, what are you going what I'm gonna pretend I'm gonna play folk song. is an undiscovered Paul Simon Oh, lovely. and Specks. Thanks for watching Spicks Goodnight, Australia. My name's Adam Hills. a secret love (Sings) # I sing of love, # From centuries ago # The love of Daphne Warhurst # For Jeremiah Brough their love ran rich and deep # Besotted and enraptured, # But Daphne was a princess

with sheep # And Jeremiah mostly worked would have none of it # Well, their families # And tore the two apart # It broke poor Daphne's spirit

# Denounced the love they chose # But sterner elder voices # And Jeremiah's heart

ne'er the twain shall love again # And said, # The Warhursts and the Broughs Ohhh! # She said, ooh is still on fire # Deep inside my heart my desire # And my descendants will inherit # And he said, ooh my love is still the same # Deep inside can't always be to blame # Surely they know this craving

every Wednesday night # Yet still the feud is reignited

wile Myf sits on the right # With Alan on the left side are alive with sounds of shame # And the mighty hills between them the keepers of the flame # Alan and Myfanwy, that dare not speak its name # Protectors of a secret love if only it were only a game. # # Alan and Myfanwy, CHEERING AND APPLAUSE

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Hello. Right around

Australia, a very good

evening and welcome to

'Chasers War on Everything'.

How about this weather we

have been having lately? It

has been a went and wild week

on the Hunter on the Central

Coast. Call me a broken

record but I blame John

Howard for this. Go back to

if tape and have a look for

yourself. We should all

literally and without any

irony pray for rain over the

next 6 to 8 weeks. Proud of

yourself? I think you prayed

a little too hard, Johnny.

Maybe pray with irony next

time. He also prayed for a

brand new Tama and he got in

a one too. How does he do it?

Every election year he gets

one. A new container ships

arrives to save his skin. I

noticed that it is carrying

coal not refugees. That shows

he is tough on global

warming, we will decide which

fossil fuels come here and

under what circumstances. There have been incredible pictures of

the flodz around Newcastle.

Chaos on the roads. That is

not enthusiasm castle, that

is Peter Meakin last Friday

night. He is on the their

again. Did you see also where

in the country. Are you

getting wet? He probably

should have brought a brolly.

The Dalai Lama has been out

and about this week doing a

couple of in stores at Sanity

and Westfield shopping centre

but the PM very slow to agree

to a meeting. He has been

praying for rain, he is a

very busy man. Busy, my

arse, I'm wetter than Paris

Hilton's pants right now. A

slack comment. She is having

a hard time. It is not fair

to touch Paris. The PM is not

busy. He just does not like

the Dalai Lama. He even refused to become the friend

on the Dalai Lama's My Space

page Outrage. But the Dalai

Lama is persistent if nothing

else. This week, if you want

the check out the meeting

with the Prime Minister. You

have been told...I am the

with the Prime Minister. Dalai Lama, I have a meeting

You are not invited so you

are not coming in here. Are

you with the Chinese? No. I'm much more popular

than the Prime Minister, it

might rub off on him. I'm

sure you r but you will have

to leave the club. I'm very

disappointed. Thank you,

appreciate it. Peace be with

you. The Buddhist belong has

been very Catholic. You

can't keep a good morning

down and sure enough the

Dalai Lama's Buddhist

patience paid off. Prime Minister...I check your diary

for you, we can meet up now

Prime Minister. Hello. Shall

we go and have dinner?

Great to see you. Only one

thing, not Chinese, huh?

# Waiting, waiting for what

seems like days

# Trapped in this waiting

room haze

# Waiting my whole life away

# Waiting, waiting for

someone to call

# Someone to walk through

that door

# Waiting for anyone at all

# Waiting...

# Waiting

# Hours that I won't get out

# Jesus this doctor is slack

# If he drove a bus he'd be sacked

# And then I fall asleep

dreams # But I'm still waiting in my

# Reading 50 back issues of

National Geographic magazine

# For Christ's sake, can I go

in soon? Excuse me, can you... Get well everybody.

Have a nice day.


A bit of movie news on the

show. I was reading after the

huge success of Peter

Jackson's Lord of the rings trimmy they are now planning

to make a book of the hobbit.

Yes but this time without

Peter Jackson which to many

fans seems unthinkable. I

know Jackson wanted to make

the film but he has fallen

out with the studio over a

pay dispute but it raises the question who will step up to

this plate and direct the

hobbit now? A few big names

have been approached and

asked to shoot some sample

scenes including

Australians's very own Nick

Gianoupoulos. You must

accompany me to the lonely

mountains to sleigh the

dragon Smorg. Can we take

the Monaro Remove those

fluffy dice from the ring.

But this is totally sick,

mate, sweet.

APPLAUSE That could work.

It's alright. Maybe but not

to be out done, I know Woody

Allen has also made an

audition reel for

consideration. Beware Bilbo,

less the evil power of the

ring destroy you utterly.

Jesus, don't scare me like

that, I have an ulcer here

the size of junkie stadium.

My therapist said death would

be very bad for my health.

Believe me, I wouldn't go

with you if you were Scarlett

Johansson. Look out, behind

you My God, that is an o?

Either that or my rabbi has

spent too long in the

solarium. Stop him! I'm sorry if you were a little

bit younger I would have

slept with you. I like it.

Like it. I think he has

retained the feel of the

original They could do a lot

worse than Woody. Yes but

that said I didn't mind

Michael Moore's pitch for the

movie either. To help the

hobbits out I decided to take

them to the headquarters of

Hithaiglin to show them what

real evil looked like. This

ring is a fictitiious ring,

it has come from a

fictitiious land, it is even more fictitiious than President George W. Bush's presidency. What has your

company to done to help out disenfranchised hobbits in

the shire? Shame on you,

Sir, shame on you and your company. Would you mind

leaving the business. You are

kicking me out now? I will

just go to some factory and

flick Michigan instead Very

powerful. Very moveing. Well,

from Michael Moore's crew

said to a little crusade of

my own. I don't like to use

the show to soapbox. I know,

but go ahead. I want to go on

the record tonight and say I

do not particularly like

nightclub bouncers. It is

fair to say they don't

particularly like you

either. In fact not just

bouncers but all security guards. Every week on this

show it is not just me, all

of us, we have all had our

rain-ins with security and I

think it is time for a bit of

payback. I think so too. It is time security firms themselves knew just how it

feels to get the bouncer


You wanting to come in,

are you? Security mate T too

many blokes here already,

sorry. That's alright, mate.

You know how it is? Just at

seconds, very busy in there.

Got some ID? Can I see

your shoes, please? Sorry, you are going to have to go

back and get something a bit

more stylish than that.

Everyone says they know the

manager, but no, okay? Thank

you anyway. Security, mate.

On the door. Security. This

one? Can I ask you to come

through. Head office. We

can't have you here. We don't want any

trouble. Excuse me. You are

the one causing the trouble. This is common

courtesy. We are not trained

incurred say. How are you?

You wanting to get out, are

you, Sir? Have you got a

collar? You don't have a

collar, mate. You need a

collar. Why are they... Ly

have to leave you inside. I

understand that. Man, I'm

going home. You are going

home? Not in that shirt

you're not, mate. You want

to come out today Sir? Where

are you from, mate? From

security, mate. I can't let

you out in public with that

sort of stuff on. You will

have to take off otherwise we

will call the police, quite

simply. You will have to calm

down orally call the police.

I will call the police. Who

is going to call the police

first, me or you? I will.

Well, before we get into it,

yes, it's that time again,

Anna Coren's segue of the

week. This time Anna is

leaking a story about bar

code scanners getting the

price wrong to fashion faux

pas at the Logies and isn't

she drawing a long bow this

time? If they scant wrong,

you get it free, so keep an

eye out. Good advice, just

check that everything is what

it is supposed to be. Which

would be good advice also for

the over-anxiousus star

guests at the Logies this

weekend. This week I learnt

about the scourge that is

messy tenants. Lyn pretty has

been a reel estate agent for

nearly 40ers and he has seen

the worst of the worst when

it comes to trashing tenants.

He believes landlords should

be able to ban anyone they

consider undesirable.

Interesting. Could we have a

look at that real estate

agent again. He is evicting

messy tenants but look at the

state of that office.

Something needs to be done

about that Len Pretty guy.

Pretty, this desk is a

disgrace! You are evictside.

APPLAUSE The topic of this

week's lesson is one very

dear to our heart. Stories

about the 'Chaser'.

Yes, they have been coming

thick and fast these beat-ups

about us ever since Chris put

on 200 kilos and Julian

became a Muslim, Craig got

himself a boob job. At first

these 'Chaser' stories were

just puff things but lately

they have been taking a

decidedly negative tone. See

what you can guess what Anna

Coren things about the Sophia

Loren 10 questions. She

turned up to a media

conference to confront the

bashes of those who think he

are funny. Segue that

Hansen. Hang on, I'm not the

only person in TV who

mistakenly thinks they are

funny. If you have been down

to your local super market

lately you will know you have

to be a super sleuth to find

products made in Australia. (

'Pink Panther') Watson, this

says it is made in China. My conclusion, very

un-Australian. Hang on, he

has stolen my stick! That was

my business!

APPLAUSE Do you really want

to claim that? Not really..

I didn't think so. Martin

King kept us all in stitches

about the price of food at

the footy. How humble could a

hot dog be at these prices?

They have us cold at $4, do

they think we are Barking

mad? He is on fire, he has

kicked a sausage roll. 380,

is it time the Pie got the putt?

putt? Martin King there

demonstrating why he should

retire. But back to us. When

these show were saying we are

dangerous they go straight to the top of the industry. That

is right, they go straight to

a roon, man who occasionally

watches us on television.

Vietnam veteran Eric Pope

watching at home was deeply

worried. He is deeply

worried. Just look at the worry wart. Yes, I'm surprised if he

sleeps at all for the rest of

this year. The important

thing is he is a Vietnam vet,

Andrew. That is all you need

to be a TV critic these days,

just be a Vietnam ve. In fact

we found one for ourselves.

As a Vietnam vet what do you

think of 'A Current Affair'?

That report was the fourth

ACA 'Chaser' story this year,

going to the top of the tally

board ahead of 'Today

Tonight''s paltry two. They

were clearly aware of their

poor performance because last

week they contacted us

offering to follow us around

on a stunt. Reporter James

Thomas offered to ruin a

flattering puff work on us

and we said come on over with your cameras it will be

great. We did the same thing

'Today Tonight' does to their

subjects. We double-crossed

him. Can you tell us who you

are doing? We were thinking

we would go after your boss

Peter Meakin. Yeah. He has

been get beginning into a bit

of strife so we thought we

would help him out a bit.

Believe the car is here right

now! He has been having his

problems and we thought to

ourselves the guy can't drive

himself home any more, he

can't help himself, he gets

on the piss every now and

again so we thought we would

keep him out of strife. Have

a look. Fantastic. This

ought to last your boss at

least 10 minutes. All very

comfortable, a bit like a

paddy wagon, he will feel at

home. Let's go pick him up,

shall we? Go to channel

seven James. Thank you for

joining us. Here we are.

Where is Peter Meakin? This

is how a stake-out works. How

do you choose your targets?

If a journalist rings up

offering to a bit on us we

will target them. Where is

Peter? He is actually very,

you know, I did... Come on

James. Come on. I don't know

how drunk Peter Meakin

was. What is he like when he

is drunk? Is he drunk every

day at work, at the Wa Wa

concert. Was he drunk when he

hired Naomi Robson? He must

have been pissed on. I'm

doing a song about Peter

Meakin being a piss head this

week. How does it go?

# Peter Meakin, what a


# Peter Meakin what a booze

yesh... Do you think it has

potential? Biggest regrets?

Peter Meakin did not show

such for the booze bus. That

is a massive regret. I'm not

sure whether to say thank you

for your time but I

appreciate the insight. Are

you sure you don't want to

hang around. Wait to you see

things when Peter comes. It

will hot up. He will be

pleased to see you in his

booze bus. You are not going

to drive back, are you? We

are not Peter Meakin! We

wouldn't do that! Another

week, another huge pile-up of

problems. Le's kick things

off by diving head-first into

the touchy topic of cloning.

It is a hot political issue

after Catholic Cardinal

George Pell voted to say to

MPs to remove cloning

threatening to remove

communion. He is a bit

closed-minded, he meet in not

want to clone everyone but

wouldn't the world be better

off with more archbishop

Pells. We can help you put

pressure on the politicians,

there are more of us, we will

full the Pughs, enough Pells for around the

world. Runaway, you a

nuisance. You are over

stepping the line. Where is

the line? Our final problem

is my mobile phone. I'm not

the most technically savvy

bloke and like a lot of

people I find it hard to set

my phone up. Have you tried

phoning tech support? Yes,

but you have no idea how hard

it is to get face the face

service when I found when I

called 3 Mobile I'm having

problem with my voice mail.

I want someone to show me how

to do it. Can you show me how

to do it? Are are you?

Mumbai. Mumbai. Alright then,

I will come to Mumbai. Can

you come outside because I'm

outside. I'm in Mumbai. I'm

just outside your building, I

can see the 3 logo. I hope

you will be able to help me.

That is great. The customer

service is fantastic, much

better than in Australia.

Okay, it's alright. I'm here

now, I can see the 3 logo.

Yes, you can come in. Can I

just ask the security guard?

Will he let you in. Excuse

me, I'm just sphrieng this

building here. Is it okay for

me to come in? He is saying

I can't come in. Can you help

me with this? Sorry, give

the phone to him. Hello.

Hello? No permission.

That's okay. I've come all

this way. Thanks anyway.

Megan, great to see you

again, I just have 10

questions to ask you. First

how are you enjoying

Australia especially since

you life here? Second where

forth art there Romeo, what

is the story morning glory,

have you ever considered a

career as a statue busker, do

you want to come for a drink

after this, what do you say

to kids who want a career as

an act truey, have you ever

recorded an album, if you

have, can you sing it into

the camera from beginning to

end. What is your name? Can

you repeat them, I didn't quite catch them. First, I

know you are Australian, how

are you enjoying Australia,

second where forth art Thou

Romeo? You guys spoke about

movies and the whole Peter

squk son hobbit thing. I

think I'm the only person I

know who hates Lord of the

rings, it was crap but I did

enjoy the porn version, Lord

of the G-strings, the free

mail strip. Probably one of

the sharpest porn puns of all

time. You quite like your

porn, don't you? I love

it. No-one ever believes me.

No-one believes me when I say

this but I don't get into

porn at all. Why not?

Really? I don't. I honestly

don't get into it. I fine it

very unrealistic. Wash your

mouth out. Porno films hold a

mirror to our society as far

as I'm concerned. Gritty

realism, very Ken Loach,

porn. Just to prove how

realistic porno movies are I

decided to put several

classic porn cliches to the

test. Let's see how women in

the real world actually

respond when a handsome stranger knocks on their


Hey, baby, do you have something that needs fixing?

I do not know t everything

is working quite well at the

moment. Sure any can check

the plumbing. The plidge is

fine. Let me just grab my

tool. Oh my God. Come to

pay a house call, baby. Yeah!

You don't want any action?

Look at this, look at this!

Want some pizza, baby?

Making a delivery. Supreme

size love for you, baby.

Sound like you like it doggy

style. I will be right. Try

the neighbours. These jeans

are tight, baby. Oh! Ow!

Goodbye. How horny a

housewife are you? Need to

clean the pool? Want your

pool cleaned? I don't think

so. No what I mean? I don't

think so. Playing hard to

get? I like it. What is

this all about. It's about

you and me and sweet love.

Hang on! You didn't tell me

the husband was home.

Threesome, baby? Nice

shorts. These shorts, so

tight! These shorts are so

tight. Please go.

Got a pool for me to

clean? I think it would be

too small. I can skim your

pond, baby. So hot!

I'm a porn convert now. I

think you acting was even

more shit than when you get

real porn on. I don't want

to hear a word from you

Gandolf. Sadly that is all we

have time for tonight. We

have a couple of minutes left

but we are in a somewhat

awkward position of having no

more material so here is

Andrew Hansen with the filler



# Well I got to fill in

because the show has run

short by a minute # we

couldn't stretch it out no

matter how many hobbits we put in it

# I better play some chords

so you won't get bored

# Half an hour's work is past

our limit

# This is the filler song,

the filler song

# It's not a killer song,

it's just a killer song

# It goes yad-da-da, yad-da-da, yad-da-da

# That's yad-da-da,

yad-da-da, yad-da-da... How

are we going for time?

# This is the filler song,

the filler song

# The filler song, it rhymes

with driller song

# It is the FILLER song! #

in French it's the chanson de filler

filler formidable...

# Peter Meakin what a piss

head, what a boozer

# Peter Meakin what a boozer...

APPLAUSE Closed Captions by CSI


Good evening. Baghdad is under

indefinite curfew after extremists

blew up two minarets of one of

blew up two minarets of one of Iraq's holiest Shiite shrines. The attack

holiest Shiite shrines. The attack on the al-Askari mosque in Samarra has

raised fears of a fresh round of

sectarian violence between Shias and

Sunnis. The bombing of the mosque's

dome early last year is widely

believed to have set off a spiral of

violence in which many thousands

died. Two men have survived a

helicopter crash off the coast of

Mackay in north Queensland this

afternoon. The helicopter's engine

failed and the men were forced to

ditch the aircraft about 95 nautical

kilometres off the coast. The

23-year-old pilot and his passenger

were winched to safety by the crew

were winched to safety by the crew of another helicopter from Hamilton

Island. The men suffered minor

injuries. And authorities have

injuries. And authorities have staged a re-enactment of last week's train

crash in Victoria that killed eleven

people. The highway near Kerang was

closed to traffic while police used

closed to traffic while police used a train and a semitrailer to simulate

the conditions and check visibility

on the approach to the level

crossing. Train services between

Melbourne and Swan Hill resumed

Melbourne and Swan Hill resumed today for the first time since the crash.

The weather now - showers and snow

across eastern Victoria and

south-eastern New South Wales.

Showers in Perth and Canberra. Very

chilly in Hobart. And fine and warm

for Darwin. More news on 'Lateline'

at 10:30.

'Last night I had a nightmare where all the failures of my life visited me in one horrific montage of hell.' After the shepherds, came the three wise men. The first brought gold. It should come as no surprise that you've failed your driving test. You arsehole! 'This catalogue of personal disasters forced me to come to one very obvious conclusion...' I'm a failure. No, you're not. I am. My whole life has been a failure. Not all of it, surely. Well, most of it. Look, it can't all have been a failure. Think of your successes. I don't have any. You do. I distinctly remember you made an ashtray in pottery class at school. Dad, that was George. It was a bloody good ashtray. But it wasn't mine. Didn't you get a swimming certificate? Ah, yes. I managed to successfully swim a width of the pool at Manor Road Baths, which meant I could leave the Turtles group and join the Penguins. Well, I'm sure a lot of those Turtles never made it to be Penguins. You got some 'A' levels, didn't you? 'A' level - singular. Geography. Grade E, which paved the way for my brilliant career in the world of marine reinsurance. This'll cheer you up. If I was a failure, at least I wasn't alone. Any number of Robinsons hadn't come up to scratch. Grantleigh Robinson sold his house and all his possessions to set up the first express air-courier service to Dublin. Emilio Santa Cruz Don Santiago de Robinson took a wrong turn in the 1908 London Olympics and finished last, having run 47.5 miles. And Wayne Robinson, for three years running, composed the music for the Norwegian entry to the Eurovision Song Contest. Norway. Norvege. Nul points. My brother George, on the other hand, was very much a success. You're not coming. I want to. Well, you can't. What's wrong with me picking up my own son? All right. Don't lecture the head teacher on how to run his school. I did not, I merely offered some obvious amendments to that unworkable timetable of his. And don't mention the fathers' race again. I've watched Janet Randall's video countless times and I clearly came third. It doesn't matter. The least he can do is look at the new evidence. Clear the whole mess up once and for all. CHILDREN SHOUT Shall we have a look at him playing with his pals before we go in?

He's not playing with anybody. Maggie! I heard, George. I heard. He's just drifting aimlessly around on his own. This is about four hours into the labour now. You can see Jane's dilated about 8cm. MOANS AND SCREAMS FROM TV 'I think I can see something.' There's me having a go on the gas and air. So who's operating the camera? The midwife. Lovely woman. She said Jane's cervix was in superb condition. Oh, my God. What's that? That's the head crowning. The world's first glimpse of little Sebastian. Isn't it exciting? Oh, that's where it runs out. Well, I'll just change tapes, if you'll bear with me. The next tape's got the big moment and the afterbirth as a little extra. Well, congratulations. Will you hold him? I've got to get his next feed ready. Oh, Jane, no. Come on, it's easy. I'm no good with babies. One look at me and they have an overwhelming urge to projectile vomit. Here. There. Sebastian. This is Vicky. Hello, little Sebastian. I'm very pleased to meet you. Please don't be sick, this is Donna Karan. Oh, my God. He smiled! What? He just smiled. No! Is that good? His first smile. You clever boy! What did you do? I don't know. Where's the baby journal? Where's the baby journal?! See? You're a natural with babies. I mean, I failed my eye test. I failed two driving tests. One breathalyser test. I failed, let me see, four GCSEs, two of my 'A' levels. I've been sacked twice. Demoted three times. Downsized once. Um, I failed the medical to join the gym. I had an application to join Blockbusters turned down. I even got a letter to say my smear test showed irregularities. Could I go in for a chat. Clerical error, of course. Of course. Did I mention that I'm arranging a surprise party on Tuesday? Celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary? Even losing my virginity was a disaster. Well, not lose it so much as get sexually mugged by Colin Clark's aunt in a caravan in Rhyl. Right. We did it in a tiny loo while Colin and his girlfriend played strip Monopoly. I split my foreskin, went to casualty with a J-Cloth clamped to my groin. So, um...

Tuesday night, then? And then there's my marriage. Another disaster. No, you mustn't dwell on that, Ed. Polly was to blame for your marriage not working. She was the one who slept with somebody else. Yes, I know that. But why? Why?! I don't know. Look, Ed, you've got to move on, you can't dwell in the past.

What's going on? Nothing. Albert? Come in here, little fella. What are you doing? I've a few tips on socialisation for Albert. How to get on with people. You? Yes, me. George, he's fine. I know what I'm doing. This is my field. Ah, there you are, little fella. Come and sit down. Now, old chap, I've been thinking about this making friends business we were chatting about earlier and I've come up with a few ideas. I thought we'd start with

the introductory phase of a relationship. With what I call the... "meet and greet". Then I want to move on to what I've dubbed "Switching Focus", which is when you invite your putative friend to tell you a bit about him or herself. OK? Now first let's do a little bit of role play. Imagine we're in the playground and I'm a potential friend. Mummy, can I have some squash? Interactive workshop now, Albert. Squash later. Anyway I was just sort of cooing at him and he smiled. This lovely happy smile. And suddenly from nowhere I had this incredible hormonal urge to have a baby. What? I know. A baby?! You?! Yes. Are you sure? They're a lot of hard work, you know. I am aware of that, Leo. I do have cats. Well, if it's what you want, you'd better get on with it. Why? Childbirth's a young woman's game, Vicky. My sister's 43, yeah? Gave birth last week. In labour for 72 hours. She was in such pain she had every drug going - gas and air, pethadine, epidural. Then she hyperventilated with all the pushing, passed out, they had to do a Caesarean. Now she's bed-bound for three weeks. Doctor said it's like this all the time now, old biddies having babies. Leo, I'm 36. But you've got to meet the right person, get to know them, conceive. It's not easy the older you get, and then there's the 9-month pregnancy. How long's all that gonna take? Push! Come on, push! Push! Albert, this is your father, how are you? Good, good, now normally you would ask me how I was too. I'm fine, thank you. And did you have a good day at school today? Mm-hm. Good, good. ..Thank you, Milos. And did you try and use some of those tips we talked about? Right, well, keep at it. Did you hand out those little cards we made with your telephone number on?

That's right. Now they can phone to make an appointment to play with you. Very good. Well, we'll have a proper debrief later. Polly. Hi. Was that, er...Greg? Yeah, he's off to a conference in LA.