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Live. Tonight, the

process to recover the bodies

from QLD's fatal inferno.

Also ahead, his former union

calls in the police on

enbattled Labor MP Craig

Thomson. Gaddafi still missing

as his fortress falls to rebel as his fortress falls to

forces. and remembering forces. and remembering the artistic legacy of Margaret

Olley. When asked what she would like to and what gave her would like to be remembered for

and what gave her greatest

pleasure would reply "After

painting, perhaps simply

helping people".

Live across Australia you're watching ABC News 24, hello, I'm Juanita Phillips. Police

have called it tragedy. Three generations of the same family, 11 people in all, have died in the worst house fire in Australia's history. Eight of the victims were children. It happened in

State's Premier has called on QLD, where yet again the

people to reach out to other at a time of heart people to reach out to each

break. The islander community

flocked to the Logan street to mourn their enormous


A charred shell is all A charred shell is all that

remains of the Slacks Creek home. I was hoping true but when I look at the

news at the house I knew it was

their house. Eight children,

the youngest just three years

old and three women were

one family perished. What is trapped. Three generations of

readily evident is just a total

and utter cat at troughy. It is a tragedy beyond all

proportions. Three men proportions. Three men escaped the flames with burns and the flames with burns and minor injuries. They thought the

women and children were women and children were already

outside and jumped from the

second storey. When he got out

he called

no-one there and he knew already that the girlfriend and

the kids were still inside. One

man lost his five children and

his wife. He'd urged them to his wife.

jump from the house to a mattress on the ground. They all ran into the room and all ran into the room and they

all huddled together in a room

and they all got burnt together

there. Firefighters were called

around midnight, they found a scene of devastation. Total

ungulfment of the building in flame which vehicles parked external to the

building and also four 45kg LPG

cylinders that were venting

quite badly. Neighbours told of quite badly. Neighbours told of

being woken by screams and explosions. Downstairs was

total engulfed in flames. The vehicles

flames were working up. Authorities were scouring

the scene trying to find out

what could have caused the

inferno. Forensics crews are

identifying expecting the process of

identifying the victims to be

slow and methodical. Police may

have to rely on dental records have

because of the destruction

caused by the ferocity of the

blaze. Fire and rescue teams built scaffolding inside the house to make it secure house to make it secure enough

for the teams to get in. We

need to be 100% sure and it is

no quick fix. We'll be here for

some time. The close nys Polynesian community is

grieving. The Premier joining a

prayer vigil mourning the lives

lost. It is a strong and close knit community and

other. This is a tragedy for

the city of Logan. It is the

largest loss of life in one

particular tragedy. The Coroner will investigate the tragedy, the worst house fire in

Australia's history. Counsellors are being brought in to help the family, friends

and local school community who

are grieving for the 11 people

who lost their lives. It is the

worst fires in QLD since the

Childers backpacker tragedy in

as to why so many people were

living under one roof and

whether the fire could have been prevented. The south

pacific island community

Logan has had its heart ripped

out. I doubt the spirit of God

is helping us to cope with this

but it is really hard, unforgettable. When I unforgettable. When I heard

this news, very shocked, I feel much crying and praying to empty and hard to describe, so

God. This morning counsellors were

were at the scene of the fire to help family and friends cope

with their loss. Several

psychologists were sent to local schools where some of the

victims had been students. victims had been students. The

shock was too much for some classmates to bear. My letter

from the school, my teachers,

they gave us a note about the fire. Investigators have

erected screens around the site

to obscure the work of body

identification experts, some

of the Bali bombing. Some of

the people that are here today

were there in the Bali bombing

back in 2002, so they're

experienced, they have a wealth of them. Veteran them. Veteran police

firefighters and rescuers have

been shaken by the magnitude of the tragedy. I haven't seen a tragedy

tragedy which is to this extent. Politicians too

reflecting on the terrible loss of life. A well-known Tongan Samoan family has suffered great loss in Logan city this

morning. I wish to add my respect and whole hearted sympathy

sympathy for the sad loss of sympathy for the sad loss of 11

family members. This is the

worst loss of life in a QLD

fire since 2000. This is the

most serious fire incident that QLD has seen since the backpacker fire that saw the QLD has seen since the Childers


loss of life of 15 young people. That blaze prompted an overhaul of fire overhaul of fire safety regulations. And in 2007 laws were introduced

were introduced making smoke

alarms in homes compulsory. I ask myself could it have been

avoided? It is undetermined

whether smoke alarms were in

the building. That is to be

investigated. Some are

questioning why so many people

in the house overnight and

whether South-East Queensland's rental accommodation squeeze

could have been a contributing factor. They are big families

and you have two in one

house. We are brought up and house. We are brought up and we

because we're very close live together in the home

family. Members of that family were rallying late today

planning a prayer vigil ongoing fund raising to help

the relatives affected. in

what could be a turning what could be a turning point

in the Craig Thomson affair, the union he the union he used to head has

agreed to help police with any investigation. The federal

Labor MP is accused of using

his union credit card to pay for prostitutes and police will

now have access to the union

records to determine whether records to determine whether a

crime was committed. The heat was turned up in parliament

with the Opposition trying to

force Mr Thomson and the PM to explain political correspondent Mark

Simkin. a politician has to do what a politician has to do. It

is with considerable reluctance

that I move this suspension of standing

standing orders So standing

Tony Abbott waited all of one

minute before suspending minute Question Time and demanding the

PM make a statement about Craig Thomson. I have made many

statements about that in this house and I stand by every house and I stand by every one

of them. After that less than

ringing vote of confidence,

Julia Gillard left the

chamber. We have a

on this issue, we have a member

in protection and we have a

Government in paralysis, a Government in crisis. What hypocrites. What There is no convention. There

is no tradition, there is no

norm that this leader of the Opposition

Opposition will not trash. The

Opposition also tried to force

Craig Thomson to speak. He

misused the union's funds to purchase

purchase airline tickets,

accommodation, restaurant

meals, electronic goods, shoes and escort services. Craig thom soon

allegedly did that before he entered parliament when he ran the Health Services Union.

the Health Services Union. The backbencher denies the claims

but in a fresh blow, the

union's decided to open union's decided to open its books and refer what is calls questionable financial

transactions to the transactions to the police. The NSW police are investigating

this matter, we're not going to

cause impediment to them and

we'll provide the records. The

Coalition is using every weapon Craig Thomson by denying Craig Thomson by denying voting pairs, it stopped the Arts Minister from staending the funeral of Margaret funeral of Margaret Olley. Not

even per friend Malcolm Turnbull could Turnbull could attend. Some

things are above politics things are above politics and

memorial services are above politics. It is not

appropriate for a funeral to

take precedence over votes in the the parliament about the integrity of the Government. Now, that's hard

ball. The jubilant Libyans swarming into Colonel Gaddafi's strong Colonel Gaddafi's Tripoli

strong hold destroying relics

of his regime. The

claims the capture of the fortress fortress ends Gaddafi's 42 year dictatorship. While the rebels have tightened their grip on

the capital there are pockets

of resistance and no clue as to

Gaddafi's whereabouts.

This sight just days ago was

unthinkable. Rebel fighters Colonel Gaddafi's

fortified compound in central

Tripoli and victorious on top

of the famous sculpture that symbolised symbolised his power for so long. His home was ransacked. I

just went inside his room. Colonel Gaddafi's bedroom? Yeah, Gaddafi's

bedroom. I was like "Oh my God, I'm in Gaddafi's room, oh my God". Then this thing happened

and I found this, I was like

"Oh my goodness" but "Oh my goodness" but I'm happy now. Golden statues of Colonel Gaddafi were smashed

destroyed as rebels tore apart

the hated relics of his 42 year rule. Many local

golf cart used by the Libyan leader. The rebels are parading

their new bounty through the

streets. The fierce battle for

the compound lasted all day and

ended with the rebels breaching

the high walls of the

fortress. We're in front of his

compound and where is he? He's

underground, he can't do

anything. Where is he? We're looking for you. Where are you? Come out, Come out, where are you? NATO

air strikes led the assault,

several hits directly on Gaddafi's home. Hours after the

victory, rebels came under

further attack as further attack as loyalists forces regrouped. A beleaguered Colonel

Colonel Gaddafi again vowed to

fight to the

death. TRANSLATION: All the

tribes in and out of Tripoli,

youthers senior people, men and

armed committees must attack Tripoli and eradicate traitors Tripoli and eradicate the traitors and rats. The traitors and rats. The rebel

leadership say they have

captured hundreds of Gaddafi loyalists but they people have been killed people have been killed and 2,000 injured in the last three

days. Again, Green Square in

the centre of Tripoli became the rallying point for fighters. While Libyans rejoice in the new beginning, many

questions remain, where are

Colonel Gaddafi and his loyal

troops and how long before the

situation in Libya becomes

clear? There are still pockets of fighting outside Tripoli of fighting outside Tripoli but the rebels are gradually securing the roads between securing the roads between the

main towns with lots of check points like these. This is a

big country with vast big country with vast empty spaces lot of places for people lot of places for people to hide. Washington's experience of political earthquakes didn't help

help much when the real thing

came House got the wobbles when the

magnitude 5.8 tremor hit

America's east coast. Washington's

Washington's national cathedral

suffered damage. Three suffered damage. Three expires

broke off its 30-storey tower.

In New York the quake In New York the quake rent reporters scurrying out of a

news conference being held. Two weeks news conference being held. Two weeks out from the anniversary, nervous New

Yorkers rushed onto the

streets. In the park please,

everybody in the park. You know

the drill in the park. The

quake was centred quake was centred in neighbouring Virginia and was felt as far away as Canada. Bricks and debris crashed down demolishing cars. Several buildings

buildings were destroyed. There

have been no reports of jeerious injuries. A judge has

dismissed all charges against IMF chief, former Dominique

Strauss-Kahn bringing down the curtain on

case that destroyed his A housekeeper claims

Strauss-Kahn attacked her in Strauss-Kahn attacked her in a

New York hotel room. New York hotel room. for the

man called the great seducer it

was a great escape. Dominique Strauss-Kahn free of all

charges of sexual

assault. Unless you have been

falsely accused of a very serious serious crime that you did not

commit, it is impossible for

you to understand or grasp the

full measure full measure of relief that Dominique Strauss-Kahn feels

today. Prosecutors gave a scathing assessment of his accusers' credibility, saying

she'd repeatedly lied to to point where they couldn't trust her version of events. The complainant was untruthful with us in virtually

every substance of interview, despite our repeated talk to her to her to be truthful. Particularly devastating to the case a

fabricated account the women

gave of being raped in her home country. Supporters say power

and influence has trumped justice. If Dominique Strauss-Kahn Strauss-Kahn was a bus driver from the south Bronx, do you really think Manhattan district

attorney or any of his prosecutors would care about what was in his asylum application? Hounded by an international media what Dominique Strauss-Kahn thanked

his family and said he planned

to go back to France. to go back to France. The former IMF

civil suit but gets his

passport back tomorrow. the headlines might take longer headlines might take longer to fizzle.

Qantas profits have taken off

amid rumours it could be the

target of a takeover. The

airline has doubled its profit

just one week after unveiling

plans to axe 1,000 jobs. Unions

say the profit result flies in

the face of the claims it is too broke to offer job security. Qantas profits

have soared, doubling over the past 12 months to $250

million. We really do punch

above our weight. We have made

a profit every year since privatisation. It was enough to

see the flying kangaroo's

shares rebound but they finished down for the day.

Despite the rebust result, the

airline warned it was not about

to scrap its plans to axe 1,000

jobs. The results confirming its international business lost more than $200 million. While

today's profit results came no today's profit results came as

no surprise, rumours of a

takeover bid did. As far as takeover bid did. As far as I know this is pure

speculation. We are determined to ensure that Qantas stays as

a majority-owned Australian airline. The airline also

fended off accusations fended off accusations in parliament that Jetstar's

expenses are being shifted to

Qantas to justify moving jobs

off shore. The reality is that Qantas has long been used to

subsidise Jetstar in order to make Jetstar look profitable and Qantas look like and Qantas look like a

burden. This is in line burden. This is in line with the moon landing theory that we didn't land on

the moon, it is in line with

Elvis is alive and well

somewhere. Unions fighting job

losses say Qantas is the one with a credibility issue. $123% profit. They said they could engineers will begin a campaign

of rollover stoppages but still Alan Joyce

Alan Joyce is showing no sign

of backing down. If that of backing down. If that means tensions with

and the members, so it be it .

Tension that could continue for

a while. In other finance a

BHP Billiton has unveiled the

biggest annual profit in

Australian corporate history.

The mining giant is cashing in

on China's appetite for commodities. Investors were

expecting a big number and

disappoint. The resources boom

produced a bottom line of $22.5

billion, an increase of

86%. Production records were smashed. The result came after

the close of the local market

which had an up and down sort

of day fuelled by a rally on

Wall Street, the All Ordinaries

bolted out of the blocks but trimmed its gains to close

slightly weaker. investors

switched on instead to seven

Westmead ya, a 20% increase yielded an 18% increase yielded an 18% boost

to the share price. to the share The string of natural

disasters earlier this year is buffeting the big insurers. buffeting the big insurers. assurances that it could

assurances that it could meet all the hefty payouts saw Suncorp shares rise 6%. The

future is not so bright for the

Business failures are now

their highest level in 12 months. As job losses mount

here it is worth noting there

have been bigger cullings

taking place overseas.

Finally, the Australian

dollar continued its hesitant week

green back and other major currencies. Rugby league star Benji marshal has been cleared

of an assault charge. The Wests

Tigers player wag accused punching Sydney man Soliman

Naimey in the face outside a

fast food outlet in Sydney's CBD earlier this year. Marshall

said he pushed Mr Naimey after

he was subjected to a racial

taunt. The charges were

dismissed and the 26-year-old

says he wanted to return his focus to playing football. I am

pleased with the outcome. It concentrate on finishing concentrate on finishing the

season. I would like to thank

my legal team, the Wests Tigers

for their support. The hearing

heard evidence of a unnamed man being involved in

the fight and the magistrate

said this cast doubt over the case against Benji

Marshall. Time for sport with

Amanda. A high profile magpie

staying put. Great news for the Maggies. Dale Thomas has

rejected a big offer from

Greater Western Sydney to

remain with Collingwood. Port

Adelaide has fended off

Melbourne clubs to re-sign talented defender Jackson

Trengove. It is rare good news

for the Power as speculation continues over the future of

other key players. After 10

consecutive losses Port

Adelaide has been desperate for some good

some good news and after months of speculation, highly-rated defender Jackson Trengove

delivered, resisting offers to return to Melbourne as the

Power looks to rebuild. I will

put my hand up to lead the

charge of that over the next

couple of yeefrs and really

work hard to get this football up the top. The club needed a

financial bail-out from the AFL

this year but Football Operations Manager Peter Rohde

did everything he could to keep

the 20-year-old at Alberton. I

think he mortgaged his house

which was good. That's a

joke. The Power will now turn

its attention to the task of securing fellow key players,

Alipate Carlisle, Andrew Alipate Carlisle, Andrew Moore and John Buchananer. Hopefully before the end of the there might be one or two. I'm

sure by the end of the AFL

season, finals and that kind season, finals and that kind of

stuff, we can announce more in the pipeline. Western Bulldogs

and former Adelaide ruckman bed and

Hudson has announced he'll call

time on his career at the end of the season. He will be

joined by Mitch Hahn and Brady Rawlings. The original

Brownlow medal has Brownlow medal has just gone

under the hammer in Melbourne.

It was won by Geelong's Edward Greeves in 1924. It was auctioned long side the 1930

Brownlow won by Richmond's Stan Judkins. The inaugural medal solid for just over $200,000.

Together they fetched around $2,35,000. It's unusual enough

to have a Brownlow in an

auction to have two Brownlows,

two early ones, 1924, Edmund

Greeves of Geelong and Stan Judkins Judkins of Richmond in 1930. As

an auctioneer, I dream of moments like that. They're

only the fifth and sixth Brownlow medals to be

auctioned. Rugby league state

of orgy series isn't the only code that pits mate against

mate. This Saturday wall

business crop Sekope Kepu will

clash head to head with his

rugby union team-mates. He's

now proud to call himself a

wall by. Sekope Kepu lived in

New Zealand from 1989 New Zealand from 1989 until

four years ago. The young prop represented the Kiwis in under 17s right through to under 21s.

He was born in Australia and

therefore eligible to pull on the Wallaby jersey. It's just, I guess, a I guess, a bigger challenge to

play in the country where you

grew up and I've had a taste of

it a few weeks ago and looking forward to it this weekend as

well. Kepu used to pack down in

the scrum with Owen frnks at

the famous Wesley College the famous Wesley College in Auckland. The pair were good mates but that will be forgotten this they say, no friends on the

rugby field. Australian centre

pat McCabe believes a win over

the All Blacks will boost the All Blacks will boost confidence. It will be confidence. It will be nice heading

heading into a World Cup to get the confidence that you gain

from beating a team like the

All Blacks. But statistics aren't in their favour. It aren't in their favour. It has

been 10 years since the wall a byes last byes last hoisted the Tri-Nations trophy. And Socceroos captain Lucas Neill

hasn't ruled out one day

playing in the A league but he'll be playing in Arab Emirates next

season. Margaret Olley has been

remembered at a State memorial service in Sydney. The

gathering was told of her

generosity to the arts, her spirit

spirit and great talent. The whose who of the art world, political

political leaders and fans

gathered to honour one gathered to honour one of

Australia's best-loved artists including Ben Quilty including Ben Quilty who

painted this year's Archibald prize winning portrait prize winning portrait of Margaret Olley. She described Margaret Olley. She was described as a national treasure who touched so

many. She said to me not long

ago "I'm not ready there is so much I want to do.

My body is letting me down". Her passing is the end of an era. The Governor-General reflected on one of reflected on one of her chats

with the artist about current affairs. She banged the affairs. She banged the table

and said to me "Do you think about these things? " "Yes" about these things? " "Yes" I

said "But you don't talk about

them. "No, not to you

don't". We remember her as one

of those rare people of herself when asked what she

would like to be remembered would like to be remembered for and what gave her and what gave her greatest

pleasure would reply "After painting perhaps simply helping

painting perhaps simply helping people". She did that by spending spending millions on painting

by emerging artists by emerging artists and

donating them to galleries

around the country hoping to

spread culture to all. Margaret Olley

Olley was working on her final

exhibition, paintings hailed exhibition, paintings hailed as life affirming. Telling us that

what is simple is better than

complicated, that quiet is

better than noisy. She was like a second mother to me. I am

eternally grateful that I was

there the night before she

died. Her last words to me were

"I love you" as we embraced

the. Her niece hopes her home

and studio, so famously cluttered will be preserved to inspire future generations of Australian artists.

We're not looking at much We're not looking at much in

the way of rainfall across the way of rainfall across the continent. A little bit about

in association with a in association with a cold front moving into the

south-east. Showers about the

south of WA and clearing

showers along the QLD showers along the QLD and north-east coast of squaels.

None of these showers are

showing up as being

significant. Most of the forecast models are suggesting

all those totalling only a millimetre or two. Maybe

heavier falls about the west

coast of Tasmania. This cool significantly cold air across

the south-east either. A significantly cold

of high pressure is of high pressure is extending

from a high in New Zealand all

the way across the southern

states to another

to the west of WA. That means that

that any cold air is being that any cold air is being kept

well to the south. We may start well

to feel the effects of

to feel the effects of it through parts of Tasmania.

There's the chance of snow

about the higher mountain about the higher mountain areas as we head into tomorrow afternoon. Relatively good conditions and temperatures remaining remaining well above average. Showers along the QLD

coast but light and isolated.

Friday returns back to mostly dry conditions across dry conditions across the

continent. Any showers or rain

in Tasmania will contract back

to the west coast and possibly

drizzle or patchy rain

developing about the northern

coast there. Cloud about the far

far south of WA. Again, a

and we still have on shore

winds along the QLD coast. Very

isolated showers possible

there. Nothing in the way of significant falls.

Very little in the way of worthwhile rainfall across the south-east. A bit of south-east. A bit of cloud about. Temperatures about. Temperatures still a bit above average.

I will be back with an update in

in a moment, then stay with us for Lateline Business. You're

watching ABC News 24. Closed Captions by CSI.

This Program is Captioned


The top stories from ABC News. Authorities have begun

removing bodies from a QLD house destroyed by fire overnight. The through the Logan home around

midnight as two families slept inside. 11 people are dead,

many of them children, the

youngest three. It is not youngest three. It is not known if smoke alarms were fitted if smoke alarms were fitted in the home. The Health Services Union Union has referred Union has referred allegations

over federal Labor MP Craig

Thomson to the police. Thomson to the police. The

central coast MP has denied

claims he used his union issued

credit card to pay for credit card to pay for

prostitutes. The union says it

acted after new information

came to light. The came to light. The Opposition today failed in a

parliament on the matter. Libyan

Libyan rebels are still

searching for the edge battled

leader Muammar Gaddafi after storming his compound storming his compound in Tripoli. Most of the city is