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- the island state makes - the island state makes a Stock Exchange. daring bid for the Australian

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Live. New polling has Labor looking green around the gills. Haiti struggles to

contain tsh tsh - struggles to contain a cholera epidemic. And the mid-term litmus test for Barack Obama. We believe the House of

Representatives is already lost

for the Democrats. Live across

Australia, this is ABC News 24. Good evening. I'm Scott Bevan.

The Australian and Singapore

stock markets have unveiled a

bold plan to financial firepower and play a bold plan to boost their

bigger role on the world stage.

They've unveiled an $8 billion merger proposal in which the counterpart. It over its Australian

counterpart. It will create one

of the biggest stock markets in

the world, about you there the world, about you there are

many regulatory hurdles to jump

before the deal can go ahead.

More from finance reporter

Simon Palan. It is a friendly

deal that will create the

world's fifth largest Stock

Exchange operator. We believe

the new group we endeavour to

create will be very competitive

global exchange force to be

reckoned with. The Singapore Exchange has offered $8.4 billion to buy this is a strong combination

and I think one plus one

bringing these two companies becomes definitely four by

together. Local welcomed the offer with ASX

shares closing 19%

higher. Well, I think it is a

great deal for shareholders.

The stock was trading at $30

not that long ago, so this effectively values effectively values at stock at $48. The proposal could give

local investors better access

to high-growth

Woonchts We will make it so

much easier. Both the ASX and

Singapore Exchange will regulated entities but

are concerns about it going

offshore. The question has to

be asked is this in the national interest for the

Australian Stock Exchange to

key asset to go into offshore key asset to go into offshore

approval from shareholders and hands? The proposal still needs

regulators in authorities but informal discussions with

authorities appear encouraging. If they had been

negative in connotation, Magnus

and I wouldn't be sitting here

today. Analysts say any merger today. Analysts say

would help the Australian Stock

Exchange defend itself from new competitive threats. The

Federal Government is expected

to begin allowing foreign exchanges to exchanges to operate in

Australia. It's all part of

Canberra's plan to make Sydney

a financial hub for the Asia-Pacific region. The competition competition regulator, the

ACCC, has effectively given a thumbs-up to the ASX

saying it doesn't see any major

concerns. A senior member of Labor's left says the party is

breeding an army of political

zombies N a New South Wales senator Doug Cameron demanded Labor dump its

ban on MPs speaking freely. ban on MPs speaking freely. It

is a response to the Gillard Government's continued slide in

support as the left tries to

win back Labor voters who turned Green. Chief political win back Labor voters who have

correspondent Mark Simkin reports from Canberra. Not everyone is head over heels. Wouldn't have been the

right moment to wear the skirt, Nicola, I don't think. Two months after taking a months after taking a beating in the only poll that matters. Do you come back with lots of bruises and bumps? Another poll suggests

voters are no happier with the

Government. There is no sign a post-election bounce after Government. There is no sign of

vote, the preferences and on the primary

vote, the ALP is still losing

support to the Greens. Worried about the trend, Labor's left

is demanding its members get a greater say on policies like

climate change and gay marriage. They are stifled in

the public. And so people see the Labor Party having the Labor Party

the Labor Party having no

values and no vision on a whole

range of issues, and I range of issues, and I think

that must change xgt The left's

co-convener wants MPs to be able to walk the walk as well, arguing they should be allowed

to cross the floor wount punishment. It seems like

having a political la bot my.

Your brain is just ripped

apart, you can't think about

things, you're not allowed to

talk about things and really we don't want zombie talk about things and really we

and a complaint. Hello.

Welcome. Thank you. But the

most senior member of the left

isn't buying it. We come from a political party that

we are strengthened by being

members of a team and the way

the team works is we have those

discussions internally and work things through, through our own

processes. The Prime Minister says that's already happened

with gay marriage, and she

ruled out a conscience vote on the issue. The party's policies

and platform are that the

being between a man and a Marriage Act should stay in its

woman. Some members of the left

their words, absolutely crazy. believe that position is, in

They're unlikely to get their

way on gay marriage, but it is starting to speak out about significant the faction is

speaking out. After four years of relative acquiescence. The

Federal Government is push ing ahead with its overhaul hospital funding, with or ahead with its overhaul of

without Western

Later this week, Canberra will without Western Australia.

table legislation allowing it to use states to fund 60% of hospital

costs, and that mean it is can

impose new safety and quality standards across the country. Hospital funding country. Hospital funding was

the launch of the Federal top of the agenda today with

Government's health reform

bill. It's the first time that

the welt will have the lie

share of funding for the welt will have the lie on's

Australia's public Australia's public hospitals

and priel ri care. It will mean

that the Commonwealth, as the

dominant funder, will be able to set new standards for hospitals which will apply

right across the country

. Experts estimate that around the world, each day there are

10,000 deaths caused by hospital mistakes, and that's

too many according to Sydney

expert Jeffrey Braithewaite. He has proposed a controversial

idea to idea to reduce that figure. Well, one poblingt figure. Well, one poblingt is

that hospitals don't get paid

when they don't reach a certain

level. So that we have

financial incentives for

hospitals when they do work,

but we don't have disincentives

we they do poor work. It's already happening in already happening in the United

States. Hospitals don't receive funding if they unacceptably high infection or

death rates. If you do

something that should never

happen, the classic take off

the wrong leg accidentally

because a number of because a number of cascading

errors occur, that you shouldn't be paid for

that. Stephanie Newell became a

patient advocate when her son

died at birth as a result of

medical mistakes. She supports the carrot-and-stick

the carrot-and-stick approach. I certainly think

approach. I certainly think

there has to be some measurement of quality, and safety, whether that's a

for infection rates, things

where there isn't a high

standard maintained. She says

what's needed are changes that put put patients' needs at the centre of quality and safety

reforms. Four Australian Special Forces soldiers have been wounded in Afghanistan. The group came under fire

during a patrol last week.

Three were shot and one Three were shot and one was

shit with shrapnel. The Defence

Force says all four are recovering, but two of the Australia. The Australia. The incident coincides with the

parliamentary debate about the

war and a renewed call for troops to be

troops to be withdrawn. How many hundreds more will come

back injuried because we did not return them safely home

now? Is that predictable toll justified? I do not think

so. The Defence Force says

no-one else was hurt in the week of the US mid-term

election battle for control of

Congress, and unions are

digging deep for the Democrats

to counter a splurge of money in

in support of Republican candidates. Democrats are in

trouble across the board. Even

the party's veteran US Senate

Leader is struggling to hang

on. ABC correspondent on. ABC correspondent Craig McMurtrie travelled to McMurtrie travelled to Nevada

for this report. It's been for this report. It's been a vicious campaign for Nevada's

trophy US Senate actually voted to use taxpayer

dollars to pay for Viagra, for convicted child molesters. 71-year-old Harry

Reid is a 27-year veteran of Congress, the most powerful

Democrat in the Senate, the

majority leader. shall Yet he

is in a political dogfight with accident-prone, accident-prone, Conservative, Tea Party-backed Republican Sharron Angle. We believe that the House of Representatives is

already lost for the Democrats,

and that they will lose majority. In these final days,

millions of dollars are being

poured into political

advertising in Nevada. A check

of a public register at one of Las Vegas's local stations shows a surge in late

spending for Democrats spending for Democrats from public sector unions. They are

crowding out the airwaves. Early voting is

allowed in Nevada and on the

back of high unemployment and

anger about the state of the

economy, swing counties are

rorting a higher rorting a higher Republican

turnout. I'm extremely angry our government

our government hasn't listened to us. make a stand, but I don't think

they will take as much as they think they will. Nationally

more than 90 House Democrats

are in trouble, twice as are in trouble, twice as many needed for the Republicans to

pick up. A net gain of 10 will deliver a Republic yaban majority in both houses of

Congress. But pundits like Jennifer Duffy say Republicans

could fall just short in the

Senate because of some of the disquiet about the controversial Tea Party-backed

arch Conservatives, like Sharron Sharron Angle. If they cost the Republicans the Republicans the Senate, the Tea

Party walk as way with a pretty

big black eye. Until now,

America's Conservative uprising has

has almost been unstoppable.

Health officials in Haiti are

struggling to contain a cholera

epidemic. The death toll from

the disease has Rhys tone more

than 250 and thousands of people are infected. The big

fear remains that the illness will reach the makeshift camps in the capital where hundreds of January earthquake are still living in squalid conditions. Anxious scenes as people crowd the people crowd the hospital gates, either desperately seeking treatment for cholera

or clamouring for news of their sick

sick relatives. This is the

epicentre of the struggle epicentre of the struggle to contain the disease. St Nicholas

Nicholas Hospital in Saint-Marc. They're only

allowing people in here now if they've got severe

to get treated, the epidemic is moving south. Inside, the race to save lives. to save lives. Intra convene nous drips carrying nous drips carrying the precious fluids which can rehydrate those with cholera.

The doctors are seeing the most

acute cases If you have 10

litres of diarrhoea, there is

very little volume in your body to pump around the necessary nutrients and oxygen to your body

body and the body shuts down.

They look shrunken and shave developed, unconscious, don't feel a pulse and feel cold. 8-year-old

Richie Camaloo has been

here. Sodnah, his father,

grateful, told me he is

grateful his son has escaped

death. I went in search of the

hospital morgue. We found Mark

in there. He explained that he

is searching for the body of

his dead nephew, Joseph. As another body the hospital, the Haitian

authorities are hoping this outbreak is now

outbreak is now stabilising. In Italy, protesters have clashed with police over plans to open

a rubbish dump in a national

park near Naples. Demonstrators

threw fireworks and flares at

police who responded with tear

gas. At least six officers gas. At least six officers were

injured in the clashes.

Residents are angry about the bad conditions of their local

rubbish dump as well as rubbish dump as well as plans

to open a new one in a nearby national

collectors have refused to pick up up the garbage since the

dispute started, and thousands

of tonnes of waste have piled

up on the streets. Italy could

face sanctions if the rubbish

is not removed.

Inspiring the nation to end

Indigenous disadvantage in two

decades is a tall order for a seasoned campaigner, let alone

a 13-year-old girl, but last

night Madeleine Madden became

the first person to deliver a

non-political address to the

nation on nation on every free-to-air TV network. Speaking on behalf of

the GenerationOne campaign, the

schoolgirl urged people to help get young borngs into work. From the classroom to the

studio, and an audience of 6 million. ADVERTISEMENT: If a

huge effort is made, the huge effort is made, the gap

between my people and between my people and other

Australians can be closed in one generation. Last night,

Madeleine Madden called Madeleine Madden called on the

nation to help create jobs for

Aboriginal people. This morning the limelight hadn't

dimmed. It's fun. It's just been a greed to dope greed to dope Nate $4 million of air time to the cause. It's going

going to bring employers to going to bring employers to a point where they check what

they may be doing or not doing in this area. The 13-year-old

is inspired by her grandfather, Aboriginal rights Charles Perkins. That didn't

cut it with some members of the cut it with some members of the Aboriginal community. To Aboriginal community. To grab

someone that young and expect

them to be something and do something, it's not

right. Others are right behind

her. Next generation, man,

shit, yeah, she is speaking good, too, that young one. The

campaign is linked to the Australian Employment Covenant

which aims to find jobs for

50,000 Indigenous people by

June next year. So far June next year. So far it's

only placed 3,000. This isn't a

a task of the Australian Employment Covenant specifically, this is a task for the Australian Government.

We've now got specific efforts

to help people get a job to make sure we help Indigenous people to set up their own businesses. At School, Madeleine Madden's newfound fame was big news. And

as for her own future? To become an actress and go back

to the community and help out

with my people. By which time

GenerationOne hopes to have

turned the page on Indigenous inequality. An economic

snapshot of the states snapshot of the states and

territories puts the ACT out in

front a long front a long with Western

Australia. But while the study shows the Territory is going gangbusters, across the border,

New South Wales is struggling

at the rear of the field, growth is strong across the

country, but real economic success is still linked to mining. In Western Australia, where there is where there is dust, there are dollars, and that's making it

the top performing State. I

have great optimism for the

next 10, even 20 years about the West Australian economy. A

report by the Commonwealth Bank

compares the state economies in October to their decade-long

October to their decade-long

averages. It's pretty clear that the Western Australia and ACT are doing better than the other states. The historically low unemployment in the nation's

capital is driving a housing boom. Confidence has returned.

Building is improving.

Population growth is also for the ACT reasonably strong. It's

ironic that while one of the

smallest economies is the best,

the largest is the worst. New

South Wales is still struggling since the global financial crisis. New home construction

is bewlo 10-year averages, and

economic activity is half that of WA's. But believe the report. New South Wales six consecutive quarters

of economic growth. Now, that

is better than Victoria, better than Western Australia. The Northern Territory has 3.1%

unemployment, thanks to record

levels of investment. Tasmania

is the slowest at nearly 6%.

South Australia and Victoria

are in line with decade averages. The long-term outlook is more is more positive for the

eastern states. The mining boom is expected to benefit

Queensland. Stronger hubs of Sydney and Melbourne should see lower unemployment

and an increase in retail spending should boost spending should boost their economies in the next 12 months. A quick look at the markets now, and the local market climbed to a market climbed to a 5-month

high today, helped by the $8 billion bid for the Australian Stock Exchange. And strong

mining and Energy Secretariors. The All Ords

closed more than 1.25% higher, as did the ASX 200. And the

Aussie dollar is creeping back To sport now with Claire

Aird. Claire, the countdown is

on to the Melbourne Cup? That's right, Scott, just over a week

now to the 150th anniversary of

the race. Now complaint Plate winner So You Think is now a 3/1 favourite for the big one, about you there are plenty about you there are plenty of doubters who question the

stallion's ability to won the 3,200m course. Some

3,200m course. Some seasoned

observers believe last year's

winner Shocking is a better

bet. Guy Stayner reports. Luca ka many has just arrived in Australia to oversee preparations for his Cup preparations for his Cup horses and he and he is one querying whether So You Think can stay the distance in the Melbourne

Cup. The way he is so good at

2,000, makes you think it might

be a little difficult to be as good over 3,200.

I'm just hoping and praying

he doesn't get 2 miles because

if he does, that's the

Melbourne Cup winner, I would

say for the foreseeable say for the foreseeable future,

you know. He is a horse. The professor has horse. The professor has a theory for Bart Cummings. Don't

think he has got to work on him

physically. I think he has got

to work on him mentally. main problem will be Melbourne

Cup, big crowd, we noted at

Moonee Valley Cox Plate Day

when the music was blasting out

on the trag, he his toes. Mark Kavanagh escorted the Melbourne Cup into

the carnival launch and good

judges are already saying he has got one hand on the

trophy. If I've got to put my

hard-earned cash down, I don't want question marks there, and

Shocking is the horse that does

not have any question marks

against his name. It's very, very hard to win one Melbourne Cup, but to win two with the

same horse two years in a row

is very, very hard. It's also

hard to have a starter. Lloyd

Williams has accused raiszing Victoria of favouring Bart

Cummings after his horse Press

dense was given a 1.5kg penalty

for the Melbourne Cup after

on Saturday. That horse is not

structured to run in the race. Press dense is 26th in

the order of entry for the

24-horse event field. To

cricket now and Peter Siddle

and wicket et keeper Brad

Haddin will return to

Australia's cricket side for the Twenty20 international

match against Sri Lanka in

Perth on Sunday. Tim Perth on Sunday. Tim Paine makes way for Haddin, makes way for Haddin, while Siddle returns to the Siddle returns to the national

side after recovering from a back injury. The selectors want

Michael Hussey and Mitchell

Johnson to prepare for the

Ashes with Shield

the next two weeks will be at its absolute peak with all its absolute peak with all our

key players playing, so it's key players playing, so it's a pretty exciting time both for cricket lovers but cricket lovers but also for Australian selectors just to watch our young kids playing against the best bowlers and similarly with similarly with the batters. Australia's Mark Webber believes is he still a chance of winning the World Championship despiting losing his lead in the Formula One. Webber crashed out Webber crashed out early in a rain-soaked Korean Grand Prix. Spaniard Fernando Alonso won the race ahead of Hamilton. Alonso is now 11

points ahead of Webber. To rugby league and Kangaroos forward Mohammad forward Mohammad Asif says his team ex-. Petero Civoniceva.. Darren

Lockyer broke a longstanding

record for the most tries for a

Kangaroos team member with 34 points. After losing points. After losing to New

Zealand, England need a win to stay in the competition. Very

tough to beat. Obviously

disapoited with the loss

know, I think they're a great

team and it took a lot of

confidence out of taking us to

the final last year, and we

were fortunate to get the job done there.

Some slight inexperience,

about you there is no fear whatsoever, no previous history

for a lot of these people against that's teams. American golfer Jonathan Bird stunned

his play-off partners his play-off partners by firing

a hole in one to win the US Tour event in Las Vegas. In fading light, Bird's 171m ace. The win secures Bird's The win secures Bird's playing

card for next year. After a very wet weekend

through many parts of Australia, we're set to see

drier conditions through the week, particularly on week, particularly on Tuesday.

It's not to say that it will be

clear and sunny because we have got some cloud features. One

will be with a cool change moving up in towards moving up in towards the south-east, but south-east, but any shower it is produces should be

relatively light and isolated.

A trough sitting through isolated shower or

thunderstorm. Also broad

instability across the Top End and spreading down into Central

Australia, but again we're not expecting to see anything in

the way of wide spread heavy falls in association with that.

In fact, many centre as cross

the continent will be clear and dry. We will see cloud increasing

increasing about the

south-eastern corner, and we

will see some late showers

developing, but as I said, the

air is relatively dry, so not looking at wide spread

rainfall. The trough through Queensland, thunderstorm as

crosses Northern Territory and

also patchy rain through Central area likely to see the butt

being of the rainfall.

being of the rainfall. After some wide spread falls through

New South Wales, you're also

ex-spekting to see a relatively

clear Tuesday. That cool change will actually move South Wales coast during

Wednesday, so cloud will be

re-introduced. We've got showers redeveloping along the

coastal fringe. This is the

next developing rain system.

We've got a front and a trough

sitting through Western

Australia. That's going to tap

into moisture moving down from the north and also moving in

from the east. So this system is

is set to develop as we head

towards the end of the

Should produce some wide spread rainfall, South Australia, Victoria, Tasmania, New South

Wales and up Wales and up into Queensland

from pretty much Wednesday all

the way through to around about Sunday Sunday or Monday. For

Queensland, we're still

expecting to see that expecting to see that trough

relatively active through the inland.

inland. It really won't have

much effect on New South much effect on New South Wales,

although cloud will increase

along the coast of New South

Wales with cloud developing through the day. Should see them developing through Wednesday. A cool change moving into dropping there and unvery unstable. The unstable

conditions set to continue as we head into Wednesday across

much of the Northern much of the Northern Territory.

Graham Creed. Well, the New

Zealand Prime Minister Zealand Prime Minister is preparing to meet Hollywood studio executives in a bid to save 'The Hobbit' movie. Warner Brothers is threatening to move the filming of the 'Lord of the Rings' prequel to Europe and

it's blaming it on a dispute with an Australian union. New Zealand correspondent Schwartz Zealand correspondent Dominique Schwartz reports. been unleashed in the battle for middle

for middle earth. This is a show of support for show of support for Peter

Jackson and Warner Brothers and show show them that the New Zealand

public, the acting film

industry are all behind them

and we really want this and we really want this film shot here.

Where do we want 'The Hobbit'? ALL: New Zealand. It has been pitched as a war between the film director and the movie

house and their supporters and unionised New Zealand actors

represented by represented by Australia's MEAA. MEAA. In a statement read to the Wellington rally, 'The

Hobbit''s director Peter Jackson accused the MEAA Turning out

state of Australia under a sway

of destructive organisation

carries the very real risk of

destroying the great big heart that beats inside our films. But the union says films. But the union says it's

done nothing wrong. All we did

is to ask for a meeting to discuss conditions under which performers would be engaged on 'The Hobbit'. There

'The Hobbit'. There is nothing lawful or unreasonable

been a tourist boon for New Zealand and the Government is more

more than a little nervous

about losing the two hobbit

movies T says it's not just the

$2 billion film industry at

stake, but the reputation of New Zealand as a reliable place

to do business. The union has

to do business. The union has lifted its film boycott and promised no disruption. We've

done some real damage to the

way that they view New Zealand and on that basis, I can't

guarantee that the movies will be made as a result of the negotiations we're having with such as this send the wrong

message to the world, that New

Zealand is desperate for

business and is prepared to do anything anything to secure it. Warner Brothers executives are due to meet with

meet with the Prime Minister tomorrow. And it tomorrow. And it is a terrific

book. To keep up to date on all

the stories we're following,

you can log onto our website. The address The address is We'll leave you tonight with

some pictures of vintage cars

that have rolled into Tasmania for

for a meeting of the veteran

car club. Then stay tuned for the '7:30 Report' with

the '7:30 Report' with Kerry

O'Brien. I'm Scott Bevan.

Thanks for your company.

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thinking, how? The

anaesthetist at the centre of a medical scandal in which medical scandal in which at least 41 women have been infected

infected with a

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