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(generated from captions) This Program is Captioned Live. Tonight - a royal

remembrance, as the Queen

pauses to honour Australia's

war dead. Next stop Victoria,

and security concerns, as the

royal visit clashes with Occupy Melbourne protests. The

Queensland Government about to

introduce a same-sex marriage

bill into the Parliament. bill into the Parliament. And

has Australia lost its ability to Live across Australia, you're

watching ABC News 24. Hello. I'm Juanita Phillips. Those

stories shortly, but first the

Prime Minister is using this week's meeting of leaders to send a message to week's meeting of Commonwealth

Europe to sort out its economic

woes. Julia Gillard's told

business leaders from across

the Commonwealth that Europe

must do more and fast to

stabilise the global economy.

If not, she says the

consequences will ripple right

countries alike. Here's through to

political correspondent Greg

Jennett. Good friend from

Belize, good to see you

again. But its members bear the

brunt of global turbulence and

gloom purr vads its gathering

in Perth. . The US seems stuck

in a holding pattern, fiscal

stimulus wearing off, subdued

investor sentiment and a level of unemployment. The investor sentiment and a high

is significantly rising in risk of a

advance economies. CHOGM's

leader this year calls leader this year calls them

threatening times. And is

using the platform the meeting

gives her to tell Europe to tackle sovereign debt and tackle sovereign debt and the stability

stability of its stability of its banks.

There's no time for delay.

This is the message I will take

to the G20 summit in Cannes in

nine days time. No time for

delay is a message the Reserve

Bank's picking up here too. The every hint it would be prepared to cut interest rates to cut interest rates next every

if inflation figures out

tomorrow are tame. And tomorrow are tame. And it

provides scope for monetary

policy to be supportive of economic activity if needed. The RBA hasn't moved on

rates since race day last

November. Amid Amid the economic gloom, the Government

is seeing a tiny glimmer of

light. For the first time in

months, News Col has it claws

back ground due to a four-point

drop in the coalition's primary drop in the coalition's

vote. It's what happens on the tipsters tell you that track, as it were, not what the tipsters

tipsters tell you that

counts. The tipsters still say he's red-hot favourite. The

Queen has finished her last

official business in the

nation's capital on a sombre

note, returned to the national War

War Memorial to lay a wreath at

the Tomb of the Unknown

Soldier, and to note

Australia's most recent war

dead in Afghanistan. It was a drizzly end to the drizzly end to the royal

couple's six days in Canberra.

Tomorrow they're off to

Melbourne. Pausing to ... on the memory of those lost

in battle. She paid tribute to

the unknown soldier and the unknown soldier and the

hundred thousand who've died

for Queen and country. for Queen and country. In

1954, a young Elizabeth came to

pay respects to Australians

killed in World War II. They

pause to lay a wreath on pause to lay a wreath on the

stone of remembrance. This time

it's the 29 killed in Afghanistan. That is seriously

important. That is today's climate, that is today's servicemen and of course

will enter the service with the

their ears. Those decorated for nonl of Afghanistan ringing in

her Majesty's presence. bravery were also touched by

Because the War Memorial here is where the spirit of Anzac

is. And hundreds of is. And hundreds of locals

waited in the rain for one waited in the rain for one last

She didn't disappoint. Better chance to see their monarch.

seeing her than not seeing her

at all. Pretty amazing, it's a

once in a lifetime experience kind of hasn't dampened enthusiasm for

this royal visit. Crowds have

been bigger than expected at

most of the Queen's engagements, suggesting the

Republican movement has a long

so way to go to get traction. Not

so say its founders. The Queen

we're a Republic or not. is clearly much-loved, whether

we're a Republic or not. The

monarchy have become rock stars

and she is a very good rock

star. They're still focused on

an eventual Australian head of

state. I think the state. I think the next opportunity, realistic

opportunity, for there to be a

change to our constitution is after the end of the Queen's

have reign . Not if these royal ists

have anything to do with it.

That's where we come from, so

we should keep it - I think, anyway.

anyway. I think we're anyway. I think we're carving

out our own national identity

fine, but we leave this as part

reigned of our tradition. Longing to be

Victoria Police are warning reigned over. Meanwhile,

they'll take action tomorrow if anyone breaches the peace during the the so-called Occupy Melbourne Melbourne. It's a response to

protesters, who again have

rallied in the city to rallied in the city to plan their next action. Across the city, city, weeks of preparations are

coming to an end, all coming to an end, all for one four-hour visit. The Queen's

first stop in Melbourne will be to open the new Royal Children's Hospital. She cut

the ribbon at the old one in

1963. Opening her car door on

this visit will be four

exciting, long-term patients. It's very

exciting, you know? I've been

in the other hospital since a

very young age, so coming here

It's awesome. It means so much

to me coming here as a patient.

to I'm just so blessed to be able

to do this. It's amazing. The Queen will then travel to

Federation Square, where after a

a visit to the gallery, she'll

hop on a tram. The State Government showed it off in

advance, the official royal

tram, freshly painted and ready

to take Her Highness down St Kilda Road to Government House.

The old. -class tram you see behind me has been decorated

especially for the has its twin, a spare, hidden

away at the back of the shed.

#23ishales say they don't know which one she'll actually

travel in, though the nervous driver says she'll take

care I'll drive a little slower

than I normal would. Police say they're not expecting trouble

from the protesters moved out

of City Square. It would

very disappointing for

Melbourne and Victorians in

general if indeed the visit general if indeed the visit by

the Queen were disrupted in any

way, shape or form. In this

general assembly, I suspect

the more concrete issues of

implementation and probably

discuss the question of whether

we will use the Queen's visit as a stage for as a stage for further protests. After a reception at

Government House, the Queen

will head back to Tullamarine

for a flight back to Canberra. Gay support groups in Queensland are celebrating what

they say is a significant step towards equal rights. The

deputy Premier, Andrew deputy Premier, Andrew Fraser, will shortly introduce his Parliament to allow civil

unions. But the State Opposition continues to

describe the move as a distraction from the real issues confronting Johnson's views on same-sex relationships relationships with no surprise,

but a kiss from one of but a kiss from one of his

colleagues was. Marriage is a

sacred union between a man and

a woman. The Opposition

backbencher is at odds with the personal opinions of the LNP Leader, Campbell Newman. Leader, Campbell Newman. I

support gay marriage. that many months ago. But gay

marriage is not the issue here,

only a Federal Government can

change those laws. The most change those laws. The most a State can do to State can do to legal ly recognise relationships are

civil unions. Our laws should accept the truth of human

relationships. The Government

used its numbers in Parliament

to change the timetable and

allow the Deputy Premier to

introduce his civil unions bill

tonight. This Bill will give

same-sex couples the

opportunity to publicly

celebrate their love and commitment. Non-Labor MPs were

unimpressed. It is not a forum

for cheap political stuntsz to save the Treasurer's save the Treasurer's seat.

Families cannot put food Families cannot put food on

the table and instead we're putting a private before the House which is a complete insult and abuse. Government MPs will get

a conscience vote. The LNP

still hasn't decided, but it

does consider the push for

civil unions now, after 13

years of Labor being in office,

as a distraction from other

issues. Why is the Premier allowing

State's Treasurer to focus on

political distractions? I am

very proud to lead a team very proud to lead a team of very talented people, people

who can walk and talk and gum at the same time. Mr Fraser

has won the backing of gay

support groups. It will support groups. It will give

the gay community, like my son,

hope that he will be seen hope that he will be seen as equal. The deputy Premier says

he hasn't spoken with church

groups yet about his private member's

teenager facing drug charges in Bali is now in the care of the prosecutor's office, but the normally straightforward

handover process turned into a

circus when the boy and family were mobbed. The stop signalled the rough stop signalled the rough day

that lay ahead. The

14-year-old had to be pushed

through a media scrum for his meeting meeting with prosecutors

handling the case, and then

again at another office for the

paperwork. He's not scared by something like that,

but he's really nervous, yes, following but he's really nervous, yes, following the next process. And

this is believed to be the

teenager in the middle teenager in the middle of

Indonesia's legal system. At

the Denpasar District Court, an official

official pulls out a small bag

of what looks like cannabis.

Police allege the 14-year-old

was caught in possession of a

small amount of drugs. small amount of drugs. His case is attracting attention.

intervention that kept him out

of Kerobokan Jail, and it seems

there is still political

interest higher up. The legal process is process is going faster than usual, but authorities usual, but authorities say

that's because the case

involves a minor. Prosecutors

say they may hand the file over

to the court as early as

Wednesday, and there could be a court hearing next week. I

couldn't speculate about nationality

nationality playing a part, but certainly his age is a relevant

consideration. Tonight the teenager is detention centre, which must

now seem like a refuge after

the events of the day. Rescuers are losing hope of are losing hope of finding many more survivors from Turkey's

earthquake. The death toll has

now reached nearly 300, but authorities

authorities believe the final

toll will be much higher. For a second night, residents at

Ercis in turkey's east have had

to sleep outside in near

freezing temperatures. After a freezing night trapped freezing night trapped under the rubble, this man the rubble, this man was rescued. When devastation around him, he was

overwhelmed. Emergency overwhelmed. Emergency teams

freed this toddler from one of

scores of collapsed scores of collapsed buildings

in Ercis, the city worst hit.

He was trapped in the mess of

concrete and twisted steel after

after the earthquake struck on

Sunday afternoon. Sunday afternoon. Underneath another building there's another building there's a 29-year-old man pinned between

a car and a wall. His brothers formed a human chain, passing

pots full of rubble to make

space around the injured man -

anything to help rescuers get

him out. The to give up, but 24 hours of

digging took its toll.

TRANSLATION: We've all been

here since yesterday, slept in

the car overnight, no food has passed any of his brothers'

lips. It was only hours later

he was finally pulled from the

rubble. Dazed, dusty and with several bones broken, but he

survived. The rescue workers

couldn't contain their joy after freeing him.

TRANSLATION: We were able to

relation coup him from

underneath the rubble alive and well. well. We've handed him over to emergency medical personnel

now. I'm proud of my entire team. Aid organisations have

set up temporary camps with

tents and kitchens to help the thousands of homeless.

Authorities have warned people

to staz away from damaged homes

for fear they could still collapse as dozens of aftershocks

aftershocks continue to rattle

the area. The ousted Libyan dictator Moammar Gaddafi reportedly dictator Moammar Gaddafi has

reportedly been buried in a secret grave in the desert,

ending a do with his corpse. At the

same time, the victorious rebel

fighters who took Sirte are themselves coming under scrutiny accused of a brutal

massacre. Human Rights Watch says it's found the bodies of

dozens of executed Gaddafi

supporters in the city. The war

is over, but the search for bodies continues. Behind this

hotel another gruesome discovery, 53 Gaddafi loyalists

executed in cold blood. It is

a dark stain on Libya's future that on the first day of a new

Libya, really the day of its liberation from Gaddafi's brutal rule,

took place. It's yet another

brutal event Libya's new leaders will have to investigate. Under international pressure, they've agreed to

agreed to an inquiry about the

killing of Colonel Gaddafi.

His macabre public showing has

also been shut down. This is just day one of liberation.

Many hard decisions lie ahead. This man wants to join a new

army. His friend will give his

gun back as soon as he can.

Now that they've won the revolution revolution and their liberation, the United Nations and other international

agencies are coming to Libya to

help the young men and help the young men and women

adjust to the new life. There

are a massive number of teenagers and youth that have been been involved in the conflict.

There's a huge number There's a huge number of weapons still in the hands of young people in young people in Libya. After

identifying with their and their weapon for so long,

many will find it hard to adjust. The flood situation is

slowly choking all activity in

the Thai capital, Bangkok. On the northern outskirts,

floodwaters are now chest high

and heading for the city's

centre in a slow-moving but unstoppable wave. At Rangsit,

there's a wave of despair.

Each day the water has grown

deeper and crept further into

this suburb and an area that's heavily

populated by migrant workers,

many from Burma. Hundreds of

thousands of economic migrants have lost their jobs Thailand's industrial estates,

many of which are now under

water. Now they've lost their

homes too. TRANSLATION: The

water is up to the chest. It

came in at about 1 or 2am. There's been no clear

indication of if or where they can get help and with nowhere

to live and no income, heading home across the border

in their thousands. How can

you go, how are you going to

manage? We don't know. manage? We don't know. Now where we're going we don't know. Thailand is already struggling to help its own citizens, with millions

affected and hundreds of thousands displaced. As

evacuation centres fill, new

ones are being opened to accommodate up to 800,000

people. Meanwhile, volunteers

are delivering much of are delivering much of the medical help, food and water using borrowed boats and donated supplies. Thailand is

really in a big disaster right now.

now. A lot of people are still

needing the help. So me and my friends, we gathered a group so

we could go and help out people who really are in need. But the job is immense. TRANSLATION:

All the houses inside are already flooded up to the already flooded of the ground floor . It's

pretty haphazard evacuation and

supply delivery in some areas.

We have seen some army truck s

picking people up, but many you can see, it's a case of fend for yourself. 40,000

soldiers have been deployed.

Yet each day more people need

help. Time to check sport now

with Claire Aird. France has

been find after the rugby been find after the rugby World

Cup, Claire That's right. It's

a controversial decision.

France has been hit with a fine

for coming too close to the All

Blacks during the haka before

Sunday's final. As the

victorious Kiwis paraded Webb Ellis Cup through Chris

church today, the international

rugby board confirmed it's find

the French almost $4,000 for

breaching cultural protocol.

been responding to the haka in

their own way for years. In

1989, Ireland got up close and

personal, while in 2008 Wales kept their distance, but

famously stared the All Blacks

down well after the haka had

finished. The rugby fraternity

is backing the French, saying

the fine is over the top. It's

ludicrous. This is not a police state. This This is colourful, this is movement, this is passion, this is emotion. We're about to

face the haka, what are we

going to do? Why don't we breast

breast them? breast them? Yes, they crossed

the line, they crossed the 50

yard line, which is in yard line, which is in the rules, but they rules, but they didn't cross

the line. There was never any danger of an actual danger of an actual physical

confrontation. I said to the guys around me watch them advance. You've got an advance. You've got an arrow,

they're going to advance. If a

couple of guys put a pinky over

the halfway line, who cares? Move on,

Carney is close to signing a

deal with Cronulla. The club

says it's hoping to finalise it

in the coming days. The Sydney Roosters released the

five-eighth from the final year of his contract in September,

despite the 2010 Dally despite the 2010 Dally M winner's off-field issues, he's attracted interest from a number of clubs, number of clubs, including Gold

Coast. The Sharks would become

Carney's third NRL club. The

Carney's third NRL club. The

deal is reportedly worth

$700,000. Veteran Melbourne

AFL forward Brad captain the Australian rules

series against Ireland.

Green's appointment was

revealed on Twitter today. The

teams clash in Melbourne on Friday and again on the Gold

Coast Friday week. The hosts

won the series 2-0 in Ireland

last year. Australian horse

trainers are calling for an

overhaul of the qualification rules

rules for the Melbourne Cup.

David Hayes and Chris Waller

want more places reserved for the winners of Australian

feature races. They argue it's

much easier for an

international horse to qualify for the big race. It

the stars at Flemington.

Trouble is most of Trouble is most of the Melbourne Cup fancies were Melbourne Cup fancies were at

Werribee. With 13

internationally trained horses vying for the vying for the Cup and others

imported by local trainers, the

racing industry is assessing Australia's Australia's staying malaise.

We tend to breed staying

horses more than you down here,

therefore we have a bigger pool

to draw from. They keep

pulling them back in distance. The clubs and authorities must

be mad, they keep taking be mad, they keep taking them

from 3200 back to 2400. People little more for your money, you

can see them go around a few times. International horses

have also been lured to the Melbourne Cup with Melbourne Cup with easier qualification. If he qualification. If he can perform and win an English

group 3, you'll get in the Cup.

It doesn't mean if you do

It doesn't mean if you do the same in Australia you can't. But with so many

overseas horses running in the

Melbourne Cup, locals want Melbourne Cup, locals want a

better chance to gain a start.

The Verminator won the group The Verminator won the group 1 metropolitan handicap this month, but is still Melbourne Cup order of entry.

Obviously it's easier for

overseas horses to qualify.

Yet they've won half the amount of races that of races that The Verminator

has and won a lot less prize

money than him. Waller and

Hayes agree there should be more Australians races that carry carry exemptions into the

Melbourne Cup. Any group one

race over 2,000 metres or further further should be exempt from the

the race. That's our grand

final, so to speak, of final, so to speak, of our

sport and therefore those grand

finalists should be recognised

and be put in the best race,

which is the

Cup. Waller says making qualification fairer would qualification fairer would mean

at least half the Cup field comes from Australia. In the A-League, A-League, Melbourne Victory

admits it's failed to live up to expectations so far this

season. After three rounds,

the Victory is still without a

win or even a goal and hopes win or even a goal and hopes to

atone for that against the Wellington Phoenix this weekend.

weekend. There was plenty of hype about the Victory's prospects this season, particularly particularly after the signing

of Harry Kewell, but so far of Harry Kewell, but so far the

club has failed to impress on the pitch. anywhere near our abilities.

Therefore, that's resulted in

ordinary performances and yet

to have scored a goal. I think

with the expectation put on

this team from within and without, we've certainly not

lived up to anywhere near lived up to anywhere near what

we expected The draw doesn't get easier for Victory in the

weeks ahead. After the trip weeks ahead. After the trip to

New Zealand, it has a home fixture against fixture against Reining Premiers Brisbane. Tasmania has fought back to dismiss Queensland for

Gabba. Ben Hilfenhaus was pick of Gabba. Ben Hilfenhaus was the pick of the Tigers' bowlers,

taking 4/57. Rain forced an

early end to the opening day's

play between NSW and Victoria play

at the SCG. Western at the SCG. Western captain

Marcus North has scored a

century to guide his side 7/288 against SA at Adelaide

Oval. In baseball, Texas Rangers are on the verge of

guiding their side - the Texas

Rangers are on the verge of winning

winning their first world series

on that in 'The World'. Thanks

very much, Claire. Checking

finance now, and Australian

investors are sitting on the

sidelines waiting for details of the plan to solve the Euro

debt crisis. There's also

caution ahead of tomorrow's

inflation numbers, which will

have a big bearing on have a big bearing on interest rates. rates. Here's Phillip Lasker. Another strong day on

the equity markets would have

been too much to ask for. The

main index was down, but

volumes have been below average

during the past few days, so

there's a

there. The banks were sold

off. QBE stuck to its outlook

guidance for the 2011 year.

There are a few angry Fosters shareholders at the annual general meeting today

because of the because of the SABMiller takeover, particularly since

they've now been told they've now been told beer

sales are expected to pick up.

Most miners fell, except Most miners fell, except for

the big players. There were

reports that coalminer New Hope was considering a takeover

was considering a takeover bid

from an Indian steel maker,

among others. Rio was blaming Brazilian competitor Vale for

the fall in iron because its rival has shifted shipments shipments from Europe to China.

Iron ore accounts for 25% of

our goods exports and our goods exports and some

think the falling

by the green line is one reason

the Reserve Bank might need to

cushion the economy by cutting

interest rates next week. But

it may not be as bad as it

looks because the other line

shows iron ore shipping rates

are rising, suggesting China is

stepping up its buying. Here's

the form guide for the

inflation measure the Reserve Bank cares about, core inflation

inflation out tomorrow, which

we're told will be an important

ingredient in the interest rate

decision. A 0.5% rise for the quarter or less will have the

economists saying inflation economists saying inflation is

easing and there's room to cut

rates. That means rates. That means the Australian dollar would probably fall at least

temporarily, but right now it's quite

quite a bit stronger,

particularly against the Euro. That's finance. We're set to see further

unsettled conditions across

both eastern and WA. It's both eastern and WA. It's in

association with two troughs. The trough through northern

NSW, south-eastern and central Queensland could trigger

isolated severe thunderstorms. We're looking at the We're looking at the potential

for moderate to heavy falls

about the northern parts of the

south-west land division.

These two trough systems will

remain very active through the

day, although neither area is looking at overly significant falls. The around those central parts of

WA. But in between relatively clear, although anywhere north

of Tennant Creek in the

Territory is looking at the

chance of ice chance of ice wlated showers and thunderstorms, and thunderstorms, particularly

through the afternoon. Also

the chance of drizzle about the

far south of Tasmania. Could

see an isolated shower see an isolated shower about the north-eastern ranges, but

apart from that a band of very

dry weather all the way out through

through into the southern through into the southern parts

of the Territory. Mostly

unsettled across eastern

Queensland, although really

starting to contract towards

the coastal fringe, with a

southerly change moving into Queensland during the

afternoon. That will push those showers and storms

further north during Thursday.

For WA, plenty of showers, possible thunderstorms for Perth,

Perth, but as I said before, the heaviest of the rainfall

sitting north of Perth. Then

on Thursday that system will

start to move in towards SA, so

becoming very unsettled around border

border areas of SA and WA. The

trough through Queensland will start

start to break up. In fact,

the trough itself contracts

back inland. We still have

moist onshore winds, so showers

about the coastal fringe.

We'll start to see NSW drying

out, but the potential for

showers increasing again down

around the south-western corner

of Tasmania. But Victoria should remain relatively clear,

cloud and showers on the increase, though, through SA.

Still remaining very unsettled

anywhere north of about Tennant

Creek through the NT. We still

have fairly unsettled conditions across WA, conditions across WA, should gradually start dissipate. They've been

pampered for weeks, but today they

they earnt their stripes.

Three Sumatran tiger cubs have

gone on public display for the

first time at Taronga Zoo. species is critically endangered due to poaching and

habitat loss and there are only

about 400 left in the wild.

The cubs were born in August as

part of the zoo's breeding

a bit of a handful, first-time mother Jumilah is coping Mum has been so brilliant throughout throughout this whole process.

We actually bred Jumilah here

back in 2003, so to see her go

from baby cub to now being mum

is very exciting. I'll be back

with an update in a moment. Business'. You're watching ABC

News 24. Closed Captions by CSI This Program is Captioned

Live. The top stories from ABC

News - a 14-year-old boy from

NSW has been formally put into the custody of prosecutors before his hearing for alleged

drug possession. A media scrum followed the boy capital, as paperwork was carried out in different

locations. Authorities say

they may hand the file to the

court as early as

tomorrow. There are reports

that the body

Gaddafi has been buried in a

secret desert grave in Libya.

The former dictator was shot

dead last week by rebel fighters in his home town of

Sirte. The Government has

announced an investigation announced an investigation into

his death amid concerns he may

have been beaten, tortured and

executed. Hopes are fading

that any more survivors will be

Sunday pulled from the rubble after

eastern Turkey. Nearly 300

people have been killed after