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(generated from captions) Egypt's unstoppable mood for

change. Mass protests continue

and Hosni Mubarak told it's

time to go. Way want to see a transition to

dictator to implement democracy

after 30 years in power is an oxymoron. This Program is Captioned


North Queensland place braces for a second cyclone as gale

force winds batter the coast.

And Indonesian court And Indonesian court backs

attempt by two of the Bali Nine

to dodge the death sentence.

And Novak Djokovic takes his seconds Australian Open title.

Good morning, you're watching Good morning, you're

Rowland. The mood for change in ABC News 24 -

Egypt now seems unstoppable.

The mass protests continue,

tens of thousands of people

have again flooded the streets of Egypt's main demanding President Hosni

Mubarak stand down. The country's Opposition country's Opposition Leader, Mohamed ElBaradei, has joined

the calls addressing protesters

for the first time. And there's

a tense stand-off between the

people and the military. As people and the military. As air

force jets buzzed overhead,

protesters blocked a column of

tanks sent in to disperse them. And the Government has And the Government has also of those protests. Mr ElBaradei stopped al-Jazeera's broadcast stopped al-Jazeera's

says the time of the change has come. The people

right now is Mubarak has to immediately. The first step if

we need to get out of this mess

and it's total mess - security

is not there, it's a total

first step he has to go. The chaos situation right now, the

second step is we have to have

a government of national

salvation in coordination with the Army so the people and the

Army will get together, go for a transitional

then we prepare for a free and

fair election and then move on

to a daks sy. It is also saying

I look to the government. I look to the government. I

Mubarak to implement democracy.

To ask a dictator to implement

democratic measure after 30

years in power is an oxy

popularon. So they need to let

go of Mubarak. They need to

side with the people. Now early

this morning we spoke to this morning we spoke to the ABC foreign affair s correspondent Peter says the unrest in bad other leaders in the says the unrest in bad news for

region: The regional implication

s have been smaller but

sometime in some cases thousand of people turning out

in regional ap tal s, including Algeria, Jordan, Sudan, owe

oman, more taina, Morocco and

Yemen. The most serious protest

have been in Yemen. The President there has been called to quit. There's been four self- immolations by

protesters. And so it's quite

serious in Yemen. How worried

are the regimes for are the regimes for instance in

plauss like Jordan and Yemen about the potential contagion

effect across the

region? Clearly very region? Clearly very worried. They all have Islamist

movements in the case of Jordan

the very same group which has

been de hind the uprising Egypt is well established here, the Muslim Brotherhood the Muslim Brotherhood well established across Jordan established across Jordan and they were certainly thought to

be behind protests which turned out on the streets last several thousand wrand people

week. So they are very worry. The Government is of course is Israel. They have The Government is most worried

one close ally, having been a little bit e stranged from

Jordan in recent months, that

is Egypt and they are watching is Egypt and they

the chaos in Egypt very closely. Benjamin Netanyahu, told his closely. The Prime Minister,

Cabinet members after Cabinet members after a meeting

this morning that they would

watch what was going on closely

but told them to say absolutely nothing. There are half a nothing. There are half a dozen countries which could very well find themselves in exactly the same situation as Egypt because

they have a Government, often

passed down from father to they have strong Islamist movements, they have links with the West, they will be looking

very nervous. The whole

situation is in the process of change. The only country which seems delighted by events is the Government of Iran. They

have called the uprising in Egypt noble. They cut off relations

relations in 1980 after own revolution and after Israel relations in 1980 after their

was recognised by They're support ing what is was recognised by Egypt.

going on in Egypt fully and

quite possibly urging other

movements around the region to follow the ABC's foreign affairs editor follow the Egyptians' lead. The

Peter Cave talking to us earlier from oman in Jordan.

Le's come home now and Le's come home now and talk

also begin today to try to convince the cross-benches

about the merits of the proposed flef dwri.

information about how the money Independents wan more

continue throughout the week will be administered. Talk also

and the legislation will be

introduced to Parliament next

week. The Government has

already been on the offensive flood levy. Treasurer Wayne

Swan has told the ABC's 'A.M.'

program there is no politics

involved as the Government sets about the massive took have got nothing took have got nothing to do

with who represents any

particular electorate. And frankly I find the suggestions

from Mr Truss and Barnaby Joyce from Mr Truss and Barnaby Joyce disgusting. The fact is the

Government has worked very Government has worked

closely with member of Parliament from all parties, and we approached Parliament from all political

issue based on where the damage issue based on where the damage

has been done and we approach

it from the point of view of

dealing with all Australians

and all Queenslanders on the

same basis. In terms of delays, the decisions have been

taken in terms of projects which were not taken in terms of those

contracted at the time. And absolutely nothing to do with

the colour electorate. I just

find it offensive. I really. find it offensive. I really. Do you are assert ing that everybody is opposed to the

levy. I am saying that is not

the experience I am having. I

have to on the one hand

have to on the one hand provide

support to households, but re

building doesn't stop at the

front gate of the What front gate of the household. What we have to rebuild the essential community structure. The Federal Government is responsible for

75% of the cost of re building

the codes, rebuilding the rail, re building the schools and

that is what the levy is going to fund. Treasurer Wayne Swan, now the Federal Government's

sales pitch is again in full swing this morning. Very shortly shortly we will cross to ABC local radio in Melbourne where Julia Gillard, the Prime Minister, will be selling Minister, will be selling the

benefit as she sees them of that flood levy. that flood levy. Resident of North Queensland are Battening

down for a second cyclone later in

in the eke. Ex- cyclone Anthony has brought destructive winds to North Queensland ie. to North Queensland ie. Brought

minor damage and cut power to

about 10,000 properties. About powerful cyclone is expected

or Thursday morning. There have been heart breaking signs in

Victoria's flood ravages

north-west as farmers return to

their properties to sur ray the damage. Adding to the emotion is the dale isation that some property s will be under water

for up to two months. Ritchie rimp reports from Benjeroop. The flood waters

are right through Nick Prentice's farm house. We

filmed him when he was up to

waist deep. The kids are finding it hard. The tiles over

there at the moment we have a couple

couple of other kids coming. couple of other kids coming. I know they're going to be very

up set set. The smaller up set set. The smaller kids

are just - they don't know

what's going on and they want to get home. Nick Prentice has

been told the putrid flood

water s will be around his

house for two months. Using house for two months. Using his

excavators Nick use to save other places. The water is 30cm

up unside his house. He says he desperate lie need about desperate lie need about a

dozen pumps in here. Steve Hawkin didn't know Nick well

before the floods. He says she proud to know him proud to know him now. The only

way to Steve Hawkin s place is

by boat. I guess I am too angry

to be sad. Everything that the

house went under on his dairy

farm. He watched some of his

Daws drown. He has a massive

insurance because his farm insurance because his farm is classed as a classed as a commercial

business. I have concrete

trough floating. Never seen one

before. Steve Hawkins cyst says

politicians, SES boss and

government officials have got

in the way and have made things harder for the locals. It harder for the locals. It just makes me blood boil. I am not

the only one. Steve Hawkins

says his daughter is already

having nightmares about the flood. Nick Prentice his 10 children will also

struggle in coming months. And very shortly we will cross to Julia Gillard's

interview with ABC local Radio cross to Julia Gillard's

in Melbourne about the flood levy. We're hearing today that the first round of consultation

government and the also take place between the

benches. Independent senator government and the cross

Nick Xenophon will told talks

today. He has exprethsed some with government officials

doubt about the flood doubt about the flood levy.

Tomorrow Greens MP Adam Bandt willbe concerned s about the axing of the carbon the carbon abatement programs to help fund the recover y effort

effort in Queensland and

Victoria. Let's cross now

ABC local Radio in Melbourne for Prime Minister, Julia Gillard. ... I am astonished

to see that the next to see that the next morning

the media, the press, the media, the press, pretty much universe ally say that your policy is on the skids. John, I understand people are under financial

pressure and when you first ask not surprised not surprised some Australians

think, ghee, am going to have

to consider that. But overall I

generous people. We want to think Australians are very

pull together when times are

tough and people will ultimately come to understand

one way of working together to why the levy is necessary as

recover from the Queensland

floods but also from floods in other parts of the including Victoria. But where - other parts of the country,

are you going to rethink your policy after the

you got for it ? No relevance,

I am not. I am determined to rebuild. Our preliminary rebuild. Our preliminary

estimates are that is going to

cost $5.6 billion, it's a lot

of money. We have made some room from the Federal Budget

but cutback s but we do need Australians to make a

contribution through the

levy. You don't. You could levy. You don't. You could cut another $1.8 billion from cut

baejs if you could find it that determined that the best pack way so why don't

age here is for us to cut back

on the Federal Budget and we.

Have for every dollar we're asking Australians to pay in

the levy we've cut back $2 on

the Federal Budget: I think

this is a fair proposition for

the vast majority of people, it

means that they will be means that they will be paying

less than a dollar a week. Even for someone on $80,000 a year

we're in cup of coffee

territory in terms territory in terms of what they're being add disod put in. Do you blame Tony Abbott

for politicise ttion flood disaster? I would say about

Tony Abbott's reaction that at times like this people want

see us all pulling together and

I think Australians have really pulled together. What I'd

look he is not opoeszed to about Tony Abbott's reaction is

levies. We know that. He is not

oppose toddies. H ewas support

of Howard Government Levies. He

funds was supporter of a levy to

funds his own election promises. What she looking for

is the politics of it, the political advantage. And I real Liz don't think that's what Australians their Australians are expecting after their political leaders at types like this when a lot to do and a lot a lot to do and your government and your predecessor, Kevin Rudd, running a Government predecessor, Kevin Rudd, were your government

running a Government that just

doesn't know how to spend money reputation that he says you've

just earned: Well, Tony Abbott has just come out against the levy

advantage and he made a speech over the weekendant how that assists him and the Liberal Party back into Government. I don't Australians want to see Government. I don't think

kind of approach from their political leaders. They political leaders. They want us to get on with the job and got no fundamental objection levies he.s can't have. He good enough for Tony Abbott to John, I would say if it's been

support a levy to pay election election promises, then surely

so it's good enough when we've got

around the country. And I understand people want to see value

value for money. I want to value for money. worth of infrastructure so we don't create capacity to go up. And we will be constraintses which cause price

working with people on the recovery

authority board. My Minister Joe Ludwig is stid sitting on that is dealing the State Cabinet committee

at every level for us to make recovery. We will have auditing

payments including the payments including the against the $2 We're going to give the

will need to be audit signoff Queensland Government, there

including audit signoff by the State auditor general. And of available here, a very senior Defence Force Defence Force official who will bring auz ol of his to the task. Warren claiming you're pork barreling have seen those game claims and, John, circumstance here is when looked for what we could defer in terms of

have contracts under way and people projects that were in the That is, we had

planning stage and not fixed contracts. So when looking across your fixed contracts. So when you're

infrastructure there's only so many that fit that bill - project s that fit that bill and we worked through with the Queensland Government to select the right project s to be

important because we need to deferred. The deferral is

ensure we're ensure we're not, you know,

bidding up prices. We need to make money available but, you know, you rebuild things and just to put it really certainly we can't do everything at planned. What is wrong that was otherwise we're deferring some deprur

permanent natural disaster fund? It could take very little to start building up a capital fund for all of these sorts of events that may occur future? I events that may occur in the

have that conversation, people are going to want to

John My only message is we can't hold up on the re huge natural disaster also have that conversation. I'd

also say just in term s of disaster preparedness and our disaster resilience that we

should note that this has been an extraordinary set of we've ever faced in economic

terms. But we're warned to

expect more of them in the future: John, we're nation that sees natural disasters, we've see them in the future Cyclone, fires,

been different this time is the

sheer scale of it. 75% of declared, a city of millions, Brisbane, declared, a city of millions, Brisbane, basically closed down because of

because of a natural because of a natural disaster.

And then flood waters cascading into other parts of the country. Including of course in two regional ryon, the lead national Labor Party said he

couldn't believe that in your speech you didn't even mention Baillieu think - Victoria and he and Ted Baillieu think - Baillieu think - Baillieu by

they you're going to cult back people will make

people will make some of these political points along the way. But the But the reality here is, John, I visited flood regions in Victoria,

But the reality here is, John, I visited I visited flood regions in

Victoria, I wanted to do that

to talk to people on the directly. We will work with the

Victorian government in exactly the the same way Government. There's Government. There's a formula which is Commonwealth contributes. We contribute 75% of the re

building cost. We will in Victoria in exactly the same way we're way we're going to do it in Queensland. So, you you know, I will

I will just get on the job with working with Premier Baillieu and his Government, same for Victoria as there for Victoria as there is for Queensland with the re building. What

Australians? Egypt? The advice we're giving to Australians Egypt is know, away from demonstrations and stay in safe areas We're also saying people should commence to of Egypt if it's safe to do. now the airport is now the airport is still open at this at this stage. We are obviously monitoring this, very, very the best possible arrangements for Australians to move out for Australians to move out of

Egypt. And we are here at home or in other parts

of the world do not travel, do

not go to Egypt. You expecting

a knock-on , a domino effect across the Arab world? I think

we can all yearning of people in in other parts of

democracy, for many of the things that many of the things that as

Australians we take for granted day after day day after day because we live in

we do understand but we also want to see as much

calm and restraint as possible.

We don't want to see people losing their lives in a

situation like the one that Egypt

certainly call tong Government

of Egypt to respond legitimate desires of the mean, ultimately the future mean, ultimately the future of

Egypt has to be in the hands of

the Egyptian people. the Egyptian people. That's

what we want for our own country that we as Australians get to determine our future and

so the people of Egypt determine their future. situation closely we continue to urge restraint in the difficult seen a high death rate and we don't want to see tragedy. The Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, Julia Gillard, speaking there on local raid you in Melbourne about the situation in Egypt and before staunch defence of the Federal Government's flood throughout the country, Mohamed ElBaradei told protesters it's time for Hosni Mubarak to go. North

another cyclone to cross the and winds and torential second stronger cyclone

expected to hit the coast Thursday. And an Indonesian court has backed an appeal by

two members of the Bali Nine drug ring drug ring against the death penalty. Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran now up to the Supreme Court to issue a final issue a final verdict on their

appeal. To finance news - institutional investors in BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto

demanding the mining giants ditch any plan for more written individually to the boards to ask them to boards to ask them to use their strong that more big takeover deals are on the board. There rumour BHP is about to launch for BG launch for BG Group. Business leaders are more to be done to ensure

poorer nations benefit from

They say it's essential if They say it's essential if the world is to avoid more unrest

like that being seen at the moment in Tunisia and Egypt.

They say the challenge is to create basic facilities like school, roads housing. Will Let's take a look Let's take a look at the sports headlines. It was an

anti- climatic after Kim Clijsters won and It was Novak Djokovic Djokovic wasn't at all disappointed with the way he's played in this came through semifinals, sets and then then took sets and then then took out his mate, Murray. Murray u mur's future is - Andy Murray's

future is maybe one of regrouping. He's made three regrouping. He's made three grand slam finals now hasn't won a set. To the cricket, Australia's beaten fleng the one-day international Brisbane to take out the

series. There will be two more matches matches to World Cup. Australia is feeling defending a total of 2249. Shane Watson has the flood waters since flood waters

waters Stitt his - on the Haddin had exquisite timing. The Australians road their luck in the middle Haddara reap ed the

rewards but Watson's day oup on 16. feet once too often. The out of

form skipper won over the fan, wickets fell around him but wickets fell around him but Michael Clarke looks Michael Clarke looks on song as he blasted midwicket. The captain right up

a much-needed celebrations didn't last long. Clarke was out for 54. Steven Smith but us was all out for 249.

Australia's bowlers gave England a hostile Matt Prior was soon back in Matt Prior was soon back in the pavilion. The Australians claim ed ed the scalp of England skipper Andrew Strauss next ball. collapse continued when

Jonathon Trott Jonathon Trott fell to Brett the biggest threat for Australia, combined with dismissed for 40.

dismissed for 40. England's hopes appeared dashed as they last three Watson chipped in to reduce with 53 but Watson broke

through to claim a) 1-run win

and the series. As wraps up and that one-day series wraps up also, the A-League will start to centre stage in the calendar in Australia. The Melbourne vuctsry is Coast. But the Gold Coast Coast. But the Gold Coast coach said it was a par like and at the goals. He tries a range effort

range effort and Daniel Allsop scores again for the Melbourne Victory. It was a punish ing strike. Curtis. Hey has some help now. Allsop goes alone. What from Danny Allsop, the prodigal son has return ed and

alight. It's good alight. It's good to see him streaking. One of the players said it was like a war in the

first half. Maybe he is trying

to get the refs on side for the next encounter. Paul joins us now with a look at weather. And good morning.

crossed the coast last night. But

Fiji the renally named Yasi expected Fiji the renally named Yasi is expected to ints intensify. There

There are no estimate on when or if it will head towards Queensland. We Queensland. We will keep acrest breast of that one. There are warning of damaging winds and Queensland as the rain spreads inlands. Showers expected a crog long the

Brisbane a chance of a Most ly sunny Most ly sunny across swai.s 32 in Sydney. And 37 in Canberra. Hot across Victoria too but a change spread from the south-west even though you might not notice it rain falling across northern Tasmania and that

south in hoentd it's due during the afternoon. After a warm night a hot day for most

It's already up to in Adelaide. Heading for 42. A dridsly morning Division South-West Land

Division but that should Division but that should show slow ly clear. In Perth there's a road weather alert for

and slick roads. To the north, a few thunderstorms pepz in the afternoon. The same for the winds, in Darwin those starm storms you've had this morning will start to fire will start to fire up again

during the afternoon. Let's look at tomorrow That's it from us. Stay tuned for more of the day's top story ys from ABC News including comprehensive on the grounds coverage of in ejiment. Bye for

This Program is Captioned Live.

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