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search for missing teenager Daniel Morcombe with bones discovered in bushland on the

Sunshine Coast. Also Libyan leader Colonel Also

Gaddafi remains defiant as

capital. Tony Abbott calls on rebel fighters close in on the

the Prime Minister to sack Craig Thomson from Parliament's

Economics Committee. I think

it is very hard for someone who can't answer questions about

his own credit card to credibly

of the Reserve Bank about ask questions of the Governor

nation's credit cards. And St

Kilda unable to spoil Sydney's

chances of an AFL finals place. You're watching ABC News 24.

Hello, I'm Richard Davies. Checking the weather for tomorrow first. Investigators have found

bones during a search for

the Sunshine Coast. Daniel Morcombe's remains on

is being conducted on the bones which were located which were located this

afternoon. The search

operation has been underway bushland near Beerwah for operation has been underway in

bushland near Beerwah for the

past week. The bones were

found near where a second shoe

was located yesterday. It matched another shoe found matched another shoe found on

Wednesday. Police have not confirmed if the shoes confirmed if the shoes match

those the teenager was wearing

when he disappeared eight years ago. They also caution that

the bones and the shoes may be

unrelated to the current

investigation. However, the Morcombe family has been 41-year-old Brett Peter Cowen updated on the situation.

has been charged with Daniel

Morcombe's murder. Gunfire and

explosions have been heard in

parts of the Libyan capital as the country's rebels appear to

be mounting a final push to

take on Tripoli. They claim to

have encircled the city and say

the next few hours are critical. Government officials

insist all is calm. The in

embattled Libyan leader Colonel

Gaddafi took to the air case saying the opposition fighters

would be defeated. from Al Jazeera English. A rap

paidly changing dynamic. The

old guard embattled and on defensive. old guard embattled and on the

defensive. A voice not heard

on weeks suddenly son on weeks suddenly son state spell vision. Colonel Gaddafi

lashing out at the rebels.

But while he was heard, Colonel Gaddafi be seen. His spokesperson

Moussa Ibrahim rallying the

faithful from an open top car. But But the pro-Gaddafi scenes in

the capital were no much for

the huge crowds that gathered

in Benghazi. Celebrating what

they said was zero hour for the

Gaddafi regime, the moment they

had anticipated since the had anticipated since the start

of the uprising six months TRANSLATION: There's of the uprising six months ago.

certain information that us that forces loyal to Gaddafi

have withdrawn and have left

their weapons behind in areas

outside Tripoli. Think

everything is in order in

Tripoli. Rebels Tripoli. Rebels are approaching. Gaddafi may be

coerced to flee if he manage to

coordinate it with some

countries. But I hope to

arrest him to be tried with his sons and assistants. Abdel

Salam Jalloud, Gaddafi's former right-hand man whose defection Government another blow. He urged Libyans to rise up

against the Gaddafi regime. TRANSLATION: Enough.

Zero hour is here. Enough. The areas which have not stamped out fear with The areas which have not yet

feet should defeat that fear stamped out fear with their

tonight and Unite as your enemy

is fear. Gaddafi made one final

final phase of his rule. A hanging up. Perhaps on the call to his people.

Libyan Government spokesman

also appeared on TV saying the

rebels had been defeated in

Tripoli and accused the media and opposition of lying.

TRANSLATION: Tripoli is safe and completely under the control of the armed people committees and the volunteers

and The honourable people of

Tripoli. There are some gunmen

who infiltrate ed from here and

there entered two or three

areas of Tripoli, Souq Al-Juma,

Fashloum, Ben Ashour in a very small area after evening confronted and everything ended

within half an within half an hour. US

officials have again insisted

that Colonel Gaddafi's Days in power are running out. It is

clear that the situation is

moving against Gaddafi. The

opposition continues to make

substantial gains on the ground

while his forces grow weaker.

As President Obama and Secretary Clinton have stated,

it is time for Gaddafi to go.

We firmly believe that his are numbered. Egypt is recalling its ambassador to Israel pending an investigation

into the killing of five

The Egyptians were killed Egyptian policemen on Friday.

Israeli forces who had crossed the border to pursue militants. Israel the border to pursue Hamas

expressed regret over the militants. Israel has

deaths, but that hasn't quelled

anger on the streets of Cairo. Hundreds of people have Hundreds of people have been

protesting outside the Israeli embassy to call for the

ambassador. permanent withdrawal of the

second time Egypt has recalled its man in Tel Aviv two countries signed a peace its man in Tel Aviv since the

President Bashir Al-Assad will treaty in 1979.

address the nation in the

coming hours as international

pressure grows for him to end a

crackdown on protesters. It comes as a much delayed United

Nations humanitarian team arrive in the capital Damascus to assess the crisis.

Activists say 29 people were

killed during protests on

Friday. Al Jazeera English

this report. Burying the dead

from Friday's bloody crackdown by Syrian Government forces.

At least 22 were killed across

the country. Fighting

continued in the western city

of Hama Saturday. As a strong military presence was seen in

tanks on the streets. This nearby Homs with Syrian Army

video posted on YouTube video posted on YouTube cannot independently be verified by Al

Jazeera English. Syrian

opposition groups are meeting in Istanbul better coordinate and, as they National Council so they can

put it, to create a voice of

the Syrian revolution. A UN delegation in Syria over the weekend will assess the humanitarian situation as a

result of the violence.

Yesterday in the week a UN Human Rights Council report said there's evidence that

Syrian forces committed crimes against humanity during

the five month uprising. The

head of the UN human rights

office urged the Security

Council to refer the situation

in Syria to the international

criminal court in the Hague. Members of the council are divided, but some as a foregone conclusion. It is inevitable because it is a

process and the UN process is

built as such that this is going to

going to ICC. This will be an

additional element of pressure and a complicated element

because it is a specific one

that you cannot pullback from. There's no sign yet from

Bashir Al-Assad that his forces will pullback on the protester

crackdown despite his pledge he would. The Federal Opposition has renewed its attack Labor MP Craig Thomson. Mr Thomson is the target of

allegations that he used his Health Services Union credit

card to pay for prostitutes when he was the union's National Secretary. morning opposition lieder Tony Abbott called on the Prime

Minister to sack Craig Thomson from Parliament's Economics Committee. This really has now

gone from being just an issue for Craig Thomson to being a big issue for the Prime

Minister. You can't have a Prime Minister who refuses Prime Minister who refuses to answer reasonable questions she did. You can't have she did. You can't have a Prime Minister expressing full

confidence in someone whose

story is, to put it pretty implausible. The

Federal Government says its new

plan to allow people to more

easily switch their bank

accounts won't involve extra

fees for customers. The initiative allows customers to sign just

sign just one form authorising their new bank to their new bank to transfer their accounts for them. It is

a central recommendation from a

report by former Reserve Bank bank account portability. The

Treasurer, Wayne Swan, says

banks will absorb any extra

costs. What we're going to do now is implement a flick system which will enable families to easy switch their bank account. That is the central recommendation of the

report from Mr Frazer and report from Mr Frazer and that will be brought in from 1 July

next year. This is a system

which will make it much which will make it much easier

for families to switch their bank accounts. free of the burden and the

headache of running around headache of running around and trying to collect all trying to collect all their

debits and credits and so on.

They'll be able to go to their new financial institution and simply sign one form and simply sign one form and that

financial institution will go and do all of the heavy lifting

to change the account. The new financial institution will do the help very lifting, do the

hard work. We're working with the banks and the financial

services sector to ensure this

is in place from 1 July year. This builds on what has

been already a very substantial

reform agenda. We've abolished mortgage exit fees, we've

reformed credit cards we've put

in a lot financial services area to make sure that people can get a

better deal. People if they're

not happy with their financial

institution want to be able to

walk down the road and get a

better deal. This removes the

hassle involved in that process and it is a very and it is a very significant reform for Australia. In Griffith truck protesting against the Federal

Government's carbon Thaksin

have begun their trip to

Canberra. They're part of a

nationwide protest against the Gillard Government. The Prime Minister Julia Gillard faces growing anger in some

communities over her broken

promise on the carbon tax. 11

convoys are taking part. Police say authorities have

retrieved the remains of three ABC newsmen ABC newsmen following Thursday's helicopter crash in

South Australia's outback. Journalist Paul Lockyer, cameraman John Bean and pilot

Gary Ticehurst died when the helicopter they were travelling in crashed on the end of Lake Eyre. The Australian Transport and Safety Bureau says it will take several days to search through the wreckage. Investigations into the Investigations into the cause

of the crash are continuing and a preliminary report will be released within 30 days.

Iran has sentenced two

Americans to eight years jail

for spying. Josh Fattal and

Shane Bauer were detained two

years ago after crossing into

Iran from Iraq. The Iran from Iraq. The pair

maintain they were hiker who got

the men were cooperating the men were cooperating with

US intelligence. The US State Department has condemned

court's decision saying Josh Fattal and Shane Bauer already spent too long in

prison. A third prison. A third American arrested at the time was released on humanitarian

grounds last year. Vietnamese

police have crushed police have crushed an anti-China rally in Hanoi, arresting dozens of protesters

who refused to stop chanting.

The protests are the most

recent in a series of rallies

over disputed territory in the South China

South China Sea. Police dozens of chanting protesters

on to buses that were on to buses that were later

driven away. The Government

has warned it will no longer

tolerate the protests. Former

government officials and

prominent intellectuals say the decision to silence decision to silence protesters is illegal and

unconstitutional. British

authorities have released CCTV

footage of rioters shooting an

unarmed officers and a police

helicopter during this month's riotses in Birmingham. The

police are calling it attempted

murder. They've asked for help from the from the public in identifying those responsible. This is the

moment when an English rioter

opens fire. The authorities say he's shooting at unarmed police police officers just CCTV Cam arrest field of view. The officers on the ground weren't the only one being targeted this. Footage comes from a

from a police helicopter

surveying the area on the same

night. Police in Birmingham

say 11 shots were fired at police from four different

handguns. I look at that

footage and think that the only

motive can have been to

maximise the harm that could cause to police officers and potentially, of and potentially, of course,

other members of

public. Earlier in the night,

the masked mob attacked a

police car before turning their

sightings on a pub. As police

fought against rioters outside, the pub's owners fought to

control fires inside. Blazes

started by petrol bombs.

After this problem I wake up

and we have an hour because we scare

scare you know. I'm check about the

about the fire because we live

upstairs. It is quite clear

that the intention of that the intention of those

people was to burn those

premises down absolutely and it was not lot of high value goods from there. That's not what they

were trying to do. Two people

have been charged with violent

disorder. Police are calling

on the public to help them

catch others involved. This

week 20,000 people attended the

funerals of three men who were

killed on the same night in another part of the Birmingham.

Police say these pictures show

how close they came to having another murder investigation on

their hands. Nearly 1000 survivors of

survivors of the massacre on the Norweigian island of in their healing process by

returning to the scene. The survivors, mainly students,

left flowers and candles at the

site of the killings. 69

people were shot dead on people were shot dead on the island a month ago and eight

others were killed in a bomb attack in the capital Oslo.

Trauma experts say Trauma experts say the visit was vital for the psychological

health of the survivors. The

human brain to work through human brain to work through an

event like this, an overwhelming event, you know, our brain is much our brain is much better at

working through if it has a

very clear picture than if you have fragments or have to fill in empty holes with in empty holes with just your fantasies. A British Red Arrow's pilot has been killed

at a crash in a air display.

It was the first fatal accident for the Red Arrows for for the Red Arrows for a display in decades.

Eye-witnesses saw the plain hit

the ground during the flight

display in Dorset. A gifted

aviator with one of the most press dedge Gus roles in the Royal Air Force. Tonight

attributing are being paid to Jon Egging, the first Red Jon Egging, the first Red Arrow pilot to be killed in a display

in decades. Taking off from

Borneo Airport to perform at the annual air festival, there

was no sign of the tragedy to come. As they came into land,

the final split manoeuvre went

wrong. This man was watching from a he realised red four was coming down and was trying to

local houses. I I saw the

plane coming in to hit ground. As it was flying

underneath the treeline, it was frightening. I knew that something horrendous was about

to happen. The jet came down in

the field a mile from the

Airport. A trail of Airport. A trail of wreckage

led to the site, but the

crumbled hawke nose down in the

river stour. The emergency services were on the minutes. The pilot who had been thrown from the aircraft was

pronounced dead at the scene.

Our deepest condolences go to the pilot's family and the Red

Arrow's team. Tonight at the

home of the Red Arrow's at RAF in link con sheer the news that

the whole display fleet is

grounded until they know what kaush caused the crash. kaush caused the crash. The heavens haven't been heavens haven't been kind to

the Pope or faith at the at the start of world depouth day in Madrid. Pope Benedict

XVI was forced to Pope opponent

his speech. He called the his speech. He called the rain a blessing from God. a blessing from God. Hundreds of bill h

It has been fine but hectic.

The amount of people, everyone

is like this, you know, you're sweating on each other. It's

sting key,s unsundry but sting key,s unsundry but it's all for a good reason. Spanish officials estimate about a million people trek to Madrid for the

religious festival. The latest mass in the Pope's visit to

Spain is taking place right

now. These live pictures are

just coming in to us. The Pope has returned to an airbase outside Madrid where he

delivered a homily to delivered a homily to a million

strong crowd last night. World

Youth Day he's there for is Catholic event which has Catholic event which has drawn hundreds of thousands of

pilgrims from all over the

world. Let's check sport now.

There's more woes for the Eels. There

later. They're on the bottom

of the ladder. The Sea of the ladder. The Sea Eagles have destroyed the Bulldogs

hopes of making finals. Across town the West Tigers thumped

Parramatta. The Tigers were up

16 nil at the break and

continued to dominate. They

scored five tries to two adding more pain to more pain to the Eels' season. The final margin 19 points. At

Brookvale Oval the Sea Eagles struck early only for the

Bulldogs to reply soon after. Manly half-back Daly

Cherry-Evans kicked a drop gol Dogs found the line just Dogs found the line just before halftime. After the break, rt

Eagles took back the lead Eagles took back the lead and

added to it as the Bulldogs

were poor in defence. The New Zealand Warriors have moved

into the NRL's top 4 with into the NRL's top 4 with a

26-12 win away to Penrith. Elt where, there were where, there were victories for the Roosters over the the Roosters over the Sharks

and the Titans moved off the

bottom of the take after

beating Canberra. A strong first-half had the Warriors out

to a 16 nil lead. That set

them up for victory in Penrith. The Panthers not helping cause, though, Brad Tighe gave

the home forces shown the home forces shown but it

was snuffed out as the Warriors

finished match off in style.

He scores the try that He scores the try that seals

the deal for the Warriors tonight. The Roosters started

and finished their game

strongly against the Sharks to

take the spoils and build on their win against the Dragons

last week, while the Titans

left it late in the season for

a win over Canberra to lift off the bottom of the table. AFL, Sydney has snuck home

against St Kilda to seal a spot

in the top eight. Richmond in the top eight. Richmond is leading Melbourne at halftime. In Adelaide, caretaker coach Paul Williams

has claimed his first win

against Port Adelaide. The

Dogs got off to a fly as they

slotted 10 majors in the first

quarter. They didn't stop

there and continued to rack up

the points. In Sydney the Swans opened the match with Swans opened the match with the

first major but after that the Saints dominated for Saints dominated for an extended period. Sydney in the quarter got in front.

The Swans slotted a too more

goals to take the win. North Melbourne can Melbourne can smell Septembers that they walked over Fremantle at Docklands. At the MCG Collingwood had a nervous win over Brisbane. The Roos looked

like finals contenders as they posted their biggest score of

the year. Norths were well on

top in the first-half creating more chances while more chances while the Dockers

didn't look too interested. didn't look too interested.

Look at this. Harper takes them on and kicks the them on and kicks the goal.

That will hurt. After the main break, it was more of the same

from the Roos as the con stapt pressure resulted in more goals

as they ran way with the win. Meanwhile the Lions gave the

Pies a scare as they took a

lead into the first break, but

it wasn't too long Collingwood was in

the final quarter, the Lions

outscored the Pies by outscored the Pies by five goals, but it was too little

too late. Australia has wrapped up the one-day series

against Sri Lanka after winning

game four in Columbo by five

wickets. Australia dismissed

the home team for 132.

four wickets each. In reply,

Australia reached the target

with 22 overs to spare. After losing two early wickets, Kumar Jayawardene offered some re Jayawardene offered some re sis

tense for Sri Lanka. But Kumar Sangakarra was taken by Xavier

Doherty who claimed career best one day international figures

of 4 for 26. Lovely catch.

Brett Lee one of the most

athletic fielders. Lee even more athleticism bowling athletic fielders. Lee showed

and catching Mahela Jayawardene, set 133 to win, opener Shaun Marsh got

Australia 70 runs of the way. Ricky Ponting and Shane Paceman Lasith Malinga removed

in the same over. And in a

flurry of wickets, debutant

Seekkuge Prasanna removed

Marsh, then Michael and Marsh, then Michael and David Hussey before the pair could

get any runs on the board. Got

him. Wow. Three four. Testosterone despite the newcomer's heroics Australia

needed 10 and five wickets in

hand the home side didn't stand

a chance. Michael Clarke

finished on 38 not out. The

skipper has thanked his bowlers for the win. Arsenal's English Premier League season disappointing start to the

has continued with a has continued with a two-nil

loss to Liverpool. Chelsea

beat West Brom 21 for its first

win units new manager. The home side's Aaron Ramsey

put one in his own net to steer

the opposition to victory. That

really sums up Arsenal's start

to the season. And the two

substitutes combined to wrap up

the match. Arsenal has taken

just one point from its first

Andy Murray has set up a finals two matches of the season.

clash with Novak Djokovic for the Cincinnati downed American Mardy Fish to

book his place. Djokovic claimed victory over an injured

Tomas Berdych. Fish had won his past three meetings with

Murray, but it was the Britt Murray, but it was the

who gained the first break of

the match to lead 3-1. After taking first set 6-3 the pair

battled in hot and humid conditions and the second

pushed to a tie-break. It was

an easy win to Djokovic despite

pushing the serve early Berdych withdrew from the match

injured. In the V8 injured. In the V8 s Craig Lowndes claimed Sunday's 65 lap event in Ipswich. Riders in the national motorbike ride to raise a Jim Nestor raise a Jim Nestor about depression today. It is a cute

mascot for a very ugly illness. These riders are either survivors of depression or

That's supporters of those affected.

That's what mates are for.

That's what the support is all

difference about. It could make the

death. I know that sound

dramatic but that's the way it

is. Angry Sanderson says he has been fighting depression his whole life. You can't man up

with this stuff. It is not a

physical thing. It is physical thing. It is an emotional spiritual thing. You

really... Sometimes in life, most times when you're really... Sometimes in your

going to have to reach out some

time and ask for help. It

gets me a bit emotional to talk about it because the been fairly close and something

that's there. You never it is

there until it late. These 50 riders will join dozens from other capital

cities riding to Alice Springs. They will and raising money but

more importantly they'll talk

to communities along the and each other. When they're

riding the bikes, they stop off

on the side of the road, stop

over, have a meat pie, sit

down. They start to talk to

each other. It is an easy way for guys to do this rather than anything else. It goes along

with formal counselling maybe?

Possibly. I'm not sure which one

. The next week they'll be out

on the open road getting a load

off their minds. Checking the national

forecast, the satellite image

shows cloud pushed over coastal

NSW and Queensland by NSW and

NSW and Queensland by a Tasman

Sea low triggering scattered

showers. A band of cloud

clipping the country's

south-west with a front is

bringing rain. It is mostly dry elsewhere. Taking a

That is the news for now.

I'm Richard Davies. I'll be

back in half an hour with

another full full bulletin.

We'll leave you with pictures of Pope Benedict XVI

celebrating the time mass of World Youth Day in Spain.

Closed Captions by CSI . This Program is Captioned Live The top stories Live The top stories on ABC News. Search parents looking

for the remains of teenager Daniel Morcombe have found three bones at the search site

on the Sunshine Coast. The operation has been under operation has

for the past week. The latest operation has been under way

news comes after a second shoe

was found in bushland near

where he went missing in

another December 2003. It matched

another shoe found on

Wednesday. Libyan leader Colonel Gaddafi remains defiant

as rebels fighting against his

government close in on the

explosions have rocked capital Tripoli. Four

capital in the last few hours

amid fierce clashes between

rebels and forces loyal to

Colonel Gaddafi. Rebel leaders

have described the advance zero hour and say they are have described the advance as

their fighters are involved in

a coordinated advance on Tripoli. Tripoli. The Federal Opposition leader Tony Abbott