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Captioned Live. This morning -

trade has calmed as one of the most volatile weeks in markets comes most volatile weeks in global

markets comes to an end with US stocks closing higher for a second day in a row.

Also today - another deadly

crackdown in Syria amid reports that 13 people have dead prompting condemn ation that 13 people have been shot

from the US. Those countries

whose political and economic support give him comfort in his

brutality to get on the right side of history. Senior British

their response to Britain's police officers have defended

violent riots as the number of arrests tops 1,500. And Darren Lockyer celebrates victory Lockyer celebrates victory over

the Cowboy s in his 350th the Cowboy s in his 350th NRL

game. Good morning, you're watching ABC News 24, I'm

Andrew Geoghegan. Let's check the weather first: In Britain police have

initial response to the riots responded to criticism of their

that swept the country. That that swept the country. That

comes amidst the word that a

person to die from injuries in 68-year-old man was the fifth

the riots. A man as been

arrested suspected of murder. Many are wondering what the unrest means for British

society. But the areas hit the

hardest the clean up is well

under way. First the riots, now the debate. London's

metropolitan police have

returnled fire at criticism of

their initial response to the

unrest. Politicians who were on

holiday said its acting top

officer are hardly fit to

judge. I think after any event

like this there are always who weren't there. The court people

appearance for those charged in

the riots keep coming and the

numbers of arrest are growing

partly due to public campaigns like this one Police want those who Police want those who recognise

looters to turn them in. In the

last 24 hours 2 mothers have

handed in a 15-year-old and a

13-year-old boy, their sons.

They've handed them into

They've handed them into the

pictures in police because they saw their

newspaper. There was also more pictures in the

debate now on the broader

question of what this means for British society

first hand. These people have

stake nothing to lose. They've got no

stake in society and they've

got no social mobility

Junction, was hard hit by the

riots. It's been calm going on

4 nights now but London police

aren't taking any chances. This weekend

weekend once again there will

be 16,000 officers on the

normal number. Here the high streets, more than 6 times the streets, more than 6 times

street is already bustling

again. Businesses burnt out and

looted are reopening. Residents

back to are determined to get things

doing is we are making the heart well again, getting it

beating, firmly and strongly

and with great warmth. We

not allow them to win over us with all these bad people

they're doing it and they think

this is the way that they will

achieve what they want but

that's not the right way. The

hope is the scars from these

riots will heal quickly. After what's been an incredibly

volatile week

US stocks have closed higher

today. For more we're joined by Washington correspondent McMurtrie. Can you hear that Washington correspondent Craig

sigh of relief Street? Hi, Andrew. Well it's possibly a little early to possibly a little early to be

talking about a sigh of relief.

Most analysts are warning that they still think there are some volatile days ahead but you're

right. Today was the first time

this week that the industrial average has finished this week that the Dow Jones

up 2 days running. It was up

around 125 points, or 1%. Now

some encouraging retail sales that was largely on the back


figures for July. They were figures for July. They were up

by 1.5%, particularly in the

area of automobiles, cars,

on the other hand we've got a furniture and petrol sales.

consumer sentiment survey also out today that is measuring consumer sentiment here in

North America at a 30-year low.

A lot of analysts are saying A lot of analysts are

that next week could still be a bumpy

bumpy ride. The focus here

seems to be on this meeting

next week between the leaders

of France and Germany because

there's a lot of about problem debt in the euro

zone. But to give you an zone. But to give you an idea of just how wild it's been this

week and really since that

Standard & Poor it's estimated Standard & Poor s downgrade $6 trillion has been wiped off it's estimated that more than

the wealth of global equities since

since the S&P downgrade in

these recent days of volatility. Craig, you

mentioned consumer sentiment at

would have been 1980, around a 30-year low. I think that

the time that Jimmy Carter was

leaving office. He of course

was a one-term president. There Barack Obama being a one-term

president? Well, there is talk

of that and there's no doubt that senior Republicans have that senior Republicans have no

made no secret that that is

their political goal. If you

look at opinion polls the

President's popularity is down,

still he's suffered slightly but he's

still more popular than

Congress, for example, or

indeed either major party and

interestingly I think interestingly I think the White

House has been stung by some of

the criticism in recent days that caught flat footed, that he hasn't been demonstrating

there's been some very strong leadership because

interesting meetings going on

at the White House in the last

few days. He met with the US

Bernanke and the Federal Reserve

Bernanke and the President's

economic team sat down with the Federal Reserve chair today.

He's sitting down with senior bank chief executives and other

business leaders and business leaders and there's

growing talk in this town out

the White House is now working of the White House as well that

on a new jobs plan, some sort

of plan that the President can employment because, of course, present to try and stimulate

unemployment in this country unemployment in this country is

running at 9.1%. So the White House, of course, isn't confirming that at

but the suggestion is that the

White House does want to get

out and try and get out in front of

front of this debate and that the President will not necessarily wait for Congress

to come back from its summer holiday. Certainly holiday. Certainly the

Republicans feel as though Republicans feel as though the President is vulnerable, at

least now. Now we've got a list of about 9 candidate s for Republican hopefuls, well there's been a straw poll in Republican presidential straw poll in Iowa. What's the

result of that been, do we

know? Well, we don't know the

result of the straw poll. The straw poll actually happens

tomorrow but last night there was a debate and it's interesting that all the

political attention and all the oxygen on the Republican side

is currently in Iowa, is currently in Iowa, which isn't really representative of the rest of America at all.

It's a very conservative place.

Last night there was a Last night there was a debate.

Now they're all at the Iowa

State Fair where you eat all

sorts of things on sticks, you

can have chocolate bars fried on a stick or butter fried on a

stick. All these candidates are

there shaking hands. Then on

Saturday the Iowa Republican

Party stages this straw poll

which is really a fundraiser.

Dan candidates pay to ship in

supporters to cast tickets who

buy ballots and they put up buy ballots and they put up their tents to spruik their wears. It's really a wears. It's really a fund raiser for the Republican Party but it is considered important

because in such a big field the lesser lesser candidates like Herman Kane, unless they really Kane, unless they really finish

in the top 2 it's seen as being

difficult for them to carry on,

that they that they won't necessarily

have the organisation. But at this stage this stage for the straw poll the most likely front runners

are Tim Pawlenty, Michelle

Bachmann, both from Minnesota

and conservative. Mitt and conservative. Mitt Romney, is front runner isn't bothering

to show up. Sarah Palin, she's in Iowa but in Iowa but she's not a declared candidate. The Texan

governor, Rick Perry, has

decided that he's going to

declare his hand that to run for president on the day

of the straw poll. So there's a

lot of commotion, a lot lot of commotion, a lot of

noise, a lot of energy in Iowa

right now. The straw poll is

tomorrow. For most of the major

candidates they will roll on in

to the competition in the

months ahead but for the lesser

campaigns it's amake or break moment. Thanks, much. That's Craig McMurtrie

in Washington. At home the

Federal Government says a Federal Government says a boat

carrying 59 asylum seekers has

arrived at Christmas Island.

It's the 4th boat to arrive since the Government signed its

swap deal with Malaysia which

is now on hold due to a High

Court challenge. More than 100 passengers including passengers including some

children arrived yesterday and

have joined those waiting

transfer to Malaysia. The

arrivals bring the number of

asylum seekers affect asylum seekers potentially

affect by the policy to just over 260. The Opposition says with won't be long before the Government deal with Malaysia

is put on ice. Well, for more we're joined from Parliament House by House by political correspondent correspondent Andrew Greene. So Andrew Greene, what does this

latest arrival mean as far as -

I mean it's clearly another headache for the headache for the Government,

particularly while this High Court challenge is still happening? Absolutely, Andrew.

It is a difficult situation for

the Federal Government as there's a bit of limbo over its

Malaysia solution for that High Court challenge

to be heard before the full

bench of the High Court. As bench of the High Court. As we

revealed last night on ABC News

24, this is now the 4th boat to

be intercepted in Australian waters since the signing of

that slooeck - asylum seeker

swap deal with Malaysia. This

time the boat was carrying, the

Government tells us, 59 asylum seekers and 2 crew members but

their fate is a little bit in

the air. We're not sure what's

going to happen. Given there

are also negotiations happening

with Papua New Guinea, so there

is the potential they may not be

Malaysia, they could in fact go

somewhere else to another country irksz ve ie Papua New

Guinea. As you say, it's

another headache for the

Government. We now have a total

by our tally of around by our tally of around 266

asylum seekers who have arrived

since the signing of the Malaysia deal and that is

roughly a third of that 800

quota that has been set up. In

exchange, of course, Australia

will be accommodating 4,000

refugees but the 800 places to be taken filling up and as you say, the

Opposition is now saying that people smugglers are calling the Government's bluff and are sending boats to Australia regardless

regardless of the threats regardless of the threats of removal and concerningly for

the Government these boats are

are also carrying minors, or

children, who are also now having to be sent to having to be sent to Malaysia,

or that's what the Government

hopes to do in this case.

They're hoping to make no

exemptions for minors travelling here on be raised by Tony Abbott, the

Opposition Leader, who is Opposition Leader, who is in

Perth today addressing the State Liberal conference

there? That's right. The issue

of border protection of border protection is a big one over west particularly because that's where a lot of

these boats are being

intercepted off the West

Australian coast. But the Opposition Leader is expected

to more focus on things like

the mining tax and the carbon

tax. That's also fertile tax. That's also fertile ground

for the Opposition over west

where the Labor Party does

trail significantly. In fact it

only holds only holds around 3 of the

federal seats that are

available in Western Australia. But today the Opposition Leader is expected to appeal to the patriotism of the West Australian crowd and

the importance of WA economically for Australia when he addresses the State Liberal

Party conference. There will be some controversy too some controversy too in that

State conference. There's a

motion that's being debated

this weekend to remove welcome to country ceremonies from

government events. This is

something that has been pursued in a similar fashion in Victoria Victoria under the new Liberal

Government there. So Government there. So the Opposition Leader Tony Abbott

is expected to play to the

local crowd by talking about the importance of WA from economic sense for Australia

and to talk about the power

shift that is currently under

way from the eastern States to

the west. Andrew, thanks very

uch many. That's Andrew Greene at Parliament House in Canberra. An aspiring

Queensland politician has stood

down from his candidacy over an email

should be assassinated. An

email has been circulate in wh the Liberal National Party

candidate for Cairns Paul

Freebody describes Julia Gillard as evil follows the history follows the history of

assassinated US president John

F Kennedy. He reportedly claims

email has been tampered with. The State director of the LNP

Michael O'Dwyer says Paul

Freebody has voluntarily

stepped aside while the party

investigates the matter. Service will continue door

knocking in the east of the State today as the rivers State today as the rivers keep rising. The South Gippsland

highway between Sale and Longford remains

of the rising waters. Thompson

River has risen slowly overnight and overnight and is expected to peak at 3.5 metres this morning. A peak of 7.5 metres is expected at Paynesville. Swollen rivers have damaged vegetable crops but it's unlikely

unlikely any properties

locate 3 boys aged between 10 and 13 who have been reported

missing on the Sunshine Coast

in Queensland. The boys, Hamish, James and Jason Hamish, James and Jason were

last seen leaving school on Palm wood-Montville Road on Tuesday afternoon. It's

believed they are together and possibly with someone possibly with someone they know. Police hold concerns for

their welfare given their young

age. Syrian forces have renewed their crackdown on anti-government protestors with reports

reports at least 13 more thousands of Syrians attended

defiant protest marches across the country following the country following Friday afternoon prayers. Activists

say troops carried out attack s

on demonstrators in Aleppo,

Damascus and Hama. The latest reported deaths take the death

poll for the past 24 hours to

more than 20 and more than

1,700 people have died since

the uprising against President Bashir al Assad began in

March. Let's return to London.

A 22-year-old man has been arrested after the death of a

68-year-old man who was badly

injured in rioting in west London on Monday night. Richard

Mannington Bowes was attacked

as he tried to stamp out a

fire. The heart of a suburban

shopping centre is now a place where people

where people are coming to

remember a life lost. It was remember a life lost. It was at the start of the week the

attack took place in Ealing in

west London. Today it became a murder inquiry. Richard

Mannington Bowes was 68. He'd lost touch with his family. It was only yesterday that he was finally identified. Mr

Mannington Bowes was said to have been set upon have been set upon as he recommend remonstrated recommend remonstrated with rioters who set fire to an

industrial bin. As he tried to

put the fire out he was

attacked. His leg was lying

very close to the fire. I got

the young lads to help me hoove

mim into the ally way so his

head and tor so There were youths throwing stones down to the police on

the right. So it was a

vulnerable position. This was

the flat where Richard

Mannington Bowes lived. It was

a short distance from where he was attacked. He was known as someone who would confront people if they were behaving in

an anti-social way. He may have been

been a quiet man but he thought

wrong doers needed to be challenged. In the neighbourhood nobody knew him

well. He was seen as a solitary

figure but he was a familiar

figure but he was a familiar face to local business

people. It's just really awful

thing that someone who was obviously just gentle kind of guy

was trying to help put out the fires. He was quietly dignified

and he reminded me of a bygone age

age when people said please and

thank you and were courteous to

each other. He always, to me, symbolised that generation

which seems to be lost for the

time being. At Ealing town hall

the flag is at half mast as a

mark of respect. He way to look after the

neighbourhood, tell people not

to drop litter, that kind of thing, and he intervened to

stop the looting. He paid a terrible, terrible price. One man is currently under arrest

and police are appealing to

anyone who can help their

inquiry to come forward .

Stock markets across the globe have globe have ended a tumultuous

week with gains. In the United

States markets ended the

States markets ended the session stronger for session stronger for a second

day in a row

positive sales figures. The Dow is up 126 points, the NASDAQ

has risen 15 points. has risen 15 points. European

stocks have also rebounded

following reassuring data from the European Central Bank's

overnight loan facility. The

FTSE has finished up 3% at over

5,320. While the DAX is up 200 points. In Asia the Hang Seng

ended the week 25

higher. And back home the Australian share market has

closed stronger after a

relatively stable trading session on Friday. is up 0.8% while the All Ords

gained 34 points. The Aussie dollar is hovering around 103

US cents. And in other business

news the Tasmanian timber

company Gunns is being exude -

accused of trying to stop

put up for sale. Those who

lease the mill at Scottsdale

have accused Gunns of setting

the selling price too high.

They say it's too expensive for a competitor to take over the mill by equipment. To sport now with

Tulsen Tollett and Adam Scott,

his year gets better his year gets better and better, doesn't it? He had a

win last week at the Bridgestone invitational and

he's doing pretty well here

during the second round of the

US PGA championship. He's currently 4 American Scott Verplank by 2 strokes while on-Senden lies

shot adrift and Jason Day looks set to miss the cut. Scott's in

top form. His putting top form. His putting has

continued to impress and this just missed out.

That could have lifted him higher

higher but one man who's higher but one man who's hoping

for an improvement is for an improvement is Tiger Woods after his wretched

opening round, this one of the bright Collingwood has made it 12

wins in a row after wins in a row after a

comfortable 19-point win over

St Kilda at Docklands in the

AFL last night. The result also marks the end of a

winning streak for Ross Lyon's

side. The Magpies held a steady advantage at the first-term

interval and lagged by 13 at

the main break and always

looked to be in control. St

Kilda's inability to convert

chances told as they kicked 7 behinds in the second half

compared to the Magpies' 1. The

match side the ruthless side of the premiers the premiers with Dane Swan's

pressure telling for his pressure telling for his second goal. The win will The win will ensure Mick

Malthouse's side remain at the top of the table after the round with percentages much lower. percentages much lower. Rugby league now and Darren Lockyer

celebrated his milestone of celebrated his milestone of 350

top grade games with a win over

the Cowboys in Townsville last night. Elsewhere the Panthers were humbled at home by the Tigers. Lockyer surpassing Terry Lamb and Steve menzy's

record. Full-back Josh Hoffman starring. The Cowboys trailed

by just 8 at half time and after going close in the opening minutes of second half

the match was all but sealed

when Hoffman landed his


In the night's other match at

Penrith the

24 hours continued. Centre

Michael Jennings was forced to

buy and distribute 2,000

tickets for the club's next

home game as punishment

home game as punishment for breaching club policy and on

the field the the field the Tigers made it 5 on the bounce with Gareth on the bounce with Gareth Ellis

grabbing 2. The victory takes

the Tigers 6 and they the Tigers 6 and they will

remain at least 7th after the

remaining fixtures in this

round. Rugby yawnion and

Wallabies coach Robbie Deans

says his coach will need to beaten in tonight's Tri-Nations

clush in bur dan. South clush in bur dan. South Africa

has selected a much stronger

line up than the second string

side which lost its opening matches in Australia and New

Zealand. They They know what's required and how to go about

that. If we're in any way underdone in terms of expectation we'll get smacked. Let's hope not. The

Wallabies' back line is the

same but there's two changes in the forwards with the forwards with Scott Higginbotham being brought in. You don't

want to be a bench player, you

want to be a starting player

and I'm going to make the most

of my opportunity this weekend

and try and hold that spot. A bonus point win would see the

Wallabies move to the top of

the Tri-Nations table. In cricket England are on their

way to becoming the top Test playing nation after playing nation after they scored a mammoth 7/710 in their opening innings at edge basten.

Alastair Cook starred for the

home side with 294 assisted Eoin Morgan. India arrived in

England as the best Test team in the world. Right now on reputation they still command

an audience. On form, they're

sinking without a trace. England's dominance was epitomised by Alastair epitomised by Alastair Cook calmly collecting runs in a way

no other batsman manages. no other batsman manages. Huge scores depend on skill and stam

nah. Watch him sprinting like a man

man at the start of his innings

as he took his score to 200. An

outstanding individual in a

England's total headed to 600

the score board couldn't cope.

More seriously a power overload

put pay to the flood put pay to the flood lights. It was too dark to continue for a while. It was the happiest India looked

India looked all day. But

normal service quickly resumed.

Eoin Morgan's turn to complete

a century. His contribution reinforced England's ascendancy

and he kept Cook company. By

his own high standards this was

an Everest innings for Cook, past 250, past best, boundaries were rare but

Tendulkar could only stare, remembering when he used to do

this kind of thing. On 294 it was hard to know who was was hard to know who was more

surprised, , to hold a catch or

Cook to suddenly remember he Cook to suddenly remember he is human. Danii human. Danii Pedrosa topped the time sheets in opening practice. The cheque posted practice. The cheque posted the fastest lap in the first session. Championship leader

Casey Stoner was next quickest,

just over half a second behind

his team-mate after an improved

display in free practice 2 with

qualifying to take place this evening. Sam Stosur is through

to the semifinal s of the

Canadian Open in Toronto Canadian Open in Toronto after beating Italy's Roberta Vinci.

The 10th seed won 6-4, 6-1, The 10th seed won 6-4, 6-1, to

progress to the final 4. progress to the final 4. Stous

Sto srkz orkz sur's US preparations are coming along

nicely. While at the Montreal Masters Janko Tipsarevic Masters Janko Tipsarevic is through to the semifinals of

that tournament. Let's take a

look at the satellite image

first. A low moving further east across the Tasman Sea east across the Tasman Sea is triggering a few showers on the

northern NSW coast. A broad

area of high pressure is

directing southerly winds

directing southerly winds over

Victoria and Tasmania. Troughs

over South Australia and WA generating patchy rain. Around

the States - it will be fine throughout Queensland throughout Queensland except for a few isolated and light

showers about the south-east coast. The chance along the northern and Central

Coasts of NSW, rain developing

in the far south-west, in the far south-west, fine elsewhere. In Victoria, cloud

will extend to much of the

State during the day. Some

patchy rain developing in the north-west. The chance of

isolated showers in the south-west and central areas

this afternoon. Tasmania will

see a little patchy see a little patchy drizzle

about the south-east and north coast, cool to cold with isolated morning frost. In South Australia, scattered

showers with possible

thunderstorms over and east and Mount Lofty, fine and Mount Lofty, fine and mostly

sunny further north.

Australia, and there will be

showers and showers and isolated thunderstorms south-west of

Geraldton and hopetown. A cold front will roll in from the west late this afternoon. Mostly sunny and dry in the Northern Territory with

moderate east to south-east

winds. And looking ahead to

tomorrow in the

And I'll be back with the

latest news in half latest news in half an hour's time. Standby now for 'Contact

Sport'. You're watching ABC News 24, thanks for watching. Closed Captions by CSI

# Theme music Hello I'm Paul Kennedy, welcome to a special edition of Contact Sport. Coming to you from Melbourne's St Kilda road, our version of the Champs-Elysees. On the program today, we'll have the highlights we'll speak to the humble hero We'll also bring you an exclusive Tasmanian Richie Porte. Finally we'll go behind the scenes of the X-Games in Los Angeles. Our reporter will speak to some thrill seeking Australian's who happen to be the world's best. It's possible to do it, so I don't know, it's just what I worked towards for the last few months and it finally paid off and I just feel so happy to have somehow got the Gold Medal. Australia's first Tour de France winner, Cadel Evans has had some famous rides in the past month. Towing an exhausted peloton up those mountains in chase of Andy Schleck. Time trialling through the undulating streets of Grenoble, sipping Champagne on the ride into Paris towards the Arc de Triumph. And to that list of conquered trials and avenues, you can now add St Kilda road, Melbourne. Thousands have come to congratulate Australia's first Tour de France champion. CROWD: Cadel, Cadel, Cadel, Cadel. BYSTANDER: You're a champion, mate! I feel honoured, for one and yeah, I just came back and I thought, yeah,

on my way from Europe to America, alright, we'll do that, because that'll be fun and here we are, we're here to enjoy it, but above all, thanks to everyone who came today and thank you. Our reporter, Tony Nichols, spoke to those young riders who were selected to pedal along with Cadel Evans. What do you think of Cadel Evans? Umm, he's a very inspiring man, he's inspired many young Australian's sitting up watching the Tour de France? Oh, heaps, I just couldn't get away from the telly, watching Cadel, because I just wanted him to win so bad. And yeah, so exciting. Oh, basically and the way they ride and the cool things that they do during the ride. Yeah, it's cool. Cadel Evans? Uhh, definitely, anyone could probably do it, if they want to, like, nothing's stopping them. Cadel Evans, what do you think of the great man? Ah, he's quite an honourable man, I think he's a real inspiration for many. After meeting him today, how inspired do you think you'll be, how much do you think it will help your cycling? I think it will help heaps, I'll be really motivated

and it will be awesome to meet him. has Australia been so captivated by a sporting performance. The two relatively shy sports people share a lot of similarities. Born in country towns, well travelled as youngsters, overcoming setbacks. And finally finding peace and focus as athletes and performing under immense pressure. Cadel seems surprised when people ask him questions, and he doesn't want to make a fuss. The ABC's Jerrod Wakely shortly before this big occasion. Cadel Evans, congratulations and welcome home. What does a man go though when he's made his life's dream come true? you sort of forget to appreciate it, to take satisfaction in the work you've done when it actually happens, 'cause also winning the Tour de France - before it happened this year it was like maybe one day, maybe. And a lot of people seemed to say, 'No, no, never, never.' And then it happens, it's like, 'whoa'. Yeah, it takes a while to realise. Are there moments that keep flashing through your mind about the race itself? How are you reliving it? is kind of enough! It's - looking back at it and yeah, just being satisfied with how we worked as a team, how we executed what was, in the end, not a perfect race but very good and close to perfect already. In a race like the Tour de France, with so many variables involved, is already something. And yeah, just looking back with satisfaction as a job well done. What feeling do you have from what you've experienced so far? Um, I'm from my point of view I'm just happy that people and really I've come here to Australia to say thank you to everyone who have supported me for all these years and sometimes in so many little ways, so many people help you to get to where you were or a 'good job' or encouragement somewhere out on the road on a bad day I feel like we've travelled a journey together and I've had this - it's not in any way a weight of expectation or anything but just people alongside sort of experiencing it with me and then when we all come through successfully together. we can all sort of celebrate it Celebrate the success together. Whether you want it to or not, life will change for you. And these 70 hours in Australia might give you just a glimmer of that. Have you yet been struck by that? Everyone's been so - how can I put it? and people 'Oh, you've just won the Tour de France. You're tired. I'll let you be.' In that regard, any changes have been nice changes in my life and we still live in the same house, I still go training on my bike every day, and for me, personally, not a great deal changes. Maybe it'll change, hopefully for the better. Have you been on the bike most days since the Tour? Yeah, missed a couple of days for travel reasons and so on but every day you go on the bike it helps the recovery. It sounds strange. You've got to keep riding, keep the body turning over - You don't get to the end and go, 'I can't look at that bike again!?' No, no, no. Since winning the Tour de France, it's like, telephone, telephone, telephone. Can't wait to go out on my bike and be left in peace. Stage 18, I suspect, will always be the signature moment when you set out over those 11km to chase down some of Andy Schleck's lead as he tried to win the Tour. There was clearly a moment where you looked around and no-one would go with you. Did you come to the realisation that maybe no-one COULD go with you? You were the only one who could control this? I was a bit disappointed in some of the other teams there. I mean numbers and when you're going through these processes in the race - head wind here, four guys riding out in front, 11 riding behind, then, all of a sudden, hang on a second, this isn't the situation that I was expecting. and yeah - it was a really strong head wind, especially going into the valley but then when I started to ride there was a little bit of a protected area and one thing, riding into a head wind, to ride behind someone in a head wind or to ride in front of someone with a head wind is a big difference. So the fact that I rode a 1km head wind and no-one came round I was like, 'OK, you've got me, you've also caught me tactically in a good position but then when I hear the names of the riders that are getting dropped behind, it's also offering encouragement and then in the last kilometres I'm giving everything I can because I've got to close this gap of two minutes to Andy Schleck, but also I have to save a bit in reserve because I've got his brother on my wheel, So it's a delicate - not quite a balancing act- a calculating energy expenditure act. But from experience and so on, every 20 years of experience were going into that effort there and in the end the fact that Frank Schleck didn't attack until 200 or 300 metres to go, it was at that point -

'Oh, I've got you on the limit here' The time trial, and anyone who watched it in the Eastern States will know it was 13 minutes to one in the morning when it was declared that you were on terms, and it was perfectly obvious you would have been getting the same information during that ride, did you know that it was yours, and what came over you? I had a focus to ride the best time trial I possibly could, and then when the numbers start coming in - 'Oh this is looking good, this is looking good.' I had a 57 second deficit to overcome, but things can still go wrong to the last kilometre, the last 500 metres. My team mates all sitting in the bus, clammy hands, watching me risking on the corners, and here and there - and them telling me after, I was like, 'sorry guys!'

'If you were worried, what was my mum doing?' where you could use your profile for a cause or a charity, or for a humanitarian exercise - Is there something in your heart that you'll take this opportunity to try to achieve? As a sports person I think you're privileged to have a role where you can have an influence on people. You're a role model to society and sometimes that can be a - you can also do - you can do a lot of good for a lot of people. who they have to find 250,000 Euros to fund their school house or 280 student might be without a home and a school. That's something that's sort of eating away at me right now. But as a - I hope my efforts in some way, whether it encourages people to take up cycling or a sport yeah, I hope in some ways And then beyond that - oh, we'll see. To finish, you've - every kid who grows up in Australia knows the names of Australia two and the Americas Cup, Cathy Freeman, Kieren Perkins, Rodd Laver, Evonne Goolagong. They will now know the name Cadel Evans. How does that sit with you?

growing up with this name - it's not very common is it? No one knew how to pronounce it when I was young, a lot of people know how to pronounce it now. No I didn't take up the sport to be famous, it's - I do it 'cause I like it, I like to do it well. For the rest that comes, it's just, yeah, hopefully a bonus.

Thank you. through the streets of Grenoble, You may not have noticed, but there was another Australian in the top ten of all riders. Richie Porte had just cycled across the Alps and Pyrenees support of Alberto Contador. Yet he still had the strength to ride as well an anyone in the peloton. The ABC's James Bennett spoke to the man that experts say, Is Cadel's air-apparent. PAUSE FOR TUNES Ritchie, it's been a pretty rapid learning curve for you, when you started as a professional only last year, and here you are now in your third grand tour. Yeah, obviously I've done two Giros and the Giro is the second-biggest race. But then you come to France and you do this race and it's just another level, it's crazy. The speeds, the crowds it's just a bit over-awing sometimes. I mean, potentially I was going to be the guy that was gonna lead the team in this race. But if I can look at it now, I don't think I'm ready to come to the Tour de France and ride for general classification. Perhaps seen as Cadel's adversary but a lot of the Australian public, at the start of the season, you have a great deal of respect for Cadel, how do you find that riding, essentially, against him? That's the thing, cycling is bigger than the whole patriotic friendships,

After what's been a pretty rough and tumble tour and a pretty wet one aswell, give us a bit of an insight into your daily routine - how you go from start to finish? It's the thing you don't see on television - it's the stress, sometimes you're doing 95k an hour down a hill,

and that's not normal. It does play on your mind a little bit that you can get hurt. there's been a lot of crashes and touch wood I've only come down once so far, So, it's just the tour I guess. And how do you go just being able to get through, to get your body through, to give yourself enough food? For those who perhaps aren't as familiar with cycling, give us a snapshot of a day in the life. It's strange but you get the mid-way point, You have to get up and eat - most of the guys are rice and pasta and omelettes but me I just like some porridge. But during the race, I mean, you're eating - I think, well today was an easy stage, 3,000 calories, but some of these bigger ones will be 5,000 calorie days. So, you can't really eat 5,000 calories on the bike. and a physio, so we do get looked after. You do have to pinch yourself and realise that this is all around making sure that you can do Yeah, and that's the other thing - It's been six months that I've been training with this race in my mind. I started out in Australia in the Tour Down Under, and I'm seven kilos lighter than I was then. So, you know, I guess it's a sacrifice you make, it's not the most sociable sport, it does cramp your social life. But when you come to race like this on a world stage, I think it's all worth it. And you've got a pretty promising career ahead of you, Did that come as a surprise to you personally, your success there? I did and it didn't. you know, the white jersey. I won that competition, they've gone onto big careers. But I moved away from home when I was 21 to Italy, and raced as an amateur for a while. And I guess you wouldn't do that if you thought it wouldn't work out. In the future I'd love to follow a Stuart O'Grady or Cadel Evans and have a nice career. But it's fantastic, you live in Europe you're paid to do what you love, it's a dream come true. And that was James Bennett speaking to Richie Porte during the Tour de france. Now we move onto other sports, We must pay tribute to our interview of the week, it came from the caddie, Steve Williams, who was aksed a few questions