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Live. Tonight, speculation

rife that the PM has a poll rife that the PM has a

date in her sight. I'm not

engaging in election

speculation but whenever speculation but whenever the

election is called there will

be a very clear choice about be a very clear choice

whether Australia moves forward

or back. A MyHospital website

part of the government's health

campaign. 21 years jail for a

Sydney man's reign of sexual

terror. And BP finally puts a

lid on it in the gulf. I think

it is a positive sign. Good

evening, Juanita Phillips evening, Juanita Phillips with

ABC News. The Prime Minister is

set to end days of speculation

and call the election tomorrow.

Tonight, Julia Gillard is in

Melbourne but first thing

tomorrow morning she's expected

to fly to Canberra. There,

she'll make the drive to she'll make the drive

Government House to ask for an

October election on what's

likely to be the last day of

the phantom campaign the phantom campaign the Prime

Minister paid a visit to

Tasmania while Tony Abbott

homed in on Queensland. From

correspondent Greg Canberra, political

correspondent Greg Jennett.

There was no talk of numbers,

just a literacy lesson on a

drop into northern Tasmania.

Yes, for Noah. Every

expectation that the next

signature Julia Gillard seeks will be the

Governor-General's. I'm not

engaging in election

speculation but whenever the

election is called there will

be a very clear choice be a very clear choice about

whether Australia moves forward whether Australia moves

or back. The visit to the

Island State marked the final

leg of a 2-week tour through

every State and Territory and

clears the way for what

Government sources believe will

be an August election. Prime

Minister, is there going to Minister, is there going to be

an August 28 election? A

street walk through her

Melbourne electorate with well

wishes from staff and the

pre-election checklist was just

about ticked. What people

will be considering today and

the days between now and

election day, whenever it's

called, is what matters to them called, is what matters

and their families, do we go

forward or back to Mr Abbott's

days of billion-dollar

cutbacks? But Tony Abbott is

already a day or two ahead in

the must-win State of

Queensland. The Coalition's

eyeing at last five Labor

electorates there. I think the

Federal election will be won or

lost here in Queensland. I

think that the Labor brand is think that the Labor brand

tainted here in Queensland.

The State's former Prime

Minister is due home from the

US tomorrow, a timely US tomorrow, a

opportunity for the Opposition

Leader to remind voters of Ms

Gillard's role in toppling Gillard's role in

Kevin Rudd. I think she has a

lot of explaining to do. I

think the public are entitled

to know the character of their

catch the Governor-General leaders. The visit here will

before she goes overseas. The

issuing of the writs could be

delayed to give voters a few

extra days to enrol. That won't

stop Julia Gillard or Tony

Abbott launching head-long into

frenzied campaigning. There are

signs of readiness at the Prime

Minister's Melbourne home, hint

of optimism in the coals. He

will visit here at the Prime

Minister won't he? Absolutely

right. And long weeks on the

road ahead. The Coalition needs

to win 17 seats if Tony Abbott

is to beat Julia Gillard into

The Lodge. As political The Lodge. As political editor

Chris Uhlmann explains, the

battle lines are clearly drawn.

The epicentre of this election

is Queensland where most seats is Queensland where most

are in play. In the north,

questions over the Government's competence lingers as competence lingers as does

anger at the brutal disposal of

a local Prime Minister. There

are vital contests in NSW. The

Government is strong in Victoria where Julia Gillard

plays well on her home turf and

both sides expect no change in

SA. A couple of seats are in

play in Tasmania and in the

Territory the Labor seat of Territory the Labor seat

Solomon could fall. In the

west, with the help of the west, with the help of

State Government and the mining

tax, the Liberals have

successfully painted Labor successfully painted Labor as

anti- the State sit andler

possible it could lose one of

the few seats it holds. There the few seats it holds.

the Coalition lost ground in

the redrawing of boundaries

after the last election. Its

magic number now is 17 to get

the 76 seats it needs to form a the 76 seats it needs to form

Government in its own right. Government in its own

That would happen with a

uniform national swing of 2.3%.

Perhaps more than ever this

contest turns on the campaign.

The Government starts ahead The Government starts ahead but

Tony Abbott has made this a

race and his own sparring

partner, Julia Gillard, won't

underestimate him. The weeks

ahead will be many things but

they won't be dull. Yule yule

yum there. First there was

MySchool, now people will soon

be able to log on to

MyHospital. From next month,

patients will be able to patients will be able

compare hospital services and

waiting times nationwide but

the Federal Government is still compiling the information and the Opposition has called

today's launch a pre-election

stunt. The announcement of

indetails for the MyHospital

website came with props but

without a specific date. As

soon as the institute of health

and welfare is ready to go live

we will do that and I can tell

you today that that will be at

some point in August. The

billion health website is part of the $5

billion health deal Kevin Rudd

struck with the states. It will

list medical services provided

by public hospitals, the number

of beds and whether outpatient

s service are offered. It will

also compare hospitals' waiting

times for elective surgery and emergency departments against a

national average. A good move,

positive move but only the

first move and it's a long,

long road. WA is the only

State not to be inclued because

it hasn't signed up to the

national health agreement but

it has its own site that

provides up-to-date figures on waiting times in

waiting times in emergency

departments and daily departments and daily bed

occupancy rates. These are things which we

things which we believe would

also be very important for the

public to know and also

hopefully put Governments under pressure to make sure the

adequate resources are

allocated. The website was

first flagged earlier this

year. The timing of today's announcement raises questions

as to whether it's really a bit

of electioneering. Look, you

can read into that whatever you

will. Why would they make an announcement today to anoun

that they're going to do it

during the campaign? If they

were serious about this, why

didn't they do it two years

ago? The website is based ago? The website is based on

the same principle behind the

MySchool website which enabled

schools to be ranked

schools to be ranked according

to performance. Unlike the

MySchool website information,

the hospital data is not new

but the Government says it's

being collated so that it can

be accessed easily. A be accessed easily. A Sydney

man has been jailed for a

terrifying home invasion that

ended with a young woman

falling to her death. 28-year-old Brendan 28-year-old Brendan Denisson

will spend at least 21 years

behind bars for what was

described as his sexual reign

of terror on four international

student. He subjected a young

couple to sexual violence while

he held them at knifepoint. An 18-year-old Chinese student

fell to her death after

climbing from the balcony of

her unit trying to her unit trying to escape. Brendan Denisson Brendan Denisson left the

Supreme Court knowing the next

two decades of his life would

be spent in prison. In 2008,

his actions turned the home of

a group of international

students into a place of horror. Denisson forced his horror. Denisson forced his way

into the building armed with a

knife as one of the students

arrived home. An 18-year-old

Chinese woman and her 19-year-old Korean boyfriend

were forced to undress. He then

raped them both. In raped them both. In sentencing, Justice Elizabeth Fullerton

said there had been a said there had been a grave

violation of the victims violation of the victims in

debilitating and degrading

ways. After more than an hour

the woman attempted to escape

via the balcony, climbing over

the railing naked trying to

reach the balcony below but

fell to the ground instead. Her boyfriend went after her boyfriend went after her and

also fell. She died and he

survived with serious

fractures. Another two young

women who were threatened had

barricaded themselves in

another room. Denisson had been

injecting the drug ice on the

weekend of the attack. After

his arrest he was refusing to take responsibility for the

murder. He told police things

had got out of control and,

"They're saying she jumped.

That's not my fault." Denisson pleaded guilty and Justice

Fullerton said the offender is

genuinely remorse ful. The

court heard he had been sexually assaulted as a child

and started using drugs at an

early age. In a statement

referred to in sentencing, the

murder victim's mother

described her daughter as

angelic, clever and

compassionate, adding she was

constant ly haunted by the

memory. The judge's remarks

would normally be sent to the

family but this time won't to

prevent earlier distress. The

earliest possible release for

Denisson is 2029. Police are

puzzled by a violent home

ifivation on Sydney's norge

beaches. Yesterday an intruder

beat and bound a mother of two

and suddenly fled. Police say

there's no clear motive. In the middle of the day in middle of the day in this

street a woman was attacked in

her home. The lady was taken to the Mona Vale to the Mona Vale hospital where

she was admitted and remains today suffering from injuries

to her head, neck and

throat. The 37-year-old had

just returned home and put her

two young daughters to bed.

Next door, tradesmen worked

away, unaware the woman was fearing for her life and

screaming for help. We're

absolutely annoyed and upset we

didn't hear anything because

it's 10 or 15m away but just

the power tools and everything

going and radio and ear muffs

on, didn't hear a thing. I

thought she had been in a car

accident because her face was

so bruised up and blood came

out herring mouth. Neighbours

were stunned. We've been here

53 years and there hasn't been anything, especially anything

like this. The attacker grabbed

the woman from behind as she

was punched and dragged to

another room where she was tied

up. He tried to put a bag on

her head but then suddenly

left. Police are canvassing the neighbourhood but believe it

was a random attack. They

described the man as 18 to 20

years old with a medium

complexion and a solid build. A

man accused of savagely bashing

an Irish tourist two years ago

is in custody in Sydney of

being extradited from Darwin.

Today his lawyer made a brief

appearance at Waverly appearance at Waverly court.

Ben Worseley was there. Ben Worseley was there. Police

have been searching have been searching for Kane Desmond Tupuolamoui since

August 2008. That culminate

yesterday in his arrest in

Darwin and his extradition to

Sydney this morning. The

21-year-old New Zealander is

charged over the bashing charged over the bashing of

David Keohane in Coogee which

left the 29-year-old Irishman

in a wheelchair with permanent

brain damage. Tupuolamoui was

today charged with inflicting

grievous bodily harm with

intent to kill and aggravated

robbery. In May, another

21-year-old man was sentenced

to at least 14 years jail over

the bashing and a separate

attack. The Queensland

Government has shut down a

trial of the new energy

generating technology because

of contamination fears. Traces

of cancer-causing chemicals

were found in water bores near

the energy company's plant on

the Darling Downs. An

the Darling Downs. An officer in the department in the department of environment has now been stood

aside and the viability of

underground gas production is

being questioned. In late

April, Cougar Energy detected

two carcinogenic petrochem

icals, benzine and toluene, at

their site near Kingaroy. Six

weeks later, low levels of

toluene were also found on a

neighbouring property a

kilometre away but the

department wasn't notified

until the end of June. We

would expect urgent notification. Cougar Energy

could yet be fined for failing

to alert the department of

environment immediately.

Meanwhile, a departmental

officer who delayed taking

action for a further two action for a further two weeks

has been stood aside while an

investigation is conducted . We

should have addressed the issue

earlier. The experimental

technology creates gas by

burning coal underground,

dangerous by-products including benzine and toluene benzine and toluene are

supposed to be drawn off and

safely discarded. Cougar was

one of three pilot programs to

test the environmental

sustainability of underground

coal gasification but the current emergency puts the

industry's future in doubt. If

this technology cannot be

operated safely then it has no

future in Queensland. Environmentalests

say the Government was warned

this was inevitable. It's

happened ever where else in the

world, why wouldn't it happen here? Although here? Although Kingaroy's

water supply is said to be

safe, farmers within a 2km

radius of the Cougar site have

been warned not to use their

groundwater until tests are

complete. It demonstrates to

us the whole process isn't

working as they said it would

and as far as we're concerned

the whole sort of thing should

be banned. The company says

the test results are wrong and

they'll be cleared in an

investigation. At long last BP

has managed to stop the flow of

oil into the Gulf of Mexico, at

least for now. It's been three

months since the ruptured under

sea well started spewing oil. A

new catch appears to be work

but engineers say the danger

isn't over yet. North America correspondent Craig McMurtrie

reports. From a gush to a

reports. From a gush to a cloud

to this. After nearly three

months, for the first time no

spewing oil. I think it is a

positive sign. We're still in

the testing phase. I'll have

more to say about it tomorrow.

After delaying to go over the

risks one more time, BP

engineers using their robotic

submersibles finally shut off

the last valves on the sealing

cap over the damaged well head

and held their breath. It

stopped today. I don't know if

it will stay stopped but it will stay stopped but it

stopped today. BP is running

crucial pressure tests to see

how the well bore responds and

check its integrity. Only then

will the oil company know if it

has finally tamed the run away

well. I made a well. I made a comment quite

some time agoethat when the day

happened I would do cart

wheels. They're telling me

maybe soon. Word spread

quickly along the Gulf Coast. It took so long before they

capped the well. They have been

going through things since

April 20 and today was the day

that they capped it and I thank

Jesus. That is a big Jesus. That is a big relief.

At least part of the problem is

over. About damn time. After

so many disappointments,

so many disappointments, the

Obama administration isn't

taking any chances, dampening

down expectations that the well

is shut off for good, is shut off for good, the

national incident commander has

put out a statement cautioning,

"It remains likely that we "It remains likely that we will

return to the containment

process." Meaning allowing the

well to flow through the

ceiling cap, capturing the oil

until the relief well is until the relief well is ready

at the end of the day of the

month. Tonight's top story, month. Tonight's top story, the

Prime Minister Julia Gillard is

expected to arrive in Canberra

tomorrow morning to ask the

Governor-General for an

election in late August. Still

to come, a sweeping rewriept of

banking and market rules -

rewrite of banking and market

rules. Nearly two years on from

in-Mumbai terrorist attacks,

India and Pakistan have held

their first talks. The meeting

went into overtime as they

discussed issues including

counterterrorism and Kashmir.

The nuclear armed neighbours

pledged to work together but

the tension remains. South Asia

correspondent Sara Sara rarts.

There were few details but

plenty of dialogue. plenty of dialogue. The

Pakistani Government said its agencies weren't responsible

for attacks on Indian soil and

shouldn't be blamed. Was

neither apologetic nor is there

any reason for Pakistan to bea

Paulgetic. India is calling on

Pakistan to take further action

against the terrorists

responsible for planning the

2008 Mumbai attacks. Perhaps

that could be the biggest confidence-building measure

that could take part. On the

eve of the talks, India's horkt

accused Pakistan's intelligence

service of direct involvement

in the Mumbai strike. The

remarks created tension even

before the meeting began. We

discussed it and we are both of

the opinion it was uncalled

for. But India still wants

Pakistan to pursue new leads in

the investigation into the

Mumbai attacks. And bring all

the perpetrators of that

horrific crime to justice. The

meeting ran more than six hours

over time. Pakistan raised

concerns about alleged human

rights violations in Kashmir

and other issues, but and other issues, but terrorism

dominated the agenda. The dominated the agenda. The peace

process is not only important

for India and Pakistan but also

for the surrounding region. The

US-led Coalition is looking for

as much stability as possible

as it deals with ongoing

challenges in neighbouring

Afghanistan. Sally Sara, ABC

news, Islamabad. US is poised

to implement the most sweeping overhaul of Wall Street regulation since the Great

Depression. The legislation

aims to clamp down on lending

practices and increase consumer

protection to prevent protection to prevent another

global meltdown. The President

is expected to sign it into law

next week. North America

correspondent Kim Landers. It's

taken a year of haggling but

Congress has fine alpass ed the

biggest change to Wall biggest change to Wall Street

rules since the Great

Depression. The yeas are 60,

the nays are 39. Report is

agreed to. 3 Republicans voted

with the Democrats but for a

President under pressure over

the stalled economic recovery

it's a crucial political victory. Because of victory. Because of this

reform the American people will

never again be asked to foot

the bill for Wall Street's

mistakes. There will be no more

taxpayer-munded bail-outs.

Period. The new law gives the

Government the power to wind up

large failing financial

institutions, creates exchanges

for derivatives trading, introduces higher capital

requirements for banks and can

creates a new consumer

protection agency. The

financial sector spent million

lobbying against the 2300-page bill but the President bill but the President is

trying to mend the rift.

Unless your business model

depends on cutting corners or

bilking your customers you have

nothing to fear from this

reform. While the Democrats

are celebrating, Republicans

say the legislation is a

disaster. A bill that's disaster. A bill that's meant

to help the economy but which

is widely expected to stifle

growth and kill more jobs in

the middle of a deep recession. The Wall Street

crack-down comes almost two

years after the financial

crisis brought the global

economy to its knees. It's also

a welcome achievement for a

President and the Democrats

who've become who've become increasingly

unpopular with voters as the

mid term elections loom. In

other finance news, the other finance news, the local

share market fell again in line

with most other world markets.

Here's Alan Kohler. The All

Ordinaries is now back to where

it was at lunchtime on Monday

after falling on Tuesday,

soaring on Wednesday and then

sagging on Thursday and Friday.

Bit of a nonweek really. So to

recap, here's a graph of recap, here's a graph of the All Ordinaries since the bear

market began at the start of

November 2007. The down slope

that started last October is

obvious ly not as steep and

devastating as the one that

went from November '07 to March

'09 but it's becoming a grinding, dispiriting affair

but there are plenty predicting

a big move one way or the other

that will break the shackles

but they're usually people who

want you to do something that usually involves paying a commission. That is to commission. That is to either

buy or sell. But it might buy or sell. But it might just

keep going like this for a

while. It was the second day of

virtually no change on Wall

Street over night and most of

the big markets in Europe fell

apart from Greece which

obviously had a shot offuso. In

Asia the Japanese market fell

thee%. The highlight on the

Australian market today was

Nufarm adding to yesterday's

massive fall following a profit

downgrade with another 9%

today. CBA was the only bank to

go up but it didn't go up much.

The Australian Dollar subsided slightly again today as slightly again today as well

and it too is back to where it

was at lunchtime on Monday.

I'll be back on Sunday I'll be back on Sunday with

'Inside Business' and the head

of the superannuation review

Jeremy Cooper. 'Til then,

that's finance. The captain of

the morm says players were

advised not to cooperate with

an audit of the club's salary

cap breaches. The team flew out

for New Zealand this afternoon

to play the Warriors tomorrow

night, scotching rumours it

might boycott the rest of the

season. The audit season. The audit was

commissioned by the Storm's

owner News Limited. It found

the club exceeded its salary

cap by more than $3 million.

The club's current players

decide not to assist the investigation. We'd like to

think we're given fairly good

advice by the people we trust

and at the time we did what we

thought was right for us. The

auditors found no evidence the

players knew about the players knew about the breaches

which were orchestrated by the

Storm's management. News

Limited has passed on the

audit's findings to the police.

Australian Renshaw ren has been

disqualified from disqualified from the Tour De

France after head butting

another cyclist during the 11th stage. Great stage. Great Britain's Mark

Cavendish won the stage put he

will have to do without his

lead-out rider for the rest of

the tour. Mark Renshaw has

earned a reputation as one of

the world's best lead-out

riders but officials found his

antics on stage 11 to be over

the top and can kicked him off

the tour. This is serious argy

bargy. Probably looks a

little bit over the top for the

person that doesn't know

cycling but if I didn't use my

head to hold myself upright and

to keep the weight coming from

the left to the right the left to the right once

Julian hit me, I think it would

have resulted in a huge crash. Cavendish went on to

claim his third win of the

tour, taking his career tally

to 13. Luxembourg's Andy Schlek

hold on to his 41-second

overall lead and wasn't giving

any secret to his chatty any secret to his chatty rival,

Alberto Contador. An 83 Alberto Contador. An 83 from

the consistent Simon Katich and

an unlikely 56-not out from

tail-ender Ben Hilfenhaus

helped Australia set Pakistan a

hefty victory target of 440 in

the first Test at Lords. The

highest successful fourth

innings run chase is 418.

Pakistan was 1/114 at stumps on

day three. It was a special day

for the 21-year-old for the 21-year-old debutante,

Steven Smith. He gets Steven Smith. He gets his

first Test wicket. Rory

McIlroy's eagle putt on the

ninth hole sparked one of the

great rounds in British Open

history. The 21-year-old history. The 21-year-old from

Northern Ireland blitzed the

back nine with six birdies. He

finish would the lowest first

round at a British Open, a 9

under par coy 63 and a 2-stroke

lead. Just unbelievable.

Feels great. As I said, it's

only the start. There's still

54 more holes to play. Tiger

Woods began his bid for a third

Open title at Saint Andrew's

with a 5 under par

with a 5 under par 67. John

Senden was the best of the

Australians in the opening

round, shooting a 4 under 68.

When the second round got under

way, some of the world's best

looked like they might have

preferred to be preferred to be elsewhere.

Duncan Huntsdale, ABC News.

There's been an emotional

farewell in New Zealand for a

dolphin widely regarded as a

national treasure. Moko died

unexpectedly last week. The

dolphin touched thousands of

lives and is remembered for a

love of humans and for saving

stranded whales. Phillipa

McDonald has the story.

Mourners came bearing

photographs of their finned

friend and boogie boards,

Moko's favourite toy. A large

blue casket carried the remains

of the dolphin that had been

found washed up on a beach. He

swum in the water with all of

us and the water was filled

with love. In 2008, Moko made

international news when the

dolphin helped guide dolphin helped guide whales

back out to sea. I've always maintained dolphins are much

more clever than we more clever than we are. Moko

became particularly attached to

humans. At first its play was

gentle, later when the dolphin

grew to 200 kg swimmers had to

be rescued. He kept coming up

and touching my little

daughter's feet in the water,

nonstop for about two hours.

This dolphin was a very

different and unique dolphin.

It definitely loved

people. Tomorrow Moko will go

back out to sea, to an island

which will be the dolphin's

final resting place. It's

returning Moko back home. A

post-mortem was unable to

determine how the much-loved

dolphin died. Time to check the

weekend weather now and for

once it looks like the timing

is absolutely spot on, Graham.

Certainly looking that way,

Juanita. After a cold start to

the week and windy conditions

to end it, the weekend should

see mestly light winds and

plenty of sunshine in the sky.

There's been no significant

rainfall to 9am although this

week's falls have pushed much

of the inland to average

monthly totals. The southwest

of WA is about 40% below

average ain't fall for the

month but showers have started

to develop there. That's with

another cold front. This front

will spread cloud and showers

across the southern states across the southern states over

the weekend as it slowly moves

east. Now it will reach the

coast of NSW on Monday and

ahead of it wind will start to

shift more northerly and that

will draw milder air south from

Queensland and central

Australia but we're Australia but we're not

expecting anything in the way

of significant rainfall of significant rainfall with

this system as it crosses NSW

from Sunday through to Monday.

Apart from Perth, all the

capitals will be dry and mostly

sunny tomorrow. With fire

weather warnings in place for


Thanks, Graham. Tonight's top stories - Prime Minister Julia

Gillard expected to visit the Governor-General tomorrow to

call the election for August

28. The Federal Government's

new MyHospital website which

compares public hospitals will

go online some time next month.

A Sydney man will spend A Sydney man will spend 21

years in jail for raping an

international student who fell

to her death while trying to

escape. That is ABC News escape. That is ABC News for

this Friday. Stay with us now

for Stateline with Nick Grimm.

We'll leave you with

celebrations in country

Victoria for the centenary of

powered flight in Australia. Goodnight. Closed Captions by CSI

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I better not say anymore. Sorry.

Welcome to Stateline NSW, Welcome to Stateline NSW, I'm

Nick Grimm filling in Nick Grimm filling in for

Quentin Dempster who's on

leave. It's fair to say the

digital age and the advent of

onlune social media has been a

boon for politicians of all

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