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(generated from captions) This morning - 28 now confirmed dead. 44 rescued This morning - 28 people

in the Christmas Island boat

tragedy. They were waiting tragedy. They were waiting and thouting and screaming for

help. They were desperate. The

first of the survivors arrives

in Perth for medical treatment. This Program is Captioned


Government sues BP Also today - the US

biggest oil spill in America's Government sues BP over the

history. Facebook's founder Mark Zuckerberg named Time

magazine's person of the year.

And it's crunch time for

Australia ahead of the third Ashes Test in Perth. Good watching oobz News 24, I'm Nick

Grimm. A quick look at today's weather. And the Australian share market is expected

lower after stocks Street. The Australian dollar

has fallen below 99 US cents. asylum seeker demandsing to know how an

asylum seeker demandsing to know how an

close to shore without being

intercepted by least 28 people drowned when intercepted by authorities. At

the boat crashed the boat crashed into rocks off Christmas Island yesterday.

people have Christmas Island yesterday. 44 100 people were on This fishing boat was This fishing carrying between 70 and 100 people in 5m swell, when smashed into the delivers of Christmas Island. from Indonesia, but the It's believed the boat came passengers from Indonesia, but the It's believed the boat

passengers Doctor Service has brought two Doctor

seriously injured people to confirmed the who drowned will

to Perth. It is half a dozen patients who have more patients who have more minor

traumatic injuries but traumatic injuries but still

ones that may need tertiary level care and will be some discussions will be some discussions today

as to how they may come down,

they may come down on a routine

flight island. Witnesses say be treated on the

were island. Witnesses say there were chaotic scenes as Christmas Islanders did all they could to reaccuse the only thing people could life vests into the water. The

the mainland was really throw life jackets back Australian live ins ho - police

officer who help Federal Police with the search and rescue

investigation into effort as well as an

incident. The home have 27 flew to the island late ye. We

protection officers have Customs and border course protection officers and of having - there's having - there's more Federal Police and Western Australian Police arriving by plane, will be a disaster victim Police arriving by plane, there

identification ununit. After a traj like this there will many questions that will have to be answered: Clearly people will I expect - prevent: I expect could it have been prevebtdsed.

the Prime Minister will make a issues today. Solve refugee statement about some of these

groups are already bringing people latest tragedy. We should be into the boats? into the boats? Our policies

force them into the boats. As

the information coming out,

there will be more questioned

asked about how and exactly who was on the boat. Questions are also being asked about

able to come asked about how the boat was

Reports suggest it had not Reports suggest it had not been under constant surveillance although it might have been detect detect ed earlier in its

journey. A short time ago the Federal Immigration Chris Federal Immigration Minister on whether short authorities were track ing it crashed: We do were track ing the boat before

significant degree of resours in that whether it's the really can't speculate command through Customs. I

relation to the track of the vessel. apparent the vessel was

breaking up the glaif and

Customs responded very quickly circumstances. The level of the

waves, the crashing seas made

it very, very difficult for the Navy and Customs boat. But they responded

magnificent y Li in the circumstances as did the Christmas Island locals. So whether that subject whether that boat was the with a local resident who was Last night Scott Bevan spoke

one of the first at the scene. Basically they up, their calling heard what full of people calling for help

try and the rain. What were the point? Rough. Near cyclonic apparently and swell was about 4m and it's big ocean swell,

big ocean swell, I am not

talking about waves pounding into the cliffs spending sprays 30m into the

air. Yeah, it's very intense,

it's place where you really

don't want to be. And certainly

not in the boat there's no boat

at all. What was your first should be in those conditions

reaction knowing what you're up

the terrain there and when you against with the

saw people on this boat? Look,

my first reaction

people are going to die here,

it was really not good. At

was being repelled by the first, with the way the boat

backwash off the cliffs, I thought at least they're going

to be OK for a while, the Navy

will come along and tow them out

out a bit and save the day but

about an hour later they did the Navy didn't show

collide with the cliff and

fortunately the police, the AFP

had marshal ed all the had marshal ed all the on

onlookers into an effective aid

team and we all got down there, we donated life jackets and we started hurling them into the

water. Fortinate that we did.

We live saved a lot We live saved a lot of

enough. In other news today, lives. But, yeah, not

the US Government has launched civil action other companies it believes are responsible for the biggest oil

spill in America's history

earlier this year. North

America correspondent Lisa

Millar depth announced it was - department announced it was

launching civil suits launching civil suits against BP and eight other

parties Today we're taking

formal actions to those BP and others accountable for the

impact this spill has had on our environment and our environment and the

livelihoods of those who

depends on the ecosystem of the action of the Government which accused the company of a cascade of failures that led cascade of failures that led to

the explosion on the Deep water

horizon rig in April. Almost 5

billion barrels of oil leaked

into the Gulf of Mexico over

the following four months. The

United States alleged

violations of Federal safety

and operation al regulations

including a failure to take the

necessary precautions to secure

the well prior to the April 20

explosion. Failure to utilise to monitor the well's

condition. Failure to maintain

continue ous surveillance of continue ous surveillance of

the well and failure to

yutdlise and to maintain

equipment and terl materials that were available and

necessary to ensure the safety and protection of personnel, property, natural property, natural resources hasally as well as the environment. The Government is still investigating still investigating the possibility of criminal charges. clashed with protesters charges. Greek

capital Athen s as unions stage Government austerity measures. Demonstrators threw pet troll Phillip Williams reports. The Greek Government had hoped

scenes like these war thing scenes like these war thing of the past. But it angry protesterses vented

fury over the economic mess and

the police became the Well organised, at least some prepared for street war.

Running battles in the capital then on the charge as what looked through the streets. Demonstrators used whatever

they could find - sticks and rocks, but rocks, but also sprays and of course the deadly course the deadly petrol bombs. Cars and buses were torched, some buildings too were target s. And it wasn't

wasn't just police being government Minister was bundled away luxury hotel. But not before he was repeatedly punched, left bloody an dazed in some of economic crisis hit two years protest, the protest, the immediate issue - new labour re forms which reduce union negotiating reduce union negotiating mower and allow employees to cut

time bus little chance these

scenes won't be repeat ed scenes won't be repeat ed in the The face of Julian Assange and the continuing exposure of classified document by WikiLeaks remain a WikiLeaks remain a constant feet nuclear news little is known about little is known about the enigmatic enigmatic Australian's back ground and his motivation affect kult Ri broadcast just

Julian Assange. If you engage in

behaviour it will be found out, Assange is a man who wants to

change the world. This is the image painted by wiki

Swedish Swedish television just days ago. Any reform that scale must be based upon

information because what else

can spread other than spread and suggests Assange are driven by they see as being morally corrupt. The public has corrupt. The public has a right to to know materials an historical record has a right materials of diplomatic

political, ethical historical significance. The Swedish documentary team documentary team followed the normally elusive Assange for six months, getting rare access to him and the WikiLeaks world. The documentary tracks development as an information activist. At age 20 he was arrested of hacking charges in Melbourne. By 2010, Assange was

using WikiLeaks to reveal US

military secrets from the wars

in irric and Afghanistan. Iraq and reveals - a loose alliance of international IT guerrilla all guided

all guided by the desire to

disclose. You see society as

you see a problem and you

identify a solution for that

problem. So are you a or actively participating in society? Assange's philosophy

isbrought to the forefront. If you view the important material of this type, we've not just

going to criticise you, we're

going to take the material you tried to sensor and we are

going to spray it all over the

world and we are going to world and we are going to stick it in our a ar rive - archives

in a way it won't disappear

peer. Now to another face

behind a website - Time Union Facebook Union Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has its annual

person of the year. The 26-year-old billionaire was the suggest of the suggest of the film 'The Social

Network', which chartered Facebook's rise. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange earlier

won a Time readers poll on 2010's most influential person. 2010's most influential person. The annual feature has been a

fixture since the 19 tos the magazine's editors said Mr

Zuckerberg had changed the Zuckerberg had changed the way people communicate with each

other. The Time person of the

year is Mark Zuckerberg. I will hold

founder and CEO of Facebook

because Facebook which this

year went over 550 million subscriber, members, is change

ing in fundamental ways the way ing in fundamental ways the way

in which we interact with each

other, the way we relate to

each other and talk to each

other, not >>us 2 United States but all over the world. For

more details on the day's comments and pictures, go to: You're watching ABC News 24. Our top stories this morning - a search morning - a search has resumed for asylum seekers mission at sea off Christmas Island. Up to 100 people were on boat that smashed into rocks in heavy seas bodies have been recover and 44 people have been rescued. The Royal Flying Doctor Service has flown crash both women to expected to be transferred in the

Administration will sue the in connection with the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. Almost 5 million barrel of oil leak intods the gulf over intods the gulf over four months. Around Sydney, with a top of 28. Australia's size makes Internet access in remote areas challenge,

challenge, to conquer the tyranny of distance wireless Internet into with a set top TV aerial. The quiet hills of which may rev luzation communications in remote areas. Ice an something that hasn't

shown before and we're doing first in Smithton. In first in Smithton. In 2013, the Federal Federal Government will switch off analogue TV, freeing up VHF system use uses tance already constructed television towers to send and over long distances. We're re-using existing infrastructure. So there's no more building of new towers required. Behind the breakthrough is multiplexing which means multiplexing which means a single broadcast tower can single broadcast tower can send out six unique data signals in different directions all on the same frequency Professor the concept the CSIRO has hooked up six farm

high quality video back to does work and it works really well. We're here. Beby hind the project the same the same CSIRO team that 15

years ago invented wi-fi. Now

the focus is on filling the

gaps in the National Broadband

Network. If you look around the

world, there are communities

with sparsely populated areas,

China, Russia, Africa where

this technology would have this technology would have a market. The CSIRO hopes to find

a commercial backer and over

the next couple of days showing off its Tasmanian Proto

type to global communications

companies. A finished product is several years away. Food prices are on the rise in China, much to the annoyiance

of the nation's consumers. Despite the China ease

governments efforts to rein in the cost of living, the number of people satisfied with good

price levels has sunk to an

11-year low. Government

officials blame the change in the wet

Beijing, a pig's trotter

doesn't cost what it used to. All around China consumers have seen food prices shoot seen food prices shoot up by

12% over the past year. And

they're not happy about it. Some say the Chinese Government is concerned with the uneven

impact of rising food prices

which tends to punish the poor

more than the rich. If food is an important part of your consumption, inflation has been

much higher for you than the

average whereas if food is a very unimportant the case if you're rich, then

inflation has been much

lower. At this branch of McDonald's in spral Beijing, managers have thought carefully

about the going rate for a

Burker. I think our prices really reflect the consumer

base and what affordability

levels. Are our pricing

strategy in China is a clear reflection of what our consumers consumers can afford, what they

will enjoy. Even so, the rise in basic

in basic food prices in China

may be too much for the poor to swallow.

The hint of a green tin

toj the grass on the WACA pitch

will be the focus of all will be the focus of all eyes this this morning. Depends tong

exact hue, Australian selectors

will either opt for four pace

bowl oerser gambled on spinner

Michael Beer n the third Test.

The make-up of the beleaguer ed

home side in this series has

been constantly eVFLing with win to retain the ashst.

Australia might rely on yet

more changes to stem the tide.

more changes to stem the tide.

Disaster. That's got him. Is there any one more

lonely than an Australian

cricket iner in a struggling

Ashes team? If there that is it has to be an Australian selector. In the course of this Ashes series, the thinking of the of the selection panel has become intriguing to most, impenetrable to mixed messages an everybody

needs to get their acts sorted

ow. After the Adelaide Test

match everyone said there has

to be changed.s. There's four chaidges everyone is criticising the four chaidges everyone criticising the selectors for

it too. The line-up ahead of

the Perth Test the Perth Test is still officially it too. The line-up ahead of it too. The line-up ahead of

the Perth Test is still officially depends Ogton wicket. In depends Ogton wicket. In one scenario, a veteran of six first-class matches heft left-arm spinner Michael Beer. IT s lt It's we think will be the tboerls us on that wicket. The fact

If he is in our first best bowl Force what we see tomorrow

morning then he will morning then he will play. If

he is picked Beer would be he is picked Beer would be replacing xaef Xavier and he replaced Nathan Hauritz who has had a roller-coaster ride in and out of ride in and out of the Test team. . How on earth do we pick

Beer and then the Australian Beer wasn't picked. They picked Steven O'Keefe from NSW. We're look Beer why wasn't he playing then? You have to say the selectors have to process which a loot of people a loot of people don't understand. The selectors understand. The selectors watch

and monitor every first-class game. And so confidence in their judgment and if they is the best spininer the

country to help win back the Ashes then I am right them. Merv Hughs is watching this series competence unfold

dropped from the selection

panel in October. The former quick is keen to defend

selectors but even he by surprise when Beer was so-kaild rotation policy that sector Greg Chappell was behind

the ex-clues of beleaguered

fast bowler Mitchell Johnson and two weeks on with no further match experience ising? That has left even

has left even the most series has been decided is a concern. I think irrespective

of what goes on in Brisbane, then to come to mean thank goodness we playing because if you

head on my shoulders. This idea of looking after players and

not force ing them to go back and and shield Crick set a joke. Times have certainly changed and it will be a long time before Australia once again has the luxury again has the luxury of backing players immediately, one like immediately, one like SK Warne as Beer

as Beer might find out. If he goes into this game it goes into this game it will be hard fail. If he gets fail. If he gets a game, 23 he is in the fail. If he gets a game, is in the serviceable job. is in the 11, he will do serviceable job. And if he does

a serviceable job he will get another chance. All of another chance. All of which underlies the new worlds order. All & lot of people

think the selectors have pit

hit the panic button. They don't do. That they assess don't do. That they assess the

situation, they monitor all

first-class games, they know

who is in good form. They know

who looks as though they're going to do well and it accordingly. In the end the

Australian player also never

walk alone because, despite the

perilous state of this Ashes

perilous state of this Ashes series, it's hard to series, it's hard to write them off: I think Australia can

still win the series. A at still win the series. A at the

start I thought it was going to

be 5-0. I've rekountsed my

prediction to Australia to win the series 3-1. Mitchell

Johnson to have an outstanding

Test and prontding to make a

heap of runs in this Test

match. I will still back

Australia tomorrow. Thy have the baggy kangaroo does k not take kangaroo does k not take a backward step. They need backward step. They need to get

the crowd involved. They've

copped a bit in the press, copped a bit in the press, it's

all been deserve and they need to come out firing. Australia to come out on

Australia to come out on the front footd and win this game.

To the weather now and I'm

joined by weather presenter Vanessa O'Hanlon.

Vanessa O'Hanlon. And how is

Queensland fair faring today after recovering . 1,200 homes without pow without pow ther morning.

This's super cell went through around 4:30 in Logan. Big hail

stones were recorded about the

size of golf balls. The flash

flooding came through about flooding came through about 200 calls to the SES and we calls to the SES and we are expecting another super cell around midday today in Queensland. Let's look at Queensland. Let's look at the

States for the rest States for the rest of Queensland:

I will be back with I will be back with more headlines at the top

headlines at the top of the hour. Closed Captions by CSI

This morning - 28 confirmed

dead and 44 rescued in the Christmas

Christmas Island boat

tragedy. They were waving and shouting and screaming for help. They were desperate. And

the first survivors arrive in

Perth for medical treatment.

Also today - the US

Government sues BP over the

biggest oil spill in America's history. Facebook's founder

Mark Zuckerberg named 'Time' magazine's person of the year.

And it's crunch time for

Australia ahead of the third

Ashes Test in Perth.Good Ashes Test in Perth.Good morning you're watching ABC

News 24, I'm Nick Grimm.