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(generated from captions) relatively high. Voters

turning away from the major

parties are widely tipped to

show their support for the

Greens. The Greens hope to

the Senate after today. Senator

Milne joins us from Hobart. As election day dawns, confident are you of the Greens election day dawns, how

snatching the balance of power

in the Senate? We are really optimistic. The Greens offered a vision for Australia optimistic. The Greens have

in this election, everywhere we

have been the community is

listening to that. They want

the transformation in Australia that addressing climate change

will bring. People want to see will bring. People want to see

a massive investment in public

transport, they want to see

farmers staying on the land and

farm gate. action farm gate. They want to see getting decent prices at the

action on things like dental care care and mental health, and that message is getting

through. Take us around state by state in terms of your Senate candidates. Where do you

see the Greens vote being the

highest as election day pans

out? I think here in Tasmania

we are going to poll very strongly in the strongly in the Senate. After

all, this is the home of green

that green politics spread politics, it's from Tasmania

nationally and initially. I that green politics spread

think think we well think we are going to do very

well in Tasmania. I think Victoria and Western Australia

will be our next strongest

polling. Clearly there is real excitement in about getting Richard real excitement in Victoria

de-Natally in the Senate and Adam brand in the seat of

Australia, Melbourne. In Western

Australia, Rye Chelseaward is an

an ex-extremely well respected

Senator and taking storm. Swelled, New South Wales and South Australia are polling

approximately the same. In the

ACT, we couldn't have a better candidate than Lin Hatfield

Dodds, she's been amazing. It Dodds, she's been

would change things immediately if Lynne were elected to the

Senate. The Newspoll still Senate. The Newspoll still has

the Greens vote at the high, if not the record high, of 14%ment

are you confident that will

hold up as voters head to the

booths? Yes, it will hold up.

Unlike other elections, where campaign we have been hit campaign we have been hit by

corporate funded and other

groups' negative advertising, this time we have had such positive this time we have had such a not only from the NGOs in positive response, particularly

not only from the NGOs in the

refugee community and in refugee community and in the carers' communicate, but strong advocacy from people concerned about climate change and

businesses that want a carbon

price, because they recognise

that the Greens getting balance

of power in the Senate is the

best hope that business around

strong price signalment I Australia has

strong price signalment I think

we will get a strong level of

support. The Greens have really

said, "We will bring compassion

into the Parliament." That is

on issues like refugees and desperately needed,

getting rid of the discrimination around marriage equality. People are really

responding to wanting something really progressive in Australia

and they are not getting it

from Liberal and Labor. How worried are you

worried are you that, despite

all the voters telling pollsters they will vote Green, all the voters telling the

once they get into the booth they will make a sober, once they get into the ballot

hard-headed decision, give it a lot of thought, but still for one of the two major

parties? That's the same for

all political parties, people

change their minds on the way into

into the booths in some into the booths in some cases.

If people have made the If people have

decision to vote Green, they

will stick with it because it

will have been a hard-headed

decision that they have thought

about and made. Young people are supporting the great numbers, but so too great numbers, but so too are

older people, more so than ever before. That

before. That is because of

issues like the refugees

issues like investment in education, but also climate change. I

change. I think both Liberal

and Labor have seriously

underestimated how much

Australians want to transformation, want to see Australians want to see

100% renewable energy, want to

be able to respond with new

country zing with the industries and really make

opportunities that the Greens

bring. All they are seeing from the other parties is the other parties is really

people clinging to the past. So many clinging to the past. So

people want a bright There is the very real prospect

of Tony Abbott being able to

form a government after tonight. If the Greens who the balance of power, can tonight. If the Greens who will

the balance of power, can the Greens work with the Coalition government? The Greens will

work with whoever is in

government. Australia couldn't

have a more experienced

responsible team have a more experienced and

balance of power. I was in balance of power with a balance of power. I was in

balance of power with a Labor

minority government and a Liberal minority government in

Tasmania, and Senator Brown Tasmania, and Senator Brown was

also there as leader during also there as leader during the

time of the Labor minority government and we government and we achieved amazing reforms through both

those periods and they were the

most fiscally responsible

seen during periods in Tasmania. As we have

Greens financial crisis, it was the seen during the global

Greens that supported the

government in avoiding

recession, in keeping people in

work in Australia, and I can

schools during the election tell you, I have been into many

campaign and they are very

grateful for the new buildings

they have got. I was at a

social housing project

for people with disabilities,

people are excited about the investment that has been made in the community, and that wouldn't

wouldn't have happened if Tony

Abbott had been in charge,

I can assure you the Greens

will act in the best interests

of the country. Christine Milne, thanks for your time

this morning. this morning. Some breaking