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(generated from captions) Australia. Soon we will

speak to the Labor candidate

for Sterling. Top two major

protection a frontline issue parties have made border

of this election campaign.

showed how the government's

effort to slow the number of

asylum-seekers arrive in by

boat are being undermined by

corrupt officials corrupt officials in Indonesia. Scott Morrison joins us from Sydney. How

surprised were you by the

revelations thrown up by 'Four Corners'? I'm not

surprised as long as Labor is in business the people-smuggling are in

business. There has been an 800% increase in people moving through into Indonesia

in 2009 and I'm sure that has

continued this year. The

reason they are coming is to get the Australia and the Labor Government has reason that is, is because

softened our laws. How will a

Coalition Government change

that situation? As we have

said many times and

particularly on this program

temporary protection visas we would reintroduce

and take off the table the

product about that the people

smugglers have to sell. We would introduce offshore

processing in a third country

and pick up the phone to Nauru on day one who are

ready and willing and able to

move forward with that

proposal. We would turn the boats back where the circumstances allow and we

would tighten up the

processing which last night's

program showed it was through. Tony Abbott promised

yesterday he would be able to

get Nauru to accept

asylum-seekers and reopen the

detention centres within weeks. That is real is stick? I think it is because

I have spoken with the

well as the Leader of the Foreign Minister for Nauru as

Opposition. There is no

constitutional impediment to

going forward and forming an

arrangement with Nauru. We

have had those preliminary

informal discussions and they

are keen to pursue that us if we are elected. The are keen to pursue that with

same offer

same offer is there for

pick up the phone because she

want to pursue this other never-never approach in East

Timor that will never

happen. How can you do this

without going through the

regulatory route, don't you

need legislation to go before both Houses of Parliament?

No it is a regulatory matter

that needs to be addressed. That would be the clear

policy we put to this ooe

legislation. There is nothing

hidden about our approach to

this issue, we have always

had a

matter. We have made it clear

and people know we have the

resolve to take it through.

We want to take the product

off the table because what we

corners program once that saw last night in the up foe

product is on the table the people smugglers make hay, up

to $30 million last year. That man who was incredibly

brave and worked with 'Four

Corners' to expose this last night stands there waiting. Tony Abbott has been

almost crying out are out for extra election debates. Julia

Gillard has said she will on Sunday. Why won't the

Opposition Leader take her up

on the offer? Julia Gillard

has literally missed the

boat. She was not happy to

have three debate, she have three debate, she fought

that tooth and nail and

finally agreed to one. Now

her campaign is in crisis she

turns around the suit her

agenda. We have a calendar of

event and we are moving

forward Julia, I'm sorry but

your offer has missed the boat. What about another day

Opposition Leader be prepared if negotiations continue and

to debate Julia Gillard say

next Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday? I will leave that

to the leader and the

campaign to address but what

want to have is clear that is she did not

did not want the address want to have a debate. She

these issues. I do not know

if that was the real Julia,

the fake Julia, which Julia

is talking to us now I don't

know but she had the

opportunity to do this and

now she says she it well I'm

sorry you had the opportunity

and you have missed your

opportunity. The Reserve Bank

is expected to leave interest

rates on hold at its regular

concerned when it comes down board meeting today. Are

to it that election campaigns

are decided on economic

managementish use the

Government will be able to

argue interest rates are more

than 2% lower than when the Howard government was defeated in the 007? Hot the Government needs to ex-Blaine

is why they are borrowing 100

million every day and

spending like there is no

tomorrow which is obviously

going to continue to put a

lot of pressure on interest

rates, had that is this month

or the next month. People in

Australia and families across

the country under this. You

cannot borrow $100 million every day to have an impact on the availability of finance and

debt and others and small

business and people around

the country. That is what

they need to explain and that