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Live. Authorities say they've now given up hope of finding

any more survivors from the

Christmas Island boat disaster.

Also today - the rain is

easing, but floodwaters

continue to rise in the west of

damaging homes. the country, blocking roads and

to Australia delayed as heavy

snow brings Europe to a standstill. And Australia in

control of the third Ashes

Test, as the England batsmen

crumble. Good morning. You're

watching ABC News 24. I'm Nick

Grimm. Taking a look at today's weather, showers are likely across most of the

capital cities. The chance capital cities. The chance of

storms in Canberra. Windy in Adelaide and monsoonal Adelaide

in Darwin. The head of the Adelaide and monsoonal showers Christmas Island Shire says it's too early for his community to stage a memorial

service for those lost in the

asylum seeker boat disaster.

The vessel was torn apart in heavy seas on Wednesday. 30

people have been confirmed

dead. 42 people were rescued,

but no hope is held for finding

any more passengers alive.

Shire President Gordon Thompson

says it may be weeks or months

before a memorial service is held. Reporter

is on Christmas Island. He is on Christmas Island.

says authorities have

acknowledged that there's no chance of finding any more

survivors. The decision taken by the Australian survivors. The decision was

Maritime Safety

night, but released just a

short time ago. What it does is formally acknowledge what

has been practically happening

on the ground here for on the ground here for several

days now. Because of the sheer violence of the shipwreck, I

think the chances of anyone

surviving who wasn't picked up

in the initial rescue effort were always going to be Anyone who has seen the vision were always going to be remote.

apart, people being tossed into of the accident, who's seen the

the water, can get a real sense

of just how lethal that

situation was. Even so, 41

people were pulled from the water by water by the crews of the fast

boats from Customs and from the

a single survivor has Navy. But since that time, not

a single survivor has been

found. Two more bodies have

been recovered from the water.

They were recovered by divers

who were searching near the

accident site on Rocky Point.

They were found under water,

but since that time no bodies

seen here is a search and practical have been found. I think, in


recovery effort for several

days, rather than a search and

rescue effort, because I think,

think anyone was seriously apart from a miracle, I don't

entertaining the possibility of

somebody being found alive. Now, the Australian Maritime

Safety Authority has concluded,

based on expert medical advice,

that it is now a virtual

impossibility for somebody to

still be alive out there on water. However, the recovery still be alive out there on the

effort closer to shore effort closer to shore is going

of the Australian Federal to continue under the control

today, scouring the area around the accident site, looking for

victims and collecting debris, which will be used in the subsequent investigation. We expect that effort to continue

at least in the immediate term. Away Island, federal authorities continue to be challenged the problem of housing the

hundreds of asylum seekers already in Australia. The first group of asylum seekers

have spent their first night at a new detention centre in the

Adelaide Hills. The defence housing facility at afternoon, Inverbrackie yesterday

of 400 asylum seekers who'll afternoon, becoming the first

of 400 asylum seekers who'll be

housed there. The 81 men, women their temporary accommodation and children said goodbye to

in Darwin as they

flight bound for Adelaide.

Most have been living there for several months after processed on Christmas several months after being

Among the group are Sri processed on Christmas Island.

Kurds. After were ushed into buses and driven the one-hour Inverbrackie detention

recently fitted out for their

stay. Security guards have been patrolling the the early hours of the morning. prompted some heated

in the local community, where

many have been angry at the

Federal Government's plans to house house the low-risk asylum

seekers on their doorstep. I

still integrate with the Australian

people. After all, it is people. After all, it is our country. I'd treat them like

I'd treat anybody else, they're still I'd treat anybody else, so

still have feelings. So, you

know, they've got to belong

Minister, somewhere. The Immigration

Minister, Chris Bowen, overall he expects the asylum Minister, Chris Bowen, says

seekers to be welcomed. To

the public, particularly the children at school, I would

expect them to be treated in accordance with the normal ways

the community treat new

arrivals in the community, well. Local residents which is to treat them

religious groups keen to support the new arrivals plan to visit the asylum We're going to be to meet with they and respond to any needs that

they may have. More will be

flown in next week, and the flown in next week, and

Federal Government says expects the centre to be Federal Government says it

operational next month. The weather Bureau is weather Bureau is warning floodwaters are rise at Carnarvon Roads into the town are cut off by floodwaters and a residents help with the evacuation of River properties. The Gascoigne River is expected to Carnarvon sometime this River is expected to peak at

evening. Homes have been damaged in have been deluge, and yesterday vehicles on the north-west highway were at standstill. The overlander road highway were at a

house was transformed into a

parking lot, as dozens of long-distance freight trucks became trapped by rising

floodwaters. Many of the

trucks carrying supplies for

the north of the State were

forced to simply park up and

wait or turn back. I'm

carrying a conveyor belt for looks like we'll be stuck here

for a few days. A lot of them

are turning around and are turning around and going

back the inland road because

they have perishables on. Carnarvon on. Carnarvon has recorded its

average total rainfall for the

year in the space of only 48

hours and there's still more to

come. The un seasonal downpour

in the middle of summer in the middle of summer has

also caught many holiday makers by surprise. The Cavalo family planned their holiday more than

a year ago Up there for three

day, it's been bucketing down.

It's been horrible. We've come

all this way see Monkey Mia, we see Monkey Mia, we couldn't even get out of the van, even get out of the van, it's

driving me crazy It's one of

these things, you're stuck,

lucky, we got through it The

weather bureau says little

reprieve with more rain on the

way. Perhaps by Monday way. Perhaps by Monday you'll

start to see waters coming

down Dozens of emergency

services personnel have been

flown in to assist residence.

A relocation point has been set up at the civic than 1,000 people have been arrested in a cross-Tasman blitz aimed at drunken blitz aimed at drunken violence involving police in New Zealand

and here at home in Australia. Hundreds of extra police have

been put on over the weekend

for Operation Unite. Last

night police in Sydney targeted brawls and drunken behaviour.

More people were arrested in a similar crackdown in September,

but this time there have been a

number of serious assaults,

including a man's ear including a man's ear being

torn off in Bondi and a knife attack in Brisbane. The operation police expect to make more

arrests as Christmas celebrations continue. Health

workers in the remote NT

community of Yuendumu have

the town in fear of violence.

There have been two riots in the community since the

stabbing death of a Yuendumu

man in Alice Springs in September. Police say local nurses felt threatened after

around 20 people involved in around 20 people involved in

the riots gathered at the local

airstrip as a boy was being

flown to hospital. But they

say no crimes appear to have been committed. Qantas been committed. Qantas has confirmed Australian-bound flights due to depart from London's Heathrow

Airport today have been delayed

due to the severe weather in Europe. Europe. The flights bound for Sydney and Melbourne have not

been cancelled, but it's not

known when they can rescheduled. Freezing temperatures known when they can be rescheduled. Freezing snowfalls have transport in the snowfalls have affected flights, road transport in the UK, Germany, transport in the UK, Germany, France and Italy.

London has Gatwick to close runways, in north-western of drivers were stranded on closed, M6 is closed, closed, M6 is closed, just everywhere deadlocked It's prompted prompted authorities

if you get stuck in major traffic on a traffic on a motorway, you can leave the engine running with a

heater to keep yourself warm. That's a simple thing, the heaviest snowfall in 25

years, up to 60 centimetres fell in parts of the

countryside. Belfast international Airport has have been warned to expect continuing delays and cancellations. Out of our hands, we're doing our best hands, we're doing our best to keep the thing everyone. In Germany, heavy snowfall caused major disruptions and scores of accidents that killed at least

two people. In Scotland, widespread chaos with the closure of many roads. in Warnings for heavy snow remain in place across Northern Ireland, Wales, Ireland, Wales, parts of England England and Scotland. In Britain, the British student Meredith

Kercher has won the right Kercher has won the right to have her reviewed. She was convicted of the killing sentenced to 26

prison. Her lawyers say the

forensic evidence needs to be looked at again as the step of an appeal conviction. Amanda Knox knew the importance carrying the weight of her

decision on her shoulders. The case against her and former lover Raffaele Sollecito stands or falls on the strength of the

forensic evidence. The defence have challenged conclusions,

highlighted certain in

consistencies. Now they've

consistencies. Now they've won an important battle for an an important battle for an ind pentdent expert defence. They are kf d dent that, on review, they can

demolish the forensic evidence. There remains the important circumstantial evidence. on the night of the turned off on the night of the murder and, prosecution, both have changed their review will not come until the The results of the forensic spring. Amanda Knox will spend her third Christmas bars. Her stepmother believes

this is the first major winning her this is the first major step to winning

The decision, though, is The decision, though, is a disappointment for prosecution and for the disappointment for the

prosecution and for the Kercher family. family. Their lawyer has won one important battle this week

in the Supreme Court, which

upheld the 16-year conviction

of gad gad from the Ivory

Coast, the other

this trial. Reminded the court that Meredith's family are still enduring the pain three

years from the murder, this appeal process is doing little

to help. The US Senate has

moved one step closer to ending

the Pentagon's ban against gay

women and men serving openly in

the military. The controversial don't ask don't

of the armed forces to serve

only if they keep their sexual

orientation a secret. After

two failed attempts to get the repeal through the Senate, the Democrats secured

of a handful of Republicans by

a vote of 63 to 33. The US President, Barack Obama, has

welcomed the vote, saying it

will mean thousands of

patriotic Americans will not be

forced to leave the military

because they happen to be gay. The House of Representatives

has already voted to repeal the

policy. The bank of America announced it will join other financial institutions in declining to process declining to process payments

to WikiLeaks. The giant

American bank joins other

companies like MasterCard companies like MasterCard and PayPal, which PayPal, which have decided not to process to process transactions

intended for the website. In response, WikiLeaks has issued

a message on Twitter, urging its supporters who hold

accounts at the bank to take

their business elsewhere.

South Korean marines are

preparing to conduct live firing exercises off the firing exercises off the coast of Yeongpyeong island, close the disputed sea border with

the north. North Korea has

been threatening to strike back

if the drill goes ahead. More strongly and on a wider scale

than before, according to its state media. During similar military exercises last month,

the north attacked the island

with artillery shell, killing with artillery shell, killing four people. Fearing attack, most of Yeongpyeong's island's residents have fled residents have fled to the mainland. More than 140 prisoners have escaped from a

prison in northern Mexico, close to

close to the border with officials in the city say it's one of the country's biggest gaol breaks in recent years. Many of the escaped men are

understood to be members of Many of the escaped men understood to be members of drug gangs. The Mexican Government has condemned state authorities for what it News 24 - where the new, a new-look library some of the new, a new-look library for some of the world's oldest books gets the Pope's

seal of approval. Online shopping and Online shopping and the growing trend hasn't just

shop tills. Now it's shop tills. Now it's also prompted an inquiry into the retail sector. The Federal Government says it won't scrap the tax for from overseas businesses that are rorting the system. The signs are there for all

all to see. has come retailers across the retailers across the country

grapple with dire grapple with dire Christmas sales. From the beginning of

November, it sort of dropped

off, but that was when the dollar increased. dollar increased. So I think people were going growing trend traditional

retailers fear. With the

dollar being so strong, things in from the States at the shopping centres being so busy. Now the Productivity

Commission will investigate its

impact on the retail sector. How the community at large, participate to ensure that very vibrant $242 billion retail sector remains retail sector remains strong and competitive in The retail industry says the

review is long overdue. It

means that we're going to an informed debate about an informed debate about the issues in terms of light on one of the most important important industry sectors in the Australians spent between Australians spent billion and $24 billion online last year. That's about 3% of retail spending. It's exposed a complacency a complacency in the retail sector in for too long rested on for too long rested on its laurels, not invested as much

as it should have done in

online. The Federal Government also wants to investigate claims online shoppers rorting the $1,000 GST

threshold for goods bought on overseas websites. It's

already a problem for Myer already a problem for Myer and Harvey Norman that considering moving their considering moving their online

sales outfits offshore. There

is over $20 billion per year

coming into the country that

escapes GST. That's $2 billion

a year in potential income that's unfair to that's unfair to Australian retailers. At this stage,

there is no contemplation about

reducing the low-value threshold. The commission will

report back to the Government by this time next year. Time

now for sport, with Tolson

Tulloch. Ricky Ponting picked

up an injury yesterday, Tolson,

he has a dicky digit. The he has a dicky digit. The ball

hit him on the end there. He's

taken X-rays, if broken he may

miss the last couple of Test

matches. Important news for

the Australian team. the Australian team. On the

field, they need just five more wickets to win the third Ashes

test and remain in the hunt to

regain the urn. Mike Hussey

scored a superb century on day 3 to help set England for victory. The tourists have struggled in their reply,

leaving Australia poised for

the win. After a cautious start

to the third day, Mike Hussey and Shane Watson put 100-run partnership for the

fourth wicket. Watson's innings was faultless as he

approached his third Test century. century. Beautifully

driven. But on 95, Watson was driven. But on 95, Watson was given out leg before, despite the Australian opener asking

for the referral. Patti

Smith's move to refer this caught behind decision was fruitful, young all-rounder

given reprieve on one. Hussey

was in rare form as he again

went past the 50 mark. Oh,

what a shot! Magnificent

shot As the Australian lead approached 300 at lunch. Smith

looked more assured after the

break, but was lucky to survive

another close referral. That's

worth a shout, that really is worth a shout. The New South Welshman made his way to 36,

before England's approach to

target him with the short ball

paid off. Oh, asking the question, he's walking. Brad Tremlett and Mitchell Johnson

followed shortly after. But

Hussey continued to push the

home side's lead towards 400,

bringing up his century and 500th run of the series. There

it is. A hometown hundred.

What an important one for

Australia. Ryan Harris didn't

last long, as Tremlett claimed his fourth wicket. Peter

Siddle and Hussey fell shortly

after the tea break, as England was

was set 391 for victory. Harris got the break-through Alistair Cook for 13. Does the business for Australia. Andrew Strauss followed soon Strauss followed soon after, as Australia looked to level the series. Ben Hilfenhaus wicketless in the first

innings, but with a change of

bat for Kevin Pietersen came a

change of luck for the Tasmanian. That's his first

ball with his new ball with his new bat. Jonathan Trott became onson's second

scalp. With one ball left in

the day, Harris struck again. Got him, got him. The Australians are in

after dominating day 3. Aren't

we all looking forward to we all looking forward to day

4. Peter Siddle says Australia's bowling

in this Test match is due to

renewed confidence among the pace attack. The last couple

of matches we've probably not

been at our best, hadn't been been at our best, hadn't been

getting wickets and had been a

little quiet and a little, I

don't know, not at our best out

there. I think that's when me

and Mitch are going and firing

and having a good crack, we're upbeat and putting the

pressure on the batsmen. We're

trying to get more aggressive

and, yeah, it's paid off at the

moment. Hopefully we can

continue that. We fought back after a after a hard, tough session. We're pretty pleased about what

we did. Credit to them, they bowled pretty well this evening

and just one of those things.

I think over the last few

months England have played good and tough cricket. There is

domestic action taking place in

the Sheffield Shield. the Sheffield Shield. A

century from teenager Nick

madinson has put NSW in of its clash against Queensland

in Blacktown. Madinson's innings included 15 fours and a

six to help post six to help post 6/286.

Victoria has the upper hand in the match against SA in

Adelaide. The bushrangers

built a 138-run first-innings

lead and the Redbacks are lead and the Redbacks are 40 runs behind, already having

lost three wickets. WA is back

in the contest against Tasmania

in Hobart, after bowling the

Tigers out for 258 the Warriors have a 76-run lead at stumps. Wellington has climbed up the

A-League soccer ladder after a big win over Newcastle in New

Zealand, Melbourne Victory continued Perth's miserable run

with its win and Brisbane easily beat North Queensland in

Townsville. The League leaders

went up in the 7th minute

thanks to the always dangerous presence of Kosta Barbarouses.

He proved to be a headache

again in the second for the for the competition favourites. In Melbourne, a and Archie Thompson saw the Victory and Archie Thompson saw the

Victory get its first, but the

Victory get its first, but

injury strike turned sour goal scorer Thompson. though Roddie Vargus managed cap off the Wellington, the Phoenix Wellington, the Phoenix lost

Paul Ifill to a knee injury

early on, but wrapped up a big

win to end the Jets' seven-game

unbeaten. Severely affected by the poor weather country with tomorrow also falling foul of the weather. Arsenal, Liverpool, Birmingham and Wigna's home

went ahead. Danny went ahead. Danny wellback's first half strike to thank, while West Ham remained bottom despite a late equaliser. put the ball in the back of the

net after few had a chance, blackburn took the advantage, but West Ham when Scott the box saw the ball rebound

fortuitously for Stan Stan. Meanwhile, in

the FIFA club world cup final

has been played and won in Abu Dhabi. The European champions

Inter Milan have beaten African champions meeting of the meeting of the dignitaries

pre-match, down to business,

with Inter taking the advantage

when Goran Pandev got on the end of end of a neat pass before etho made it two from distance. French man Jonathan Biabiany completed the job, but it not be enough to save manager. Reports in Italy

saying his job may be on the line. Now in tennis, Jelena Dokic is one match away from Australian Open after making it through to through to the wild card playoffs final

After beating fellow former top

ten player Alicia Molik, will now play Olivia Rogowska in today's final, while lush

lush will take lush will take on Daniel Morcombe in the men's final. It wasn't centre court, was a vital match for Dokic and Molik. Molik. The step closer to step closer to a place in next month's Open. The weather kept them waiting and built the under way, under way, neither woman was

willing to yield an inch. They

shared the first six games.

Dokic got the first break

thanks to solid work on the baseline. baseline. With her spirits

lifted, she took out the next

two games and the first set.

In the second, and at 2-1 in

Dokic's favour, the elements intervened again. interruption upset Molik the

most. She didn't win another

game. At match point, she finally found some fighting

spirit, but it was all to no

avail. There it is. Dokic

triumphing 6-3, 6-1. Once you give Jelena the she's too good a player. I give Jelena the first shot,

should have broken early in the

first set and never got back

into the match. I played the into the match. I played the big points very well. Every

game point I saved a couple of break the set points that I had, I took all my took all my chances straightaway. Dokic will now face 19-year-old Olivia

Rogowska for the wild card spot

in the Open. While Leesil in the Open. While Leesil Jones

claimed silver in Dubai, Jeff Huegill came fifth in the 50metres butterfly. Taking look at the weather now, and to

the satellite image first.

Cloud there is pushing through

south-east Australia in a gusty

cool change and bringing

scattered showers. A broad

cloudband stretching across the

country and moist westerly air is bringing areas of patchy

rain. Around the States rain. Around the States now, Queensland can expect rain areas the south of the State.

Moderate to heavy falls likely

in the south-east and central

interior. Rain in the north of NSW, clearing later Showers in the southern and central regions, with snow

developing later on in the higher parts of

higher parts of the Alps. Scattered showers and isolated thunder storms throughout

Victoria today, with local hail developing in the State's developing in the State's west.

Snow likely above 1100m. Rain

is expected across much north and west before clearing north and west before clearing

by the evening. In by the evening. In SA,

widespread showers over the State's south-east with possible isolated storms and

hail south-west of Adelaide. Scattered showers and isolated thunderstorms for parts of WA,

with some moderate to heavy

falls and flooding in the

central and northern interior.

And in the NT, monsoonal

showers continuing about the

Top End, but showers in the

south clearing during the day.

For tomorrow, showers in

Brisbane, with a top of 30

degrees. Windy in Canberra,

Melbourne and Sydney. A shower or two for Adelaide or two for Adelaide and Perth.

And a top of 31 in Darwin.

Some of the world's rarest and

most historic books are back on

display in the newly renovated

Vatican library. The Pope his blessing to the Vatican library. The Pope gave

his blessing to the new

facilities, which include state

of the art security systems and

climate-controlled rooms. The

library is home to tens thousands of scrolls library is home to tens of

rare books. Access is

restricted to approved experts,

teachers and drok tral

students. Stay with us students. Stay with us on ABC

News 24. I'll be back with

This Program is Captioned Live. (Theme music) water polo player Keli Lane It was a shock verdict for former screaming who collapsed in the witness box 14 years ago. During the four-month trial, the prosecution said Keli Lane her 'golden girl' image had been so desperate to keep she decided to kill her baby girl a world of lies exposed. rather than risk having