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(generated from captions) . operations, deep-sea missions, NARRATOR: 'Covert tactical underwater bomb disposal. and secretive world This is the dangerous of the Navy's elite clearance divers, in the world. one of the most extreme military jobs To become clearance divers, training program.' the Navy's most intense candidates must first conquer Right, let's go! (BOTH SHOUT)

..two, three... their mental and physical endurance. 'It will take them to the limits of Only the toughest will make it.' One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. to become Navy divers each year, 'Of the hundreds who apply the clearance diver assessment test, only a few are selected for known as CDAT. in this group. There are 27 candidates For the next ten days, the numbers on their vests.' they will be identified only by 'The testing will be relentless, OK, no. 3, up. those who are physically specifically designed to weed out and psychologically unsuitable.'

Jump, right turn. Right. All right, men, let's go. Go! a crippling 4-hour fitness session 'The Gate-To-Gate is who haven't prepared.' that quickly exposes candidates Ready, go! Go! Get up there!

Let these guys go. You're with me. Let's go. Come on! Let's go. Come on! creating pain and confusion.' 'Its intensity is relentless, Now! What number are you? On the ground. Let's go! Go! Flog session. of the dead wood. That is, the initial cutting-away if they can't cop the Gate-To-Gate, Cos those blokes,

that's when they'll go. Youse are drastically unprepared! you're not putting it in. Not thirsty, 17? That means of this exercise is over, 'Just when they think the agony they are ordered to do it all again.'

Ready? Let's go. more than you blokes. Get up here! The rest are putting in Quite walking, 6. Start putting in. I'm sick of you lagging behind. to the Gate-To-Gate. There's also a psychological effect at, "Do you need it this bad? They're continually being barked not for you, mate. Jump on the bus. You don't want to be here. This is What are you doing? It's not worth the pain." in everyone else's way! Put in! Don't just stand there and goes, "You're right." that puts up his hand And I guarantee, there'll be a bloke

you're handing your vest in? Hands up? Does that mean but train. Embarasing. There's nothing else to do here even showed up. I can't believe half of youse 'By the second day, already succumbed.' three candidates have Bit of a seed-out tradition, that have fallen, but all the scalps from those

remove themselves, become injured, we...I hang their vests up here to see for the rest of the candidates for the entire period of CDAT. and they'll remain here as many vests on here as we can. Our job here isn't really to get hanging up. The idea is to get the right vests They're working, you're not. You're ripping your mates off. Pick the weight up! Let's go! Move on! 'The agony goes on. (MEN SHOUT) He's ripping youse off. ..putting in, everyone. can operate effectively 'It's critical that clearance divers under severe pressure.' Get some effort happening. Come on! One, two, one, two... to work under stress. You've got to learn they'd be tired, fatigued - All of a sudden, bomb disposal somewhere these blokes might work in you going to cut? Red or blue?" and I say, "Which wire are "Oh, I can't think..." these people's hands. People's lives are in they're on about under stress. They need to know what Argh! the casualties mount. 'As the hammering continues, it's nothing new. But for candidate no. 21, He's experienced it all before.' my second CDAT. Yeah, this is actually

the last one. Yeah, I got pulled off It was a bit of an attitude problem. to have another go, I was really keen being pulled off the last one, cos, like, I want to prove them wrong. I just feel like 21. Coaster. there's that many coasters here. I want to open a bar,

from all over the country. 'Clearance diving attracts all types It's a prestigious and well-paid job. like Brodie Lymbery But for an 18-year-old tearaway if offers much more.' from outback Queensland, the person This person here wouldn't be I'd like to go back to. A bit of a clown. for the first time, Heard me mother say was proud of me, pretty much. when I was in the Navy, that she I'm really doing it for, It's pretty much the only thing and my family. it's like, to make my mother proud my brothers really looked up to me. Like, yeah. I don't even think to be like me, he reckons, my little brother wants Like, yeah, now they - when he grows up. Yeah. That's pretty good. Go. In your own time, enter the water. Go, no.3! (MEN SHOUT ORDERS) Three! Four! Five! Six! Eight! over six hours in freezing water, 'In the next test, candidates face swimming across Sydney Harbour.' 21. 22... a distinct lack of fitness You guys are showing in and out of the water. and even the threat of shark attacks 'Hypothermia, dehydration

and nerve. test the candidates' strength They can withdraw at any time.' On the deck, no.3 Forward, mate.

requires treatment 'Two hours in and candidate no.3 for severe cramp.' OK? Yep. Stretch it, stretch it. How are you going now, no.3? Yeah? Bad.

wasting my time with you? talking to you, So what am I doing sitting here, more important, hey? Divers out there are probably their safety's in my mind I'm observing this whole evolution, It's bad. and I'm wasting time with you here. You think there are going to be supervisors who care if you pull out of a mission halfway through? There is no room for members not to pull their own weight on the clearance diving team. If you are not kicking, I will put you back on the boat and send you home.

No.3. your number, duly noted. Let's go, guys. You haven't hit the beach yet. Up to the wall! Up to the wall! 'It's critical that the men remain hydrated during all phases of CDAT and a water bottle must be carried at all times.' Turn around, 15. Explain to your team what you lost. I lost my drink bottle, guys. 15, what happens if that was a weapon that you lost? Compromise. What happens if it's a diving kit that you lost? Cost to taxpayer. What happens if it's vital life-saving equipment and one of your mates gets into trouble? He dies. Fantastic. Fall back in. 'The men have only ten minutes to recover before receiving the next order.' Second phase commence now. Return to base.

OK, boys. Come on, fellers. Stay in line! Stay in line! You've got no water bottle to hold you back, so you should be able to move faster. Number! Three! Four! Five! Six! Eight! 'It's another 4km back to base. Swimming against the current, it would be past midnight before they arrive.'

This is a team effort, not an individual effort.

'It's a cold, exhausting and boring exercise and there's a temptation to relax and let the rest of the group pull you along. The observers look for the candidates who remain focused. Team players who can stick to the task, not matter what.' Usually there's three types of candidates you'll find on CDAT. You've got the guys that stand out as performers, you've got the guys that trail right down the back,

cos they're not putting in and we've got the grey man is what we refer to, the man right in the middle, and that's usually the best guy to have. With performance comes attitude and cockiness sometimes. The Grey Man is where you want to be. You don't want to be noticed. You don't want your number getting written down for being good or bad, you just want to get to the end and we go, "Shit, we didn't even know he was here."

You next activity is a medical evacuation test. The sandbags on each stretcher represent a casualty. Therefore, they are to be treated as such. 'Hauling 60kg of sandbags through steep bush land is an endurance test, but it's also about teamwork.' Yeah, step it up. 'Clearance divers work together.

The team must always take priority over the individual.

So when something as precious as a water bottle is left behind, only one thing matters.' Can I go back down and grab it? Unless...? What are you going to do with the rest of your teammates if you're severing the ties? What's going to happen to them? I'm going to let them down. What does that mean to the team? It's not good for the team, so I'll stay with the team. Tell me when you're up. They hide in the bushes and watch as you're coming past. You see a shadow of a person in the background and...and then you wonder when they're... ..what they're scribbling in their books, whether they're writing about you or one of the boys. I think the old saying of being the grey man would be the perfect scenario for everybody. Just keeping your mouth closed, try not to show too much emotion, try not to be excited, try not to be disappointed,

try not to look like you're upset when they tell you you've got 20 more Ks to go after it's already felt like 100. Refurbish your gear and ensure you're ready for another move. Are there any questions? The only thing that the staff needs to say to these guys is just the robotic, "This is what you're doing. This is your activity. These are the timings carried out. You don't want to get involved with these blokes because you may bring to the table, "He seems a nice bloke." Doesn't cut it. Who cares if he's a nice bloke? A nice bloke doesn't win a war. Do you want to be seen as the guy who comes last on this evolution, 24? Let's go, boys! Get your fins on! What are you doing, 21? Get your hands around the bar! Keep leaning forward. Keep leaning forward. You should be running with these on your shoulder on the sand. This is pathetic! This is as easy as it's going to get. Oh! You've got to stop bludging! Chin over the bar! (MAN YELLS) Drop it and leave it. You can't reach.

We lost another one last night. Yeah, he just pulled the pin. Walked in and said to the boys, "See you later, boys. I'm out." "What are you talking about?" He just went and said he's had enough. I think it just broke him mentally, just the...yeah, he could keep up with the physical side of it, but just mentally, yeah he just... he was a good bloke, too. It's usually really weird when someone drops out, cos you muster up for your next timing and you're missing a number and you're just like, "What the hell?" and they come back holding a vest, saying, "You've just lost another member" and...yeah. "There's going to be plenty more to go.

Only less than half of you are going to get through.

Why don't you just give up now?" And everyone's like, "I'm not giving up." OK, listen up. For this test, you will each be required to breath-hold dive in approximately three metres of water. You will tie a boland to the handle of the cruciform. Staff will check your knots

and you will continue until you have successfully tied one boland each. 'The boland is the most commonly used knot in the Navy.

But after six gruelling days of CDAT, even the simplest task can be daunting, as Brodie Lymbery from outback Queensland is about to find out.' Oh, negative.

Have you completed the task, No.14? No. Righto, I'm seeing nothing here but amateur hour. It looks shit, it looks unprofessional

and I'm starting to get pissed off. We have to do this shit in the dark when no-one else can help us out. Think about it. 18, hold onto it until we're finished. Put your hands above your head.

Oh! Get him out of the water. Up and in. Now.

'Not completing this simple test could see Brodie fail CDAT.' Facing out to sea. Think of your career. ..over it and twist it around. THUMPING ON WALL Listen up, gents. At 0530 timing, there's a command that you're required to muster now. Let's go, boys. Argh! 'It's another 2am start and the candidates have been ordered to pack their kits. CDAT has a few more surprises.' Exit the water by the tailboard.

'It's Groundhog Day and the men will have to repeat all the torturous activities of the previous day. Sleep-derived and ground-down by the mind-numbing repetition, the men are reaching the limits of their strength and patience.' That could bring a lot out in a bloke. You know, out of bed at two in the morning and the day prior, he's been flogged. Obviously, it's there to remove them from their comfort zone.

So...anyone can be their best with nine, ten hours sleep. Absolutely. We'd all be bloody athletes. But there's a reason for that, not only so we can really bring out the guts of their character, but also that these are conditions they'll work under if employed as a clearance diver. We're just camping on...some hill, like that. No sleeping bags, nothing, just make do with what you've got, I guess. Try and get as comfy as you can. Yeah, hanging in there.

I feel like me legs are about to fall off.

Never really wanted a normal 9 - 5 job. When someone comes up and asks you, "What do you do for a living?"

I say, "I'm a plumber," there's, you know, there's heaps of plumbers. So, you know, someone comes up and asks you, "What do you do?" I say, "Oh, yeah, I'm a clearance diver." "What's that?"'s something a little bit different, a little bit more exciting. Yeah. know... (SNORES) 'A new day and a new challenge. This time, a simulated covert operation and yet another gruelling climb' There's a lighthouse just over there. And we've got to rendezvous with someone up there. We've got about an hour and a half to get up there, so we should have heaps of time. But you never know. Anything can happen. 'If they're to operate in real conditions, the men must learn to follow orders to the letter.'

Ah! You got it? 'In this test, they've been specifically ordered to stay together and wear exactly the same uniform.' 22's fiddling around with his backpack. 11's gone. Look at that. Undressing. Don't even know we're here. See, now - yeah, so he's got his on, he's got his off. He doesn't know what he's doing. 20's going for a stroll. I'm gonna go rattle their shit tin, hey. 21, you say? Yes. Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh. I'll hand it back when I'm good and ready,

if at all. What do you want me to do?

Just leaving it around looks like an unprofessional, doesn't it? There you go. 'The men's mistake with their uniforms incurs a punishment.' All right, gather in lads. 'They half an hour to get back to the beach and identify themselves to Chief Shirley with an exchange of code words.

Fatigue is causing the men's minds and bodies to shut down.' Hold up. 'Yet as clearance divers, they will have to perform more complex and dangerous tasks under these conditions all the time. But for now, Todd Adamson struggles with a simple task. As designated team leader, he has to respond to Chief Shirley's code words 'a little' with the word 'further'. Yeah, before it was a, it was a little cold. Yeah, it was a bit cold before. But, um... Just a little. Yeah. I knew what had to be said and by the time we got down the beach, we were a bit late and the chief just threw me off with the way he... ..started talking to me. I've waited here a little longer than I expected. I've been compromised. I'll pass you on to another one of my blokes. He's up at Barrenjoey lighthouse. Next thing I know, he's made us walk back up again. Boys are devastated. See you later.

(MAN SPEAKS INDISTINCTLY) This is basically what we put them all through to get them to this point. They're tired, they're sore, they're flogged, possibly even pissed off.

We can see now who's organising the troops... ..who's shutting down. Some of the blokes, you can tell are going to be rock solid.

No matter how much you flog them, they'll keep taking it and they'll keep performing and they'll keep thinking on their feet. This is good. This is what we need to see. (MAN SPEAKS IN BACKGROUND) 'The clearance diver assessment test is nearly at an end. But for no. 14, Brodie Lymbery, one hurdle still remains - he must pass the boland test.'

Divers use it to tie off their lifelines. They tie it around themselves

cos it's not gonna come undone cos it's pretty safe, it's a pretty good knot. So this is your lifeline. You get it, make a bowline. And I'd pretty disappointed in myself if, like, if I failed because of a simple bowline. Like, yeah. Let's go. In the water. Move. This is gonna be your last opportunity to complete this task. In your time, go on. He's had it. Come on.

Here he comes. Did you get it? 23, did you get it? Yep. That's good. Well done. Next man.

Brodie's success does not guarantee that he will pass CDAT.' OK. Andrew. What have you got on him? 'The school's assessment panel must look at each candidate's

total performance. Even at this late stage, some of them will be rejected.' Today was a... a tough day for all candidates.

And, as it is, they're on rock bottom. This is where the true character traits come out. I saw a real lack of urgency today. Quite disorganised... Yep. ..particularly with respect to his gear. Finds real difficulty following briefings. I like him cos he's emotionless, which is an absolute must as far as I'm concerned. I think he made a particular attempt to play the grey man - not put his head up above the rest of the guys.

Cos often when you do that, it gets chopeed off. Still has not got his shit together. To me, that means he will never have his shit together. You give him any more than a lunch box, he's going to lose it. This is worse than CDAT. '27 men started CDAT. 18 have finished. But only 13 will be accepted for clearance diver training. Oh, nervous as. Very nervous. This is just...

'After being pulled off his first attempt at CDAT, making it through these ten days means a lot to No.21, Matthew Docker.' Sometimes I wish that they'd never pulled me off that last one.

Even if they did fail me at the end, but just not knowing whether I could have finished it or not was kind of playing...

..playing on me mind a bit, so that gave me motivation to take on the next one. Am I right to go in? Yes! Got an A! 'An A-class pass means Dobo is an automatic qualifier for the clearance divers course.' Sweet. Passed. Happy as. Happy day, bro? What?

No, you're bullshitting me, hey? Are you serious? It's pretty devastating.

After going through those ten days and then, you know, being told that... ..that they weren't happy with, you know, what you did

or with your performance. 'Brodie Lymbery is desperate to pass CDAT. To prove something not just to himself, but to his family as well. But since failing the boland test,

his confidence has taken a battering.' I'll now ask my staff to make some comments on your performance, starting with Lieutenant Commander Gordon. A few days ago, I thought you'd actually drop the ball. You had difficulty organising and caring for your equipment, on various occasions losing your cap, your torch,

your rope toggle, your water bottle and demonstrating failure to attend to briefing details. You seemed to take a bit of a hit when you struggled with that first bowline. But you still dug deep. You were very good at teamwork. Come up with a lot of good ideas,

which is unusual for someone as young as yourself, compared to some of the older blokes we've got here. I think you started to shine a bit when other blokes were dropping back,

when everyone was getting their lowest. You managed to keep your sense of humour and when you finally did pass the bowline test, you were a new man, all of a sudden, throwing jellyfish and smiling and high fives all round. OK, Seaman Lymbery, you've been awarded an A-class pass. How'd you go, Brodes? Look at that glow! Look at that glow. You're blinding me, mate. The last ten days have just been a test. That's all it is.

They've obviously been taught nothing about clearance diving.

It's just a test. There's quite a long, long way to go. But this, hopefully, to prove that we have the right sort of material to work with to turn them into clearance divers. Cos, as you know, a potter doesn't work with shit. He works with clay. So hopefully we've got clay. 'Next on Navy Divers, the men's clearance diver training begins.' If you're the attendant, do not give the diver too much slack. Let's sort it out. All right, you blokes? 'New equipment, new skills, new pressure. In turbulent water off Sydney Harbour, they'll dive deeper than any of them have been before. There will be casualties.' Pull up the line! Pull up the line! Closed Captions by CSI .

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