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Aftershocks fear as the

death toll rises in

Indonesia. Fresh protests in

Xinjiang region. The Dalai Lama denies

Lama denies his Taiwan trip

was politically manipulated

and will China join US an

Australia in military Beverley O'Connor with ABC exercises? Good morning.

News for Australia network -

Emergency workers in

Indonesia have recovered more

bodies under buildings

destroyed in Wednesday's

earthquake. At least 57

people are confirmed dead and

while there is hope more

rescue survivors will be found

rescue teams are struggling

to get to many of the

affected areas. So far Indonesia's president has

declined the offer ever international aid from

Australia and Japan.

Providing national assistance

to the victims. With

daylight came the realisation

the death toll was sure that

to climb. The quake started

this landslide. Rescuers have

pulled people out if rubble.

From where you are sitting it

is hard the appreciate how

large the mountain side is

but it is huge and the epicentre of the earthquake

while it was 150 kilometres

away split that mountain in

two sending thousands of tons

of earth and boulders the

size of trucks down into the

valley below. However stories

of horror are far more common

here. This local man says 34

bodies are buried in the

rubble. In the town nearby resident were too scared the

stay in weakened buildings.

Many people can not afford the rebuild their wrecked

homes. No aid has come so

far. This woman says. I hope

the Government will hem us

rebuild our houses. The

Australian Government says it

is ready to help if a request

comes. We fear that the

fatality rate will rise but

we will have to be patient in

that respect but obviously

our hearts go out to

Indonesia, they have suffer

this terrible tragedy.

TRANSLATION: Until we can

be sure the aftershocks have

stopped we have to stay on

alert. Remember in previous

disasters there were a lot of

aftershocks, I hope there

will be none this time so we

can conduct the search an

rescue immediately. Indonesia

is hope thing disaster will

not reach a scale where

international help is needed.

Fresh protests have broken

out in the Chinese province of Xinjiang region this time

over a series of syringe

attacks, it has been

confirmed close to 50 people

mostly Han Chinese have been

stabbed by needle. The unrest

comes after the deadly riots

that killed almost 200.

Hundreds of mainly Han

Chinese took the streets in

the Western city of Urumqi

protesting over a lack of public safety. They

confronted local leaders

urning them to severely

punish the offenders of the


stabbings. TRANSLATION: So what happened this morning is

we received the information

this a mob of 500 to 600

Chinese took to streets of

Urumqi and began to smash

Uighur shops and attacking

the Uighur. Local reports

claim in the past fortnight

close to 50 people have been

injured by syringes, more

than 400 Han Chinese. The

property property called for

the ousting of the party

secretary, an ally of the

President. The Chinese

Government says it is unaware

of the recent violence.


heard ever this. But I can

tell you the Chinese

Government has the ability to

maintain social stability,

territorial integrity and

national unity. Ongoing

division between the Han

Chinese and the

Chinese and the Uighur, an

ethnic Muslim group, led the

violent demonstrations in

July. Nearly 200 people died

in Urumqi in the worst ethnic

unrest in decades. State

media reports that 21 people

have been detained over the

recent syringe attacks. The

Dalai Lama says is too early

to know had his visit to

Taiwan has hurt the island's

ties with China. The Tibetan

ties with China. The Tibetan

spiritual leader has been

pursued by pro-China

protestors throughout his

stay. In Taipei on his final

day he insisted that no-one

had manipulated his visit for

political reasons. The Dalai

Lama spent most of his time

in Taiwan in the disaster

zone left behind by Typhoon

Morakot in the island's soul.

Now he is rapped up his visit in the

in the north the capital

Taipei a move China is bound

the so as provocative. But

the spiritual leader says he

is not in Taiwan to promote

division between his host and

its neighbour. Taiwan should

have very close relations

with China for economic and

different reasons. But that

was not enough to deter

protestors whose side with mainland

mainland China's Opposition

with the Dalai Lama visit and

who have dogged the leader

through out his trip. There

were scuffles with police as

emotions boiled over.

Detractors say the Dalai Lama

presence in Taiwan is undermining relations with

the main land. TRANSLATION:

He is damaging to Taiwan, he

is not helping. Before he was

the Chinese Communist Party then

then turned. He is a bad

person. But the Dalai Lama

visit has proved popular with

many in Taiwan who have been

in press would the way he led

prayer sessions are for the

island's Buddhists and

reached out to other

religions. He has attracted a

small cult following among

the hotel staff and more regular followers have had a

chance the voice support for

his philosophy. TRANSLATION: I come here to

I come here to support

freedom and democracy. This

is how the Dalai Lama this is

as well. We just hope

everyone can enjoy the same

life no matter where you are

or who you are. Try as it might China could not stop the Dalai Lama's tripping

from go ahead or dent his

popularity with

pro-independent Taiwan

supporters. Relations with

neighbours my be more

friendly but there is still plenty

plenty of room for disagreement. Australia and

the US prepare the approach

China to participate in joint

military exercises doubt as a

opportunity to learn more

about China's military

capability as well as prepare

for regional disasters. But

the invitation will come at a

time of heightened tension

between Beijing and Canberra

Australia and the US have a

shared suspicion about

shared suspicion about China's growing military

might. Both countries are

worried that China is rapidly

expanding military, could be

a signal it holds ambitions

beyond the purely defensive

and they want to know more.

We want to understand what it

is they have in mind for the

near, mid and long-term. That

is our goal, to understand

better their intentions. To

allay their concerns both

Australia and the US are

inviting China to for is the

Pate in Tri-Nation military

exercises. China's ambassador

to Australia is not ruling it

out Nk from anything that is

conducive to the peace and

stability of the region I

think is good. China and Australia along with New

Zealand held joint exercises

two years ago but the release

of Australia's Defence 'White

Paper' that pointed to China

as a potential future threat has marred the relationship

since then. We need to take

a long-term view of our relationship and we need to

be patient that is the

sensible thing to do and that

is what we are doing. China

insists its military build-up

is to go to fear. China's

defence policy is truly

defensive in nature. We have

never occupied one inch of

land of a foreign country. Australia's Prime

Minister Kevin Rudd thinks

the joint exercises would be

a good step towards increasing transparency

between the region's mill

tries. He says the

cooperation is vital for

countries to be able to work

together in times of natural

disaster. But even if the

exercises do go ahead there

is no escaping the strains

that have aflicked the China-Australia relationship

over the past few months. It

is a kind of lack of mutual

understanding. Lack of pure comprehensive and

understanding ever China's

situation. We have a very good economic relationship

with China. For now the money

is doing to talking. One of

India's most powerful

politicians has been killed

in a helicopter crash. Y.S.

Rajasekhara was on a a dour

of a rural district when his chopper disappeared in Andhra

Pradesh State. He is to be

given a state funeral. Here

is our India correspondent

Michael Edwards. The

helicopter went missing in

bad weather on Wednesdays

difficult an hour after

take-off. It would appear under military examination

that the chopper went down

off the cliff of a hillock,

crashed into it then perhaps

exploded. Y.S. Rajasekhara,

his special secretary, chief

security officer and two

pilots died. TRANSLATION:

Our party has lost an

outstanding leader. The departed leader will be accorded

accorded a state funeral.

Flags shall fly at half mast

in Delhi and in Allstate

capitals on 3 and 4 September. Y.S. Rajasekhara's

grieving supporters gathered

outside his home and party

headquarters as news of his

death was confirmed.



shocked. He was a great

leader who did a lot of work

for the poor and down-trodden. Y.S.

Rajasekhara was a major power

broken in Indian politics,

the 60-year-old helped to win

the general election in


big setback to the Congress

Party and we have loss at

visionary. I do not think the

loss can ever be filled.

Y.S. Rajasekhara was a very

strong minister and leader. The Chief Minister

was also pursuing international investors to

turn his state into India's second-largest software

hub. Y.S. Rajasekhara's death

has sent shock wave across

India. In his home state he

was seen as a figure of unity

and it is predict add power

struggle will take out among

those who wish to take his

place. You're watching ABC News for Australia Network.

Coming up in the bulletin -

a Chinese pharmaceutical

company rolls out a single

dose vaccine for swine flu

and an unholy look at youth

culture bags Australia's richest religious art prize.

After more than 2 months

after his sudden death

Michael Jackson will be laid

to rest later today.

Washington Koch dent Lisa

Millar sis in contrast the

the glitzy memorial service

back in July the funeral will

be a more sombre affair and

police are urging Jackson's

fans to stay away. This time

round it is a very private

affair. In fact the media are being kept right back from

the cemetery. We they a bit

of information because

Catherine Jackson Michael's

mother had to go to court to

get some money released from

the estate to actually pay

for this event. We do not

know how much it is. One

lawyer described it as an

extraordinary amount but with

that money they have bought

12 burial sites in a plot at

the cemetery near Los

Angeles. We do not know who

or what is going into those

12 sites apart from Michael

Jackson we presume into one.

At sunset Californian time

the family and friend will

gather there and have a

private ceremony. Our

Washington correspondent Lisa

Millar from. Lawyers for the

detained Burmese democracy

leader Aung San Suu Kyi have

lodged an appeal against her

conviction. The Nobel

Laureate is under house

arrest when an American man

swam to her home. She was

found guilty of breaking laws

by giving shelter to John William Yettaw. Aung San Suu

Kyi's main lawyer Kyi Win

says they will appeal on 11

ground but it is not known

had the court will even

accept the appeal. John

William Yettaw sentenced to 7

years jail was freed on what

the regime said were compassionate ground after a

visit by US Senator Jim Webb.

A Chinese pharmaceutical

company has become one of the

first to mass produce a

single dose vaccine for swine

flu. Sinovac will begin

supplying the Chinese

Government with vaccines this

month as countries in the

Northern Hemisphere brace

themselves for the flu

season. With hundreds of

millions of students

returning to school the risk

of of a swine flu outbreak in

China is increasing

significantly each day. But

pharmaceutical company

Sinovac hopes to prevent a

Sinovac hopes to prevent a full-blown health disaster.

It has just received aprofit

if the Chinese Government to

mass produce a single dose

vaccine for swine flu. After

successful clinical trials.

TRANSLATION: Of the 1600

people Tessed the around 10%

showed bad responses. Most of

these bad responses were

light, negative responses

such as fever and weakness.

These are common and

relatively painless symptoms. As the Northern

Hemisphere enters the winter flu season pharmaceutical

companies in Europe and the

US are scrambling to increase

the production of vaccines.

Sinovac says it could work

the address a potential short

fall. TRANSLATION: We have already expanded capacity to

30 million doses a year but

whether the needs of the

Government or other countries

increases we will think of

some other methods to

increase production. The

world health organisation

says this development could

boost the global fight

against the H1N1 flu as the

worldwide death toll

approaches 3000 and China

could be crucial in this

battle. Its Food and Drug Administration will consider

applications to approve nine other local companies

developing swine flu vaccines

later this month. Fiji's

military Government has

issued a statement saying it

is like forward to explaining

why it is delaying elections

when it meets a Commonwealth

envoy next week. The

statement says free Jean must

first eradicate its coup

culture before it can proceed

to vote. The council says Fiji's full

Fiji's full suspension from

the Commonwealth is unlikely

to have much economic impact

but is concerned about calls

for a boycott by Australian

tourists. A lot of people on

the tourism industry have

been laid off or are on

reduced work. The nature of

society in Fiji is that

people in employment have a

ripple effect across many

people in their family group

so all of those people would

suffer if there were a further reduction in visitors

going to Fiji and I do not

think it would have any impact on the military

Government at all. That is

the CEO Frank Yourn. Us's Deputy Prime Minister

goodwill tour of India has

taken her to Chennai. Julia

Gillard opened a joint

Australian-Indian university

cyber security project

developing stricter security

regimes for computer systems

which control critical

infrastructure. The

prospects of an attack on the

technology we use is a

worrying new threat for the

defence of our nation so seeing collaboration between

Australia and India on this important security question

is very pleasing and it is

further evidence of the

strength of our partnership in education

in education and research. The main purpose of

Julia Gillard's visit has

been the prepare - repair

Australia's reputation as an

education provider. Beslan has remembered the day in

2004 when a siege at a local

school ended in horror. A

massacre that left more than

300 hostages dead but many

feel the Government should be

doing more to try to help the

community heal. Moscow

correspondent Scott Bevan

reports. Into the skies above

Beslan hundreds of balloons

float each one reminding

those below of a life lost.

The balloons were released

during a ceremony in the

ruins of the school's No.1

marketing exact time five

years ago when the commune's

future was cut down. On 1

September 2004 a terrorist

group took more than 1100

children, teachers and

parents hostage. Less than

three days later Russian forces stormed the school and

a brutal battle broke out.

The siege turned into a

massacre. At least 331

hostages were killed including 186

children. TRANSLATION: I

miss my classmates. It has been five years

been five years but I still

remember them all the time.

For three days and nights a

series of fifth anniversary

memorial services has been

held. During a ceremony at

the cemetery that holds the

remains of many of those

killed the name of each

victim was read out. The

official memorial services

may be over but for the

people of Beslan dealing with

the grief goes on as does their campaign to push

their campaign to push the

Government to provide

survivors and victims

families with better medical,

legal and financial support.

TRANSLATION: A meeting of

Government members led by the

man who was president at the

time of the siege, Vladimir

Putin, observed a minute's

silence for the victims. As

the people of Beslan try to

get on with life the wound inflicted during those

terrible days in 2004

terrible days in 2004 remain traumatically raw. Scott

Bevan, ABC News, Moscow. You're watching ABC News for Australia Network. Coming up

in the bulletin - at least

57 people are now known to

have died in the Indonesian earthquake after emergency

workers recovered more bodies

from under the rubble. Let's

look at financial markets. In

the US wall street is losing

streak came to an end.

Positive retail sales data

sparked the mini fight back. There were slight losses

across Europe. Having a look

around the region, New

Zealand as opened slightly

higher. Yesterday there was

buying in Taiwan's buying and

banking and energy sectors.

banking and energy sectors. Financial losses led

Australia after investors

were assured.

Sport. In tennis a day of

upsets at the US Open. Russian player and fourth

seed Elena Dementieva is out.

She lost 5-7, 6- 4, 6-3 to 17-year-old American Melanie

Oudin in her second-round

match. The fifth seed Jelena

Jankovic was knocked out of

the tournament. The women's

top seeds were made to earn

every point on day four of

the US Open. The fourth seed Elena Dementieva took the

first set against American

Melanie Oudin but the

unforced errors continued to

mount and the world number 70

won the next 2 sets to move

through to the third round.

A new star in American

tennis! Serbian fifth seed Jelena Jankovic was another

big-name casualty eliminated

big-name casualty eliminated by the5th ranked Kazak

Yaroslava Shvedova. The world

No. 1 Dinara Safina also

struggled, she dropped the

first set against her

less-fancied German opponent

but despite serving 15 double

faults did enough to advance. Australia's Anastasia

Rodionova is also through to

the third round. She beat

Germany's world fwhum 25

Sabine Lisicki in three sets

but is in some doubt after

falling awkwardly. On the

men's side better fortune as

Tommy Haas won through to the

third round in straight sets.

In soccer the club that built

its side on a massive

transfer budget has been

dealt a blow. FIFA has banned

English Premier League side

Chelsea from signing any new

players until January 2011.

They found them guilty of

inducing Gael Kakuta to break his

his contract to move to

Chelsea. The London side says

it will mound the strongest

appeal possible. Labinot

Haliti secured the point

against the Newcastle Jets.

The win sends the Jets to

third. They could be second

last by the end of the

round. They dominated the

silly goal gym and again we copped a

silly goal crossing, can't

seem to to the crosses well

but that is football. In

Formula One Giancarlo

Fisichella is lead hading his

Force India team to join

Ferrari for the rest of

season. He will fill the seat

vacated by Felippe Massa.

Force India says did it not

want to stop the driver

fulfilling a dream racing for

Ferrari. Let's collect the

weather for the rest of day.

A trough stretching from the

south-east over the central

interior is generating patchy

rain and storm. Late storms

for Brisbane and Sydney. Wind

to Canberra and Melbourne and

Adelaide. A late shower for

Hobart and Perth. Showers

have cleared over New Zealand

Wellington. so sunny in Auckland and

Finally forget church

thans, temples and mosques.

Ray cording to artists today

the new hotspots for a spiritual experience are on

the Internet and at rock

concerts. The winners of

Australia's richest religious

art award are both videos

that take an unholy look at

youth culture. A sea of

ecstatic young faces fills

the screen. This video was

shot at a rock concert rather

an church but it has beaten

1000 other artworks to win

the $20,000 Blake Prize for

religious and spiritual art.

I was interested in the ideas

that have religious

connotations like rap tour,

worship, ecstasy and seeing

where they apply in a

contemporary sense. Another

video work using digital

animation won the emerging

artist award for Brisbane's

Grant Stevens. He extracted

the text from people's

entries on MySpace. I'm

interested in MySpace and the

other online forms are a new

place for social

gathering. Dianne Kultor won

the award for a pregnant

Aboriginal woman. While

society is becoming less

religious the Blake Prize is

more popular. What is

evidence in the 58th competition is that artists

are less interestedintra-

division. David and Goliath

are portrayed naked and

deformed. This monkey has

claws. Artists are exploring

their own passion, their

response, sometimes quite

critical but certainly deeply

felt works. There is one

cross of sorts. This photo

portrait shows a

portrait shows a martyred

version of the Brisbane

Catholic priest Peter Kennedy

removed from his parish for

breaching her much rules.

You have been watching ABC

News for Australia Network.

Our top stories - fears of

further aftershocks Tasmania

death toll rises following

the powerful earthquake in

Indonesia. Flesh ethnic

protests have broken out in Xinjiang region following

Xinjiang region following a

series of syringe attacks.

The Dalai Lama denies that

his controversial visit to

Taiwan has been politically

manipulated. That is the

bulletin. You can go the our

web site

to get the latest news and

current affairs from the

region. I'm Bev O'Connor.

Hope to see you soon. Thank

you for your company.


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