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Tonight - from the smallest

pilgrim to Australia's biggest

mass. The exodus begins but

will it take a minor

miracle? Tour of duty, the

Obama campaign in

Afghanistan. Will it be history

repeating as the Shark circles

in the Open.

Good evening, filessity Davy

with ABC News. For Sydney they

were unprecedented scenes. They

even impressed some of the

cynics. World Youth Day has

come to a close after a week of

colourful and mass

celebrations. It culminated

today with Australia's biggest

religious gathering, a mass at

Randwick Racecourse, that the

Pope described as an unforgettable experience.

Tonight the ABC's Emma

Griffiths is at St Mary's Dath

dral. It was - cathedral. It

was quite a spectacle there

today. That's right. The Pope

has taken centre stage at

Randwick Racecourse for almost

three hours today celebrating

mass for an estimated 400,000

Catholics. They came from 170

countries and from all over

Australia. The blockbuster mass

wrapped up World Youth Day and

Sydney. the Pope's 8-day visit to

It's a far cry from the

races. But here everyone felt

like a winner. I'm really

moved. I think that he's true

and loving. The Popemobile went

at walking speed delighting the

droud and allowing the pontiff

to give a special blessing. The

crowd was treated to a

production of monumental

proportions which reflected the

diversity of cultures in the

region. In Australia this great

south land of the Holy Spirit,

all of us have had an unforgettable experience. And

the Pope called for young

pilgrims to take the spirit of

World Youth Day home. The Lord

is asking you to be Prophets of

this new age, messengers of his

love. The mass was an

reflection. This American opportunity for prayer and

pilgrim had his cousin in his

thoughts, a marine about to be

posted to Afghanistan. So I'm

asking as many people as I can

to pray for him. For 24 young

Catholics, a special gift,

being confirmed not by their

local bishop but by the Pope.

This is the grand finale of

World Youth Day and the papal

tour and Pope Benedict XVI has certainly impressed with his

warmth and the way that he's

reached out to hundreds of

thousands. To me it's been

it's pretty special being like absolutely very moving. Oh,

near him as well. You don't

know whether to laugh or cry.

As the Pope said goodbye to

Sydney, attention turned to the

next big gathering. World Youth

Day 2011 will take place in

Madrid, Spain. At 81, this

could well be the Pope's only

visit to Australia and the

faithful embraced every

opportunity to get close to

him. From Australia's biggest

religious gathering to what

must rank as Australia's

biggest sleep out. More than

200,000 pilgrims camped at

Randwick overnight. Our youth

affairs reporter Michael Turtle

was there for the night. You

might say he was embedded with

the pilgrims. Let there be

candlelight with a sea of

sparkles before him, Pope

Benedict again took the stage.

The evening vigil was a

chance for pilgrims to reflect

as the pontiff told them they

were all God's vessels. You just throw all your expectations out the window because you're here with the

Holy Father, with all the youth

from around the world. Everyone

held vigil in their own

way. We're just going to keep

going as long as we can. And

while some continued their

silent thoughts after the

vigil, for others it was the

start of the celebrations. The

mood was like a large

international music festival

without the alcohol. We've been

dancing up and down the Aisles

for a little while. And young

love was everywhere. All around

the action thousands of staff

worked to keep the mini city

operating. They served soup and

hot chocolate and treated

pilgrims for illnesses and the

cold. We're looking at

Canberra, it was something the

size of Canberra put ointo

Randwick Racecourse. The

temperature dipped blow 10 degrees overnight. There were

those who came prepared. It's

cold and we're not cold. And

those with more elaborate set

ups. We're from the highlands

so we know how cold it can

be. But most only had a

sleeping bag between them and

the stars. It wasn't until the

early hours of the morning

that The singing and dancing

finally stop and things began

to get a little bit quieter.

With a long walk behind them

and a big day ahead of them,

the pilgrims obviously decided

they needed at least a little

bit of sleep. It wasn't much of

a rest though w the crowd

starting to rise at dawn. There

were long queues in the usual

places and there were

frustrations as the water dried

up. Still, they seemed to be

happy, if not weary campers.

Today was hardly a day of rest

for the pilgrims. The end of

World Youth Day marks the

beginning of a mass exodus from

Sydney and while not everyone's

leaving at once, the huge

numbers are again putting

transport to the test. With official World Youth Day

proceedings over, some pilgrims

were on the first flight

out. We're heading to the

airport. Got a flight to

catch. I have about 24 hours of

flying. Others were in less of

a rush but in need of some

rest. Go home and and sleep. A

long walk to central station

and then go home and try and

watch it on TV again. Yes,

we're not ready to go

home. Food was a priority for

many. Just going to a cafe,

having breakfast. Have some

food. There was plenty of

entertainment to help the

pilgrims on their way. Even

CityRail staff got in on the

act. It was a challenge finding

the way home. Next train to

Lithgow will depart from

platform 9. Some were still in

danger of missing their

ride. As the afternoon wore

on, the queues at central

station continued to

build. CityRail says an

estimated 300,000 people are

using trains to get out of the

city but no-one seems too

worried by the wait. It's

alright. We're happy. We're

very happy. It's quite good.

Congratulation. Not bad, not

bad at all. A familiar face

helped keep the crowd on the

straight and narrow but for

those who have now been left

without transport, it might be

a weekend they'd rather forget.

The police officer who was

blessed by the Pope earlier

this week has died from cancer.

Senior Constable Gary Hill met

the pontiff before the start of

World Youth Day celebrations.

The Pope was taken by the

officer's police hat and at one

stage thought it was a gift. It

was the terminally ill

officer's dying wish to see the

Pope. Benedict XVI also made a

surprise visit to a nursing

home in Randwick last night. He

met Cardinal Edward Clancy, a

former Archbishop of Sydney.

Tonight the Pope's having a

private meeting with World

Youth Day sponsor. It's his

final night in Australia but

there will be one more

appearance in the Popemobile.

Tomorrow morning he'll do a

farewell circuit at the Domain

before ending this historic

visit. But for now, that's all

from St Mary's. I'm Emma


He's the last man standing.

Peter Costello is keeping

everyone guessing as his

long-serving colleagues bow out

of politics. Yesterday's

resignation of Mark Vaile has

put the spotlight back on the

former treasure to decide

whether to stay or go. One more

of his colleagues is rolling

into retirement but the former

treasure's silence poses a

question that grows louder by

the day. Why do you think he

is still there and the others

have gone? Could it be unfulfil

ed ambitions of power? Peter is an outstanding performer but

it's up to him to make a

decision as to what he wants to

do. And he seems in no hurry.

The decision is not expected at

least until the October release

of the Costello memoirs. But

each Coalition retirement only

heightens speculation. There's enormous good will towards

Peter Costello. I think most

Liberals would probably like

him to stay in the parliamentary party but it's

entirely a matter for him as to

whether or not he chooses to

leave this term or recontest

the next election. His opposite

number in the previous

parliament has a clear view. If

they're sitting around doing

nothing they ought to get out

zblflt and as Adelaide Liberals

choose Alexander Downer's

successor, Wayne Swan wants the

Liberal leader to

intervene. Brendan Nelson ought

to put an end to this

by-election farce. We've got

all of those sitting around the

backbench like Peter Costello

thinking about going, well they

ought to all go at once and

they ought to save the

taxpayers some money. Labor

claims that having simultaneous

bi-Leches saves money, it's not

true. That is a furphy

frankly. Emboldening Costello

supporters is the revelation

Labor fears the Treasurer more

than John Howard zurg last

year's campaign. Even if he did

stick around, history shows

that challenging for the top

job is not necessarily Peter

Costello's forte: The former

Queensland surgeon Dr Jayant

Patel is on his way back to

Australia. Queensland

detectives took him into

custody in Los Angeles this

afternoon. He's due to arrive

in Brisbane tomorrow to face 14

charges relating to the deaths

of patients. His critics say

he's soft on national security

so Barack Obama's deciding to

do something about it. He's

made Afghanistan the first stop

of his overseas trip to shore

up his presidential credential

s. It's Obama's first trip to

the war-torn nation which he

says needs the help of more US

troops to battle the Taliban

insurgency. Barack Obama's

campaign seasoned tour of

combat zones and foreign

capitals has begun in a

familiar way. In situate, the

Democratic presidential

candidate signed autographs and

found time to play basketball

with the troops. In addition

to the great work that our

military's doing we've got to

have much better intelligence,

we've got fo have much more

effective diplomacy, we've got

to have a clear strategic

vision. It was then on to

Afghanistan, a conflict which

has moved to the centre stage

of the presidential race. After

a stop in the capital Kabul,

Senator Obama flew to eastern

Afghanistan, an area where US

troops are under increasing

attack from militants crossing

the border from Pakistan. There

he met US and local Afghan

officials. Across Afghanistan a

Taliban-led insurgency is

intensifying nearly seven years

after the US invasion. Barack

Obama is vowing to send more

troops so too is his Republican

rival John McCain. Senator

Obama's trip is attracting a

lot of publicity and scrutiny

as Americans question whether

they can trust him as commander

in chief. You're faced with

jetlag and you're fatigued

going in. It's very easy to

just stumble over a word or two

and end up with a giant

controversy. That's the

nightmare scenario for

Obama. Barack Obama's next stop

is expected to be Iraq. He'll

then head to Jordan, Israel,

Germany, France and Britain.

Greg Norman will attempt to

become the oldest player to win

one of golf's major tournaments

when he take as-2-shot lead

into the final round of the

British Open. The 53-year-old

defied the windy conditions to

put himself in a position to

win his third Open title.

Korean KJ Choi and Irishman

Padraig Harrington share second

spot. Walking to the first tee

for the start of his third

round Greg Norman was nervous

and liked the feeling. I hadn't

felt that way probably for 10

years maybe, maybe even

longer. It's the first time

this decade the great white

shark has been circling at the

business end of a major. Norman

spent more time designing

courses than playing on them

and his forehand has received

greater attention than his

chipping thanks to new wife

Chris Evitt. But a nothing to

lose attitude and vast

experience especially in windy

conditions has blown away many

of the opposition. Birdies at

the 14th and 17th holes gave

him the outright lead setting

the scene for the final day

where he'll be paired with

defending champion Padraig

Harrington. The Irishman is two

shots behind and will try to

become the first European since

Scotland's James Braid in 1906

to defend the Open. Aiming for

his first major title, South

Korea's KJ Choi will also start

the final round two shots off

the pace. American Ben Kurties

who won the Open in 2003 is

five behind Norman.

At the height of his career,

Norman was often in front going

into the final round of majors

but won only twice and famously

squandered a 6-shot lead at the

1996 US Masters. However those

two wins came in the British

Open and the Shark is exuding

positive thoughts. Got a very

peaceful mind right now and

peaceful mind leads to a lot of

good happy bs, things

around. With the absent Tiger

Woods not a factor and gusty

winds forecast the honeymoon

may not be over for Greg

Norman. The West Tigers an

Canberra scored impressive wins

today to remain in race for the

finals. Last night the Warriors

and the Sharks were successful.

Today the Raiders routed the

Roosters while the Tigers ended

the Rabbitohs 5-game winning

streak. The loser of this

Sydney clash could farewell

their finals hopes and the

tension told. Benji Marshall's

boot set up the first points.

The Tigers went a man

short. And the rabbit os took

advantage through Jamie

Simpson. The Souths fans

weren't celebrating for long.

The Tigers grap grabbed the

next three try. The captain

tried to lift the Bunnies.

Their winning run and finals

plans ended with two mor

Tigers' tries. The chilly

capital isn't the Sydney

Roosters' cup of tea. They've

lost their last three in

Canberra and got another shock

today. There aren't many big

names in the Canberra team but

they lead the competition for

tries scored from their own

half. The Raiders were reward

ed for their risks from long

range. They led by 28 points

early in the second half.

Marshal Chalk and Joel Monaghan

finished with doubles for Canberra. It's consecutive

losses for the highly rated

Roosters. They face the

competition leading Sea Eagles

next week. Hammered by Manly

last week, the Sharks tried to

bounce back against Newcastle.

It was two tries a piece in the

first half. Newcastle edged

ahead through Jarrad Mullen but

two contentious penalties sunk

the knight Knights. It wasn't

all smiles for the Shark,

captain Paul Gallen is on

report. No Sonny Bill Williams

mentno chance nor the Bulldogs

against the Warriors. It looked

like a training run at times.

The Warriors led alternate


Australia's rugby coach

Robbee Deans says technique and

a committed defence underpinned

his side's victory in last night's Tri-Nations Test against South Africa. The

Wallabies scored the only two

tries of the match to beet the

world champions by 7

points. The rain stayed away

and almost 42,000 fans fronted

for last night's encounter.

It's the biggest crowd at

Subiaco Oval this year i

including AFL. 3-0 up after a successful penalty goal, South

Africa was on track to post the

opening try as Australia was

forced to absorb an enormous

amount of early pressure.

Australia's stellar defence

continually denied the world

champion Springboks. The

Wallabies soon took control at

the break down and they landed

two crucial blows on either

side of half time. Lote Tuquiri's smart finish was

matched by a barn storming run

by the Australian captain just

five minutes into the second

half. Concussion ended the

skipper's night prematurely

while South Africa stayed in

the context albeit through the

boot. With the score 13-6 in

Australia's favour, replacement

Ryan Cross produced a brilliant

try-saving tackle. Yet another

penalty goal from the visitors

narrowed the margin before

Berrick Barnes secured the win

with a field goal. They remain

unbeaten under coach Robbie

dooeb dooens. It is a job well

done against a side we have a

lot of respect for. It's

exactly what this rugby's all

about and I think if we can use the home advantage to our

effect we can bounce back. The

Tri-Nations now heads to Sydney

when Australia hosts New

Zealand this coming Saturday.

The Sydney Swans have

consolidated their position in

the top four with a stirring

win against Carlton. Last night

St Kilda and Brisbane had wins.

Today Port Adelaide beat the Crows,

Fourth played 10th on the AFL

ladder, Sydney and Carlton had

plenty at stake and the players

didn't step back. The Blues

began the game stronger.

Brendan Fevola was also

amongst five different Carlton

goal kickers in the first

quarter. Taking advantage of a

one sided penalty count and

Eddie Betts magic Carlton

looked to skip away but Sydney

wasn't out of the game yet

after a late double kept the

Swans in touch Conceding its

biggest score for a half this

season, Sydney went about

matching the Blues attack. The

third quarter had three lead

changes, the Swans run was

counter ed by a Carlton side

that just wouldn't die. Sydney

lost Michael O'Lachlan along

with Leo Barry. Still the Swans

closed within five points but

they'd have to play the last

quarter without two of its

stars. It didn't seem to matter

though as McVeigh kicked his

fourth and Ryan O'Keefe also

chimed in.

The Swans leaders were

producing in the crunch period.

Three straight goals late in

the game for the Blues gave

them hope with 20 seconds left

but they ran out of time. And

Sydney coach Paul Roos didn't

hold back. The top 4 spot is on

the line and that sort of thing

so we've just got get our form

back and it was good to get a

win. The Swans now move six

points ahead of Collingwood on

the ladder. Australia's Cadel

Evans has retain the lead in

the Tour de France. After the

14th stage he's one second

ahead of Luxembourg's Frank

Schleck. The tour heads into

the first of three torrid

Alpine stages. Cadel Evans

knows the next few days could

decide this year's tour. The

only relief during three crunch

mountain stages will come will

tomorrow's rest day. But it was

also a relatively restful

though hot day in the saddle

for the main contender s during

stage 14. A series of attacks

kept the peleton wary. Just

under 10 kilometres from the

finish Evans joined the split

to thwart any late moves

against him. The winner of

four stages this year,

Britain's Mark Cavendish failed

to contest. The sprint finish

opened up for green jersey

holder Oscar Ferreira for the

fourth stage win of his career.

That put the team to work and

that's the way it goes. When

you've got yellow you have to

work to keep it. Evans will be

breathing a lot easier if he's

still wearing the same colour

midweek. The reigning world

champion Casey Stoner has set a

lap record to secure pole

position for the United States

Moto grand prix. The Australian

will take his due jat i fo-to-the front of the group

for a fifth consecutive

race. The rear was really good

but I was struggling with the

front so I had to put a nice

lap together and we did enough

to get pole position so we're

very happy. Championship leader

Valentino Rossi will ease his

Yamaha in alongside Stoner.

Lewis Hamilton has claimed poll

for the German Formula One

grand prix. The 21-year-old

Englishman finished ahead of

Massa and Heikki Kovalainen. My

lap was pretty smooth. I was

pretty easy going. I'm quite

comfortable. I could have gone

quicker if needed to so I'm

quite cool. Australia's Mark

Webber was 8th fastest.

Beijing, it seems is cleaning

up its act. In a city that

loves its cars, drivers have

been told that from today they

will only be allowed on the

street every second day. Three

new subway lines have also been

opened in a bid to get more

people off the road and on to

public transport. ABC China

correspondent Stephen McDonnell

reports. Air pollution and

traffic congestion were always

going to be two of the biggest

obstacles to holding a

successful Olympics in Beijing.

But this weekend the sky is a

little bluer and the cars are

actually moving. Three new

subway lines have been opened.

It's hoped the expanded system

will take cars off the road.

The Beijing subway is now 200

kilometres long with 160 stations.

TRANSLATION: The subway used to

move 3.5 million people a day

and with the new lines it will

be over 4 million. Locals know

their city has drastic air

pollution problems and that

cars play a major part in

causing it. So Beijing has

great hopes for its ever

expanding subway. Above ground

Olympic traffic restrictions

started today. For the next two

months private cars are banned

from driving every second day

using an odds and evens number

plate system.

TRANSLATION: It's not really

convenient but we do understand.


problem, we should all make a

contribution to the

Olympics. For today, at least,

there were no traffic jams to

be seen. If these new measures

can reduce pollution, deliver

mostly blue sky days during the

Games, and keep the traffic

flowing, the city's Olympic

organisers will consider them a

success. Some of the promises

to deliver a green Olympics can

now become more than just a

slogan. To the weather now and

Sydney's turned it on for the

visitors again but is there a

change on the way? Here's

Graeme. And a cooler week ahead

for us with some coastal

showers expected to develop by

Wednesday. Despite a cloudy day

today, fresh northerly winds

along the coast took

temperatures up to around 18

degrees. But light winds

further inland kept the mercury

at a cold 1312 to 13 degrees.

Wane's been falling west of the

ranges today and ailingts

already started to creep into

the western suburbs of Sydney.

The good news is those skies

should clear before dawn.

The reason for the rain and

cold is that low and a front

crossing the south-east. It's

dragging a band of rain and

storms ahead of it but a gusty wind change will clear that

cloud to the east. The low will

move east of Tasmania and

deepen. It will generate strong

winds along the midnorth coast

of NSW. They will tend gale

force anywhere south of the

humpbter possibly reaching

storm force south of Ulladulla.

The best of the rainfall is

likely overnight in our States

with falls tomorrow mostly

along the western slops of the

ranges but they will contract

further south and east ease as

the day progresses.

Rain periods and a possible storm will clear Sydney before dawn and that will leave us

with a windy but mostly sunny

day with top temperatures of

around 17 to 18 degrees.

There's gale warning for the

coast and a strong wind warning

out for the harbour, Pittwater

bay and Botany Bay.

That is the latest ABC

television news. We'll have

another update for you in just

under an hour. We'll leave you

for now though with a look back

at some of the highlights of

Catholic World Youth Day. Goodnight. Closed Captions by