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Clarke, Dawe and Andrews -

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Broadcast: 29/06/2006

Clarke, Dawe and Andrews


KERRY O'BRIEN: And now John Clarke, Bryan Dawe and a parent-teacher night for Kevin Andrews' high
school project on industrial relations.

(John Clarke plays the parent and Bryan Dawe plays the teacher)

TEACHER: Mr Andrews, thank you. Come in, sit down, take a seat.

PARENT: Is it about Kevin? I got your message.

TEACHER: Everything is fine. Everything is fine. We've just got a big project review on at the
moment. Are you aware of what Kevin was doing?

PARENT: I was aware he was doing something pretty big. There is a lot of clutter in the house.

TEACHER: It's sort of to prepare him for the sort of tasks he'll get to do as an adult.

PARENT: No, it is probably very, very good training. I don't know about his project in detail.

TEACHER: Well, let me put you in the picture here, Mr Andrews. Kevin has taken on industrial

PARENT: Industrial reform?

TEACHER: You seem surprised?

PARENT: I'm a little surprised Kevin would choose industrial - what would Kevin know about
industrial reform?

TEACHER: Well, I was going to ask you about that.

PARENT: Well, how did he go? Perhaps...

TEACHER: He did a lot of work.

PARENT: He certainly did a lot of work, I can vouch for that.

TEACHER: Look, he's got himself into trouble, Mr Andrews, in a couple of areas.

PARENT: Oh, dear.

TEACHER: Have a look at this.

PARENT: This is it? What's this big list of companies?

TEACHER: They are all the companies who don't want to be associated with his project.

PARENT: OK. I'm not surprised. These people are all dependent on their staff. They'll go broke

TEACHER: I'm sure he thinks he was helping. I've got no doubt about that.

PARENT: He hasn't thought this through, though, really, has he?

TEACHER: No, he hasn't.

PARENT: But has he had help? Have you spoken to him about this?

TEACHER: Mr Andrews, I've spent a lot of time with Kevin on this one.

PARENT: What's his response to the fact that these companies don't want a bar of it?

TEACHER: Well, he says this proves how good the proposal he's done is.

PARENT: What, that the companies won't wear it at any price?

TEACHER: Yep, yep.

PARENT: Oh, dear.

TEACHER: It's not good.

PARENT: He's made a bit of a mess of it. Oh, God, he's made it compulsory to dock your own workers'
pay if they go to a meeting about it.

TEACHER: Puts them in a very difficult position.

PARENT: Couldn't the staff just say they were pissed at the soccer or they were at the cricket or
they had a pretend cold or something? No one minds if they don't come to work, surely.

TEACHER: No, he's painted himself into a corner here, really, hasn't he?

PARENT: Well, it's all a bit of a shambles, really.

TEACHER: It is, really. Imagine if this was happening in real life.

PARENT: It would be hopeless. It highlights the usefulness of the exercise.

TEACHER: Listen, can I just ask you something, Mr Andrews. Is Kevin a happy kid? Is he happy?

PARENT: I suppose I would describe Kevin as a pretty normal kid.

TEACHER: Does he have friends?

PARENT: He doesn't mix very easily, socially.

TEACHER: Does he have a friend called John or Philip?

PARENT: They're names, I suppose, we recognise. Nick, too. I think he has a friend Nick.

TEACHER: Is he easily influenced?

PARENT: This is not the Kevin we know, I might say that. Perhaps there is something we could be
doing at home?

TEACHER: He obviously thinks he's done pretty well with this project.

PARENT: I'm sure he thinks this is a triumph but he's in for a surprise, isn't he?

TEACHER: We think he needs counselling.

PARENT: I'm not surprised to hear you say that. I might perhaps take him away camping or something.
Move him around a bit.

TEACHER: Move him around a lot, I think.

PARENT: Yeah, might take the dog.

TEACHER: They're easily influenced, kids this age.

PARENT: Poor bugger.


TEACHER: Well, thanks for coming in, anyway.

PARENT: God, he tried so hard...

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