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(generated from captions) Many thanks there to Vanessa

O'Hanlon in Melbourne. To O'Hanlon in Melbourne. To news

just in now. The interim report

into the building the Education Revolution implementation has just Clarke has the details. Can you broadly give us broadly give us the findings the report? broadly give us the findings of

The report has found that there were 254 complaints about this School Building there were 254 complaints made

Program. That equals about 2.7%

of the total number of schools that are involved in this big

spending program. So that's

somewhat higher than the 1% we

had heard previously from the Federal Government when looking

at the percentage of schools

that had complaints about the way this program had been run. The report says that around

half of those complaints are

based on value for money

issues. Interestingly, if we

look at the breakdown of where

they come from, New South Wales

makes up 56% of the complaints

and Victoria 20%. That's where the majority of complaints about the building the Education Revolution building about the building the

programs are coming from. Most

of the complaints are along the

lines of problems with

inflexibility, of project specification, so this is the issue being sent out to schools and schools not being able to necessarily choose what buildings or what type of buildings they can get. buildings they can get. There's

also a number of issues around about the costs of programs, so government about the costs of these

programs, so government schools

dark about the costs associated feel they're being left in the

with it. But programs the most

crucial element of finding

the report has made that's been crucial element of finding that

of contention is how much this stimulus program has inflated the cost of buildings. report says if you compare the

pre-BER program costs of

this program was buildings to the costs once

this program was up and running

it varies from 0 to 12% increase. He says that the Building Building the Education Revolution has had the effect

of putting a 5 to 6% premium of putting a 5 to 6% premium on

building costs for schools. So

that's been the inflationary

outcome of the government

pushing out this multibillion

dollar program on schools.

We'll come back to some of

First of those details in a moment.

through the recommendations of the the report? There are the the report? There are a number of recommendations number of recommendations for

things that the author has

immediately. asked the things to do

immediately. First is to get the State and Territory

education authorities through

which this money is funded to

make the cost data much more

publicly available. He says there's

there's not enough transparency in how the money is being spent

and where it's being spent. So and where it's being spent. So

he has asked for the cost data

to be made much more publicly

available and more transparent. For projects that won't be

finished until after 30 March

2011, so if we're not going

be completed by 30 March next

year, he says these buildings

should be done under normal

building processes not under the Building the Building the Education Revolution program, Revolution program, the extra

rush that comes as part of the

stimulus program. If there is time time up the sleeve for time up the sleeve for these building projects they should

be done in the old way not

be done in the old way not in this rushed program way. He also says something that will

no doubt make it - many people

involved with schools happy

that is, should be involved much more closely in the detailed decision making so be this the

school boards themselves, the

parents and friends and teachers, teachers, councils, he says they should be

they should be having a much

greater say in how these

building funds are spent and the project delivery. Tony

Abbott is about to speak in

Tasmania. We'll take us there now.

It's great to be here in

Devenport. I'm very pleased to

have with me our candidate for the seat of Braddon, Gary Carpenter. It's good to Carpenter. It's good to be Carpenter. It's good to be in

the presence of our Tasmanian Senate team led by the Senate

Leader, Stephen Parry, Richard

Colbeck is somewhere in the

room. I want to thank Devenport

City Council for the use of

this facility. I also want to

think Jill Almond for think Jill Almond for hosting

me and Richard and Gary to a

lovely morning tea at her lovely morning tea at her home just a few

just a few moments ago, and for

sharing with us some of her

personal story and the personal story and the campaign she and so many people have been

cancer services here in north

west Tasmania. Today I am announcing an $85 announcing an $85 million health infrastructure fund that the coalition will establish the coalition will establish if we come to government

we come to government on 21 August. The August. The health

infrastructure fund is the fund

that I always wished I that I always wished I had had when I was the Health Minister

in government. Often as a Health Minister you find gaps

in local health in local health services, usually health services that have been have been inadequate ly provided by State Labor Governments and this fund enable at least some of those gaps to be met. I announced

that the first commitment from

this fund will be $7 million

towards a lineal accelerator at

burn ee Hospital. This is a

necessary part of necessary part of a cancer treatment service in north-western Tasmania. A

linear accelerator was promised by the current member by the current member for

Braddon and the then

opposition, now the government

in the 2007 election campaign.

As is so often the case the

government has failed to government has failed to

deliver. We have seen much

evidence here in the north west of failures to

is a GP superclinic if that's

the right term here in the city of Devenport. It isn't

bulk-billing. It is bulk-billing. It is open

extended hours even though that

plainly was promised by

government as part of the

superclinic program. It's just superclinic program. It's just

another GP clinic in

competition with established

practices. As Dr Michael Isen

the head of the local AMA has

recently said this whole superclinic

giant con by the Labor Party. giant con by the Labor Party. I will make a few general political observations in a

moment. But let me I can Gary Carpenter I can Gary Carpenter to say

I can Gary Carpenter to say a few word business the announcement I have just made

of a linear accelerator for

Burnie Hospital. This is an extreme ly pressing local

issue. Every year, some 700 local people are local people are travelling to Launceston for cancer Launceston for cancer treatment. Some 40% of the

cancer treatment load at Launceston Launceston is people from

north west. It's estimated that

the average cancer patient from

the north west going the north west going to

Launceston will travel Launceston will travel some 9,000 kilometres in the course

of his or her treatment. People

deserve better than this. And

they will get better than this they will get better than this

under a coalition government

and I'm very happy to to say a few words. I have to

say that Gary is an excellent

local candidate. He is a local

farmer. He has been very active in the local in the local community. He is

typical of the grass roots

candidates that the coalition is picking right around Australia. Welcome everybody to the coast, and today's

announcement of this $7 million

plan for the linear accelerator

in the north west in Burnie

an unbelievable announcement

that people in this Braddon electorate have been electorate have been waiting

for, for a long, long time. Been fortunate enough the electorate in the last

eight weeks. The word cancer

comes basically from 99 out comes basically from 99 out of

100 people. In the man goes ahead, it will take impediments out of not allowing

it to happen, it to happen, which will ease the pressure on families that

have to travel or can't have to travel or can't travel. They're so disappointed in the Labor promises here at the

moment they've give en up home

and they don't believe much in

politicians any more. We'll

restore that and get this built and make it work in with the clinic in Launceston. Thanks, Tony. Thanks,

Gary. (APPLAUSE) I just want to make a few to make a few observation it is I may about the general

political sen scene. It's hard

to know just who is currently

in charge of the Federal

Government. Is it rule Julia,

is it fake Julia, is it

comeback question of? You just

can't tell looking at the soap opera which is the current

federal Labor. What we do federal Labor. What we do see,

though, is that State Labor's

style has come to style has come to Canberra, with all the personal hatreds, the political thuggery and the

constant change of leader. For

my part, I think this campaign

is too important to be derailed

by the soap opera that's going on inside the ranks

on inside the ranks of the

Labor Party. What

get from me is quite clear and

quite certain. Under a coalition government we'll end

the waste, repay the debt, stop the big new taxes and the big new taxes and stop the boats. No-one knows what they will get from Labor. Will it be

real Julia, fake Julia, will it

be comeback Kev? We just don't be comeback Kev? We just don't

know what we will get from this deeply that the report has just been released in Canberra. I understand that the report vindicates

vindicates the criticisms that of the extraordinary waste and

mismanagement that's taken

place in the school hall place in the school hall

program. The report seems to demonstrate that Julia Gillard

is not fit to be a minister,

let alone the Prime Minister of this

trusted to manage a $16 billion

program properly, you certainly

can't be trusted to manage the can't be trusted to manage the

350 billion dollar a year

budget of the Commonwealth

properly. If you can't manage a school hall program properly,

you can't be trusted to manage a $1.1 trillion economy

recently. (Inaudible question)

2.7% of projects of the schools involved. That's a very high success rate. Waste

never justified. Sure, not all

schools have complained about

their project. But that

mean that value for money has

been achieved in all projects or even most projects.

Everywhere you look there is example after example example after example of absolutely absolutely scandalous rip-off. Overall this is delivering quality line and did provide the

economic benefits that it set

out to do, do you disagree out to do, do you disagree with that? You can never justify

waste. Now, the Prime Minister

likes to say that the government stimulus

government stimulus program

saved 200,000 jobs. Well, do

the maths. That's something

like $250,000 each. want to save jobs, but you have

to ask yourself the big

question: did it really need

$250,000 per job, especially given the fact given the fact that as far as the Reserve Bank Governor is

the Reserve Bank Governor is

concerned, this was more a

North Atlantic crisis than a global financial crisis, except

for the six to eight weeks for the six to eight weeks of late 2008 when the banking

system was under serious about the second stimulus pack

package is that it's basically

slated to last longer than the First World War

First World War to deal with

crisis that lasted six to crisis that lasted six to eight the rest of the projects and the schools that have major

problems? I've made it problems? I've made it very

clear that on Day 1, an incoming coalition incoming coalition government

will suspend all payments that are

State education departments,

because plainly, the State

Education Departments in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria have not got value for Victoria have not got value for

money. Instead we will give

that money to the school

parents and citizens' bodies, because parents and principals

have demonstrated that they are

capable of

capable of getting value for

money for their schools and for

the taxpayer. Do you accept

that if the decisions that it wanted to

make on stimulus spending, do you accept that unemployment

would've risen higher than would've risen higher than it

did? That jobs would've been

lost under the plan? I don't

accept that. There is a wealth

accept that. There is a wealth of economic expertise to say

that the stimulus was not

managed. A wealth of economic expertise. Professor Tony Makin

just the other day said that

the real benefit to the

Australian economy came from exchange rate changes and from interest

interest rate interest rate changes.

Professor Warwick McKibbon on

the Reserve Bank board has

described the stimulus package,

the second stimulus package as

the second stimulus package as

a panicky move. Professor Sinclair Davidson has described

the whole stimulus policy as shambles. Look, we supported

the first modest package which

did come at the height of the crisis

crisis . We opposed the $42

billion package because we knew

back then it was too much too

soon. We could see back then

that it was inevitably going to

lead to the kind of waste and

mismanagement we've seen so

abundantly in the pink and school halls program. Will you offer sweeteners

you offer sweeteners for some

of the Nationals and other

members of our party who aren't that enamoured with your paid parental leave scheme such parental leave scheme such as support support for stay at home

mothers or child care centres in regional hears? Look this

is visionary social change and it's important economic reform. And it's

And it's sometimes hard for

people to accept visionary

social change. I know this social change. I know this was a difficult party. I understand

that. I share their concerns for stay at for stay at home mums. I want

to do the right thing by stay

at home mums as well. And at home mums as well. And will do when the budget is in a

stronger position. But the fact is, this

is, this is our policy. It's is, this is our policy. It's a

very important policy and I'm

very much looking forward to

implementing it should we win the election on

You're ruling out extra help

for stay at home mums in the

immediate ... I'm not

promising additional help

Although I note

education tax rebate we

announced in the first week of

the campaign will produce

significant benefits for

families with children, announced every family with children

faces significant educational

costs, I think from memory,

educational costs from gone up

17% over the last three

years. You promised money now

for a lineal accelerator here

for a lineal accelerator here in the north west.

Government said it's not Government said it's not ready

to put them in yet. How are you going to get round the State

Government? According to the

State Cancer Plan, one is

needed. And I think that given

that the State Cancer Plan says

that one is needed that one is

needed from 2013, which is when

we are proposing to put it in, it would be a

it would be a pretty foolish want to cooperate with us. Are

you support free condoms in

schools to children as young as 12, as proposed by Family

Planning Victoria? I have no plans to go down that

path. Will you guarantee you won't water down your paid

parental leave scheme to parental leave scheme to

appease some of those who aren't

aren't happy with it? It is clear coalition policy and yes

we had a very vigorous

discussion in the shadow

Cabinet in the party policy was settled, the poll

sew is clear. It will be

implemented exactly as we

outlined earlier this week. Do you think that Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd should make it

clear whether they have a

united position on issues such as asylum seekers and

as asylum seekers and other

things where Julia Gillard has

changed and things have lurched

to the right? The interesting

thing is that six weeks ago,

Kevin Rudd was so toxic to the

Labor Party, so Labor Party's electoral

prospects, that he had to prospects, that he had to be politically assassinated. Now

it seems Julia Gillard is so toxic to the Labor Party's

toxic to the Labor Party's political prospects that she

has to be assisted by the man

who she assassinated just six

weeks ago. It just shows what a

shambles this government is. It

just shows that you can't trust

this government to deliver for the Australian people. the Australian people. By contrast, I have a clear plan which I have forward to people every day forward to people every day of

this campaign, we'll end the

waste, pay back the debt, stop

the big new taxes and stop the boats. Malcolm Fraser boats. Malcolm Fraser doesn't believe you're fit to believe you're fit to govern.

What's your response to that? My argument My argument is with Julia

Gillard, I used to think, but now I see it's with Kevin Rudd

as well. My argument is with

the Labor Party. And that's who

I intend to prosecute it

I intend to prosecute it with. (Inaudible you're not ready to govern. As

I said, my argument is with

Julia Gillard and if she were to be supplanted at in the election cam bane by

Kevin Rudd, my argument will be

with him. You've had a frog in your throat the last couple of days. Have you got days. Have you got any ailments

or is the campaign starting to

take a toll on you? Look,

take a toll on you? Look, I've

been riding my bike every

morning. And I think I'm morning. And I think I'm fit

for office in every way.

Someone called Des - look the thing is if the Prime Minister - it's the Prime policy to have a Petrol Commissioner and she doesn't

know the Petrol Commissioner's

know the Petrol Commissioner's name which just goes to prove that her policies that her policies aren't working. There we see Tony Abbott wrapping up his

broadband from Devenport in Tasmania. And going to Tasmania. And going to Melissa

Clarke in Canberra with some of

the comment on what Tony Abbott has just said

has just said - first of all the $85 million health infrastructure fund, what's the

significance of that and how important it is? It would certainly give the coalition

some room to help move projects

along where the State

Government hasn't been able to.

One of the big problems with

both the government and the

coalition's policy of reforming

health and hospital it is

health and hospital it is that

they rely on a certain ability from the State from the State governments.

Some are better than others in terms of managing their hospital systems. The 200,000

beds promised yesterday relies on

on the State Governments

getting those beds in place and

operating and then he'd pay

operating and then he'd pay for

it but some States are not

necessarily in a position to help along with that process, help along

to help with some of the bigger

infrastructure needs where the

gaps are. So this is another way for

State Governments to inject in where perhaps the

State Governments are lacking. There was $7 million for There was $7 million for a lineal accelerator. That's a

lot of money to give to one

wasn't campaign was very quiet there

wasn't a lot of spending. The

measures announced were very

modest, but it's been in this

last week, this third week of

the campaign we've started to see some much bigger spending options see some

options from both the government and the marginal seats. government and the coalition in

marginal seats. We've had

promises for ring-roads in

Cairns and in Townsville, and support on the Central Coast

for football grounds and football teams and sports

seeing for north west Tasmania infrastructure. Here we're

in the seat of Braddon the

promise for a very specific local promise for hospital equipment for that

linear accelerator so we are

starting to see some starting to see some very targeted spending focused on

those very crucial

seats of which north west those very crucial marginal

Tasmania is one. And Tasmania is one. And he's

zeroed in on that issue we were

talking about just before we went to Tony Abbott about the

waste and the building the Education Revolution report by

Brad Orgill. He says vindicating criticisms of Brad Orgill. He says this

and mismanagement vindicating criticisms of waste

been highlighted by the certainly does point to some coalition. This report

way the building the Education significant problems with the

Revolution was rushed out. It

points to the fact that there

were difficulties with the

State Governments dealing with

some of the constraints that

were imposed by the Federal

Government trying to rush this

money out. We can see that with

the level of complaints about

schools value for money coming from the

schools directly. So in that sense, the coalition suspect the Federal Government raising this issue. But I

will also be pointing to the

fact that at a lot of levels,

trouble here the level at which they've had

level, is the way the level, is the way the States

have implemented some of these

programs. There may well be a

bit of finger pointing or

buck-passing going on out of

this report. Because

this report. Because some of

the recommendations that the

report author made are very

much directed to the State authorities. That they need to

be more transparent with their

costing. They need a better way of determining value for money.

There isn't a clear method of determining value for money at the State and Territory level where it counts. Tact has if a coalition government is where it counts. Tact has said

money that hasn't been spent elected, he would take all the

yet for the Building the Education Revolution and put it

in the hands of the

in the hands of the parents and

and give them greater control. citizens councils of schools

One of the recommendations in

those sorts of stakeholders a the report has been to give

much greater say. much greater say. He hasn't

put into their hands but he has recommended all the money be recommended all the money

recommended they be much freights role in what we're doing. The other thing the

the coalition may take heart out of in this report out of in this report is that

the author finds in one of

recommendations it's the the author finds in one of its

non-government sector that has

done remarkably well in

managing these projects and

this money. There may well lessons for the this money. There may well be

lessons for the government sector in that. We can expect

to see the coalition jump on those sorts of comments very quickly. You mentioned some of

the imapplication case are for State Governments in this

report. What about for the Federal Government? This is a really tricky one

really tricky one for re-election. The Federal Federal Government seeking

Government has had to real problems in terms of Government has had to concede

roll-out and money management. directly in Julia Gillard's This is

portfolio. She was the

Education Minister in charge of

administering this administering this enormous

spending program. It was a $16

billion spending program. It

hasn't gone right and report makes that hasn't gone right and this

Gillard is trying to sell her

record as a a minister, as

someone who can Labor Party and promising to

deliver more in the future. Yet

this shows, this is rather prominent skeleton in the closet so to speak. It doesn't

give her a good track record run off. Even though it's not a give her a good track record to

terribly severe indictment of

the government's management of

this program, it's not a very good endorsement at such

good endorsement at such a

crucial time in an election

campaign. Was it poor to have the report released at campaign. Was it poor timeing

this time snu. Eye don't this time snu. Eye don't think

the government had much choice about it. We didn't know the

election was going - when they

set up this implementation task set up this implementation task

force, it was still very much up in the air that was start of the year. We didn't

know there'd be an election in

August, we didn't know if know there'd be an election in

there'd be a double dissolution

election in July or if they'd

wait until October or possibly

the end of the year for an

election. As it turned out with

the leadership change, that

brought on an election in

August and that comes up around

the time that the interim

report was due. The government

the task force not probably could have leaned on

this report in this time frame

worse publicity that but that probably would've been

worse publicity that a few

minor elements coming out now. Thanks for that stay with us nor

This morning - a report into the Building Education Revolution

Revolution recommends changes

to the way the money is spent.

Also today, pulling out the big guns. Former Prime Ministers John Howard and Kevin

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