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(generated from captions) The Prime Minister haunted by Labor leaders Labor leaders past. Well,

you've made a complaint and I

think I should be able to make

a living. If you agreed to the

request to have an interview,

there would be no need to make

any complaint. Tony Abbott says

Nauru is ready, willing and

able to re-open its processing

centre for asylum seekers.

Also on ABC News 24 - a

5-year-old girl killed in a

region of New South Wales. And house fire in the Hunter Valley

time is running out for the

victims of the worst floods in

Pakistan's history.

Good evening. I'm Good evening. I'm Nick Dole.

It was the circuit breaker

Julia Gillard desperately

needed, a very public but her day descended into reconciliation with Kevin

farce when she was ambushed another past farce when she was ambushed by

Latham. Tony Abbott played leader-turned-journalist Mark

international international statesman,

meeting Nauru's President over

asylum seekers. reports from the campaign asylum seekers. Hayden Cooper

trail. In a tiny room high above Brisbane City, a pale

Kevin Rudd was back on centre

stage, mapping out his coming

campaign blitz The bottom line

is what happens with Abbott's

Hospital, Rocky, these are

significant... His successor

bared embarrassment asking the

man she overthrew for help to

boost her

was the first time the two had met sips the former prime

minister's clinical

removal. Kevin and I had a positive and constructive

discussion, a discussion

focused on the role Le play in

the campaign, supporting the election of my government. But

they won't be they won't be campaigning

together and they didn't

discuss what role Mr Rudd will play if Labor

was held in a secret location after a clandestine after a clandestine drive

through the streets of Brisbane. Just one photographer

and an ABC cameraman

allowed in to record the

moment. The rest of the travelling journalists were 40km away, watching the carefully staged event online

Gillard attempted to get down over lunch. But just as Julia

to policy business, Labor's

sideshow turned into a

three-ringed circus as another sideshow turned into a

ghost of Labor leaders past entered the fray. Mark Latham, masquerading as a journalist, working for a commercial television network.

Hello, Mark. How are I just ask you why the Labor

Party has made a complaint

Nine? about me working for Channel

I don't know anything about

that, Mark. If you want to work for Channel Nine, that's a

matter for you If you want to

make complaints, you really

should be making them about

Rudd who is the one sabotaging Rudd who is the one sabotaging

your campaign. This is one family feud the Opposition enjoys. I'm just going on with my job and I will let

the Labor Party soap opera

unfold. With a fortnight to

run, Tony Abbott is holding onto his lead in the onto his lead in the latest opinion poll and seeking to

dictate terms by meeting

Nauru's President to talk asylum seekers. From the

discussions that we had with

the Nauruan team, that Nauru is ready, willing and able to re-open that processing centre

to officially launch his at short notice. As he

campaign here in Brisbane, the

Opposition Leader won't object

to the re-emergence of Kevin

Rudd. The view in Liberal

circles is that each day appears is another day lost for circles is that each day he

Labor. Every day is very

important . Every day is important. For him, tomorrow is

a touch more than most.

Well, if there is one seat to

watch this election, it's Bennelong on Sydney's North Shore. It has a rich history, celebrity candidates, and it

could go either way. In the red

corner, the journalist who

ousted a PM. In the blue, tennis star with his eyes on

Canberra. In the middle, Canberra. In the middle, of

course r the people. Maxine and - what's his name?

I don't have no idea. I haven't heard anything from

Maxine at all. I think she will

have a fight on her hands. She

did last time and she won ever be taken for granted. Bennelong was once

blue ribbon. In fact it has

been Liberal for 58 of the 61

years it has existed. But it has been edged to Labor,

culminating in the fall of John

Howard. I will no longer be the

Member for Bennelong. After a

5% swipg that night, it now

think it's winnable. Cue John sits on 1.4%, and the Liberals

Alexander. His fame comes from

tennis COMMENTATOR: Rally of

the match. The world No. 8 and

Davis Cup champion, he first

attempted preselection in a neighbouring seat and failed, but he has now been

doorknocking Bennelong for six

months and says he is months and says he is getting a clear message. The No. 1 thing

is the economy, the concern

spending, the level of over waste, the unwise

debt. Locally his focus is population and development, specifically new public housing

projects. Those who live right developments are harmed, sometimes their properties devastated in sometimes their properties are

devastated in value. The Liberals, to eternal The Liberals, to their entirely mendacious campaign eternal discredit, have run an

around this issue. Maxine McKew isn't afraid of personal.

He did say that he would move

into the electorate and he has

not done that, and, of course,

I think people should keep I think people should keep in

mind that Bennelong was his

second choice. Part of her attributed to wooing the Asian success three years ago was

vote. She is very friendly and

she always come to see us. Without it, Alexander's task will be tough. Before I was voting Labor, but I haven't

yet. And he he is not alone.

I don't know. I haven't made

up my mind. It is all just so

banal. What do you think the

outcome will be?

I have no idea. It's tight, absolutely and I take for absolutely and I take nothing

died and a man is in a critical

condition after two separate

house fire this morning. A

5-year-old girl was killed in

the Hunter while her

grandmother was asleep in another room. That fire began only hours after a only hours after a 55-year-old man was found unconscious

during a blaze in the Newcastle

suburb of Hamilton. He has

burns to most of his body burns to most of his body and

he has been transferred to Royal North Shore Hospital

where he remains in a critical

condition. Two people have walk add way crash in south-eastern

Melbourne. The four-seater

clipped the roof of a house before slamg into the backyard

of the house next door. The

pilot, a 20-year-old pilot, a 20-year-old woman, and

a man in his 60s escaped

injury. Luckily no-one was injury. Luckily no-one was at home at the time. Even more

communities in Pakistan are at risk as the worst flooding in

the country's history spread

south. The number of people now affected by the disaster stands

at 12 million. Those say the government is doing too little, too late. South Asia correspondent Sally Sara reports from reports from the country's south. Lives

have been washed away. Millions

of people in north western

Pakistan have been left with

almost nothing, and there is little

little assistance from the Pakistani Government.

TRANSLATION: No-one has any

money. Many don't even have

clothes. There is no food, clothes. There is no food, no drinking water, the government

needs to come forward and help us. Now the north-west are pouring into

southern Pakistan. The Indus

River is rising in Sindh

province and more rain is

expected across the country in

the next 24 hours. The disaster

has already left many families

without food, shelter or clean drinking water.

TRANSLATION: We could not take

big things. Even our cattle was

left there. Everything was left there. We could only save there. We could only save our lives. Time is running out for

those in the path of the disaster.

disaster. Emergency teams disaster. Emergency teams are trying to

higher ground, but many are

reluctant to leave. Pakistani

Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani says the loss of lives and infrastructure is colossal At this time of

crisis, I would like to appeal o to the international community to support Pakistan

to help alleviate the sufferings of the flood-affected flood-affected people. Despite the scale of the disaster, the Pakistani President has

continued with an official

visit to Britain. He met visit to Britain. He met the Prime Minister David Cameron and re-stated his commitment to fight terrorism. The

President's absence has

prompted strong criticism. Mr

Zardari has been accused of playing politics while the

country is in crisis. He has

now been urged to return to Pakistan and take charge of the

rescue and relief operation. A

flash flood has killed as many

as 85 people in the Ladakh

region in Indian-controlled

Kashmir. Officials say a cloudburst dumped tonnes of

water on the mountainous through the town of Leh.

Houses, shops, government

offices and the local hospital

were all badly damaged in the

flood. Police have recovered 59 bodies from the debris. More

than 200 people were injured in the deluge and police and

military troops have launched military troops have launched a massive rescue and relief operation in the town. 10

people from an international medical team have been discovered dead discovered dead in northern

Afghanistan. Local authorities

say robbery appears to have

been the motive for the murder of the Afghans. They were delivering

eye care to clinics in what has

been a relatively safe area.

The Taliban has The Taliban has claimed responsibility. In death toll from forest death toll from forest fires burning across the country is

rising. More than 50 people

have now been killed. Warnings

have been issued to international travellers to

stay away and for residents to

remain indoors. While remain indoors. While Moscow's

landmarks disappear into the choking haze, this couple

wasn't daunted.

TRANSLATION: Despite and heat, if people truly love

each other, they will always be

happy. Everyone should always

have a smile on their face. SIREN WAILS

. With hundreds of fires still

burning, Russia says it simply

doesn't have enough firefighters to battle the

blazes. Poland's new leader has

been sworn in four months after

the country's last President was killed in Bronislaw Komorowski took Bronislaw Komorowski took the Oath of Office in the Oath of Office in the country's

capital. In April, President

Lech Kaczynski was among 96

in Russia. A weak jobs report

in the United States has in the United States has raised

the spectre of a stalling financial recovery. financial recovery. The economy shed more jobs than expected

lost month and the unemployment

rate is at 9.5%. The report

adds to a stream of recent

economic data suggesting that a

slowdown could still push the country back into recession.

Washington correspondent Lisa

Millar reports. The White House

is trying to convince Americans

the recovery has taken hold, but the

hard sell. Climbing out of hard sell. Climbing out of any

recession, much less a hole as

deep as this one, takes some

time. The road to recovery

doesn't follow a straight line. Unemployment remained at 9.5% with 131,000 jobs disappearing. Although the private sector is starting to

hire, it's not happening fast

enough. That isn't as strong as enough. That isn't as strong as anybody wants. We need stronger

than that to bring the unemployment rate down. At peak of the recession, peak of the recession, 750,000 Americans were losing their jobs every month. The unemployment ratios no sign of unemployment ratios no sign of improving. At this slow pace,

it will take much of a decade

to return to normal employment

levels. Stocks dived on the news. These monthly jobs

figures are among the most

closely watched statistic s, so

this latest result will only

help reinforce fears that the economy is still President has rejected talk of the country slipping back into

recession. But for America's

workers, families and small

businesses, progress needs to

come faster. But the smarkt come faster. But the smarkt is

betting on unemployment hitting

double figures again before any

progress is felt.

Authorities in Bangkok are tightening security as bomb warnings reignite in the

capital. The warpings follow

two small explosions last week

which killed one injured 10. The government say

it is has specific information that a bigger bomb could be

planted in the city, planted in the city, targeting royal and government buildings,

the courts and major shopping centres. The Thai press is

linking the alerts to an appeal by former prime minister and

Red Shirt figurehead Thaksin Shinawatra who will be in the country next week. These are today's top stories

- Julia Gillard has met with

her predecessor in a clearing Rudd and the Prime Minister held held a private meeting behind closed doors in a carefully

managed media event. But she wasn't so lucky

by former leader Mark Latham at the Brisbane showgrounds. Pleader Tony

Abbott has funded a $10 million

package during a visit to

Kinglake West. He has also held

a meeting with Nauru's

President to talk about

re-opening the island's

processing centre for asylum seekers. And Pakistan's Prime Minister is appealing as deadly floods continue to

affect up to 12 million people

across the country. Entire

villages are submerged and

rescue teams are struggling to

reach many of those food and clean drinking water. Back to the election

campaign now, and the Nationals

are on a two-day blitz of Central

Central Queensland, hoping to

capture two key marginal Labor

seats, but the party doesn't

actually exist in the State and that has that has certainly made

campaigning a little tricky for

the Nationals leader. Kirrin

on the campaign. He is taking a spin through Central

Queensland. Gotham City. Warren

Truss is in the driver's seat

of the National Party. The

trouble is locals aren't sure

who he is Do you know the name of the National's leader? I No

No, I would have no

idea. Probably asking the

wrong person. I'm not really into politics. National Party,

no. Does the name Warren Truss mean anything to you I've heard the name. Could you

No, probably not. Instead,

it's his trusty side kick who

is stealing the show. But Mr is stealing the show. But Mr Truss denies he has a recognition problem I'm the

leader of a party who leads the party representing the regional Australia. Dawson and Australia. Dawson and flirn he

has his eye on. The Nationals

are hoping resentment about are hoping resentment about the mining tax controversy could get them over the line in both I will put my house on it

that the National Party will be returned Parliament than they have currently. With nine MPs five senators, the five senators, the Nationals

have fighting to retain a strong presence within the Coalition. Part of for the Nationals in this campaign is

campaign is that technically

the party doesn't exist in

Queensland since the Coalition

merged here, and that's only

adding to Warren Truss' identity

identity crisis We're about

achieving results. This is not about an individual person. Achieving results,

albeit with a few false starts.

Time for sport now with

Amanda Shalala. What is the

latest with the Bledisloe

Cup? Not good news, I'm afraid, Nick. The All defeated the Wallabies 20-10 defeated the Wallabies 20-10 in Christchurch tonight. The

Wallabies put on a much better performance than last week's

loss in Melbourne, but it wasn't enough to prevent the

Kiwis holding onto the

Bledisloe Cup for the 8th

straight year. Here is a look

at some of the highlights. COMMENTATOR: That's Kurtley Beale scla..

Can he go all the Can he go all the way.

Kurtley Beale. There is the head head back!

Try to the All Try to the All Blacks.

Looking to score the first

pointing in the second half and bury the Wallabies' hopes in

2010 as far as the Bledisloe goes. goes. No problem! In the AFL,

the Sydney Swans have soared back to form with a stirring

win over Hawthorn at the SCG. Carlton thrashed Essendon. A dual Brownlow Medallist dual Brownlow Medallist lived

up to his name as the Swans

dominated the opening

exchanges It's Goodes. A wag of

the finger wasn't so good and another free kick gave Hawthorn its first its first major. A Trent Dennis

lame took advantage of the tap.

The Hawks continued to feel the

pain as their stars struggled

and Josh Kennedy rubbed further salt into his old team's wound

to make the margin 47 points on

the stroke of half-time That's

a killer blow from the greatest name in Hawthorn's history. The third term opened in more

promising fashion for the Hawks

and Sean Burgoyne's running

goal helped it surge back into contention. But a 50m penalty

and a goal to Adam helped to keep the Swans' lead at 30 points at the

at 30 points at the final

charge. The Swans started the

last term full of running

last term full of running but

frankly, goaled twice in two

minutes to keep the Hawks in the contest. He has his third! Ben McGlynn dealt his former team-mates a blow before Ryan O'Keefe dubbed his

fourth. And Lewis Jetta brought

the crowd to its feet by finally kicking his first AFL goal! A 44-point win and Swans appear headed for

September, while the Hawks must

be worried about their finals

hopes. Fremantle has suffered a

huge upset, going down huge upset, going down to North

Melbourne at the Docklands this afternoon. The ninth-placed

Kangaroos stunned the Dockers

in their 54-point win. The Roos

dominated early, kicking 7

goals to 1 in the first

quarter. Ryan Bastinac snagged

three of them. Fremantle began

to warm up in the second

quarter, kicking six. The

umpires debated whether a

by the Dockers' David Mundy was

touched before declaring it a

goal. Freo narrowed the 36-point margin at quarter-time

to 11 by half-time. Sam Wright

bagged his third in the third, and Brent Harvey kicked three himself to round off a

brilliant victory. 7 goals to 1

when we were at our best and

unfortunately we let them get

back into it in the second

quarter, but the second half was

was all ours. We're such a

young group and I know people

keeps the finals dream alive

for a couple of more weeks and

that's a good feeling. In the

NRL tonight, 26-6 late in

game. The night started badly for the Sea Eagles with prop Josh Parry stretchered off Josh Parry stretchered off with

a knee injury, but Manly got a knee injury, but Manly got on

with the job and Jamie Lyon

with the job and Jamie Lyon

crossed for his side's first.

The Sea Eagles had a 12-0 lead

and Manly was unstoppable as

Steve Matai claimed a third for the home team and they led

18-6 at half-time. Lion scored

his second after the break to

maintain the big advantage. Brisbane Broncos

fans will be holding their breath

breath after Darren Lockyer

suffered a rib injury in last night's win over North

Queensland. The Titans Queensland. The Titans moved

back into the top 4 with a win

over the Eels. While the

Broncos continued their good form heading towards form heading towards the finals, but the bigger talking

point was the injury to Lockyer

who left the field midway

through the second half.

Lockyer will have scans of the rib injury.-the-captain

curse struck Johnathan

Thurston, too. The Cowboys

skipper is likely to miss the rest of the season with an

ankle injury. In sock remember,

raiping A-League champion

Sydney FC will host Melbourne Victory in a Grand Victory in a Grand Final re-match at the Sydney Football

Stadium tonight. Last night

Adelaide United and the

Newcastle Jets have a Newcastle Jets have a scoreless draw while North Queensland

snatched a 3-all draw against

the Glory in was one goal up late in the was one goal up late in the game and headed towards victory before a Chris Grossman injury-time header spoilt the

party, ending the game in party, ending the game in a drew. The world's fastest has been beaten for the first

time in two years. Usain Bolt

was relegated to second place in the 100m final at the meet

in Sweden. Australia's Sally Pearce son won the women's

hurdles. Relaxed and hurdles. Relaxed and confident

, but no longer dominant. The world record holder couldn't

find his signature burst of speed to run down Tyson Gay. It

was a breakthrough win tore the

American against Bolt who

hadn't been beaten over 100m since losing at the same venue

15 Asafa Powell in 2008. It

means something in the sport.

Peens something for the Peens something for the fans,

means something for the excite

ment. Despite being well ment. Despite being well below his best, Bolt still broke 10

seconds. I have to find out

what I need to do to get my

strength up. Sally pierceson

won the won the women's 1,200 hurdles. Two more rounds of

golf like this and Phil Mickelson will Mickelson will become the man

who finally tamed Tadhg Ger. tsh

tsh tsh Tiger. Mickelson is

sitting in second place at the World golf Championship event in Ohio. With Woods truck - struggling in 72nd place,

Mickelson may only need to

finish in the top 4 to take the nom 1 world ranking. South

African Retief Goosen leads the tourn mernt by four strokes. In

England's bowlers needed any extra confidence heading into

the Ashes series, Pakistan is

doing its best to provide it. Only three bowlers were needed as the tourists were rolled for

just 72 on the first day of the

Second Test. It was Pakistan's fourth lowest score in Test

history. And in tennis, Australia's Samantha Australia's Samantha Stosur has

been knocked out in

quarterfinals of the sand aio

Open. Well, the Australian-born Crown Australian-born Crown Princess

of Denmark is pregnant with twins. After weeks twins. After weeks of speculation, the Danish Royal Court has confirmed 38-year-old

Mary is due to give birth in

January. The children will be

the fourth and fifth in line to

the throne after their father

Crown Prince Frederik and siblings Christian and

Isabella. Prince Frederik

married Mary in 2004 after twot

met in a Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. Well, it is

a service most towns take for

granted, but fr a granted, but fr a remote

Aboriginal community in the Northern Territory it has been

a long time a long time coming. Wadeye has only just opened its hair salon. Now it's providing the

town's 3,000 residents with new

hair dos and new jobs. It's not

your usual hair salon, but for Wadeye, it is a start. Wadeye, it is a start. Ladies, you can come in. The community

might have thousands of residents, but before this a

professional hair cut meant professional hair cut meant a

400km trip. I don't think a small place should miss small place should miss out on the things that a bigger place

has got. They should be able to go into a shop and not go into a shop and not be disadvantaged because of disadvantaged because of being

in a remote area. It is being

set up by a set up by a community-owned

company, originally funded by

the Commonwealth. Trying to get away from your typical council

jobs and provide different types of jobs. People don't

necessarily want to be council

workers, they hand at different things.

It's hoped this is just the

first step in Wadeye's economic

development. More businesses

are being planned here in

Wadeye. It's hoped this salon

will soon move out of this

demountable and into a new

business centre with a cafe and

even alfresco dining, but there

is concern that some of the

progress here could be set

back. At school we are working

very hard to ensure that all

kids do go to school. Like

anywhere else, we've problem with attendance, we we're dealing with it. The

community is encouraging

parents to send kids to school

to learn the skills to learn the skills needed for

new jobs. Wadeye wants to new jobs. Wadeye wants to shape

its own future.

Time to take a look at the weather around the country now,

and on the satellite skies are mostly clear over the

interior and in the north under

a high, and cloud over southern

WA is causing the odd shower.

It will be fine across most It will be fine across most of Queensland with Queensland with some showers likely along the far north-east tropical coastline. New South

Wales will see wide Wales will see wide spread frost and early fog on the

slopes and ranges, but it

should be generally sunny elsewhere. In Victoria, elsewhere. In Victoria, patchy

rain in the west will probably

reach central areas by the

evening and there is likely to be be snow across the alps.

Scattered shower as cross the

north of Tasmania will extend

to the west in the afternoon. Over to South

Australia now and it should Australia now and it should be mostly fine apart from some

showers Beau the coast. Some isolated showers in the southern parts of Western

Australia. And fine across the

Northern Territory apart from

some showers on the north-east

coast. And that's the latest

from ABC News 24. I will be

back with the

This Program is Captioned Live. The top following on ABC News: The

Prime Minister has aimed to

draw a line in the sand over

Kevin Rudd's future today. In

the first meeting between the

pair since Mr Rudd was deposed

as leader. After the meeting,

Ms Gillard said he would play a

major role in campaigning to

get Labor re-elected. There was an unwanted distraction for the

Prime Minister later, though n the form of former Labor leader

Mark Latham. He Mark Latham. He confronted

Julia Gillard at a media event this this afternoon. The Opposition

Leader says the asylum Leader says the asylum seeker processing centre on the be re-opened be re-opened immediately. Tony Abbott held a meeting with the

country's president Marcus

Stephen in Brisbane today. Stephen in Brisbane today. Mr Abbott says Nauru is ready, willing and able to re-open the

centre. A young girl and a man

have died in two separate house