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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Adam Hicks And that's how journalist said his own special goodbye of the 'Weekend Star' to colleagues and readers northern New South Wales. in Lismore,

for a year, Adam had been planning his stunt to get that in the paper? but how did he manage some boys never grow up. Hello and welcome to Media Watch. I'm Liz Jackson. embarrassed itself This week Australia on the Indonesian Embassy. with the hoax terror attack we've expressed our concerns In our last two programs about the media's role feeling in the frenzy of anti-Indonesian whipped up around the Corby trial. others following suit. And we were pleased to see gave the media both barrels - The 'Australian's Paul Kelly rather than a targeted attack. but it's a shotgun spray Kelly criticises "the shock jocks", and "the media" "the popular media" that he won't name any names. but we can't help noticing So who is Kelly talking about here? Telegraph' in his sights. Clearly he has the 'Daily 'Telegraph' as we did last week? But why not name the 'The Australian', Of course his paper,

and the offending 'Daily Telegraph', papers, are both News Limited let that be a factor. but surely Paul Kelly wouldn't also joined the fray. The 'Herald-Sun's Andrew Bolt Bolt is also evasive he's wanting to blame, about precisely who in the media but he did include quotes. offending quotes be from? And which paper would those Come on, Andrew, don't be coy. is the 'Herald-Sun', The paper you write for is the Sunday 'Herald-Sun'. the paper you were quoting What's the story here - not to name the papers does News Limited tell you to censor yourself? or do you know enough Piers Akerman The 'Daily Telegraph's the media and the mob. also took a late stand against over recent weeks But Akerman's own articles have put him in a difficult spot. the case put by Corby supporters. His latest column took apart didn't name names here Now we can understand why Piers the finger because he'd have to point but at himself. not just at News Limited, earlier See, here he is just two weeks handler theory, supporting the baggage to do more. and urging John Howard In his post-backflip column, out Channel Nine for blame. Piers was only willing to single News Limited commentators Just as unreal as expecting as media culprits in the Corby saga. to name News Limited publications media stoush There's been a much lower profile unfolding in recent weeks that's at least as important is seen in Asia, in terms of how Australia no-one is reporting it. but unlike Schapelle, choice for entertainment... 'ABC Asia Pacific', your new That's ABC Asia Pacific - broadcasts into Asia the satellite service the ABC

of Foreign Affairs and Trade. which is funded by the Department in Australia You can't watch it here Kerry, Rupert and Kerry, but our big media players, know all about it. the following exchanges And they would have noted as well. in Senate Estimates two weeks ago Now, I wanted to move on to Pacific' television. talk about 'ABC Asia the committee a brief overview Could you give broadcast on that service of the sorts of programs that you you go to now? and how many countries I would love to, Senator. 'ABC Asia Pacific' television - story. that's been the untold success in 39 countries on 155 platforms The service now is available fastest-growing networks and it is one of the Senator. in the Asia Pacific region, being given the opportunity So why was ABC boss Russell Balding Television Service? to spruik the ABC's Asia Pacific powerful media players in Australia Well, because some of the most behind his back. have been bagging it They want to take it off the ABC, million a year along with the $18.5 to fund it. that Foreign Affairs pays But everyone is again being coy exactly who is involved. about spelling out interested in tendering for this? Who else would be wanting to tender, I believe there is someone else but the details of that - Senator. it's speculation at this stage, consortia out there But I believe there is another in putting a bid in. who is very much interested it would be someone like Fox/Sky. I can only guess that Well, it could be. it is Sky TV, Well, let's spit it out - an expression of interest. and they've already put in contract runs out in 2006, The ABC Foreign Affairs and the assumption had been that, a performance review, subject to renewed for another five years. the contract would simply be can stop it. But not if Sam Chisholm of Channel Nine, Sam is not just the acting CEO he's the chairman of Sky TV - on Australian pay TV. a 24-our news service that's Murdoch - Sky TV is jointly owned by BSkYB - PBL - that's Packer - that's Kerry Stokes. and Channel Seven - With that kind of clout behind him, a face to face Chisholm didn't find it hard to get Alexander Downer a few months ago with Foreign Minister to pitch his case - "Give us the money a bigger and better service - "and we'll give you education and docos." "more and more news and less drama, the ABC or Sky? So who will the Government back - Helen Coonan have to say? What did Communications Minister seen as a referee for the ABC You can afford to be can't you? on this one in the process, It is a bloody good service.

it's a very good service, As I have said, I think

but there is a process. there is no doubt about that, Are you prepared to lobby, to make representations on their behalf, send a letter in? I would think that it might be, in fact, a Cabinet decision. I will reserve my views as to how that will go. We're counting on you, Minister. Cabinet will decide in the next few weeks whether to renew the ABC's contract, or put it out to tender to accommodate Sky. There are many important issues here, which we feel should be debated in the public domain. Should the Government give taxpayer dollars to Kerry, Rupert and Kerry, so that they can expand their Sky brand into Asia? And do we think that Channel Nine, Channel Seven and News Limited, on their recent form, are best placed to fulfil the terms of a contract with the Government that includes these objectives? We put a series of questions to Sky but have had no response - so watch this space. Now let's take a break from the big stuff. Did you happen to read a line or two while waiting at the checkout, of this hot story in the June issue of Cosmo? Someone at Media Watch actually read it all, and thought the story seemed familiar. Yes - we told her she needs to get a life but instead she went and checked it out, and came up with this. A 4-year old article in Britain's 'News of World'. Yes, Cosmo dug out this old exclusive, paid the cash to 'News of the World', and ran it again virtually line for line, four years later.

One line we noticed, though, was dropped. I guess "Pop idol Robbie Williams "seduced a rampant Maori four years ago", doesn't really work. We asked Cosmo to justify their deception - passing off an old story as if it was current - and we give Penny Langton credit for this attempt. So we asked if we could expect to see the story again in 2010. Penny played a straight bat. Until next week, goodnight. Captions by Captioning and Subtitling International.