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(generated from captions) The top story, Australians around the country this of dawn services, they're morning. There've been plenty

marching in country towns and country. Let's take a look country. Let's take a look now at the march in Melbourne,

which is under way. Nice conditions. This is coverage on ABC1. We'll just

have a listen to it moment. have a listen to it at the Australia. It's also Force school as well for

catering. Now the naval various where they fought in the

various areas. The plan today

is we'll hopefully explain as

the march proceeds is the marchers form up in an entirely different fashion.

We're looking at a group We're looking at a group called

the capital ships, the capital ships and amongst

Canberra and the Shropshire, which will be led by Mac

Gregory today. By banners of the capital have been - are intended happening is that the banners

have been - are intended to have been - are intended to be

grouped together today, and the veterans to be veterans to be removed, World

War II veterans for stay in War II veterans for stay in their vehicles

their vehicles and to the rear

of the major groups should be

have some more of assembleded the descendants. We

ships although the purists have some more of the capital

amongst you might realise this

appropriate to all the isn't a definition that's

appropriate to all the vessels

only real capital ship we'll see going through. The

initially was indeed HMAS 'Australia'. We're looking

there at the march in there at the march in Melbourne

and as you can see, and current and current serving members

small children on the side of walking there, and you saw some

the road there as well. Plenty

of pee and plenty of applause

already begun. It's a little the Sydney march. That's for those people. A look now

bit soggier in Sydney there bit soggier in Sydney there is

as you can see, it's a good slightly more rain around. But slightly more rain around.

turn-up on the march turn-up on the march there. I

can see Peter Donzo on the left there. Gone too quick,

unfortunately. The bay class frig GATT HMAS Culgoa. These ships were built in Australia through the Second World War

and served on through the 50s

and 60s in Korea. They and river-class frigates.

Culgoa, Condamine. You Culgoa, Condamine. You keep mention ing a ship built in

Australia, compare it with the shipbuilding industry we shipbuilding industry we don't building have these days. We are

bay class.

under heavy fire in river. under heavy fire in the Hahn States. But we're able to different cities and give States. But we're able to move

you an overall happening in Australia. Karen She's Tan our reporter is in Sydney.

there. And rainy there, but seems to

spirits are up and there's

people there to appreciate those marching? There's a lot of people too. They're expecting around 20,000 current

stream big as we speak. Earlier and personnel. And they're

I saw the Wales leading the They're all heading off there. There Park where they'll gather

people will still be going. the march but I'm sure many

Apparently it or everybody or everybody to go through this march and to designated streets. It goes up march and to walk through the

George Street and and then Hyde Park. It will be

From the people you've spoken

feelings to today, what are their

what's the focus today? I'm the focus is so different for so backgrounds are so many different people. Their

stories to tell. But Anzac Day, Their relatives have different

troops, handed at Gallipoli, the Australian and New Zealand

years troops, handed at Gallipoli, 96 a significant, always a significant event of Anzac Day. It coincides today but I don't think it's

taken away from the spirit today. (Audio breaking up)

We'll leave you that march which is going on behind you there. Looking at and it appears to me to be a from variety of people, soldiers saw just a few Thousands of people have attend ed moving very special interview. In June Brisbane. We'll listen to a

last year Private was killed in a helicopter crash. The crash. The woman you just saw Margaret Gunnell. Let's sad. Brisbane service. Very, very emotional. I didn't ever imagine that this would ever be happening to me or to us. With

losing our boy. It's just very sad, yeah. I sad, yeah. I was just here as a

person who came to talk

for the ANZACs. I didn't think

my son was going to be part of

that. I don't think there is any comfort in losing a son. He

was a man, really. He was 38.

He was a career soldier. Went through as a Senior Sergeant,

Royal Military College, drill

sergeant, trained the cadet

officers. Was highly respected

age of 36. Very proud of the

fact that he did so well in the army, that he had two beautiful children. He was a wonderful, wonderful soon. Attention on

Anzac Day is finally turning

towards the battles on the

Western Front. 1 million men

fought in the first battle of

the Somm negotiation 1916. A

new book looks at the price paid by those earlier paid by those people. An author Breakfast' the battle earlier told 'ABC News

War quickly War quickly became a bloody stalemate. It was seen as the battle that quickened the end to the First World War. There the Somme some 60,000 British soldiers were killed or wounded and it actually turned into a it turned into stalemate. One of the reasons

Possiet which couldn't be

village and take that village about how you view on 23 July. Before we talk

tell us, how long did it take for Australia to have that to actually What happened afterwards is soldiers pushed through soldiers pushed through toward as ridge and a Over that seven continual bombardment. The continual bombardment. The war correspondent Charles Bean remembers 140 shells per minute. Soldiers remember seeing shells falling in last 40 feet of descent. On

-- on one day the British soldiers fired as many as the French did in the Boer War. 23,000 casualties, if you casualties, if you think about that, quarter of the crowd at indistinguishable from defeat. It came at such a high cost.

And that actually is the story this tug-of-war over tiny small strips this tug-of-war over tiny small strips of lives were lost over? Yes, the Australians Australians advanced over two 23,000 soldiers killed wounded. What I try to convoy in the book is that 4,000 soldiers, the bodies soldiers, the bodies were missing, they were or if discovered, identified. In Australia there were contend with the contend with the fact they didn't know I write about James and Jesse Brown, they wrote letters to

the office of base records from

1916 through to the mid 1920s,

how did my son die, did leave any mow men tees for us?

That was played out through thousands of households in Australia. You were careful

this book to attack what you thought was thought was the great myth building around Australia's

part in the war. At what point

during the writing of the book

or was it pre-conceived before you starting writing were you

annoyed that it was

romantacised too much?

Interesting thing was while the

soldiers were suffering under

these bombardments there was

newspaper articles in Australia

shell fire as if it was rain drops or going home for tea. In some instances there were

newspaper articles saying that Australians were and frightening the Germans and

the Australians loved to fight. That's completely different to

what was happening on the recording in their diaries. He is

the Australian ledge flocked to services around Thousands of people have

flocked to services around country, and the ABC Open

Coast for their thoughts on

what Anzac Day means to 37 of those were 37 of those were killed. Five

were prisoners of war. Not the people that both men and women that fought for Australia, but also, the

behind. Yes, we think of those

people that died but we also think of Particularly those that year and sadly they're becoming more and more frequent. Used put a little flower the ones who hadn't come the ones who hadn't come back. I think people should pay

something back. For people that have

have served their country. You can't do anything. You Now to Adelaide. More 5,000 people have paid their

respects at an Adelaide Dawn Service. The premier made a

moving tribute to those currently serving in the armed forces. Anzac Day way of saying thank you. It's a silent handshake across silent handshake across the void. It's our way of saying

void. It's our way of saying thank you to those passed on in fighting for their country and dying country and for our freedom. But for Australia. So that's the for Australia. So that's the wonderful thing about Anzac Day. In my view, Anzac Day

our most sacred day. day when the nation

together, but it's our Saying thank you for those who've sacrificed for us. The We'll move away from Anzac just for a 20 members of 20 members of a Christian church have they gathered for a service in Easter Sunday. On Easter Sunday. On every corner in be a Christian from the 20. Taken awar for trying to

hold an Easter service here in the open. The church's leaders are already all under house

arrest. For three weeks now,

police have been here every Sunday,

Sunday, rounding up the congregation. This is one of Beijing's biggest so-called

underground churches. It has over 1,000 members but is illegal because it refuses to

submit to Communist Party control. So the government has had it evicted from the

building it used to occupy and is now preventing it from

moving in a new home bought with money raised by

members. This worshipper said

"They don't want conflict with

the government, but the harder

it tries to repress them, the

more people will resist." As a

Christian it's our right to

worship, whether in our homes or outdoors. It's basic right. It's even in China's constitution, no matter

how hard they arrest us, how

hard they try to prevent us, it

can't be stopped. And this is how China's how China's atheist state says people are allowed to worship. In government-controlled churches. Around 20 million

attend these. But an estimated

50 million are in underground congregations. In their swelling numbers and their

devotion, the Communist party

sees a real threat. It's not just

just independent Christians. In

the past few weeks, the past few weeks, China has

in 20 years since after the

Tiananmen massacre. Human rights Internet bloggers have been taken away by the police and banished. Others sentenced to long jail terms. All because the Communist Party long jail terms. All because the Communist Party fears the revolutions in North Africa spread here and it's determined to crush any revolutions in North Africa to its

to China today for what's being visit. But a new poll shows most Australians have reservations about our relationship with Michael Wesley is the Lowy Institute's Executive Director.

This morning he said investment in Australia was a particular concern. We've relationship with China. 75% of people we asked said that relationship ask with China economically good for

ambivalent about China and its growing sense. Take us through some of the more interesting findings. You decided You decided to test Australia's mettle on just where if tensions erupted on the Korean Korean Peninsula. Last year for Australians whether they thought a range of countries

Australia within 20 years. We found a surprisingly found a surprisingly large number of people, r, over 40%,

nominated China this year we wanted to drill down a bit more into that. So we asked Australians whether they'd support Australian there was an invasion from

North Korea. We found over 50% said was that we found an even higher number supported Australian troops

going to if China came in on North Korea's side. But at the same time, we regard China

potential le a growing military threat to us? That's right. We found 46% of Australians thought that there was a possibility that China and

Australia could come into impossible. Particularly impossible. Particularly ... How likely is that? It's to say. It's to say. It's certainly a possibility. There are growing tensions

tensions between our major possibility is a

one. So the nature of the

engaged in at the moment and

that we in the United States

and other countries are engaged in with it doesn't put to rest any idea that there - it would come to

military conflict between a

country like Australia and China? Always, I think, economic economic interdependence does reduce the prospects reduce the prospects of

conflicts and it increases the

incentive of countries to step

away from the brink. But conflict can break out for

accidental reasons. You always

need to be prepared for niece

sorts of things. We see that China's growth is China's growth is largely good

for Australia. Do we have this poll? Yes, we found well

over half of the people we asked

asked are uncomfortable with

the amount of Chinese investment coming into Australia. Its stock of investments in Australia is rising quickly. We've been

going around the country going around the country this morning hearing from morning hearing from leaders and RSL bosses about Anzac Day Swan who was at the Brisbane service. Let's today, for the today, for the families and the young children, that spirit has

been passed on to subsequent been passed on generations. That makes me optimistic about the future of

our country. They understand the importance of the ANZAC spirit, of of mateship, of fighting for country, for freedom and standing

standing up for people when they're owe pressed. That's It's embodied here today at the

Kedron Wavell RSL. That's

Wayne Swan, the Acting Prime Minister, speaking about relevance of Anzac Day. We'll come back to the Anzac Day

services in just a few moments but let's move away to look at the royal wedding. It's just a few days done. The royal watchers are planning celebrations. Some are even preparing to have before the big day a get-together. The extend get-together. The extend ed family gathering family gathering at Windsor Castle's St George chapel to mark Easter Sunday with the

exception of the bride and

groom. They've opted for a weekend together out of weekend together out of the spot limt. Precious spot limt. Precious privacy ahead of the weddings. Prince William will only come only come to London a couple of days before Friday.

with hundreds of other couples

trying the knot that Davis. Their Essex shop is celebrateing that other wedding as well. We won't forget it, will we? not. We can look forward to it and thinking, yeah. When they have an anniversary we will be

sharing the same day. We will they will be too. While there are thousands of street parties


wedding not everyone will wedding not everyone will be celebrating. The British what it's calling royal party. It does create a

degree of debate and tension and interest which feeds our agenda. While opinions about about the monarchy vary, even avowed Republican Kevin Tucker is putting a good wedding

before politics. Absolutely fabulous to see all the crowds here

here and all the build-up. here and all the build-up. My resistance is suspect I wouldn't put against the barricades immediately. For

immediately. For the vast majority it's a good excuse for

as the future king and possibly queen of Australia declare

their love for one year in the most public of all possible ways. We know and reception are taking place but the big mystery now honeymoon. According to this newspaper, it's going to be held in Australia at Lizard Island and yet another publication says definitely it's Jordan and yet another says it's in Greece. What says it's in Greece. What that

tells you is that along with the dress, the sport here's Amy

has. He is the world No. 1. He clay. He has defeat his is continuing his dominance on clay. He

clay. He has defeat his Spanish compatriot David compatriot David Ferrer to win

a sixth Barcelona Open title in seven years. He followed up his victory over Ferrer in the

Monte Carlo masters time with a

display of brutal hitting and some stellar defence. At some stellar defence. At the WTA event in

Julia Gergaz has upset top seed

Caroline Wozniacki in the final . The 22-year-old became the

first German to win the

tournament since Anke Huber in 1994. She defeated Australia's

Samantha Stosur in the

semifinal and of course Stosur

has combined with Germany's Lisiki to win Lisiki to win the doubles. The

dominant seven goal final term

has seen Richmond notch up its

first win of the season. They

had a 9 point victory at the yesterday. They reeled in a 13-point three 13-point three quarter time deficit to win 112-103 at Docklands. Par ma Eels short Shane Shackleton scored a final

minute tree to snatch a

dramatic victory over fwk

yesterday at Parramatta

Stadium. The Titans coach says

his team didn't respect

Parramatta enough. It's the

Titans' fifth loss from seven

games this season. In the other match yesterday defeated the Raiders 22-12 at

Canberra Stadium. And we do

have time to have a quick look

at that perfect 10 wave that

was surfed yesterday by Joel Parkinson at Bells Parkinson at Bells Beach. It was a sight to behold . It was

great surf all weekend. There

were concerns on Friday it was

going to drop off a bit too much. Look at much. Look at that, beautiful. And the crowds

looked enormous there as well.

figures were, but there was no room for sitting on the beach. Most people the final heat. Surfing happening in sport. -- Stawell Gift tomorrow. Now here's Vanessa O'Hanlon with another look at the weather. Slow moving storms moved across

the south west. It dumped some of the largest April rainfall totals in a decade.

showers are forecast for today as a trough passes. Another cold front and low-pressure system is due tomorrow and will tomorrow and will bring more

rain mainly on Wednesday rain mainly on Wednesday to the south west corner. increase rainfalls over the Gascoyne, once again

Carnarvon. Rain will increase over the east coast the week this morning showers have cooler south easterly winds

push over the coast. 17 mm in

the 24 hours up to 9 this morning. Fog is slowly morning. Fog is slowly lifting in the south-east and it's been That's almost it from Let's take a look at the parade

for the Anzac Day service plenty of people, plenty of bands, lots of people bands, lots of people braving the wet conditions currently serving soldiers, and including that one from the

royal New South from New Guinea and Borneo. coverage. Closed Captions by CSI

Lest we forget. Australians pay homage to the fallen at Anzac Day services across the

country. At the going down of

the sun, and in the morning, we

will remember them. forget.

Matching to the same beat.

These live pictures show

veterans, their families and Australians grateful Australians grateful for the

contributions of the sacrifices of all servicemen and women

showing their support. showing

Syria on the brink. Authorities violently suppress more

protests after the weekend's

deadly marches. And only four sleeps to go until William Katherine tie the