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(generated from captions) through disaster. Back to

the fallout from the election. Labor blames its

failure to secure majority

ton damaging leak thanks hit

Julia Gillard. The Coalition

has picked up 15 seats

leaving Labor without a clear majority in the House of Representatives. Labor and

the Coalition will have to niche gauche aide with three possibly four Independents to

form a Government,

Block. How many seats do

you think you will get? That

is in the balance. Denison is

close. Calling it for Andrew

Wilkie we think is premature

that at the moment and we think

be 7. Adam Bandt indicated he chance in Denison so we could

wants to work with the Julia Gillard Government which

us very much in play to form could give us 74 which

a minority government. What

about Hasluck? Too close to control. On the night it ebbed and flowed a bit like

Brisbane. That's was again

too close to calling. Is Karl

Bitard right, were the that did you in? There are a damaging leaks the things

that did range

range ever factors across the

country. If you look at NSW

and Queensland we got swings against us. Victoria a swing,

South Australia a swifnlgts Tasmania, a swing and a Tasmania, a swing

minimal swing against us in Western Australia so there is

clearly regional factors.

What that shows is that

clearly the NSW Government's

performance t Queensland

Government performance has

been factors at play in this election so there is a range

ever analysis people may want

the causes to engage in about what were

states. What Julia Gillard is focused on is delivering a

stable Government in the Coalition potentially with Independents and the Greens that would that would allow us to take

our positive agenda forward.

I challenge you Virginia to

name one positive policy Tony

Abbott ran on in this election. They just talked

about all the things they

were going to stop, they did

not put forward a positive

agenda which is why they did

not win government ton weekend. Tony Abbott has no

chance to form a majority Government. My God they came had close with a Government that close with a Government

had a 17-seat majority you

have to acknowledge that? Kim Beazley won the majority of

the vote in 1998, he won 19

seats and Kim Beazley did not seats and Kim

form governments first-term

governments if you look at

Bob Hawke, Howard, and if you

look at us, we have had

significant swings against us

soy think there is history

there but Tony Abbott ran a

completely negative agenda

without a single positive

policy that anyone can

remember. That is why he did Karl Batir trying to shoot not win Government. Isn't

the fire after Keneally describes as an the fire after what Kristina

atrocious campaign. Morris

Iemma is in the papers, these

premiers should focus on the

state of knew and let Julia

Gillard get on with running a

Federal stable government in the

Federal sphere. Yeah but the question was about the nature

of the campaign. In the

middle of it in the last few

weeks do you reckon it was a

were a rain of good campaign you ran? There

There were damaging leaks and

clearly we carried baggage in

NSW and Queensland. You

cannot escape those things.

The meeta were obsessed with

Mark Latham there for awhile. This was a campaign unique Julia Gillard to get positive messages Julia Gillard was trying

choice between Labor's across. We have a clear

broadband plan to deliver to

93% ever Australian homes

fibre. This will guarantee

the delivery of future health

and education services. Tony

Abbott put a $6 billion plan

forward and only 10% will be

spent in rural Austin first

term. In the first three

if that were to happen you years of an Abbott

would only see 10% spent.

This man is locking in a

digital divide and denying

millions of regional and

rural Australians access to

future health and education

processes. Why do I get the

feeling that you are not

talking the us but the three

Independents! It is entirely focused on what you guys believe you can deliver to them so the campaign

continues. That is not at

positive plan in broadband all. We put forward a

for All Australians, every Australian benefits under the

face today. We are building national broadband plan. We

the National Broadband

Network in Townsville, in

Armidale, across Queensland

and in Brunswick here in

Melbourne. We are actually

delivering and building the

future proof communications

platform to allow Australian

and regional and rural small businesses to benefit

Australia so it is about All Australians. I'm simply

contrasting that with Tony Abbott's plan in which only

10% of, $6 billion is spent

in the first three years in

11 and a half years again as the Liberals did for regional Australia. He is

again as regional Australia. He is sings, in Government, 11 and a half years in open

treating regional and rural Australians like second-class citizens. The Gillard

Government says "Enough is

enough. We are going to deliver to All Australians!". How worried are you this an all-out recrimination warfare will erupt in the Labor party

chances of getting the which could damage the

independents onside? A lot

of people need a cold shower!

We have three current and

former Premiers ever NSW and their contributions are

always welcome but they

issues in NSW and just allow should perhaps focus on the

Julia Gillard the opportunity

to continue to present a

possible differ agenda, a positive economic management

plan a positive broadband plan a positive

sustainability plan, none of

which Tony Abbott has. If you

do get through should Kevin

Rudd get that senior

position? Absolutely, jewel has committed to that and

that will happen. Even after that extraordinary experience

in election night when he

seemed like a triumphant

Prime Minister! People can make their comments. Julia

Gillard has made a number of commitments including a public commitment public commitment that Kevin

will be a senior frontbencher

in this government. What have

you learnt a from the campaign? What could you do

better? There are a range of

challenges. I'm not sure

there is a lot you can do with the NSW Government and

the impact it has. You cannot

tie your several to the NSW

Government by announcing a rail project that is so associated with of a Government which associated with the carcass of of a Government which has

promised. You cannot do that!

I am not going to comment on

whether or not the NSW

Government has delivered suffer rail infrastructure.

What the Gillard What the Gillard Government

recognised, what the people of Western Sydney do not have the service particularly the

rail service it deserved so

we put forward a plan to deliver some of those deliver some of those rail

service. Why they had not

been delivered by the NSW

Government is a matter

ultimately for the voters in

NSW to cats judgement on. We

put forward a positive plan

to deliver much-needed services in Western Sydney. How can you blame the NSW Government when in the dying days of the campaign Julia

Gillard insisted it what as

national campaign not a NSW or

or Queensland-based campaign,

voters should vote

nationalish e issues?

Absolutely. Look at every

polling booth in Queensland

they ran with Bunting that

said "Don't let Julia Gillard do to Queensland what Bligh

has done to Queensland!". The Liberal Party clearly Liberal Party clearly in

Queensland felt that by trying to tie state issues in

the federal election. Judge

them by what they did during

the election campaign, they

ran on state issues in knew

up into and on state issues

in Queensland. Don't judge

them on their spin, judge

them on what they did in

their pamphlets. Judge them

on the day. It is clear the election campaign continues

this morning!. Go Pies! Yes

the other story of the day making Senator Stephen and one of the making Senator Stephen Conroy happy and one of the few things

happy at the moment. And we are not going to talk about

it. If you would like to send