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Captioned Live Tonight, where

to from here? The Federal Government still in search of an asylum seeker processing solution. The High

decision basically turns on its head the understanding of the

law in this country.

workers push for a better

redundancy deal. Scientists positively identify Ned Kelly's

right mains but the bushranger

skull is still fugitive. Come

in spinner, Nathan lion

first ball. He's got a wicket into test cricket with his

first ball. What a start to a

career! live across Australia, this is ABC News 24,

Prime Minister can't hide her evening, I'm Nick Dole. The

frustration over the collapse frustration over the

first public comment, Julia of the Malaysia Solution N her

Gillard has passed her own

judgment on the highest court in the land. She's accused the

mind and Chief Justice of changing his

turning asylum seeker law on

its head. Here's chief political correspondent Mark

Simkin. Protesters welcomed Julia

Julia Gillard to Queensland delivering her own verdict on

the High Court's one. Free

the refugees. Shame, Gillard,

shame. The Prime Minister isn't

taking responsibility for the

court's decision. court's decision. She's blaming activist

blaming activist judges. The

High Court's decision basically

turns on its head the

understanding of the law

this country prior to Minister accusesed the court of yesterday's decision. The Prime

inconsistency and sing gld out

the Chief Justice, a Labor

appoint see. His Honour Mr Justice French considered xrarible legal questions when

he was a judge of the Federal Court and made different decisions to the one that the

High Court made yesterday. An emergency cabinet meeting

discussed the decision last

night. The Solicitor-General

told it there's now a question mark overall offshore mark overall

processing. Even in locations

where offshore processing has been conducted in

other words, Manus Island and the coalition's preferred

solution, Nauru, could also be

off limits. Within this particular region probably only

New Zealand clearly would meet all of the criteria that the court has identified. Tony Abbott insists Nauru is still

an option. And he wasted no

time tossing brickbats in the Prime Minister's direction. I think this is a think this is a government which this morning is almost

dying of shame at its own inxot tense. Behind the scenes Labor

on the right want a return to is dismayed and

Nauru and temporary protection

visas. While the left is

appalled by any hint of Pacific Solution. Have you appalled by any hint of the

guaranteed to the left within your party that within your party that you'll

rule out using Nauru and

temporary protection visas.

The only guarantee I ever give

is that every decision we take

will be taken in the national interest. In the meantime,

Government's bracing the itself

for what insider called for what insider called a

virtual a March da of boats.

Blame is being sprayed in all Blame is being sprayed in

directions. The judges, Solicitor-General, and the

Immigration Minister. One

Labor backbencher told the ABC the decision exposed the

Minister as a boy trying to do

Minister gave a man's job. This Prime

Minister gave me a job to do

and I intend to continue to do

it. The easy option would be

to resign. The only thing that would happy re vined my quality

of life might go up. He's not

going anywhere. It remains to going anywhere. It

be seen where the hundreds of

asylum seekers who have arrived

on Christmas Island since the on Christmas

end up. Locals on the island Malaysia deal was signed will

are also concerned the High

Court decision will open Court decision will open the

floodgates to thousands more. Jane Norman reports from Christmas Island. This man is a religious leader religious leader for Christmas

Island's Islamic community. He was also one of the first in

the water to try and rescue

asylum seekers when their boat

crashed into the cliffs last

December. He says he's worried the High Court decision the High Court decision will

lead to a new influx of boats

to the island. It will open the gates again for anybody to

come to the island as the

transit point to anywhere, to

Australia. The 3 35 men, women

and children who were due to be

deported to Malaysia are still being detained in

accommodation here in Christmas being detained in temporary

Island. It is understood the

asylum seekers will now undergo thorough health and security

checks before their claims for

asylum can be processed. Brian

Lacy has been the administrator of Christmas and says the of Christmas Island since 2009

and says the latest

developments have tested the

community. There are so community. There are so many

chops and changes in what

happens on the island. We have

a community that is generally

very resilient, but their

resilience has been very much

past two years. While Mr Lacy tested over the course of the

supports the concept of a regional solution, regional solution, he concede it is going to be problematic for any government to bring

back offshore processing. Minister's been facing Meanwhile the Prime

questions from a community in

Brisbane tonight for more our

political correspondent is in

Canberra. What sort Canberra. What sort of in Brisbane? Good evening, reception did Julia Gillard get

Nick. According to the

and reception that Julia Gillard

and her cabinet received and her cabinet received in

Brisbane tonight, you'd never

know that the Labor Government

had had a bad couple of days or

were struggling in the opinion

polls. It was a friendly, warm and respectful and polite audience in Britain tonight. The Prime Minister was asked about a range of issues and not

all of them have been on the

front pages of late. Some

included the war in

Afghanistan, one lady

to know when the to know when the troops will be

brought home. Others about coal seam gas and the brought home. Others asked

environmental destruction possibly caused from the process of fracking. There was only

only one or two questions about that controversial issues

refugees. One gentleman actually lives right next door to the local member up he asked the Prime Minister with great respect why Australia couldn't be a more

humanitarian country when it

comes to asylum seekers and then he said please then he said please don't talk to me about breaking the people

smugglers' business model. I've heard all of that

before. It's been a very hard

week for the Prime Minister. I'm sure she's quite glad I'm sure she's quite glad to

have a bit more of easy time

this time around. Thank you

Nick. Hundreds of angry steel

workers have demanded BlueScope

Steel offer

packages. They want stronger government support for manufacturing. Unionists told

a mass meeting of workers in

Wollongong, south of Sydney,

that BlueScope executives were promised bonuses on the same day that sweeping job cuts were

unveiled. Concerns for the

future of the steel making

industry has turned to anger

with unions pointing the finger

at BlueScope Steel. They have

run this company into the ground, sacrificing your jobs,

your profitability and your

community on the altar of

higher returns. When they were making record profits record dividends instead of buying the coal mines and iron

ore mines they needed to buy, they gave themselves huge dividends and huge bonuses. Thousands of steel worksers at a worksers at a master meeting in will Wollongong were told after

a week of discussions details

on redundancy packages on redundancy packages remain sketchy and the total sketchy and the total number of job losses are unknown. They're going to have to justify every single job that goes. In a show of unity

workers carried a motion of no forced redundancies, in-Syd

sissing BlueScope will have to improved redundancy improved redundancy packages hand more time to negotiatate. To put on to negotiatate. To put on to this

community 1400 workers to be unemployed is a significant

impact to. Do it in six weeks is represent reprehensible. Workers with still coming to still coming to grips with the news. It is shocking. It is

sad that the kids have to look at their dad and feel sorry for

him. Unionist are demanding

state and Federal Governments

would step in with

use of more Australian steel in major developments. There major developments. There are many different policy levers which the government can pull

to help Australian

manufacturing, ranging from

innovation no procurement

policies through to how we deal

with the mining

industry. Unions will go back

to the negotiating table on

Monday next week , but they're

not expecting an early

agreement. Lawyers are

mounting a class action against

the country's biggest construction company Leighton

Holdings after write-downs of more than April. They claim Leighton breached the Corporations Act

by failing to disclose the company's true financial position. position. In position. In February, Leighton's said it Leighton's said it was expecting expecting a profit of nearly $500 million. We think

frankly it beggars belief that a billion dollar turn around

can occur in less than can occur in less than two

months. I'm just a small

retail investor. I invested a few thousand dollars and I've

lost 30% of that. Leighton

holdings is responsible and Victoria's and Victoria's desalination plant. The company says it

willing vigorous hi defend any

court action. Encouraging economic news at home and a positive lead

gave investors a reason to buy.

The sharemarket rose for a

fourth straight session for the

first time since April. Here's finance correspondent Phillip Lasker. In the two-speed

economy we're still waiting to

see which speed pre-sprals. On the faster side Brisbane

business investment rose nearly 5% during the June quarter, more than came from it the resource

states of WA and Queensland. Investment in NSW and Victoria actually fell. The numbers

also reveal miners will

for more than half the $149

billion in planned investment

this financial year. This

graph shows how mining

investment took off in 2005 and

is fast catching up to total investment in every other

sector outside manufacturing

which is languishing. And it

is not getting any better

either. The manufacturing index fell again

two-year low, below the 350

mark which means the sector is

still slinging. But here's a

reasonably rare sight. A

fourth straight rise in the

market courtesy of those

investment numbers and a lack

of bad news from offshore. Most of the banks drifted lower, but the big miners were stronger, CSR a business under

pressure got hit after it cut its

its earnings forecast, its earnings forecast, and another company causing shareholder's heart burn Leighton holders was higher

despite news after class action

April. You don't often see

this either. Retailers this either. Retailers were

today's star performers the latest retail sales the latest retail sales numbers

saw a reasonable saw a reasonable increase in July, retail sales grew around

1.4% for the year, but strip

out food and you get a fall

around half a percent, the

weakest result in almost three

years. But the prevailing global mood is positive global mood is positive and

that helps the Australian

dollar. It is buying more than dollar. It is buying more than

107 US cents. And finance. The fate of convicted

killer Gordon wood now rests with three judges after an appeal hearing wrapped up in

Sydney. The former is serving a minimum 13 years jail for throwing his

girlfriend off the gap in 1995. His family says wood is innocent

innocent and should never have

been convicted. Gordon Wood's

sisters and mother arrived at

court for the last day of the lengthy appeal. Flanked by the

police who helped convict Wood was Tony Burn, his

opinion 16 years on. At Wood's

trial in 2008, prosecutors drew

on expert evidence to prove

that Sydney model that Sydney model Caroline Burn could not could not have committed

suicide. Much of this came from physics from physics professor Rod

cross who released a book on

the case after the trial.

During the appeal, the During the appeal, the defence cabled him a highly cabled him a highly compromised

witness who was too close to

the police investigation. One

of the appeal judges even

suggested he may have crossed

the line and gone beyond the line and gone beyond where

an expert should ever go. Doubts have also been raised

body was found. The police

officer who retrieved her body

identified the spot in a video

shot almost a year later. Constable Campbell now indicating the exact position

where the body was found. But

police later said this was a

mistake and the actual mistake and the actual landing spot was further out. Detective, does the out. Detective, does the case against Gordon Wood's still

stack up. Unfortunately, as you

would be aware, we would be

unable to comment. It is not

appropriate for us to comment

at this stage. The defence says to be taken in 1996 misrepresented the cliff edge. They say the bush in They say the bush in the photograph wasn't there the day she died, meaning she could have

have had enough run up to commit suicide. We've been very

heartened by the fact that so many of the inherent problems with the crown case have finally come before this

court. Gordon Wood chose not to

attend a single day of the

appeal hearing but his family

says he's aware of how has says he's aware of how the case has been proceeding in has been proceeding in court. The jumps will return with their decision later. DNA

technology has settled the

mystery of Ned Kelly by

positively identifying the bushranger's remains. Forensic scientists have scientists have confirmed the

DNA of an almost complete

skeleton has matched that of a Kelly descendant. They've been bones of contention bones of contention for years

but now the mystery is over,

the case closed. Victorian

institute of forensic medicine

is C S I turbo charged with lights on. It started with this skull which was stolen from skull which was stolen from the old Melbourne gale in the 70s.

It was handed in two years ago

complete with an inscription.

Scientists found it wasn't from Ned's head. They turned Ned's head. They turned their

attention instead to an archaeological dig at the old Pentridge prison and a mass grave full of grave full of bones

transferred there from the old

#34e8 burn jail in the 1920 this. Almost complete skeleton

found in a wooden box Game

became the principal suspect. Inside the tibia or the lower

leg were removed two small pellets. The remains have

injuries which medical records of sustained by Ned Kelly. With

the help of a friendly lab in

Argentina, DNA samples were

tested and matched against

Kelly's great, great grand nephew. The resemblance was

irrefutable. . It is such a

great relief to finally have this side of the story resolved. What's not resolved is the whereabouts of the

bushranger's skull. a decision over what to do now

with the remains. A place of

dignity. A place very appropriate. Where that is

will be determined. The State

Government says it is exploring

options and won't rule out some sort of public display. In Libya, the rebels are

tightening the into around Gaddafi's remaining strongholds

including his home Sirte. But there are concerns

the loyalists will make a

futile and bloody last stand. The ABC's Michael Vincent reports from Benghazi. The

people of Libya are praying for

peace and calling for justice. They killed our children and

raped our women. Gaddafi is raped our women. Gaddafi is a

murderer and God will punish

him. Elsewhere, the law of the

street has taken over. These three men are suspected

mercenaries. They're terrified

and claim they're and claim they're innocent

migrant workers. Well, most

have to do our investigations probably mercenaries, but we

first. And then leadership of the Gaddafi CLAN. first. And then there's the

Still in hiding, still defiant.

Spbs we're going to die Spbs we're going to die in

our land, says Saif al-Islam. No-one is going to surrender. But the family isn't speaking with one voice. al-Islam's brother has begun talking with the rebels. He's

offered to surrender if it will

help end the bloodshed. The

rebel hardware keeps Massing on the outskirts of Sirte,

Gaddafi's home town. Gaddafi's home town. The rebels' special adviser for

Sirte is preparing for Sirte is preparing for all possibilities. We're going to

ask the people of Sirte until

Saturday to stay in their

homes, to keep themselves away

from the hot points in the and if this force of Gaddafi

didn't come out of the city, we

have no enter the city to attack them. This man is

hopeful the assault won't turn

into a bloodbath. We hope so

actually. I don't know. You

know, in the battles you don't

know. We expect a massacre in

Tripoli, but it wasn't the situation. The rebels are

calling it zero hour. The

deadline for surrender is

Saturday. Time for sport with

Meredith Sheehan. There's been a

a result at the NRL Stewart has been suspended for judiciary. Manly's Glenn

guilty of fighting at three matches after being found

guilty of fighting at tonight

at the NRL judiciary. A short

time ago I spoke with ABC

reporter Patrick Galloway who

was at the hearing. Stewart of

Manly will be available to play

in this year's grand final. He

copped a three-match ban for

contrary conduct. It has been

a fascinating timeline of

events. This started out on Friday night when Stewart was involved in a fight with Adam Blair of Melbourne.

Melbourne. The pair were charged both with charged both with contrary conduct, referred state to the Jew judiciary. Both clubs

were fined $50,000. Adam Blair

faced the judiciary last night.

He copped a three-match ban as

well. He pleaded guilty. On

the same night the Manly team

fronted and asked for a delay of hearing because after change

of legal council. That's of legal council. That's a story in itself. Tonight the

team arrived, the Manly legal team

changed their plea. They said

that a change of legal counsel

led to a change of approach to

the case and they pleaded

guilty. A very important decision in hindsight. That allowed for a downgrading of

the points allotted for the points allotted for this

verdict. It has been a smart

week for manly, you could say

the moves that they have putted

for have certainly paid off,

three-match ban for Glenn

Stewart means he'll be

available to play in this

year's grand final. Of course

Manly have to get there first Stewart, a NSW Origin

representative that could prove challenging. Australia is in a strong position in the test at

Galle. Australia has 2 for 47

in its second innings and had an overall lead of 215. Earlier Australian spinner Nathan lion made a Nathan lion made a spectacular

start to his test career taking

a wicket with his ball. Australia looked a wicket with his first

ball. Australia looked like

making a mediocre total before the evergreen, ever reliable Michael Hussey took control with a touch of luck. Oh, it

looks to be a little bit of heel touching there. There was no need for the third

umpire on Hussey's next blow as he closed in on a last ball of the day brought a he closed in on a century. The

different kind of blow as the

left hander fell for 95. Australia was all out for 2 73.

He knows exactly how well

Michael Hussey has played. Sri Lankan supporters were prepared for fireworks from that's

batsman on day two. Tillakaratne Dilshan went

straight on straight on the attack but next

ball Trent Coupland ha his

first test Wikipedia wicket.

That's got him. Exactly That's got him. Exactly what

we were saying. Be a little kafrt of

only four first class games for

South Australia, Nathan lie

lion sent down his first

delivery in a test. He's got

a wicket first ball. What a

start to a career. From young

in NSW to Canberra and then Adelaide, it's been Adelaide, it's been some journey for the 23-year-old who

is only the second Australian

to take a wicket with his first ball in test cricket. The two debutants were involved in all three wickets that fell in the

first session. Like Coupland

and lion, Shane Watson took snapping up three wickets in little time to

two overs. Lion's dream debut

continued with two scalps in

three balls. Samantha Stosur is

gearing up for a US Open third-round clash against

petrova after defeating the Australian was forced to work

hard for her victory but won

the match 6-3, 6-4. Nothing

short of a straight-sets victory was going to be

acceptable for Samantha

as she took on the American in

her second round clash in New

York. Stosur's power was too

much for the 19-year-old early

on as she breezed to a 6-3

opening set. The 112th ranked American turned the tide of the

match midway through the second

She with her service placement.

to nil in the match. That's a

big first serve out wide. With

scores level at four scores level at four all,

Stosur was forced to dig deep.

The second set's 9th

to its 8th and Stosur to its 8th and Stosur rose to

the occasion. The 9th seed's experience proving the

difference as she closed Down

out the match and booked her

place in the third-round. It was a premature end to the

champion Venus Williams who open, though, for two-time

pulled out of her second round

clash due to illness. At the South Korea, swirling winds wasn't doing anyone any favours

in the men's long judgment. But Mitchell was second leap

was good enough to qualify in

second place for tomorrow's final. Kim Mick Kel qualified

for tomorrow's final of the women's javelin. There was no

joy for Craig Mottram who was out paced in the 5,000 out paced in the 5,000 metre

heats. Daniel heats. Daniel Geale

successfully defended his IBF middleweight title.

Tasmanian's quick feet middleweight title. The

cleaner punches earned him the

12 wound win. Geilson has 12 wound win. Geilson has now won 25 of his 26 bouts. Collingwood's lee brown has announced has announced he'll retire at

the end of the seen. Brown

played 242 professional games

and wants to try his hand at

coaching. Good luck to him. September marks the September marks the 75th

anniversary of the death of the

last known Tasmanian Tiger.

The iconic species was branded

a sheep killer and hunted a sheep killer and hunted to

extinction. Now researchers analysing the animal's jaw

found its notoriety was

probably undie served. The

last known Tasmanian Tiger named Benjamin died at the

Hobart zoo in 1936. A boundary

of one pound her animal was

introduced in 1830 because it

eating sheep. They was thought the animals were

eating sheep. They were

sheep. I think at one accused of killing thousands of

the east coast someone sheep. I think at one stage on

the east coast someone accused

them of killing 30,000 sheep. The bounty continued

until 19 09. A century until 19 09. A century later researchers of NSW have found the Tiger may

not have been as menacing as

its reputation suggested. We

found that they had really weak jaws. They were not eat anything as big as eat anything as big as a sheep. Cat scans of a skull showed

showed the thin jaw bore the

brunt of a lot of stress. The researchers simulated predatory

behaviours such as biting,

tearing and pulling to predict

stress patterns. The software

that we use is actually very similar to that engineers when they're trying

to test for weaknesses in

points when they build a bridge

or an aircraft. It allows researchers to predict the likely body size of likely body size of the Tiger's prey thought to include small

animals such as possums, band

Coots and Wallabies this. Would have meant they were competing with the competing with the Tasmanian

devil. They're carnivores.

If the Tiger was restricted to

the same sort of diet as devils and quolls, then it would have been in some sort of say that combined with a changes environment and hunter's keen for the bound try gave the Tasmanian Tiger little chance of survival.

Graham Creed with the two day outlook.

outlook. High outlook. High pressure system is the dominant feature across

most of the country. We have a

couple of variations to that in

the west, a strong front moving

through will introduce through will introduce showers and hail. Onshore winds around the

high is providing moisture high is providing moisture for showers on parts of the NSW and Queensland coasts and we've

also got an upper level disturbance moving through.

That could trigger thunderstorms about the south east interior of Queensland and

the northern border ranges of

NSW. We've also got strengthening northerly winds

across the central parts of the

country. That's going to

trigger hot conditions across Central Australia. Those strong winds could see raised dust about the western

districts of South Australia. But that cool But that cool change introducing fairly showers over the southern half

of WA, the better of falls will be about the coastal fringe.

We are looking at the chance of

small hail with thunderstorms across the districts. As we head into the

south-east, though,

temperatures starting to warm up

up under the influence of the

high as those northerly winds

begin to freshen. They'll freshen further through Victoria and Tasmania on

Saturday. Most of this cloud ahead of

ahead of a cold front is

high-level T should be a high-level T should be a dry

day through Victoria and Tasmania although cloud

increasing through the day. very isolated,000 S A in very isolated,000 S A in behind

that cool change. Temperatures

will still be very warm through

S A to begin with, but we see them drop back

significantly once that significantly once that front

moves through. It is going to

be a day of real contrasts with possible showers and

thunderstorms with the front

and much colder air in behind

it. A warm day on the way

through, Victoria, Tasmania and

also into NSW, just the chance

of a clearing shower or two

along the coastal fringe and showers will Queensland coast. Again, they

should be relatively should be relatively isolated.

We're not looking at anything in the wave significant falls.

A warm day in Adelaide A warm day in Adelaide with

those strong and gusty winds. They'll tend colder south

westerly later. We'll see

showers and cooler Thamesier in

Perth with an onshore wind

flow. I'll be shortly with flow. I'll be shortly with an update. Then do stay with us for 'Lateline Business'. You're watching ABC News 24. Closed Captions by CSI

This Program is Captioned

Live Hello Nick Dole with the top stories from ABC News 24. The Prime Minister Julia Gillard says effectively rewritten

Australia's asylum seeker laws

with the ruling on the Malaysia

people swap deal. There's

serious doubt overall offshore

processing including the use of centres on Nauru and Manus

Island. Angry unionists who

were calling on the government

to hold an inquiry to hold an inquiry into manufacturing have turned on BlueScope Steel. Hundreds of

workers turned out in Wollongong calling for better

redundancy offers and stronger Government support for

manufacturing. Last month,

BlueScope announced 1000 jobs

would be would be lost in NSW and

Victoria. In Libya time is

running out for Gaddafi

loyalists. Rebels with given

them until the weekend to

surrender tore face an all out assault on Gaddafi's home town

crumbles, one of the dick of Sirte. As the regime