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(generated from captions) many bleak months ahead. Let's head back to the campaign and

Family First Senator Steve

Fielding will bebattling to

hold on to his seat hold on to his seat this election, however, the party

could gain a seat in the Senate

in SA due to the flow of preferences there. Steven Fielding is the only Family

First member in the Senate and

joins us now. Good morning. We

haven't been able to speak to

you for a while because you in Afghanistan seeing exactly were

what was happening on the were overseas? That's

ground there and in the next

two years it's going to be

critical for the Afghanistan people. Australia's role is

pivotal over pivotal over the next two years

of training up the Afghanistan

national army and also the

national police. Obviously, we

can't stay there forever but

the issue is making sure we

actually train and equip the Afghanistan people, the police

and the arm ey to defend and

secure their own place. You

believe both major parties' policies on the war are on

track. The diggers are appreciative both sides of parliament support the efforts

over there. The next two years

is absolutely critical and I

review it. Steven think after that we need to

will you hang on to your Senate

seat? It's going to be very

tough. I don't have to claim to

be the underdog, I am the

underdog, but as I talk to

realise peppal in the street they

realise their voice is not

being heard. Things like hoorbt

is a key issue, safety on our

streets is a key issue and making ends

issue. People realise they know

big business has a voice in

Canberra, unions have a voice, the environment has a voice ordinary Australians and their the environment has a voice but

families don't and things like

the big pensioner rally in

Melbourne, by Family First and Shirley

Grant the pensioner from Glen

Roy, that got a pensioner

increase. Things like unit

pricing at the supermarkets,

helping people that want to

that was introduced by Family lower their grocery builds,

First and the Rudd Government

picked it up and introduced it.

They were two good things we've

been able to do. Going

home sphoorbt slipping away for most Australians, parent are

what we worried about their kids and

what we should do is what we do

in Canada, allow people to tap into superannuation savings and

allow them to use that to buy

their first home. It is a good

policy and we need to do more

in that area. Before we run

through a few of the topics

you've sketched out there, did

you attempt to seek the similar

preference deal you got last

time around that actually

scooted you into the Senate on seek that arrangement and what Labor preferences?

was the response some Every

party tries to make sure they

get the most favourable

preference flows but at the end

of the day people realise that

answered in the Senate- No, you haven't

answered my question. Did you

seek an arrange snment As I said upfront, I said everybody

seeks the most favourable

agreements. What I'm saying- I

wondered what the response was

when you sought that ?

Obviously what happens is each

part ey works out for

themselves what they're going

but the key people don't to do is each time it changes

people don't realise they get but the key thing is people don't realise

two votes on election day, one

Government, the two major vote is for who they want into

parties is obviously the key parties is obviously the

players, that's the house of

reps vote, your Senate vote

doesn't determine who wins the

election, the Senate vote

determines who is in the Senate

reviewing policy. It is important because most people

think they only get one vote

and don't shift their Senate

vote but they can vote for

Family First in the Senate and Government. They said I

wouldn't get elected in 2004,

now when I'm on the street

there's a lot more people saying, vote for you," because they're

sick and tired of the two sick and tired of the two major

parties that really are squabbling, he said, she said,

there's lack of vision. What

about a vision of free

university? I certainly had free university and many other Australians did. When we're

talking about the talking about the broadband

Internet, what about free network and

online university with

where broadband? That's visionary

where the two major parties

don't have vision. What about home affordability? Parents are worried about their

being able to afford a home.

The great Australian dream for

many 20 and 30-year-olds is

nearly gone. We need to do more

and allow people to use their superannuation savings like

they do in Canada to purchase their first home. It makes

sense. If you have enough

superannuation you can get some

advice and start to use your you haven't got enough money, super in

why don't we allow young peep fool use some of their

superannuation to purchase the

first home? It's a shame we've

given up on that dream. The

banks are reporting record profits, the Commonwealth Bank

came out with a nearly $6

billion figure yesterday. Do

you believe the two mage

parties are too soft on the

bank s? I believe both sides

of politics have been too soft

on the banks. I believe the banks saw the current

Government coming. They're very spending money but not Government coming. They're very

soft. They're very good saving it. I don't think they're putting enough pressure

on the banks. The banks have

increased their margins over

the last couple of years. They've been interest rate cuts from the

Reserve Bank and no-one is

holding them accountable. We

have been on this issue for

years. We have been saying the

penalty fees the banks have

been charging shouldn't be for

exorbitant profits, they should be for cost recovery and a

little bit of a margin not 300%

margins. Penalty feeserse you

slugged 10, 20, 30 bucks. It's go over a cent and you're

slugged 10, a joke

a joke and how do they get away

with it. Is a bank a business

or an essential service? How

many people can wake up today and say, "I'm not

with a bank." You can't so the

Government has to regulate more

in that area. Do you believe,

Steven Fielding, that you could

work better with an Abbott

Coalition Government or with a

Gillard Labor Government? Look, we've worked - Family First

First have worked both with Labor and Liberal contrary to

what people may think or the press may against WorkChoices and worked with Julia Gillard personally

to make sure we got rid of WorkChoices and made sure small businesses were looked

after. How did you find her to work with? I found her very

firm and very fair. I must say

that we dealt extensively with

her and I said the day that she

took over the leadership - not commenting on how she got it

but the day she took over it I

said that she was very fair and

firm and you can only tell and

deal with people the way that

you've found them. The way that

she got the leadership most

about. What's your working

relationship like with tab

isn't I have dealt with Tony

as well. I can work with both.

We've backed getting rid of

WorkChoices. The stimulus package, we work would Labor Government and our vote

was crucial in getting that

through. The major problem I

had with the stimulus package

is the spend was probably, to use Tony Abbott's word, crap,

but was I gonna stand by idly

and watch hundreds of thousands

of Australians lose their job?

No. Do you know what it's No. Do you know what it's like to not to not have a job and want a

job? You get demoralised, you

get down, families are ruined

by it and for years you could

be out of a job so, no, I was always going to vote for a

stimulus package. I was arguing

for bigger spend and obviously

really helping local

communities and successfully

getting a communities working

fund. What I want to do going forward is get a communities

safer fund that allows local communities to tap into and get

funds to make their local

communities safer because people feel unsafe and their

neighbourhoods and that's a

shame and both the leaders I don't believe are addressing

the issue enough. We need more

funds in that area and a get community safer fund would community safer fund would be great, allowing local

communities to help fix and make the community safer.

Steven Fielding, that sounds

like a bit of hyperbole to me.

Most people feel unsafe in their communities. On what do

you base that? That is based

on what you see in the papers. That's not terribly scientific. When you talk

people in the they feel less safe today than

they did years ago and that is

because of things like the alcohol-fuelled street violence

and really- But police statistics show statistics show that actually

there are fewer incidents now

then 10, 15, 20 years ago and police statistics show that.

Go out in the street and ask

them. They feel less safe today

and local communities need a

hand and need funding to help

in that area. It's a serious issue just like home meet, childcare expenses are affordability, making ends

high and feeling safe in the

community is an important issue

that I think the two major

parties have dropped the ball on. If you don't make it,

worst case scenario you don't

make it for re-election this

year, how realistic is your

candidate Bob Day's chances?

You're not positive onmy

getting back, Bob Brown has

said Steven Fielding is done

and dusted but that's up to the

people of Victoria. Bob Brown

says a lot of things that a lot

of people don't like so I'll leave it chance in Victoria, we have chance in Victoria, we have a chance in other states as well and at the end of the day

people need to realise they

have two votes and their Senate

vote doesn't determine who wins

Government. SA, Government. SA, is that a realistic prossnekt We've got a chance in other states. It really just depends

really just depends on how much

of the primary vote we get at this election and that is up to the people of each