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(generated from captions) may not be the last. it seems likely that this plot

to try again? Would you expect al-Qaeda they're going to use the same plot? Absolutely. Now, do I think I can't tell you that. to try large scale attacks Do I think that they will continue large scale attacks against Europe? against the United States, I have no doubt about it. have seen in the past seven years - Every single piece of intelligence I and there is a lot of it - this adversary is committed. tells me one thing, and that is they're ideologically driven. They're smart, They have one mission in life. to own a tea shop They will never return to their families. and they'll never return They will go until we get them. Closed Captions by CSI .

This program is not subtitled This program is captioned live. THEME MUSIC from Mexico and the United States. Cocaine is smuggled to Australia it's doing on our streets. Tonight, the horrendous damage

we're wallowing in the white powder. Glamorised in films, Australian adults use it. About one in ten you hear on tabloid television. Never trust the figures household survey The latest national drug strategy one in 60 Australians estimated that about used cocaine in the past year. over 13-years-old,

I'm Jonathan Holmes. Welcome to Media Watch. statistic - And here's another ludicrous this time from Seven's Today Tonight. is now living off the dole. One in six Australians Rubbish Matt. According to Centrelink: of working age, not one in six. That's around one in 40 Australians But that's a mere detail. to remember the Paxtons, Some of you are old enough as dole bludgers the Melbourne family pilloried over a decade ago. by Nine's A Current Affair of tabloid tv. Dole bludgers are a hardy perennial Everyone loves to hate them. Today Tonight told us it had found... And two weeks ago, ..the perfect example. He's the board short bludger and doesn't intend to. who hasn't worked in years SURF ROCK I am working. I'm working on me tan. beats a good day at work. A bad day at the beach That's what I always say. It is the best office in the world. It's not a joke. It's criminal 36-year-old Justin Sheridan well and truly done over. claims to have been He's told Media Watch: all this year. He says he's been looking for work Today Tonight, on the other hand, approached by reporter Tim Noonan, claims that when he was first Justin Sheridan said: or gullible prey? So is sheridan a boasting bludger, Today Tonight's central claim his surfie lifestyle, is that to maintain

the Centrelink system. Sheridan habitually rorts investigator Ken Gamble. The story made heavy use of private is they go out And of course what most people do they just lie on the forms. and they put their applications in, never claimed that Ken Gamble Today Tonight Justin Sheridan. had actually investigated to admit to the kind of rorts But viewers saw Sheridan appearing that Gamble described...

out a phone book A lot of people will just pull and write the four jobs down... And most of the time, you know,

is not going to check, the person assessing the form single form. they simply can't check every and you get good at it like I have, If you like it there's no stopping you. that both those sound bites Justin Sheridan claims were highly misleading. in Centrelink's job-seekers diary... In the first, about entries a phone book A lot of people will just pull out and write the four jobs down... mid-sentence. Sheridan is obviously cut off something to the effect of: But he's told us he went on to say And when Sheridan said this... and you get good at it like I have, If you like it there's no stopping you. Centrelink? Was he talking about rorting Certainly looks like it. the comment was... But in fact, he claims, about that claim. We asked Today Tonight didn't answer the question. Executive producer Craig McPherson sound bite: He did say about the first Who's right? access to the raw camera tapes, It's impossible to tell without to show to the likes of us. which Today Tonight isn't about we can confirm that Centrelink However, a bludger or a rorter. doesn't think Justin Sheridan's It's told Media Watch: We asked, has Justin Sheridan of the newstart allowance? complied with the requirements with 20 employers Media Watch has checked looking for work in the last year. Sheridan says he's approached that he'd done so. 17 of them confirmed to us work record going back years. Sheridan's also sent us a detailed

as he admitted to Today Tonight, It's clear, to hold down a regular job. that he finds it hard He told us: told us that he's hyper-active, Some people who know Sheridan have and that he can be irritating. prone to shooting off at the mouth to say that he... But it's simply untrue and doesn't intend to. ..hasn't worked in years In fact, Justin Sheridan claims he spent with Tim Noonan: that during the five days that's just one side of the story. Of course, that it manipulated nothing. Today Tonight insists

he bitterly regrets it now. Well, if he was, why do the story at all? The real question is, to make everyone feel The point seems to be is infested by cheats. that the system

following night... As bryan Seymour put it the $8.3 billion The government spends around on the newstart allowance. of taxpayers money $9.6 billion. Next year it'll be at least What we don't know

wasting on bludgers. is how many millions of that we're No we don't. to Today Tonight: But as Centrelink pointed out And that, according to Centrelink,

of Byron Bay. includes Justin Sheridan what you read on newspaper websites Now, should you believe or hear on the radio? Media Watch viewers know the answer is frequently, "no", but according to an outfit called the Levitt Institute, too many people do. It recently put out this report: Last Sunday a media release about the research was picked up by Australian Associated Press. Its story was run widely on news websites around the country: As the Levitt Institute's Lauren Kennedy told the ABC in Brisbane next morning...

Sydneysiders were the most gullible, Melburnians the least - the sort of comparison that's bound to get a silly survey like this plenty of coverage. And indeed the Levitt Institute did well. Around 33 radio stations plus Fairfax and News LTD websites gave it a run. It even made it onto Ten's bright new news-comedy show, The 7pm Project.

Now in a report out today we found that young Australians are extremely gullible.

News website Crikey's Deputy Editor, Sophie Black, said we shouldn't believe all we read. Once upon a time you'd read it in the newspaper and you knew that 100 different fact-checkers had checked the story, a sub-editor and editor, but these days information and news is put up so quickly that, you know, there's no one there to check it. Ah Sophie, how true. And certainly, none of these worthy news outlets seems to have bothered to check up on the Levitt Institute. But as the web-enthusiasts say, the media may get more stuff wrong these days,

but it doesn't stay wrong for long. That same day, Media Watch received an email from a very savvy viewer about: Our tipster had checked up on the Levitt Institute. Though it claims to have been founded in 2007... The tipster then googled the name of the institute's founder, and found very little, Dr Carl Varnsen except a reference in Wikipedia to a: prize winners and the like, under: Where, amid a panoply of Nobel the entry: Public intellectual? have ever heard of him? How come none of us Our tipster pointed out: Of course, there was another bloke as an alias... who used the name Karl Varnsen of the apartment, Mr um...? Would you like to see the rest Varnsen. Karl Varnsen. We did some digging of our own. to the Levitt Institute's address We sent a camera along in the Sydney suburb of Chippendale. does it? Doesn't look very prepossessing,

Locked up and derelict, in fact. And then there's the report itself. impenetrable mathematical gibberish In amongst paragraphs of is this sentence... Enough already. a quite elaborate one, It's all a hoax, the media look like gullible idiots. designed to make Well, it succeeded. we found out, And the perpetrator, Zapruder's Other Films, was itself a media company,

of rectitude, Andrew Denton. part-owned by that pillar on a new show, All was due to be revealed on this very channel. which starts this very week

The Hungry Beast will be: According to Andrew Denton, blatant misrepresentation? Something else like, The Hungry Beast's pre-publicity, According to have been put through its young recruits in journalism. a rigorous crash course Ethics, eh? of the ethics of this exercise. Well, AAP don't think much it's pretty funny too. No doubt many of you would reckon for the folk But there's another lesson at The Hungry Beast in all this: it's a cut-throat world out there. on the web If you think you can put a hoax without anyone else spotting it, two weeks before you go to air you're living in fairyland. The Beast is too Hungry for that. maths from commercial tv-land. Just time for some more classic every Friday afternoon, In my office are binned the flowers at the front desk with new ones. and replaced on Monday On Nine's Money for Jam, had a slick money-saving dodge: a bright young bloke night and give them to the wife. pinch the office flowers on Friday That saves me about $25 a week. That's around $5,000 a year. She's none the wiser for the weekend. and I'm in the good books a week isn't $5,000 dollars a year. Good one, scrooge. Except $25 dollars It's $1,300. financial advice, When you're dishing out just roughly right. it kind of helps to get your sums or to tell us what you think, For more on tonight's stories, visit our website. Until next week, goodnight. THEME MUSIC Closed Captions by CSI

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Good evening, the Federal

Government is claiming a

victory over the Opposition

after a healthy endorsement for

its stimulus packages. its stimulus packages. The

Reserve Bank Governor told Reserve Bank Governor told a

Senate Inquiry the economy

would have gone into recession

without the extra spending Glenn Stevens says interest without the extra spending but

rate rises may not be far away.

Iran test fires two long-range

missiles capable of reaching

Israel and American bases in

the Gulf. State television

report the weapons have a range

of 2,000 kilometres, the

exercise likely to put strain

on the country's difficult

relationship with the west.

Senior's groups slam plans by

the States to end a rent

freeze, which would swallow up

increases to the aged pension.

The Federal Government wants

rent froozs extended. Carlton rent froozs extended.

Football Club is celebrating

the best and fairest medal in

Melbourne without Brendan Fevola. The controversial

forward was fined $10,000 for

drunken antics at last week's

Brownlow ceremony, Brendan

Fevola said he didn't want to

be a distraction. More news on

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