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(generated from captions) Game on the the AFL and Game on the the AFL and NRL

consider joining forces against

poker machine reform. This is

not going to be a tax on

football. It is not in the

public interest to use such inflammatory A young Sydney man recovering in hospital after

being shot in the stomach by

police. It's a case of a person

approaching police who was

armed at the time and police

have fired one shot. Two

American hikers freed from Iran

tell of their ordeal. From the tell of their ordeal. From

very start the only reason

we've been held hostage is

because we are American. And

Australia's Matt Goss pipped at

Championship Road Race in the post in the World


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AFL club Presidents will meet

today to discuss their concerns about the Federal about the Federal Government's

poker machine reforms. They're

considering joining NRL clubs

in opposing the changes. Both

football codes say putting a

betting limit on gamblers will

cost their clubs potentially

lots of money. Some say the

reforms are nothing reforms are nothing more than a

Melissa Clarke joins us now tax on football. For more

from Canberra. Yet another

outbreak of this recurring

Gillard political headache for the

Gillard Government? It's not

another issue that they are

struggling with. In case struggling with. In case it's

get this legislation through not difficult enough trying to

Parliament, it's increasingly support for difficult getting community

support for it and it's not

going to be made easier with going to be made easier

those sorts of inflammatory

remarks like it being a footy tax which obviously it's not.

It's not a tax. But nonetheless

that will immediately put up people's defences about it.

What we've had is some AFL club

Presidents joining the concern

of the NRL about what impact

this might have on local

sporting clubs that rely revenue from poker machines and sporting clubs that rely on

the venues at which they're based. Andrew Wilkie based. Andrew Wilkie says

that's not the case. What he is proposing, that is mandatory

pre-commitment for poker

machines with bets over a dollar, be introduced from #

014. He says 014. He says those measures

aren't going to impact the

regular gambler or the club but

it is going to impact it is going to impact the problem gambler. That's what he

was explaining yesterday. The

AFL, the NRL, a vast number of

business people in this country

and the poker machine industry and the poker machine industry

is a business. It is an industry. They industry. They have nothing to

fear if they have a low level

of problem gambling in their venue. Most of them tell me

that is the case. They have

nothing to be worried about.

All these reforms will do is

diminish problem gambling. But diminish problem gambling.

I make the point again if I make the point again if there

is a club or a pub or a casino

out there, including an AFL or

an NRL club that has a high reliance on then they have to change their reliance on problem gambling

business model. We had business model. We had the clubs peak body on 'ABC News Breakfast' this morning insist ing these poker machine limits

will be the end of the world as

many clubs know it. Clubs

Australia hadn't holding back

in their campaign against changes. Anthony Ball in their campaign against these

changes. Anthony Ball said

earlier this morning it's the

way this reform proposes going about problem gambling that they don't like. I just ask people to look at people to look at the proposal

here. We're not talking about a

campaign against poker machine

reform. It's not that. It's a campaign against an

experimental technology that is

hugely expensive, that the

experts say won't help problem

gambler and those experts are

Professor Alex Blasinki or the

Salvation Army. The campaign is Salvation Army. The campaign

as much about explaining as much about explaining to

people what this licence to

punt is all about. At the same

time as this debate within time as this debate within the

AFL and NRL is going on, Clubs

Australia is continuing its

nervous campaign against potentially

nervous Labor MPs in marginal seats? They're directly

targeting Labor MPs in their

own electorates hoping that if

they can't convince the executive government, the Prime

Minister and the Cabinet and

Andrew Wilkie, who is in those

negotiations and pushing this

reform, they're going to get

the Labor backbenchers and try

perspective. They will to stop it from that

struggle, given that Andrew Wilkie is threatening to

withdraw his support for the minority government if this

legislation doesn't go legislation doesn't go through.

That could well see any Labor

backbencher use their seat

backlash at an election two quicker than any community

years down the track. So it's a

hard push by Clubs Australia but they're throwing everything

at it. Melissa Clarke in

Canberra, thank you. A

19-year-old man is recovering in hospital after being shot in

the stomach by police in

Sydney's west. Police were

called to a break-in at a house called to a break-in at a house

in Collieton early this morning. They say they were approached by a young man who

was armed. The man was shot and

take en to hospital where he has undergone surgery. Police

have fired one shot. The have fired one shot. The person

who has received the gun shot wound is a person from the

person from the home. There was

three male persons who were

armed, have left the scene armed, have left the

prior to police arrival, and we're currently undertaking

inquiries to locate people. International inquiries to locate those

passengers are being warned to

expect long delays when Customs officers go on strike tomorrow.

They will walk off the job for two hours at international

airports. Sydney Airport will be affected on Thursday and

Saturday. The industrial action

is over a pay dispute. Two

American hikers release ed by Iran have been speaking to the media in

media in the US. The pair had

strayed into Iran during a hiking trip. They were released

on half a million dollars

on half a million dollars each.

Shane Bauer says the Iranians

knew they were innocent but simply would not let them

go. From the very start the

only reason we have been held

hostage is because we are

American. Sarah was held for

410 days. The two of us were

held for 781 days. That's far

too long. And it's far

than the American hostages at

the US Embassy in Tehran in

1979. It was clear to us from the very beginning that we were

hostages. Hostage is the most accurate term, because despite accurate term, because despite

certain knowledge of our innocence, the Iranian

government has tied our case to

its political disputes with the

US. We will always regret the grief and anxiety that our faithful hiking trip led, to

above all for our families. above all for our families. But we'd like to be very clear.

This was never about crossing the unmarked border between

Iran and Iraq. We were held

because of our Indeed, there are because of our fashionity. Indeed, there are many other

cases of unauthorised entry to

Iran in which people are simply

fined or deported after a short

time. We do not know if we

crossed the border. We'll probably never know. But probably never know. But even

if we did enter Iran, that has

never been the reason why the

Iranian authorities kept news

prison for so long. prison for so long. The only explanation for our prolong explanation for our prolong ed

detention is the 32 years of

mutual hostility between

America and Iran. The irony America and Iran. The irony is

that Sarah, Josh and I oppose

US policies towards Iran which

perpetuate this perpetuate this hostility. We were kicked of were kicked of espionage

because we are American. -- we were convicted of espionage

because we are American. No evidence was ever presented

against us. That is because

there is no evidence and

because we are completely

innocent. The to court sessions

we attended were a total sham.

The two American hikers

released from Iran late last

week. Women in Saudi Arabia are

to be given the vote and will

be allowed to return in

municipal elections. The king

says they will also be able to appoint ed to a appoint ed to a consultative

council. A series of bomb

attacks in the Iraqi city of

Karbala have killed at least nine

nine people. Three other blasts

were triggered when emergency

workers arrived. Dozens were injured in the explosions. Yemen's President Ali Abdullah

Saleh says he's still committed to handing to handing over power peacefully. He said he was

committed to handing over power

to his deputy ahead of early

elections. But observers say

the speech offered little to demonstrators who are demanding

he step down immediately. he step down immediately. In

Libya, pockets of resistance

continue to prevent the interim government from achieving their

aim of liberating the entire country. Fighting

country. Fighting is focusing on three key Gaddafi

strongholds. The rentals have

taken control of the strategic

town of Sabha but attempts to take Bani Walid have been repulsed over a month repulsed over a month now. Attacking the last line of

defence in Sirte. From all sides those still sides those still defending Colonel Gaddafi's home town are upped fire and


are under fire and under

pressure. Here in the east a

major defensive line has been

broken. For months they've

fought for every stretch of

this road from Benghazi and now

the job is almost done. The

troops moving up for a troops moving up for a final

push. But it's not a race, it's

a careful process of clearing

through every village or

farmstead looking for snipers,

taking and holding wide areas

of desert. And there are still

risks. Slowing down the

advance. Spotters, they thought, guiding thought, guiding pro-Gaddafi gunners onto their positions.

But the incoming fire today has

been sparse. Allowing civilians

to flee the city. Some didn't

even know Tripoli had

fallen. We found difficulties.

The people are in the The people are in the centre and Gaddafi's mercenaries are

surrounding them. Snipers are killing innocent people. At

night you will dis discover a

pull let has left people dead. Everything is now moving

forward to Sirte in the hope the fighting can the fighting can end quickly. After tomorrow, we'll

be safe. It's over now. It's been very dramatic the National Transitional Council

Council have advanced a Council have advanced a along

this road to Sirte. this road to Sirte. Those

defensive lines have just twisted away. Now they're

continuing on towards Sirte itself. It will now fall. But

how quickly depends on whether

the Gaddafi loyalists intend to

fight to the death street by

street. The head of the traditional traditional Anglican communion

John Hepworth has been asked to resign by colleagues in resign by colleagues in America

T follows a week of controversy

in which the Archbishop claimed

he was sexually abuse ed by

Catholic priests in his youth.

John Hepworth is world primate of

of the traditional of the traditional Anglican communion, a breakaway of the

main Anglican Church. It has

members in several countries, including the United States.

John Hepworth is hoping his

church will be allowed to join

forces with the Catholic Church

of which he was once a member.

He says this reconciliation is one

one reason he went public with his story of having been raped

by Catholic priests. That's

what was driving me, my twin task as a church leader dealing

with the Pope and my own

personal story. But an affiliate church in the US opposes the move for unity and has now called on John to resign as primate. A has now called on John Hepworth

spokesman for the Anglican

Church in America says up to 90% of members are against joining Rome and there has been a lack of a lack of consultation. In a letter to John Hepworth the American clergy

The Archbishop could not The Archbishop could not be

contacted for comment.

meeting AFL club Presidents are

meeting today to discuss

whether to join a campaign

against poker machine reform.

The NRL has already voiced The NRL has already voiced its concerns about changes that concerns about changes

would set a betting limit for gamblers. Both football codes

are worried the changes will

slash club revenue. Police

shoot a 19-year-old man in the stomach during an attempted

house break-in in Sydney's west. Police I say the man

approached them with a weapon.

He is recovering in hospital

after ongoing surgery. And two

Americans released from Iran

have arrived pack in New York.

The men had been jailed for eight years after being accused

of spying. They say they were

held in almost complete

isolation during the two years

of their captivity. Finance news now. The Treasurer has

collected his Finance Minister

of the year award in

Washington. When accepting the

award he paid tribute to reforms that had been put in

place back in the 80s and 90s

and he also said the tough

reforms are still needed to

deal with modern day challenges. The shift from east

to west in terms of

economic power, the ageing of to west in terms of global

the population and the need to

transition to clean energy. The

Australian Government is today

putting in a raft of new

reforms to build resilience in

our economy and make it more

competitive for the future. I

guess this award serves as a

reminder to me, to all

Australians of the need to put

in place fundamental long-term

reforms, even when reforms, even when they're

tough, even when they're

difficult. In fact the difficult. In fact the ones

that are tough and difficult

are always the ones that will

pay the dividends in the long

term. David Cameron in the UK

says the spending cuts says the spending cuts there

are necessary and other Eurozone countries should follow Britain's example. Britain was example. Britain was forecast

to have a biggest budget

deficit than Greece and

forecast to have the biggest

budget deficit if the whole of

the G20. If we hadn't shown the

economy pay properly for world we had a plan to make our

interest rates go up, we itself, then we would've seen

would've seen confidence sapped

out of our economy. You can see

in other are the pass of Europe

where exactly that has

happened. We have to understand

this is a debt crisis. It's not

a traditional cyclical recession where you just turn

on the money taps. You have to

deal well debts. You have to

show the world you can pay for your

now. your debts. To the markets your debts. To the

Polo is making a comeback spite of the global financial Polo is making a comeback in crisis. Brisbane has hosted the Australian crisis. Brisbane has just

Championships and lapped up all

the glamour that comes with

them. To play polo well, you

need good legs, good need good legs, good lungs, speed plus stamina then there's the horses. Mostly thoroughbreds smart enough to

understand the game. A lot of stopping, pushing, so it's stopping, turning, bumping

demanding. Proponents say it's like multiple Melbourne Cups

with balls hurtling at speeds that could break that could break a rib or bust

a windscreen. It's expensive a windscreen. It's dangerous, expensive and traditionally

high toned. It's a very tight

nip group. We all know each other

other and we're all pretty other and we're all pretty good

mates. More people are

learning how to play. A polo

school at Doomben in Brisbane

sold out earlier

sold out earlier this year and

two more are planned for November. You go from never

ridden a horse to playing polo

in just six weeks of

training. It's being taken up

by the corporate sector. For by the corporate sector.

networking it's the new golf. Yes! Whoo! Central golf. Yes! Whoo! Central Asian

tribesmen played thousands of

years ago with teams as big as

a hundred. Now there's only

four or five it's easier for

the call-up. You get to know

their style, the way they ride

and the way they hit the walls

The Australian finals held in

Brisbane for the first time in years

years have drawn a new

audience. I do show riding. This is fast and the horses are

incredibly fit.

do. A girls' day out. With a incredibly fit. Something to

little sip of beer or Bolger it's absolute ly fabulous. To

sport now. Paul Kennedy,

you're not quite convinced on the glamour part of that

equation? Turning up and having

a few drinks, a few drinks, maybe. It's

glamorous. It's hot and dusty

and every potential of falling

off and breaking an arm. I'm

sure it's the new golf. Nice life. Now to the cycling. Matt

Goss has been pipped Goss has been pipped by Mark of

a dish on the line as a dish on the line as the Australian tried to win the world road race Championship silver medal. Not bad. Cavendish a celebrated winner. It's the first time we've come together. It's incredible.

He took the race on from start

to finish and we won. I can't

believe it. I can't believe it. Mark Cavendish there. To

Formula One. Sebastien vet

well's 1 point away from the

Singapore GP last night. World Championship after the


Michael Schumacher's night was

over early. Crashed into the wall. Lewis Hamilton lost the

front wing of his car. Mark

Webber did well. You can see

couple of spectacular passes him driving there. He made a

but finished third. Jenson

Button was second and Vettel is

way to the World Championship flying at the moment all the

so it seems. Flying as well was

Patrick McCau from Kenya at the

marathon in Berlin. Haile Gebreselassie had stomach

cramps and and had to stop. It

was McCau's time to break the

world record by 21 seconds. 2

hours 3 minutes and 38 seconds.

He was going very fast all the

way, if you break that down. way, if you break that down. To football. Stephen Johnson's

knee has no structural damage

or so the Geelong medicos say.

They give him a chance of

playing next week. He might

have some medial damage there

which maybe he can play through

but he will be going through a bit of pain through the week to try to make himself available.

Williams and Matai have been

let off those charges, they were cited on the weekend

against the Broncos but they're

right to play. Manly will be at

full strength for the match

against the Warriors. Let's

stay with rugby league, Papua

New Guineas have shown their

fanaticism for the game at a clash between the Prime

Minister's teams from Australia

and PNG. For the Aussie players

their trip north wasn't just

about rugby league. A sea of

league loving human ity swarmed

around the rugby ground. The

NRL is followed with near

religious fervour in PNG and

everyone was desperate to see

their Australian heroes in

action. Tickets were hard to

come by. And heavily armed police fired several warning

shots into the air as they

struggled to control frustrated

fans. Those caught fans. Those caught jumping

the fence were dealt with

harshly. Despite the dramas off

field, it was a cracker of a

match. Australia was expected

to dominate and did so early on, scoring the first five

tries, but PNG bounced back from across the line four times

after the break to the delight

of the crowd. In the end, Australia won 36-22, a much closer margin than anticipated. Both sides

defended pretty well. First

half was a pretty torrid

affair. Test each other out. Some good points played.

Some good points played. After

the siren fanatic fans poured

onto the ground. This event is

about more than this match. The Australians are using their

star power to send star power to send positive messages to their legions of

fans. Those messages were

passed on to the next

generation of league stars at a

clinic. We want you guys to go

back to your schools and your

families to talk about it's

wrong to actually harm women

and girls. So mates stand

strong and say no to violence now and remember now and remember strong men

don't bash women. Given the

NRL's history of sex scandals

it may seem incongruous for them to be tackling violence

against women. But when these guys talk, Papua New guys talk, Papua New Guineans listen.

To the world of golf now.

There was a play-off this

morning in the tour Championship event in the

Championship event in the United States between Bell Hass and Hunter Mahan. and Hunter Mahan. The Americans

were battling not just for the

$1.4 million on offer for the

tournament but also a $10

million bonus for a combination

of events for the year.

of events for the year. Bell

Hass hit one of the shots of

the year.

Time to go shopping. That's exactly what I was thinking.

Wasn't celebrating the Wasn't celebrating the sporting

conquest or his skills in that bunker. It's diamonds, it's

clothes, it's cars. Will he be coming out for the Cup? That

puts him in the prime spot to

be the captain's pick along with Tiger Woods to play with Tiger Woods to play for

the President's Cup. I don't

know what it feels like to hit

a shot like that but I do know how much PNG people love their

rugby. I played touch footy

with them with some locals in

the middle of the Owen the middle of the Owen Stanley Ranges going over the Kokoda

trial. One of the best things I have ever done. Fanatical,

that's probably the word that

sum it is up? Absolutely love

it. Very, very similar to the way Northern Territory Australians love their AFL. Passion, passion for the

Passion, passion for the game. Mal Mal Meninga doing great things

up there as well. He has had a big year. A terrific 2011.

Vanessa O'Hanlon joins us with the weather. Good morning. It's

been a very wet weekend over eastern New South Wales. Some

areas have recorded their

heaviest rainfalls on record.

The cloud is breaking up. This

is allowing the rain to ease. Since 9am both Port

Since 9am both Port Macquarie

and Taree airports have

recorded a lot of rain. Rain is

falling around Perth this

morning as a frontal system

pushes showers into the south

west. So far around 12 mm in

the city. The low and high off

the east coast will continue to

move away. Another low will

direct warm gusty winds into South Australia and the southern parts of the Northern

Territory. Tomorrow a complex low-pressure system will gain

strength over the bight. This

will send a surge of cold winds and showers into Western

Australia. That's a round-up of the Morning News. Up next Morning News. Up next is

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